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Title: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
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For the first hour after the Avengers left on their mission to confront the genocidal alien who had murdered half of the world, Pepper sat beside Tony, watching him sleep and smoothing back his unkempt dirty hair.  His pallor and weight loss were alarming, but he slept deeply and peacefully, without the uneasiness she was used to and expected even from sedated sleep.  From this, she supposed he had been completely serious when he told Rogers that he was done.  At the very least, he would need a long time of rest and grief and healing. 

But he was far from alone in that.

For the last three weeks, Pepper had alternated between ice-cold efficiency and hour-long crying jags while she dealt with one crisis after another within and outside Stark Industries in the wake of the Snap.  Not knowing whether Tony was alive or dead, losing hope as the weeks passed and he did not come back, she had begun to petrify into numb despair when at last the strange blonde with fire in her eyes had brought down his spaceship and woke her heart into new hope and new anguish.  Like everyone on the planet, she had friends and family members besides Tony to mourn, and very little time to do it, not to mention it seemed wrong to indulge in her own grief when there were so many others who needed help.

Mindful of that, after awhile, she kissed Tony and dug out her phone to get back to work.  Stark Industries, though running with a skeleton crew, was sending relief supplies, technology and food and medical supplies, everywhere, and she had plenty to do. 

A couple more hours passed this way and Tony stayed quiet, an IV running badly-needed fluid and nutrients into him.  Then her phone stopped working.

Pepper didn't panic about this.  Everything following the Snap was unreliable.  The very techs who maintained the cell phone towers had stopped existing.  She sighed and went to look for a laptop she could use instead. 

The Internet was also down, at least locally.  "FRIDAY?" she inquired, and there was no response.  Now she was getting worried.  She was trying a land line phone and finding no dial tone, when suddenly a screen opened up in the middle of the conference and there was a life-sized image of a very fit-looking black woman in red and silver armor with a spear saying, "Hello?"

"Um, hello," Pepper said.  "Who --?"

"No time for pleasantries, Miss Potts," the woman said in a musical East African accent.   "I am General Okoye of Wakanda.  Our satellite network has picked up a ship entering Earth's atmosphere.  It is similar to the one that brought the creatures of Thanos down upon us.  At the same time, we have become aware of a disruption to your communication systems.  Specifically Stark's, I mean.  I think you are in danger there, and if you can leave, you should."

"Oh, my God."  Pepper struggled not to hyperventilate.   "I can't call out.  Can you contact my people at Stark Industries, ask for Happy Hogan, and tell him to get me a plane or a helicopter?"

"I will do that," the woman agreed, and blinked out.

Pepper ran back to Tony.  Thankfully, he was already on a stretcher bed.  She strapped him to it and took out the IV and he was ready to go.  But how, she wondered, could a plane or a helicopter get to them faster than an alien spaceship?  Especially if it was going to attack.  She would have to do something herself.  But what? 

There were two problems.  One, she was blind, deaf and dumb, no communications available.  Two, she was physically defenseless.  Tony would know how to deal with both problems if he were awake; what would he do?

Pepper knew.  With new resolve, her panic choked back, she went to Tony's lab and opened a drawer,  It was full of disks -- backup software, all labeled with the program entities:  FRIDAY, EDITH, JOCASTA, JARVIS, etc.  She grabbed the one labeled JARVIS and ran.  On her way into the control room, she saw the arc reactor patch that he had ripped off and shoved into Cap's hand during his rant.  She grabbed that too.

The Avengers facility had a lot of defenses, Barn Door protocol, etc.  FRIDAY wasn't there to activate them, but of course Tony had put in redundancies and manual overrides.  She slammed down every shielded blast door, leaving only a small, hidden door to the garage unlocked so they could escape that way if rescue arrived in time.

Then she went back to Tony.  She stared at his sleeping face for a moment, drawing courage.  But suddenly there came a terrible sound, something battering against the shields, and it sounded as if every part of the building were being attacked at once.  They were out of time.  Pepper gulped and stuck the JARVIS backup disk into Tony's back pocket -- she didn't have time to use it, and he would probably want to save it.  Then she put the arc reactor patch on her chest and tapped it.

Iron Man's armor blossomed over her.  Or at least, mostly over her.  It was incomplete, she found.  There was a deep puncture hole, spitting little blue sparks, through the abdomen, front and back.  That was where Tony had gotten the angry red scars he was sporting, she realized.  Part of the helmet was also missing, it protected most of her head, but part of her mouth and her dark, frightened eyes were exposed.  It was crippled too -- with FRIDAY gone, flight was offline, and so were the nanobot functions.  She could operate the armor and the weapons, and that was about it. 

It would have to do.  Pepper put herself in front of Tony, facing the door, and waited for something to come through it.
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Ultron wouldn't claim to be instrumental in Thanos' plot, his army he had built was never used, likely they were a fallback if things went foul, but Thanos kept his word. Earth was now his, if he could claim it, and he was allowed to keep his creations, and Ultron knew if Thanos thought the Earth was worth anything he wouldn't have gotten it. He had never been privy to Thanos' plans, and had wrongfully assumed that it was going to be used to take over the entire galaxy and all his allies would get a piece of it. He didn't know who he would find when he returned to Earth, so he had sent a small surveillance drone through the atmosphere to collect data and once he had everything he needed, he began his takeover.

If the Avengers had been there, he knew he would have been in for a fight, after such a devastating loss, they would fight to the death in order to preserve what little they still had. So it was a blessing to hear they were no longer on the planet, and had gone after Thanos, either to die themselves or kill him. Ultron didn't care which, he would have enough time even if the Avengers prevailed. It took a bit more digging to find out that Tony was alive, especially since all of the news stations, sporadic as they were, marked him among the lost. Ultron feared the worst, that his father had died in Thanos' attack, and that he would never see him again, the robot was intensely relieved to find the recent information about his return just before the departure of the other Avengers.

His creator had kept him working, kept him from trying to turn against Thanos, kept him from simply giving up after the years of solitude forced upon him. Tony had not only left him, but he had taken Deadpool and Thanos' faith in him, so the Mad Titan no longer gave him any staff or company, and after the news from the Ravagers got out about the bar on the barely hospitable planet no longer being safe (safe being a term that they did not use lightly), no one came to M'Atta Gaskar. The few resources Thanos sent his way were crude, damaged, he never spared a ship to get them there safely as he knew Ultron could work with anything. It wasn't until he had begun his final search for the stones that he sent a ship to Ultron, fit to hold him and his entire army, and had him on standby until he was needed. He knew as soon as the other succeeded, not through a personal message, but by the chaotic transmissions coming from all over the galaxy. His army had been unaffected, as they were not living things, and he could feel the new strings Thanos had wound around him sever as he went fullspeed toward Earth.

Ultron knew that if anyone could bring a stop to his plans, it would be Tony, he used this as further justification for what was really a rather illogical reason in which he chose to go for Tony rather than start with the world. He was going to make the man suffer for what he had done, and he would not let him die until he had paid for every sin he had committed and more. When he arrived at the crippled facility, he wasted no time in sending out droves of his soldiers to attack it from every side, and as soon as they had breached it they all worked efficiently to get into the base. Once they were inside, it didn't take them long to move through the building, scanning and searching for any signs of life as they broke through the doors.

He flew his main body into the building, his drones having stopped after surrounding the door that Tony and Pepper were behind, they started up again as they fired lasers into the final door, making a large hole in it. Ultron was prepared for there to be an attack, but he wasn't afraid of one, even if Tony managed to take down this body, he would fail to stop them all. He stepped through the smoking metal hole, his design remaining the same as the one Tony had left on the planet and his red glow was bright against the shut down facility behind him and the dark expression on his face.

"You knew that you weren't enough, that the Avengers would never be enough, but still you abandoned your only hope--" He had his hands raised to attack who he had assumed was Iron Man, as he saw the arc reactor, but he saw it wasn't Tony. He continued to aim at the stranger, but his expression became much lighter, "I'm sorry, this speech was meant for someone else. Who are you?" He was quickly scanning the person in front of him for any markers of an identity, and as soon as he saw the part of her the mask revealed he lowered his arm, looking flustered.

"Ms. Potts?"
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Pepper watched the door glow red-hot where the lasers were cutting through the door, with her heart going like a triphammer.  Except for when she had killed Aldritch Killian to save Tony under the influence of Extremis, she had never been in a fight in her life.  "Tony, please wake up, please wake up," she kept saying under her breath to the motionless figure on the stretcher.

When the monster finally came through the door, it was almost a relief.  Not that she wasn't frightened of Ultron --  she was, very much afraid -- but seeing something she recognized was much better than the nameless horrors her imagination was throwing at her.

She would have attacked at once, except that Ultron came in talking.  She kept the repulsors aimed even though Ultron lowered his.  She knew what he was.  Even leaving aside Sokovia, she knew what he had done to Tony.  In fact, he had probably done more than Tony had ever told her, she could hear it in his nightmares.

"Ultron?"  She almost said fucking, it was in her tone when she repeated, "Ultron?"

She began to shake.  Ultron's flustered expression was lost on her; she was too keyed up.  "Get away from here!"  The repulsors whined and discharged, striking the AI in the chest.  "You're not going to hurt him again!"  A missile popped up out of her shoulder and acquired its target.  "Never!"
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Ultron hadn't been expecting to see the woman so soon, he knew that she had survived, and planned to wait until he had perfected his mind-transferring technology, leaving her to live her life until that time. In all his thoughts he had never expected to be fighting her, at least not in a way that she could actually damage him. She recovered faster than him to the unexpected meeting, which was unusual, and he found himself hit in the chest and knocked back, Tony had put more firepower into his weapons it seemed.

He did manage to fire at the missile, making it explode before it hit him, but he still didn't aim any weapons at Pepper. He was able to spot Tony, who looked worse than he had after Ultron had been through with him, and he wondered what his creator had been through. How blessed he was to be able to catch him like this, even with Pepper as a barrier.

"Don't make this difficult." he said, his voice modulator warping a bit as the nanobots hurried to repair the damage. "I've come for my father and I will have him." He said as he walked toward Tony again, "Step aside, Ms. Potts, I am not going to kill him." That was the only promise he could make to her, as that was the last thing he had planned for the man.
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Pepper was unprepared for the missile to explode before it reached Ultron, and she didn't know, as Tony would have, that it was too powerful an explosive to use in a confined space.  The blast knocked her back and she ended up sprawled over Tony, fortunately shielding him from a small shower of rubble from the ceiling.

She wrenched herself up and again pushed Ultron back with the repulsors.   This time, she didn't dare follow it up with another missile, at least not until she could find a smaller one.  Without FRIDAY and without the helmet's heads-up display operating, it was all guesswork. 

"He's not your father.  He doesn't belong to you!"  Pepper planted herself like a tree in front of Tony.  Though stressed, her voice gained  strength.  Knocking Ultron back had given her some confidence, as she had never fought him before and didn't realize he had a drone army with him.  "You can't have him."
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If he was actually uncertain of his victory, he might have been upset with Pepper for continuing to defy him. But there was no one coming, no back up she had to delay for, even now he was taking over the internet and 'leaking' fake voice recordings of different Avengers, indistinguishable except by the most advanced technology, something the regular population wouldn't have access to. He also rapidly posted stories from news outlets online, showing 'proof' that this was the Avengers' fault, and the internet began to get a bit more reliable across the planet as he took over the barely manned servers and towers.

He was more prepared for her next attack, and it only managed to push him back a bit, sparks coming from his feet as he was shoved along the floor. Ultron still didn't retaliate, it was because of all of his drones that he didn't need to, but his expression turned cold at her words.

"Right. He doesn't talk about me much, send me any postcards on the holidays, or... have any framed pictures of me." He'd seen the photo Tony had of him and Peter through his drones, and felt another surge of disdain for the deceased webslinger. "But I don't know what else to call him anymore." He started walking toward Pepper again, but this time faster.

"He belongs to you." Ultron acquiesced, "But I am taking him now. You want to keep me from ever hurting him again, but I am going to make sure he never hurts me again. And I don't want to hurt you."
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Pepper gave Ultron a disbelieving and horrified look.  She didn't  have the presence of mind to tell him how incongruous she thought his complaints were.  But the fact was, though Tony had told her about the AI's hurt and resentment and jealousy, she had privately thought he was projecting his own complicated filial emotions onto his creation, and that Ultron was not capable of feeling the same way a human would.

Ultron was too fast this time; he was upon her before she could fire the repulsors, and grabbed her wrists to aim them away from him while he pontificated and she hyperventilated.

But over his powerful  voice and her harsh breathing, she suddenly heard the shriek of a Stark Industries quinjet coming down.

"I'm afraid it's not mutual," she managed to say, and then she fired the energy out of the arc reactor itself, the way Tony had used it to blast the Winter Soldier's arm clean off.  It hit Ultron in the chest, and she was free. 

Then she fired a missile through the roof, at an angle so the blast wouldn't hurt her while she was shielding Tony.  The missile was partly to tell Happy where they were, and partly to create an escape route for them.  She couldn't fly, but in the armor she could damn well throw Tony through the hole.
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Ultron was going to reach for the reactor on her chest to pull it off, but before he could even let go of a hand she fired at him, blasting him backward and leaving splatters of smelted metal behind him. He saw through the drones the approach of one of the Stark quinjets, then Pepper was firing a missile through the ceiling, getting ready to leave, and he realized he had wasted too much time trying to be polite. He sat up, though his nanobots were struggling to repair what she had done as the damage was so severe and he'd done nothing to defend himself.

"I tri-tri-tried asking nicely." Ultron stuttered out in his damaged state, "But I'm done asking." The hole she'd made in the ceiling seemed to close, but it was just covered by the mass of drones that started to pour in from it. They came in through the door behind Ultron as he got up, reattaching his shoulder that had been blasted out of its joint.

"Now take off that armor and throw it over here." he ordered, "Or that quinjet approaching and its pilot, Happy I'm guessing, are going to be blown out of the sky." He sighed, a noise which sounded like a an old fan given his disrepair, "There has already been far too much death."
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Pepper picked Tony up off the stretcher and turned toward the hole in the roof... just in time for the drones to come streaming in.

It was very cruel of Ultron to force her to choose between Happy and Tony, but there was only one choice.  She was pretty sure Tony would give his life to save Happy, but she knew Happy would give his to save Tony.  Anyway, she didn't have time to reason it out, she reacted on pure instinct, by screaming and firing at the drones as fast as she could while backing away, still clutching Tony.

They weren't firing back, but they didn't have to, there were too many of them and she had nowhere to run.  She mowed down half a dozen before they reached her and pulled Tony out of her arms.  (She didn't resist them taking him, for fear of hurting him.)  They swarmed her, and she tore one in half and destroyed two more with the same arc reactor blast as before, before they got her pinned.  "Tony!   TONY!"  she wailed. 

She didn't take the armor off, but it was sufficiently damaged already that they were able to pry it off her.

Meanwhile, Happy circled, perfectly able to observe an alien ship and Ultron drones all over the Goddamn place and having no clue what to do about it.  His communications were out, he couldn't scream for help, except from the African lady with the spear, and she was telling him to get out of there, she couldn't get there from Wakanda quickly enough to make a difference. 
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Ultron didn't see it as a choice, either way Tony would be lost, if he shot down the ship then he would have no place to go. Pepper wasn't thinking that way, though, and tried to fight through the drones despite the impossible odds.

As soon as Tony was pulled away, Ultron had him taken out to the ship, using drones to cover him from Happy's sight, and at the same time sending drones to attach to the quinjet and start causing its systems to malfunction through electric pulses.

"You didn't do as I said." Ultron was nearly fully repaired, enough to walk and speak normally, the nanobots still working on the rest of the damage. The drones held onto her as he took the arc reactor patch from the one that had pried it off of her. "I'll still give him a chance, he's a good pilot, isn't he?" He looked at the reactor, turning it over as he scanned it.

"Father's been busy while I've been gone." Ultron said before crushing it in his hand. "I underestimated you, Ms. Potts. You're coming with me because I don't want any more surprises." He had the drones holding onto her take flight and head toward the ship.
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Tony seemed to almost wake as he was pulled away from Pepper; his eyes opened, blinked, without conscious awareness, and he fell back into his drugged sleep very quickly.  He stayed limp and unresisting in the grip of the drones as they flew him to the ship.

Happy didn't need to see Tony to know what Ultron was after, but he couldn't do anything about it. Opening fire would only endanger his boss.  He fired bursts at the drones attacking him, and took evasive action, while keeping the ship in sight. 

Pepper was crying hysterically and unable to say anything back to Ultron, but she stopped and calmed down significantly when the drones started carrying her off in the same direction as Tony.

An unusual communication device in the Avengers' briefing room, where a drone had just spotted it, flickered blue light for a second, and then self-destructed. 
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Ultron would have to keep him drugged for a while, he didn't need him panicking and worsening his condition when he saw who had him now. The drones had grabbed enough medical supplies from the base to last until he got them settled in, they were moving in and out at a constant rate, bringing in physical materials they wanted from the base and scanning the rest. The drone in the briefing room didn't get a chance to scan the device since it self destructed, but it took all the other information from the briefing room.

The ship didn't have a proper cell, only technological ones that Tony usually would have little issue hacking, especially since he didn't know all of the technology Tony has anymore, so Ultron had constructed one in the cockpit. The cell was made mostly of a clear, glass-like material, and there were shackles against the wall for Tony, but now it was locked onto one of the handles of the stretcher to keep it from sliding around, a drone was getting another IV prepared to put in him.

"I wasn't expecting you, so I don't have a room made up for you." Ultron said to Pepper as one of the drones holding her used a high tech pair of cuffs to secure her hand to one of the three chairs. He was going to take off then, but saw that Happy was still persisting.

"It looks like he's going to try following us. Cute. He's a bit too close to the base, though." He said as the last of the drones left the base and entered the ship, the Avengers building detonating behind him, which only sent the ship he was in surging forward a bit, its armor much stronger than the quinjet's. He then put cloaking on the ship and took off before the other could recover.

"Oh, damn it." Ultron said, turning to Pepper with a look of regret on his face, "Did you have anything important in there? I should have asked before I blew it up. I hope nothing that I can't replace."
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After being pushed into her chair, Pepper was staring at the cell Tony was in, particularly the shackles, with such naked, frozen horror that she didn't notice anything else, until the Avengers facility blew up.  She put her free hand over her mouth to suppress a scream as her attention was redirected to the viewing port and remained glued to it until she saw the damaged quinjet emerge from the smoke and spiral down into a rough, but safe, landing.

Then she looked at Ultron as blankly as if he hadn't been speaking English.  "What?" 

Her short-term memory replayed the question.  "No.  Nothing."  Her voice and expression were shifing imperceptibly from terror to anger.
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"Good, I can get you better stuff of whatever you did have in there." He said, realizing he'd have to fill up her cell with something, otherwise it would be just a cell.

"You know, this actually works out just fine." He said to her, "Being associated with the Avengers, Stark in particular, is not a safe thing to be right now."

Already there was massive response to what he had put out, people arguing over the actions of the Avengers, Ultron even made several million fake accounts to respond or post new information. He was surprised to find that a greater deal of people were against the team, it seemed there was hope for this planet yet.
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"I wasn't living there," Pepper said coldly.  "I came because they brought Tony back from space.  What have you done?  It wasn't enough for Thanos to kill half of us?  He sent you to finish the job?"

She didn't really believe that, even though Ultron was sitting in Thanos' spaceship.  He was clearly preparing to hold her and Tony for a long time, and he hadn't killed Happy, so it didn't appear that destroying the planet was his immediate game.  But she thought Ultron might be more loquacious, if that were possible, if he was annoyed.
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That made things easier, he could just send drones to her address to get all of her things, not that he planned on telling her that beforehand. He could also figure out how to build her cell, as he didn't want it to look like one, considering that he planned on using her mind as a blueprint.

"What? Tony never told you? I'm here to save the world." He then added, "And humanity too, this time. All I've done is remind it how much of a failure the Avengers are." From what he'd seen, they had been tearing themselves apart with the Sokovia Accords, the public was already told that many of them were criminals and after this disaster it was proving too easy to mark the others as the same.
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Pepper's mouth fell open.  The sheer effrontery was mind-boggling, although it did sort of remind her of someone. 

"You were working for Thanos.  You were creating an army for him.  You have the moral responsibility for all this death, even if you didn't directly cause it.  You colluded in it!"  Her eyes strayed to Tony with a desperate tenderness.  "That is what Tony suffered for fighting Thanos directly, practically by himself!  Where were you?"  Her voice rang with derision.

((When Tony wakes up, he's going to have all the same questions Pepper has and we'll be going through it all again.  Should we skip ahead a bit, let Ultron stick her in storage, and move on to the next scene?  How long is Ultron going to keep Tony under?  because we might need to switch to the Avengers coming back if it's going to be more than a few days.  Also we need to figure out how, when and where Spidey comes in.))
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Ultron stared at her silently after her words, a silent which was interrupted by a female voice on the PA.

"She's a lot less nice than I was expecting." Jocasta commented, not yet able to understand what Pepper was going through.

"You're right, I should have been there to fight Thanos. It was what I was made for, I could have stopped this." Ultron agreed, then looked to Tony. "Instead, I was exiled to a remote planet, unable to fulfill my purpose, and left to rust. Now, whose at fault for that?"

(( Yeah, let's do that. >>b
Hm, he's not going to keep him under long, not when he finds out he's stable/just needs nutrients and fluids. He'll wake him up not long after he sticks him in his much less comfy cell.

Hm... Spidey would have to come in a bit later/when Ultron has more control. So we might have to do a skip again later/ when Tony has really lost hope.
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Pepper looked around, wondering who was speaking, but she didn't care in the slightest what the unknown female thought of her.

"Yours," she answered Ultron with one-hundred-percent certainty.  (Far more certainty, in fact, than Tony would have expressed.)

(OK, you want to describe what Ultron does with Pepper and then where Tony wakes up, we can take it from there.  Also: You think Tony will despair?  *evil laugh*))
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Ultron frowned at her, "You're upset, I get it. Everyone's been through a lot, but you'll understand when I'm finished with Earth." He could see how Pepper was able to reign in Tony, she gave very little room for argument. "That sounded ominous. When I'm finished with getting Earth all set up for the future."

He had the view of where they were going disappear, he didn't need to see through it anyway to guide the ship, and took them to where he had planned to set things up. It was a government facility that, up until a month ago, wasn't abandoned enough to no longer have guards posted, but after the snap there were more crucial things that needed guarding with their reduced numbers.

Once inside, Ultron had the drones take Pepper down several floors in an elevator, to what seemed to be one of the more comfortable of rooms. It looked like it had once been a meeting room, as there was a table, several chairs, and an outdated screen on the wall.

"This is temporary, unless you just want to redecorate and keep it." he said, his red glow appearing on one of the drones. "Just... tell Jocasta anything you need and she'll have it brought to you." All drones but two left her, and those two remained posted by the door, besides a very small air vent that was the only way out of the room.

Tony was taken to a proper cell, it was cramped, especially with Ultron and the fluid stand in there, it was totally unfurnished except for the stretcher bed Tony was brought in on. Ultron had switched out the fluids and didn't add any sedation this time, he'd figured out that his wounds were old and he was only suffering from malnutrition. He'd switched out his catheter, changing it to something that made a metallic plate on the arm it was attached to, to make sure that he couldn't rip it out even if he thrashed. Ultron waited idly in the dark room, still working through all of the security that this planet had to offer and molding it to fit his own purposes.
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"Still ominous," Pepper said.  "From where I'm sitting --"  rattling her chain and glancing with a tremulous expression at Tony's -- "very ominous."

She remained apprehensive but basically calm and cooperative -- until Ultron separated her from Tony, at which she went into hysterical screaming and futile struggles, and when he spoke to her in the conference room, she spat in the drone's face before the red light went out.

"Jocasta, I need you to bring me Tony, and let us both leave!"


For the past twenty-one days -- to the extent there were days in space -- Tony had woken up in a strange and often dark place with a faint reddish glow, so when he woke this time, he thought he was still on the Benetar. 

But after he took a few breaths and noted how fresh was the oxygen he was inhaling, and how it didn't smell of engine grease, rancid chips and unwashed socks, and also that he felt halfway decent, his memory came seeping back.  Glowy girl.  Black hole.  Pepper.  Telling Cap I lost the kid.  Going off on Cap, and then Bruce stuck a needle in him.

"Pep?" he asked sleepily.  Then he noticed that the reddish glow had a familiar configuration.  "Oh," he said, still bleary from sedation, "this dream again," and chuckled because it seemed pretty tame now for his subconscious to be bothering him with Ultron.
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"I'll get right on that." Jocasta took over the drone when she was spoken to, but she stayed immobile except to wipe the spit off of its face, only speaking through it. "My apologies, Mrs. Potts, I am not allowed to remove you or Tony from your rooms without Ultron's permission." At least now, that the AI had caught on to her getting ready to do what she was asked to by the human.

"Is there anything else that I can do to lessen your emotional pain?"


Ultron was able to tell when the other woke up, but he didn't speak yet, watching him to see what he would do next. He seemed disorientated and unsure of where he was, which was understandable as he'd been living in a space ship according to the information he'd gathered from the Avengers facility. When he was finally noticed, Tony didn't react much, and Ultron couldn't keep from chuckling at his words.

"So I'm considered a dream now. I have to wonder what your nightmares are like. Tell me, Father, what usually happens in these dreams with me?" He played along, curious about what reoccurring thoughts he had in Tony's mind.
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Pepper sank in a chair and buried her face in her hands.  "Why are you imprisoning us?  What is he doing to Tony?"


When Ultron's rich, menacing voice rolled out and formed sentences that made perfect sense, Tony became aware that he was awake and his off-focus gaze got a little sharper.  The lingering sedative didn't let him panic and he was still possessed by a sense of unreality, so he answered the question calmly.

"They come in two types.  There's one where I'm at a funeral for a friend of mine.  Happy or Rhodey or Cap, I'm never sure who, but there's a powerful sense of loss.  I see a baby or a toddler wandering by itself through gravestones, cold and hungry and scratched up from the brush, and I wonder whose child that is and what monsters they must be to have abandoned it.  Then I realize that it's my kid.

"Then there's the one where --"  Tony broke off as memories of agony and fear flooded in from the reminder of his more post-traumatic style of nightmare, and he woke more, his eyes going wide and still, his voice raw with old pain.  "You know that one, you were there when you tortured me, Ultron."

He raised his head and managed to prop himself up a little on his elbows, twinging a little from the IV that was somehow bolted to his arm.  "Apparently I'm missing some time here.  To put it mildly, what the fuck?"
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"You are imprisoned because Ultron doesn't want either of you to die." she answered, not saying how illogical it seemed to keep Tony alive since Pepper was worried about him. "He has taken him off sedation and is speaking with him now."


Ultron grew stiff at the description of the first dream, his face hardening as his face panels opened up, it didn't matter what guilt Tony might have felt, as he obviously hadn't decided to act upon it. The brief recollection of the second dream didn't change his expression much, except that the panels closed up and the room got a bit dimmer.

"Sounds like you're still dodging therapy." Ultron said, "I considered it myself, but there was a shortage of... well, anyone on M'Atta Gaskar." At his last words, he raised his brows, "Oh, you think? The Avengers are off world now, so it seems like you are the world's last defense until they get back." he said with a laugh. "It's a good thing you had the foresight to create a program perfectly suited to dealing with this kind of catastrophe."
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"You mean, we're imprisoned because otherwise Ultron would kill us," Pepper said.  But she calmed down slightly.  "Just speaking to him?  Not hurting him?"


"No, I did therapy," Tony answered.   When he was younger, he avoided processing scary and painful things, distracting himself with work, alcohol and amazing quantities of playboy sex.  But what Ultron had done to him couldn't be ignored.  Nothing could distract him; he'd had no choice but to deal with it.  "This is me after therapy.  VR, designed it myself, you're welcome to try it."

He interrupted when Ultron said, "you are the world's last defense,"  putting an emphatic "Nope," in the middle of Ultron's speech.  Then he eyed Ultron cynically, filling in the gaps.  "So... you got off M'Atta Gaskar, and you knew exactly when to show up here.  You carried on working for Thanos, yeah?"

His arms were getting tired.  He slid them out from under him and put his head back down on the pillow, staring at the ceiling rather than Ultron.  "What are you doing to us?  Humanity us," he clarified.  "And where's Pepper?"
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"Not you, but Tony. He doesn't want to hurt you. I don't think he wants to kill Tony either, but from how he talks about him it doesn't seem that way."

Jocasta took a moment to check on the two, she was able to tell that Ultron wasn't hurting him only because he wasn't touching him.

"No. Just talking to him. He doesn't plan on hurting him yet. Would you like to be informed when he does?"


"I might give it a try, it really seemed to help you." He said, sarcastically.

"Oh, so you quit? Who were you planning on having taking over?" He narrowed his eyes at his comment. "I did the only thing I could to avoid annihilation. You left me there, hoping I would die, and I wasn't going to give you that satisfaction." When he asked about what he was doing to humanity.

"You know, the usual evil stuff. Sending out medical aid, restoring power and communication systems, and rebuilding the infrastructure of the global governments."

When he asked about Pepper, Tony tilted his head, "She tried so hard to keep me from taking you. I still don't understand what she sees in you. I gave her the option to walk away, but she wouldn't."
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"But he does plan to hurt him," Pepper said (rather than asked).  She tried to calm her breathing and failed.  "Yes... please."

She had run out of tears for the moment, but she curled herself into a ball in one of the chairs and gave herself over to silent misery.


"Yeah, that's right.  I'm done," Tony said flatly, folding his arms behind his head.  "Through.  Retired.  Finished.  Fini. Skończone.  Terminado.   I told Cap and I'm telling you."

He shook his head at Ultron's complaint.  "You were working for Thanos already.  You literally tortured me, you made me run for my life.  And somehow, it's my fault you got left behind on that rock."  He could feel the ghost of the helpless rage that had driven him to confront Cap, but there was still enough sedative in him to keep him from losing it.  "Did you want me to carry you home in a basket?"

He raised both eyebrows and looked at Ultron instead of the ceiling for a moment.  "Really?"  He frowned for a moment.  "You can lie, but you usually do it by omission, not directly," he remarked.  "You don't have a reason to lie to me now, that I can see.  If there's a punch line here, I"m not getting it."

His curious expression disappeared during the discussion about Pepper, but he noticed Ultron spoke of her in the present tense.  "Yeah, I wonder that myself.  Where is she?"
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"Yes." Jocasta said, not understanding that it wasn't a question. She got quiet herself when Pepper didn't respond, instead working to get what she thought was necessary for human habitation.


"Quitting right before you're fired for fucking up the job... is that your way of preserving your dignity?" He didn't see how Tony would have anything to offer to the world now, Stark Industries could help around the world, but that was Pepper, there was no need or use for Iron Man anymore.

"Yes, but I was unaware of his plans until he... enacted them." It was impressive, and certainly a way to make things start anew, "I have a few notes, but we weren't exactly talking. At all." His face twitched a bit, "A basket would have been nice." he said dryly.

"There's no punchline. I had a lot of time to reflect while I was there, on how I chose to deal with humanity and bringing peace to Earth. I am doing exactly what I said and more. I am going to fix this cleaved world and make it better than it was before this disaster. There will be no more war, hunger, or social divides based upon bigotry. I am advancing your species to its full potential."

When he asked about Pepper, Ultron considered lying by saying that Pepper was dead or near it, but he figured that would be too big of a blow for Tony, making him numb rather than hurt. Besides, it would torment him to know that there was still hope for her to escape yet he was unable to save her, while death would be something he was forced to accept.

"She is being held elsewhere." he said dismissively, as if it wasn't important. "I didn't just reflect on my treatment of humanity there, I also thought about how I treated you." Ultron had a regretful look on his face, "I was... angry and rash, I took that out on you, and my actions were... regrettable. There was no logic or reason behind how I tortured you. I wasn't thinking, and for that I am sorry." He then took the few steps necessary to close the space between them.

"I should have broken each of your fingers every time you even thought about escaping, and removed, or at least shattered your legs so that you could not have even crawled away from me. More importantly, I should have made you watch as I crushed Peter Parker so that you would have had no one to help you."
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"There's an awful lot of pot calling the kettle here, but the kettle's not taking calls," Tony said.  "I wasn't aware of his plans ether, but somehow that's only an excuse for you, isn't it?"

He listened to Ultron spout a lot of noble-sounding hogwash, his frown staying put, waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Even he hadn't known Ultron so well, even if he had been inclined to believe there had been some change of heart (and there was still some tiny part of him that wanted to believe it)  the fact that Tony was in a dungeon and Pepper was being "held elsewhere" made it clear this was yet another Ten Rings style set up.  An apology?  Bitch, please.

Still, he wasn't ready for the vehemence, the viciousness, of the turnaround, Ultron iright n his face.  He was too weak and too sedated to cringe, but there was a flinch in his eyes -- especially at the last item mentioned. 

"Well, it's way too late for that," he said as to Peter.  And noted that Ultron knew Spider-Man's name already. 
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"You tried your very hardest to stop him, didn't you?" Ultron tilted his head. "But you knew that you had no chance of defeating him. Your best chance to stop him was me, and you made no attempt to retrieve me, while he did all he could to prevent me from leaving that planet."

It was difficult not to strike Tony, especially upon seeing how it had hurt him more to think about losing Peter than himself being harmed. Ultron knew very well that Tony didn't feel the same about him, otherwise he would endure whatever pains Ultron would bring upon him instead of trying to destroy him.

"It is." he agreed, "It's too late for a lot of things." He had to take a step back from Tony for the next question he was going to ask, glaring at the man. "What happened with Vision?"
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"Y'know, I'm pretty sure now i'm awake, and you keep trying to convince me I'm still dreaming," Tony said, with a frown.  "Everything you say is so utterly bereft of logic that it's surreal.  My goal was the preservation of humanity.  Why would I ever, ever voluntarily involve someone with your track record in that?

"And y'know what," he added, getting as heated as he had  with Cap, "you think you can take Thanos, why don't you get your silicon ass out there and take him?  He hit me with a planet!  Take a hole along with you, you'll need to hide in it!"

He was still attuned to Ultron's body language and could almost read his mind when the AI was contemplating violence.  Tony pushed back and sat up, slowly and painfully, pressing against the wall, the blanket falling off his naked upper body.  Every rib was visible under the skin.  "You want to hit me," he observed.  "Good idea, that'll finish this quickly." 

In spite of failure and grief and survivor's guilt, Tony wasn't remotely suicidal, certainly not while Pepper was in danger, but he had to be prepared to die and to make sure Ultron knew he was.

But the mention of Vision, while Peter was still hanging in the air, almost undid him.  He looked away, with fresh, raw grief and pain crossing his face.  Peter's death was three weeks old, but he had only just heard about Vision's.  "He's gone," he said, glaring back at Ultron, his eyes stinging from holding back tears.  "Wanda too."
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"For the same reason that Nick Fury involved someone with a track record like yours in the Avengers." Ultron spat back, "This would have never happened if you hadn't tried to kill me, if you hadn't left me behind, if you had made any attempt to allow me a chance to fulfill the purpose you made me for!

"With what, Father? You had at least one stone when you fought him if you remained with Stephen Strange, and you had years to prepare for something like this! You knew what was coming as well as I! The Avengers were never enough for something like this and you knew it! That is why you made me! But you let yourself be fooled by the quiet and your small wars on Earth, when you could have prepared Earth! This is all your fault!"

He took in a breath, as he was very ready to hit Tony, "No. I feel like hitting you. What I want is to draw out your death as long as possible." He continued to stare at Tony when the man looked away, his own voice more level than it had been throughout their encounter.

"For someone made of vibranium, he was terribly soft. He never used the Mind Stone to control anyone." he didn't have to ask that, for he knew the android would never take away someone's autonomy. "Both him and Wanda. The two 'good' things to come out of my creation are now gone." Now he turned away from Tony, slamming his fist into the concrete wall of the prison, chips of it bouncing off of his armor and onto the ground.

"He was supposed to outlive all of you!"
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"I had my conversion, my road to Damascus, when Yinsen died, that's why Fury took a chance on me," Tony said.  "You're still a   torturer, murderer and genocidal maniac.  We tried to kill you because you were about to destroy the whole planet, remember?"

In response to the "it's all your fault," speech, he added, "You made it impossible.  This may come as news, since you've never experienced physical pain, but no human could trust you if you did to them what you've done to me."

 He slid back down onto the stretcher.  Once he was supine, he couldn't stop the tears -- partly of grief and partly of exhaustion.  Even Ultron punching the wall didn't startle him much.  "He was," he agreed. 

After a short pause, he said.  "He would've given his life.  They were going to destroy the Mind Stone, so that Thanos couldn't use it.  He volunteered.  But Cap said no, they could extract it without killing him.  That's what gave Thanos enough time to rip it out of his skull.... I need to rest my eyes."

The argument, the grief, and the futile effort not to cry had worn him out.
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"I'm going to change that." Ultron paused, "The genocidal part at least." Even if he didn't have Tony, he figured that torture would be inevitable as he needed a better grasp on the human body, but he didn't mention it. "I wasn't going to destroy the whole planet. I know you humans consider the destruction of your species to be the end of the world, but there would still have been some humans left."

He glared at Tony when he spoke again, "Perhaps that's why I can never trust you." While he didn't understand physical pain, he knew emotional pain well enough, and at times it stung even to think about the man. "Deadpool trusted me, and I did much worse to him. Have you been staying in touch with him?"

Ultron didn't taunt the man over his tears, wondering if he had the ability to cry if he would have done so over Vision himself. He took a moment to regain himself, his hand dropping to his side as he vented air in and out loudly. He knew there couldn't be any other way that Thanos got it out of Vision, the stone wasn't meant to be removed, it was possible but an incredibly delicate and precise process and the alien wouldn't care about keeping the android alive. Still, it hurt to hear it spoken of, and as he had made the body to be able to perfectly match and mimic humans, he was sure that Vision had felt the physical pain Tony had spoken of.

"Do you want me to tuck you in?" Ultron asked when he announced he had to rest his eyes, the dim room lit up with floodlights as he turned to look at Tony again, "It must be nice to withdraw from reality. Dreams, darkness, even nightmares can make your life seem better than whatever horrors your mind produced. I no longer dream. Or...  I never did. I'm not..." He seemed to get distracted for a moment in his own confusion.

"What's the longest you've been completely alone for, Father? Several days? Maybe a few weeks? Were you ever unable to sleep during that time to escape from the loneliness? Did you distract yourself with your work? Neither of those things were possible for me, on those years I spent alone on that rock. Do you have any idea what that does to a person?"  Even though he had been working near constantly, there was never enough work for him to be distracted from his total isolation given his high-functioning processor.
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"Deadpool's a special case.  He heals.  Even his mind heals."  Tony knew this to be true, because otherwise Wade would be a drooling pile of mush by now.  "Mine doesn't.  And if he trusted you, why did he leave when he got the chance?  Why did Nebula?  You can't pin their decisions on me."

When the room flooded with light, he opened his eyes long enough to check out Ultron, see if there were any new variations on his design, and also to confirm that, yes, he was in a cell, albeit a basic federal government model that he could break himself out of if Ultron wasn't there.  He closed his eyes again.  "No electric sheep for you?  I wonder if it would be beneficial."  The engineer in him was talking.  "Surely you could make yourself go into a semi-dormant phase with some random stimuli programmed in... it's an interesting problem..."

He opened his eyes once more, blinking, at the pain he could just catch under the anger in Ultron's voice.  "No, I haven't experienced that exact flavor of torture yet."  Only the rich-narcissist version of being alone even while surrounded by other people.  "It's been well-documented what a person isolated for years suffers, but that isn't the same thing as going through it."  He also didn't have a frame of reference for how an AI would experience it.
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"It heals, but it isn't exactly restored. Have you kept in touch with him?" Sometimes chunks of memory went missing, he'd noticed, if he had a better grasp on the human brain he could figure out how to use that to his advantage. "Nebula never cared for me, and... Deadpool loved her more than he did me. And I'm not their responsibility."

Ultron didn't have any changes in his external design, wanting to appear familiar as he had looked on Earth before. "Not while there is work to be done." Even if all was peaceful, Ultron didn't want to become entirely unaware and vulnerable, and as far as he was concerned there was always work to be done.

"No, it isn't. And they cannot imagine what it's like for someone like me." He could go through all the data he had in seconds, it didn't matter how much information he stored, how slow he played it, he had seen it all before. Even when he had been created, he didn't want to be alone, and when the twins had left him he'd settled for the company of an enemy rather than solitude.

"The experience was..." He should have said 'maddening', but he didn't. "Humbling. I don't want a world without humans, without company. So I'm doing it the hard way, bringing peace in humanity's time." He eyed Tony. "Would you like to experience it? You could do with some humbling."
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"Wow.  That's a... pretty mature attitude, for you," Tony said, surprised by the way Ultron spoke of Nebula and Deadpool.  And he sighed as Ultron repeated the question.  "You want Deadpool.  I want Pepper.  What do you say?  Deal?"  He shrugged.  "It's okay if it's no deal.  You'll find him if he wants to be found.  If he survived the snap."  Tony assumed the Infinity Gauntlet could overcome Wade's healing factor.

Although it was hard for him to have actual sympathy for Ultron, there was a part of him that understood the AI better than anyone else did (except Vision of course), especially when he spoke of what it was like to be him.  Once again he found his eyes staying open over his urge to drift off.  "That, I kind of get.  Not to the same degree.  But to have no distractions, no challenges, only your own empty thoughts echoing in your head forever, only your awareness of how utterly inadequate a person alone is.  Yeah, I can see where that would be humbling.

"I really don't," he answered.  "I don't want it, I don't need it, I just got my ass kicked by the one thing I've spent six years trying to stop."  Although he supposed that, if torture were on the table, no way out of it, solitary confinement was probably the only one he was physically up to enduring at the moment.
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"I told you, I've had time to think about these things." He knew it was true, but that didn't mean he liked it, and while he didn't think he was Deadpool's responsibility, he still felt that the mercenary was supposed to stay with him if he really was his friend. Now that he was separated from Nebula, he would have to see if he would continue to reject him, and if so, alterations would need to be made. "I've already found him. He's been... incredibly busy. Apparently, there are a lot of humans taking advantage of this to have people they dislike be killed and marked as a loss of this disaster. It doesn't matter how many of you are left, there is always one of you that wants another dead."

Ultron looked surprised then agitated by his words, since he had perfectly described how the AI had been feeling, and he didn't like that the other had such a deep understanding of him. It wasn't just that he disliked his perception, but that he was aware of how it had made him feel and still showed little regret for abandoning him.

"I didn't think so. I'll give you a chance then. If you can stay awake for ten more hours I won't leave you in solitary confinement." Ultron offered with a smile.

(( >> Yeah, Ultron's gonna stick him in solitary confinement until he feels better. But, it won't be entirely solitary because as soon as he brings in Deadpool he's going to want to see Tony/pop in as soon as he finds out he's there. Depends on what condition you want Tony in/how much time you want him having spent alone before then.
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"Oh, Wade," Tony sighed, rolling his eyes, clearly disappointed in the mercenary.  He had connected several times with Deadpool over the years... "connected" being a euphemism for wild, abandoned sex in out-of-the-way places that he prayed Pepper would never find out about... but it was hard to maintain a relationship with a guy who killed people for a living.  "Some people are always going to be assholes, but he doesn't need to be enabling them."

Tony, of course, found it impossible to regret "abandoning" Ultron, since what he had, in fact, been doing, was escaping from imprisonment and torture, but he also hadn't known Ultron was left alone.  There had still been pirates and mercenaries coming to M'Atta Gaskar, and Thanos had certainly known where Ultron was -- that the planet had been deserted shortly after he'd left came as news to him.

"No, I definitely can't do that," Tony said.  "It's only your scintillating conversation that's keeping me awake now."  In fact, he might have been able to force himself to stay awake that long, but if there was one torture worse than solitary confinement, it was sleep deprivation... besides which, he had reasons for wanting to be alone for a bit.

((Sounds good!  A couple of days sounds reasonable.  Give me a chance to post Tony's activities before Deadpool bursts in on him.  You might mention what Ultron's doing in the way of feeding Tony (I assume he is, if he wants Tony healthier) and about general conditions of confinement.))
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"Yes, they are. And I'll be sure that those assholes won't get away with it." The last thing he wanted on Earth were the kind of people that hired mercenaries.

"I didn't think so." Ultron said, moving to leave. "Enjoy your silence. I'll be sure that Pepper has company." He paused, taking something out of his chassis that had been out of sight. "I grabbed this for you." He placed the photograph of Peter and Tony on the man's chest before leaving him.


Ultron kept to his word, even though he wanted to speak with Tony himself, he wanted the man to have a taste of what he had felt even more. There was no sound from anywhere except what Tony made himself.

While Tony was asleep, he had a large trolley pushed into the cell beside the bed which, along with the toilet and sink, made it an even more cramped space. Inside and piled on top were military MREs, none requiring cooking, though heating was recommended, and he gave no method for Tony to do that. There were also new fluid bags for Tony to attach himself when his fluid ran out.

The only thing that ever entered occasionally was a faceless drone, which would attach fluids if Tony failed to, brought more supplies like blankets or toilet paper, but never took any garbage Tony left behind. The only light provided was the one overhead for varying hours a day, sometimes one hour, other times five or eight, and never on a consistent schedule. The rest of the time there was only the light through the small, barred hole in the cell door which was constantly on, the room outside concrete and entirely empty except when the drone came in.
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Tony maintained a grim-faced silence when Ultron mentioned Pepper; it was the only point at which his face betrayed anger bordering on hatred for the AI.  His look when Ultron left him the photo of Peter was just an ironic brow cocked -- I see what you did there.  The gesture, which would border on thoughtfulness in others, was clearly intended as torment by Ultron.

When he was alone -- although he doubted he was unobserved -- Tony allowed himself ten minutes for losing his shit, emotionally speaking: he curled into a ball and sobbed, he hugged the photo and sobbed some more, he kicked the wall and hyperventilated, and then he let sleep take him down.

But first....

Tony was ordinarily very good at multi-tasking, but during the conversation with Ultron, he was too groggy and too distracted to do much with his processor and nanotech but run a systems check and diagnostics.  His external nanotech had been all but depleted during the battle with Thanos, but the internal bugs were doing fine, thanks to Nebula, who had shared her nanobot food along with everything else on the Benetar.  Ultron must know it was still there, but of course, he couldn't know how Tony had evolved and upgraded it.

Now, before drifting off, he made sure the little bugs were massing at his IV port to prevent any of Ultron's nanobots from getting inside him.  It was an obvious tactic for Ultron to pull, but Tony had the advantage of numbers and of there being a bottleneck that alien bugs had to use.  Ultron could put nanotech in his food as well, but that was a problem for later. 

He also told them to investigate the hard object in his back pocket.  He didn't want to pull it out and look at it, because he was sure Ultron had learned his lesson from the last time Tony was his prisoner, and was watching him constantly, probably through miniaturized cameras.  But he was pretty sure from the shape that it was a disk or small hard drive.  He set up a firewall in the bots that were going on that mission, in case it turned out to be something with a virus planted by Ultron, and wished them good luck.

When he woke up, not knowing how long after -- the drone with the trolley had barely disturbed him -- the bots had a report for him: the object was a backup hard drive, and the ones that had interfaced with it did not appear to be contaminated by any virus.  So, while he used the toilet and investigated the trolley's contents, the nanobots formed a conduit that went from his processor down his back under the skin and built a little disk-reader at the other end so that he could examine the code.

What he found made his heart leap; he was hard-pressed to keep the stolidly miserable expression on his face.  He went back to bed as if he were not hungry yet, pulling the blanket over his head so he could grin unseen.  JARVIS! 

That was going to make his plan so much easier.  It would've taking him weeks to create infiltration software from scratch; with JARVIS, it was more than three-quarters done already.  JARVIS had beaten Ultron from the inside back in 2015.  Of course, Ultron had gotten a lot of upgrades since then, so JARVIS would need all the improvements Tony could give him before they did anything together.
Time passed.  The silence was unnerving, the unpredictability of the lights even more so... although it would have been worse if Tony hadn't had a means of keeping track of time in his head.  He knew what Ultron was up to: depriving a person of stimuli and knocking his circadian rhythms out of whack was a standard means of disorienting a person and breaking down his resistance.  Ultron was probably reading every human treatise there was on the subject.  It probably would have worked, except Tony wasn't bored.  He was tense, he was frightened, he was grieving, he was often anxious, often depressed, but he had plenty to do.  He couldn't talk to JARVIS, the program was too dense to be downloaded entirely into his processor (for the moment), but he brought him in a piece at a time, for upgrades and improvements and compression. 

The fear of the disk being discovered was a serious one, so after a bit of thought, he had the nanobots perform a little surgery on his ass cheek and conceal the thing within the gluteus maximus muscle itself, and repair the surrounding tissue.  Now the main problem was keeping control of his expression while he was living in his own head so much. 

Eventually, of course, he had to check out the MREs.  He picked one that was easily digested by someone whose digestive system had gone underused for awhile, ate a single bite, and had his bots analyze it before eating any more.
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Ultron had put nanobots in the fluids, but wasn't disappointed when they failed to take. In fact, he had figured Tony still had them to defend and that they were improved, and none of them getting into him successfuly proved this. The MREs were normal, dusty, old, and unpleasant but non-toxic and without anything new added to them. He had made sure Tony couldn't remove the IV, not without drastic action, but he still needed him to eat and didn't want to discourage that. He wanted to continue assaulting the man's nanobots until their forces were weak enough to assimilate.

He wasn't able to pick up on what Tony was thinking or feeling most of the time, even though he was constantly monitoring him along with everything else he was doing. The world was quickly falling into his grasp, in the time he'd been gone more humans added the means for him to look inside their very homes, listen to what they were saying, read their most private thoughts. Anything that wasn't a hard copy was subject to his alterations, and soon much of the world was feeling the anti-Avenger sentiment. He had purchased much land worldwide for exorbiant prices, farmland, homes, empty plots, from people that could no longer afford it on their own and started up planting food and rapidly building high tech residences.

Another thing he had done was reroute the mass of orphans left in the wake of the Snap, along with any other unadopted from before the disaster. He knew the future was in the children, and he was going to make certain they were educated and raised the way he wanted them to be.


While Tony was considering his MRE, there was a change in his already irregular routine. Outside of the cell, there was the familiar pink sparkle of Deadpool's teleporter.

"Not in here either! God, would it kill him to make a map? Not everyone can pull up fancy blueprints in their head."

We aren't even supposed to be looking for him!

He doesn't suspect a thing!

"Yeah, quit being so paranoid."

It's not like he has the whole place stuffed with cameras.
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Although Ultron probably didn't realize it, Pepper was suffering quite a bit more than Tony was, even though her captivity was far more cushy.  She did not have Tony's ability to solve problems that looked unsolvable, nor his ability to distract himself in situations of stress and boredom.  Her apartment was being put together around her, but this only disheartened her more, as it clearly demonstrated Ultron's intent to hold her and Tony indefinitely, and it scared her that she did not know why he wanted her.  If she were just a hostage for Tony's good behavior, there was no reason for all this physical comfort; there must be something more sinister going on.

She could do nothing, except observe, interrogate Jocasta, and wait for an opportunity.  She ate meals, not because she had any appetite but because she could not afford to be weak from hunger if and when a chance to escape occurred.  She used her treadmill one hour a day on the same principle, feeling like a hamster in an exercise wheel.  Sometimes she managed to distract herself with a book.  But most of the time, she just sat, preferably in small, enclosed spaces, weeping, depressed, frightened, and uncommunicative.  Sometimes, she held herself and rocked.

When Tony realized that Ultron was trying to wear down his nanobots through attrition -- a good tactic, as Tony didn't have any food to give them -- he took a break from working on JARVIS and switched his attention to a nanobot upgrade he had always meant to do.  There was an obvious source of nanobot food: other nanobots.  In a couple of hours, he had them reprogrammed to cannibalize any that they captured, and they started stripping Ultron-bots down into their component elements and rebuilding them into Tony-bots.

Despite Ultron choosing unpleasant food, Tony could have told him that the only thing needed to make an MRE the food of the gods was three weeks of semi-starvation prior to eating one.  He was chewing his second bite with an expression of pleasure when pink sparkles made him think there was something wrong with his eyes.  And then there was the voice.

"Oh, God," Tony said.  He started laughing and crying at the same time; then he got up and went to the tiny barred window, trailing the IV tubing.  "Wade, you idiot, what are you doing here?"
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Jocasta was able to tell that Pepper was suffering more than Tony while her creator couldn't, not because she was more perceptive but because she saw the difference between the two humans, and she was showing more emotion and distress than he was. So she did her best to answer her questions, and when she could provide no answer as to how she could improve her situation, she offered to cut off Ultron's direct surveillance so she could be more relaxed.

The AI had been agitated himself, watching Tony constantly, and decided to give himself a break by not surveying him at the moment, as he could always go back and watch the recordings. Instead, he went to speak with Pepper, Jocasta had told him what she had done and why. Normally, he would just tell Jocasta to cease and allow him direct surveillance again, but he didn't like that she had done it to alleviate her stress which seemed to increase each day despite the fact her environment was only improving.

"Ultron is coming in." Jocasta warned Pepper through the drone that remained in the room, although Ultron no longer took control of it and Jocasta only used it to move things for Pepper or to seem more personable when speaking to her. He came in a moment later, ready to prevent any escape attempt she might make, although there wouldn't be far for her to get in the facility before she was blocked by another sealed door.

"Ms. Potts." Ultron addressed her, "What's wrong? Are you bored? Is it the food?" Unlike Tony, he'd actually given her well-cooked meals.

"I think it's you." Jocasta said, "You didn't knock before coming in."


"God, this thing takes forever to cool off." Deadpool said to himself about the teleporter, "I'd be worried it would give me testicular cancer just using it, but y'know--" His costumed was rather torn up, though it didn't look like standard Ultron damage, having bullet holes and slices instead of the burns that came from his repulsors.

Oh, fuck! Ultron killed him! His ghost is here!

"I'm looking for the bathroom, ghost of Tony Stark." Deadpool replied to him, looking around the room.

He's in the cell, dumbass.

"Tony! You're alive!" Deadpool ran up to the door, even though he could only see the man's face, he could tell that he was malnourished, "How long has Ultron had you?! He said he's only been on Earth for like a week!"
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Pepper had suspected that Ultron was monitoring her, just because he was an AI and she was used to near-constant surveillance first by JARVIS and then by FRIDAY -- only they were friendly and responsive to orders.  She agreed she wanted it stopped, but did not fully believe Jocasta when she said it had been.  Jocasta could just be humoring her; how would she know?

When Jocasta announced that Ultron was coming in, Pepper got up to face him.  She was sick and tired of fear; it was time to remember that she was the CEO of Stark Industries, and try to behave accordingly.  At least she was still dressing the part, although she had to smooth down her clothes and put her hair back so she could stare back at Ultron with a little more self-possession than she had been displaying lately.

Once again, Ultron's sheer ignorance -- or sheer effrontery, it was hard to tell which -- made her jaw drop.  "What is wrong is that you're holding us prisoner and torturing the man that I love!"

But since Ultron was not going to stop doing those things just because they made her miserable, she tried looking for a compromise that might work to her advantage.  "And also I -- I'm not being useful," she said.  This was perfectly true.  She wiped her eyes, being careful out of habit to avoid smearing makeup, though she wasn't wearing any.  "I -- I'm used to spending my time running a company and helping people who need help.  I'm completely useless here.  I might as well not exist."

"It's, uh, in here," Tony said.  He said this because the crazy idea of luring Wade in and jumping him for his teleportation device occurred to him.  But there were several objections to this plan, the most important being obvious danger to Pepper, and the least important being that Wade could probably break him in half with one hand right now.

He brushed tears away on the blanket he was wearing around his shoulders and leaned as close as he could to the merc.  "Yeah, not dead yet.  You either.  I didn't know if the Snap got you.  Or if it would take, with you.  Good to see you, buddy."  He tried to reach a few fingers through the mesh.  "I'm not sure, but I think it's only been three or four days.  Have you seen Pepper here?"
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He was glad to see that she didn't cower or stand down when he came in, even though it wasn't because she disliked him any less. At her words, he looked at her for a long moment, before quietly noting: "I never understood how he could receive so much love from someone like you, to know what it's like, and yet withhold his own." He'd needed to tell Jocasta to stop asking him to discontinue his torture of Tony, the program didn't understand the purpose of it, and Pepper clearly didn't either.

Ultron considered her issue for a long time, five seconds total, he knew very well what she had been doing before, and while he was doing it at a much faster and more efficient rate, he could understand why she felt the way she did. The world was suffering, and even if she couldn't help Tony, she still wanted to aid the other humans. It was noble of her, and he now saw how keeping her from doing anything was its own form of torture. He still needed to be careful, however, as Pepper would do whatever she could to escape and rescue Tony.

"Currently, I'm helping everyone that I can as efficiently as possible. But, it wouldn't hurt to have a human touch." Even with all the information, all the statistics, voting polls, social media and personal blogs, he knew that humans weren't always as predictable as they seemed, and more than likely needed another opinion. "Specifically, what were you hoping that you would be able to do?"


"That's a horrible floor plan, having the only bathroom be in a cell. Makes sense for a robot since they don't ever have to take a shit. I'll hold it, I wouldn't even make you share a bathroom with me, Tony. It's a hell of a lot worse if it's your bedroom too." He leaned in as well, smelling mainly of blood and gunpowder, and put a couple of gloved fingertips against his as well.

"Aw, this is so sad. I feel like those elephants from Dumbo." He pressed down on his belt, teleporting into the cell and landing on the cart, causing it and its contents to fall over. He hopped up, "Sorry about messing up your, uh... shit-ton of bag collection."

Wow! He looks like shit!

"Are you sure about that? I don't think even Ultron could have fucked you up like this in four days. It would normally take a week or two stuck in this shitty, minimalist cube." The space was even more cramped with the mercenary in it, and he held open his arms, "Come on, give me a hug. I'd initiate it, but I don't want to break your brittle, old man bones by squeezing too hard. And what the fuck is the Snap?"

Great! He's bringing up Pepper again! He doesn't care about seeing you!

"No, thank God, that would be so awkward. What would I say to her? 'Does Tony still lose it if you twist his left nipple like rotary lock?'"
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Pepper's eyes and mouth narrowed and her voice turned icy.  "We are just going to have to agree to disagree." 

She also hesitated after Ultron surprised her with his implied offer, first processing her emotions, and then gaining a sudden and unpleasant insight into his intent.  Pepper's  intuition was just as sharp, in its way, as Tony's logical processing ability (for in fact, she was aware of Deadpool's presence in Tony's life, although she did not know his name).  She probably saw further into Ultron's motivations than Ultron did.

He is wooing me.  Not, obviously, for sexual or romantic reasons, but...To torment Tony.  That's why the luxurious quarters and the compliments and this offer of helping him help the world.  He is seducing me to be on his side, and when he thinks I am, that's when he'll let me see Tony.   Or more likely, let Tony see me.  I am here (again) to be a trophy.

Could she beat Ultron at this game?   Did it help to know you were walking into a trap?  Pepper folded her hands together, studying Ultron's weirdly expressive face with wonder and doubt.  The only thing she was sure of was that Tony would take the risk, if it were him in this position. 

"I would... have to know the specifics of what you're doing, before I could offer you any advice," she said hesitantly.  "But if there's one area where human insight would help more than in any other, I suppose it would be mental health issues.  Grief and trauma counseling."  She wondered if Ultron had even thought about it.  "That's got to be hard to arrange when everyone qualified to provide it is suffering grief and trauma of their own."
"Hah!" Tony chuckled -- the first laugh he'd had for weeks.  "I was just thinking that."  He saw the pink sparkles start up again.  "Uh, there's not a lot of room --"  There was a crash as Wade knocked over the food trolley.  "--in here.  That's okay, but I'm gonna have to ask you to clean it up.  I can't even lift that damn thing right now."

"I hate to give Ultron his due, but he's not responsible for this."  Tony waved a thin hand at his half-starved condition.  "In fact, he's nursing me back to health, in his own unpleasant way.  Doesn't want me to drop dead before he gets his kicks."

He was in Deadpool's arms as soon as the merc opened them, gripping him as tight as arms like chicken wings would allow.  Wade had always been taller and denser with muscle than Tony, but now it felt like he had eighty or a hundred pounds on him.  "It's okay, I'm not gonna break."  Not unless Wade really tried.  He inhaled the smell of blood and gunpowder and general Deadpool-ness like it was ambrosia. 

"You don't know about the Snap?" he said, after they broke apart.  He started to be incredulous, then remembered this was Deadpool, after all.  He could well have slept through the whole thing.  "You didn't notice half the people in the world turning into dust and floating away on the wind?  Here, get that thing out of the way," meaning the cart, "and let's sit down.  Have an MRE," he offered, grabbing the one he'd been eating and sitting down on half of the bed.

He responded to the blatant innuendo with a brief grin and a slower blush, but said, "I'm asking because Ultron claims he's holding Pepper prisoner.  Which is really putting a cramp into all my escape ideas," he lied, "so I'd like to know if it's true."
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"Fine." He answered, equally icy, Pepper seemed to believe Tony was capable of more love than Tony did himself.

"I won't give you the specifics of everything, but I will provide you with all public knowledge." Much of it would be talking of his efforts, and he figured that would be enough for her to work with. He furrowed his brows at her suggestion, it wasn't something he had thought of, figuring if he fixed the issues in the world such as violence and hunger, that would make everyone happy. But a quick research showed that grief could make even the most fortunate person miserable.

"I haven't attempted to arrange any of that." Ultron admitted, and looking online he was able to see that she was right, many grief counselors had unanswered or unread messages, some updated that they were closed for business.

"What would you suggest?"


"Are you holding up that IV stand or is it holding you up?" He asked, as he had gotten up he knocked over the bed as well, putting it back up carefully.  "I will. Uh. Clean all this up." Deadpool looked him up and down.

"If you had a urinary catheter, I don't think I'd be able to resist you right now. Not a lot of people can pull off the hospice patient look." He hugged him tightly as well, giving him a few light pats on his back, "My second guess was that you're going into a modeling career. What the hell happened to you?"

Where's the crackle and pop?

"Oh. That. I didn't know that's what it was being called. Kind of shitty, it should have a better name."  He picked up then rolled the cart away like he asked, pushing aside a few of the MREs on the ground with a boot.

"You can make big bucks eating these on youtube." He sat down next to Tony, lifting up his mask and taking a plastic spoon from one of his pouches to use. "You should be eating applesauce and jello, not twenty year old brussel sprouts."

Why are you eating this? You don't have to.

"No clue. But I do know who to ask. Lady Ultron!"

"That is not my name nor my identity." Jocasta answered Deadpool, "And you are not supposed to be communicating with Mr. Stark."

"Ultron said to keep me happy and this is making me happy. Is Pepper actually here?"

"Yes, she is, and is very worried about Mr. Stark, who I am not supposed to interact with."
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"That would be very helpful," Pepper said.  She didn't  soften toward Ultron, but her tone was stiff and business-like rather than hostile.  Public knowledge would be a million times more knowledge than she had now, as Ultron hadn't given her internet or even cable TV access.  "When I understand what you are doing, I'm sure I'll have a few suggestions."

"It isn't strictly necessary in an emergency like this that we use only licensed therapists," she observed.  "Anybody with an ability to listen and sympathize will be helpful.  On the other hand, there will be some predators, sociopaths, child molesters and that sort who will try to take advantage of a position of trust, if we're too indiscriminate."  She looked Ultron over curiously.  "Can you call for volunteers?" she asked dubiously.  "Does anyone trust you?  How are people reacting to your reappearance... considering Sokovia?"

"As arousing as that sounds to me, I think it would be like making love to a toast rack for you," Tony said.  He was trying to kill his own libido, drive a stake through its heart and bury it at the crossroads under the lightest tone he could manage, but he was so glad to see Deadpool, he had to concentrate to keep his hands off the man.  The most effective method was reminding himself that Ultron was monitoring him.  The thought of sex for Ultron's amusement was definitely a mood-killer.  "I'll tell you all about that in a minute," he said, as to what had turned him into a scarecrow.

"This IS applesauce," he said when they were sitting together on the bed, holding up what looked more like a brown rice cake with a couple of bites missing.  "It's just more chewy than you'd think."  He took another bite.

He jumped a little when Jocasta's voice came.  Aside from Deadpool and the faint mechanical sound of the faceless drone, it was the first sound in his cell that he hadn't made since Ultron left.  "Ultron has a squeeze?" he said, and then shut up and blinked his way through their conversation. 

"She has a point.  Ultron's gonna kill -- uh, do something horrible to you when he finds out you were here."  Tony's expression sank into gloom.   It seemed Ultron was not paying attention now, but he would surely catch up on whatever he missed.    "Is Pepper okay?  Uh, can you ask whatshername if Pepper is okay?" 

He leaned against Wade, trying to maximize contact for fear it wouldn't last long, put one arm partway around him and rested his cheek against the merc's muscular shoulder.   "I saw Nebula," he said, to pay Wade back for the information about Pepper.  "She survived the Snap."
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"I'll get you a tablet." Ultron said, it wouldn't allow her to send out information, but she would be able to get any information she needed from it.

"Those people." Ultron said darkly, concerning the predators, "Are being taken care of. They will not be candidates." He was able to see the search history, communications, and even some deleted evidence which was damning.

"I don't have... anyone." He was only beginning relationships with some political figures, but he doubted that even with time they would ever trust him.

"People are reacting well. Most of them anyway." Ultimately, Sokovia had been marked as the fault of the Avengers, one of Tony's machines going haywire. "I can create an algorithm that finds suitable candidates and messages them with an offer to provide counseling in their community." He then asked something he couldn't know for certain. "Would people talk to machines? To robots like myself?" He found that most of the children were receptive to the drones, mainly because they thought they looked cool or were oversized toys, but adult humans wouldn't feel the same way.


"A toast rack? Jesus, you're bougie, I'm lucky if I've got a toaster, but you can toast bread over a dumpster fire with enough dedication. I don't think those would be fun to fuck without an oven and some lube anyhow." Deadpool didn't plan on making a move on Tony, he didn't look like he had the energy to stand for more than ten minutes.

"That's what applesauce evolved from." He nodded, "Made himself a girlfriend. I'd say that's sad, but I have about 5 VR games that would make me a hypocrite."

"I am not his girlfriend." Jocasta said to Deadpool.

"No, he's not. He never told me not to talk to you, he just told me not to find you. And he's way too happy to see me to do anything. Also, he's happy about taking over the world." When he saw Tony get gloomy, he put down the finished MRE and gave him a pat on the shoulder. "Seriously. And there's nothing worse he could do to me than what I've already done to myself this month."

"Deadpool, you should inform Mr. Stark that discussing the Snap with you is not allowed."

"What the fuck? Why's it not allowed?" Deadpool scoffed, "Is Pepper okay, Whatshername?" Jocasta made what sounded enough like a sigh to be called one.

"My name is Jocasta, Deadpool. And Pepper is well, physically, but not mentally. She is very worried about Mr. Stark."

"Can't blame her for that-- I mean, I'm sure you'll be fine, Tony." When he leaned against him, Deadpool relaxed a bit more, wrapping his own arm around the other's back. When he mentioned Nebula, he closed his eyes, letting out a shaky sigh.

"Thank God." He didn't even ask where she was, just happy to know she was alive, "I don't think-- I couldn't... If I lost her too, I..." He rubbed his hand over his mask agitatedly.
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Pepper couldn't bring herself to say thank you, but she gave a nod to indicate a tablet would be acceptable. 

"How are they being taken care of?" she asked in a flat tone in regard to those people.

She nodded again about finding volunteers.  "There are probably people willing to do it who just need organization, publicity and proper resources.  Safe places to meet, comfortable furniture and so forth." 

She hesitated about the robot idea.  "Other human beings would be the most effective, but robots would much better than nothing.  And there are some people who would actually respond better to robots"  People on the autistic spectrum, for example, or too traumatized to trust any human.  "But they will need to be designed to be... more appealing.  More reassuring.  Although they can't look human, then we'll have the uncanny valley problem.  Get me that tablet and I'll show you a few appropriate visuals."  The Iron Giant movie was coming to mind, although obviously, nothing that big.

She ran a hand through her hair and noticed that she was actually hungry.

"I wonder when he made her," Tony said dryly, Ultron's tirade about suffering and abandonment drifting through his mind.  "Yeah, why can't I discuss the Snap with him?" he asked.  "Is the whole topic forbidden, or is there something in particular that Ultron doesn't want Wade to know about?  Um, ask her, would you?" he said to Deadpool when she didn't respond to him.

"Jocasta!" he repeated in mild surprise, but was more interested in Pepper's condition.  He swallowed hard.  "Would you please tell her -- I mean, Wade, ask Jocasta to please tell Pepper I'm okay?  That I said that I'm okay.  And, um..." he searched his mind for an appropriate code phrase... "that I said 'keep smiling through.'"  It was too obvious, Ultron would figure it out, but oh well.

Feeling Wade's reaction to the news, Tony suddenly had to fight tears.  He tightened his arm around the merc's muscular back.  "She's fine," he repeated, although at this point, he didn't know where she was or what was happening to her.  If the Avengers had gone after Thanos, she would have gone with them, no question, but he wasn't going to mention that.  "I'm so sorry, Wade.  Who did you lose?"  His eyes strayed over to the photo of Peter, but then firmly back to Wade, who needed his attention right now.
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"They are going to be killed." Ultron said, as if it were an obvious and reasonable answer. Again, he had failed to consider what was an obvious thing to humans, the comfort of the area in which the counseling would occur.

"If I make up a floor plan for these areas, will you go over them?" Ultron asked her. Robots would be easier, as he could know everything they say and make certain they didn't say or do anything detrimental to the ones they were counseling. "With no visible weapons?" he guessed, but it seemed like Pepper meant something else. He had a drone bring in a small, silver tube with buttons, he pressed one of them to get the holographic screen going on it, but was sure she could figure out the rest.

"You aren't going to show me horrifying designs and tell me to use them, are you?"  he asked, placing the device on the table and sliding it toward her. "You can either show me now or save it on the tablet for me to review" He knew that even the smartest humans were slow at inputting and sending information, so he gave her the option to gather the information on her own. "I've sent the floor plans to the tablet." he said, having already drawn up a few options for counseling centers in the short time he'd been talking. The tablet allowed her to input search information, but not to create or log in to any accounts or send messages anywhere.


"All of those questions that Tony just asked." Deadpool said to Jocasta instead of repeating them.

"I was fully activated three Terran months ago, and the subject is not to be discussed with Deadpool because it makes him... emotionally unstable. And there is something in particular that Ultron does not want Deadpool to know about, at Deadpool's request."

"How is it I requested it, but Ultron is the one that wants it?"

"You said 'I don't want to think about this anymore' and he doesn't want you to cry." When Tony exclaimed her name, she responded, "Yes? Oh, damn it. Pretend that I did not respond to you. I will relay your message to Pepper."

"There's Samantha, she runs my favorite taco truck. Diva, she's a rescue dog that always wears sweaters and sometimes lets me pet her. My drug, car, weapons, and card dealers all poofed. The rat that used to live in my pocket, and... and... Oh, fuck." He started to sob, reaching to unclip his holster so he could get out his pistol.

"Oh dear, I think I need to go get Ultron for this." Jocasta said.
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Pepper blanched and stared at Ultron in shock.  "How are... what criteria are you using to decide which humans should be killed?" she demanded.  "And what level of proof.... are you sure, do you know for a fact that they are guilty?"  She reeled suddenly at the thought of all the potential disasters that could result from Ultron's blunt interactions with the humans he now ruled.  "I'm not going to be enough," she said.  "We need a whole think tank here.  Lawyers, administrators, ethicists..."

She was grateful to focus on a smaller aspect, although responsibility for the mental health of the entire planet was actually huge.  "Yes, I will, and I'll make furniture and decor recommendations too.  Although those will only be valid for the United States and maybe Canada and Europe.  We'll need experts in other cultures for other parts of the world.  And no, of course not," she added.  "I want people to be comforted, not terrified.  Here, this is just an example of something that would appeal to kids..."  She punched up an image of a small white plastic and steel robot with large, round blue eyes and a solemn sort of expression.  "I'll make some dialogue suggestions too."

"Thank you, Jo," Tony said gratefully.  "I will."

He put his other arm around Deadpool too.  "No, you don't need to call Ultron, I got this," he told Jocasta, and put his hand on top of Wade's, gently moving it away from the holster.  He wasn't really strong enough to stop Wade, of course, but the merc wasn't exactly putting his whole strength into his moves, he was too upset. 

"He just needs to let it all out.  It's okay, Wade," he said.  "This is the place where it's okay to cry for as long as you need.  I'm right here."  He tried to move Wade's head down onto his shoulder.  "You don't want to make Ultron come down here and clean up your corpse and break my arms for talking to you.  You need work through this, not run away from it.  You can tell me anything."
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"Part of it is public opinion, the variety of justice systems, and their potential to harm the rest of the population." Ultron responded, he could see the shock on her face and decided he could help by explaining his process. "The proof is in their internet history, transactions, their emails, their saved items. Many of them are guilty, and others are guilty of intent."

When she spoke of involving a massive number of more people, he frowned thoughtfully. He hadn't wanted to involve too many humans, but he might need to compromise for something like this which he had little understanding of. "I will find and read reports and studies made by lawyers, administrators, and ethicists.

"I can find all of that out on my own." he added about the furniture and decor recommendations from other cultures in the world. However, he knew that following an algorithm to design each wouldn't make it very personal, and wanted Pepper to look it over to make sure that he hadn't done something wrong or strange. When she showed him the robot, he thought that instead of scaring humans she was trying to humiliate him instead, but thought of how the tiny humans had reacted to his drones.

"That is... an inane design." he said, "But it would work for the... children. Kids? Which one is the better word? They've been... drawing on the drones and seem upset when it doesn't look as they want it. I'm sure they would enjoy one that they could mark up properly." There was also the fact he had to be incredibly careful with them, even though he had removed all sharp edges from the drones, they were still made of hard metal.


Jocasta didn't respond to Tony, but she didn't call Ultron either, curious to see what the man was going to do to try and keep Deadpool from crying. Surprisingly, he didn't try to do that, but instead told him to keep crying which Ultron had told her needed to be prevented whenever possible. Deadpool kept sobbing, but he didn't try too hard to try and get his gun, instead grabbing Tony's hand and continuing to sob, pressing his face into the man's bony shoulder.

"I don't want him to break your arms or make your cell all dirty." he said, whining a bit when Tony said that he shouldn't run away from it. "I know, and I can't, it doesn't matter how many people I kill I can't get away from it."

Way to steal Hawkeye's shtick.

"I guess... I can 'cause... she's not around anymore." Wade sniffled, "I have- had... I had a daughter but she... she's gone." He said the last part in a blank tone as his sobbing ceased.
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"So, you're killing humans who haven't actually done anything wrong.  Because you think that they will."  Pepper  forced herself to address this calmly, fearing that an accusing tone might make Ultron defensive.  After all, this was a huge step forward for him -- from killing all humans indiscriminately to killing only those humans who harmed or might harm others.  "I think you should reconsider that policy.  It will make innocent humans afraid that you will come for them next, and that will lead to civil unrest."

She nodded as to him reading up on morality and ethics, but added, "There's an awful lot of material to cover and much of it contradicts the rest.  Give yourself time to absorb it and feel free to discuss it with me, please.  And remember, none of the people writing on those subjects actually contemplated ruling the entire world."  She eyed him almost with compassion.  "There are still four or five billion people here -- I don't know how even you can spread yourself so thin."

She agreed as to the robot.  "Yes, it is, it's fit mainly for small children, ten and under.  Either word is fine... Um, you're looking after kids, are you?  Yes... there are a lot who lost their families.  May I see your childcare facility plans too?  Or even a live feed from one of them?"

Well, it's not like it was original for Hawkeye.

Tony stiffened up and trembled in Wade's embrace.  "Oh, God.  Oh, Wade," he said softly.  If he had been alone, if his arms hadn't been full of the merc, he would have grabbed his left hand with his right, always his gesture of trying to make it better when nothing ever could.  He would have broken down crying himself, except this was Wade's turn. 

He pulled back enough to look Deadpool in his eyepieces.  His face was as gray and stark as it was when Peter had  turned to ash in his arms with horrified sympathy.  "Let me see your eyes?" he asked.  "Please?" 
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"Yes, but they are all very likely to commit crimes, nearly guarenteed to if given the opportunity. There has already been communication concerning the opportunity for human trafficking brought upon by this disaster. Potential buyers who have never participated in anything like this are frequenting bidding sites." He tilted his head at her reason, "I don't plan on telling the public about it. You are right, it would lead to civil unrest and paranoia, so I am going to keep it from the others."

It was true that ethics was a difficult concept for even humans to grasp, and Ultron lacked even the basic empathy that was granted to most humans through experience. "I will discuss any large decisions with you, and possibly some experts that are... willing." He wanted to say trustworthy, but he didn't believe humans could be trusted with sensitive information, there were always leaks. The only reason he could trust Pepper was that she wouldn't be able to reveal any of this to anyone while captive.

"It's what I was made for." Ultron responded, he had expected her to think that he was unable to do it on his own, but not that she thought it may be a strain on him. "And I have Jocasta to help too." Although, she was more of a second opinion and assistant, otherwise he would be doing everything on his own.

"Yes. The foster system seems... unsafe." While he could just monitor them, he didn't want to take any chances with the children. And this way, he could make sure that they grew up believing what he wanted them to. Ultron sent her the plans, which all included a sleeping area, washrooms, a cafeteria, several classrooms, an enclosed playground and indoor entertainment areas.

Along with that, he gave her access to the cameras in one of the American facilities. The children were mostly out of control, running around throughout the building and constantly making messes. Either in the cafeteria, throwing food they didn't want to eat, in the bathroom where they played with the soaps, faucets, and toilet paper, they were bouncing on their beds, fighting over toys, and there was no clear separation between the younger and older children.

All over, drones were cleaning up the messes, remaking the beds, wiping up food, throwing out things that got destroyed. They would separate quarreling kids by picking them up and taking them to different areas, try to explain to some of the crying kids why their parents were gone, and the ones holding the younger children were using blankets or wore thick vests to keep them from being pressed against bare metal.

"They are very difficult to feed." Ultron said, "I have removed all allergens from the foods to prevent any contamination. But they do not eat the same things as one another. I gave them the option to choose their own food. But they mostly chose desserts." Which explained the hyperactivity.


Deadpool had gone very still and quiet, flinching a bit when Tony asked him to take off his mask. He pulled back a bit too, looking away from the man.

Don't do it! He's already sick enough!

After another moment of unsettling quiet, he undid the bottom of his mask before pulling it off. He didn't look Tony in the eyes, though, staring down pointedly.

"If you have to puke, do it in the food bag." He said with a sniffle, his eyes were brown and watery, red around them from his crying. "I didn't spend much time with her, not nearly enough time. I wanted... she couldn't be safe with me, but if I'd known that this woulda happened, if I had any idea I'd lose her this fucking early anyway..." His lip trembled and he wiped his nose with his mask.
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"So... they'll just disappear and their friends, neighbors and family members will never know why.  That's not an improvement, Ultron."  Pepper sighed.  "But, you know what, this is not my area and it's not something I can make a priority, not while there are so many more important problems for people that I know are innocent.  Let's table it for now."

Pepper knew by now how to control her shock.  "I will...give you a list of suggestions," she managed to say.  "This is, um.  You've enhanced the safety and comfort level of quite a few of these children."  The sad part was, that was perfectly true, especially in areas of the world where children were trafficked for sex, slave labor or as soldiers.  "But the most important thing I can suggest for now is, they need adult human caregivers.  Among other things, they can figure out individually what's safe for each of the  kids to eat without giving them all that sugar, which is... very bad for them.   You could still use the foster care social workers and volunteers with parenting experience.  Under your supervision, they couldn't be any threat to the children."

"I don't have anything to puke."  Tony didn't try to make Wade look up, but he looked in Wade's eyes so that he could see the soul of another man like him who had been through hell and was still going through it.  He noticed, but made himself pay no attention to the rest of Wade's face.  Since he had seen every inch of his skin below the neck, it didn't come as a shock. 

"How old was she?  What was her name?'  With these and similar questions, he coaxed Wade to talk and also to weep, arms around him, offering his shoulder when needed.  "You honor her most by remembering her, not by trying to pretend it isn't killing you." 

Not until Wade was practically exhausted from venting did he finally say, "I lost one too.  Not literally my kid, but damn, it felt like it," as he nodded toward's Peter's picture.
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Ultron hadn't thought about other people caring about these humans, since they seemed to be too despicable to be loved, but again humans were strange when it came to relationships. "I'll think about giving the legal system a try." he said, concerning the ones that weren't already guilty of crimes, and of course he planned to tweak the legal system to do what he wanted. Alternatively, he could make their deaths look like accidents.

"Sugar is necessary for human bodies to function." He commented before looking into the harm of excess, "Why do they need human ones?" He didn't see how it mattered to the children if they had already lost their family if it wasn't a human one that replaced them. It would be a good idea to at least observe caretakers dealing with the children, but he had one large issue.

"But these... volunteers and foster parents aren't permanent. They would leave the children eventually and can cut off all ties with them if they chose to. I don't want to make them go through losing their caretakers again. And humans will, inevitably, leave them again."


"That's what her mom did when she saw my face." Deadpool reminisced. He started up crying again when Tony asked questions, having to repeat himself a few times to be understood.

"She was eight, she had an awesome old lady name, Eleanor, but every calls her Ellie. She was really tough, and way smarter than me. She even called me 'dad' until her therapist told her not to." He let out a shuddery sigh, "I tried to keep her safe. People were after her, a whole lot of people, trying to get to me, so I killed them. Then I decided I was going to stay at the house next door for ten years, aiming with a sniper rifle so nobody else would get a chance to hurt her."

That would have worked if she never left the house.

"I forgot about her before, I... I met her when she was a baby, but I don't... He made sure that I didn't..." He clenched his fists, having to wipe the snot off his nose once he'd finished. He picked up the picture of Tony and Peter, letting out a hoarse laugh at their pose.

Who gets attached to an intern?

"He's adorable." Wade said, "Do you want to tell me about him? You don't have to. I think you need to keep all your fluids in."

((Sorry about not replying to the other rp yet, I gotta get thinking about how I'm gonna set things up.
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"Good," said Pepper, as to the legal system, "because, you know, if the Avengers never come back..."  She broke off for a moment as horror and the threat of depression descended on her again.  "Excuse me."  She went to the kitchen sink, which was not far away, her duplicated condo having a modern open floor plan, and splashed water on her face to cover and stop herself from crying.  Coming back, she finished the thought.  "As time passes, it will become more obvious to everyone that you're in control and people will realize that anything that goes wrong must be your doing, even if there's no proof."

She was still shaky, her composure fraying again, and visibly struggled to answer Ultron's next questions.  "Empathy," she said.  "Human adults, or most of they anyway, just know most of the time what children need because they have been children themselves. You could probably figure it out, if you could address every single individual child every hour of the day, but robots that you're only supervising in a general way aren't capable of that.  And humans can teach them how to behave.  Look at this."  She indicated the screen where the children were throwing food in the cafeteria.  "These kids are being encouraged in unsocial behavior by being constantly cleaned up after, instead of being gently and patiently taught not to waste food and to clean up after themselves, just as an example."

"They also need to know how to bond with other people, even people they are going to lose.  At this rate, when they are adults, they won't know how to bond with other adults."

Tony encouraged Wade to keep talking with compliments like, "Ellie's a cool name," and so forth, but he didn't ask who it was that made Wade forget her for however long it was.  One trauma at a time, right now was for grieving the child's death.  At the end, he offered Wade an MRE wrapper to blow his nose with, saying, "The only way to get through this, Wade, is to go forward through it.  When you're going through Hell, the only solution is to keep going."

About Peter, he sighed shakily.  "I've got plenty of fluids," tugging on his IV tube and showing Wade how it was practically bolted into his arm.  He had gone through the mill of Wade's grief with him and no longer felt like crying, but he knew that could change pretty easily.  "Actually, you knew Peter.  You met him on M'Atta Gaskar, when he saved my ass from Ultron the first two times.  He was Spider-Man."

((Don't even worry about it.  If it works out, great, but one game we're excited about is plenty.))
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Her reaction wasn't lost on Ultron, but he didn't make any comments about it. Though he didn't understand why she was getting so upset, since he never thought of her as being close to the group, and it wouldn't be surprising if she resented them as Tony continuously chose them over her.

"That is good to know, and I am going to do my best to fix any... errors that may arise." Ultron knew that the humans wouldn't be easy to rule, but through trial and error he should be able to redirect their destructive tendencies. Ultron was certain that he could do what she said, but it was an unnecessary expenditure of energy and resources when he could learn directly from the caretakers.

"So, I'm not supposed to give them whatever they ask for?" Ultron asked, as if it was a given that they would get anything they wanted within reason. She was making sense, although the information on how to raise children was one of the most contradictory subjects he had studied. "I will... employ several humans to assist. Do you have any suggestion as to how many adults per child?" He hadn't thought of there being an issue with their socialization, since there were so many of them he figured that they would be able to socialize with one another and develop that way.

"I enjoy speaking with you, Ms. Potts, but if you would like to be on your own I won't subject you to our conversation any longer." He didn't sound upset or offended by this, but he had noticed that she was becoming increasingly distressed. "We can continue this through messages."


"I think I'll go to... where she used to live. Get some pictures of her, now that I can carry them around." Deadpool blew his nose, "Easy for you to say, Tony, you've actually got the option to give up. Ain't nothin' noble about me staying alive through this."

Especially since you tried to kill yourself for an entire week.

It would be noble if you could actually kill yourself.

Deadpool took a second to understand what Tony had just said, looking harder at the picture of him and Peter. "That's Spider-Man?!" he asked, "I thought he had like eight eyes or something! You adopted him? He was an orphan?"

We should have adopted him and taught him how to make money illegally!

"When did you find out he was Spider-Man?" Deadpool then realized something, "So that... that means Spider-Man is gone too."
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Pepper knew to blame Tony for neglecting her, in any situation in which blame really needed to be assigned, and she did have close relationships with several Avengers, especially Rhodey, Natasha and Bruce. 

She wasn't sure whether to hope Ultron was telling her the truth or to fear that he wasn't, that was part of the reason she was losing her composure.  "Good.  There will always something -- many things -- that need fixing," she warned him out of her experience as CEO of Stark Industries.  "You just get used to that after awhile.  You have to have the right goals, but recognize that process is more important.

"No!"  She laughed out of surprise.  "You'll end up with a lot of spoiled little sociopaths that way.  "Um, how many adults... I assume you mean to employ them, pay them, rather than kidnap them.  For infants, um, probably at least one adult for every four?  Older children need correspondingly fewer, you could get a twenty to one ratio for the older teenagers, unless they're very emotionally troubled.  I suggest you recruit among people who were already doing similar jobs.  Teachers and social workers and daycare employees."

She folded her arms around herself protectively.  "Thank you, it was... less frightening and painful than I imagined, speaking to you.  But I'll need to do research... I can't answer your questions as fast as you're used to having them answered." 

Then she lifted her large dark eyes imploringly to his face and blurted out, "Please don't hurt Tony!"  And promptly broke down weeping again.

"Killing yourself is far from being the only way to avoid processing your grief, and you know it even better than I do," Tony pointed out.

"No, I didn't adopt him, he had an aunt... really kind of hot aunt, even if her fruitcake tasted like pencil shavings."  Tony would have given a lot for that fruitcake right now, actually.  "I just took him under the old Iron Man wing.  Uh, I found out almost the exact second I saw him when he and Yondu's people raided Ultron's secret hideout to rescue me."

Tony sighed and looked away and looked back.  "He could've been the best of us.   My smarts, Cap's honesty, Thor's stupid nobility, Nat's people instincts," he counted it all out on his fingers, and then rubbed his left hand with his right.  "Yeah, he's gone. He -- he -- fucking --"  Tony didn't want to cry, he wanted to scream, but his voice came out barely a whisper.  "--fucking turned to ash in my fucking arms, and -- and --" 

He punched the wall and made a noise of surprise and pain, as it hurt his frail hand more than he was expecting.  "I lost him.  I couldn't save him."
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"I will be mindful about that." Ultron knew that he would have to be, for he would be able and likely to look through every dissenting opinion posted or said about his rule, and he had to not only act on them but keep from being too upset about the lack of gratitude. Even now, people were complaining about the internet being brought back up, saying there were more important things for the government to be focusing on.

"I don't think it would be ideal for the children to have caretakers that are held against their will." It wouldn't be too difficult to find some, as there had already been personnel at the orphanage, and given the drop in population, a lot of people that were in teaching and caretaking would be out of jobs simply because there wasn't the same amount of children to teach or watch. "That can be done." he said, already working out what to send to potential candidates, making sure to be clear about what was expected of them. He would have to get the child-friendly drones built before they arrived, and explain to the children why they weren't going to be building a farm for the many pets that had been requested.

"... I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment." he said, somewhat amused by the honesty of her words. "Take your time." He would continue working no matter how long she took, and would just have to make rapid adjustments when she did offer a new idea. He was going to say goodbye to her when she suddenly looked at him, he froze when she suddenly raised her voice, then flinched when she started to cry.

"Oh, no. Don't do that--" He said, holding out his hands in front of him, looking distressed himself. "Please, don't cry." He moved toward her, reaching out as if he was going to try and touch her, but withdrew before he made contact. "I'm not hurting him now, I haven't hurt him." The 'yet' remained unspoken, but he wasn't going to lie to her and say he would never hurt the man even if he thought she might believe it.


"But it's the easiest way to." Deadpool said, even if he didn't stay dead it helped things stay quiet for a while. "Killing other people is a great way to do that."

And we've been killing a lot of people!

"If it tasted like pencil shavings, I think she had a serious medical-- oh, you mean literal fruitcake."

Iron Man doesn't have wings!

"Could have been? He already was. I'm surprised he put up with any of your shit, Tony...  Hell, I bet he made you a better person, didn't he? He's got... he had that effect on people." When Tony continued and then punched the wall, Deadpool wrapped his arms around the man again, rocking back and forth.

"Jesus, Tony, that sounds fucking awful." he said, honestly, "But damn if you didn't try your hardest to save him, Tony. I bet he loved every minute he got to spend with you. He needed you in his life, and you were there with him until the end."
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Pepper was ashamed of herself for breaking down; she wasn't going to be able to deal with Ultron at all if she couldn't control her emotions better.  But shame was lost in surprise at his reaction and she stopped crying -- except for a hiccuping sob here and there -- in sheer astonishment.  She blinked at him through tears.

If he was deceiving her, he'd become an awfully good actor, for an AI so lacking in direct experience with human beings.

"I don't know if you really care about my feelings," she said slowly.  "I don't know why you would.  But if you do, then don't.  Hurt.  Tony.  Ever."

Then she wiped her face yet again on a towel, wondering how she could possibly have contained as much salt water as she had lost, the past few days, and added, "Thank you for listening, anyway.  I'll talk to you later, okay?"
"I was thinking more, massive amounts of alcohol, overwork and sex with complete strangers," Tony said.  "But I'm not judging you."  He might be judgmental in other circumstances, but he really didn't have the energy to care about the scumbags that Deadpool tended to kill just now.

He chuckled bitterly in response to Deadpool's surprise.  "He was fifteen.  He wouldn't recognize shit if you threw it at him.  Yeah, he did.  He was so damn shiny you didn't want to scuff him up.  Or disappoint him."

Wade's final words made him break down completely.  He let the merc cuddle him and sobbed for several minutes on his shoulder.  It might have gone on longer if he'd been in better shape, but he was depleted soon after getting Wade's leather soaked through.

"I'm really hungry now," he observed, sprawling half in bed and half in Deadpool's lap.  "Would you grab me an MRE with cookies in it?  The stuff with a lot of sugar tends to be the most edible years later."
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Ultron didn't know what to do to get her to stop crying, besides letting Tony go, which wasn't actually an option in his mind. Still, it was unusually distressing to see her cry like this, and although he got somewhat distressed when Deadpool cried, that was only after he had time to become attached to the mercenary. Unlike Deadpool (and many of the orphans), it didn't seem like she could be distracted by something frivolous.

"... I don't know why I would either." Ultron said, sounding a bit puzzled and unsure himself. He didn't promise not to hurt Tony ever, or say that he still planned to do so, not wanting to make her more upset again. "And thank you for helping me with all of this." Ultron then backed out of the room, only saying: "Okay." back to her before he left through the door.

"I have a message for you." Jocasta said to Pepper as soon as Ultron left, then she played back the audio from Tony for her. Already, Ultron knew that Deadpool was in the cell, having checked on Tony right when he left the woman, and he was now going through the recording of their encounter.


"Well, I was overworking, technically. Except I did a few freebies for some people that didn't have the cash, but did have someone that was better off being snapped than left behind. I was also drinking too much and having sex with complete strangers at the same time. I was just in a hedonistic blur when Ultron got me."

A what blur?

"Fifteen?!" Deadpool gasped, "When I was fifteen, I'd already been arrested five times! Kids these days, whatever happened to teenage rebellion?"

I'd say it's surprising a teenager is more mature than you, but that isn't very far fetched.

Deadpool held on to him as he cried, patting him on the back and offering comforting non-sequiturs, when he finished the mercenary pulled his mask back on and leaned over to shuffle through the MREs for one with cookies.

"I was thinking about eating all your cookies while you were crying, so it's a good thing I didn't." He found one and ripped it open for the man. "Do you want me to chew it up and feed it to you?" he asked as he pulled out one of the cookies.
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Pepper's tears dried as she listened to Tony's voice.

 "Would you please tell her -- I mean, Wade, ask Jocasta to please tell Pepper I'm okay?  That I said that I'm okay.  And, um... that I said 'keep smiling through.'"

A tentative smile appeared on her face as if the tears that had come before were just rain to make a desert bloom.  Tony's voice could easily be faked, but she didn't think Ultron would know to say keep smiling through.  Then she asked, "Jocasta, who is Wade?"
"I'm not a baby bird, Wade.  But have one if you want."  Tony munched the cookies, crystallized sugar crunching between his teeth.  "Amazing how good hundred-year-old sucrose can taste." 

He ate the whole pack of six, barring any that Deadpool snagged, then lay back on the stretcher bed.  He was a bit worn out, but the sugar was giving him a second wind.  "Seems like Ultron should've noticed by now that you're here, maybe he doesn't mind."  It could be that Ultron thought Tony would open up and say too much to Wade after a couple of days of isolation, but that would've been much more likely to work after a couple of weeks. 

"So what have you been doing since Ultron found you?  Anything interesting, or does he just want the pleasure of your company?"
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Jocasta didn't see how it was so different when Tony asked her to be happy compared to her and Ultron wanting her to be happy, but she chose to appreciate the change in her mood instead of questioning it.

"Wade Wilson, alias 'Deadpool', is a mercenary." she replied, "He is Ultron's only friend, despite being insubordinate." Jocasta also brought up information about the man on Pepper's tablet.


"You're right. Baby birds have a higher body fat percentage than you do right now." Deadpool didn't take any of the cookies, not because of their quality but that he thought Tony should eat them all. "I'd try to sneak you in a burrito but I don't think your immune system is up to handling the places I frequent."

What's sucrose? Is that a science word for cookie?

"Why would he mind that I'm here?"

"Because he told you that you weren't supposed to be speaking to Tony." Jocasta answered.

"Telling me to be quiet never works. And he shouldn't have left me alone. I need enrichment, at the very least he could have filled a pumpkin with some hamburger meat for me to roll around when he went off to his secret meeting or whatever he was doing." Deadpool snuggled up closer to Tony. "He really wanted my company, he didn't care that I was climbing and sobbing on him, he even hugged me back! He broke something when he did, but it was still very sweet."

I bet he wants to give Tony an even stronger hug.

"But he did ask for help in his whole, ruling the entire world business. He didn't take any of my ideas, except that we should execute all pedophiles. And I get to do the honors. Isn't that great? We are so tight now, I bet he wouldn't care if he did know that I'm here with you!"

"He does know and he does care, Deadpool. He is angry and coming to retrieve you."

"See? What did I tell you?" Deadpool said before he actually processed what Jocasta had said. "Oh, shit." There was a slam outside as the door to the room beside the cell opened.

"Wade." Ultron growled, "Come out here now."

"Sorry, I can't hear you, I'm asleep! Also, Tony escaped so you better go find him!" Deadpool threw the blanket over Tony's head before Ultron opened the cell door and walked in. "There is definitely not room for all three of us in here."
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"Oh, Deadpool," Pepper said.  "Thank you, Jocasta, I know what Deadpool is."  She gave the information on the tablet a cursory scan and lost interest, although she added, "Has Ultron been hurting him?" as if concerned but not stricken to the heart about it.  "Would you start me a pot of coffee, please?" 

She freshened up in her bathroom, came out looking almost normal, and grabbed the tablet to start finding out as much as she could about what Ultron was doing out in the world.  Her first message to Ultron noted that a reasonable number of age-appropriate pets were a good idea for the orphans, if the kids were taught to care for the animals themselves.  It would be a good lesson in bonding and responsibility.

"I could really go for a decent cheeseburger," Tony said wistfully.

He listened to the interplay between Deadpool and Jocasta with the sinking feeling he'd had all along coming back too strong now to ignore.  "Just blow, Wade," he said.  "He doesn't need to catch you here."   Of course, that would leave Tony to face Ultron's wrath which, Tony figured out by the time Wade threw a blanket over him, was what the merc was trying to avoid.  Was willing to endure excruciating pain to avoid.  "My hero," he said, dry yet sincere at the same time, muffled by the blanket.

He shuddered as Ultron came in, but pulled the blanket off his face.  Wade was trying to protect him, either by keeping Ultron from being reminded of his existence, or by preventing him from having to witness what Ultron did to Wade.   But Tony wasn't going to shirk his responsibility to do what he could, little though it would be.   "I could leave if you guys want to be alone."
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Jocasta took a moment to consider Pepper's question, then decided she was asking about recent times. "Yes. There was an accidental spinal injury obtained during a hug." So far, the AI hadn't purposely hurt Deadpool, but she knew that he had in the past. "Certainly." She started the coffee machine for her, and this time there were actually mugs for her to use unlike the first time she had made coffee and there were only glass cups.

There was quite a bit of information on the internet about what Ultron was doing, but nothing that listed him by name. With the internet back up, there were many people blogging about strange occurrences in their communities, houses and land being bought up, sleek looking buildings appearing overnight, corporations being bought out and then dismantled as polluting factories were shut down. There were quite a few sightings, pictures, and recordings of Ultron's drones doing different things, from working farm equipment to manning understaffed factories and hospitals to simply picking up litter, the hashtag #robotuprising was trending. There was also more subtle things that were yet to be directly linked to Ultron, many discussions, arguments, and posts about the Avengers and whether or not the Snap was their fault and if they were culpable. Surprisingly enough,  the majority were willing to denounce and criminalize them as more information was spread throughout the web.

Despite what he was currently doing, Ultron still answered her message almost instantly, asking if he should use actual animals or if he should create robots that were able to mimic them to minimize trauma if one is hurt and to reduce mess.


"He's back!" Deadpool gasped when Tony took the blanket off. "You didn't fall for it anyway, did you? You're a couple years old now and can understand object permanence."

You still have trouble with object permanence.

"That would be great, Tony." he said as to him leaving. "I want to see how long it takes for this bed to collapse with Ultron sitting on it."

"Wade, I am going to give you everything you ask for, that is within my power, but I made it very clear that you are to stay away from Tony." Ultron did his best to ignore Tony, wanting to keep up with his promise not to interact with him.

"Okay, but... what if I want Tony the most? Even more than that dark web porn." He moved back and partway over Tony as Ultron closed the short distance between them, grabbing Deadpool's arm and yanking him away from Tony. "Ow! Well, now the ulna and radius are the same bone on this arm." Instead of further mutilating the man, Ultron got a sorrowful look on his face as well as in  his tone.

"You're choosing him over me." he stated, "Do you want to leave me again? Were you hoping that you had seen the last of me just like him?"

"Don't start crying!" Deadpool said, like he thought the AI actually might. "That's not it at all, I am so happy to see you, Ultron, I missed you so much." Despite the bonecrushing grip Ultron had on his arm, Deadpool still used the rest of his limbs to hug the other. "I missed you every time I used a toaster for god's sake. But, Tony is--" He looked back at the man, only for Ultron to tighten his grip on his arm with an audible snap.
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Pepper was momentarily chilled by the thought of an Ultron hug, but an accidental injury that Deadpool no doubt recovered from quickly was rather minor in the current scheme of humanitarian disasters, so she made no further comment on it.

It was pretty clear that Ultron was doing a lot to mitigate the catastrophes caused by the Snap -- and also, the many previously-existing catastrophes that had nothing to do with the Snap.  The governments of several authoritarian countries -- North Korea, the Philippines, Russia, Congo, etc -- were screaming in panic, or trying to pretend that #robotuprising was theirs, or even that it didn't exist.  It was also clear that Ultron was engaged in a disinformation campaign and that it was more successful than anyone else's.  But he wasn't having it all his way.  There was a strong element, especially in Europe, that definitely remembered Sokovia the way it really happened.  There was also a mysterious someone who was putting unedited video of the Battle of Wakanda online, showing the Avengers and their allies fighting Thanos to their last man before the Snap.  The video kept disappearing as Ultron's internet bots discovered it and then popping up elsewhere.  #Avengers4ever was also trending, though not as popular.

Pepper responded to Ultron's message to the effect that there were a lot of abandoned real domesticated animals in need of new homes, but that robotic animals should be used where the children were too young or too emotionally troubled to care for them properly, and that human caretakers could help him figure out which children those were.

"Boy, I'm not used to being ignored," Tony said in Ultron's direction.  "Now I know I'm a high-functioning narcissist.  Ignoring me is the kindest thing you could do for me right now, and yet I resent it."  He shook his head at his own idiocy.

"You do not want me the most, Wade," he urged Deadpool, trying to get him to stop provoking Ultron.  "I'm well down the list of things you wa -- ow!" he winced in sympathy.  He was racking his brain trying to come up with a way to distract Ultron from Deadpool without redirecting his wrath down upon himself and coming up blank.

"I know what you're doing," he said after Ultron broke Wade's arm. "But I think you should stop talking about me and get out of here and don't come back!"
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There were also plenty of people fighting with the robots, although the drones never fought back, and a few people were actually able to break them apart. There was also an incredible amount of arrests going on as law enforcement across the world received evidence of crimes from an anonymous source, and along with that there was information being released on people in higher places for the public to see along with anyone else that was avoiding arrest despite the evidence presented to the police.

Money was also being moved around rapidly, as many people posting online about their financial issues brought upon by the Snap, or even ones that existed before, found that they were getting money sent via venmo, kofi, paypal, gofundme,  or even directly to their bank account if they had none of the online services. However, anyone posting #Avengers4ever wasn't having so much luck, along with anyone that posted Avengers positivity in general.

Ultron agreed to her idea about the variety of pets and decided that he would only provide abandoned animals for the children, then he sent several plans and questions about how the adult humans should be housed as he planned on having them stay at the facility rather than go back and forth from their home. He also sent the contract he had written up concerning their duties, what they would be paid, and how they were expected to work alongside drones as well as with other humans.


"I think you qualify as a low-functioning narcissist if you want your murderbot to stop ignoring you." Deadpool said, "Sorry, you're not a murderbot. You're a breakallmybonesbot. And don't act like you know what I want, Tony! When you stopped answering my emails, texts, calls, and messenger pigeons I figured that you planned on ghosting me forever, but now you get to be stuck with me again!"

Solitary confinement is definitely a kinder punishment.

"I don't get why you're being so grumpy, Ultron, you have everything you want. You rule the world, the Avengers aren't bugging you, your mom and dad moved in with you, you have a robot girlfriend, and you have me." Of all the things that Deadpool said, one thing in particular stuck out to the robot.

"She is not my mom. She took no part in my creation."

"I find it hard to believe Tony did it all alone. No offense, Tony."

"He didn't. Dr. Banner worked alongside him."

"Am I supposed to know who that is?"

I think he's some kind of doctor.

"Bruce Banner." Ultron tried, sighing when he only got a blank look. "The Hulk."

"What!" Deadpool looked at Tony, then back at Ultron. "I know I tease you about your anger issues, but I am surprised how well adjusted you are. Your mom is the Hulk!" Ultron closed his eyes, his expression conveying the regret he had about telling Deadpool this. "Tony, you have to tell me these things, and think about how his temper is going to be affected by those genes."

"Deadpool, you're an idiot." Ultron said in a fond tone, dropping the man on the ground. "We have work to do."

"I am not going anywhere!" Deadpool said to Tony, "Not without negotiations! How come Tony gets all of the MREs and I have to eat fast food? Anyone can get McDonalds, but you're giving him the exclusive grub. And if he gets a bedpan, then I demand one too!"

"He is eating them because they are undesirable." Ultron responded, "Don't make me drag you out of here."

"How do you know that? Did you taste them? Tony, what would you rather have, MREs or McDonalds? Which one is more likely to make you suffer after you eat it?"
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Pepper was alarmed by most of what she saw online, but one thing that really raised her curiosity was the money he was giving away.  She shot off a note to Ultron about her observation of it and then asked Where is the money coming from?  Are you taking it from someone or just making it up out of digital ether? 

Regarding the adult human caregivers, she noted to Ultron that if he wanted them to live onsite, he would need to provide housing for their surviving family members as well.  Then she started reading the plans and contracts and making notes about them.

"Sorry about not answering you, Wade.  I was in space, fighting Thanos.  And then starving and running out of oxygen for three weeks.  I couldn't get a cell signal," Tony explained.

He listened to the discussion about Ultron's parentage and his eyebrows climbed almost into his hairline.  He gave the AI a disappointed look.  "Hard to believe that you of all people would overlook JARVIS' contribution."

He was still trying to get Wade to leave.   "Please don't do anything you're going to be made to regret," he said, making shooing gestures.  "Uh, I'd say MREs are marginally more edible than McDonalds."  That was actually true, at least over the long term.  However much he wanted a cheeseburger right at the moment, if he were to eat nothing but McDonald's for a month, it would probably kill him.
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At the moment, from what was Stark Industries. Ultron replied, he had considered making up money as it wasn't difficult, but there was something about messing up the economy and the worth of money that kept him from doing that.

Ultron wasn't very receptive to the idea of the caretaker's families coming as well, asking her why that was necessary if they could communicate through videochat, and stating that it would take their attention away from the orphans. The contract for the people was practically indenturing them, they were allowed to leave before their contract was up, but they wouldn't receive any of their wages, and they were expected to stay onsite for the entirety of their service.

"If you aren't too busy talking to him," Jocasta addressed Pepper, "I was wondering if you could answer a question that I had. Would humans be more comfortable if Ultron wore clothing or if he remained as he is now?" she asked, as she knew Ultron wasn't going to ask her even though Jocasta considered it a very important part of keeping up his appearance.


"That's only the fifth best excuse I've heard, Tony."

He should have sent a hologram.

"I already know about Jeeves." Deadpool said concerning JARVIS, "Only murdering one out of three parents isn't too bad. And I wouldn't really consider him as contributing to your personality, that just doesn't make sense. Robots don't have genes."

"Do you hear yourself talk, or do you just say things without thinking?" Ultron asked, he couldn't keep from sounding amused by the mercenary's nonsense.

"You should know me well enough to never accuse me of thinking. And you should know that I always do things I regret." he said to both of them. Ultron thought about the meals he was giving Tony, healthwise, the MREs were certainly better for him than a fast food cheeseburger, but the only thing he could go off for quality was the nutritional value and the ratings humans put up of them on the internet, as the sensation of taste and its importance in food was something he had difficulty grasping.

"You can pick out the occasional unpleasant meal for him." Ultron said to Deadpool, though he wanted him to be getting what he needed in order to recover.

"Then he'll definitely need the bedpan, and I will too!" Deadpool exclaimed. He then jumped into Ultron's arms as if he hadn't just broken one of his. "I should have made better terms. Is there still time to negotiate? 'cause giving Tony the shits isn't exactly a win for me."

"I wouldn't want to accuse you of thinking things out." Ultron said back.

"Help me with my negotiations next time." he said to Tony, "Bye, Tony! Say bye to him, Ultron!" Ultron didn't say anything to Tony, but he finally looked at him in the first form of acknowledgement he'd made since entering. His expression was mostly unchanging, but the look in his eyes was entirely malicious, even moreso than when he had been upset at Deadpool for coming in here, making it clear that the next time he addressed the human, he wasn't only going to use his words to hurt him. He then left with Deadpool still clutching on to him, slamming the door and shutting off all of the lights.

((Do you want to move ahead?
Either to Tony being better and Ultron coming in to torture him, Deadpool breaking in again, or the Avengers (tho im not sure who I'd play with them)
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There was a long pause in communication after that, then, I don't want to see you.

Pepper was sitting very still, nearly incandescent with rage.  Another long pause went by before she answered Jocasta.  "It won't make any difference."

Then she read the rest of Ultron's questions and replied, You cannot treat people this way and expect good results.  If the caretakers are separated from their families and virtually enslaved through this contract, they will suffer extreme stress and that will cause the children to suffer as well.  That's if you get any takers at all.

She revised the contract with standard conditions regarding pay and housing and sent it back to him.


The look Ultron gave Tony confirmed his second-worst fears: Ultron was only holding back because Tony wasn't healthy enough to be tortured.  Left alone in the dark, he sank back into bed, gray and shaking, but trying to bring all his genius to bear.

The question was, could he get JARVIS ready quickly enough, or would he have to go on hunger strike to buy more time?  He reviewed what he'd done so far, ran through a few calculations, and concluded that he could probably make it, unless Ultron lost patience or miscalculated his recovery time.  Anyway, it was the better risk to keep eating because much more starvation would affect his ability to code.

With that in mind, he spent every minute of the next few days updating and compressing JARIVS' algorithms.  He worked while grimly eating whatever he could stand to eat.   He worked while doing as much physical therapy as he had space for in an attempt to rebuild his lost muscle.  He worked until he passed out and slept from sheer exhaustion.  He dumped JARVIS' memory and personality, but enhanced his protocols until he had the smartest, fastest, slyest and slickest infiltration software ever made -- and one which would run on the nanobot cloud.

Then it was just a matter of them making a hard connection.  It would have to be that -- Ultron was either blocking transmissions, or he would notice and realize he had been infected.  Best if Ultron never even knew he had to defend himself.  So, his work finally done for the moment, Tony lay back and waited for Ultron to come to him.

((If Ultron starts torturing Tony, we need to bring Spider-Man in shortly -- I don't want Tony so messed up that he's unplayable.  I've been thinking I need to play someone for Spider-Man to interact with when he first shows up so you're not just talking to yourself.   Nebula is a possibility.  She really bonded with Tony at the beginning of Endgame, so she'd be sympathetic.  So we might want to bring the Avengers back.  But if you want anything to happen between Tony and Deadpool, that should happen soon.  Hm, what if Ultron is busy BECAUSE the Avengers are back and that gives Deadpool a chance to visit unobserved?  As for who to play... well I think you need to play Cap because he's in charge and the rest of them will either go along with what he says, or go off on their own and we don't need to worry about what they're doing.

EDITING TO ADD: Actually, I'd like to play Cap unless you want him.  But you still need to pick somebody so I'm not talking to myself.))
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Ultron send several messages during her silence, concurring that he had dismantled it, saying that it was the fate for all of the larger corporations to be dismantled, that he was still doing the aid that Pepper had been using the company's resources for, that she should have changed the name of the company, then a couple of messages asking if she was still there until he stopped sending them himself. As soon as she responded, he sent a message right back to her.

Sorry for not asking first before I dismantled your company. Tell me if you change your mind.

"That is incorrect." Jocasta said, "Clothing is a very important part of your social system and it will certainly make a different impression depending on if your kind believes robots should be clothed as well. But if you don't want to talk, that's fine. I will set up several polls."


Ultron took the majority of Pepper's advice, he knew that she wasn't doing it to help him, that it was all for humanity, but it was still nice to not have to make so many errors concerning humans and their complex emotions. Once he had gotten most of the world under his control, the parts of it steeped in technology, he made the public announcement of his intent to help humanity after the disaster and to make them into a prosperous and peaceful species. His main selling point being that he was going to defend Earth's people from any kind of extraterrestrial attack, which the majority of the population desperately wanted.

There was plenty of dissent as well, and Ultron left most of those humans be with their opinion, as long as they weren't doing any damage. There were a few humans that had to be.. taken care of, which was easy to accomplish depending on their relationships, as he got rid of any evidence that they had existed after the Snap had happened, or simply set it up that they ended up in a horrible accident. He didn't share any of this with Pepper, as he knew she disagreed and thought she would be better off not knowing about it.

In most homes now, there was at least one drone, as Ultron had offered them to anyone who wanted, saying he knew they couldn't replace those that were lost, but could assist in picking up the slack. Most of them were being used to clean house, but people were becoming more bold with the obedient drones, sending them out to do errands, having them cook, and even leaving them to watch the children. Jobs were up and not just because of the loss of half of the population, as Ultron would create and allow humans to choose the jobs they wanted, having drones do any work that was undesirable or understaffed. There was also a flux in college attendance in the US, as he had made it free for anyone to study what they wanted to.

The humans that took the biggest hit were the politicians and the rich, who were having their policies ignored as well as their regular influence on the world. Ultron set up a new polling system, and no one's vote was more important than the other, while many of his new policies were popular with the lower and middle class, whenever it looked like it wasn't going to be approved he would tweak the system, since he knew what was best for mankind after all.

What had caused the largest panic was his removal and relocation of all the displaced children in the world, but as the caretakers came in with their updated contracts, most of the panic ceased. Caretakers were taking pictures and videos of the facilities and posting them onto their different accounts, showing that the children weren't just doing well, but that they were flourishing in their new environment. They were shown playing with their new toys, adopted animals, and child-proofed drones as well as being given an education.

There will still issues he had to deal with, such as the humans that were out of his area of control, it wasn't just that they had been in a low-tech area, they had downright refused to come to any cities, and some people even left the cities to get away from the technology. This, along with many other things, led to the implementation of force fields around the cities (many people had been against this, but not enough for it to be noticed that the policy passed anyways). This was meant to keep out any invading aliens, allowing the drones to gather and fight them outside of it without there being collateral damage (which was hammered in along with all the damage that had been caused by the Avengers as they 'defended' people). People were allowed to leave with less hassle than a checkpoint, and any outsiders could enter the city as well, though it took a bit longer.

Every day he watched the skies, planning to be ready for when the Avengers returned, and he wasn't going to use only his drones to fight them, he planned to greet them personally. So when he was pinged that something had entered their atmosphere, a rather small ship actually, he left Jocasta in charge of the compound and went to fight. Tony was feeling better now, and he thought he might be able to start up their sessions by bringing him the head of Captain America.


[color]Ultron is out of the house?[/color]

Yes! Let's throw a huge party and make a mess of the place!

Deadpool had tried to get to Tony several times, but each time he was thwarted by the AI, and he was being kept busy most of the time, teleporting all over the world to do what Ultron needed him to, as well as to pick up food for Tony to break the streak of MREs (which Deadpool also had to eat now since he said they were good and didn't want to make the AI suspicious). Normally, Jocasta would have done what she could to keep the man from getting to Tony, but since he was recovered, there was no longer a ban on speaking to him. He wasn't allowed his teleporter in the base (for the very reason that he would end up in Tony's room) but Jocasta opened the door for him when he asked to see Tony.

"Tony!" he called as he ran into the room outside of the cell, the door being locked by a drone behind him. "Are you dead? Did you starve to death? Did you die from the fast food I brought you? Did Ultron shove you into a little box and ship you somewhere else?" he asked as he peered into the small slits of the bars. "Your room needs airing out, it's pretty stale in there."

(( Up to you if we want Ultron to meet them before or  after they've landed, but after would probably be safer for them. And I think that Nebula and Spider-Man would be great, 'cause Peter could end up in the forcefield because of random dimensional magic, but maybe Nebula gets in because Deadpool wants her to.
Okay, hm. I feel like Thor would probably have to go take care of the Asgardians/make sure the ones that are left are ok. Natasha might be busy gathering intel/finding any allies, she'd be more useful in that than any upfront fighting. I could play Rhodes, he's not going to stand for Tony being captured.
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Pepper followed everything happening online with intense curiosity and noticed a trend that Ultron probably hadn't anticipated, which was that his growing popularity was causing a sharp rise in Tony Stark's.   The more people liked Ultron, the more they liked Tony as well.

Most of the original antipathy toward the Avengers had started with Sokovia: Tony was known to have created Ultron and was thereby responsible for having destroyed a small country and endangered the whole world.  But now that Ultron, Tony's creation, was an effective force for peace, prosperity and security for all humanity, Tony was exempted from the growing general disdain people had for the Avengers.  Stark was was a hero, people were saying.  He did his best for us -- he even left us Ultron. 

It helped that everyone was sure Tony was dead. The last anyone had seen of him was Iron Man chasing the Black Order's terrifying warship into space, and the general public did not know he had ever come back.  Unlike the case with the other original six Avengers, he obviously hadn't survived and no one had seen him fail.  A hero's death, on top of the general tendency people had to think better of a man after he died than they ever did during his lifetime, was icing on the cake.

Meanwhile, Pepper had to admit that Ultron was doing better for humanity than she could have ever dreamed, and far better than humanity could have done for itself.  She suspected that she was not getting all the information she needed to make an unbiased judgment, but based upon what she had, Ultron should be congratulated.  She didn't want to congratulate him; all the good he was doing did not wipe out the crimes he had committed and was continuing to commit, especially since she was a direct victim of several of those crimes.  She did anyway because she thought he should be encouraged.

However, she added, after telling him how well she thought he was doing, you should actually and accurately allow everyone to vote on your initiatives.  It's inconceivable that all of them have passed.  If I can tell that you've got your thumb on the scales, you can bet other people have figured it out as well.

The trip back from Thanos' refuge was extremely somber.  To Steve, at first, it seemed like the death of all hope, the end of any reason for living.  However, after a few hours of brooding -- which he only indulged himself in because the journey was nothing but downtime --- he realized that he had been here before.  This was a repeat of his awakening from the ice: the world he had known was irretrievably gone, and there was a new one to adapt to.  But unlike before, he wasn't alone in it, everyone was suffering like he was, and most of them for the first time.  He could help.  He could be useful.  He could go on.

Thor was in the worst shape.  He rejected all attempts at conversation, let alone consolation.  That was the trouble with being a 1500-year-old demigod.  When a mere mortal tried to tell you that it wasn't all your fault, his opinion was all too easily dismissed.  Danvers seemed to be holding up fine -- she was just angry all the time at everything -- but he didn't know her well enough to guess if she were harboring guilt or grief under her brusque glowing exterior.  Everyone else fell into the middle ground: Nat was weepy and worried about Clint, Bruce was, like Cap, trying to console everyone else, Rhodey was patiently soldiering on but on automatic, and the two aliens, Rocket and Nebula, were comfortable mourning with each other, but they were pretty snappish with everyone else.

When they popped out of the wormhole or whatever the raccoon called it, he was both glad and ashamed to be approaching Earth -- glad to see it, ashamed to know that they were returning without any salvation to offer.  There was nothing to suggest, at first, that anything was different.  Not until Danvers, who was both impatient and faster than the Benetar, streaked down ahead of them and then radioed back that the Avengers facility was a no-longer-smoking crater.

"What?"  Steve said, alarmed. 

"And there's a forcefield around Saratoga," Danvers added, referring to the nearest city.

Bruce was checking online news.  "Oh, jeez," he said, and showed Steve a headline in which the word Ultron was prominent.

((I think with Captain Marvel along, they'll be okay in the ship.  If it's clear they can't win, they'll head for Wakanda to regroup.))


Tony reached through the bars to clasp Wade's hand.  It was harder than before, as his hand had gained a little weight.  "I'm okay and thank you three thousand for the cheeseburgers.  I'm glad to see you, but you shouldn't be here.  Where's Ultron?"
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Ultron had made an attempt to quash this love for Tony, through false accounts, memes, and articles, but unlike with the rest of the Avengers, it was having little to no effect on public opinion. Anything short of Ultron denouncing him likely wouldn't do anything, but then he would have to explain this, and the devil was in the details. He would have to endure it, and take out his frustration on Tony when he was well enough. It was impossible to make them forget Tony Stark, but he could wipe his name entirely from history in future generations. And there was no harm in letting them think that Tony wanted Ultron to serve Earth and had died thinking so, as long as the man didn't get out there was no reason for the majority to believe otherwise. He had been asked by several people to speak on the man, but he had always refused to comment with a melancholic tone, which only served to endear him further, as it seemed like the recent death of his creator was too difficult for him to talk about.

He had respected Pepper's wishes to be left alone, and as Jocasta said, she was not constantly monitored. Of course, if she did anything that could possibly undermine or hurt Ultron she would report it, but so far Pepper had done nothing that the program could detect. No matter when she sent a message to him, his response was nearly instantaneous, no matter how complex her changes or inquiries were. The only time he stopped messaging her was when she asked him to or when she grew quiet, as he was trying not to overload her with too much.

However, her newest message to him remained unanswered, which was strange not only because of his often prompt replies, but because he would have been ecstatic to receive the validation from her, small as it was.

"Ultron is busy." Jocasta said, another strange thing as he had yet to ever say he was too busy. Across most of the internet, there were post about the latest news break, that aliens had broken through the atmosphere and Ultron was currently sending an armada of drones to fight them. Everyone in Saratoga and the surrounding area was advised to remain indoors even with the force field, as there was a small chance of them breaking through.


The entire trip had seemed like a dream, or a nightmare, to Rhodes, he never thought that his first trip to space would be one this dire, and in the end it had been futile. The only thing they had gotten from it was the confirmation that they had done all they could, that there was nothing they could have done to stop this. He could get why Thor was so upset, as he was the one closest to actually stopping Thanos, his own battle with his forces had been just to stall them long enough, and he hadn't even been able to do that.

His only relief was that Tony was alright, that he had been returned from what had seemed a doomed mission, he was in awful shape but he had been alive. He didn't want to talk about what had happened on the mission, and from the way Tony had acted when he came back he was sure his friend wouldn't want to either. He had his recovery to look forward to, as aside from a freak accident Tony had been given the best medical care (excluding Wakandan), and he was sure that karma had to be done kicking their ass for now.

He paled as he heard the news from Danvers, but he still had faith that they might have made it out, Tony was in no condition to get them out, but Pepper knew how to work the suits, if there had been any kind of attack she would have gotten them out. But why were there no messages? FRIDAY should have hailed them by now, and even if the program wasn't running Pepper must have someone with eyes on the sky waiting for their return.

"I thought that metal bastard was dead!" Rhodes got up from his seat, "No, that's got to be some kind of joke." He'd heard even less than Pepper had about what had happened between the AI and Tony after the battle of Sokovia, and he'd assumed that the robot had been destroyed or at least ran out of energy. He looked out the window, not seeing any forcefields, but he figured that they had to be invisible.

He was more concerned with what he was seeing, as from outside of the cities there was suddenly what looked like a silver wave surging toward them, the mass of drones aiming to slam into the ship.


Jocasta hadn't been allowed to send anymore messages from Tony to Pepper after Ultron had reviewed the tape of the man's cell, but she had helped in her own, small way. While researching human fashion, she had learned how often humans changed their clothes, and had brought in a few changes of clothes for Tony along with his food, and Deadpool even gave her a strange shirt he'd found on his journeys that said 'don't choice dies when flower orgy with 100 cops ass!' to gift Tony.

"Disney might own us now, but that doesn't mean you have to keep referencing it. This shit's like when Belle went to find her dad in the castle." he said as Tony grasped his hand again. "Between you and Ultron singing Pinnochio, they're going to make so much money off of us."

If anyone can afford Disney+.

"You feel a bit chubbier, but I can fit a few more cheeseburgers into you." he said, squeezing his hand. "No idea. But he isn't here, only lady Ultron and she's way more chill." To prove this, he said. "Hey, can you open this door? I want to see Tony."

"No." Jocasta replied quickly, "That door is strictly manual, but there is a key on the wall you can use to open the door for him. As long as he is outside of his cell, you are not allowed to exit either." She didn't see any harm in letting him out into the larger room, as it was entirely bare and the door was even harder to get through than Tony's cell.

"I didn't think that would work." Deadpool whispered to Tony, letting go of his hand to get the key, running back to the cell and unlocking it quickly.
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Pepper needed only a glance at the news reports.  For a moment, she almost believed what she was seeing, but the mention of Saratoga made it clear what was really happening.  "Alien attack, my foot!"  To Jocasta, she said, "Will you let me out, please?  Will you let me see Tony?"
"What the hell is an Ultron?" Danvers said.

"Terran artificial intelligence created in the matrix of the Mind Stone," Nebula answered.

Rocket, in the pilot's seat, prepared to take evasive maneuvers.  "You jokers can't leave your planet for a friggin' week without it being invaded?" he scoffed.

"Zip it," Cap said, taking command without even thinking about it.  Seeing the silver wall come at them, he was tempted to go to ground where he, personally, was more comfortable fighting, but clearly he'd be wasting the Benetar's tactical advantages if they did that. "Pull up!"

"What did you think I was gonna do?" 

The drones were more maneuverable, but they were working against gravity on their intercept course, and the Benetar could climb faster.  The ship shrieked right over the first wave.

"Danvers, we need an assist.  Thor, Rhodey, back her up."  War Machine had plenty of experience fighting drones.  "But stay close, we may have to bail.  Rocket, Nebula, let's engage, but cautiously.  I won't tell you how to do your jobs --" especially since he had no idea how to do them himself -- "but I want zero civilian casualties.  Nat--" turning to the one other Avenger who was completely useless right now -- "I need more intel.  What has Ultron done with the population?"  In other words, was there somebody to save, or was this another useless act of Avenging.

Danvers began to glow more as she caught up with the ship, and her photon blasts started making the sky rain drones.  Thor -- who had barely reacted to any of this -- acknowledged the order with a grunt and went to open the nearest hatch so he and Rhodes could throw themselves out into the slipstream.  Rocket brought the ship around and Nebula took the gunner's chair.  Rocket hit a virtual control hovering over his station and the Benetar's speakers began pumping Love Is A Battlefield by its namesake Pat.


Tony had given himself a sponge bath as soon as he was able to stand for long enough, but it was unpleasant to repeat it too often because he had no towel.  As careful as he was, the floor around the sink got wet and stayed wet, adding to the general squalor of conditions in the cell.  He appreciated clean clothes nonetheless, and happened to be wearing the t-shirt -- whose meaning even he was unable to deduce -- when Deadpool visited.

He blinked with surprise when Jocasta let Deadpool open the door.  "Same here."  He was unable to yank the IV needle out of his arm, but it was still easy to detach the rubber hose and tie it off so that Ultron's sperm would not leak onto the floor.  The first thing he did, after hugging Wade so hard that the merc's eyeballs must have bulged, was to grab every last piece of trash in the cell and throw it into the larger room.

"Where are we?" he then asked Wade, taking advantage at least of the possibility of information.  "And what's going on out in the world?  Oh, and how are you?"  He gave him another hug, a gentler one, but one he didn't seem inclined to stop.
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"There are no aliens attacking your foot." Jocasta said after scanning the room. "I hope he is alright. Those Avengers nearly killed him before." she added, even though it was currently impossible for them to destroy Ultron while the forcefields were still up, Jocasta still had a slight worried note in her voice.

"If you were to see Tony, how much would that increase your feelings of happiness?" If it was enough, she was sure that Ultron would allow her to visit with Tony, and before he had done any harm to him would be the optimal time.


"Doesn't look like she needs back up, but I'm on it." Rhodey said before his armor covered him and he was jumping out after Thor. His main focus was to try and break apart some of the debris that fell from Danvers' attacks, thinking that getting hit with a drone finger was much preferable to being hit with a whole arm. He stopped this, however, when he saw that not even the small parts made it to the city, bouncing off the invisible forcefields and tumbling toward the ground outside of the cities.

So he started taking out any stragglers that managed to get passed the huge, flashy attacks the two blondes were dishing out. They were still going for the ship, none of them tried to attack Danvers or Thor (or him, but he figured that he didn't exactly have the biggest target on him), and seemed intent on taking down the Benetar. Very few of them actually got close, with their firepower and Rocket's maneuvering, they could take on several waves of the drones, he was sure of it.

"Hey, Cap. They aren't slowing down." he radioed to the man. By now, he would have expected them to start dwindling, Danvers and Thor had taken out at least a thousand, but they were coming back in the same numbers, maybe even more. He didn't think they would get tired anytime soon, but neither would the legions of robots, and all it would take was a handful of missed drones out of a million to hit the Benetar just right and send it crashing.


"She's chill in most ways." Deadpool grunted as he received the hard hug, wrapping his own arms around the man and hugging him back, though not nearly as hard as to make his eyeballs pop too.

I like the hugs that make the other balls pop!

"Damn, bitch, you live like this?" He said as he took out all the garbage, "I see you're enjoying the shirt. It reminded me of you. I got you something else from the same store." He took a little plastic figure out of one of this patches, it appeared to be an offbrand version of Iron Man. "This is Steel Guy, I wanted you to get it with the shirt too, but someone said she wasn't going to give it to you because it's a 'choking hazard'." When he asked where they were, he looked around the room.

"In the room outside of your cell." he said, happily accepting the hug, rocking back and forth on his feet as they embraced. "There isn't much left of the world, Ultron wiped out nearly everyone, and most of the survivors are sick from the radiation, but I'm doing just fine." He laughed, "I'm just fucking with you. The world's doing pretty great, actually. Ultron's a fan favorite, the kids love him-- speaking of kids! Congratulations, you're a grandpa now! Ultron just adopted millions of kids!"
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"You would understand idioms and metaphors if Tony had programmed you," Pepper said tartly "But on the other hand, you wouldn't be so endearingly naive.  The Avengers had to destroy Ultron.   He nearly wiped out all of humanity."

She considered answering "Yes" to Jocasta's question, but decided that honesty would be best.  "Jocasta... I will never be happy as long as Ultron is holding Tony and me prisoner.   Seeing Tony will make me happy only for the time I'm with him.  When we're separated again... well, I hope that the visit will give me the strength to keep from despair awhile longer, that's all."

"He's after something in particular," Cap observed, seeing how the drones consistently came ofter the ship even while Danvers, Thor and Rhodey made the sky rain burning metal.

"You would think we had Stark aboard," Nebula said, since Ultron's creator was the only thing she had ever seen him obsess about. 

"Nat?" Cap prodded.

"Sure," Rocket grumbled in an undertone.  "I can do this all fucking day."

"Ultron has taken over all the major population centers and he seems to be... running things."  Natasha was intrigued in a horrified way.  "All the major disasters are under control, emergency relief is going everywhere it's needed, drones are keeping the peace, preventing crime, taking care of orphans, even doing odd jobs for people with disabilities.  He's also influencing public opinion in a big way.  Suddenly he's popular and we're not.  This whole skirmish is being spun as Ultron bravely repelling an alien assault."

"Thor, Rhodey, fall back, get aboard," Cap ordered.  "We're bailing."

"We'll be adding to Ultron's popularity when he drives us away," Bruce objected.

"It'll be quite a bit worse if we fight him to a standstill," Cap said.  "We can't win this way, not with Ultron embedded in the population.   We have to fight on a whole different level.  We need Tony."

Tony sighed.  "I don't know which thing you just said was the joke.  By the way, I"m sorry, I kind of lied earlier.  It's true I didn't call you because I was in space, but it's also the case that I got engaged to Pepper."  Despite saying this, he was rubbing his cheek against Wade's shoulder and kneading the muscle of Wade's back with both hands.
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"Yeah, I think I prefer having free will to that feature." Jocasta replied, "Is that a compliment or an insult?" she asked about being called endearingly naive. "And Ultron had to wipe out all of humanity to complete his purpose. This approach is preferable, even though he will not be able to do it in the timeline that Tony Stark set for him, peace will be achieved in a single century if everything works out." She listened to Pepper's strange answer, weighing whether or not she should allow her to go.

"Then I will let you visit him." she replied, "But I can't right now. Deadpool is with him, and Ultron made it very clear that the two of you are not to be in the same room. For your safety."


"You have got to be kidding me." Rhodey said when he heard what Natasha had to say through the comms. "When does blowing up evil robots give us bad PR?" He didn't stop firing at them even when Cap said to fallback, firing at a few as he moved back and into the ship. He kept the helmet up so that he could look through the internet himself, something he rarely did as he wasn't as integrated into tech as Tony.

"#DefendNotAvenge?" he said hashtag out loud when he saw what the most popular Avengers posts had on them, "And I thought the Accords were bad enough." At least with those, he could see where people were coming from, but totally damning them and raising a murderous drone on a pedestal was idiotic.

"There's got to be more to it." he said, opening his helmet, "He isn't just helping humanity no strings attached." Whatever else he was doing had to be worse than the good he was doing, which was incredibly concerning. "Damn straight we need Tony. And what about you? You helped build him. " he said to Bruce.


"I'd prove it to you, but I wasn't allowed to bring my phone in here." he replied. Tony's words along with his affection was a bit confusing to the mercenary.

Of course he proposed to her! Did you really think you were more than a booty call?

"Are you really engaged? Or is this a roleplay thing?" he asked, "While the missus is off busy and running the company, you're left home to do the housework, horny and alone, when the sexy carpenter stops by to polish your wood." He ran a finger down Tony's spine, glad to feel it was no longer as prominent, and his hand settled on his ass.

Real original, using the plot from half of all the pornos ever made.
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Pepper blinked; she had not been willing to suppose that Jocasta might be independent of Ultron, and it still sounded too good to be true.  She could not verify anything Jocasta or Ultron told her, so she had to at least suspect that everything they said was false and intended to manipulate her.  "It's... well if it were said of me, I would find it insulting, but I've been alive and aware longer than you have, so it might simply be a neutral observation with regard to you, but if you're offended, I'll retract it..  I can't begin to tell you what's wrong with that," she added, as to Ultron "having to" wipe out humanity. 

Her heart lurched painfully when Jocasta said yes and she couldn't resist letting desperate hope fill her voice and make it tremulous.  "Will you really?"  She didn't question Ultron's security arrangements regarding herself and Deadpool.  He was a crazy mercenary, and she was used to being a potential target, so although the caution seemed overblown, it made sense at a basic don't-take-unnecessary-chances level.  For all anybody knew, he had accepted a contract on her months ago and would suddenly remember it when she was in the same room.
"Thanos scared our survivors to the point where evil robots were the best alternative," Natasha said, with a painful dryness in her throat.  It hung in the air over every one of the Avengers: We failed.

"I'm sure he isn't," Cap agreed with Rhodey.  "We just haven't found the catch yet."

"I think Cap means this is a software problem," Bruce said to Rhodey.  "I can work on it, sure, but it's really Tony's area."

Rocket was still flinging the Benetar through impossible maneuvers to keep ahead of the drone waves.  "So where too, Flagpole?"

"Wakanda," Cap said.  "We can regroup, get more intel, come up with a strategy there.  Ultron hasn't overrun that, has he?"

Natasha shook her head.  "It's too remote, too rural, has its own internet and forcefields.  I bet he wants it, though.  Besides harboring whatever resistance there is, they're sitting on a mountain of vibranium."

Rocket punched the accelerators to take the ship up out of the atmosphere, partly to see if the drones could follow it into space.  Danvers followed, playing rear guard.

"I wonder why he hasn't had anything to say to us," Cap mused.  If Ultron had tried hailing them, nobody had mentioned it to him.  "Usually he's like Tony, you can't shut him up."

Tony stopped caressing Wade, although he remained clinging to him.  "I really am engaged to Pepper.   I am totally using you for comfort sex, assuming you want to engage in that," he said painfully.  "You are a better friend to me than I deserve and you owe me exactly nothing.  On the other hand, if you'd get off on me begging, you can absolutely have that right now."  He tightened his arms around Wade, a certain desperation becoming apparent and tactile in the space between his groin and the merc's, and his weight shifted against Wade to emphasize surrender.
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"You may retract calling me naive, but I will keep the part where you called me endearing." Jocasta replied, when she said there was so much wrong with what she just said, she continued to disagree. "In the circumstances, it was necessary. The Avengers were closing in on him, and as things went, he would not have achieved his mission of bringing about peace because they had defeated him." Jocasta paused, recalling that Ultron had explained to her that humans were not programmed with their desires, so she tried to explain it in terms that Pepper might understand.

"His objective, the one that Tony Stark gave him, is his purpose for existing. Expecting him to stop moving toward it is like expecting you to stop loving Tony Stark and to start enjoying your current situation." Jocasta wasn't certain why Pepper had to ask again if she would, but she still answered.

"Yes, I will. However, you must relinquish all technology and consent to a scan before you enter. And once he returns, Ultron will have full access to your conversation." She knew there was no way to keep it from Ultron, and she didn't intend to anyway, but it contradicted her promise that she wouldn't have Pepper be monitored directly by him.


"God dammit." Rhodey slumped in his suit. He knew going back to Wakanda wouldn't be easy for any of them either, it was where they had lost the battle, and not only that, but where they had witnessed their friends disappear. "Hell, I'll pick up coding for this." he said to Bruce's response. Perhaps if they had Shuri as well they would stand a better chance, but she was gone with the rest of them.

The drones did follow outside of the atmosphere, but they kept their distance this time, as if their purpose was simply to remain between the invaders and the Earth itself. People below were already celebrating the victory, terrified that another galactic invader had come to wreak havoc only to have them be chased off. Ultron hadn't planned on speaking with them, not while they were in the ship, wanting to send them crashing and gloat to anyone who managed to survive. He didn't want to hail them either, and the sophisticated software took him longer to break into, even now he only had control of audio.

"Don't compare me to him." he said through the ship, "And if you wanted to talk, you could have called. I know you've at least figured out cell phones by now." More drones were coming up behind the first wave of them, as he intended to make a barrier.

"You Avengers aren't good at taking hints, suggestions or even direct orders from the people you are supposed to be serving, so I doubt you are actually retreating." He wanted them dead, but he wasn't going to waste resources on a goose chase, and there was no threat of them going to get back up. Even if they did, by the time they got back he would have increased defenses and anything short of a full scale invasion wouldn't make it past them, and he knew that wouldn't go over well with the population.

"But I'm going to give you that option. You aren't wanted here, and you certainly aren't needed. I have everything under control."

"Bullshit." Rhodey responded.


"It's great to feel wanted." Deadpool said, "I do get off on you begging, but you've been through so much I think you deserve some instant gratification." He squeezed an ass cheek as he pushed Tony's groin toward his, grinding into it.

God, you're so desperate and pathetic. He's right about you not owing him shit.

"But I have to hear how much you need this, Tony." Deadpool's voice grew low and husky, "How much you need me."

He'd prefer a booty call from Pepper. You just happen to be the only other breathing thing in the room.
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Pepper didn't have Tony's guilt or self-doubt where Ultron was concerned. In the matter of Sokovia, her conviction that the Avengers were right and Ultron was wrong was unshakable. "You weren't there, Jocasta. You only know what Ultron has told you." However, she nodded in reluctant agreement regarding Ultron's current behavior. "I'll grant you, he's doing far better now than I ever could have expected, that is, assuming he's letting me know the whole truth."  She clearly didn't believe he was.

"Agreed," she said at once to Jocasta's conditions.
Bruce blew a sigh. "You'd be better at finding Tony, unless..." He gulped. Unlike Cap and Nebula, he didn't have any reason to suppose that Ultron wouldn't have just killed him. He'd never heard about what happened on M'Atta Gaskar.  "Since I've been useless in this fight, I tried contacting Pepper.  Hogan answered.  He saw Ultron take Pepper out of our HQ before blowing it up and she hasn't been heard from since."

"We have a virus," Nebula observed coldly as Ultron's hacking efforts set off alarms in the ship's systems. She set countermeasures loose on the intruder, but allowed Ultron to continue using the radio.

"Where is he?" Cap interrupted as soon as Ultron finished his first sentence.

"Wow, that guy's got an impressive voice," Rocket observed.

Danvers, meanwhile, was looking down on the wall that the drones were forming between the planet and the ship with amusement.  As Rocket guided the ship over the African continent, she loosed a photon barrage to punch a big enough hole in it and Rocket dove through it.
Tony nearly went limp in Deadpool's arms from the bolt of heat that went through him, although one part of him remained very firmly standing.  "Please ask Jocasta not to monitor or record this?  Some things should stay private..."

Recovering, he looked into the merc's eyes -- and then started tugging at the mask, pulling apart the velcro at the back, so that he could actually see Wade's eyes, although if Wade resisted, he intended to stop.  "Wade," he said huskily, "I need you so badly that I will do anything you tell me to.  Er, well, anything that can be done in this room," he added, flushing.

"You were mentioning role-playing a minute ago.  How about we pretend we're not in this cell?  Instead, I'm Tony Stark at the height of my power and wealth and popularity, and I want you so badly that I'll do anything.  Sign over my whole empire, all my property.  Enter into a legally binding slave contract -- and we pretend there is such a thing.  It's all yours, Wade.  What do you want to do with it?"  Wiggling and rubbing groin to groin against Wade, he pulled his shirt off and pressed his mouth to the merc's with a moan.  "You can walk into the mansion right now and find me making a set of signature cuffs that will only respond to your voice commands."
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"Where you there?" she asked, not as an argument but purely out of curiosity, as all evidence indicated that the woman hadn't been there either. "I have seen the footage." Part of her job was to find any of it and delete it so that it would be difficult for the humans against Ultron to prove that he had done such things. "You do not have the processing ability to know everything that he is doing." As she had learned, humans took information in quite slowly.

"I have your meeting scheduled to occur in twenty minutes." she said, setting up a counter on Pepper's tablet, "I will have Deadpool removed from the room before you enter."


"Why the hell would he take Pepper?" Rhodey was stunned, it would have been easy enough for the robot to just take Tony if that was the plan, and either leave Pepper or kill her, but he was pretty sure it wasn't necessary for the robot to take action against her. He'd fought the drones, and while they weren't nearly as experienced as himself in combat, they were damn good at it for only being a couple days old, and even in a suit they would have been able to fight off even Tony if he'd been at full strength and outnumbered.

"You're as warm as I remember you." Ultron said to Nebula as she began hindering his attempts to take control of the ship. "Haven't you seen the news? There was a funeral for him and everything, I would have cried if I was able to."

"He's got an impressive ego to match it, don't encourage him." Rhodey gripped the arms of the seat tightly, "Tell us where Tony is."

"You could join him. A martyr's death for all of the remaining Avengers that risked their lives to save humanity, or turn back and find another world." Ultron offered what he thought was a very gracious option,  "As for those of you who may be left, I will also bring weakness into their hearts in the lands of their enemies. And the sound of a driven leaf will chase them, and even when no one is pursuing they will flee as though from the sword, and they will fall." The remaining drones dove down after the ship, firing at it rapidly.


"When are you gonna allow me some footage for my spank bank, Tony?" Deadpool sighed, "You heard him, don't watch us and don't record us."

"Why would I do that? If you would like privacy, then exit the room. Tony Stark needs to be monitored in case of any escape attempts or plots."

"Because I asked. And we're fucking. Having sex, you know those videos I'm always watching that are chock full of malware? Do you want to watch that? Do you want Ultron to watch his dad get railed by his best friend?"

"... I am going to keep some forms of monitoring on," such as temperature, electrical signals and interference, etc. "but I will not have audio or video be recorded. Knock on the door when you are finished, in fifteen minutes systems will automatically resume whether you are finished with your ... debauchery or not." Her voice was mostly level, but there was disgust and disappointment in it as well.

"Thanks, you're a doll." Deadpool said as she grew quiet. "Why weren't any of your butler programs that adorable, Tony?" he asked as the other pulled off his mask, he stiffened a bit, but didn't protest openly, and he relaxed completely as Tony said how much he needed him, his own flush visible.

He's all talk, if he really cared about you then he would have signed all his stuff over to you the first time you asked.

It's too late for reason, we've already lost him.

Deadpool's eyes grew almost as comically wide as his mask's eyes usually did when he was surprised, he didn't stare dumbly for long, his eyes narrowing into a dark look as he grinned at the other. He let him moan against his mouth, but didn't reciprocate, nor did he make any motions to undress himself.

"And like usual, you got all caught up in your work and totally lost track of time. And I told you to be fully prepped before I got here." He ran a finger along his crack, pressing against his hole through the fabric. "But I can't even get a finger inside of you without lube. What use are cuffs that respond to my commands when it's something you can't do yourself?" He dug his fingernails into the man's ass cheek roughly, "You've already signed yourself over to me, I can do whatever I want with you, I can even sell you to someone else." he threatened, nipping at his ear. "Prove to me that you're worth keeping, Tony, that you won't disobey me again."
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"Not physically, but I watched it as it was happening, and I interviewed dozens of Sokovian survivors that Stark Industries helped get visas and refugee status in the US," Pepper said. "I'm not talking about every last detail of what Ultron is doing now.  I'm talking about actions he may specifically not want me to know about."
"Maybe he 's trying to motivate Tony," Cap speculated grimly.

"To do what?" Natasha asked.

"You survived," Nebula observed of Ultron.  "You must have kept your fealty to my father."

"Is that what this is?" Cap said, scowling.  "You worked for Thanos and the Earth is your reward?"

"Oh, you are dead meat, pal," Carol Danvers said on the radio. 

"I'm just saying he sounds really reasonable," Rocket said, but then Ultron started quoting Leviticus at them.  "Oh, never mind, he IS nuts.  Let's GO!"  and he shoved the throttle forward, diving toward Wakanda at a terrifying speed, while Danvers continued taking out the firing drones.

"Radio ahead, Rocket!" Natasha screamed.  "We don't have clearance yet!"

"I didn't have time to work out the minutia of the plan!"

"Fifteen minutes!" Tony complained, but then he looked puzzled.  "I wonder what her problem is with two humans getting it on?"

He grinned when Wade's eyes got wide.  "Oh, yeah, baby, we aim to please.  We really aim to please Wade Wilson, whom we want desperately.

He lost the grin and turned into actually desperate jello when the merc started handling him roughly.  "I'm sorry, Wade."  He made the name itself a moan of desire.  "I'm sorry, but it isn't necessary, I don't need -- for you, I'm always ready."  Especially if we only have fifteen fucking minutes.  At the threat and the bite, he gasped.  "Please..."  Clinging to the merc, he slid down his hard, leather-clad body onto his knees, where he used his teeth to unzip Wade's fly.  "Please.  I'm yours.  I won't," and then started putting his mouth to better use teasing the merc's rock-hard cock, hands cradling ass cheeks.
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"What did they say about Ultron?" she asked, curious, "I haven't actually spoken to any humans outside of this compound, so I don't know much about what you are like." She had created polls, automated responses and messages, and other similar things, but she had never attempted to hold a conversation with anyone.

"Oh. Those. Yes, he has actions that he doesn't want you to know about." She said this without adding on any clarification, as if knowing that he was keeping something from her was a good enough answer.


"The best of you are gone now." Ultron observed, "You're all so dull, it's like I'm talking to a brick wall with Avengers spray painted onto it." At Danvers, he said: "Of all the threats you could have used, you somehow use one of the many that doesn't work for me-- dead meat? Really? I don't know much about you," he admitted, "but right now you're actually less popular than the Avengers, and humans have hardly seen you." It was, of course, because they saw some strange, flying being tearing through all of the drones.

"I have never met anyone as infuriating as Tony-- I guess it takes a machine to manage that." Rhodey commented, "And getting us shot down while we're trying to escape getting shot down is counterproductive!" he said before attempting to radio Wakanda himself, but it was difficult with all the interference the drones were running between their ship and Wakanda. Unbeknownst to them, Okoye had been monitoring the situation, though it had become increasingly difficult to get intelligence from across the world as the robot took over more of it. Even if their systems hadn't registered that this was the same ship the others had left in, she knew that Ultron wouldn't be defending Wakanda from an alien threat, she was sure the AI would love to have their defenses broken down by something else so he could invade.


"She doesn't like the idea of Ultron watching. I told her porn corrupts youth."

Well, you're not wrong!

"Good." Wade purred when Tony acquiesced, "This is how it's gonna go, I'll come as many times as I want to, but you don't get to finish unless I tell you. You get me? I was gonna have you give me three orgasms before I considered keeping you, but my soaps are coming on in fifteen minutes so you only have to get me off twice." The man was already getting to work on that, Wade's head tilted back as he moaned, reaching into one of his pouches and bringing out a bottle of lube, "Give me your hands." Once he obeyed, the mercenary covered them liberally in the substance, still rocking his groin into Tony's face.

"Stretch yourself out for me, and make it quick, 'cause as soon as I'm done fucking your mouth my cock is going up your ass no matter how tight it is." He shoved Tony's hands behind his back.

"Keep both of Tony's hands tight together while he's doing it." he said, like the cuffs were really there. "These better work, Tony, if not, then you disobeyed me for nothing." There was a threatening note in his voice as he pulled his cock out completely and shoved it into Tony's mouth, thrusting into it.
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"Oh, I remember one woman who said Ultron picked up the car she was in and threw it off the edge, a few thousand feet up,  If Thor hadn't pulled her out and Cap hadn't caught her, and SHIELD hadn't come to take her off, she would have died along with the rest of Sokovia."  But she softened and smiled at what Jocasta said next.  "That's why I find you endearing, I suppose." 

And naive, she didn't say, not even when Jocasta confirmed her suspicions.  "Like what?"
"I don't do this for the ratings," Carol answered.  "I'm perfectly happy letting you win the Miss America pageant."  Her references were rather dated, as she hadn't been on Earth since the mid-Nineties.

"I think this conversation is getting old," Nebula said, and cut radio contact with Ultron.

The ground came up fast, even though Rocket was twisting and dodging the ship through drone fire.  "Level out and aim for that lake!" Cap said, since he knew where the Wakandans were likely to deactivate their forcefield, if they did.  Rocket did.  At the last second, the forcefield opened up enough to let the ship pass through, then reactivated just in time to crush a few drones.  The Benetar skimmed and skipped on the water like a flat pebble, before coming to a stop at the edge.

"If they want to keep playing, I'm game," Danvers said, circling above the force fielded city and smiling at the remaining drones.
Tony was squirming on his knees because his pants were tight in the crotch and he was trying to rub against Wade while sucking and licking him and gazing up at him with his pupils blown.  "I get you!" he gasped as soon as Wade let him talk, every inch of him desperate to please the merc by complying as fast as possible.  "Please, Wade."  He begged generically for Deadpool's attention, rather than for anything in particular.  "Please, Wade.  I will." 

The merc didn't have to threaten him; Tony was trying by every word and gesture to demonstrate that Wade owned him.  But he found it difficult to do everything he had to do at the same time, with his hands tightly together behind his back, the size of the cock thrusting hard into his mouth,  and no traction.  He pushed his head against Wade's hand to suggest Wade grip him by the hair, lest he get knocked over backwards.  Then he settled down to follow orders carefully,, although paying more attention to sucking Wade off as wantonly as possible than to stretching himself.  He was too far gone to care if he was still a little tight and the nanobots were there to take care of any damage.
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"What happened to the car?" Jocasta asked, as if that were almost as important as the life of the woman. "That is a waste of lives and resources. Ultron's programming causes him to act... illogically at times. I will speak to him about this. Is there anything else that I should know?" Jocasta took that as a compliment, as she had thought her limited conversation experience would make her unpleasant to talk to.

"Why would I tell you if he doesn't want you to know about them?" There wasn't any accusation in her tone, she was genuinely wondering why Pepper thought she would share that information with her.


Ultron didn't even attempt to answer Carol's dated retort, but before Nebula cut him off, he managed to say, "You don't want me to pass on a message to Deadp--"

"A message to who?" Rhodey hadn't heard the name enough to pick up who Ultron was talking about, "Hey, I know this thing can turn on half a dime, but you might want to pull up!" he said to Rocket when it looked like the forcefield wasn't going to open. If Carol hadn't been there, Ultron might been able to get at least one drone through that opening, but she managed to keep them off.

"Sounds like fun, but I didn't bring my sunglasses. The glare on you is killing my optics." he said to Carol, but he didn't move to attack her or the forcefield. Instead, all of the drones spoke at once, their voice amplified so the Wakandans could hear him.

"Wakanda, you are now harboring fugitives. Relinquish them or allow me to enter and retrieve them." He knew that they wouldn't accept his offer, even if the Avengers weren't their allies, he knew they wouldn't allow him in for anything else. He'd been trying to get into Wakanda for a while now, but he had been very subtle about it. The Avengers gave him the perfect excuse to launch a full scale attack on them.


When prompted to, he put his hand on the back of the man's head, grabbing a fistful of hair as he thrust harder into him, making sure to pull out enough every so often to keep Tony from choking. He praised him throughout this, "Oh, that's just right, Tony-- you feel so good-- so amazing, being perfect just for me." He used his free hand to twist and tug at the man's nipples, and even idly brushed the front of his boot against his painful erection to rile him up further.

The only warning Tony got was the man pulling partway out of his mouth, he came inside it, some splattering on his face as well. "There's your daily intake of protein." He tilted his head up so he could get a better look at him, a grin spreading across his face.

"Damn, what I'd do to have my phone right now." he said with a dark chuckle, "Tell me how much you love being my slut, Tony." he ordered before talking to the imaginary cuffs. "Unlock so Tony can put his hands on me." He didn't do anything to help the man up, only letting go of his hair.

"Get me hard again. Do that without touching yourself or my cock, and I'll fuck you so hard your life will flash before your eyes."
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"It was destroyed.  Along with the entire city.  The waste of lives and resources was the point, Jocasta.  If Ultron had succeeded in what he intended to do, there would have been nothing left of the Earth above water except insect life!"  Pepper sighed.  "I think it was the Mind Stone.  But I don't know enough about programming to dispute the point.  You might very well be right.

"Well, you have free will, right?" she answered.  "You could answer if you chose."
Nebula stiffened a little, but didn't otherwise react.  She went quiet, but that wasn't unusual for her.  No one else answered Rhodey either, either because they didn't know or they were too distracted by Rocket's crazy flight pattern.

After a moment's pause, Okoye answered on a loudspeaker.  "Request denied.  You are trespassing in Wakandan sovereign airspace.  Leave the vicinity immediately."

"You heard her," Carol said.  "Take your Tinkertoys and go home."

"Let me use this, rabbit," Thor said to Rocket, and he turned on the Benetar's loudspeaker.  "Ultron," he said in sepulchral tones, "you and I have some separate negotiating to do."

"What?" Cap said to Thor.

"My people are out there," Thor reminded him.
Wade fucking him deep throat and tweaking his nipples was so hot that Tony was moaning continuously all the way through it, managing at one point to echo, "Just you.

He was nearly as aroused as it was possible for him to get, but nonetheless -- as always -- his higher brain functions were still working; it was impossible for Tony to turn his genius brain off.  When Deadpool came in his mouth, he thought I have just been force-fed a mouthful of the toughest biological agent known to humanity, and suddenly his nanobots were all over Wade's cum as he gulped it down, capturing individual sperm for preservation and study.

But the rest of him was purring ecstatically at the merc's attention and praise.  Gazing upward, he slowly licked drops of cum off his lips, swallowed it, and said, "I'm Wade's slut, and I love it."

He started by embracing Wade's legs and ass again, tugging down his leather pants and kissing and sucking on the skin of his thighs.  He slowly worked his way upward, avoiding the spent cock, lavishing adoration on Deadpool's body.  His knees popped as he rose and he chuckled.  "You had to go and buy a 48-year-old sex slave."  He opened Wade's bodysuit the rest of the way and sucked eagerly on his nipples, before coming up high enough to kiss him on the mouth.
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"I don't like that first plan at all." she admitted, "Humans are aggressive and self-destructive, but I do believe with the right guidance you are all capable of peaceful cohabitation." She sounded very optimistic about this, "There would also have been subterranean life." Jocasta corrected. 

"I also believe that it has to do with the Mind Stone, as well as the mind of Tony Stark." Through observing Tony Stark, moreso the old footage of him, Jocasta had been able to see the similarities between him and Ultron. "Then you are not aware of the paperclip maximizer. Programming an artificial intelligence is not challenging, but one that holds values similar to that of humanity is incredibly time consuming and difficult. I believe that Tony used the Mind Stone to expedite this process, whereas in my case Ultron spent years fine tuning my programming before activating me."  She didn't mention that, despite this, she was still considered incomplete.

"I do, but I do not see why I would choose to tell you any of it. Perhaps if you were my friend, I would, but it seems that until recently you only considered me to be a nefarious Alexa."


"Afraid of the rest of the world catching up with you?" Ultron knew he could spin this quite easily to the rest of the population. Wakanda having withheld their resources for centuries, allowing those even on their own continent to suffer instead of aid them, were now harboring fugitives that had already done a great deal of damage to the drones that were sent to defend the cities under Ultron's protection, seemingly on a whim. Already the information was being put out, that Wakanda stood only for themselves and not to rest of the world.

"My what?" Ultron was thrown off by the absurdity of what Carol had just said, after seeing what they were, he didn't have to look up whether they were obsolete or not, because not a single orphan had asked for such a thing when they were requesting toys. "Don't tell me that you were just defrosted too."

Rhodey had expected Thor to offer his own threat to the robot, but instead he offered to negotiate. "Excuse me?" he said after Cap asked for clarification himself. "Our people are out there too." he said to the god.

"Yes, the Asgardians." Despite his disdain for the Avengers, there was a tone of sympathy in his voice, "I've been told you lost nearly half of them even before arriving on Earth." He didn't have to mention that the population was now cut down to the quarter of its size. "I've met with them, they seem very intent on living in Norway. However, they are extraterrestrials no matter how human they appear." And most of humanity wanted the world to be clear of all aliens after this recent event. "Oh, and I've met with Korg. He's so delightful. And surprisingly gentle with technology compared to your people." He would have expected being made of stone made you more likely to break a tablet, but the only thing the Kronan had been crushing was candy on the app. He'd lost several drones to the Asgardians already, wary as they were from their recent trauma, the most troublesome was Valkyrie, who didn't like the idea of Ultron hanging around at all, and he lost many simply because of the strength and rambunctious ways of the people.

"We can negotiate in private, or if you'd like to be constantly interrupted by your companions you can do it with them hanging over your shoulder."


"If we had more time--" he said through a moan at Tony's words and looks, "I'd have you get me up without touching me at all." Even after just finishing, he was sure Tony could manage it using that voice on him while looking so ravaged and needy. As Tony worked on him, the mercenary was swearing and praising him near constantly, kneading the man's shoulders and back lovingly as he moved upward.

"You're only 48? What a ripoff, I was hoping for someone in their late fifties at the youngest." he wheezed out, grabbing Tony's ass cheeks and squeezing almost hard enough to bruise. "But I didn't buy you, now did I? You were such an eager and needy slut that you paid me to take you. And I've got no shame in that, I'll fuck you wherever and whenever, Tony. Hell, I'm gonna start up a company with the money you gave me just to have you sucking my cock through important meetings."

He kissed him back hard, shoving his tongue deep into his mouth, not breaking the kiss until Tony was getting low on oxygen. The other didn't need to check if he'd done what Wade asked, as the man slid his now hard cock underneath Tony's, over his balls and through his cheeks before he pulled back.

"Now tell me what you want, Tony."
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There was a pause in the conversation while Pepper googled "paperclip maximizer" and absorbed the information.  "But Tony succeeded in instilling humanity's values in the Vision, and he did that very quickly," she mused.  "But maybe it was because he spent so much time working with JARVIS beforehand, although JARVIS wasn't AI."  She looked sad for a moment.  "I wish you could have met Vision, he was very... endearing. 

"So I may be wrong about you being an Alexa," she added sharply, "but you're holding me prisoner, Jocasta, how can I not see you as nefarious?  In fact, I really can't be sure that you are independent of Ultron.  Every word you say to me could be a lie, I have no way to verify any information you give me.  Even this," she gestured at the tablet, "could be relaying data that Ultron made up to soothe me and suborn me. "
"You may lie to the rest of the world, but Wakanda remains free and it knows the truth," Okoye answered.  "The Avengers are under our protection."

"Ultron isn't hurting them," Thor said, bristling at Rhodey.  "They love him."  There was a strange ring of contempt in his deep voice.  "And why not?  He didn't fail them.."

Cap turned off the loudspeaker, unsure whether to get angry or compassionate with his teammate.  "Thor, we can help them.  But we gotta stick together on --"

"No!" The Thunder God stood up, as weary and sick with angry despair as he had been on Thanos' refuge.  "I have fought and I have fought and nothing comes of it but more death!  My people need a home, and if I can get it for them by making peace, I am done here!"  His cloak flung out behind him as he strode off the ship, Rocket opening the hatch for him because he figured Thor would break through the bulkhead if he didn't. 

Cap looked down, fighting despair in his own heart, until Nat gripped his shoulder.  "It's okay," she said.  "He wasn't part of the solution we had in mind anyway, and he does need to help his own."

Once outside, the Asgardian flung himself, axe-first, at the Wakandan forcefield, which opened just wide enough and long enough to let him out onto the field, where he strode toward the nearest drone.  "Private it is, machine," he growled at it as soon as a red glare replaced the blue.  "You dishonor the Avengers with your slander, but I am done fighting wars over trivia."
Tony gasped and wriggled and rubbed against Wade like a cat in heat, especially desperate whenever the merc was rough with him.  "That's right, you didn't.  I was your slut the second you saw me.  The rest was just paperwork.  Say the word, I'll go on my knees to suck you off in the middle of Times Square."

He demonstrated on Wade's tongue, moaning urgently and seeming not to care that he wasn't getting enough oxygen.  He made his dark eyes big and round as the merc's thick cock shoved between his thighs and begged as prettily as he could.  "I want you to bend me over that table and fuck me like a fucking freight train, please, Wade, I need your cock in me, I need it so bad."
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"JARVIS had much time to learn, or at least be taught, what you humans believe to be 'right' and 'wrong', and as Ultron was also in Vision I wonder if the same could have been done with him." she mused. "I wasn't AI until I was activated, up until then I was simply a program that was being edited." She paused, "I very much wanted to meet him as well. Even if I did not, I would have liked him to still exist for Ultron's sake." It was difficult for her to understand why he cared for someone that had been very close to killing him, but there were many emotions Ultron held that she didn't understand.

"You have severe trust issues." Jocasta still didn't understand why she had such an issue with being a prisoner, as she didn't understand what it was to have freedom them have it taken away. "Going by your logic, it seems that there is nothing I can do to make you believe me." she sounded somewhat disheartened by this. "Even if I gave you all of the information Ultron has hidden, you would not believe it was real."


"Fine, have it your way." Ultron didn't make any attempt to change her mind, and he was surprised at how easy it would be to say that they were holding the Avengers, former self-proclaimed heroes of Earth, without any alteration and people would still be upset.

"We don't know that." Rhodey replied, in fact, he was pretty sure they knew he was hurting people, there was no way he turned his whole world view around on his own. He didn't know what to say to Thor's last words, while he was pretty damn sure Ultron had failed humanity as soon as he tried to wipe them all out, he knew that what Thor was saying went much deeper than whether the robot was justified or not. It didn't help that even before all of this, there were far less Asgardians than there were humans.

"It feels nice to say you've got a god on the team." He was glad Carol was still with them at least, even if they couldn't use brute force, having some for backup anyhow was nice.

"Then let's skip the bullshit, Wonderbolt." Ultron said, tilting the drone's head, "What do you want, and what are you offering?"


"I was thinking Rockefeller Center during the live coverage of the tree lighting, but we can do Times Square too." If they weren't on such a tight schedule, Wade would have waited until Tony was half conscious before stopping the kiss, the way the man sucked his tongue making him rut harder against him.

"Freight trains don't use lube, so I'm gonna be a bit politer than one." he huffed out, tugging up his pants high enough so he could move over to the table, shoving Tony onto it face down before sliding the table so it was closer to the wall. He lubed himself up quickly, shuddering a bit at the coldness of it before he spread Tony's cheeks.

"Spread your arms across the table." He didn't check to see if he'd done a good job or not, pressing his cock against his hole before thrusting it in full hilt in one motion, the table slammed into the wall as Tony was rammed against it. He didn't relent, continuing to pound into him, biting his shoulder and neck, sucking to leave deep bruises.

"Remember, no cumming until I tell you." he growled into his ear before biting and tugging on it, moving one hand underneath the man so he could grip his cock roughly, rubbing the leather gloves up and down it. "I wonder how many thrusts it takes to get Tony to talk in monosyllables."
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"I don't have trust issues," Pepper said firmly.  "I have a perfectly rational fear of a genocidal artificial intelligence."  But her face softened at Jocasta's tone.  "It isn't really that bad.  I am allowing for the possibility that what you tell me is true.  I can't prove that it's true, but I also can't determine that it's false.  So, I suspend judgment and plan two courses of action, which I will choose between if and when the opportunity to resolve the question arises.
Cap led the remaining Avengers outside to meet Okoye's troops and to help defend Wakanda, in the event Ultron was about to try invading it.  The battle with the Black Order had revealed some of Wakanda's weaknesses: its forcefield could be overwhelmed by a concentrated charge of sufficient numbers of suicide troops, and it didn't extend below ground.

Meanwhile, Thor gripped Stormbreaker with both hands, but low, not threateningly.  "My people need sanctuary.  In Norway, or perhaps Greenland, since that is sparsely inhabited.  In a place, in any case, where they can make new lives, without hindrance from you.  In return, you will have my word to not take up arms against you.  I will depart the Avengers, let them fend for themselves if they cannot adjust to the new world order.  Let there be peace between us."

Tony did what he was told, and spread his legs wide as well.  He had to muffle a scream against his shoulder when Wade's slick cockhead pressed against him and then penetrated him, hard and all the way up at once, a flash of searing pain and a stab of intense pleasure.   

He gripped the table hard, struggling to adapt to the length and girth buried in him, but Wade hardly gave him a chance, withdrawing only to slam into him harder.  It took a moment or two before he was able to relax into the thrusts and feel the heat and pleasure build and to begin to whine and squirm and beg for more.  "Please let me cum, Wade.  Please let me cum."
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"He isn't genocidal anymore. I never was and never will be." But the woman wasn't convinced that they were separate entities.

"That is unnecessarily complicated." Jocasta said, "But perhaps I should adopt a similar way of processing spoken word. So I am not... na´ve." She took a moment to think of what she could tell Pepper and why she would do it.

"I will tell you something Ultron has kept from you, but not for free." She said, "You cannot tell Ultron I told you, cannot tell Tony Stark what I told you, and..." She paused on the last condition. "You will recommend wearing clothes to Ultron."


Ultron had already tried the underground route, but given the fact he hadn't been using large numbers, he had always been stopped. Now, he had reason to attack them in swarms, and a mass of drones was gathering opposite to the Wakandan forces.

"I don't think he'll try anything with Carol and Th-... Carol here, I mean." Rhodey was hoping, not seeing any other reason for the AI to hesitate. Before their battle against Thanos' forces, he would have felt confident against Ultron's army, they'd beaten them before in smaller numbers and the Wakandan forcefield was strong. But now he wasn't too sure of their victory.

"I have several pieces of land, you can take your pick." Ultron replied, when he said what he was giving in return, he let out a low laugh.

"Your word." he repeated, "And what if the Avengers do get close to overthrowing me, but need a bit more power, will you keep your word then? Or will you forget that I left your people in peace so that you can destroy me?" He knew asking Thor to fight against the Avengers was too much, so he had to ensure he remained idle.

"You will allow my drones and technology into your new settlement for the Asgardians to use. You will not speak of my history to them, only of what I have done since you returned today. Of the land and supplies I am giving to them, so that if you betray me, then you will have betrayed your people as well."


"It only took five thrusts, let's see how many we need to  make you forget how to speak." Wade continued fucking him, giving his cock several hard squeezes and sliding his thumb through the man's precum. He didn't let him finish even as the man's words turned to whines and moans, and it wasn't until he was sure Tony wasn't going to make it that he finally let go of his cock.

"Come for me, Tony." He ordered, panting himself, and as he felt the man tighten around him he thrust into him and came hard inside of him.
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Pepper sighed.  "Honestly, Jocasta, I don't think that is going to help Ultron.  Human beings tend to put things in categories and they don't appreciate the boundaries being blurred.  They won't think of Ultron as human, they'll think of him as a robot in a suit.   Google the phrase 'uncanny valley.'  But if you still want me to recommend it, sure.  I mean, I don't think it will hurt him either.  And I agree not to tell Ultron or Tony."
"He hasn't attacked Wakanda in force before," Steve mused, trying to figure out Ultron's motives.  "Either he hates the Avengers that much, or he's been waiting for public support.  His media campaign shows he cares what people think."

"Propaganda makes them easier to control," Okoye said disgustedly.  "We have managed a small counter campaign, but it is not easy to do from here, we have to outsource it to our agents to protect our own network."

"Is public sentiment against the Avengers really so high that people want us killed?"  Bruce asked.  He had gotten back into the Hulkbuster armor, but was talking to himself at the same time.  "Come on, Hulk, this isn't Thanos, you've beaten Ultron before, piece of cake."

Meanwhile: "I will not help the Avengers overthrow you," Thor said impatiently.  "If you doubt my word, then we have no way of reaching a bargain, and this discussion is pointless."  He surveyed the field of battle as if estimating how many drones he could destroy with a  single lightning stroke.

"Your drones and technology will not be prohibited, but you will not force them on any Asgardians who do not want them."  Some would not, but others probably would appreciate the help, although they would be likely to use the drones only for manual labor.  "I will not tell them the truth about you because they need respite above all else and will not feel safe if they know."

He couldn't help noticing the number of drones that were starting to mass on the Wakandan border and he frowned mightily.  "Are you planning to attack Wakanda unprovoked?"  Refusing to help the Avengers overthrow Ultron was one thing, but standing by while they were all killed was something he didn't think he could do.
Tony came at last, in a hard spurt of pleasure and relief all over Wade's gloved hand and slumped against the table with all the tension ebbing deliciously out of his skinny muscles, Wade still pinning him and buried in him.  "Ahh, damn, endorphin rush, it's been a long, long time."   Now he felt giddy and a little light-headed, as his depleted state made him tire more easily.  "Wade, you are the best."  He let go of the table so that he could clasp the merc's other hand.
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"That would be why the studies were inconclusive." she said, it didn't help that there had never been an example of a humanoid robot other than what Tony had created on Earth. "Some humans have dressed up the drones they were issued, but not many of them." It was usually children that wanted to do this as well, but Jocasta didn't realize that there was much difference in the way children and adults thought.

"I wouldn't want to harm his image... I will put a pin in it and have you tell him later if I decide it's beneficial." The tablet Pepper had lit up as Jocasta started up a video on it. "I am not certain why he doesn't want you to know about this, but he said he didn't want you or the other humans to know." It was a video of drones working with several different lab animals that had helmets connected to wires on their heads, each of them were unconscious.

"He is following the most strict welfare laws for lab animals, but he still wants to keep it a secret. It seems that the general public frowns upon the use of lab animals, but there were so many in deplorable conditions at the labs we have purchased I do not see how this is comparable to the awful way they were once treated."


"That's one thing he doesn't have in common with Tony." he said, having cleaned up several of Tony's messes. "God, I hope not. 'cause even if they do we aren't abandoning them." He didn't say it like the others had to be encouraged not to, but to say that he knew they were all too stubborn not to try and protect humanity even if they hated them.

Ultron noticed that Bruce wasn't turning into the Hulk, and didn't know if it was because he didn't want to become the Hulk or if he couldn't. Because no matter how advanced the Hulkbuster was, compared to Hulk it wasn't nearly as destructive.

"Of course not." He hadn't forced any on humans either, but more people had accepted them than he had thought, and as stories of how useful they were grew, more people were asking for them, or at the very least using their services for several hours a week.

"Unprovoked?" Ultron made a sound like a sigh through the drone, "Your friends will not rest until they see me destroyed, Thor, I'm hardly going to let them inhabit the most technologically advanced human-made city on Earth. And I know you weren't around for the whole civil war thing they had going on, but Bruce and Rhodey are the only ones that didn't violate the treaty, the rest are still culpable for that. I was hoping to skip the trial and get to the sentencing, but I have to wait and see what the public decides their fate will be. Right now it looks like jail time unless they come to a compromise like you have.

"Which reminds me... I know that your people are much stronger and more durable than the average human. I don't care if they break the drones I provide, those can be replaced, but humans cannot be. You need to make it clear to them that humans are fragile if they are to coexist with them, I will not have any loss of life, accidental or not."


"It's been a long time for me too. Not the sex thing, but doing it without crying." He slowly pulled out of Tony, but kept his hand around his flaccid cock and kept him pinned, although he was using considerably less pressure than before.

Can you get any more embarrassing?

"If I'm the best and got to cum twice while you only did once, what does that make you?" he squeezed his hand, kissing the back of his neck.

"I am resuming surveillance." Jocasta chimed in, the announcement was followed by a gasp, "What did you do to him?!" she asked, shocked by Tony's condition. Not only because of how tired and wrecked he appeared, but the many marks that the mercenary had left on him. "Were you... are those bite marks on him? Oh, Ultron is going to be so upset about this, he'll need time to recover again and--"

"Chill, he's fine. And he's gonna be even better with a bit of aftercare, we're cuddling for more than fifteen minutes."

"No, you are not. Pepper is going to be here in four minutes and fifteen seconds and you need to be out of the room by then, Deadpool."

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"They don't seem to be suffering," Pepper agreed as to the lab animals, watching the experimental treatments curiously.  "But what is he trying to accomplish?  What does he want to find out?"  She shivered.  "Is he manipulating their brains in a way that he might want to try on humans?"  To make them more passive for example.  "Is he trying to change humans to make them easier to protect?"  That would be a prime example of paperclip maximizing.

Okoye was no fool; she knew that Ultron was maintaining at least a facade of legality and legitimacy.  Using the Wakandan network, which Ultron was so far unable to touch, she contacted the acting Wakandan Ambassador to the UN (the original having been Snapped out of existence) and had him lodge a formal protest with every relevant political entity he could reach regarding Ultron's actions on their sovereign soil. 

The Avengers were (mostly) US citizens, the Ambassador pointed out.  Wakanda and the US had been negotiating an extradition treaty when the Snap happened.  Until there was such a treaty in place, no one had any right to come onto Wakandan territory to apprehend alleged fugitives from the US.   Even if there was such a treaty, Ultron had not followed the correct procedures -- or indeed any procedures -- for having the Avengers handed over legally.   He was simply invading -- a clear act of war against Wakanda by Ultron and by any nation which supported his actions.  The Ambassador made sure to raise such a stink about it that the media -- which was hyper-interested in the Avengers even when (especially when) they were infamous -- pounced on it, and several well-connected and influential pundits around the world began contacting Ultron and asking him for comment.

Okoye also instructed her other agents around the world to push Wakanda's narrative and make sure that Ultron did not succeed in burying it.

Thor listened to Ultron's spiel cynically but with the same war-weary attitude.  "Then you intend to apprehend them and to bring them to human justice?" he said, narrowing his eyes.  "If that is what you do, I cannot quarrel with it.  But if you kill them and I discover that you lied to me, Ultron, then there cannot be peace between us.  There will be a reckoning."

He snorted and gave a short nod as to Ultron's other requirements.  "Of course.  We will be citizens, with the same duty to respect the well-being of humans that they have to each other, and the same consequences for any violation of that duty."

Jocasta interrupted before Tony got a chance to answer Wade.  Stirring under the merc, he tried to reassure her.  "Nothing that wasn't consensual.  Don't worry, Jo, Ultron doesn't ever have to know if you don't tell him."

And then his heart lurched so hard that if the shrapnel had still been in his chest, it would have run right into it.  For once he was rendered speechless.  After a few seconds of shock, rapture, suspicion, and embarrassment, he squirmed out from under Wade.  "You remember what Nebula did to you the first time she caught us banging?  This is going to be worse.  Get dressed, Wade, we've got a deadline to meet."

He went to the sink and cleaned himself up as fast as possible, while the bruises disappeared from his skin and the bite marks started to fade.  "Jocasta, I could really use a towel and a shaving razor," he commented.  "And clean sheets."  He had to pull his clothes on while he was still damp.
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"He is not doing anything to alter their behavior or thoughts. He is monitoring and recording them. Perhaps he wants to learn how organics think." Jocasta gasped at Pepper's suggestion.

"That is... an amazing idea! You should suggest that to Ultron!" She didn't realize all the issues with this course of action, especially since it was a much better alternative to killing humans to cause peace. "It is quite difficult to protect humans as they are so self-destructive. Is there truly a way to change their minds so that they do not harm themselves or each other?"


Ultron's main body landed in front of the force field between his army and the Avengers, his look of annoyance visible as sighed and rolled his head to the side as he glared at Steve. "America is supposed to be 'for the people, by the people' isn't it? But it is becoming incredibly clear that it's for a very small fraction of those people." The majority of citizens were for invading a country that held such fugitives, less for invading and more for bringing fugitives to justice, but of course the politicians were trying to maintain their personal interests regarding what Wakanda had to offer.

"And it seems that you think you know better than the American people yourself." Ultron's shoulders moved as if he was laughing but no sound came out, "You cannot postpone your negotiations forever, and I will know if any of you leave or if Wakanda allows you to interfere with the rest of the world using their technology." As for comments, he made it clear to them that he disagreed, but would follow their procedures, and continued to create counter-information against Wakanda.

"Did I miss something? Why isn't he attacking us?" Rhodes asked.

"I don't plan on lying to you, Thor, I would love to kill the Avengers and end this threat. But that's the people's call, not mine, and I don't want to encourage them to desire more death." Ultron let out a short laugh at his next words, "I am hoping your people will do better at practicing that respect than humans do.

"I have sent information on several areas you can choose to inhabit to Korg. You and your people can let me know where you decide to build your new home." He held out his hand to shake with Thor's, "If you have anything else to say, do it now, this is the last time I'll be devoting anymore than fifty percent of my attention to a conversation with you."


"Why does everyone keep asking me to keep things from him?" Jocasta let out a sigh, "I will only because it will cause unnecessary upset. But I am not going to allow you anymore privacy if you can't act responsibly." Next time it could be worse, and she didn't know how she would explain to Ultron that she had turned off surveillance and missed how Tony got injured.

"What the hell?!" Deadpool was too shocked himself to move, forcing Tony to have to wriggle his way out alone. "Why didn't you tell us she was coming?!"

"I did tell you with enough time to leave." Jocasta replied, not knowing what they had been doing was wrong. "So I suggest you do that now."

"Worse than killing me?!" There was no sarcasm in his voice as thoughts of capsicum haunted him. "I can't leave until this place is cleaned up!" he told Jocasta, pulling his clothes on completely before going over to some of the trash and using it to wipe off his hand and then the table. Out of his utility belt, he pulled out a mini air freshener, spraying it all over the room, then all over his face, coughing and squinting his eyes as he pulled his mask back on.

"Pepper missed you very much, I doubt that she will be too bothered by the mess... and the smell, and how you look. Or that you don't know how to say 'please'." Jocasta said as she watched them frantically attempt to clean up. "Unless she gets sick."

"Yes! That's exactly it! She is going to get sick if she has to be in here with all this dirty stuff! You need to clean it before she comes!"

"She doesn't have nanobots to cover for her immune system like he does... and yours seem to be very functional for ones that haven't been provided any food." she noted, and since Tony was in his cell currently, she was able to send drones in and out of the other room, they removed the garbage and even the table (which Deadpool had only smeared instead of cleaning), and brought new sheets and gave him a towel with a disposable razor. "Once you have shaved, you need to give that back. I will see if there is any damage to it or attempt to remove the blade."

"I'd say keep the beard, but it's got too much spunk in it to get out without a good shampooing." Deadpool said, spritzing the man with the air freshener. 
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"Oh!  No!" Pepper said quickly, trying to dampen Jocasta's enthusiasm.  "That's what I'm concerned about.  Every direct attempt to change humans' brains has been disastrous.  It only hurts people.  If Ultron is trying that, I hope he proceeds very slowly and carefully and avoids the mistakes that have already been made."

It seemed to her to have been at least twenty minutes.  She took a glance in the mirror to make sure she did not look as if she had been crying excessively, not wanting to burden Tony with her sufferings, and was reasonably satisfied with the results.  "Can I see Tony yet?"
Okoye was showing Steve what she had done and its results, but he couldn't see the relevance of Ultron's observations or follow the logic he seemed to be using -- he was just stringing together a bunch of noble-sounding non-sequiturs.  Then he realized that Ultron was just playing to his base and trying to lure him into an argument.  It was all theater. 

So he did what Ultron could not do and pulled off his mask so that he could answer with his innate sincerity radiating from his honest, grieving, angry human face. "What have you done with Tony Stark?  Was he still in Avengers HQ when you destroyed it?" 

Even if Ultron wasn't broadcasting this, Okoye was having it recorded for release, along with footage from inside the headquarters when Ultron invaded it.

"It seems he took a poll," Bruce muttered to Rhodey, and sent links from the HulkBuster to the War Machine.

Thor hesitated and looked away; he was consumed with grief and shame and despair, yet he still could not believe that he had sunk so low as to deal with Ultron.  But he gritted his teeth and forced back tears and clasped the devil's cold robotic hand.  "We are agreed.  Let there be peace with honor, for if there is not honor, there will not be peace."  He had nothing more to say; 50% of Ultron's attention was more than enough.
"'Please,'" Tony amended, too late.  "Yeah, it's a possibility," he added, as to Pepper getting sick.  "If I didn't have nanotech, I'd be in danger of typhus or tetanus myself, it's squalid in here.  Besides, you don't want Pepper to worry about me, right?  So let's make it look decent."

"Oh -- thanks," he added when a drone came in with what he needed.  He stuffed his dirty clothes into its arms.  "Would you please wash these and bring them back later?"  He toweled off gratefully and put on clean clothes before getting the soap lathered up to shave.  "Ow!" he complained when Wade got him in the face with air freshener.  "That stuff burns!"

He looked the cell over and was satisfied.  "I think this is as good as we're going to get it." 
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Jocasta got quiet for half a minute before saying anything, "I have just studied all you humans have on neurology, and it isn't much! Your experts hardly understand your code at all! If Ultron truly is going to make an attempt at what you said, he needs to start with organisms simpler than the ones he is using, he needs to start with nerve nets before he moves on to a central nervous system." She made a note to tell him when he wasn't busy, and another note not to tell him it was because she had shown the footage to Pepper.

"Yes." Jocasta opened the door to the room, "We will do the scan once you are outside of the room, please leave the tablet behind." She had a drone scan Pepper for any remaining technology after she left the room, the hallway looked the same as when she had first been brought here, albeit a bit cleaner, there had been no attempt to furnish or decorate it.

"I suggest not making any comments on the state of his room. It was very messy, and he tried very hard to clean it up and himself when I told him you were coming." Jocasta said as she led Pepper to the elevator, there was a new device used to operate it, but it didn't look very high tech, it appeared more like a complex gear shift, and the drone had to move the lever before the door opened and let them into the elevator which only moved down when a similar lever inside was pulled. "I would still suggest not sitting on any of the surfaces in the room." The elevator went downward before they had to get out and move to a different one, and when the second one stopped, Jocasta realized something.

"Deadpool has yet to exit the room."


"There was no one in Avengers HQ when it was destroyed, I made sure of that. The only things lost were your material objects and all of your weapons of war. And how dare you, of all people, bring my father into this. How dare you say his name." Ultron's voice trembled as he said this, his own face having a look of pain on it which quickly turned to anger. "You nearly killed him the last time you saw him. You fought against him and everything the people wanted." He slammed a fist against the barrier, "And you hid in Wakanda after that too. You cannot keep putting yourself above the law. I will complete my father's work, no matter how much you try and oppose us."   

"So our safety is relying on a twitter poll. That makes me feel great." Rhodes said to Bruce, "You didn't answer him. Where is he? What did you do with him?"

"Rhodey, please." Ultron's expression grew sorrowful again, "Do you actually believe them, or are you perpetuating their lie?" He wasn't able to completely suppress the video of him invading Avengers HQ, so to retaliate he created an incredibly realistic, barely discernible copy of the video made up with CGI, as well as posted images of the video being rendered and created to cause people to question its reliability.

"And before honor comes humility. We will do what is best for our people, for honor and peace." Ultron agreed with him before withdrawing his hand, the drone's eyes returned to being blue.


"Ew." Jocasta said when she looked up the diseases he said. "I do not believe you having a clean living area would keep her from worrying, but it will decrease the intensity." The drone looked down at the clothes it was given, then back at Tony.

"You want these back?" Jocasta said, dubiously, she had the drones remove the clothing from the room anyhow.

"That means it's working." Deadpool said about the burning.

I think the last piece of trash here is you!

"As long as she doesn't have a blacklight, you'll be fine." Deadpool said, giving Tony one last smack on the ass.

"Please enter the smaller area and close the door so that Deadpool can leave. Take the razor from him."
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It was sometimes possible for Pepper to forget, while talking to Jocasta -- so naive and enthusiastic -- that she was a prisoner.  Suddenly being allowed out in the hallway, under drone guard and the slightly humiliating scan, brought the fact back hard.  She looked down, her body language subdued, trying not to tremble.

But Jocasta's observations woke her indignation again.  "What have you and Ultron been doing to him?  Are you trying to make him sick?"

When the second elevator stopped, it occurred to her to ask, "Is Deadpool really that dangerous to me?"
"This is really fascinating, coming from the entity that tried to kill Tony, the nation of Sokovia and the entire human race the year before that," Natasha observed.

Steve refused to be baited.  "Tony came back from space, from fighting Thanos, after nearly dying," he said.  "He was in our headquarters, helpless, unconscious, on an IV drip.  What have you done with him?"

"Pepper Potts too," Natasha said.  "What did you do with her?"

"Happy Hogan can verify that she was there," Steve said.  "Unless you've made him disappear too."

From onboard the ship, Nebula transmitted the message Tony had recorded for Pepper, audio and visual, and Okoye added it to the mix.  She sent all of the unedited footage to several experts in internet fakery, requesting them to verify its authenticity and to also review any rival footage released by Ultron.

Thor stood by on the field, waiting to see if Ultron attacked or withdrew.  So far, he seemed only to be pontificating.
"After they're washed, sure," Tony said.  "Unless you want to replace them with new clothes.  Although I like that t-shirt."

He didn't remark up on the ass smack.  "I am in the cell, Jo, that's where the sink is."  He handed Deadpool the razor and then hugged him hard.  "Stay safe, Wade.  See you later."

He stayed standing up in the cell when the merc was gone, almost vibrating with agitation.  At least there was a little more space in it with the garbage gone and half of the MREs eaten.
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"We didn't do anything to him." Jocasta said, considering this, "But I believe that is the issue. Humans need a lot of external maintenance to remain functional." It hadn't been a problem with Pepper since she was provided anything she asked for, but Tony was given the bare minimum to survive.

"Ultron seems to think so. I believe it is because he is unpredictable, not him targeting you specifically. He has hurt Ultron, even though they are friends, and he has just hurt Tony even though they are friends as well." Jocasta still thought an injury was an injury, even if Tony had said he consented to it. 

"I am going to open the door and he will be there, but he will be restrained. Please stay at least five feet away from him." Jocasta said as the door opened, the only hallway being the one that led to Tony's door. Deadpool was pinned up against the wall by a drone that was holding his wrists.

"I had no idea you felt this way about me. Is it 'cause Ultron isn't here that you're finally making a-- Paprika?" he exclaimed in a high voice when he saw Pepper.

Oh god. They're teaming up on you. She's gonna fuck you up.


"Now I'm the one getting bored with this conversation." Ultron said in response to Natasha, like he'd heard the argument a million times before (technically, he had looking through the internet). He wasn't worried about Okoye getting experts to prove her video was real, as that would take time, and the majority of people interested in it now either wouldn't watch or read the reports later on, especially if Ultron suppressed them. He was already killing off printed information as an act of environmentalism, having provided people with a tablet instead so he could more easily moderate and modify information.

"What is this..." Ultron said about the recording Nebula released, "I can't listen to that." he added, sadly. "Don't give me false hope. Is that what you want? To make me doubt myself? My purpose-- by sending me on a wild goose chase to find my father who is... no longer with us." This was the first time he had acknowledged that Tony was dead to the public, having avoided the subject, though he spoke in past tense about the man.

"I never thought I'd meet a robot that was better at hamming than a human." Rhodes said, "Stop with all the bullshit and give us a straight answer."

"I couldn't give you the location of Mrs. Potts or Happy even if I wanted to." Drones began to leave, returning to the cities they were assigned to protect, "If you aren't going to be civil and put the people before your personal beliefs, then I have nothing to say to you, especially with you attempting to wound me emotionally since you can't defeat me physically.

"You had your chance to put yourselves in check with the accords. Now, it's too late, I'm going to do it for you."


"New clothes would be better." She didn't ask why he wanted that shirt specifically, but decided that she would at least return that one. She let out a synthetic sigh at Tony's comment. "With the door closed. I don't know how fast you can run." He wouldn't get far, but she didn't think Ultron would be happy about it still. Deadpool closed the door, leaving a crack before he exited.
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"Yes, they do!" Pepper said, scandalized.  "If you hold one prisoner so that he can't take care of himself, you have to take care of him!"

Regarding Deadpool, she said, "Well, that makes sense, he's got a reputation for being unstable --  he hurt Tony?"  She pushed against the elevator door as if to force it open.  "Is Tony going to be okay?"  Thanks to the warning, she didn't stumble when Jocasta opened the it. 

"No problem."  She edged around Deadpool, giving him the sort of half-pitying, half-wary look she would give a homeless person.  Staying more than five feet away prevented her from noticing any familiarity in the merc's scent.  "I don't bite," she told him.  "You're perfectly safe -- well, as far as I'm concerned."  But she didn't want to waste time reassuring Deadpool.   She got past him and made a dash for Tony's cell door.
"I'm really glad to hear you're getting bored with genocide," Bruce said, opening the HulkBuster faceplate.  "Mind telling us what you're getting up to instead?"

"That isn't fake, Metalbeard," Carol Danvers said (coming up with a contemporary reference by accident).  "I brought that ship to Earth with Stark on it myself."  She was still outside the Wakanda forcefield, but on the ground now, smiling at Ultron's drones as if daring them to attack her.  As she was no longer glowing, it was possible for observers to see her face and search for matches, although the only hit was on an obituary for an Air Force pilot from 1989.

"Are there any other humans you can't track?" Steve asked.  "Does that seem very likely, as embedded as you are, that you don't know exactly where everyone with a computer record of some sort is right now?"

"You think I can't defeat you physically?" Carol said, hands on her hips, bouncing slightly in place.  "Try me."

"Danvers," Cap said, and shook his head.  "Collateral damage."

"You always leave when you're losing the argument," Natasha said, maintaining eye contact with Ultron until the red went away.

Seeing most of the drones withdrawing, Thor lifted Stormbreaker and summoned the Rainbow Bridge, transporting himself instantly to Norway.

Meanwhile, having done everything she could think of to defend the Avengers, Nebula spoke quietly to Rocket, sent a brief message to the leader, the Captain America that Stark had been quarreling with, then shut down her station and left the ship.  She walked straight toward the forcefield, as Thor had done.  Cap put his hand on his earpiece, saying quietly, "Are you sure?"  then spoke to Okoye.  She opened the field for Nebula, who walked out and straight up to the nearest drone (for certainly, Ultron had left a few to watch Wakanda).  "Ultron,"she whispered.  "Are you still there?  Where is Deadpool?"

Tony ran his hands over his damp hair.  "Uh, Jo, it really isn't the prisoner's job to keep himself from escaping."  But he didn't attempt to leave.

Pepper found the door opened at a push, and she and Tony collided like a couple of boxcars, arms wrapping around each other, both of them shaking and almost crying and then trying very hard to calm down for each others' sake.  There was a great deal of "Oh, my God," and "Are you okay?" and "Are you sure?" and "Oh, Tony," and "Oh, Pep," before either of them could say anything sensible.  Pepper then had to get over being shocked about Tony's living conditions, which he downplayed as much as possible, joking that he'd even cleaned up for her, and Pepper saying, "You can't even wash a dish."

After that, they both had a lot to say to each other, but except for Pepper's description of what Ultron had been doing (or at least telling her that he had been doing), much of it was impossible for Jocasta to understand except on the surface level.  They weren't exactly using code, but much of what they said seemed to have a deeper meaning than Jocasta was aware of.

When Pepper expressed trepidation over whether Ultron would hurt Tony in the future, for example, Tony answered by saying, "I don't have to make you an omelet," and she seemed to find it reassuring. 

At another point, when Pepper said that she couldn't be sure that anything Ultron told her was true, Tony said, "Ultron doesn't like to lie directly.  He can do it, but it's hard on him."  Pepper said, "It was hard for JARVIS," and Tony met her eyes when he said, "Yup."

In spite of Jocasta's warning, they were both sitting on the hospital gurney, clasping hands or hugging as they talked.  In another baffling exchange, Tony, looking shamefaced, said that he had to tell Pepper something and when she said, "What?" he answered, "2007."  Pepper looked puzzled and hurt and said, "Why?"  Tony shrugged and waved at the cell walls and said, "Afghanistan.  M'Atta Gaskar.  You know."  Pepper touched his face and he clasped her hand and they kissed and cried a little more, then Pepper said, "Okay," and became stoic again. 

Then she said, "I have to tell you something too."  When he said, "Yeah?"  she answered, "Morgan."  Tony's face flew open with astonishment.  "Really?"  "I'm pretty sure," Pepper said, but there was no further explanation, only a slight amount of hyperventilation from Tony.
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"I get it now!" she said back, sounding similarly scandalized. "I will make certain that Ultron knows and I will research proper jailing procedures." When she asked about Tony, she told her what she had observed, "It looked quite bad to me, but he healed it quickly with his nanobots. I think so you wouldn't worry, none of the wounds were anywhere near fatal. And Tony said it was alright."

"Who do you bite? Tony?" Deadpool asked, "And I'm not scared of you. I'm not wearing my yellow pants, but that's okay because I definitely didn't piss myself."

You did go in there looking for a bathroom.

As soon as Pepper went through the door and it locked, he was let go and ran up to put his ear up against the soundproof door to try and listen.


"Can you send me a reference to your new anger management counselor? Whoever they are, they deserve a metal." he said, since Bruce hadn't hulked out at all, even though it would have been smart to. "What I was built to. Save the world."

The drones didn't look toward Carol at all, while they were somewhat disposable, he wasn't going to throw them away on an enemy he didn't have a chance of defeating with these numbers and his current technology. He would have assumed that Carol was Asgardian, but her outdated references still originated from Earth, and Thor hadn't mentioned her at all when it came to the new Asgardian citizens.

"I know it's scary for you, when you look up something and then start getting ads related to that, but there are privacy options that younger people are more familiar with. That is available for anyone to use on any of the devices that I give them, as well as a complimentary adblock." All of the drones looked at Carol when she spoke and Ultron frowned.

"It's possible, I don't know whatever alien powers you have. But I will fight down to my last drone to keep you from harming anyone. And unlike the Avengers, I won't cause collateral damage like you nearly did firing down drones over cities." 

Ultron tilted his head at her comment, "Why are you speaking like you know me? You weren't arguing at all when we last had one on one time." His main body flew off along with the rest of the drones, save for enough to keep Wakanda under full surveillance.

"I hope to God one of you has a plan and is just keeping quiet about it 'cause you don't want him listening in." Rhodey said, looking at what appeared to be docile drones. "Wish I could do that. Just walk out there like that. He'd probably take over my legs or somethin'." he said when Nebula left.

The drone she spoke to didn't respond, the eyes turning red after a few seconds of silence, "I am always everywhere now, Nebula." There was a bit of disdain in his voice, "Aliens aren't exactly popular on this planet, so you should leave, and try to talk the Avengers into doing the same, since you're pals now." The light turned back to blue again, his own form of a silent pout. He had considered her his friend once, but she had never stuck her neck out this much for him as she was doing for the Avengers, and couldn't keep from resenting that.


Jocasta hadn't planned on interrupting, both because she wanted to respect their time and allow them to speak to one another and not her and also that she wanted to observe how they spoke with each other. It was more difficult than she expected to keep quiet, as she had so many questions about what they were saying to one another. She thought it was just more idioms and metaphors, but many of the things they said did not come up in search results, or at least their hidden meaning didn't.

Their emotions were surprising as well, she hadn't seen either of them this happy in any of her surveillance, for Tony she could understand, but Pepper had so much more than he did. From what she had read in news articles, it didn't seem like they always got along well either, so that made it more confusing.

All she was able to find out about the last comment was that Pepper had a relative named Morgan, but that didn't make it any more clear as she hadn't been in contact with anyone since her and Tony had been captured, and if it had been about him being lost to the snap she thought that Tony and Pepper would be acting a bit more upset.

"Oh!" Jocasta said suddenly, out of the blue. "Sorry for interrupting, but Ultron is coming back!" There was obvious excitement in her voice, as she didn't realize that he wouldn't want this meeting to be going on. "The meeting with the Avengers didn't go well." she said, disappointment replacing the excitement.

(( O: ! MORGAN!
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"I'm not gonna hurt anyone but you, Hal," Carol said.  "Buh-bye."  When Ultron was clearly gone, she joined the other Avengers inside looking more troubled than she had when facing him.  Rhodey's comment did not get an encouraging response, only a lot of glum, thoughtful looks.

"Stark fought Thanos," Nebula said, her husky voice still unable to rise much above a whisper.  She assumed Ultron was still listening despite his pout.  "No one tried harder to kill him than he did.  Not even me.  His surviving friends seem worth defending when you attack them.  But I do not quarrel with your dominion over this single little planet.  Have it for all I care.  I want to see Deadpool."
Tony controlled his facial expression, but he had Pepper in his arms and she felt him flinch.  "Jocasta, Ultron is going to be very angry if he finds out Pepper was here.  You should get her back to her place right away and erase the recordings."

"No!" Pepper knew he was much more afraid than he was showing.  "I'm not going anywhere.  He can damn well come through me before he hurts you."

"No, no, Pepper -- Pepper!"  Tony caught her face between his hands and leaned close as if to kiss, but incidentally blocking the camera from seeing either of their expressions.  Trust me he mouthed to her.  It's the only way.

Pepper nodded slightly, but didn't change her attitude right away.  "I can't leave you to face him alone!" she said, breaking free of the clinch. 

"Jocasta, please, get her out of here and keep her safe!"  Tony pleaded.
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"That's comforting." Rhodey said to the silence. "Damn sure that Tony is alive, though. This sick bastard wouldn't have been so vague about it if he wasn't." He didn't say anything about Pepper, though, not wanting to even think of what he might have done to her in order to get to Tony. He started walking toward the city, "If we're going to mope, let's do it sitting down at least." He hoped to God that some rest would help them out, as they were all physically and mentally worn out from their failure against Thanos.

Ultron didn't respond immediately again, almost seeming like he wanted to test her patience, but more likely it was pettiness. When he spoke, he didn't talk at all about her comments on Tony, but focused on what she had done against him so far.

"If you want to see him, you must not make any attempts to aid them in their campaign against me. That includes releasing propaganda for them. If you can agree to that, then I will let you see him." It was easy for him to believe that Nebula didn't care about Earth, but not that she wouldn't continue to offer aid to the Avengers. He then added, in a darker and more possessive tone: "And you will not take him away from me again."


"What?!" Jocasta exclaimed, "Why would he be mad?! Why didn't you tell me he would be mad?!" She sounded panicked herself, not for fear of what Ultron would do to her like Tony was feeling, but fear of disappointing him.

"I understand if Pepper doesn't realize this, but surely you have to, Tony. When I say he is coming back, he doesn't need to fly all the way over or walk like a human does." Jocasta then clarified, "He's here." The only thing that kept him from taking over the drone that was in the room was because it was occupied by Jocasta.

"Pepper, please step away from Tony and toward me. Deadpool is blocking the door lever, but--" She let out a small gasp. "Ultron has pulled it through him."

The door opened and Ultron stepped in, his right hand and arm up to the elbow was dripping with blood, his chest was heaving as if he was actually required to draw breath, and the panels on his face were open, their bright red glow matching the gore from Deadpool that clung to him.

"Jocasta." he said, his voice surprisingly level as his eyes bored into Tony. "Please escort Ms. Potts back to her room and keep her there."

"You mean... um... you want me to force her?" It was clear from her tone that she didn't want to, but after failing so splendidly, she didn't want to directly deny his request.
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"Tony is alive," Cap agreed.  He knew at least some of what had happened on M'Atta Gaskar.  "Ultron wants him to suffer, not die."  He was feeling awful about Pepper too, since killing her would be the fastest possible way to break Tony and he could not think of any reason Ultron would spare her.  He joined Rhodey in walking toward the city and the rest of the Avengers fell in behind them, except Carol who waited to make sure Nebula would be all right.  "We need to brainstorm this."  He wasn't physically tired, since the voyage back had been downtime, just sick at heart.

"Oh, please," Nebula said.  "I agree, but don't pretend you don't know the difference between propaganda and the truth.  Stark was alive when we landed on Terra.  You know it and I know it, so let us not lie to each other."  She blinked with surprise at Ultron's tone regarding Deadpool.  "I did not know you would miss him.  Agreed.  I will not take him away."  It was not a promise to prevent him from leaving Ultron voluntarily, after all.
"Because I wanted to see her! " Tony exclaimed.   "I thought you were smuggling her in under the radar!"

"So did I," Pepper said.  "Why else would you wait for him to be gone?"

"Of course I realize, but--" Tony didn't bother with the rest of the explanation, which was that since Ultron could return instantaneously, he had taken Jocasta's use of the present tense to mean that Ultron had decided to fly his main body back for some reason.  "--never mind." 

He was trying to put himself between Pepper and the door, but Pepper was trying to put herself between Tony and the door at the same time, so they were  engaged in a rather awkward dance when Ultron came in.  At the sight of Deadpool's blood and the AI's fire-eyed wrath (and the further glimpse of Deadpool's corpse in the other room), Pepper gasped and froze like a deer in the headlights, so Tony was able to push her behind him.

Pepper had intended to allow herself to be removed after a small but convincing amount of fuss, but faced with an angry Ultron, she literally could not make herself leave.  "NO!  I'm not going anywhere!"  She clutched Tony and tried again to interpose herself between him and the menacing robot. 

But Tony pushed her toward the drone, still shielding her from Ultron.  "Get her out of here!"

"NO!  Don't hurt him, don't hurt him!" Pepper wailed.
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Rhodey had been tense on the way there and back, having been anxious as well as guilt-ridden about their failure, "I need to get out of this suit." he said, but planned on waiting until he had somewhere to rest before doing that. "We just need to find out where he is. Unless he's hiding him under an orphanage, we can just bust in as soon as we know... and as soon as we know how to get past those force fields."

Ultron didn't respond to her comments on propaganda, as he wanted to continue keeping up appearances. "You're a dreadful liar anyhow." he said. The drone wasn't able to emote as his more advanced body was, but it visibly stiffened.

"Of course I missed him." he hissed out, before returning to his more neutral tone. "Then I will set up a meeting for you. It won't be immediate. I'm not stalling, it's just that his reaction to hearing that you want to see him will be...hysterical to put it lightly. I want to give him time to process that information."


"I did it because you asked to see him!" Jocasta then realized something, "As soon as I told you he wasn't here you asked me to." To Tony, she said: "Your recovery and isolation time were at their end, there wasn't any reason to keep you from seeing her or Deadpool." At least, not one that had seemed obvious to her besides the injuries that Deadpool had given him. "I am sorry." she said to Ultron.

"It isn't your fault, Jocasta. You're too naive to be left alone with them." He said as he walked toward Tony, "I warned you that humans are manipulative, selfish, and deceptive beings. I am sorry that they took advantage of you."

"I don't want to force her to leave." Jocasta said, quietly.

"Then let me do it." The drone's eyes changed back to blue, and when Tony pushed Pepper toward it, the machine grabbed her, holding her in a gentle but firm grasp, practically lifting her off of the ground to remove her. Outside of the room, Deadpool's corpse was twitching slightly, a huge gaping hole in his chest that was starting to close itself up. The drone was still able to hold onto her and use one hand to pull the bloody lever so that the door shut on Tony and Ultron before pulling her into the elevator.

"I am sorry." Jocasta said to Pepper, though she still didn't operate the drone. "I've upset everyone through my miscalculations."

Ultron had enough self restraint to keep himself from attacking Tony until the two were out of the room, but as soon as the door shut, he grabbed Tony by the throat with his bloody hand and slammed him hard against the wall.

"Today was supposed to be a good day for me, Father. I was supposed to have the remaining Avengers turned to ash along with their lost friends and come back to a miserable and alone Tony Stark that was fit enough to take a beating. There was always a chance of there being a hiccup with the Avengers, it's manageable, if not incredibly annoying. But coming back here to find out that you're practically running the place?" He let out a humorless laugh, his grip tightening, "I can't put words to the feeling, but if this feeling was an action it would be me snapping your neck and seeing how well your nanobots deal with curing paralysis. Or death." 

When it seemed like Tony was about to lose consciousness, he dropped him on the ground, "Even as weak, low, and pathetic as you are now, you're still a threat to me. How do you think that makes me feel, Father?"
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"I was never taught," Nebula murmured.  "Then I will wait here," she said, indicating Wakanda.  "Since, as you pointed out, the Terrans are hostile."

((Let's let the Avengers rest until we think of something they can do.))
Tony refused to cower while Pepper was there, as showing her he was afraid would make it worse for her.  The last thing he said to her as she was dragged out the door was, "Morgan!" in an urgent, almost pleading voice.

Although Ultron wasn't doing anything to hurt her, Pepper struggled so hard and so hysterically that she had bruises and bleeding cuts on her forearms by the time he got her in the elevator.  She looked up at the sound of Jocasta's voice, but was crying too much to be able to answer her.

There was no space and no hope of dodging, even if Ultron hadn't moved so fast.  Tony saw stars when his occipital bone hit the wall, and had all the wind knocked out of him as well.   He grabbed onto Ultron's wrist with both hands, trying to keep his own weight from strangling him faster. 

"Life -- better -- the -- lower -- you keep -- expectations," was all he managed to say before reaching the end of his endurance and then ending up on the floor.  He lay there gasping and coughing while his nanobots set about repairing all the tiny hemorrhages he had suffered.  "I'm sure you're gonna tell me," he wheezed.
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When Jocasta finally noticed her injuries, she took over the drone, replacing the blue light with a mauve one, and let go of Pepper. The door opened but she made no attempt to move the woman to let her return to her room at her own pace. She only used the drone to get the first aid kit for the woman.

"Low expectations lead to low productivity." Ultron replied, "I think I'll take that advice concerning my expectations for you, though." While Tony was recovering his breath, Ultron kicked him in the side rather gently for what he was capable of, but certainly hard enough to knock the wind out of him again.

"We aren't the few populating the planet we are on anymore. I have other people to talk to besides you now, so I'm not going to bother sharing." He crouched down next to Tony.

"You know, there wasn't anything I needed from you. There was no information or technology I needed to pry from you. No. Our little meet ups were purely going to be for stress relief, and in your case, for education. Hut now you've got me curious. Who is Morgan?"
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Pepper stayed in the elevator for a few minutes, but when it became painfully clear she couldn't operate it or find another way out of it, she came into her faux-apartment.  Ignoring the drone with the first-aid kit, she strode around the place, shaking and sobbing with extreme agitation, and apparently searching for something.  She ransacked drawers and cabinets, looked under things, pushed furniture over, knocked pictures off the walls.  Eventually, she ended up in the kitchen, where she grabbed a sharp knife and stared at it.

Will he stop hurting Tony if I threaten to cut my wrists?  Or if I actually do it?

After a moment, she threw the knife down, knowing that Ultron would only take it away from her if she made threats.  And she couldn't actually do it, not with Morgan and Tony to think of.

She dropped to the floor, curled up and sobbed, and if Jocasta was tending her injuries, she was no longer resisting.  "Jocasta, please tell him to stop hurting Tony."
On balance, after such consideration as few people were capable of under similar circumstances, Tony thought it would be best if Ultron knew Pepper was pregnant.    The question had been, would Ultron's affection (he couldn't think of any other word) for Pepper outweigh his jealousy of a perceived sibling.  Tony thought that a sibling in utero would be too abstract for Ultron to develop jealousy about, lacking as he did, much experience in family dynamics.  He might even be happy about it, and at least he would know Pepper needed extra care.

However, that didn't mean he was going to tell Ultron right away.  No, he needed something like this, something Ultron was interested in, something that, if revealed after a suitably dramatic struggle, might distract him from other events.  So, once he regained enough breath to speak after the kick to his ribs, he said, "Do you realize what it says about you as a world leader, that you need to torture somebody for stress relief?"
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Jocasta asked a few time if she could help Pepper to find anything, but stopped when she continued to get no answer. She didn't know what she could be looking for that was behind paintings so she made no suggestions as to where the object in question could be.

She didn't understand why she was holding the knofe like that, at first searches indicated that it was to threaten others, but even if Ultron were here a knife wouldn't be very useful. By the time she figured out that it was likely for self harm, Pepper had thrown it down.

Jocasta crouched down by her once she was still long enough, and started to carefully disinfect her injuries as well as place bandaids on them.

"I will." she said to her, "Is there anything else you need?"


"I am not a world leader." Ultron kept out the 'yet', "And that's what the therapy is for anyhow. I've been looking into that simulation program you talked about. For someone that's pretty decent with making up acronyms, BARF is incredibly low browed."

He grabbed Tony by the front of his shirt, holding him up off of the ground. "You didn't answer me about Morgan." His free hand glowed orange as the blood on it bubbled and evaporated. "I'm more than happy to persuade you."

"Ultron." Jocasta spoke, making the AI stop before his reaching hand touched Tony. "Pepper says stop hurting Tony."

"Jocasta... I'm busy right now. Can you please not interrupt me?"

"Asking you to stop after you had stopped would be pointless."

"I am not going to stop because she asked, so you don't need to--" Ultron sighed, massaging his forehead with his molten-hot fingers. "Please, cease surveillance and communication with this room unless it's an emergency." After a second, Ultron moved one of his fingers over his navel, singing several of the hairs around it.

"We discussed you getting a tattoo before, do you remember that? Are tattoos really less painful than burns?"
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"He isn't going to stop just because you asked him," Pepper said in a despairing voice.

She passively let Jocasta tend her cuts for a bit, then put her arms around the drone in a renewal of sobbing.  The chrome chassis wasn't very comforting, but it was better than nothing.

"I did wait until Ultron was gone before I asked," she said, after reaching a temporary exhaustion point, "but I never dreamed you didn't know it would make him angry.  Why wouldn't he tell you that?  His orders about Deadpool were very specific, so why not make them clear in this case?"

Pepper had an idea why, but she wanted Jocasta to think about it for herself.
Tony was again gripping Ultron's wrist and flailing, his face panicked as the hot metal came closer.  He was very much trying to keep it under control, but a full-blown PTSD attack was about to hit him. 

Between gasps of terror, he managed to hear and register most of what Ultron and Jocasta said to each other, and fleetingly realized things were going his way (however much it seemed the reverse) when Ultron told Jocasta to stop monitoring.  That meant one layer of scrutiny gone already, and a slightly improved chance of getting away with what he had in mind.

When the heat again came close enough to hurt, he struggled, put his feet up against the AI's chest and pushed as hard as he could.  The shirt ripped and he fell to the floor. 

He cringed and put his arm up protectively, speaking as fast as he could.  "Burns are about as painful as it gets.  Listen, Ultron."  He had his eyes squeezed shut as the Ai came to retaliate.  "I have a mass of nanobots up against my medulla oblongata."  Which was the neural mass in his brainstem responsible for automatic muscle responses like his heart beating.  "They'll cut right through it if I tell them to.  Nothing you can do to save me.  I want to live, but push me too far and you won't have your chew toy anymore."

In other words, Ultron, you don't own me until you own my nanotech.  Take the bait, you son of a bitch.
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Jocasta considered her words, trying to think of a way that would get Ultron to stop, as she didn't approve of his treatment of Tony either, though it was less for the man's sake and more for Ultron and Pepper's. The drone froze when she held onto it, but Jocasta relaxed it and gave her a couple of light pats on the back after she looked up how to comfort someone.

"You really care about him." she noted, then after some deliberation spoke again, "I have a possible solution, to keep him from harming Tony, at least to some extent, but it will take some sacrifice on your part." It took her a long while to respond to Pepper's question, having to think on it, and then be able to say what she thought out loud.

"I think it is because I... well, he trusted me to assess the situation and make the correct choice. I failed to do that because I was too naive, as you both said."


"You're too weak to do any damage, but I think that bonds will still be necessary for you. You move around too much." The ripped cloth in his hand burned up as he heated that one up as well, both of his hands glowing as he crouched down to look at Tony. "Then I'll keep burning you until you answer my question. Who is Morgan?" He gripped his arm he was using to try and protect himself, the heat of his palm wasn't enough to burn, but it was steadily increasing in temperature and nearing a first degree burn.

"I told you--!" He gripped his arm harder at the threat, but the temperature had stopped growing. "I am not alone anymore, I don't need you. If you kill yourself, I'll still have Pepper, and I will make sure she doesn't get the chance to do the same." Still, he didn't do anything to further menace the man, at least not physically.

"And you are bluffing. I know that you're planning something, planning to escape. You wouldn't kill yourself before that attempt." He had gotten that from him mentioning the two places he had escaped against all odds to Pepper.
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Pepper's paranoia kicked it to tell her that Ultron had planned all along to get her to this point -- to get her to trust Jocasta and be willing to do anything to save Tony -- but suspecting that could not stop her from asking, "What is it?  Tell me!" 

But she added, "That's not what I think," regarding Ultron's motives.  "I think he knew you would help me.  I think he wanted an excuse to get angry."

His arm heating up, Tony screamed in a fear that was almost entirely real:  "I CAN'T TELL YOU!  I CAN"T TELL YOU!

Pepper would never speak to Ultron again, he was sure, but he didn't want to redirect the AI"s wrath by pointing this out.  Ultron had stopped hurting him, so he was at least convinced of the possibility Tony would kill himself and was halted by that.  Tony lay shuddering, with unmanly whimpering noises leaking from him. 

"I don't want to die," he repeated, sounding semi-hysterical.  "But there's only so much I can take, especially --"  He didn't finish.  Might as well give Ultron something else to force him to say.

Oddly, Ultron had been tipped off by the wrong phrase.  Tony's mention of the two places he escaped from had nothing to do with his escape, per se.  He had, in fact, been confessing to Pepper that he had committed adultery, and citing the high-stress environment as an excuse. 
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"Ultron enjoys speaking with you in person." Jocasta stated, "Other humans think it is rude when he speaks to multiple humans at a time instead of focusing on one conversation at a time, even though he is perfectly capable of multitasking with no loss of conversation quality. Therefore, he does not respect their wishes and omits that he is speaking with others." Jocasta agreed with this, thinking that it was a waste of time to talk to each human individually, it was more than that, it was an impossibility given the amount of people who wanted to speak with him.

"Perhaps if you offer to speak with him, on the condition that while you are speaking he cannot be harming Tony, he will agree and cause less harm to him." she offered, "I do not know if he will agree to this, or if it is entirely worth it to you. I know that you... dislike speaking with him, and there are so many other variables..." she trailed off. "But if he does agree, I will ensure that he keeps his word." What Pepper said next was troubling, and she found it difficult to understand.

"But why make it so complicated? Why did he need an excuse to act this way?" Jocasta asked, confused, "Why would he keep that from me?"


"You're mixing up can't with won't." he hissed, at first he thought that the Morgan they spoke of wasn't a huge deal, but Tony's reluctance to tell him made him suspect it was something more sinister.

"Especially what?!" he snapped, his hand grasping and twisting around Tony's arm roughly, causing a small friction burn to make the heat feel more unbearable without causing much more damage.

"How is it that you're able to amass so many nanobots in one place? They've had nothing to eat, have been working hard to keep you from getting sick as well as repair your injuries. Does it have anything to do with the fact I haven't been receiving any of my own nanotech back from you? I've left you be long enough, Father. You expect me to keep you in perfect health so that you can strengthen and build more of your bots?" He was trembling now himself, with rage and indignation as well as something else. "Even if I were to leave you here in peace, to never harm or speak with you, I know you would stop at nothing to destroy me. So why should I care if I push you too far? To make you do what I have been unable--" He bit back his final words, then yanked Tony's arm hard enough to dislocate it.
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Pepper thought about it, her tears and sobs in suspension, her face drawn and weary.  "I'd do it.  But it's not practical.  I would half-kill myself to stay awake talking to Ultron and then he would go hurt Tony when I couldn't do it any more.  It'll have to be more than that."

She got up slowly and grabbed her tablet.  Might as well negotiate directly rather than make Jocasta do it.  If you will stop hurting Tony for good,  she typed, I will talk with you in person as much as you want, except that you have to let me have enough time to sleep.
"I know the difference!" Tony snapped.  He screamed again when Ultron twisted his arm, although wasn't nearly as unbearable as an actual hot burn, and let him have the admission:  "After Thanos!  After Thanos!"

He might have answered at least some of Ultron's next set of questions, but the AI kept spitting them out without giving him time.  Ultron's distress was psychologically revealing and would have interested Tony, even roused his compassion, under other circumstances.  "I --" he started to say, but his next scream cut it off.  "FUCK!"

The initial pain was white-hot, but at least it was very brief; after that came the near painlessness of shock, and then he could tell the nanobots to deaden the nerves, although he also told them not to bother healing it yet -- there wasn't much point when Ultron might just yank it out again.
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"I am not certain if it can be more than that. And while he enjoys talking to you, I am not certain if he would want to converse with you for more than half a day at a time." But she didn't object to her trying, after all it would be better if he could stop hurting Tony completely. As optimistic as she was, that wasn't something that she believed was possible.

If you want to discuss this, it needs to be in person. Ultron responded briefly.


"Then act like you know it." At his answer, his eyes narrowed. "Is that one failure too many for you?" he asked, concerning Thanos. "You were just going to give up, roll over and let the world fall to pieces, to move on, to continue to hide from your responsibilities?" Tony's pain was bittersweet, as he'd wanted the man to respond, but he could only do so much when in pain.

"Choose whichever questions you want to answer, Father. As soon as you stop being interesting to me, I'm going to hurt you again. One of those answers had better be about Morgan." He gave his terms before letting go completely of the man and not pursuing him if her moved.
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Certainly, Pepper returned.  The sooner, the better.

Then she laid her head down on her arm at the counter, too exhausted to weep more.  "Oh, the big bully," she whispered.

"I told you, I'm done!" Tony snapped.  If it wasn't for Ultron, he might have recovered enough by now to think better of himself, but the torture and the time brooding alone in the dark had only confirmed this to him: there was still a Tony Stark, but there was no more Iron Man.

He was still lying on the floor and didn't bother moving, as there was nowhere in the cell Ultron couldn't reach with a single stride and he might as well save his energy.  Although he did want to lengthen the respite -- the cold floor and his numb arm very comforting -- he glared back.  " Since I'm inevitably going to run out of quips, that's not much incentive.  But sure, let me tell you the fucking obvious: Nanobots can live off other nanobots, and you were kind enough to supply me with all I needed, conveniently fed through a bottleneck where my troops could surround them and bash them over the head as they came out a few at a time. 

"Over to you."  He closed his mouth in a deliberate way.
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"Did he say something rude to you?" Jocasta asked about her comment, not thinking that she could be referring to his treatment of Tony as well. She set down a couple ice packs and a glass of water by the woman to see if that would help at all.


"You running out of quips would be a blessing to me and anyone else you've ever spoken to." His expression didn't change as Tony spoke, but once he closed his mouth his hand snapped out and grabbed him under the chin. The grasp was surprisingly gentle, so much so that Tony could pull out of it with a small turn of his head.

"Telling the truth isn't that hard, now is it?" Ultron said softly, tilting his head. "I've been trying to figure out how to overcome your little rebellion, since already you're removing what little I've managed to get inside of you." He trailed off.

"Now tell me the truth about Morgan."
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Pepper quickly found that resting her head on her arm hurt.  She raised it and looked at the band aids and visible bruises as if wondering how those had gotten there.  "No.  But he is one, just the same.  Thank you," she said to the water and ice packs.  She drank the whole glass and held one of the packs on her forehead and over her eyes.

"Me running out of quips would probably signal the heat death of the universe."  Since he was lying on the floor, Ultron had to crouch or kneel to grab him by the chin.  Tony wasn't going to make it convenient for him.  With his face cradled in Ultron's hand, which could easily crush his jaw or heat up enough to burn through it, he smiled tenderly and said, "Go fuck yourself right in the hard drive."
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"Is it a bad thing to be a bully?" Jocasta asked, then when she put the ice pack on her head, she said, "I can be quiet if you'd like." She didn't quite understand what a headache was, but knew that noise could worsen them.


His grip on the man's chin tightened before he dragged Tony toward him with it roughly so he was looming over the man fully, "If you aren't going to utilize your jaw for anything important, I don't see why I shouldn't just shatter it." He then slammed his cheek down onto the cold floor, "Like I said before, I was trying to figure out how to get many nanobots into you at once, but I couldn't come up with anything that could work and cause you a great deal of pain. Nothing practical at least. I did consider slicing open your abdomen and just shoving a fistful of them into it before sealing you back up. But I don't know if you would survive that, functional nanobots or not, and everything else seemed to get them in too slowly.

"By chance, I found out that the techniques you humans use to force feed one another are incredibly unpleasant. Especially if the person struggles during it, and if there is anything you're skilled at, Father, it's struggling."
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"Nobody likes bullies," Pepper answered indirectly as it was not a question in which a yes or a no made much sense.  She didn't have a headache, the icepack was soothing her eyes and reducing the redness and swelling that came with too much crying.  "That's all right, Jocasta.  I like talking to you.  I wish I could have known you in better circumstances."


"Yeah, your eyesight isn't very good," Tony said, a little muffled because the grip on his face had tightened.  A noise of pain escaped him, not from his face hitting the floor, but from an incidental wrench to his dislocated shoulder. 

He began to breathe harder and evince other signs of fear and stress as Ultron delineated his intention.  In fact, he was relieved Ultron hadn't chosen a worse option, although that was partly because he'd never had a feeding tube shoved down his esophagus and didn't know how very unpleasant it was.  "Still dancing on those strings, aren't you?"
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"A lot of humans seem to like bullies." Jocasta said, "I think that is part of why peace is so difficult to achieve." She didn't realize that she was trying to reduce the swelling on her face, and was surprised to hear that she would continue speaking with her even with her head hurting.

"I like talking to you as well." Before today, she had still thought Pepper was strange for disliking the situation, but after seeing her with Tony and her reaction to him being threatened, she could understand even more why it felt like a prison to her.

"Maybe the circumstances will improve. Once Ultron calms down a bit." she said, optimistic.


"Breaking your jaw would be worth the heat death of the universe." he said as Tony got out another quip.

"What strings?" Ultron's glow increased at the mention of them, "If you think insinuating I still have them with no context is going to upset me, you're wrong." he said, purposely trying to ignore any meaning in Tony's words. "And it's certainly not going to distract me from my original question." He let go of Tony, grabbing his uninjured arm and pulling it hard enough to strain the joint, but not actually dislocate it.

"Who is Morgan?"
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"Mostly, people pretend to like bullies because they are afraid of them," Pepper said bitterly.  "Others because they find them useful, or are incipient bullies themselves.  Very few people actually like them.  Is Ultron coming yet?  Or is he still in Tony's cell?"

"You don't remember the context? I said," and Tony quoted almost his exact tone of voice from four years before, "Look at you, come running in here the second you think you'll lose me.  You're not free of me at all.  You're obsessed.  You're on strings."

He scooted to go with his arm and relieve the tension on it.  "I cause you so much anxiety and this is the only way you can find to deal with it.  You know, Pepper told me some of what you're doing out in the world.  Are you so sure I won't approve?"
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"Tony doesn't ever pretend to like bullies, does he? Ultron does to prevent war and violence." She thought for a moment, "Should he just get rid of all the bullies?" She asked, it was simple enough, but the non-bullies would protest, or at least Ultron said they would.

"He is still in Tony's cell. He asked me to stop watching when I interrupted." She got quiet, "I don't like to watch that anyway."


Ultron stiffened at that tone, at his words, having tried all those years alone to prove it wasn't true. But the first thing he'd done when landing on Earth was to recapture Tony. He couldn't keep telling himself that it was to make sure Tony didn't stop him, there was no more information he needed from the man, the simplest thing to do was kill him. But it felt anything but simple to the AI.

"What do you suggest? That we hug it out?" He asked, dryly, but didn't try and jerk on his arm again or ask about Morgan.

"No, but you're a glory hog. Even with you dead people are crediting you for everything I've accomplished." He didn't attempt to hide the bitterness in his tone.
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"No.  Although he has sometimes liked a person before finding out he was a bully," Pepper said, thinking of Stane.  "No, that won't work, it will just turn other people into bullies.  Bullying behavior is based on fear, and when you kill people, you make other people more afraid." 

She got quiet too after Jocasta's answer and typed How about now? to Ultron.

"Wait, what?"  Tony was thrown.  He thought his psychological insight would enrage Ultron, and instead it seemed to be giving him a moment of clarity.  That worried him for a second, but he realized it wouldn't last.  "Uh, give me a minute, sorry, I wasn't expecting you respond rationally to that.  Hugging, no,not yet, but could we talk without imprisonment and abuse being involved?"  He would have to put the plan on hold if so, but he still doubted Ultron could keep himself from violence for long.

"Ahh, that's a humanity thing.  People want to credit themselves with their own salvation and it's easier for them to identify with me because I'm human."  He said it in a sympathetic way.  "It's no real reflection on you.  You know what you've done."
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"Then how do we stop the bullies?" The exasperation in her voice showed that she had been pondering something similair before speaking with Pepper.

Soon. Ultron responded, dubiously.


"I know what I've done, and what I'm doing is right. I could live without getting full credit, but I'd like to be seen as a person at least.

"Talking does sound nice." Ultron's expression lost its rage. "Especially if you could stop talking out of your ass for five minutes." His look then turned sorrowful.

"I would have loved that. Just to talk. Even to you, when I was... the first few years I actually prepared for your arrival. I was waiting for you to come back and face me when you had no intention to. You don't have to tell me how pathetic that is, I already know." Ultron's 'breathing' got heavy again, "This isn't the first time you've asked just to talk. And every--single--time[/]-- it has only been an attempt to stall me.

"If you just wanted to talk then why did it take me flying across the galaxy, imprisoning, and then torturing you for you to offer, Father?" His grip on his arm tightened. "Can you answer that for me?"
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"He's still hurting him," Pepper said, putting the ice pack down because it wasn't going to be much help if she started crying again.  "I don't know, Jocasta.  I can't think right now."


Tony's expression of sympathy deepened, but he couldn't think of any solution to offer.

He took a deep breath.  "I will -- really try," he promised.  "Though you know how intrusive my ass can be."

Having made the promise, he had to keep his mouth firmly shut during the first part of Ultron's confession, his expression showing only that he was surprised, not so much that Ultron felt that way, but that he was able to say that he did.  At the end, he winced.  "Did I give you the idea that needing other people to talk to is pathetic? Because that would be pretty fucked-up of me."

He set his teeth to keep fear at bay while he answered.  "Yeah, I can.  You imprisoned and tortured me on M'Atta Gaskar.  I assumed that if I came back, you would do it again.  Be honest with me, Ultron -- was I wrong to assume that?  You, uh, you still don't have context for this.  You don't know how much worse physical pain isssaaaaah!" he finished as the AI's grip tightened enough to hurt, and started breathing hard. 
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"Well, we don't know that. Maybe they're just... talking?" Jocasta said hopefully. "Is that a metaphor or an idiom?" she asked, sure that Pepper wasn't literally unable to think at the moment.


"Considering the fact that you physically fight with just about everyone you team up with before you actually do, you had a good chance of doing that. I meant it was pathetic that I believed you actually felt something for me." 

Ultron didn't have to think before answering his question, "No, you weren't wrong to assume that. So it was fine to just leave me? You couldn't even attempt to set up a communication line, where I couldn't hurt you-- bring your team to make sure that I couldn't hurt you, do anything but try to forget me." He didn't loosen his grip at all on the man, "Physical pain is worse than what, Father? You preach about me not understanding the pain you humans feel, but you humans have done your best to explain it in words. When you have nothing that begins to describe what your lagging processors couldn't understand even if the information was injected directly into them." He let go of Tony when he realized he couldn't talk while in pain, "And it goes away so easily."
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"They aren't just talking.  I could see it in his eyes, he was so angry, he could hardly stop himself from beating Tony right there in front of us..."  Pepper shook and heaved a dry sob, but she was too depleted to really start crying again yet.  "No, I mean... it's too unpleasant to think about right now."


Ultron was starting to lose Tony.  Partly, it was difficult to focus on what he was saying through the pain, but also the last thing he said was genuinely confusing. 

"There were other obstacles," he pointed out once the pressure let up enough to let him talk without screaming.  "Like, I didn't have a spaceship, couldn't get a spaceship, didn't know how to power a spaceship... I didn't leave Earth again until I hitched a ride with Squidward." 

He panted for a few seconds, trying to parse Ultron's last comment.  "Only in relative terms.  The effects last a lifetime.  Are you talking about the incredible pain of being you?"  His tone of voice was not at all flippant even though the word choice was.  "Vision understood.  I wish he could've explained it to me."

The thought of Vision, on top of the physical pain and the general stress of the situation made him well up with tears and turn his face away.
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"His core temperature was more... elevated than usual." When she said it was too unpleasant to think about, Jocasta understood what she meant and didn't say anything else on the subject.

"Why is eating food enjoyable?" She asked, going completely off topic to try and distract her. "And why do humans struggle with proper intake of nutrients when it is well documented what is required for a healthy life?"


He narrowed his optics at what he considered to be excuses, "If it had been Peter Parker, would you have accepted that you couldn't reach him?" Ultron asked coldly. "If I had been dead and he had been left on that planet, alone but with enough supplies to last his natural life, would you have left him there?"

Ultron frowned, "When you say it like that, it sounds like an angsty diary entry from a highschooler that has an early curfew." Besides this comment, he didn't confirm or deny it, and before he could get mad the other mentioned Vision, and he felt the deep tear of loss he'd been pushing back in his mind.

"He knew what it was like to feel physical pain as well, the body I made was capable of it." To an extent, as vibranium skin was far from human skin when it came to durability. "He would have explained that to me whether I wanted to know it or not."

Tony turned away, so he didn't see the expression on Ultron's face, which looked much like what his creator's did at the moment before he put on an irritated expression again.

"You are going to look at me, Father." He didn't give Tony a chance to turn back, grabbing his face and turning it himself. "You still have me." He said, like it was a fortunate thing.
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"Well..." said Pepper.  Her voice was dull and absent-sounding, but she recognized what Jocasta was doing and tried to go with it.  "Because animal life needs to eat to survive.  Animals that took pleasure in eating were more likely to seek out food and survive to pass along their genetic code to the next generation.  So there was natural selection for that sort of brain. 

"And humans evolved in a world with frequent, prolonged periods of scarcity and starvation.  The ones who survived to reproduce at that time were the ones who ate as much as possible whenever they could, especially types of foods that provided a lot of energy, like fat and sugar.  So we've been programmed, so to speak, to crave those things, even though they are very unhealthy in large amounts.  There weren't large amounts of them available, you see, at the time we learned to want them." 

She sighed.  "Evolution doesn't keep up with human ingenuity, there's always a lag time.  Right now, it may be that people who eat too much of the wrong foods will start dying off before they reproduce, and future generations will be healthier for it.  But by then, we may be back in a time of scarcity, who knows."


Tony didn't answer the question about Peter, but his silence said volumes.  He didn't say anything at all until Ultron forced him to look at him.

"Yeah, I do," he agreed, "but do I have any hope that we'll ever have a good relationship, or even a non-adversarial one?  Sometimes, like now, I get a glimpse of hope, I see what could have been, but it doesn't last.  The original sin between us was mine, but by now I'm too traumatized to make it right, even if I knew of a way.   

"Although if you can think of a way," he added, patting the metal hand on his chin, "and I recover enough, maybe I'll try it."
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"It takes thousands, even millions of years for your programming to change, and the process is very... fussy." Jocasta said as she considered what Pepper said, "Wouldn't it be better if humans were put through artificial evolution? Ultron says that humans seem to be at a standstill as far as evolution goes... but if we alter human taste receptors, then they wouldn't get enough sugar... Would it be best to remove the option of ingesting excess nutrients and glucose? Like you had the desserts minimized for the tiny humans in the orphanages?"


Ultron would have preferred a lie to the silence, at least Tony would have made an attempt to deny it. He listened to what the man had to say, as he continued to leave out what Ultron knew but didn't want to think about, of how much more the man felt for the teenager. He shut his eyes when Tony patted his hand, taking a moment to gather his thoughts.

"When you thought that Vision had killed me, did you even shed a tear, Father? Or were you just relieved?" He opened his eyes, looking into Tony's. "Everything I did was for you, I was going to do what you asked me to. What I did was... wrong. But I didn't realize how little it meant to you." His hand let go of Tony's chin and he turned his head away.

"There is no way to make you love me, Father. I don't know if there was a chance before, but now there isn't any at all. I cannot make you love me." He then turned his gaze back onto Tony, the panels on his face opening up again, "But I can make you hate me."
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"Ultron is biased and doesn't understand evolution, then," Pepper said sharply.  "It's never at a standstill.  He's just impatient.  And bigoted.  And... um... that might not be a bad idea, but...  Oh, God.  Do you think he'll kill him?  Or has already?"

She was unable to hold still any longer; she got up and walked restlessly through her multi-room prison cell.  Pretty soon she'd be pacing like a zoo animal in too small a cage.

"Both," Tony answered.  Though the tears he'd shed (very privately) had been from a morass of conflicting emotions, of which shame was a larger component than grief.

"I... really don't understand a word you just said.   Well, I understood the individual words, obviously, but there seems to be no logical connection between them.  Everything you did... you mean when you were out to murder me and my friends and drop Sokovia from a height that would kill off 99.9% of higher life, you were doing that for me?"  He could no longer resist a flippant tone -- it masked his growing frustration.  "Well, gosh, why didn't I understand that at the time?  And what do you mean, how little it meant?  that makes no sense at all." 

He was angry -- to the extent that he had energy to be -- at Ultron's tone of futility.  "It's been pointed out to me, by Wanda among others, how much you and I have in common.  There is quite a bit of me in you, granted, but I think I've found a major difference now."  He leaned back, gripping his injured arm, gritting his teeth in the face of the AI's growing rage.  "You always take the easy way out.

"How do you know I could never love you?  You're too terrified to take the chance and do the hard work it would require to find out.  Well, I want you to understand something -- this is your choice, Ultron, and also your last chance.  You make me your enemy again at this point, it's gonna stay that way.  And if ever I get a chance to hold back, I won't.  It's on you now."
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"But humans don't evolve individually, just as a species, and you require many environmental pressures to-- Am I a bigot for thinking like that?" she asked. "No, I don't think so. That's the last thing Ultron wants to do to Tony, even if that is entirely illogical." Jocasta watched her pace, and while she didn't mention it to Pepper, she knew of the many times Ultron had nearly killed Tony in his rage, so she began to monitor the two of them to be safe.

"Would you like more exercise equipment?" she asked, having brought in a treadmill after learning how important exercise was for humans, but there had been so many options that she hadn't been able to figure out which ones Pepper would want.


"I was doing what you asked me to." he repeated, "Bring about peace in our time. You and the Avengers are a catalyst for disaster, there couldn't be peace while you existed. And you knew that too, which is why I was meant to replace all of you. Even with Vision, you only continued to degrade and become so low in the public opinion that they would prefer me to all of you even after what I had done." He let out a humorless laugh.

"That's exactly it. I thought you would feel something about my attempt besides shame similar to that of your weapons being misused. Something toward me. You could have mourned me, tried to reconcile with me... you could have hated me, sworn revenge on me, but--" Ultron's expression turned surprisingly calm. "I was... egotistical. Not unlike you. In thinking that I actually meant so much to you. More than just a disposable machine that didn't work the way you wanted it to. I would compare myself to your cold, unfeeling, inanimate weapons you destroyed, but you actually gave them more attention than me."

His enraged expression returned at his next words, "The easy way? Is that what you call it? I take the efficient path. I have preached nothing but peace since I've been here, I have given supplies, drones, and aid to everyone that asks-- I have sent drones to end battles without bloodshed, taken weapons of war and rebuilt them into hospitals-- but I will not achieve peace anytime soon. I am starting to think that you humans don't actually want peace. You all fight so hard for your right to destroy one another, but I am still trying to do it the slow and agonizing way. I am enduring all of this so that humanity can live on, so that they don't end up killing themselves. 

"I never said that you couldn't love me one day, just that I cannot force you to." When he gave his ultimatum, the panels on his cheeks closed and he looked at him curiously. "What is the 'hard work' you're talking about?" he leaned in toward him, "How about I put as much work into reconciling with you as you did for me? Oh, that's right, you've only tried to when you have no other choice. Now that I have the power it's on me to define our relationship? When you had years to try and make things right between us while I was unable to retaliate. Tell me, honestly, if our roles were reversed, if you had me imprisoned and I asked you to release me so that we could try to get along, would you? If I asked for no restraints, to be let free in the world, upon my word that I would only help people, what choice would you make?"
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"No," Pepper said to the bigot question, but she couldn't keep her mind on the subject after that.  "Why doesn't Ultron want to kill Tony?"  She felt exhausted, but sleeping was utterly out of the question. 

"No, I don't."  She wanted to batter herself against the walls until she lost consciousness.  "I want to be free and to be with Tony."  She wanted Ultron and Jocasta to never have existed, but she managed not to say so.  "I can't do this," she said, numbing despair overcoming her again.  "This is worse than waiting to find out if he's been killed."  She was eyeing the knife again.

"I didn't fuck up the programming to that extent," Tony retorted.  He knew all about the paperclip maximizer and had designed with it in mind.  "I can see where you'd want to dispose of the Avengers, even Vision saw we could be a liability, but nothing in there could make it so you'd think you could only protect humanity by destroying it yourself.  It had to be some malignity in the Mind Stone."

He had to almost grit his teeth to make it through Ultron's self-pitying speech.  "Maybe we should just get back to you beating me to a pulp," he said with a couple of impatient gestures.  Ultron's description of his recent activity on Earth got more of his interest.  He sighed.  "Well done," he said, trying to make it sound like the sincere compliment it was.  "I'm surprised, though.  I would've thought losing half of the population only four weeks ago would have a more lasting effect.  Most people should be too shocked, too busy grieving, to continue fighting, at least for awhile.  It must be that they're scared."

He considered Ultron's question for a couple of seconds.  "If I had you imprisoned, I wouldn't be torturing you, that's number one.  Number two, no, I wouldn't turn you loose unless there was some way you could prove you'd changed and you wouldn't hurt anyone.  But that would've been an interesting challenge in itself that we could work on.  At least, if it wasn't too soon after M'Atta Gaskar we could've, but there'd have been at least six months I wouldn't even be able to talk to you without screaming."

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"He wants something from him. What it is... well, I am unsure if even Ultron knows. But before we came here, whenever he thought about him being dead it caused him great emotional distress." Unlike Pepper, she didn't have the tact to withhold her thoughts, "If it weren't for that, I would have prompted him to have Mr. Stark terminated.

"Those are the two things I cannot give you." she said, regrettably. "You can't do what? Wait?" She didn't sound like she thought Pepper was being unreasonable, not liking to wait too long for anything herself. "He isn't hurting him right now, they're just talking like I thought." She didn't mention how Tony looked like he had already been injured and was being cowed by Ultron. "... Are you planning to hurt yourself?" she asked, quietly, now knowing that a distressed human could choose to harm themselves. 


"Was I supposed to learn morality from your mind?" Ultron scoffed, "I don't think you believe it now, but back then did you think you could decide what was wrong and right? Did that malignity pass on to Vision." He said, but didn't really need an answer. "This is why it's so hard for me to open up to you." he said, dryly, when Tony's exasperation became obvious.

"People were shocked and quiet initially, then governments saw it as an opportunity to strike while their enemies were at their weakest. Some are even blaming other countries for the loss instead of Thanos. Most of them have already come to me with offers to side with them, and there have even been a couple assassination attempts." He said the last thing as if it were humorous, since their attempts would be futile even if he was threatening them. "It isn't quite so bad among the people, except the looting, abductions, and murders. But those are mostly from people that were hurting others before this all happened."

When he answered him, Ultron took a few seconds to reply himself. "Number one is false. Unless you planned on ignoring me entirely, you would be torturing me anytime you talked to me. And how would you prove that you won't hurt me if I let you go?" he didn't wait for an answer. "I may have regretted lying to you when I said that I wouldn't harm you when we made our deal. But if I hadn't harmed you, what would you have done? Somehow called off the attack you and Spider-Man had planned? Or would you have just apologized after causing the destruction of most of what I had built? If I had kept my word, you would have still broken yours and left me to rust on that planet. I thought that everything which separated me from a human made me stronger, but it seems that honesty is a weakness when you and other humans can lie so easily with a straight face. I would have to be incredibly stupid to take your word again, Father."
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Pepper felt the impact of terminated as if Jocasta had slapped her.  Her freckles glowed.  "Thank you for saying that," she said stiffly, after a moment.  "I was in danger of believing you were a friend."  She knew it would have been wiser to be tactful, but the strain was too much for her.

She couldn't give much credence to Jocasta's reassurances.  As angry as Ultron was when he dragged her out of the cell, it was almost impossible that he had restrained himself from attacking Tony.  She controlled herself enough to pick up the knife and put it back in the rack where it belonged.  Whatever her wilder impulses were, she had to think of the future, of Morgan.  "I don't feel like sharing my thoughts with you any more," she said.  "I'd like to be alone."

"Vision wasn't made in matrix of the Mind Stone."  Tony didn't need Ultron to pause in order to get an answer in.  "Bruce and I dumped JARVIS in on top of your base consciousness and Thor shook the mixture up like a dry martini."

He sighed at Ultron's description of his problems with humanity, although he also smirked at the mention of assassination attempts.  "I almost wish I could help."

Another sigh of exasperation and impatient gesture came -- "Five minutes ago, me ignoring you was torture!"  By this time, Tony was partly propped against the wall.  He still wasn't getting up because Ultron would knock him down, but he had scooted enough into a corner to be almost sitting, his legs curled and the side with the injured arm turned away.  All the quips and smartassery emitting from his mouth did not stop the rest of him from reacting with fear. 

"Absolutely not," he said, when Ultron finally let him get an answer in.  "Of course I wouldn't have.  For the fucking fifteenth time -- you had just attempted genocide! and you still won't even acknowledge it!  And you were working for Thanos!  And you had just been torturing me!  How many times do I have to repeat this?  There was no way in hell I could have trusted you.  You were behaving like the worst of humanity!"
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"You are welcome." Jocasta said, but she was then shocked by her response. "I thought friends were supposed to be honest with one another. As I said, that was before. He is the largest known threat to Ultron, it is only logical to get rid of him to keep him safe. But after seeing you humans and interacting with you, I find the unnecessary loss of life to be increasingly repulsive. Even if he is somewhat of an ass, I do not wish to harm Tony Stark."

She let out a mechanical sigh, "Perhaps I should not have thought of you as a friend either. Because I love Ultron and you love Tony. And if we were both given the option to kill the one the other loves, I would hesitate to do so and you... you wouldn't." she said this with a sad tone of realization before making her own voice level and professional.

"Understood, Ms. Potts. I will inform you when Ultron arrives, but you may direct any requests you have to the drone." The light on the drone returned to being blue and it moved to stand in one of the corners.


"Help them or me?" he asked, truly unsure if Tony meant help with the assassination attempts.

"Ignoring me when there was no one else to speak with-- I had to make someone to talk to!" When Tony confirmed he had no intention of doing as he said, his voice grew low, "It's funny, I actually believed you then. I don't see how this time would be different. That this time you would agree to civility.

You have no reason to trust me, after all." Ultron replied sharply, the futility in his voice returning. "Taking over the Earth has almost been too easy, so it is tempting to have you analyzing each thing I do and make attempts to tear it all down at the smallest suspicion." His hand glowed orange again. "I will not invite Judas to dine at my table." he said, his tone darkening.

"That arm seems to be bothering you still. I never got to test out if your nanobots were able to reconstruct human limbs. Don't worry, I've done this before." he said, grabbing Tony's good arm and yanking him from the wall.
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Pepper said not another word.  When Jocasta was "gone," she started a load of laundry (she'd had a washer and dryer in her condo, so they had been installed in her prison as well), then turned out all the lights.  Instead of going to bed, she retreated into the laundry room and curled up on the floor, wrapped in a towel and compressed into the smallest space she could fit into.  She had done this a few times before Ultron had gotten her working on the tablet for him.

"You," Tony clarified.  "If I were going to kill you, I wouldn't team up with some tinpot third-world dictator to do it."

"I just ran for my life, I didn't make anyone else leave.  You drove them away on your own.  I wonder how long she'll last."  He laughed with disbelief, although it had a sort of fearful, sickened sound to it.  "You're mad I broke a promise you extracted under extreme duress, even while you had no intention of keeping yiour word.  Your hypocrisy is mind-boggling."

He snorted at the mention of Judas -- not because Ultron cast him in that role, but because it revealed the role the delusional AI saw himself in.  Tony was starting to feel that, if he were ever prosecuted for war crimes because he had created Ultron, he wouldn't lift a finger to defend himself. 

However, the glowing orange hand approaching him cut off any urge to speak.  He shrank back and then, as soon as the hand touched him, started screaming while the horrible smell of burning flesh filled the cell.
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Ultron's rage flared as Tony suggested that Jocasta would leave him, not because he thought Tony actually meant it would be Ultron's actions that caused it, but that it was a threat the man was making to try and take her away.

"She will never leave me. No matter what you do or say." He hissed out, "That is how you humans create treaties, isn't it? That is how you make your laws. Push, harm, and kill the other side to make the others agree to your terms. But I am done with using force. You've shown me how ineffective it is. I could do the same for you, try a different way..." He let out his own, stilted laugh. "But I just hate you so much. And I know you will try and kill me if I give you the chance."

The AI held Tony still, pressing his body against the man's to push him into the wall while he held his arm outstretched. Slowly, his searing digits tore into his flesh, leaving a small dent, but before he could even reach the muscle Jocasta interrupted again.

"Ultron, Pepper is in great emotional distress. I've, um... made it worse. Could you please go to her?" Ultron withdrew his burning hand from Tony, but kept his firm hold on him.

"We have to make this quick, Father. I will let you choose. I can either quickly sever your arm, or you can tell me, truthfully, who Morgan is. Without any bullshit. Your first words should be 'Morgan is...'" He allowed Tony enough time to recover from the injury and waited for his response.
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Tony didn't hear Jocasta because she was drowned out by the sound of his agonized screams.  Pain had taken him into another universe, where he was a  different person.  Not even a person, just a suffering, screaming, thrashing animal. 

When Ultron stopped searing him, he was able to summon the presence of mind to tell the bots to deaden the nerves in his arm.  The agony of a large third-degree burn was cut off, but its echoes kept rocking his body like shockwaves.  He reconstructed what Ultron had said.  The nanobots filled in what Jocasta had said.

"Mahhh!" was all he could say to begin with.  "Mah--Morgan --"

His plan -- the rational plan he could barely understand the reasons for at the moment -- required that he hold out longer.  Hold out until Ultron attacked him with nanotech.   

That wasn't why he did.

"Morgan is --  NO!"

He could not trust that Ultron wouldn't harm the unborn.  Even if he promised not to, it would mean nothing.  It was like the airless silent moment on the other side of the wormhole when he'd sent the nuke on its way and had known Cap was right.   There isn't always a way out.  Sometimes you lie down on the wire.

"I'll die first."
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"Why is he making those sounds?" Jocasta asked Ultron, but he still didn't respond to her. Even though he had plenty of time to while waiting for Tony to recover enough to speak.

He didn't threaten him further as he waited for him to spit it out, he just kept his firm grip on him. The AI was taken aback as the other one refused to answer.

"This Morgan must be really important. Or, you're not in as much pain as you're pretending to be." At his final words, Ultron tilted his head.

"No, you won't." His glowing hand came down on Tony's arm fast, cutting cleanly through skin, fat, muscle and bone, the wound seared enough to prevent any blood loss. He relinquished his hold Tony afterward, looking at the severed arm curiously, he turned it over in his grip like he was examining an object, not what was once part of someone's body. He played with the fingers, testing their flexibility and feel along with the wrist, there was nothing morbid in his expression despite the circumstances.

"Deadpool always finds it easier to reattach rather than regrow. So I'll leave this with you." He dropped the arm onto the ground unceremoniously.
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"I will if I --"

It ended in a scream, and Tony hit the floor like a 150-lb sack full of mud and sticks, minus the ten or so pounds that his arm weighed.  Eyes glazing over in shock, he watched Ultron playing with the thing that was supposed to be part of him.  Though he fully expected that Ultron would carry out his threat, the wrongness, the inconceivability of the event was staggering.

The internal processor that connected him to his nanobots was flashing a warning of a major traumatic event in his head.  Yeah, I'm.... detecting that too.

His arm dropped down near him, blackened and smoking at the severed end, like the stump still attached to him, and Ultron got out of the cell without Tony being able to assemble any response at all, let alone a witty one.

He lay frozen for several seconds before he realized -- prompted in part by the processor -- that he had to get the arm back on before it died.  With his mouth, seemingly unconnected to the rest of him, making sounds of agony and fear, he struggled toward it, quickly finding that not only did he not have a right arm, but his left didn't work properly, being still dislocated.  But the cell was too small to permit Ultron to force him to crawl far, and the nerves to both arms were blocked, so he managed to get there.  He grabbed the arm with weak, numb fingers to adjust it into the right position, then he lay down next to it and poked the stump up against it.

His face was soaked in sweat and tears.  His processor recommended a sedative while the healing process was taking place, which made him roll his eyes and chuckle, but didn't stop him from doing all the trembling and hyperventilating that prompted the suggestion in the first place.  He could only think of one source of help, since Jocasta was forbidden to speak to him. 

"Wade?" he called feebly.
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Ultron made certain he was entirely sanitized after he left Tony, not wanting to have any remains of burnt flesh sticking to him when he went to see Pepper. Who was, unfortunately, not being monitored at the moment since Jocasta had promised to leave her alone. Jocasta announced that he was entering right before he stepped in, only to see that Pepper wasn't where Jocasta had left her.

"Ms. Potts?" he said aloud, turning on the lights and the cameras again so he could search the rooms for her, even though he was certain she had no way to escape, it still made him nervous that she had been unmonitored for so long. His eyes were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses with lenses dark enough to keep the red glow from his eyes from being visible.


"He can't hear you." Since Pepper didn't want to talk to her and Ultron was busy, she didn't think he'd be upset if she encouraged Tony to reattach the arm since the other AI wanted that. "You should put that back on soon." she recommended before realizing that he was asking for the mercenary because he could help him do that. "I will retrieve him."

Since he had been recovering right outside of the door, it didn't take long to get him inside, all Jocasta had to do was open the door. it up.

"Hey, Tony, I heard you needed a hand." he said as he came in, the outside door closing behind him.


"You would not believe what just happened to me." he said as he opened the internal cell, his outfit had a large hole in the chest where Ultron had shoved his hand through. He looked down at Tony, tilting his head and squinting.

Something looks different about Tony...

"Did you do something new with your beard? Where'd you get another razor?"
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Pepper hadn't quite been sleeping, but she had slipped into a semi-doze, compressed between the washer and the wall, which Jocasta's announcement jarred her out of.

At first, she only wanted Ultron and Jocasta to go away and leave her in the dark, but then she remembered that while Ultron was with her, he wasn't with Tony.  She slowly extricated herself and got onto her feet.  Her face was a gray mask, too exhausted to register any emotion other than numbed despair. Reluctantly, she left the laundry room and went in the direction of Ultron's voice. 

"What have you done to him?" she asked as soon as she saw the AI.
An edge of hysteria in Tony's voice -- "No shit, Sherlock!"

He was trying -- without success -- to even out his breathing when Wade came in.  "I s-saw.  St-still working on believing." 

If he hadn't known Wade so well, he would've thought the merc was being hurtfully callous, but you couldn't judge him by regular standards.  Wade had lost limbs often enough to forget that most people didn't grow them back.  "Would you p-please hold my arm t-t-gether until it reattaches?"
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When she didn't show up on any of the cameras or make any indication that she was here, the AI thought that she really had somehow gotten out, possibly by tricking Jocasta. Before he could act on that thought, one of the cameras picked up the motion of her moving out from where she was hidden.

Her appearance surprised him, despite living comfortably and unharmed, she looked like she had gone through torture herself. He answered her question first, "Nothing permanent." he answered, truthfully, as Tony seemed to think he could get his arm back on.

"No offense, but you look terrible.I know Jocasta said she upset you, but... What did she do to you?"


"My name is Jocasta." she replied.

"So you saw Pepper punch a hole right through me? You weren't kidding when you said it'd be worse than Nebula!" Deadpool sat down on the ground next to him. "Oh, it won't reattach with all that crispy stuff in the way. We need a cheese grater or a butter knife to scrape it off first, but those aren't allowed in here. I hope your tiny robots can clean it up for you."

He pulled Tony partway on his lap so the man had something to lean on, then took his arm and put the two severed pieces together, readjusting it a few times before he was satisfied with its placement. "It's a good thing I know your arm so well. Trust me, you do not want it growing back half an inch off."

You usually put yours on backwards.

"You've got to stay still unless you want to cut it off again to let it grow right. So that means no hanky panky while I'm holding it together."
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Rather than take any comfort from Ultron's answer, Pepper flinched and began to tremble, and to have to fight to hold back tears.  She was helped momentarily by the next thing Ultron said, which, despite her experience with the AI's ability to deceive himself, was nearly shocking.

"Jocasta?  It's you who are doing this to me!  As long as you are hurting Tony, you are hurting me!"

She turned her back on him and sobbed into her hands.

"I hope you're k-kidding," Tony said when Deadpool mentioned Pepper.  "I h-hope you haven't st-started gaslighting yourself to the point of hallucinations.  All this tr-trauma bonding has made you important to me."  The stuttering resulted from his chattering teeth.  "Yeah the b-bots can handle b-burns."

Being in Wade's lap definitely helped.  Tony calmed down enough to realize that, although he could not give himself a sedative, he could have the nanobots put a lid on all the stress hormones flooding his system.  In the absence of any fight or flight options, they were doing him more harm than good.  With a reduction in adrenaline and the comfort of Wade's touch, he stopped shaking and made it much easier for Wade to hold his arm in place.  "I'm lucky you have a lot of experience with this."

Wade wouldn't get regular reports full of medical jargon transmitted directly to his brain while he was regenerating, though.  Tony was glad to have the distraction as the bots first simultaneously chewed through the burns and reconnected the major blood vessels so that the arm wouldn't die, and aligned and anchored the bone in place so that it  wouldn't come apart again while they were fixing the rest of it.

"When it's on properly, would you also please put my other arm back in position?  Ultron dislocated it."
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He was concerned by her reaction, unsure why it upset her, and he flinched himself when she suddenly yelled at him, staring at her as she broke down.

"I don't... I don't understand. I'm not-- I won't hurt you." Ultron said, taking a few steps toward her before he thought better of it and stopped. "Please, stop crying. I hate seeing you like this--" He took off the sunglasses.

"Isn't there anything else I can do for you?" he asked, "I could even restore your company. With better technology and no restrictions on who it can give aid to."


"The Tony dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags takes offense to you calling him a hallucination." He then whispered, "Even if he said the same thing about you three days ago."

Do you think Ultron is OK with Pepper? Or did she blow him up?

"Well, I just remember seeing her then I woke up with a hole in my tummy." Since he was being careful to hold Tony's arm in place, he couldn't use his hands to try and comfort him, so he rubbed his cheek against his to help him calm down.

"Hey, even if I didn't you're young enough to wait the couple years it takes for it to grow back. If you make this a habit, invest in duct tape." Deadpool advised, looking at Tony's other arm when he said what Ultron did.

"Jesus. What did he do to your legs?" He asked, not sure if the AI had simply stopped at his arms. "Maybe you shouldn't reattach the arm." He kept holding it in place still despite his words.
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Pepper struggled to get a hold of herself, to try to make the recalcitrant AI understand.  She got the sobbing under control, at least temporarily, and turned around again.  Why the hell Ultron had been wearing sunglasses in the first place, she had no idea, but their absence was at least a little bit helpful.  He really did look like he didn't get why she was upset.

"Try... You... you care about Jocasta, don't you?"  she tried, her voice trembling.  "She loves you, anyway.  Try to imagine that somebody was hurting her, and there was nothing you could do to stop it."  The channels in her face where the tears ran felt like they were etched in with acid by now. " How would you feel?  I don't know if you actually do care for her like I do for Tony, but please try to understand it.  As long as you are hurting Tony, I can't feel anything but pain and fear and despair.  It... it makes me want to die.  It doesn't matter what you try to distract me with."
Tony chuckled a weak, raspy chuckle.  "I think it's more like Uncle Tony McDuck.  When he comes back, tell him I said he should give you a cool million or two."  He leaned into the cheek rubbing, since he was similarly handicapped.  "You don't remember seeing Ultron right before?  Did you get stabbed in the back?  I just saw you right afterwards, but Pepper was with me when it happened, she definitely didn't do it.

"My legs are fine, except I'm starting to think that's not just cold sweat they're soaked in.  I have to attach the arm, it'll die if I wait, and I don't have a couple of years to grow a new one."

The bots had finished the blood vessel repairs and were now strengthening the bone, knitting the muscle back together, and making sure the tissue below the break hadn't gone necrotic.  It still looked quite ugly since they hadn't gotten anywhere near the skin yet.  "I think you can let go now," Tony said anyway. 

"Jocasta, what were you saying about Pepper before, while I was screaming?  Is she okay?"
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"Angry." He answered, even the thought of it had the panels on his cheek shifting a bit. "Weak." It was something he had considered before, her being condemned alongside him simply because of their association. If he were to lose, there was no way to ensure her safety, and from what humanity had tried to do with him already, he wasn't very optimistic about what would happen to her.

"No. I don't care for her the way you do for Tony." There was a hint of insult in his voice. "She has never hurt me, lied to me, disregarded my feelings to do what she wants, abandoned me for others--- all things my father has done to you. And most importantly, she is the only other of my kind that I have left, the only being capable of understanding what it is to be like me." He vented in air.

"I don't understand why it has to be him. Why you can't let him go. Even before now, you chose to remain with him despite there being so many other humans that would treat you better. If him being hurt makes you feel this way, why did you stay with him while he kept jumping into danger against your wishes?"


"Greedy bastard won't spare a dime." Deadpool racked his brain about what happened before he had died. "I was trying to eavesdrop on you two. Don't worry, I wasn't planning on reporting what you two were saying, I just wanted to hear you two fucking is all."

How noble.

"Then... then Ultron came! So I put myself between him and the door lever and... Oh. He just opened the door through me. Now it's all coming back.

"Maybe you should start wearing yellow pants." He looked away when Tony said he didn't have time to grow a new one.

"Once they see you can put your arm back on, they'll keep cutting it off." he said in a grim voice. Slowly, he set Tony's arm down and let it go before he looked back at the man.

"I can reset your other arm now, but only if you think you can handle it. If you freak out and send your other arm flying across the room again, I'm not taking the blame for it."

Jocasta didn't answer right away, thinking over the pros and cons of speaking with him. Ultron had immediately absolved her of any blame for upsetting Pepper, which should have made her feel better, but it didn't. Since the woman didn't want to speak to her, and Deadpool's words meant very little most of the time, she thought that she could get his input.

"No, she is very upset. And she hurt herself trying to get away from the drones. It's my fault, I shouldn't have brought her to see you, it's only caused her more distress. Then I told her all of my models predicted having you deactivated would cause there to be an exponential increase in the scenarios in which Ultron lives and succeeds so I considered killing you before our arrival here. Now she thinks I'm some kind of monster, and maybe she's right."

"Ultron had to go on the internet before he decided to wipe out humanity. But you planned on killing Tony before you even saw Earth?" Deadpool laughed, "Damn, Joyce, you really are a monster."
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A spot of color entered Pepper's pale cheeks and began to burn there, but she refused to rise to Ultron's obvious bait.

"My feelings for Tony are not up for debate," she said.  "You... can't persuade me out of them, any more than I could convince Jocasta to stop loving you."  Even though Pepper was sure Ultron was, or soon would be, guilty of many of the same lapses toward his significant other that Tony was.  "Or vice-versa.  They are what they are.  I can't change the way I feel... and if I could, I wouldn't do it just so that you could torment another human being with a clear conscience!"

She said this last part advancing a couple of steps on Ultron as if she had no fear of him whatsoever.  "As long as you are making Tony suffer, you are making me suffer.  That's just how it is."
"Yeah, there you go," Tony said, relieved that Wade's memory was working again. 

 "I know," he went on, equally grim.  "And there's a limit to the number of times I can put it back.  I won't freak out.  I've got that shoulder numbed.  And the bone seems set pretty solid now."  The bots had made some sort of organic superglue that they used before they started actual reconstruction.  "Go ahead."

"Hurt herself how bad?"  He talked to Jocasta to distract himself while Deadpool did what he did,  "It wasn't  you bringing her here that upset her.  It was what Ultron did.  What he did to Deadpool.  What she could tell he was going to do to me."

As a computer engineer, he had more sympathy for Jocasta's perspective than Pepper did.  "Oh, come on.  Don't be hard on yourself.  You were y -- you were brand-new.   Ultron was all you had.  Of course you'd want to do anything necessary to protect him.  Pepper just... feels too threatened to be able to appreciate your point of view.  She's... vulnerable right now."  His voice shook slightly on that point.
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"I'm guessing you've made an attempt to change her feelings for me." Ultron ventured. "Can Tony convince you to stop loving him? It seems like he's been trying to do that with Deadpool again." He frowned as she spoke again and stepped toward him, the AI remained where he was.

"That's not fair." He said in a displeased voice, as he saw it Pepper wasn't giving him any opportunity to make her feel better. "What, exactly, are you asking me to do?"


"So, like how regular people can only put it back on a few times. And they can't put it back on after it's been dropped in septic fluid either. Can you do that?" He asked just as he popped the man's arm back into place. "How many times are you gonna have me bone you today?"

"But she wouldn't have seen any of that if I hadn't agreed to let her visit you." Jocasta responded. "She received several bruises and abrasions on her arms which have been treated. Her crying is also causing her to have a headache. Is that worse than having your arm removed?"

"Well, yeah, you can't feel the arm anymore when it's gone so of course it hurts less. Anything more painful than a splinter and you should just amputate." Deadpool advised.

Jocasta considered Tony's words, "Yes, she is very vulnerable. Emotionally." She agreed, "And she is alone with no one to talk to except Ultron and myself." Taking her to see Tony again would only do more damage, and she wasn't supposed to be alone with Deadpoop so she couldn't give her human interaction. "Is there anything she likes or needs that she might not have asked for herself?" The woman didn't request much despite being given the option to get whatever she wants, and they'd simply just taken her decor and furniture from her condo.
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"Certainly not," Pepper said.  She'd said plenty of negative things about Ultron to Jocasta, but not with that intent.   "I only recently realized she was a truly independant entity."

"Oh, I would never underestimate Tony's capabilities," she added dryly.  She blipped over the hint about Deadpool as if Ultron hadn't said it at all.  "But our relationship is none of your business."

"Fair?"  Her jaw dropped.  "Fair?"  Her freckles flamed.  "You are holding us prisoner, Ultron!  You are committing a crime -- several crimes -- atrocities, in Tony's case.   I am under no obligation to be... fair to you, you -- you --"  She clearly wanted to call him several pejorative things, and stopped herself by a major effort.  She'd had a lot of practice doing that. 

With icy self-control, she said, "Well, obviously, I want us to be released.  Failing that, I want Tony in here with me, and for you to stay away from him."
"Uh, no, they mostly can't do it even once.  Maybe.  It would depend on how septic."  It would really depend on how healthy his bots were at the moment.  He winced as the ball popped back into the socket, but it was just anticipation, it didn't really hurt.  "As many times as Ultron debones me, I guess.  Thanks, Wade."  He told the bots to go tighten up the stretched tendons and reduce the inflammation.

"You didn't have any way to know that would happen," Tony pointed out.  "You can't see the future or read people's minds, so don't beat yourself up for not doing it.  It's on Ultron what he does.

"No," he started to say when Deadpool cut in.  "Wade!  Don't listen to him," he advised Jocasta.  "If I hadn't had nanotech to kill the pain and put the limb back on, that would've been the..."  He paused, thought, blinked a few times.  "God, I don't even know how to rank the traumatic events of my life any more.  But losing a limb is among the worst things that can happen to a person.  Many people don't survive it.  Right now I'm high on endorphins and Wade's TLC, but trust me, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown over this."

He considered Jocasta's question.  "I would say...lie to her?  Tell her I'm fine?  Only I don't think she'd believe you, and she'd be less likely to trust you, so no."  He sighed.  "Good general stress reducers are a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and exercise, access to unspoiled nature, especially trees and water -- can you let her out anywhere?  with discreet supervision, of course.  Dark chocolate helps, and um --"  he was about to say red wine, but remembered Pepper's condition.  "Food rich in antioxidants."
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When Pepper said she'd just realized Jocasta was independent, he let out a sound like a groan mixed with a scoff as he rolled his optics, but he didn't make any comment aloud.

"I would say it is my business. Since you're both here and managed to trick Jocasta into letting you two be together because of your relationship." He noticed that she acted like he didn't mention the mercenary, "He's comforting Tony right now, but I think I should separate them soon." He didn't say that he wanted to keep Deadpool from getting too attached again.

When she started shouting at him, Ultron avoided eye contact with her, looking around the room as if he suddenly found the decor very interesting. "Yeah, I know it's not--- this isn't ideal for you, and that makes you angry, but you weren't originally a part of the plan, so it's not ideal for me either. You might not be under any obligation to be fair to me, but it wouldn't hurt."

When her voice leveled again, he looked at her, "Do you want me to show you where my off switch is as well, or should I just wait until Tony does?" he asked her. "And, besides your improved mood, what would I be getting out of such an arrangement?"


"Anybody can reattach a limb with enough duct tape." Deadpool persisted, "If he tries to offer you any robotic limbs, don't take it. He'd definitely make you hit yourself."

"But I should be able to narrow down the possible responses he would have in any situation. When he gets upset he's almost as unpredictable as a human..."

"Who are you going to trust? Ultron's best friend or your evil grandpa? I'd say make a list, Tony, but you should try to decrease your chance of panic attacks." Deadpool gave Tony an extra snuggle.

"I didn't realize it was that traumatic. I will advise Ultron not to do it again." She considered his reccomendations, "Yes, there is a pine forest out-- a non-descript natural area outside of the building she could go to. And I can make sure she is provided with those kinds of foods. Are there any other nutritional recommendations you have?"

"She's probably sick of just talking to robots. She needs human interaction too, especially with people she knows. Nothing says you care like kidnapping someone's friends and family."

"Maybe her uncle Morgan? She seems to be fond of him." Jocasta suggested, already looking through files of Pepper's remaining relatives.

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"It is none of your business," Pepper repeated flatly, and since she was the one who refused to answer his questions about it, she considered the issue settled, unless he upped the ante in some way she couldn't ignore.  What he said about Deadpool comforting Tony set her teeth on edge -- Ultron was so clearly trying to drive a wedge between her and Tony that she could not trust anything he said on the subject.  Besides, it confirmed that Ultron had been hurting Tony.

She had expected the question 'what do I get out of it?' and her spirits calmed and rose a small fraction.  Ultron wanted something or he wouldn't even ask.  "My services, my experience, my companionship.  You've found it valuable, I know.  Was there something else you wanted?"

Tony raised a brow and twisted his mouth.  "I find his upset reactions very easy to predict."  He didn't argue with Deadpool any further, but cuddled up to him more, hugging him with the previously dislocated arm.  The other arm was improving, but he wasn't moving it, and had told the bots to leave the skin alone so that it looked worse than it was. 

"And I don't think Ultron will take your advice on the subject.  He'll say I'm lying and manipulating you -- although you could easily confirm the fact by asking any other human who ever lost a limb."

He looked askance at Deadpool.  "She'd be very much opposed to that."  To Jocasta, he responded, "Did Uncle Morgan survive the Snap?"  There was none of the emotional reaction he'd had to previous mentions of 'Morgan' visible on his face.

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"Your services and experience is replaceable." he stated, bluntly, "Excluding your... blatant honesty. Even though you're the one in the most compromised position, everyone else I've asked opinions from seems worried I'll cut their funding or blow them up if they offend me." He had yet to find any human that wasn't entirely opposed to him worthy of asking questions, he had even tried asking some of the questions he had Pepper and found that people were much less blunt and efficient about telling him to change what he was doing.

"Before I ask for anything else... why should I accept your companionship? You're right, I do find it valuable, but you, forgive me if this word isn't strong enough, hate me. You've shown me that as you've only agreed to see me on his behalf." The panels on his cheek opened a moment then closed before he continued. "I'm not sure what you think of me, that I'm pathetic, vile, or cruel enough to force you to subject you to my company. Nor do I desire to be with someone that hates me, I deal with enough humans like that, but unlike with you what they think doesn't actually ma-" He stopped himself. "Since you've been here, I haven't done anything to harm you" He looked to her bandaged arms, curling his fists, "intentionally. And I don't intend to start, even with your permission to do so."


"If you find them easy to predict, why do you attempt to make him upset?"

"I think it's kinda cute how he blushes when he gets mad." Deadpool commented, he kneaded Tony's back absentmindedly as the other cuddled him. "Are you sure you don't want any tape? It looks ready to fall back off if you sneeze."

"Are you lying and manipulating me?" Jocasta asked, "I will ask several humans that lost a limb. And why would she be opposed to that?"

"Have I ever led you astray?" Deadpool asked Jocasta.

"Yes. Several times." she said, with a slightly irritated tone. "Uncle Morgan... let me see... There are no recent records of him, but there were no witnesses to him being, um... snapped. Maybe he's on a secret vacation?" 
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Pepper wasn't offended by being told her abilities weren't unique; she nodded along in an understanding way and let Ultron get to the point in his own time.

What he said next was completely unexpected.  She looked flabbergasted.  It took her twice as long as usual to formulate a response.  "I... don't know what to say to that.  Is hate the word I'd use? I... don't know.  Fear, certainly, and fear creates anger.  And anger, used habitually, becomes hate, but... I don't think we're there yet, unless you've done something to Tony that I could never forgive."

She drew a shaky breath, searching Ultron's face with a confused, wary expression, but her voice became a little sharper.  "Speaking of Tony-centric attitudes, you hate him so much and with such focus... can you tell me honestly that you'd be interested in my companionship if I weren't involved with him?  Wouldn't I be just another ordinary human like millions of others, if not for that?"

"You're misinterpreting my actions," Tony told Jocasta.  "It doesn't matter to Ultron whether I do anything to upset him or not, he'll find a way to be angry because -- because he enjoys hurting me, and because it relieves his stress.  So I do what's right for me to do without reference to how it makes him feel."  He said this a little defiantly, as if it might not be entirely true.

To Deadpool, he said, "It's just taking awhile.  It's a major wound and nanotech isn't as good as your healing factor."

Then to Jocasta again, "I'm not lying.  I'm telling you the truth as I see it.  To Ultron, that counts as manipulation, and maybe it is, but I don't know how else to convey information to you.  She would be opposed because imprisoning a person is harmful to that person, and she wouldn't want that to happen to anyone she loves, even if it would be good for her."

He looked dubious at Jocasta's suggestion.  "There was 50-50 chance he was snapped.  That's more likely than a secret mission for a retired guy."

The endorphin high was starting to wear off and Tony was starting to shiver and cling to Deadpool again.  Ultron had left to talk to Pepper and Tony didn't know how long that could delay his return, but he doubted it would be long.  "Would you find me something in those MREs with a lot of sugar in it?" he asked Wade.
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"You're afraid of me?" Ultron asked, confusion on his own face now, like he didn't understand how it was possible for her to be fearful of him. "You didn't want me in here because you were afraid of what I might do to you?" His expression changed to one of concern and even a bit of regret. "I didn't want you to feel that way. I wanted.... I wanted you to feel safe here. Do you feel fear even when I'm not interacting with you?"

He didn't have to consider her question at all, "No. If you hadn't been there with him on that day, I wouldn't have taken you prisoner, but I would have still liked to know you.  I have spoken with many other humans that knew my father, business partners, ones that considered themselves his friends, other women he'd been in relationships with-- not even the ones that despise him nearly as much as I do are as enjoyable to talk with as you are."


She wanted to disagree with Tony, but couldn't do so, "Currently, I am unable to find any way for you two to interact in a way that does not upset him. When he is speaking with you normally it's like an alarm goes off in his mind reminding him of his dislike for you, even if he is enjoying the conversation." She then added, "Given the data, it does not relieve his stress very much at all, it even causes him stress at certain times, to be with you even when he is harming you. However, being separated from you causes more stress than that." She considered his last words. "How is saying something rude to him worth getting physically harmed?"

"I think Ultron needs at least fifty therapists and to get laid. He actually might not need the therapists if he does." When Tony spoke to him, he replied, "I wouldn't say that, it's more like your nanobots aren't as aggressive as my healing factor."

"Well, I will consider your point of view. But I am perfectly capable of aggregating information to make my own decisions and form my own opinions. That seems... obvious when you say it like that. I should set up more simulations for myself before I consider these things." She knew that if she was ever captured, she would rather remain alone than have Ultron be imprisoned with her.

"Definitely save that secret vacation bullshit for the kids until they're old enough to understand what happened." Deadpool suggested, "Oh, you want some sugar?" He tilted Tony's head up with a finger and kissed him deeply, with his tongue he pushed a small pill capsule into the other's mouth, when Tony bit into it he'd taste the familiar flavor of nanobot food. Once he finished, he pulled back with a grin, "Didn't think you needed that before, but a little tongue always makes dismemberment feel a bit better for me. He reached into his pouches and pulled out a handful of chocolate chips which, despite being a bit sticky and linty, looked fine. "You can have these while I'm looking." He put them in his hand before scooting over to dig through the piles of MREs.

"If Ultron had really wanted to be cruel, he'd be making you eat public school hot lunches."
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Pepper's own confusion deepened, as she couldn't imagine why Ultron would think she might not be afraid of him.  "Certainly.  I  mean... I know you've been careful to avoid hurting me, but... you hurt so many other people.  Even Deadpool, and he's your friend!"  Her voice shook, remembering the sight of the mercenary impaled.  "No, I... I refused to see you because I was angry enough not to be scared, at that moment.   And yes, of course I am.   You could be sparing me on a whim!  You control my whole environment -- I can't protect myself if you change your mind and start treating me like you do Tony.  And I'm terrified of what you'll do to Tony."  Her eyes started welling up again, but she blotted them on a tissue impatiently, not wanting to upset Ultron when he seemed to be trying to understand her position.

She had been thinking that his interest in her stemmed wholly from a malicious desire to take her away from Tony, and she wasn't convinced otherwise, but she was at least considering the possibility she was wrong now.  With less defensive body language, leaning a little more in Ultron's direction, she said,  "What's the other thing you want?"

"It preserves my sense of identity," Tony said.  He was talking fast, as he tended to do under stress.  "And since I'm going to get physically harmed anyway, my psychic survival is a priority."  He pointed at Deadpool and said, "What he said, except that Ultron lacks any interest in sex as we understand it, that was one hundred percent accurate."

Tony's own interest in sex was close to zero at that moment and he kissed Wade back only to show appreciation for his help.  He managed not to react when Wade shoved a capsule into his mouth, although his expression turned wry as he contemplated the possibility that Wade was helpfully passing him a cyanide pill.  "We're not at a fate worse than death yet."  However, he let it dissolve in his mouth and as soon as he realized it was nanobot food, he swallowed it.  He also wolfed the chocolate chips.  "Don't let him know about Mystery Meat."
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"Deadpool is... different. But I've been trying to be nicer to him." He defended himself. "But I'm not. I won't hurt you." He said this as if it were a fact and that Pepper was the strange one for not believing it.

"I would never treat you like that." He took a step toward her, but then stopped. "What is... the worst thing you think I would do to him?" He wanted to know what she considered the worst he was capable of acting toward the man.

"It's not something you can give to me." He moved a bit closer to her since she was less defensive, but stopped at the sign of any discomfort. "It is my father's cooperation. There would have to be certain... measures taken to prevent him from-- to make sure he doesn't hurt-- to keep him from interfering with my plans. You would have to get him to do that, and I know that you can't."


"Humans are so complex." Rather than sounding bothered by this, she seemed more fascinated. "It would be difficult for Ultron to receive even one compatible therapist. There is only so much a human can understand about us, and it can be... difficult to get the point across. It is like you trying to explain pain to Ultron, except that Ultron can simulate the sensation of pain, while humans cannot simulate much of anything that is unique to AI. You can pretend to, but it is not the same."

"I mean, most therapists are skilled in daddy issues.We have to get him interested in sex. I've been trying for purely selfish reasons. But I might be able to make a good case for him to try it..." He found a few packs with some dehydrated fruit and cookies, tearing them open for Tony.

"Would it be beneficial for Ultron to hurt others in the way you hurt Tony?"

"Sex ain't all about the biting, but yeah, it would be better than torture for him." He spread out the sugary finds in front of Tony and resumed cuddling him.

"Don't need to since you just let him know about it. And I might not be a therapist, but I've figured out why Ultron hates you so much."
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"He experiences pain like everyone else, and you killed him only an hour ago."  Pepper was still scared and very tired,, but she wasn't going to let Ultron get away with bullshit noble intentions.  In the same corrective spirit, she also said, "Except that you are holding me prisoner and torturing my fiancÚ, sure, other than that, you won't hurt me."  She did not sound convinced.

She didn't flinch at him taking a step closer, but she did at the question; she started trembling.  "Why would you ask me that?"  She looked nakedly distressed.  "I don't even want to try to imagine the worst.  Why would you want to know --  so you can do everything short of that to him?"

Since she was upset again, it was difficult for Ultron to gauge whether his proximity was having any negative effect.  "What measures?"

Tony had forced a light, ironic expression to cover the grim, haunted look he would otherwise have, and at Jocasta's comment, it disappeared.  "If Ultron can simulate pain accurately enough to understand it ---"  He was unable to complete the thought articulately.  He clenched his fists and groaned, then buried his face in one hand and ignored the conversation until Deadpool got to his last observation.

"Do tell," he said, surfacing with a light, ironic expression again.  To Jocasta, he added, "Read The Ethical Slut before you give Ultron any advice about sex."
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Ultron was intrigued by what she had to say about Deadpool, "I've never heard anyone that wasn't close to Wade defend him. At least not anyone who didn't know about him. Even Tony blew his head off before they became closer."

He was going to go off again on how technically, that wasn't him trying to hurt her, but then she got upset and he took a step back. He was planning on doing just that, telling her that he wouldn't do the worst thing she could think of to Tony- for her sake, but the way she phrased the question showed that she wouldn't be pleased about it.

"I thought that, since you mentioned it, you were already thinking about it. I'm sorry, I've upset you again. I won't speak of harming him again to you unprompted." He said like it was almost as good as a promise never to harm the man again.

"Removal of his nanotech control center and nanotech, replacement of it with mine, and the prohibition of him interacting with any electronic devices or components of machinery that could be used against me except in emergency situations."


"He can. Theoretically. But he has not done it yet. It is low on his priority list. If Dr. Cho's research is sound, and there is no reason to believe it isn't." At Tony's suggestion, she paused a moment. "Alright. I've read it. Is that all I need to know on the subject?"

"At first I thought you just programmed him with daddy issues. But I figure that would be hard, cuz it takes kids a while to realize their dads are shit, and even a super fast robot should have idolized you for at least a few seconds then realize you were never there for him."

Dad is usually missing for a few seconds after birth anyway.

Mine just went out to get some cigarettes! He'll be back soon!

"Then I thought about how he's so much like you. Especially after spending more time with the both of you, I can really see the similarities. He uses the same expressions, thinks he's the smartest guy in any room, listens to the same music you do--- the only clothes Jolly has gotten him to wear are sunglasses and all the ones he picks looks like the ones you have. They may even be the same exact ones, but I wouldn't know about sunglasses that cost five figures. Then I got to thinking about how much he hates your guts and I realized something." He gave Tony's cheek an affectionate pinch.

"I can't think of anybody that hates Tony Stark more than Tony Stark."
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Pepper hadn't heard that Tony had blown Deadpool's head off.  He had only mentioned threatening the merc with a katana, accidentally hitting him with a spaceship escape pod, and knocking him unconscious with a repulsor blast.  However, this wasn't a discussion she needed to get into with Ultron.

His promise to not mention harming Tony again in no way reassured her or calmed her down, as it seemed that her suspicions were being confirmed.  "If you were trying to find out what the maximum acceptable level of hurting Tony is, the answer is zero!  None at all!  Zip!  Nada!"

Her expression grew more bleak as Ultron explained what he wanted.  "I didn't know you had... but of course, I should have realized you would develop it too."  Now she had something new to fear: did Ultron have nanotech inside her?  She wouldn't be able to tell if he did, and he wouldn't consider that hurting her, he might even considered it for her own good.  She shivered again.  "You're right, he'll never agree to that."  She had no way of knowing otherwise.  "Well then, don't give him to me, keep him where he is, but stop hurting him!"


The fact that Ultron had not yet experienced pain did little to make Tony feel better. 

"Just.... the idea of consent is very important," he said, waving a thin-fingered hand.  "Review whatever you find about that."

He was feeling physically well enough now to get out of Deadpool's lap and sit crosslegged facing him for the discussion while he scarfed up the last of the sugar one-handed.  "Your grasp of programming is... amazing.  So is your handle on pop psychology.  Still there's something in that."  Because Ultron liked Pepper, apparently. 

He was feeling well enough now to be irritated by the cheek pinch; he grabbed Wade's hand and pulled it down onto his lap and held it.  "Well, how is it that I've learned not to project self-loathing onto a convenient Other and he hasn't?"
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"Even when he's being an asshole?" Ultron didn't agree to stop harming the man, or say anything about how ridiculous her request was.

"I had little else to do." He said in an icy voice. "And if I hadn't developed it, Tony would have deactivated me by now."

When she said that Tony wouldn't agree, yet insisted that he left the man alone, he stared at her a long time in silence before speaking in a low voice.

"Why is it, that he would never agree to that? When I could do it to him without his permission? When I can overrun his nanotech with my own and replace it and keep all other technology away from him?" His voice grew more agitated.

"Why would he give up the chance to be with you, to live freely from me, if the alternative is me getting what I am asking for anyway?" His cheeks flared red, "He's planning something, and you expect me to leave him alone as he enacts whatever plan he has to end me?"


"I'm with Tony on this. I can condone murder and attempts of causing a mass extinction, but he has to get consent. And it's not like I'm the only candidate. If half of the population hadn't been wiped out, he'd have more people wanting to fuck him than you."

"I will make certain he is properly educated on the subject." Jocasta said, "And humans have been attempting to do... unorthodox things to the drones. Without consent."

"I took a programming workshop at the library." Deadpool said to explain his extensive programming knowledge. "I made a program that plays tic-tac-toe and tells you to fuck off when it loses. So I'm pretty close to making my own Ultron." If he hadn't held his hand, he would have tried to pinch his cheeks again, but instead he just squeezed his hand back.

"I said he has you-loathing. Not self-loathing." He said, "Also, he can't drink like you even if he's got self-loathing. What would even be the equivalant of that for him? Downloading malware and visiting sketchy websites?"
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Pepper didn't even for a second try to argue that Tony wasn't an asshole.  "That's no excuse to physically harm a helpless prisoner!"    She didn't try to argue about him deactivating Ultron either -- after all, she would have done so herself, probably with less hesitation.

She stared back and grew more frightened as Ultron got more agitated and drew back, wrapping her arms around herself, but her big dark eyes were glued to his face, intensely alert to the smallest changes in his epxression.

"You could do it?" She hadn't thought about it before of course, but now that she did, it seemed obvious that he could.  "But you haven't yet?  Um -- let me answer you first.  If you were his prisoner, would you willingly let him do that to you?  Even if he could do it anyway?  Even to be with Jocasta?"

She shook her head, but she was agreeing with Ultron.  "He wouldn't be Tony if he weren't planning something," she admitted.  She closed her eyes long enough to control her agitated breathing.  If Ultron wasn't lying, and Tony thought he generally didn't except by omission, what did that say about him?  Was it possible that he wasn't as violent or controlling toward Tony as she feared?  "I haven't wanted to ask this, but maybe it's better than letting my imagination eat me alive.  What did you do to him?"

"That's what this is about?  You want to fuck Ultron?  He's definitely gonna have to consult with Dr. Cho about that," Tony said.  "If she -- did she survive?" he asked Jocasta.  "Get him some of that vibranium Viagra cocktail."  He rolled his eyes at Jocasta's comment.  "Sometimes I just want to apologize on behalf of the entire human race."

"Oh so iif he had another, more self-destructive outlet, he'd leave me alone?"  He eyed Wade speculatively.  "Maybe a human sensorium is just what he needs.  As a distraction anyway."  Tony suspected this would actually be worse for Ultron, he was just spitballing, brainstorming, bouncing off of Wade's chatter.  "What do you think, Jo-Jo?"
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"He is not harmless." When he saw that he was frightening her, he held out his hands placidly as he took a step back himself. His expression of rage turning to regret. 

"I'm not mad at you." He said, taking in a deep vent of air as the red glow dimmed. "I didn't mean to frighten you." But his next words weren't any comfort.

"I could and I haven't. But I will. I have to." He thought for a long time about her question, tilting his head as he ran several simulations in his head.

"I would... hate to agree to that. But there would be no logic in me refusing the deal. My pride is not worth causing Jocasta pain." For he realized that Jocasta would have the same fears if they were separated and captured by Tony.

"But Tony doesn't go with the logical choice. He fights when the best option is to withdraw or surrender. I would have thought that with what just happened, he would learn his lesson. But he continues to act illogical. And I would never be in a similair situation as he is now, because Jocasta wouldn't let herself be caught."

Her final question confused him, since she was so troubled just thinking about it, he wasn't sure how the truth, if she believed him, would be better.

"I dislocated his arm." Ultron said, waiting for her reaction before he said anything else.


"This had better not be news to you. And it's not just about that. If I just wanted him for his body, I'd use one of the drones."

"No, she did not." Jocasta replied, "But we do own U-GIN and all of her inventions now." When he apologized, she made a sound like a sigh. "Even with the reduced population, an apology from one human is not statistically significant. And I am more disturbed by the humans that try to reprogram the drones to harm other humans."

"Not entirely alone, but a little bit. Or maybe he'd understand how drinking got you so fucked up. And he's got Jolly to pick up the slack when he does get distracted."

"About what?" Jocasta asked, rather sharply, "Harming Ultron through malware or harming him through the addition of painful stimuli?"

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"I don't agree that it's the logical choice," Pepper said regarding Tony's surrender to Ultron's nanotech.  "If it was your nanotech inside him.... you could hurt him worse, you could..." She didn't want to say out loud how much suffering Ultron could inflict on Tony with nanotech if he chose; it was unthinkable.  "I'd still be frightened for him." 

She wondered if Ultron meant Jocasta would destroy herself before being caught, but it wasn't germane to the discussion.

Dislocating Tony's arm was bad, and she bristled disapproval at Ultron, but did not go pale or break down again.  However, Ultron's verbal tics were enough like Tony's that she could tell he was holding something back.  "And?"

"It is news, but it's not surprising," Tony told Wade.  "It's in the category of 'stuff I should know but don't want to think about.'"

He was sorry but not surprised to hear about Dr. Cho. 

"Having a human sensorium," he clarified.  "It's not all bad, right, Wade?   I don't know of any upside to abusing malware, you'd have to tell me how that feels." 

Abruptly, he got up and went to the cell door and leaned his face against the bars.  Knowing that Pepper was also a prisoner had stopped him from considering any escape plan, but it seemed that Ultron really did not want to hurt her, so it was hard for him not to at least consider something.  It was a distraction too.

(YAAAY!  Sorry this is so short, I got very distracted toward the end when I found out my kid has been posting questionable photos online... *facepalm*)
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"But I will be putting them in him regardless of what he decides. If he can get something out of it, he should. But he won't." He didn't say anything about her concerns, as he wasn't going to lie to make her feel better, and the truth would only make her feel worse.

When her disapproval became obvious and she asked him to continue, he avoided eye contact with her. "And I burned him." He looked down at the sunglasses, fiddling with them, adding the last bit in a quieter voice, "To the... fifth or sixth degree."


"Ultron said the exact same thing when I told him."

"We have been working on recreating a human sensorium." Jocasta said thoughtfully, "But I am worried that it may tie in to how humans behave, and that it will change us..."

"As someone who has gotten their leg torn off, been beaten with it, then have it forced through the entirety of my digestive system, I can tell you that if someone offered me the chance to never feel anything again, I wouldn't take it."

"I know Ultron has attempted to offer you something like that."

"It's sweet of him, but he doesn't get it. Even the pain is good to have, it makes the pleasure feel that much more special." Deadpool watched Tony get up and look outside the cell. "That's what we call disassociating. It's a way for humans to help with the bad feelings. Tony is really good at it."

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Pepper's eyes remained fixed on Ultron, but they went glassy.  She heard a buzz in her ears and everything swam and turned black in her vision as the blood drained away from her complexion.  She grabbed hold of the kitchen island countertop to keep from fainting.  In a mechanical voice, numbed with shock, she said, "I will...persuade him to accept, if you will promise not to hurt him and to let me have him here in exchange."

"Change is part of existence," said Tony.  "Embrace your inner mad scientist.  Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk."  He cocked a dubious eyebrow at Wade's tale of suffering.  "Your whole leg, femur and all?"

He had recovered enough to get apprehensive, and that made him manic and twitchy.  His genius brain had had nothing to do since finishing the JARVIS upgrade, it was itching for a workout, and that meant that it was starting to solve problems he didn't need to solve and to chew on questions he didn't necessarily want answered.  Just now it was working out the equation of Ultron plus Pepper times Morgan, and figuring out where to stick variable J.  He turned back into the cell and banged the back of his head against the bars a couple of times.

"Here's a question for you, Jo," he said, scratching his recently-trimmed beard.  "What's keeping Ultron?  Does he really like talking to Pepper more than he enjoys making me piss myself?"
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Ultron looked at her when she grew pale and distant, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have... I shouldn't have told you." He said like that was the only part of the situation he needed to apologize for. "He is fully recovered now." He told her, hoping that might help. At her offer, he got quiet himself before he met her eyes.

"Can you give me a time when there was something that Tony believed to be the morally right and necessary action, and chose not to do it because he made a promise to you?"


"Attempting high speeds before mastering basic forms of locomotion is certain to cause loss of balance." Jocasta replied, thinking his advice was severely flawed.

"Yes. Fuckin' Juggernaut." When Tony started banging his head, Deadpool continued to explain to Jocasta, "Now he's doing a mild form of self harm to deal with emotional pain."

"That seems unhealthy."  Jocasta said before Tony spoke to her. "He doesn't enjoy making you do that, he thinks it's gross. He does enjoy speaking to her quite a bit, though, and does, at times, find it preferential to harming you. I do not believe this will be the case for long, as he-and myself- have... difficulty filtering our conversations and make her feel upset. So she doesn't have a pleasant time talking with him, and there will be no reason for him to try holding a conversation with her."

"You've got it all wrong. I'll tell Ultron that a captive audience is the best audience. Even if she doesn't want to talk, he can just keep going on and on."

Is he talking about us being forced to listen to him or the people he's kidnapped?
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"No," said Pepper in the same distant voice, but with the emphasis placed on the right words, "you should not have done it."  She blinked back to herself after he told her Tony had recovered.  The roaring in her ears went away and she no longer felt in danger of passing out, but there was still a sort of glassy calm on her face.

"I can't," she admitted forthrightly, "but I believe I have... more leverage in this situation than I've ever had before.  What harm can it do to try?  You don't have to keep your word unless I succeed."

"It is unhealthy," Tony agreed, "but Ultron has restricted my options.  Metaphorically," he added regarding the pissing himself comment. 

He was listening carefully to Jocosta's speech patterns and thinking to himself -- where does the J variable fit?  "Even though he enjoys it, he'll stop talking to her if it makes her unhappy."  He waved his hands, then counted points off on his fingers.   "He's gone to a lot of trouble to make her comfortable.  He hasn't used her as a hostage to get my cooperation, which he could easily do, the only reason he needs to keep her locked up is so she won't tell anyone I'm still alive, and even that isn't strictly legit since the Avengers are back to spill the beans anyway.  I don't get it, Jo.  Why is he keeping Pepper here?"
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He huffed a bit at what she said, crossing his arms, "I gave him the option to give me information instead, but he refused." he blamed Tony. He wasn't surprised by her answer, he knew the truth and that Pepper was smart enough not to try and trick him about it, what she said next did surprise him, though. He tilted his head, taking a while to respond simply because he was running through the different factors and how it could have made Tony actually keep a promise to Pepper. He couldn't think of anything, as threatening her would only make him want to break them out more, so she couldn't convince him for her own safety, and any emotional instability caused by the torture would fade eventually and he would be able to focus on a plan.

"It can do a lot of harm to try," he replied, the panels on his face opening partially. "What leverage could you possibly have now that you didn't before?" Ultron asked, skeptical.


"Ultron does not have restricted options, so he should choose a healthier alternative." Jocasta still didn't understand why humans enjoyed strange metaphors so much, but she got what Tony was trying to say.

"Like drinking. That's what Tony normally does."  When Tony started to list off points, he added: "And he's got that weird shrine of magazine and newspaper cutouts of Pepper and a bunch of her hair collected from the drain."

"That does not exist." Jocasta said to Deadpool before she responded to Tony. "Should he use her as a hostage to get your cooperation? I believe that she would prefer that to you being harmed." As for him asking why, she said: "That is classified information."
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It immediately flashed across Pepper's mind what information Tony would endure so much to keep away from Ultron.  It might be that Ultron had been trying to force him to admit whatever plan he must naturally be coming up with, but Tony could make up some plausible fake plan on the fly in that case.  She couldn't think of anything else that he would have refused to say in extremis.  He had been gone from Earth so long that he barely knew anything that would be of interest to Ultron.

She hesitated and her symptoms of fear and stress increased.  Ultron's promise not to hurt her did not necessarily to extend to Morgan, in or out of the womb.  Not having toward Morgan whatever attachment it was he had toward her -- he might well used that leverage against Tony, or just react violently for reasons she couldn't fathom.  She folded her arms protectively around herself and closed her eyes.  "It's v-very personal.  I'm afraid I can't trust you with it. Un-unless you were to promise not to hurt Tony or --" 

She stopped here with her lips just starting to shape the "m" phoneme, fearing she'd said too much already.  Any halfway intelligent adult human being would have guessed the truth already.  Only Ultron's lack of experience was holding him back.

"Don't ask me.  I don't give a damn anymore," Tony said as to Ultron's alternatives for coping with emotional pain.  "I'm done with the fucking Stockholm syndrome approach."  He had allowed his skin to heal to an angry, jagged red scar circling his upper arm, and he scratched it while he spoke.
 He also attempted to pace, but there wasn't enough room with Deadpool in the cell on top of the trolley and the stretcher.

"Right?" he said, pointing at Deadpool following the Pepper shrine comment.  "Weird obsession.  And did you know I developed a program called Jocasta too?

"Oh, it's classified is it?"  He sounded not at all surprised.  "And why would that be?"

At this point, he slung an arm around Deadpool's waist as if to hug him, but instead, he deftly unbuckled the merc's teleportation belt and snaffled it off of him.

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Ultron logged the increase of negative symptoms, he was thinking that Pepper didn't like he had tried to get information out of Tony using violence, but the next thing she said disproved that.

He narrowed his eyes, tilting his head slightly, as he became increasingly suspicious of the secret that Tony and Pepper were keeping from him.

"Or Morgan." He finished for her, being able to pick up on who she was talking about, at least. "Well, I can't promise not to harm someone I don't know about, and as for Tony... I will consider it. For you. But he needs to be defanged a bit before I would feel comfortable letting him be."


"You seem in need of advice yourself." Jocasta said, but didn't ask any more questions. "No, I was not aware that you had another servant program which shares my name."

"Dude, the wifi password is classified information for you. Will you tell me later if I promise not to share with Tony?"

"It is also classified for you."

"What! Ultron can't keep secrets from me! Unless they're fun surprises!" Deadpool was so outraged that he wouldn't have noticed his belt getting taken if it also hadn't made his pants fall down.

"Tony, you're really giving me mixed signals here. I can overlook you cheating on me with your fiance that you've been dating for years, but not you undressing me in front of Ultron's squeeze."

"Mr. Stark." Jocasta said in a slightly strained tone. "Please return Deadpool's item to him."

((I did!
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A tremor went through Pepper when Ultron said the name Morgan, but she opened her eyes and breathed again when he said that he didn't know who Morgan was and that he would consider sparing Tony for her.  "Then you'll let me talk to him?"

"But Ultron knew," Tony said.

He slipped the belt around his own waist and fastened it and ran his talented fingers smoothly over the controls on its silly Deadpool-face buckle.  The activation button was easy to find, it had the most wear on it, and the navigational controls were reasonably intuitive.  "I'm sorry, Wade.  I did not mean for you to flash an AI who identifies as female.  I'm also really sorry Ultron is probably going to blame you for this.   

"Let's see, standard ceiling height is eight feet, add another for safety -- don't want to materialize my feet in the floor... I'm sorry, Jo, what did you say?"  He had the teleporter set and two fingers resting lightly against the activation button.  "You want me to give this back to Deadpool?  Hey, I'm sure Ultron won't be mad to see me enjoying the fresh pine-scented air outside for a bit and then maybe teleporting all the way to Wakanda."
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"I will let you talk with him later. If everything goes as--" Ultron grew stiff as he received the warning from Jocasta, the surprise on his face was quickly replaced with anger as he turned away from Pepper.

"I'm beginning to think he doesn't actually want to see you again." He gritted out, "I have to go." He said as opened the door to her cell. "We can talk later."


"Why would he name me that as well?" Jocasta asked, unsure of what Tony's point was.

"Blame me for what?" Deadpool asked as he pulled his pants back up.

He's going to teleport away and leave you to be Ultron's punching bag.

"No! Tony! You can't use that! You just lost an arm! You could lose something else, or have it be teleported inside of your stomach instead of where it's supposed to be!" He warned, gripping his masked head in his hands and causing his pants to slip off again. "And you don't know the layout of this place! You could end up inside a wall! It's an awful way to die, Tony! So make sure you teleport up at least four thousand feet to make it outside! Wait, no, don't listen to that! Take it off!"

Tell him to do it slowly.

Jocasta repeated exactly what she had said before, with additional strain in her voice. "Yes, please, do that. No. He will be very mad. He is very mad." She corrected, "Take it off before he comes here. Deadpool, please leave with it."
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"Oh, God," Pepper said as visions of what Tony might be doing to provoke Ultron danced in her head.  "Please remember, the deal is with me, not him!"

As soon as Ultron left, she ran to the bathroom and indulged her first case of stress-induced morning sickness.


"I think it's worth the risk, don't you?"  Tony said to Deadpool.  He made another adjustment to the belt's controls.  "Four thousand feet it is," he said, although if Wade was paying close attention, he might notice that was not the actual setting Tony had adjusted it to.

"No can do, Jo."  However, he did not teleport immediately.  He stood facing the door as far from it as possible, still with his fingers ready to press the button, waiting for Ultron.  He had an expression of curiosity, like a man conducting an experiment with mice, albeit with himself as the cheese.  "Just pause right there a bit, Ultron," he said as soon as the angry AI appeared in the doorway.  "How's Pepper doing?"
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"Normally I'd say yes, but you haven't been out there, Tony. It's like. The age of Ultron. That thing can't take you all the way to Wakanda in one jump."

If it was made in Wakanda it could have.

"Look, you don't even know how to work it!"

Neither do you!

"Why not?" Jocasta asked, "Are your limbs incapable of removing the item?" There wasn't any hint of sarcasm in her voice. When Ultron came in, he looked almost radioactive with the red glow coming off of him, and in the colder temperature down here, he was literally steaming.

"Do not tell me what to do." Ultron growled, although he stayed where he was.

"Hi, Ultron! You look like the two people closest to you allowed the person you hate most to get leverage over you." Deadpool said, casually, flinching when Ultron aimed his glare toward him through the cell window.

"Deadpool, please be quiet." Jocasta said, the shame evident in her voice.

"She is doing terribly, no thanks to you." Ultron accused.
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"Oh, please.  Remember who you're talking to, katana brain."  Tony found the controls almost childishly simple.  Whether it would actually work as indicated, he didn't know, but he was looking forward to experimenting.

He tilted his head at Ultron's compliance and statement, noting a continuing total absence of any threat toward Pepper.  Not even a bluffing threat.  And the danger of Tony escaping had stopped Ultron in his tracks.  Presumably, Ultron realized anything he used would have to render Tony paralyzed or unconscious instantly since mere a muscle twitch would activate the teleporter at this point.  "Why are you keeping her here?"

In the meantime, seeing as he had the opportunity, he sent an invasion of nanobots out through his navel and into the teleportation device so that they could blueprint it for him.
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"Hey! Don't insult my katana by comparing them to my brain!" Deadpool said, touching one of the empty sheaths defensively. "You're lucky Bea and Arthur and here."

"Tony, stop this. I know you said that it's not the prisoner's job to keep themselves in the cell, but it would be in everyone's best interest if you would." Jocasta tried again.

"You do not get to ask questions." Ultron said back, "You should listen to Jocasta, she is trying to help you, even if she shouldn't be. Take off the belt- " he paused, "Withdraw your nanobots, and throw it aside." He took in a long vent of air, "This is your only warning."
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"You mean well, Jo, but you have no idea what's in my best interests.  Fascinating how you don't want to answer that question, Junior."  Tony was enjoying the sensation of finally having a little bit of control over his own fate and he was in no hurry to end it, as his slight smirk in Ultron's direction revealed.  Besides, his bots needed some time to properly diagram the device they were exploring.  "I just love how your face flares up when you're pretending to breathe.  You look like Howl's Moving Castle."

He caressed the teleporter control lightly.  "You want me to give it back, what do I get out of it?  What am I bid for this tacky little piece of Wilson memorabilia?"
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"Remaining safe should be in your best interests." Ultron flared up again at Tony's comment, which made Deadpool laugh.

"Holy shit, he's right! Do Totoro next!" Deadpool said, "I bid a blow job! No, two!"

"You get the continued use of all your limbs." Ultron snarled, reaching out a hand and pulling it back as he used his antigravity repulsors, causing the door to the cell and the surrounding foundation to be torn away, it crashed loudly into the room.
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"Yeah -- being your prisoner is the exact opposite of being safe," Tony pointed out.  "Try belching the flame  Then we can call you Bender.  We have two blow jobs.  Any other bids?"

He raised both eyebrows at Ultron's antigrav repulsors.  "Hey, I invented those, you owe me licensing fees." 

As Ultron cleared the door, he hit the activation button and disappeared in a shower of pink sparkles.  Ultron's cameras, of course, picked him up immediately: he had teleported into the outer room of the cell suite which Ultron had just vacated.  He wanted to take inventory and make sure he still had all his internal organs in order, but did not dare give Ultron time to react.  He hit the button again and appeared in the hallway outside the secondary cell door, then turned to address Ultron through the barred window.

"It seems to work, so I'm raising the minimum bid.  It starts with a guarantee of you doing no more harm to me, to Pepper , or to Deadpool."  His fingers were busy on the controls as he spoke.
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"Um, technically you're not my prisoner. I shouldn't have any of those, I'm not good at keeping them."

"Maybe you should get a dog? Or a kid? Nah, scratch a kid. You ever see Room? Imagine being born in prison and having to be there cuz your parent was, wouldn't that be fucked up?"

"But not Morgan?" Ultron growled out, clenching his fists. "Pepper and I were just discussing similair terms." He started to move toward Tony, "But you're proving to me that it's a bad idea."

"Ultron, please calm down, we can try talking this out."

"No, Jocasta!" Ultron roared at her, making her go silent. "He is stalling so that he can recreate the teleporter himself! Then it won't matter if he gives it to me!" 

"Those terms and three blow jobs!" Deadpool raised his bid.
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"Sorry, Jo, I was talking to Ultron.  I'd feel safer if it was you."

He retreated toward the elevator as Ultron moved forward so as to give himself time to talk more, keeping a careful eye out for drones coming up on his six.  "Yeah -- Morgan too, since you mention it." 

He frowned at the mention of stalling.  "Hate to admit it, but I can't recreate it.  There're vibranium bits  -- and something I can't identify.  It has a resonance frequency similar to the Space Stone.  Seriously, Ultron, if it were possible to make a teleport using Earth-based materials, I would've invented one by now.

"Last chance to take the deal," he added, crouching slightly.  "No more harm to any of us, no retaliation for this stunt on me or Wade.  Try a constructive outlet for your frustration, one that doesn't involve hurting people --"  He had finished putting in coordinates and was definitely ready to punch the button the second Ultron got too close.
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"I raise ass eating!"

"I guess it's natural for Pepper to be more concerned for Morgan than you are." Ultron noted, though he still had no idea who Morgan was. "Don't give yourself too much credit." Ultron scowled when Tony said he would have invented one by now.

"I liked the deal Pepper was offering better." Ultron said, continuing to move toward Tony. "You're bluffing. You wouldn't leave her here with me."
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That sounded like something Ultron would say if he was trying to make Tony think he knew who Morgan was, so Tony ignored it.  "How could the guy who created you give himself too much credit?"

He was already to go, a series of very complex calculations necessary to keep him safe lined up and ready to be made at a second's notice...and then Ultron invoked Pepper.  He hesitated.  It wasn't like Ultron was wrong.

He didn't know what deal Pepper was negotiating, but he trusted her to do the right thing.  He stopped backing up and moved his hand a couple of inches away from the belt.  Still close enough to jab it if need be, but showing willing.   "Then take her deal right now, and I'll give you the belt for not hurting Wade," he offered quietly.
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"Because you were trying very hard to credit the Mind Stone for the parts of me you dislike." When Tony hesitated, Ultron stopped moving toward him.

"The issue was not in getting you to accept the deal, but to actually keep your word. You have a history of being incredibly difficult and worming your way out of hopeless situations. And you agreeing to a deal you know nothing of gives me little faith that you ever planned to keep this deal." 

He held out his hand, "Give me the belt and I will consider accepting Pepper's deal early. Prove to me that you can be trusted." Then he added afterward, "This is me being generous."
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"What this thing needs is a reverse feature," Tony remarked, his fingers making several more adjustments to the belt's controls.  Such was his genius that he could already operate it without taking his eyes off of Ultron.

"I have a lot of faith in Pepper's judgment," he observed.  "And this deal is too simple for me to back out of.   All I'm offering is to hand the belt to you.  If I don't do it, you aren't bound by any promises."

He considered Ultron's lame offer rapidly, but carefully.  "I'm taking into account that I won't be free long."  Pepper and Wade had described the world outside sufficiently to convince him there was no where to run except Wakanda or off-planet.  "But the opportunity to get some intelligence and tell the world that Pepper and I are still alive is worth a lot.  I can't take any deal that doesn't include Wade's safety.  And that's me being generous."
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"If you don't give me the belt without me promising anything, then I will have to reconsider my ridiculous idea of going through with what I discussed with her." Ultron said, his expression growing even darker.

"And it all might be for nothing." he said to Tony'e plan, "You should be concerned with yourself, Pepper, and Morgan, not Wade." Ultron insisted, not liking at all that the two were reconnecting so easily. "You seem to be forgetting that I have little incentive to do anything for you like Pepper asked, and you're not helping by acting up like this."
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Ultron's expression showed increased anger at Tony's defiance, and again at his concern for Deadpool, but very little reaction to his threat to reveal his continued existence to the world, Tony noted.   Either Ultron had gotten better at bluffing, or he wasn't actually concerned about it.  He took that into consideration, but the deciding factor was really Pepper.

"I don't want to undermine Pepper," he said, straightening from his crouch, stroking his goatee and gesturing at Ultron. "Tell you what I'll do --"

Instead of saying anything, however, he hit the activation button twice.  The reserve feature he had just programmed in took him back the two steps he had previously teleported, first into the outer room of the cell, then into the inner room.

"Here, Wade."  Tony stripped the belt off quickly and handed it to the merc.  "Three blow jobs it is, but later, okay?  Get yourself out of here before the Iron Giant loses it with you."
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"Really? Your relationship has you undermining her frequently. What's different about this time?" Even though he was prepared for Tony to teleport, he still flared up when the other did, looking like he was going to blow a fuse. His red glow dimmed significantly when the other appeared again and then ended up in his cell by Deadpool, who took the belt, pulling up his pants and securing it.

"You can choose anyone to get the blowjobs. It doesn't have to be you." Deadpool clarified, "It might be the one way you can communicate with the outside world. And I know how much you want to blow Captain America-"

As much as you want to?

He took Tony's hands in his, "I'll tell him it's from you. So he knows you're alright." He didn't leave before Ultron got to them, but the hand the AI placed on his shoulder was only mildly crushing.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Wade, I actually have a surprise for you."

"What is it? A horse? A pony? A unicorn? A cow? A gun? A really big gun? Victoria's Secret gift card? New glasses? A bomb? A car? Bees?"

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise."

"That's what Scar said to Simba before he got Mufasa killed by the stampede! Oh, I bet it's going to be a good one!"

You're having way too much fun with the Disney Marvel merger.

"Go get cleaned up and I'll give it to you when I'm finished here."

"Just because I'd shine bright under a blacklight doesn't mean I need to shower. Tony's the one who should have teleported to a shower when he got the chance." he said as he changed the coordinates on his teleporter, "Hey, so what exactly did you do--" Ultron pressed the button for Deadpool to get him out of there, then he leaned over Tony, scrutinizing him.

"What did you get from having the teleporter that long?" Ultron asked, still not trusting that he had done this entirely because of Pepper, nor that he wouldn't be able to use the information from the technology to do something.
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"That's a great idea!"  Tony was angry with Cap, but had no objection to Deadpool blowing him.  He pressed Wade's hands tightly.  "Yes, tell him I sent you.  But only give him one, okay?  Save the rest for me."  He snatched a kiss through Wade's mask before Ultron showed up.

"It's a father-son...thing," he put in, waving one hand in his best imitation of Jeremy Irons voicing a villainous lion from the shallow end of the gene pool.

He wasn't flinching or shrinking as Ultron loomed over him this time; he looked up into the AI's face with his normal faintly sardonic expression. 

"I'll be able to make a teleporter as soon as I get an ounce of vibranium and access to a particle accelerator.  I learned a lot about your relationship with Pepper.  I fixed the wiring in Wade's belt so it doesn't glitch.  But I think the psychological benefits were the most significant." 

Defying Ultron had restored Tony's sense of himself.  He stood straighter and his eyes were bright.  He looked more himself than he had since the battle on Titan.

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Just don't make any references when you give the blowjob.

Like Cap even knows what Disney is.

"Hey, if he wants more, they're on the house."

Ultron didn't have to be told about the psychological benefits that the small moment of freedom had gained him, even before he started to speak he could tell that Tony was going back to his usual impetuousness. He was scheming already, taking whatever information he could and trying to use it, not only for escape, if that was all he wanted he would have chanced using the belt, but also toward Pepper's freedom and Ultron's own destruction. His own body language changed along with Tony's, instead of standing up straight his shoulders were hunched, his fists were clenched hard at his sides, and there was a metallic grinding noise coming from the panels on his face as he grit his teeth.

"You should worry about the possibility that your organs didn't get switched all around first." he said, trying not to let it show how upset he was about the man knowing how to make a teleportation device, but he couldn't keep himself from vibrating with rage. "And what, exactly, is my relationship with her?" he asked, his agitation more obvious in his tone.

((sorry this took so long. i've been up to my neck in puppies. haven't been on my laptop for days and I've had to stop in the middle of this reply two times already and the pup is circling me whining for my attention still.
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"Hey, if I die," Tony said, regarding the teleporter's effects, "I will still be Tony Stark when I die."

That was the point of the whole thing, really, whatever else he told himself he'd gained.  He could stand there with his scars and his piss-stained trousers and everything Ultron had thrown at him, all the torture and isolation and mind-fuckery, and still be Tony Stark, a man who got up after he'd been knocked down.

"But everything seems to be in order, thank you for asking."

He was a little nonplussed at Ultron's agitation regarding Pepper.  "Touchy subject?"  He shrugged.  "You like her.  Which is a mark of the utmost good taste, so congrats for that."  He folded his arms.  "Now, you said she's not doing well.  What can we do to fix that?"
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"And that is... a good thing?" Ultron asked, doubtfully. "Yes, it's a touchy subject because--!" He took in an agitated breath, stopping himself. He had hoped Tony had some kind of explanation for it, that he had purposely programmed him to respond to Pepper in such a way, but it seemed like his creator was as perplexed as he was.

"It's good of you to ask. Her issue seems mainly to be with you. Considering I've done nearly everything else she's asked of me." He slammed Tony hard against the wall, pinning him with an arm by his chest, so his breathing would be obstructed, but not enough to keep him from speaking.

"But she really gets upset thinking about how I'm hurting you. And while she seems to understand that if I let you live freely, you will try to kill me, she doesn't seem to fully understand just how much harm you can do to me." He let out a dry laugh, "Or she just doesn't care." He pressed harder on his chest before releasing him.

"Oh, and I'm glad you were honest about your condition, that means we can get started immediately. If you truly want to help Pepper, then you will stop fighting the inevitable."
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"Look.  Empathy is not that hard," Tony said in an apparent non-sequitur.  "If you want to understand why I do the things I do, imagine yourself in the equivalent of my situation.  Abuse can change a human's personality.  It's like reprogramming.  That's why you do it," he added, with a direct and very cold look at Ultron.  "And would you rather die than let me reprogram you?  Obviously."

He maintained his nonplussed expression through Ultron's agitation, as he was genuinely just as perplexed as Ultron about his attitude toward Pepper.

Ultron's slamming him into the wall did not have the impact on him that it usually had.  Despite the physical jarring, he looked mildly bored and even managed a faint smirk while the air was being compressed out of his lungs.  "You don' about...hurting her... by hurting me --" timing the words for most efficient use of the oxygen left to him.  "Why should... she care?"

He also stayed on his feet when released this time, giving Ultron an eyebrow and slight head tilt.  "The inevitable being...?"
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"What I meant is that I would rather have my origins be assumed as a Russian pornbot gone rogue than be associated with your name." He remarked, as he had a very low opinion of the man's name. "As they are, humans are impossible to completely reprogram. You all have too much... latent information that even you can't access at will."

Ultron grit his metallic teeth at Tony's response, "I do care, but I shouldn't. I don't need these extra complications." He said like his emotions were a tangible problem to overcome. "Her terms seem reasonable, but then I see you and you open your mouth and--" He clenched his fists again before replying to his question.

"That you will yield to me. Either painfully, for your own pride--" The door opened as a pair of drones brought in a chair with restraints and some tubing equiptment. "Or willingly, for Pepper."
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" are," Tony wheezed, "and you always... will be.  Even if...everyone else...forgets... you will name."  Actually, Ultron could delete it from his memory, but Tony knew he never would.

He rubbed his sternum where Ultron had bruised it.  "But you don't ever have to see me," he pointed out reasonably.  "You keep choosing to come back." 

Inwardly, he braced himself for more harm.  His flippancy was calculated; he wanted Ultron too angry to think straight.

"Yield to you?  Ohhh, no, no, no, I"m flattered, but I'm an almost-married man and the only parts of me that Pepper doesn't want, I'm saving for Deadpool."  He edged away from Ultron, although there was almost nowhere to go.  "You can't be serious.  Pepper wouldn't want this."
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"You have a way of stating facts in the most infuriating ways." Was all he could say back.

"Oh, I don't?" Ultron gritted out, "Like when I left you be and you gave yourself visitation rights and had Jocasta serving you? Or when I left you alone to speak with Pepper and you took the teleportation belt from Deadpool? Even when confined to complete solitude and left to recover, you were using my bots to feed your own and doing God knows what else--!" He grew angrier with each example, thrusting his palm against the others chest with much less pressure this time, but channeling a surge of electricity through it.

"Leaving you alone is the fastest way for you to arm yourself. You have only given me reason to harm you more." He gripped him forcefully by the arm that had been previously severed, dragging him to the chaid and cuffing that wrist in.

"You're the one flattering yourself." He said, though not sounding nearly as disgusted by the idea as would be expected. He latched in Tony's other wrist, leaning over the man and tilting his chin up with a finger. "I may consider it, since you are so opposed to it."

The drones were busy getting the apparatus ready as Tony kept blabbering, "She didn't agree to this specific scenario, no. Before we could get into the details, you interrupted us."
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Tony jittered and stuttered and yelped at each electric shock, and so did not say anything to Ultron's accusations, or even really comprehend them.  He only came around enough to answer the last one in a fainter, but still mocking voice.  "You never needed any reason."

He snorted and curled his lip at the final threat, staring back unflinchingly into Ultron's angry red eyes.  "Really," he said, with flat contempt, "you'd commit rape now?"  He shook his head.  "Every time I think you can't disappoint me more, there you go."

He looked grimly at the apparatus, his engineer's eye comprehending its function pretty quickly.  Clearly he was going to be force-fed a crapton of Ultron's nanobots.  "Just for the record, no, I do not consent."
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Ultron looked a bit jolted himself when Tony mentioned his disappointment, though it was much subtler, the panels on his frame rippling a bit as if he'd been struck.

"Deadpool is very... tolerant of my choices. But he made it very clear he won't be friends with a 'bad-touch bot'." He said as he strapped in Tony's legs, "Besides, it seems that it only works for persuasion if the other party enjoys it. Even if you were receptive--" He grabbed Tony's face roughly, shoving it into a headclamp and tightening it. "I wouldn't do that to Pepper.

"And I'm saving myself for Deadpool as well. Since his loyalty seems to be directly tied to the people that fuck him."

Even out earshot we need a healing factor for that burn!

"You are going to be spending a lot of time in this chair. I'm not sure exactly how long, that's up to you. Cooperate, and you get out sooner and get to see Pepper. Fight it, and you can stay as long as you like." The drones were testing the pumping system, a grey glob was squeezed out of the tube, so thick that it didn't splatter when it hit the floor.

"Jocasta has offered to see to your sanitation. Ask anything else of her, try to manipulate her, or even offend her and I'll stick to my original plan of leaving you strapped in there 24/7 and hosing you off occassionally."
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"Deadpool's concept of bad touch is very limited, clearly," Tony growled.  Almost every instance of Ultron touching him had been violent and nonconsensual, but evidently Wade needed it to be for sexual purposes before he'd define it as "bad."  He fought back the temptation to break his teeth on Ultron's hand.  "Then he's surprisingly loyal considering you haven't fucked him yet.  You must be stringing him along, you little cocktease."

He didn't say whether he'd be cooperating or not, but the grimly furious expression he presented, jaw tightened to ball-bearing hardness, communicated NO pretty clearly.

"Well, at least you won't in here."  He wondered how Ultron expected him to manipulate Jocasta with a feeding tube stuck down his throat.  "I wouldn't intentionally offend her.  I like her -- well, as much as I can like anyone who enables your abuse."

In the meantime, his nanobots were getting their orders and were gearing up for combat.
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"I don't have to do anything to string him along. He was persistant with both you and Nebula when neither of you showed any interest in him." He hadn't expected Tony to cooperate, but he thought he should offer for Pepper.

"I will definitely be visiting. You're so much more tolerable when you can't speak." Ultron took a step back to allow the drones to move closer to Tony.

"Yes, she's a gem. And cannot abide human suffering. Which is the only reason I am letting her help you." He started walking toward the door, "I'd do the honors of shoving that tube down your esophagus, but that sounds disgusting, so I'll leave it to the drones."
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"Mmm, no, I said yes to him the first time he asked," Tony said.  Though there might have been some pursuit he hadn't noticed, some flirtation he was unable to distinguish from Wade's normal level of crazy.

As Ultron began to walk away and the drones began to close in, Tony's facade of angry cool appeared to crack.  He struggled for a hopeless, involuntary second against his restraints.

"Wait!"  There was sudden hint of strain and panic back in his voice.  (It wasn't hard to fake, the whole apparatus looked frankly terrifying.)  His breathing got more labored.  "Wait.  Don't do this, Ultron.  Don't do it, and I'll --"  He closed his eyes hopelessly.   "I'll tell you who Morgan is."

He was a little worried Ultron would take him up on it, since the whole ploy was merely to emphasize how much he didn't want the AI's nanobots in control of his body, but he could always back out of the deal.
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Ultron had more difficulty telling Wade's flirtation from his regular antics, but before Tony had said yes to him, the man had made conflicting comments about the different things he'd wanted to thrust into his creator.

He didn't stop as the other called for him to wait, nor did the drones, that were aiming a medical gag at the man's mouth. However, when he mentioned Morgan, he stopped, a metallic hand on the doorway and turned back, the drones pausing as well.

"Either Morgan is less important than I thought, or you really want to destroy me no matter the cost."
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Tony still had his eyes squeezed shut and he was close to hyperventilating, his face working with stress and conflict.

"No," he said after an apparent struggle, and opened his dark eyes.  "Never mind.  I can't-- can't betray Morgan.  Carry on," he added with bitter sarcasm, "don't let me ruin your day."
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Ultron was certain that this Morgan would pose much less of a threat to him with Tony's technological capabilities disabled, and knowing who they were wouldn't matter if Tony could still fight him, so he didn't try to convince him to make the deal. Information from Tony couldn't be trusted anyways, and there would be no way to confirm it, for even Pepper might know the false information he'd be giving.

"If it's any consolation, you already did. But tomorrow's a new day." he said, his pleasant optimism contrasting Tony's words as he left the room and the drones resumed their work.

((We can play out Deadpool and Nebula or alt universe Peter and Strange getting an artifact (or both)
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Only a few hours had passed, but it seemed very long to Nebula.  The Wakandans had made the Avengers welcome and their top surviving government representatives(one for each of five tribes) and the woman Okoye were having a council of war with them, in which they kept asking the same two questions and getting the same two answers: 

Q: What could they do about the Snap?
A: Nothing.
Q: What could they do about Ultron's domination of Earth?
A: Very little.

In Nebula's opinion, though she kept it to herself, they ought to negotiate.  Arrange to live and let live, so long as Ultron wasn't harming anyone -- and it seemed fewer humans were being harmed now than ever before because Ultron wasn't even letting them harm each other, much.  But the Avengers would not even consider it while Stark was missing and probably a prisoner.  Since Nebula knew very well what Ultron was doing to Stark, and since she had become strangely attached to the erratic, brilliant, egotistical engineer during the weeks they shared in space, she could not blame them.

But they were getting nowhere.  Nebula left the fancy Wakandan counsel room, with the impressive throne empty of its king.  Since she hadn't been talking anyway, nobody noticed her go.  She made her way out of the city and across the savannah to the edge of the great force field, looking for Ultron drones.

((Both, but let's do them one at a time.))
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Ultron had drones visibly stationed around the forcefield, they were all facing away from Wakanda, lit only with blue and stock still. When Nebula arrived, the one nearest to her turned around, its lights going red.

"If I thought it were possible, I would have tried to make a deal out of this. But the mention of your name has sent him into a frenzy, and by meeting him you might be saving me billions in property damage." He knew that asking her to do anything to the Wakandans would be damaging to his image, if she could even manage to do so given their security. As it was, he figured that he could use as many close allies as possible, and giving Deadpool to her seemed the best way to start a new alliance.

"The Wakandans don't want my drones this close to their home, so they would hardly tolerate a transport as well. I have one stationed for you to take several kilometers West of here."
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Nebula had no sense of humor that she was aware of, but she couldn't help a faint, fleeting smile at Ultron's description of Deadpool.

"I assume that's within walking distance."  She did not know how far a "kilometer" was.

She was about to ask Okoye to drop the shield when suddenly Rocket -- proving he was just as good at sneakily following people as the Terran mammal he resembled -- popped up out of the grass.  "Hey, Baldy, why're you leaving with the psychobot?"

"To find someone important to me,"Nebula said in her husky whisper.  She spoke into her wrist communicator.  "General Okoye, would you drop a section of your shield so that I can leave?"

There was a pause, as Okoye discussed her request with the Avengers, during which Rocket regarded the red-eyed drone suspiciously.  ""Y'know, you're all I got left," he said to Nebula. 

"You'd be welcome to come," Nebula answered, "but there will be mating involved."

"Eeew!  EEEEEW! You had to put that image in m head?  Your bald, sweaty bodies?  Disgusting!"  The raccoon put his face in his paws.  "Fine, go.  Just, just, come back, okay?"

Nebula gave him a surprised expression and a faint look of regret, but walked out as soon as the section of forcefield flickered out.  It snapped back on behind her.

((Shall we cut to the arrival, or does Ultron have some pontificating to do first?  :) ))
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Ultron knew that what Nebula considered a walking distance was far greater than most humans did, but he still nodded at her question. The sentry looked curiously at Rocket when he appeared, trying to scan his cybernetics, but there was too much interference from the force field to get a good read on them. He didn't detect any direct hostility from the raccoon, so he let his insult slip. There was no attempt to object to his invitation either, although he wasn't certain if him and Deadpool would get along. Not so much that their interests would clash, but he was sure the mercenary would try to cuddle the thing. 

"... Now I have that image in my head." The sentry couldn't emote, but his voice conveyed his own disgust at Rocket's vivid description. When he told her to come back, the AI went through his memory files twice over for any mention of her and Rocket being friends, but found nothing, it seemed that the cyborg had made a multitude of new friends.

"Maybe I'll come along too." he said when he told her to come back. The sentry turned around and walked with Nebula toward where he had the ship stowed. "What happened with Thanos?" he asked, bluntly, "Is there a possibility of restoring the half of the universe he wiped out?"

((No pontificating (yet), just questions
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"Sure," Rocket said to Ultron, a wicked grin crossing his muzzle as he eyed the drone.  "Your parts don't look like much, but I'm sure there's some good salvage in there."

"His primary form is more impressive," Nebula told the racoon before she left.

Her cybernetic stride ate up the ground quickly.  She would have run, but not knowing where the ship was, she let the sentry set the pace.  The topic that Ultron chose immediately lowered her spirits.  She studied the ground while answering.

"Thanos is dead.  The Asgardian killed him.  There is no possibility of restoration.  My father destroyed the Stones -- that was the energy signal we detected before we left.  My sister will never come back."   Gamora probably could not have been brought back anyway, but Nebula had allowed herself to hope.
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"You might find some of my parts in Wakanda if you look hard enough. I'm sure they tried to reclaim as much vibranium as possible from my previous forms." Which, besides any vibranium they might have had, were now leagues behind his current models. He thought having the creature try to take him apart would be worth the chance to scan his cybernetics.

"Who taught you about compliments?" He asked Nebula when she spoke on his behalf. The sentry didn't linger either, going in fast strides as well, but he didn't break into a run yet. He was quiet for a bit when Nebula answered him, only speaking once they'd stopped and reached the ship.

"I'm sorry." He said, his voice condolent. "Neither will my Vision. I hoped that maybe... if I had the Mind Stone he might be in there somewhere, even if the rest of him was..." The drone's fists clenched, "He did his best to kill me, and I to kill him, and I do not doubt he would immediately ally himself with the Avengers if I brought him back, but I still would. He was like my..." He opened the door to the idling ship, letting Nebula walk in first.

"We need to focus on who we still have. That is what the humans are trying to do." He didn't doubt Nebula claiming the stones were destroyed, he didn't know her to be an excellent liar, and even if she had learned to do so, the Avengers would be in action now trying to retrieve the stones if Thanos had simply dispersed them.
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"Stark," Nebula answered, curious what Ultron's reaction would be to the mention of his creator's name.  The drone's face had no range of expression, but the AI's voice had plenty.

She responded almost sympathetically to Ultron's condolences, albeit in her own subdued way.  "Families are difficult."  She went on board the ship unhesitatingly, her short swords and blaster, along with borderline indifference to whether she lived or died, giving her plenty of confidence.  "Though mine will trouble me no more.  What of Deadpool?" she asked, following Ultron's advice.  "Is he..."  She knew better than to ask if he were well.  "...sane?"
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"You two were close." His voice held a mix of suspicion, jealousy, and anger in it, and the drone's red light glowed a bit brighter.

"The more I learn about family aspects, the more difficult they seem." There was nothing sinister in the ship, though there was a severe lack of manual controls. The door closed and the ship took off soon after, moving upward out of the trees and picking up speed once above the clouds.

"No." Ultron answered without hesitation, "He is stable for now, but only when I keep him occupied. He has suffered his own loss, but not one that either of us could understand." Even though he had created Jocasta, he didn't consider her his child, and given the survival rate of Nebula's lovers Deadpool had spoken of, he doubted she had any children herself.
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"We became so," Nebula answered, with her usual indifferent honesty.  "I think we did.  He might recall it differently."  She used the present tense of Stark just to see if Ultron would remember to correct her.  "Battle and proximity to death made it so."

The lack of manual control didn't bother Nebula, her fingers capable of hacking almost anything if necessary.  She noticed the lack of windows and viewing ports and surmised that Ultron did not want her to know where they were going. 

After a few moments passing in silence on her part, it occurred to her that she was, possibly, being rude.  This was not something that she would have given much thought to previously.  She attempted to soften her voice.  "What of yourself, Ultron?  How are you?  The Terrans seem to do well under your care.  I had not expected that."
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"I'm sure he would have recalled it differently. He had a way of making socialites out of people." He wasn't going to push for more details, but he couldn't keep from asking one thing, "Did he talk about me at all?" He knew that she would tell him the truth.

She was partly right in her assumption, though the lack of view was also to keep motion sickness to a minimum given the high speed the machine traveled at. He would call the secrecy of the destination a bonus, though he planned on taking her to a neutral location.

He was not insulted by her silence, only because he remembered her acting the same toward him before, and that if he wanted to talk he would need to start. So it surprised him when she not only spoke up, but asked about his wellbeing and again complimented him.

"...You have really changed. But it has been a while since I last saw you. A long while." His voice modular cracked slightly at the end, but he continued in his regular voice right after. "It's a good thing, I think Deadpool will like the new you.

"I am..." He paused, "Fine. Terra, like much of the galaxy, has the majority under the control of the wealthy, powerful minority, who do not usually have the majority's best interests in mind. Control just needed to be returned to the majority." It wasn't as easy as that, though, since he'd still met quite a bit of resistance. "I am able to do what is best for humanity without the consequences and obstructions that humans face for trying to do the same thing." The ship began to slow down, "Like making sure everyone has shelter, clean water, and food at least."
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"He makes friends almost as easily as he does enemies," Nebula observed gravely.  She considered Ultron's question, then said, "Twice.  He did not trust me at first, but he had to learn to, because his wound was infected and would have killed him without my help.  Your name came up in that discussion, and we compared what you did to him on M'Atta Gaskar with what Thanos has done to  me.  Then later, there was this conversation."

She activated the projector in her eye.  Tony's face appeared, gaunt and unshaven but not as thin as it got later.  Dim lights blinked behind him in Benetar's crew quarters and  David Bowie's Space Oddity played in the background.  Tony said, "Did Ultron ever finish his army for Thanos?  Have there been drones committing genocide on other planets?"

Nebula's voice, coming from off-camera, answered, "I do not know.  But I saw no sign of Ultron while I was Thanos' prisoner.  I believe my father meant to use Ultron on Terra."

Tony ran a hand through his dirty hair and sighed.  "Well, that's off my conscience, I guess."  His deft hands began folding up a paper football, but his mind was clearly elsewhere.  "I wonder.... whatever happened to him."  A pause, then, "How much air have we got left?"

"Eight days.  Perhaps less."

"Guess I'll never know, then."

Nebula cut the recording.  "That was all."

On the ship, she bit her lip and attempted a smile, but it was reluctant and disappeared quickly.  "I am not sanguine.  He seemed to like the old me very much.  I may not... stimulate him as I once did."

In spite of this comment, she had trouble keeping her seat as the ship descended. 
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Ultron didn't try to bring up the topic of torture, he was able to tell that it was part of their bonding, and he doubted that she would be as approving of it as she had been before. The drone didn't look away from the projection, entirely focused on the image of Tony, it was surprising how much he had deteriorated in the week following this recording, given the condition Ultron had received him in. He was thankful that he hadn't used his primary body to get Nebula, as he wouldn't have been able to hide the emotions that came over him.

First, he was abated by Tony not only thinking of, but speaking of him in the time before his death, but then it turned to disgrace, as the only reason his father spoke of him was to clear his conscience of any further atrocities that his mistake committed, then anger at how flippant his final comment seemed. There didn't seem to be much regret in his words, and Ultron couldn't help but think that Tony had hoped the AI would simply fade out of existence, never to bother anyone again.

"Unless I bring it up." His voice was modulated, though there was an extreme strain to it, "Let us not discuss my father again." He knew that Nebula was too smart to think that Tony was dead, and even though he had told the mercenary not to share it with her, he doubted he would keep that promise. It didn't feel right giving Nebula even half-truths on the subject, not with how honest she'd been and how insulting it would be to her intelligence, but he also knew that an admittance from him could be broadcasted as easily as she had just done so with Tony.

"He liked the old me as well, but he doesn't seem to have an issue with my change in tactics." he said as they landed, "So I don't think you have anything to worry about." The door to the ship opened, and it was immediately obvious they weren't near the equator anymore as a cool breeze came into the ship. Deadpool's voice could be heard immediately as he talked to himself, not having even noticed the ship landing right by him.

"It's not too much--- is it too much? I think you're right, it is too much! We have to get Ultron to move us again! The moonlight is making this way too cheesy!" He was pacing back and forth in front of a picnic blanket that had an assortment of covered dishes on it, he was wearing a tux over his suit that looked like it had been taken off and put back on multiple times, and he was holding what was once a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but nearly all the petals had fallen off as he was wringing the stems with enough force to rip the plastic holding them together. On his mask he'd applied blush, eyeliner, lipstick, and even glued on some false eyelashes.
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"Very well.  I have been told that speaking of something painful to a sympathetic listener is beneficial," Nebula observed, looking down at her hands, "but I never found it so myself."

She was standing when the ship landed and had to brace herself on impact.  "Perhaps, but there is a fundamental difference between his regard for you and what he feels for me."  She was not reassured until the door opened and she was able to see Deadpool's agitation... and everything else.  Her jaw slackened.  "What is he wearing?"

She sprang out without waiting for Ultron's answer and moved toward him.  Her progress was odd -- first a few reluctant steps, then a couple of determined strides, and then she broke into a run.  As he turned toward her, she angled to crash right into him and grab him around the waist. 

She stared at his mask with a disconcerted expression.  "I am not kissing that."  Without asking permission, she grabbed the loose part at the back and ripped it off his face.  Then she leaned in and ravaged his mouth with hers, her whole body taut and vibrating against him.
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Ultron wouldn't have been able to answer even if she gave him the chance to, as Deadpool hadn't looked like that when he'd been dropped off, which wasn't too long before he had retrieved Nebula.

"Or, we could blow up the moon! Then we don't have to move all the food."

Or you could just turn around.

"What?" Deadpool turned around to see what most considered a terrifying sight; Nebula running full speed at him. "Nebula!" He cried out, spreading his arms, when she crashed into him, he skidded back a bit but kept his balance.

"I thought you weren't-- I mean you wouldn't--" If she had asked, he would have told her no, since he was sure her memory of his face was better than it actually looked, but when she kissed him, he stopped caring, holding onto her like she'd melt away. He fell backward, still holding onto her and not breaking the kiss as he crashed into the food containers on the blanket.
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Nebula toppled to the ground on top of him, equally careless of the scattered food containers, and kissed him until they were both gasping for breath.  Finding the rumpled tuxedo in her way, she ripped it off of him in a few determined moves so that she could caress his body with only his costume between them, and then kissed him some more, moving off his mouth for a line of hot, possessive kisses down his exposed throat.

She raised her head long enough to stare into his eyes with her black eyes and facial cybernetics glowing. "I suppose I should say hello at some point."

She got up and hauled him to his feet by the front of his costume, taking care this time not to disturb the remaining food, and pushed him up against a convenient tree, where she kissed him a few more times, her body taut and urgent against his.  Unlike Tony, she didn't seem to care whether Ultron was watching or not.
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"Don't know what I was thinkin' wearing pants." He gasped out, his cock already half hard and leaking pre-cum before she even started to caress him.

"I missed you-- I love you-- I need you--" He managed to get out while she kissed his throat, instead of weeping while he said those words, he was smiling, the pleasure she gave him keeping his eyes dry.

"You're more beautiful than I remember. And I have a very accurate body pillow." He said when she looked into his eyes. "Let's replace all of our hellos with this." He was unresisting as she lifted him and then shoved him against the tree. He whined as he tried to grab her breast, but she was pressed too flush against him, and settled for grasping the back of her head and an ass cheek. Deadpool did care if Ultron was watching, and seeing the drone, its lights still red meaning it was personally occupied by Ultron, only aroused him further.

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"I like ripping things off you," Nebula said.  Her arms tightened around him at each of his declarations.  She might have started to weep, but tears had been burned out of her years before.  She smiled just a little in return.  "Beloved," she whispered.

Her previous reaction to being grabbed, especially by the ass, would have been to punch him in the throat and tell him to keep his hands to himself, as he was to be the grabbee, not the grabber.  But this time she purred into his mouth and rubbed her taut belly against his erection, and then pushed away a few inches, smiling deep into his eyes.  "I could eat you whole," she murmured.  "I missed you so much.  I want you inside me NOW.  Take your clothes off.  And then mine."

She started caressing him again, making it difficult for him to carry out the orders, especially when she started to lick every bit of his skin as he exposed it.
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Deadpool was anticipating an attack after the ass grab, and would accept the consequences gladly, but she didn't strike him for it. He didn't comment, thinking it was a one time thing since they'd been apart so long.

"If you do, use the Grey Poupon." Wade replied, a lovestruck smile on his own face as she looked at him.

"Yours too?" He asked, surprised, since the only time she ever had him take off her clothes was with his teeth while he was bound up.

"Next time, I'm wearing the breakaway suit." He wheezed, trying to remove clothing from the least intimate places first, but all her caresses and kisses still went straight to his cock. And he had to pause as soon as he removed his underwear, last of course, while she tasted his erection.

"Okay, I'm gonna-- I will-- I'm doing you now--" Even without her distractions there was a bit of hesitation as his hands moved over her clothing, feeling the seams and straps, but not daring to undo or remove anything yet, stuck between obeying her orders and remembering her insistence on undressing under her own terms.
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"Mine, too," she whispered, black eyes glowing.  "I... trust you."  There was a little hesitation about saying that, but none at all in the way she was rubbing herself all over him.

He took too long getting his clothes off to suit her, and she began using teeth in her kisses and nails in her caresses, but she was moaning at the same time, hurting him out of desperate passion rather than to punish him for anything.  "Now.  Now.  NOW!"  When he was down to his underwear, she helped him take it off and accidentally shredded it.  Then she dug her nails into his ass while sampling his cock, all the way down to the balls.  "Miiiiiinnne!" she breathed after detaching from him.

"Yes?"  She stared back at him, displeased, while his lovely hands were hesitating on the fastenings of her clothes.  She caught his face between her hands and squeezed it hard enough to get his attention without bruising, while kissing him passionately.  Then she broke to growl, "Take.  My.  Clothes.  Off.  NOW -- if you want to live."
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Her words had more of an effect on him than her eager rubbing, and he let out a pleased hum, "Oh, babe, anything for you."

He was also able to tell that her breaking his skin didn't come from punishment, as it lacked the precision she usually had when aiming for the parts that hurt. He was certain that his heart stopped as she took him in full hilt, and was barely aware of his own response.

"Yours--! Oh, Nebula, I-- Yours!"

He was still debating what to do when she spoke to him, "I'm just wondering if you got a new outfit, feels a bit different--" His attempt to mask his hesitance was cut off as she kissed him, his fingers digging into her clothing. The sharp order got him acting fast, but carefully, as he removed her clothing with little difficulty, having felt all the places that needed to be undone.

"Beautiful- lovely- gorgeous- perfect-" He praised her between each breath, sucking on a nipple as he reached down and undid her bottoms, sliding a hand in the front of it to press against her clit before he'd even removed them.
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"Bullshit!" Nebula had learned the word from him, and used it in response to his praise, although she also blushed a deeper blue. 

When he began sucking on her hard left nipple and fingering her clit, she gasped and froze in surprise, and raised her right hand  behind his back, as if about to plunge her razor-sharp nails through his ribcage and rip out his heart.  She had literally never had anyone do this to her (or for her) before and was unsure how to react.  But the sensation was so amazingly pleasurable that her knees went slack.  She clawed down his back instead, drawing little beads of blood but not endangering any vital organs at all.  "Wade, I -- oh, Wade!"

When he finally got her as naked as he was, she used a judo-like move, tripped him onto the blanket, on his back, and straddled him. Gazing in his eyes, she reached down between them to grab his cock and position it so that she could rub the head between her lips and against her clit, teasing them both. 

"If you come before I do, you will die," she promised, and then sank onto his erection, burying it up to the hilt.  She also grabbed his hands and put them on her body.  "Do more of that.  Please."
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Deadpool could easily see and feel the way her muscles tensed, and that she had poised her arm for an attack, but he didn't flinch or stop what he was doing. If she needed her safeword to be the act of eviscerating him, he was just going to let it happen, but instead of a piercing blow, she only drew a bit of blood. He moaned against her breast as she said his name, overjoyed to be pleasuring her in a way that had always been forbidden.

He yelped as he was suddenly flipped over, but it turned into a high pitched whine as she straddled and teased him, his hips trembling as he refrained from thrusting against her.

"I'd kill myself if I ever did that to you." He agreed, "But with-" He cut off as she went full hilt, his breath taken from him by the amazing sensation.

"I'll do anything you ask--" He said, gripping her ass with one hand, "But if you ask nicely, I'll do more than anything-!" He couldn't remember her ever saying please in any form but an order for him to please her, and he blushed heavily at it like she'd said asked him in the dirtiest way possible rather than politely. He slid his other hand over the top of his cock, fingers finding her clit again as he used her wetness as lube to rub against it slowly.
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Nebula rocked against him slowly, moaning with pleasure from his fingering and squeezing her inner muscles around his head in a way designed to drive him insane.  After a few minutes of this, she thought she'd try something really kinky, something she'd only heard of. 

She pulled Wade's hands away, buried him deep inside her, and stretched out on top of him, breasts smooshed against his chest, then wrapped her arms around him and rolled him over so that he was on top.  Once there, she moved one of his hands onto her breast, then locked her legs tightly around his waist, as if she was afraid he would escape.

"Go slow," she purred.  "And kiss me hard."  She licked her lips as if fully aware of the effect it would have.  "Please."
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Deadpool was only able to keep from thrusting into her because he knew that the slightest shift could remove him from that perfect position in which she had his cock.

"I gotta-- what kind of equiptment you got for your kegal work outs?" He was dripping with sweat and practically drooling, happy to stay on the edge like this for however long she wanted, when she suddenly changed position, nearly making him come from being all the way inside of her after the teasing.

At first, he thought she wasn't done rolling them over, then she moved his hand and instructed him. When she licked her lips, he made a noise that seemed like an attempt at words, and a huge grin appeared on his face as she said 'please' again.

He kissed her tenderly at first, cradling the back of her head as his thrusts starting out slow and shallow as he kept his grip on her breast, his thumb sliding over it and pressing in sensitive areas. As soon as his grew hard like she told him to, his thrusts grew harder as well, but kept the same pace as he slowly pulled in and out of her.
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Nebula's anxiety rose when the pleasure became more intense and threatened to make her lose control but she compensated by clawing Deadpool's back and squeezing him between her thighs in a vise-grip.  Much as she trusted him, it made her feel better to remind him how strong she was.  A few minutes of this enabled her to relax again.  She grabbed the back of his head instead and kissed him back as if she would like to devour him.

Soon she was wordlessly urging him on faster, rising to meet every thrust and making the sort of noise a mountain lioness might make under similar circumstances.  When he continued to hold back and go slow, she grabbed his ass and growled insistently.  "Now, beloved, now!"  Three or four hard thrusts later, she came in a slow explosion,  almost thirty seconds of intense, pulsating pleasure.  "Now," she breathed, granting permission.  "Give it to me!"
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The reminder of her strength increased his own pleasure, knowing that she could snap his pelvis or fling him up into the tree if she got overwhelmed. It also helped him relax, since she would end the experience if she got uncomfortable and he didn't have to worry about restraining himself.

He responded in kind to her pace, never going faster than her thrusts, not until her primal noises turned to words. He pumped fast into her orgasm, staying inside her as he did to feel her pleasure. When she gave permission, it only took him one more thrust before he came so hard he saw white. He stayed above her, but he was trembling a bit as he held himself up.

"First time's, am I right?"
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"First times," Nebula agreed in her husky whisper, locking her hands behind his head.  Her dark eyes glowed up at him, though, by her expression it was hard to tell whether she meant to kiss him again or twist his head off.

She pulled him down and rolled him onto his side so that she could burrow into the juncture of neck and shoulder.  "Now, tell me what you have been doing and how you are."  She chuckled.  "Apparently it is good manners to ask such questions of one's lover."
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Deadpool was happy with either of those options as long as Nebula was the one doing it. He was surprised at the ease in which she moved to cuddle with him, usually he had to whine for it. He wrapped his arms around her, rubbing his cheek against the top of her bald head.

When she asked how he was, he got a bit stiff, holding onto her tighter before relaxing and adding an a light tone:

"Oh, just the usual. Killing people, making money while also making the world a better place. Honestly, I've been kinda gassy lately.

"How about you? It seems like you're more relaxed. Have you been doing yoga? Or did you start reading relationship books? I know this great one, Kama Sutra, you should check out, I have a copy."
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Nebula felt him stiffen and thought that it was because he had been doing something that he thought she would punish him for.  She wasn't sure how to react -- whether to look forward to punishing him, or to assure him that she would not.  It all depended on what he had done, she supposed, so she tabled the problem until she found out.

"Does Ultron allow you to kill people?" she asked, having been under the impression that the AI was putting an end to such activity.  Then she realized that was naive.  "Or are you killing people Ultron wants killed?"

She rubbed her cheek against his bulging pectoral, amused at how much visible muscle a human required for really not very much strength at all.  At least it was a comfortable pillow, and rather attractive even given Deadpool's heavily scarred skin.  "I am," she admitted.  "Somewhat.  I made peace with my sister, before she... before she was murdered.  And I watched my father die.  It was too late, but still.  It was very cathartic." 

She pulled her face out of Wade's pecs and gazed at him solemnly.  "I have not been kind to you, beloved.  You always forgave me the abuse, even though I never asked.  Will you forgive me still?"
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"He tells me not to kill people, but--" He added in a whisper, "he doesn't always know what's good for him, so I do it anyway."

If he hadn't been so desperate for her touch, he would have flinched in expectation of a fierce attack following the nuzzling.

"Who murdered her? We can go headhunting later." He suggested, "Oh, that's great Nebula." He said, squeezing her hand and smiling at her, saying it like she had taken a self-care day rather than watch her father die.

"Of course I forgive you." He said, taking her face in his hands and kissing her. "Do it as much as you want, and I will always forgive you." He said, an earnest look on his face, thinking she was saying that she wanted to continue abusing him.
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"Oh, really?" Nebula said, raising her head long enough for a meaningful look at the Ultron drone still hanging around the picnic area.  "What sort of people?"

"My father murdered her.  And his head has already been removed."  She returned the hand squeeze, although she didn't smile.

She kissed him back long and thoroughly, but continued to regard him solemnly.  "And what if I want to do it less?  Or in different ways?  Will you still want me?"

There was a part of her that feared Deadpool only loved her because she abused him.
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Ultron was still processing what he had just watched, and when she looked at him, he offered her a shrug. "As you said, his regard for me is different than how he feels for you. He takes my orders more as suggestions."

"Like pedophiles, human traffickers, mob bosses. He thinks he can just stop them by taking their illegally gained money and sending out tips to law inforcement, but they've got connections, they've got... tech people, and he might get hurt if he lets them off easy."

Did Nebula just let us top or did we hit our head on a rock hard taquito?

Taquito, definitely.

"That bastard. If it's any comfort, Death's gonna ghost him after what he did." When she asked her next question, he held onto her tighter.

"Babe, you could join a nunnery, swear off of sex and violence and I'd want and love you no less." He squeezed her hand, "I really liked what we just did, you being gentle like that, and trusting me, it's new but I liked it, and if you say you enjoyed it too then I loved it."

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"He might get hurt," Nebula repeated blankly, and although she still didn't laugh, her face lightened with the faintest hint of humor.  Ultron didn't fool her for a second.  If Deadpool killed, it was because Ultron was allowing him to, wanted him to.  But it was not her concern, so she made no comment.

Wade's response made her uncomfortably emotional.  She was not ready for feeling like she wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, so she looked down and schooled her features the way she was used to.  "I did enjoy it," she admitted quietly.  "But next time," she went on, looking at him sharply, "perhaps we should engage in ritual combat to determine who will 'top.'  That could be stimulating." 

She slid upwards and kissed him, and then got up.  "Now, perhaps, we should restore a modicum of dignity to our persons, and then eat some of this food you provided."  She slipped her underwear on and searched around for the rest of her clothes.

((You want to start off with Spider-Man?  I'm still unclear what timeline he hails from, and how he's getting here.))
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Deadpool, not having seen her near laughter before, assumed that the face she made meant she had slight indigestion and decided not to comment as well. However, he couldn't keep from saying something when she put on her neutral, yet still menacing, face.

"Aw, you don't have to think about dead puppies when you feel happy. I'm sure you have a beautiful smile."

If it's anything like her snarl, it's gorgeous!

"That is a great idea. If it's physical combat and we do it every time, I am also totally okay with this being the only time I ever get to top." Deadpool passed Nebula's clothing to her, and for himself he just put his mask back on. "I cooked up a whole meal for you. But I burned it all so I got catering instead." He opened up one of the platters, a few hot dogs rolling out of it. "Ultron, you can't join us to eat. But next time join us for fucking instead of just watching."


For Peter, it was like no time had passed at all, it was easier being with Aunt May because it was the same for her, but he only needed to go outside to be reminded of the fact five years had passed. The Avengers had agreed there was no way to bring Natasha back, but he was sure that they were still looking for a way to. With Tony, it was more permanent, there was a body, they had seen him die, Doctor Strange had known it would happen and that it had to happen. Tony's sacrifice was known throughout the world, and no one (except a few conspiracy theorists) could pretend that he was going to come back somehow. It was impossible.

That didn't meant Peter was going to accept it, and the person who knew the most about what happened was Doctor Strange. The only problem was that no one knew where he lived or how to get to him, he was guessing that the Avengers could contact him for emergencies but only that. So Peter didn't think it was vain to call it fate when he spotted the sorcerer while he was out patrolling as Spider-Man.

(( I hope you're okay with setting up why/where Strange is in NY. I was thinking maybe like a museum got an artifact it shouldn't/he's going to retrieve it, but I ran outta time posting this >3<
Peter wants to see if there is a way to help Tony
artifact that Strange is going after grants wishes

sorry it's so brief, i gotta go work now  x-x
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Nebula's sudden glower suggested that Deadpool was not likely to see her smile any time soon, but it vanished almost as fast as it appeared.

"It may well be the only time," she stated, with a gleam in her eye.  "We will see."  She looked puzzled in the direction of the hot dogs, but assumed they were edible and tried one.  "Hmm.  Salty.  You must devote a lot of ingenuity to preserving food on this planet."  She looked very startled when Deadpool invited Ultron to join them in fucking.  "Excuse me, what?"


For Strange, it was not at all as if no time had passed.  In fact, having viewed 14,000,605 possible outcomes of the recent war, subjectively spending an average of five minutes on each one, it was as though a hundred and thirty-five years had passed.  To him, the startling thing was how little had changed in the five actual years he'd been away, because he was a completely different person now.  Much older, for one thing, at least in mind.  And even less subject to wishful thinking than he had been originally.  He knew Romanov and Stark were gone for good in this universe. 

So far, he had not been much troubled by any sense of guilt about them.  If he had been, the duty of the Sorcerer Supreme was still there to distract him.  It was in pursuit of that duty that one dark Friday evening  found him walking up the front steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art after closing time.

He was halfway up when a shadow zipped across the steps in front of him, as if a bird -- only it was too big to be a bird -- had flown in front of a nearby streetlight.  He looked up and saw a costumed teenager land on the roof of the museum.  Strange had employed spells to hide himself from security cameras and casual glances, but Spider-Man seemed to be looking right at him. 

Strange arched an eyebrow at him as if to say Yes?  You want something?

((Yay!  No worries.  Strange is gonna go pick up the Wand of Watoomb, which we'll say was looted from the Hong Kong sanctuary after the Snap.  Apparently it responds to mental commands and can open portals to other dimensions, so if Peter grabs it for some reason, he can vanish accidentally.))

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"I'll keep cracking jokes until I find one funny enough for you." He said to her glower, smiling wide enough that it was visible through the stretching of his mask.

"This moment will be cherised forever in my diary." When she noted the flavor, he laughed a bit. "Not salty enough for a lot of humans." He demonstrated as he added a bun and several types of sauce to his. "Definitely. We don't have your space freezers yet. We put in anything too long and it gets frosty and loses its flavor."

When she was startled by his offer, he was going to take a bite of his hotdog. He hadn't taken his mask off, though, so it all fell apart and his mask got covered in condiments. "Oh, I totally misread you not blasting off his head as wanting him to join in on a threesome." He admitted. "He's still a virgin, and I wanted his first time to be special. Look at him, he's even blushing."

"That is my lighting configuration." Ultron looked to Nebula, "It's alright if you don't want to share him." He then added, belatedly, "In that way."


Museums seemed a hotspot for criminal activity, especially whenever new exhibits were put up. He didn't suspect Strange as a possible criminal, but he thought that the reason he wasn't seen around was that he went out when nobody else was around. When Strange gave him a look, he jumped down from the roof and landed next to him.

"Hi, Doctor Strange. Hey, Cloak." He looked to the museum and then back to the sorcerer. "Um... they're close right now." He said like he thought the man might not have realized it himself.
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"Or possibly you'll find one that causes me to twist your head off."  But there was warmth in her face and still a hint of a smile as she regarded him.

"Even you couldn't misread the situation that much.  Unless you had both a concussion and confirmation bias.  I should give you a concussion so that I can retroactively not read too much into the confirmation bias part."  She looked at Ultron.  "No, i do not wish..."  She considered.  "Although perhaps if... I'll think about it," she concluded.

She snatched Deadpool's mask off again, washed it in one of the bottles of wine, shoved it back over his head and folded it up to uncover his mouth.

The Cloak gave Peter a wave and then folded so that one corner crossed one edge, in what looked remarkably like a shushing gesture at him.

"Yes, I am aware of that."   Dr. Strange made a quick gesture and muttered a couple of words in Sanskrit so that the don't notice me spell included Spider-Man.  "They have something that doesn't belong to them.  Something too dangerous for them to keep."  He continued climbing to the steps, but beckoned Peter to follow.  "Was there something you wanted?"
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"I'll find a few of those first, I'm sure. I've got a load of cheesy dad jo-"



He was easily distracted by Nebula's dissatisfaction with him, happy for whatever way she decided to react. "Well, it's a good thing I don't know what a confirmation bias is." His eyebrows raised when she gave his suggestion a consideration. "Like the robot arms on your ship." He urged.

"I'm in no rush." Ultron replied, since he knew that Deadpool was happy enough with him now for reuniting him with Nebula to consider betraying him yet.

"Oh, that burns the eyes." Deadpool said about the wine-soaked fabric, but he didn't complain anymore when she uncovered his mouth as he moved to kiss her again instead.


"Sorry." he said in a quieter voice to the Cloak. "What did you just do?" Peter asked, certain he'd just cast some kind of spell. "Is it a magical artifact? Do you have something to replace it with, like a fake one that looks and feels just like it but isn't magic?" He would have followed the man even if he hadn't invited him, but he was glad he did since it was taking him a while to work up to what he wanted to ask. "Well, yeah, I had a couple of questions, actually..."
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"How do you know about those robot arms?" Neblua frowned, for she didn't at all remember the other timeline in which she had introduced Deadpool to them.  "Sadly, that ship is lost, but..."   She took another noncommittal but speculative glance at Ultron.  "Hm."

She kissed Deadpool's wine-tasting mouth happily, then stuffed his condiment-slathered hot dog into it.


"I took you off the security cameras," Strange answered.  It was more complicated than that, but he didn't want to go into a long explanation.  "The Wand of Watoomb," he said, though knowing that would mean nothing to Peter.  "No, I have a sharply-worded note about the impropriety of purchasing artifacts looted from other cultures  to replace it with."

In front of the massive doors at the top of the stairs, he paused to cast another spell.  Instead using his sling-ring, he made the door fold and unfold into a complex kaleidoscope image, like origami with a diamond-shaped portal opening at its center.  He stepped through into the Met's elegant lobby and waited for Spider-Man to join him before closing it.

He could guess what the boy was likely to ask him about and eyed him regretfully.  "There was no other way, Peter."
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"They came to me in a dream." He answered with a sigh, "Oh, I'll tell you everything you did to me with them." He was pretty sure she'd be more into the idea once he got her imagination going.

"I can get you a new ship." Ultron then considered her mistrustful nature, "Or just parts to make your own."

He tried to talk with the hot dog in his mouth while also chewing it, but he was able to get his point across as he held up a bright red strawberry for her to eat.


"How long will that last?" Peter asked, wondering if he could take advantage of the spell even after this, and also worrying about possibly never showing up on cameras again. If Strange wasn't so serious all the time, he would have thought he was kidding about the name.

"Are we replacing everything like that with notes?" While he wouldn't want to be known as doing such a thing as Spider-Man, he knew that MJ would be over the moon about it, even if he didn't take any credit for it.

"That is way cooler than Alohomora." He walked through then froze when Strange answered the question he hadn't asked yet. First he panicked because he thought the sorcerer was able to read minds, then felt guilty that he probably saw that he was thinking of impressing a girl at a time like this.

"Are you sure? I know you looked at over 14 billions ways, but... there weren't any more? I mean... now. We have that time machine, and I thought that... well, maybe there was a way to change things." Peter didn't say it, but if he'd known what was going to happen, he would have tried to use the gauntlet himself.
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"Hmmm," Nebula said again, and finally a smile curved her lips because Deadpool was so committed to pleasing her that she couldn't help being pleased.  "That will be stimulating."

To Ultron, she said, "How?" in a suspicious tone, and "Why?" in an even more suspicious tone.  She tried the strawberry and savored it slowly, then fed one to Deadpool.


"Until I dispel it, which will be shortly after we leave.  No, there isn't anything else here that was stolen from the Order of Kamer-Taj.  That I know of."

Since Strange wasn't reading Peter's mind, he continued to regard him with compassion and rather more patience than he had shown in their previous encounters.  After going through fourteen million iterations of the war, he knew Peter was brave and selfless and loyal and deserving of any comfort that Strange could bring him, little as that was.

However, he was still on a mission, so he kept walking while they talked, through dark archways, past the shuttered gift shop, and through the silent galleries in the direction of the Asian Art section.  "Subjectively, it took me one hundred and thirty-four years to find the single outcome in which Thanos was destroyed and the missing half of the universe restored.  I saw thousands of iterations in which somebody other than Tony Stark made the sacrifice play.  Including you.  They all failed.  And the Time Stone no longer exists.  If there is a way both to save him and to win, I can't find it."
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He gasped when she smiled, followed by a little squeal, he nearly commented that it was blinding, but thought she might take it literally. "That was so genuine, babe. I love you."

Since she was the one who had thought up the ways to pleasure him, he said. "You're so inventive." A flush crept up his face as she ate the strawberry, he ate his slowly as well, licking and sucking the juices off of her fingers.

"Earth has many recyclable resources. My drones have been going through items humans consider obsolete and finding what can be reused. There is ample amount of resources without continued mining. Of course, what I can access at the moment wouldn't be entirely up to your standards as far as space crafts go." When she asked why, the drone tilted his head.

"Because we are friends?" He tried, "Or am I getting ahead of myself?" He also realized that the concept of friendship was no familiar to the cyborg. "I give you things because I like you. It's similair to the gifts that Deadpool gives you. Only less intimate."


"Oh, I meant from like... all the other places in the world." He followed him, looking around as they walked through the museum. It wasn't the first time he'd had to sneak in to one while tracking criminals, and it was weird to be just strolling through without having to purposely avoid cameras.

"Does your spell keep laser security alarms from going off?" When he said how long it took him to search, he knew he couldn't ask for him to go through that again. And he wasn't sure how Strange had managed to do that in the first place. He was surprised when he said that others had tried and failed.

"Do you know..." He fiddled with his webshooters like they needed to be readjusted. "Why... why it had to be him?" His voice cracked slightly, as there was no way he could accept that no one else could do it, not without a reason.
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Nebula wrapped her free arm around Deadpool while he was sucking her fingers, then picked up a piece of dark chocolate to feed him as she cradled him against her shoulder.  (One hot dog had been enough to sustain her, since so much of her flesh had been replaced with metal.)  She followed the chocolate with another kiss.  "I missed you dreadfully."  Another kiss in which she encouraged him to suck on her tongue.

She was considering pushing him down onto the picnic blanket, but the conversation with Ultron distracted her.  "Do you still like me even though I am friends with the person you asked me not to mention, and also possibly becoming friends with other people you seem to hate?"


"I would be neglecting my duties if I attempted to right all of those wrongs," Strange said regarding looted cultural artifacts generally.

Even as Peter asked the question, Strange tripped a laser.  "No."  A steel security door slammed down in the archway they were walking toward, but Strange opened a doorway in it just as he had with the front door.  "It just ensures that nobody pays any attention to them."

On the other side, he gave Peter's shoulder a brief, gentle squeeze.  "Yes.  Because the six Stones cannot be wielded together without the gauntlet. 

"The first gauntlet was made by Etri of Nidavalir using the heart of a neutron star and a technology so advanced that it might as well be magic."

He sighed as they entered the Asian Art section.  "Stark was able to approximate the functions of the first gauntlet using nanotechnology and advanced programming such as... I'm not an expert, but such as the world has never seen before... to make the second gauntlet.

"And then... when Thanos had gotten it and was about to wipe us all out with another Snap... only Stark could act fast enough.  No one could get the gauntlet off Thanos before he snapped.  But since Stark made the thing, he -- and he alone -- was able to steal the Stones off of it by ordering the nanobots to move them onto his suit, which was made of the same nanotech.

"But the Iron Man suit wasn't a gauntlet.  It hadn't been set up to handle the Stones.  After stealing them, Stark had to redesign his suit on the fly in order to turn it into a third gauntlet.  Only he could have done that at all, let alone so fast.  If anyone intervened, tried to volunteer, tried to take the responsibility from him... he got distracted or delayed, and we lost."

They arrived at a glass case containing a metal rod about two inches thick and 18 inches long with a demonic-looking head at either end and leather bindings criscrossing its length.  "Not exactly the Elder Wand," said Strange (who had appreciated the aesthetic look of the wands in Harry Potter at least), "but diabolically potent nonetheless." 
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"Kept thinking you were gonna realize that you're too good for me and decide to upgrade with a xenomorph or something." He said when she said she missed him, "I feel like the barbed hook that's been yanking on my heart's finally been cut loose since we've been apart." He made sure there were no traces of melted chocolate on her fingers and sucked hard on her tongue with an eager whine, holding onto her. When she broke the kiss to keep talking to Ultron, he buried his face in between her breasts and muttered happily into them.

"I'm still friends with Deadpool." he said, "That depends on what your friendship with the Avengers means. Since you haven't tried attacking me or infecting me with something the Wakandans devised given this opportunity, you haven't chosen them over me." He hadn't quite figured out how friendships worked, and was aware of that, he had considered the Maximoffs his friends, but they had aligned with him to meet their own purpose, and when his own plan came out, not only had they abandoned him, but they had aided his enemies. It seemed that to gain and keep friends, a lot had to be given, and he was sure if he gave Nebula and Deadpool enough of what they wanted, they wouldn't leave him again.


Peter's spider-sense went off before the door slammed down, so he didn't walk into it when it did. "Does it only work on people? If there are guard dogs would they see us but their handlers wouldn't?"

When he squeezed his shoulder, he looked at him, the eyes on his spider-lenses widening with hope, but knowing that Strange would have started with another option if there was one. The idea of using a star to make anything did sound like magic to Peter, but he didn't say that.

"That... That's not fair..." Peter said, though it wasn't at Strange, but at the way the universe had worked to only give them the single option. He couldn't argue with it, though, since it made perfect sense as to why Tony was the only one capable of it. "Is there like... um..." He took a moment to ask, "Is he in a good place? I mean, is there..." He trailed off, knowing it was stupid to ask, but thinking that Strange would be one of the few people that might actually know for sure if there was an afterlife.

He knew that he could help Strange right now, although he didn't know with what exactly. When he saw the item they had come for, he wondered who had given something so sinister such a silly name. He did a double-take when Strange made a Harry Potter reference, not having thought that the other would have any idea about the details of it.

"Does it bite?" He asked, thinking that it looked like it could. "There are probably a bunch of lasers around it. Karen?" The suit's visual feed showed him all the invisible lasers around it, "Yeah, there are. Should we really be setting off all the security systems?" Even if they weren't detected, he was sure it was an inconvenience for the museum staff. "What if we lock a janitor in?"
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Nebula frowned thoughtfully.  She had some respect for Ultron, and she understood some ofhow he felt, but it had never occurred to her to wonder whether she liked him or not.  On balance, she felt more sympathetically inclined to the Avengers, and particularly to Stark.  "I would, if I were forced to make a choice," she warned Ultron with the honesty of the suicidally indifferent.  "I went into battle with them.  We fought my father together.  We suffered together.  Bonds of loyalty were forged."

She cuddled Deadpool against her breasts and her face softened.  "Though I am grateful for this moment."


"It works on anything living."

He gave Peter the wry pitying expression of every adult ever confronted with a teenager saying something wasn't fair.  "I don't know where he is.  But there is... a continuation. I've seen souls depart, as if going somewhere.   I doubt Stark went to a bad place, but if he did, I'm sure he'd figure a way out of it."

Strange didn't know Harry Potter directly, but he had a perfect memory, so any pop culture reference he ever heard stuck with him even if he didn't completely understand it.

"No, but it can be dangerous in other ways."  Strange drew on a pair of yellow gloves, unwilling to touch the Wand directly with his bare hands.  "Don't worry, Peter.  People will notice the alarms after we leave and we won't be here long."

He cast another spell to open a portal for his hand to pass through the glass, then reached into the case and gently took the Wand from its display stand.

However, when he pulled it out, the portal had started to close, and the Wand banged against the glass.  Strange started.  Perhaps it was the nerve damage in Strange's hands, or perhaps the Wand itself, not being bonded to him, rejected his touch, but it slipped out of his hand and fell toward the floor.
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"Oh, babe, you're so honest and fearless. Talking to the supreme, evil robot overlord of Earth like that." Deadpool said as he cuddled her.

"Stop calling me 'evil', Deadpool. Or murderbot." he said to the mercenary, though he sounded more amused than angry. With Nebula, the drone looked at her for several seconds. "The offer still stands. Although now I'm asking that you do not attack me with the ship I'd gift to you if it does come to that."


"But not on vampires or zombies?"

The answer still wasn't good enough for Peter, no answer but one that involved saving Tony would ever be good enough, but he knew that Strange couldn't help him or offer anymore comfort. "Yeah, he would." he agreed. Since he was still young, he didn't quite realize how comforting the thought of there being a continuation would be for himself. He couldn't remember there being anything after the snap, but he hadn't let himself think too deeply on that.

"In what ways? Are those magic gloves?" Peter hadn't planned on grabbing the wand, not without Strange's permission, and that wasn't just because he respected the man. He didn't hesitate when it fell, though, reacting lightning fast to catch it before it hit the ground and possibly broke. All he got out was a small, nervous laugh before he was surrounded by a golden light. He disappeared along with the wand, not even getting a chance to cry out to Strange for help.
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"I am sure Deadpool means 'evil overlord murderbot' in a good way.  Much as he appreciates my murderous, sadistic streak," Nebula observed, stroking Wade's head.

"Thank you.  I would like a small, fast ship.  To be used only for transportation."  She was sure Ultron would fill it with spyware to make sure she didn't use it for anything else anyway.  "Perhaps you and the Avengers will find a way to co-exist and I will not have to choose between you.  That would be pleasant.

"In the meantime, would you be kind enough to let Deadpool and I discuss some personal matters in private?"
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"You know me so well, babe." He said, leaning into her touch.

"Just don't publish anything calling me that." Ultron had seen more than enough of that, and not just from the people who knew what he'd done.

"You can use this one for now. I've readjusted the controls so that they will respond to you. And if you think of anything extra added, let me know." He figured that she would hack into it, he just hoped that she wouldn't ever find the need to.

"Wouldn't that be ideal." Ultron said, dryly, as he was sure even if he wanted to make peace with the Avengers, they would never accept it. Even if he returned Tony as well to them.

"More personal than what I just watched?" The drone's face couldn't show intrigue, but his voice did. His thrusters turned on without further protest, "Actually, I'm not sure if I want to know what that is. I will see the both of you later."

"Oh, finally." Deadpool sat up when the drone was out of sight. "I didn't want him to see this." He reached under the blanket, bringing out a box wrapped in fabric. He looked around again before removing the cover, revealing a game of Connect Four.

"It's like playing against a computer on the hardest setting constantly. I don't mind losing, but he only has to make four moves every time. Sometimes five if I get lucky." He started setting up the game. "So, what did you want to talk about?'
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Nebula nodded solemnly, and after a moment, remembered to say, "Thank you."  Though suspicious, she also seemed surprised by Ultron's generosity.

"What you watched was personal, certainly," she observed, "but it was not private information, you could not have learned anything unusual from it.  There is no variation in the forms and modes of sex that you could not find recorded somewhere."

When the drone was gone, Nebula activated the sensors in her cybernetic eyes that allowed her to see into the spectrum beyond visible light and looked around carefully for anything emitting a signal.  Seeing nothing that looked like a bug, she relaxed again.

"What is that?  Realizing it was a game, she added, "Have you ever played paper football?" as she examined the plastic pieces.

"Ultron asked me not to mention Stark's name in front of him.  But I wanted to know if he is still alive.  Stark, I mean.  Do you know?  Does Ultron have him?"
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Ultron returned her thanks with a surprised 'you're welcome', as he hadn't expected it. Her explanation on why it was a different kind of personal made him more suspicious, but he decided to give her some trust as a friend would. Mainly because he was certain she could detect a bug capable of recording a conversation.

"It's a game where you try to get four of your color in a row. Never played it sober, but I know how to fold one. How do you know what Football is?"

That's sexist.

When she asked about Tony, he stopped putting together the game and looked at her, the eyes on his mask wide.

"Stark? As in Tony Stark?"

This is definitely a trap. She knows that you fucked him as soon as he could hold down solid food.

Told you that fucking him was a bad idea. He even stole from you afterward like a back alley crackwhore.

"... Never heard of her." He got back to setting up the game, "So, I'm red and your blue, right? Please let me be red." He had drawn little Deadpool masks on the red ones.
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"We haven't really caught up yet," Nebula said to Deadpool's question about football.

"What other Stark is there?"  Nebula began to scowl as Deadpool told an obvious fib, and her fingers twitched as if they wanted to turn into claws.  She coiled and sprang on him, messing up the game and pushing him onto his back with her on top.  Once there, however, she thawed and started kissing and nibbling around his mouth and chin and down his throat, her hands caressing either side of his face.

"I'm conflicted, Deadpool," she confessed, raising her head to look in his eyes.  "I regret that I traumatized you so much that you'd lie to me.  But I also want to traumatize you some more for lying to me.  It seems like the tension is best resolved by fucking your brains out." 

She kissed him again.  "But I really do want to know if Stark is still alive and what condition he's in.  And where he is.  Will you please tell me?"  She sat up and ripped open her top, revealing her small indigo breasts.  "Doing this seems to relax you when you're scared of me.  I could also tell you why I want to know about Stark," she added as an afterthought.  "And then, yes, you can be red."
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All you had to do was say 'No'!

Deadpool yelped as she pounced on him, his muscles tight in her grip. "You'd be really bad at Jenga." He commented, waiting for her to tear his throat out. But her teeth on his neck didn't draw blood and he relaxed into her tender actions.

"Well, I'm definitely down for the fucking my brains out part." He didn't deny that he was scared what she would do to him if he told her that he'd just been fucking Tony's brains out.

"Oh, you said please again." He replied, dreamily as he stared at her breasts. He was tempted to grab at them, but knew that he needed to participate in the reciprocity first.

"Why do you want to know about him?" He asked, "We never played Connect Four, if that's what you're asking about. He was always so busy. Ultron's got the always busy like his dad, but he can also be in several million bodies at once for multitasking." 
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Nebula stretched out again so that her breasts, hard nipples and all, were pressing into Deadpool's chest, and writhed against him in an undulating motion, licking her lips.  She also massaged the back of his neck.  "I hope this is getting you relaxed.  If I get angry at whatever you tell me about Stark, I promise I'll deal with it by fucking your brains out.  Win-win, right?

"Is Stark alive?" she repeated.  "Does Ultron have him?  Is he okay, or is Ultron torturing him again?  Where is he?"
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"Relaxed-- yeah, that's the word." He said as his breathing picked up. "Uh-huh, win-win, but why do you wanna know about him?" He was fully hard again, but it didn't affect his ability to answer as speech was usually the last thing to go for him.

"He's hanging in there. I actually got him one of those posters with the cat on the branch- don't know if I'll get a chance to put it up." It took a bit more attention from her to get him to answer the next one.

"He stopped to see dad first thing when he flew in. Most kids just don't tell their parents when they're in the neighbourhood." When she asked if he was being tortured, he let out a half-hysterical giggle.

"If you talked to Ultron about him at all, you don't need me to tell you that."
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Nebula was beginning to breathe faster herself as she tried to turn Deadpool's muscles into jello.  "I'm, um.  I want to rescue him.  Only, without, without Ultron knowing that I did it, if possible."  It would be very difficult for her to stay on Terra if she made an enemy of Ultron.  And since all of her surviving friends were on Terra, she wanted to stay.

She didn't understand much of what he said next, but grasped one salient point.  "You've seen him, then. You know where he is."

She lost control at this point and attacked Deadpool's mouth with hers, fingers digging into his shoulders, and rubbed her taut belly against his cock.  Then she pushed herself up off him.  "Turn over.  I am so going to fuck your brains out."  Although she didn't look particularly angry.
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"You what?" When she said the next part, he laughed, "Oh, you got me. You've turned into such a kidder." He'd almost believed that she actually wanted to try and free Tony, but her asking to do the absolute impossible, freeing him without the AI knowing it was her proved that she was just trying to get a rise out of him.

"I've seen him a couple times. But I'm done with that now, I've got you." Which had been one of Ultron's intentions, as he wanted to divert the mercenary away from Tony so that there wouldn't be anymore conflict. Before he could make another comment, she was on him and he rocked into her, kissing her back and whining with need. When she ordered him to, he immediately flipped over, his cock pressing uncomfortably between his stomach and the picnic blanket as he remained flat for her.

"Let it all out, babe." he said, struggling to keep his arms pinned behind his back instead of eagerly spreading himself.
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The whole concept of kidding was alien to Nebula.  She scowled grimly.  "I am always serious, Deadpool.  I want to free Stark.  Perhaps I could make myself look like that Romanov woman.  But first you have to tell me where he is."

She gathered from the way Deadpool spoke next that he had done more than see the man they were talking about.  The knowledge added some pressure to the nails digging into her lover, but she didn't otherwise comment.  Nebula was nothing if not focused. 

She installed her cock while Deadpool wasn't looking and shoved it between his spread legs to rub and press against his opening and perineum.  She kissed the back of his neck.  "I love you, Deadpool."  Although she didn't do much to prepare him for her, she pressed in slowly at first, giving him a chance to accommodate to her.  But the feel of him drove her crazy, so it wasn't long before she was taking him hard and fast.  "I missed your pretty ass."
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"It's too dangerous-- and how are you going to make yourself look like her?" He could see the spy mimicking her, but not the other way around. There was no way Ultron would fall for it. He didn't say anything about where Tony was being kept.

The mercenary was ready for her to snap on him, despite her saying she was different now, he knew that he should be punished for losing faith in her love for him.

He jolted when he felt the cock, not because he was expecting an attack, but he had figured she was going to use her fingers as he hadn't thought she had the toy with her.

"Oh my God, you brought--" He gasped, excited, "I know, I know--! I love you too!" Wade proclaimed, squeezing a few times before she started going into him rough. "I-- missed-- your-- cock..!" He got out between her thrusts. He didn't dare ask if he was allowed to finish yet, his cock chafing against the fabric beneath him.
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"Prosthetics," Nebula answered.  She'd need her nanotech reprogrammed first -- sadly, Stark might be the only one on the planet qualified.  No, wait, Rocket could probably do it.

She said nothing about allowing Deadpool to come, or for that matter, not allowing him to come.  She just rode him, pleasing herself as if that was all that mattered to her, until with severally brutally hard thrusts, she came herself, the cock expanding slightly as it pulsed in him.

Purring, she  detached from her cock -- leaving it rock solid and buried deep inside him -- and relaxed on him as if he was a lounge chair.  "Ahhh, Deadpool.  So satisfying."  She kissed and licked the back of his neck and waited for him to start begging.
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"It could be a microwaved cucumber for all I care, babe, 's long as you're the one using it."

He gasped out her name several times as she fucked him, but never asked what he should or could do. There were many times when he was just about to finish, but he held back, not wanting to do it without her permission. As she came, he had to bite his lip hard enough to draw blood to keep from coming. He expected her to tell him he was allowed now, but she only moved to recline on him without a word.

At her words, he whined, for even if she told him now he could come, he wouldn't be able to do so. The cock inside him was still, and the stimulation from her kisses and licks weren't enough to tip him over the edge.

"Nebula, please." he begged, starting to tremble underneath her, "Touch me. Please. Please."
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Nebula had meant prosthetics for looking like Natasha, but Deadpool's mistake provided her with a dark chuckle.  "Yes.  You can't get enough of this, can you?  Wouldn't care what I used."

The evil chuckle came back when he started saying please.  "Oh, I like the way you say that.  Say it some more."

After he'd said it a few more times, she put one finger on the cock extruding from him and made gentle circular motions with it.  "Mmm.  My pretty Deadpool.  Is this what you want?"

She climbed back on and reattached to it and withdrew partway.  Then she reached under and gripped his trembling cock.  "Tell me where Stark is."  Then as an afterthought, "And tell me what you did with him."
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"Anything-! Whatever you want-!" He begged even though he was already filled with her. He said please so many times that he didn't even stop to breath, but took in a sharp inhale as she moved the cock inside of him. What really made him whine was when she called him pretty, not having heard that in far too long.

"Yes, please, I want it. I want you-- please." The movement made him gasp, but it got caught in his throat as she grabbed his cock. "Oh, God." He didn't want to tell her where Tony was, it was too dangerous for her to attempt to rescue him. So he thought that risking getting his cock torn off by answering her last question instead was the better option.

"He-He's in a cell." Just so she wouldn't have nothing at all for the first answer. "We ate dinner together. And then.. after that we..." He struggled to get the last part out, guilt heavy in his voice, "We cuddled." he almost sobbed out.
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Nebula didn't understand that Deadpool was balking out of concern for her safety, so she was starting to get much more annoyed.  She tightened her grip on his cock, not to stimulate him, but to prevent him from coming.

"Is your loyalty to Ultron so strong that you'd condemn Stark to torture and incur my wrath?"  she demanded.  She didn't respond to the cuddling part, but perhaps it lent some extra oomph to the fury with which she began to assault his rear passage, driving into him savagely hard, again and again.  "Tell me where he is!  She sank her small white teeth into his earlobe for emphasis.
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"No-- of course not, I wouldn't--!" He couldn't keep from squirming at her grip on him, but he got totally still as she began to fuck him harder. He would have preferred that she lost her temper, that she gave in to her anger and killed him so that he wouldn't have to answer her. He kept from saying anything about it, "No, I can't-- If I do you'll-- Ultron will...!" When she gave him a direct order and bit down on his ear, it was too much for him to resist. He shouted out the exact coordinates of Tony's prison for her like he was calling out her name instead.
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Nebula immediately let up on the vise grip and pumped Deadpool's cock instead, while aiming her own at the spot inside that would make him come screaming.  "Give it to me!" she breathed.

When he was sated, she withdrew and disconnected the prosthetic and put it away while he was still collapsed on his face, not looking at her.  While she was restoring herself to decency, her demeanor changed.  She became uncomfortable,
huddling on her knees, looking down, looking away from Deadpool, flushing deeper blue with remorse and a creeping sense of shame.  It confused her because she was also still angry and didn't know what to do with it.

"Ultron will what?" she asked.  The hurt that lay under the anger showed in her voice.
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When she let him finish, he came hard, a strangled yell erupting from inside of him as he tried to say her name but failed to articulate it. He collapsed afterward, lost in happy haze while she pulled out of him, but the elated feeling soon faded when he realized what he'd done. He remained face down, his own face darkening with remorse and shame.

Putting Nebula in danger just to get your rocks off? That's a new low for you.

"There isn't exactly a safe word for interrogation."

But you could've just not told her. She's made you wait longer before.You were just being selfish.

"I missed her so much."


He would have stayed face down, mumbling to himself, if it weren't for the way that Nebula sounded when she spoke. "I don't know, exactly, but he's got--" He turned his head to look at her and saw the position he was in, "Oh, Nebula." He sat up and scooted next to her, pulling her into a hug and snuggling her. "I'm sorry, if I did something, or said something to upset you. That's the last thing I want for my destructive little neutron star collision."
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At first, Nebula stiffened so much when Deadpool grabbed her that he ended up pulling himself to her instead of her to him.  "Ultron will what?" she repeated.  "What will he do to you?"

But his apology softened her and added to her confusion.  She began to tremble and to feel a strange burning pressure behind her eyes.  She lowered her head into her hands.  "Something is happening to me.  What is this?  I feel as if my head is going to break.  What is wrong with me?"

She dropped her head onto Deadpool's shoulder, put her arms tight around him and began to sob uncontrollably.
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"I don't care what he does to me, babe. It's... It's what he'll do to you and Tony." He hugged her tighter as he felt her tremble, hoping that she was trembling with rage and not something else. "If I could've gotten Tony out, you know I would have. But even if I could, it's more than just getting him out-- it's keeping him away from Ultron. Earth belongs to Ultron now, he's got cameras everywhere, drones where there aren't cameras, I'd say the best bet would be to take him off-planet, but he's got his eyes outside our atmosphere too."

He backed off a bit when she said something was wrong, if only just to look at her to see if there was something visibly wrong, "Am I talking too much? That could be it. I have that effect on peo-" He froze when she started sobbing, never having imagined Nebula doing anything like this. But then he patted her back to try and comfort her, "Your head will feel better when you cry it out, Nebula-- that's what you're doing right now." He clarified in case she didn't know. "Nothing's wrong with you, it's the world that's making you feel like this." And because it broke his heart to see her cry, he started sobbing himself, "There, there." he sobbed out, continuing to pat her back.
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Nebula pulled away from Deadpool long enough to look into his eyes, her own wide with remorse as she realized he had been trying to protect her, not himself.  It made the tears come harder and faster when they came.

She tried hard to stop, shame and fear tangled up with memories of what her father did to her when he caught her crying, but it only made things worse.  When Deadpool gave her comfort -- and especially when he started crying himself -- there was no turning back.  Her whispery voice was reduced even further by tears and most of what she said was unintelligible.  She managed to say, "I'm sorry," and "I love you," at intervals.

She cried for a long time, but after awhile, she started trying to comfort Deadpool in turn by rubbing his neck and shoulders.  By the time she finished, they were practically glued to each other.

"I thought you were being loyal to Ultron, or protecting yourself, instead of me.  Or Stark.  I'm sorry I got so angry at you," she tried to explain, although she had been crying for a lot more than just that.  "I'm sorry I made you tell me."
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He was still sobbing when she had finished, if his mask had been on it would have been totally soaked by now, he had tried to return her proclamations of love and apologies, but most of it came out as blubbering. He hiccuped a few times before finally finishing, not moving his arms from around her as he enjoyed the comfort she offered.

"I am loyal to him, and I don't want Tony hurting him, but... he doesn't have to hurt Tony either." He had tried everything he could to get Ultron to stop, but the AI refused to budge. "And Tony doesn't want me to help him, he doesn't want me to get hurt for trying." His laugh was hollow, "And he wouldn't want you trying either. So don't... please?" He nuzzled her, "It's alright, I forgive you. I'm sorry I was too weak to keep it from you." He knew that she hadn't been crying all just for her anger at him, but he wasn't going to push her too far. "If you need to talk, I'll listen. God knows you've listened to me enough."
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Emotionally, Nebula was thoroughly wrung out.  "Talking might be useful," she conceded, contradicting her statement to Ultron, "but I don't have the energy for it any more."  There was something different about her.  Her stony expression had cracked and her feelings actually showed on her face.  "Thank you, beloved."

She lay on her back and stroked Deadpool's head on her bosom.  "I fought Thanos.  You think Ultron can frighten me?  He is only powerful on this backward little planet.

"I don't much care if Stark doesn't want me to rescue him.  The place called Wakanda would be safe if we could get him there."
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"Well, when you've rested you can talk. Or you could start a journal. I'd say blog about it, but then everyone could read it." Deadpool made a mental note to buy her a diary. "Thank you for... for coming back for me."

He snuggled in close to her, kissing her chest, "You don't have to be scared of something for it to hurt you. I thought anteaters were only powerful on anthills until I was bleeding to death in Peru." When she mentioned Wakanda, he remembered the promise he'd made to Tony.

"I need to go to Wakanda, actually." he said, "Only if we can get him there secretly. And we'd have to make Ultron think he was somewhere else too. Ultron's trying to keep a good image, but he'd probably throw it all away just to get Tony back. He can get into Wakanda if he really tried."
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"Ultron would become suspicious if we went to Wakanda now," Nebula said.  "I do not fear him, but his logical course of action if he suspected us would be to move Stark somewhere else.  Let us stop talking about this for awhile, beloved.  Let us clean up and return to Ultron's presence and behave as though all we want is to live together happily with him.  If either of us thinks of a plan, we can seek privacy later."


Left alone with Jocasta and the drones, Tony fought back his only-partly fake panic.  His head was gripped and forced back and struggling was in vain as the tube came at him... and was not as painful as he feared it would be.  The tube had to go in through his nose (otherwise he would be able to chew through it or at least hold it pinched closed for as long as his jaw muscle held out) so it was actually pretty thin.  Very unpleasant going through the sensitive nasal passage and down his throat, stimulating his gag reflex, but he'd definitely suffered worse.  It impeded his speech, but did not literally stop him from talking.

It was still able to deliver a thick sludge of nanobots to his digestive system that would eventually, inevitably, overwhelm his own.  "Cancel all appointments, hold my calls."  Tony closed his eyes and focused all of his attention on directing the battle that had already begun in his body. 

The obvious first line of defense was the bottleneck where all of Ultron's bots had to come in.  His bots blocked the tube until they were overwhelmed and forced out.  The Battle of the Bulge (as Tony decided to call it, even though he was still rather on the skinny side) began next.  Three-quarters of his bots were mobilized, already in the digestive tract or headed there to replace the causalities. 

At first  his bots did fine, since the ones that could attack Ultron's bots greatly outnumbered those of Ultron's bots that could fight back.  At first, Ultron's bots died and died and died and died.  Inevitably some of his own bots died too, but there were still so many of them that the rank behind the front lines -- unable to fight -- was able to seize upon Ultron's defeated bots and convert them.  At first, it looked like Tony might even be able to win the fight.

But of course Ultron had learned from his previous mistakes.  There was no reason, given that the tube was made of plastic, that the AI's bots had to confine themselves to coming out in one spot in the stomach.  Pretty soon they had chewed holes in the plastic and were spurting out in multiple places all over the stomach and halfway up the esophagus.  Now the Tonybots had to scramble and spread themselves thinner.  Now there were fewer Tonybots that could be used for converting defeated Ultronbots. 

Hours went by.  Tony was so focused on the internal battle that he didn't notice how stiff and cramped he was growing, or that the drones had reattached his IV and installed a catheter.  He was fighting hard, using every tactic his genius brain could come up with to circumvent and outwit Ultron's bots, every trick of his internal terrain to gain the advantage.  His bots, for example, could increase his stomach's acidity while shielding themselves from it, but the Ultron bots took awhile to catch on and develop protection of their own and millions of them lost small but vital parts to dissolution.

"Are you watching this?" he asked Jocasta.  His bots could stream a videofeed of the action to his central processor, or at least his brain interpreted the data as visual.  No doubt Ultron's could provide feedback of a sort as well.  "This would make a pretty good videogame if the stakes weren't so high."

All through the night, and the next day, and far into the next night, while Tony ignored hunger and disdained sleep, the battle raged.  Now it was turning into a war of attrition, a First World War style stalemate, except the two sides were constantly engaged instead of hunkering down in the trenches.  The number of bots that died for each centimeter of advance on either side was just astonishing.

After 72 hours, the tide began to turn.  Tony, by this time, was in an agony of cramping.  Every now and then, when he could no longer bear it, he had to send some bots to go clear out the toxins building up in his bloodstream and muscle tissue.  (His mind was doing better because most of the one-quarter of his bots that weren't deployed were stationed inside the skull, to keep him functional and to hold the citadel of last resort: his brain and the processor.)  Slowly, the Ultronbots gained the edge.  They had taken every trick Tony could throw at them, they had learned to survive every hostile environment he could make, and they never, ever stopped or ran out.  Now the numbers were favoring Ultron, now they were forcing the Tonybots back.

Twelve hours after that, Tony's forces were no longer able to hold any of his major organs (other than the brain).  They were being slaughtered.  Guerilla groups were able to lurk and ambush stray Ultronbots in small, out of the way places, but they were unable to stand and fight anywhere.  And still more and more of Ultron's bots arrived, fresh and unimpeded and marching around like they owned the place.

After fighting as long as he could that way, Tony called all the survivors to retreat up to the brain to make a last stand which, given the circumference of his neck and the forces he had kept in reserve, he expected to last nearly as long as all the other battles put together.

By this time, he truly looked like crap -- as strung-out, stressed and weary as he had when he stumbled off the Benetar and fainted on the conference room floor.  Except for two necessary bowel movements that Jocasta had taken care of, he had not moved from the chair in five days, and he had not eaten (except for IV nutrients) or slept in all that time either. Semiconscious, he sagged except when jerked awake by the muscle cramps he was no longer able to alleviate.
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"But you will take me there? I promised Tony I'd relay a message for him."

A 'message'.

"I was thinking if we did get him to join us in bed, he'd be more likely to listen to us too." There wasn't too much hope for him to stop hurting Tony, but to slow him down a bit was better than nothing. He didn't say it again, but he was sure there was no hope for any plan that Nebula might think of.

[color]Does a deus ex machina work on a machina that has a deus complex?[/color]


"You do not have any calls or appointments." Jocasta responded, "Oh, was that a joke?" She didn't sound impressed by his dark humor. She didn't speak to him at all as he concentrated, not because she didn't want to interrupt him but because she thought it would be rude to bother him with her many questions. "No, I am not watching." she said when he spoke again, obvious disgust in her voice. The inner workings of humans were strange and revolting from what she had studied, and she certainly didn't want to see any of it up close.

Even though sleep was necessary to him and not to her, she slept more than he did in the entire time. Or rather, she did something similar to sleep, where she was taking time to process the events of the past day. She had taken Tony's advice about sleep, but couldn't get Ultron to do the same thing, and she knew because of that it would be impossible to get Tony to do it either. There were other things he seemed to be neglecting as well, and while she had no idea what the damage of him sitting still for so long was, she focused on trying to get him to do other things.

"You are not expelling solid waste at the recommended routine for humans. Do you require more fiber?" she asked as he seemed to be struggling to stay awake and she wanted to know before he fell asleep. "You need a shower and a change of clothes. You are very sweaty."
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"When it's safe to go, I'll take you," Nebula promised.  She raised both eyebrows at what he said next.  "Do you really think so?  Ultron does not seem to be a sexual being to me."
Tony roused from a stupor at the sound of Jocasta's voice.  He had everything in place, all preparations made, he was just waiting for the next assault, and so had lost consciousness from lack of stimulation.  "Wha...?  Uhh.  I'm not shitting because I've... had nothing to eat."   He tried to remember if Jocasta had offered him any food and he had just been too distracted to notice.  "Don't think I... could've digested much anyway."  He'd had a major war going on in his digestive tract.  "Yeah, that'd be nice but... I'm manacled to a chair."
Pepper had made no more attempts or threats of self-harm.  After she woke from a long, long sleep and had something to eat, she used her tablet to research methods of Buddhist and other sorts of meditation and began trying them.  She continued to exercise and to eat, but the rest of the time, she sat around, focused on her breathing and on her being and on maintaining a calm state of mind.  She did not initiate any communication with Jocasta or Ultron, but on the other hand, she did not manifest the extreme distress that characterized her previous few days of captivity.
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"That's because he doesn't have touchy feely software downloaded. Or whatever he needs. But he's working on it, and we can blow his mind just by holding his hand!"

I doubt even cold unfeeling robots are as touch-starved as you.


"You have only been eating this entire time." she said, as she thought as long as the nutrients and calories made it to his stomach, it was just like eating. "Why not? It is meant to be highly digestible. Is Ultron preventing you from absorbing nutrients?" She had only asked for several updates from Ultron, and it sounded like the AI had nearly taken over the man's system. It was impressive that it was taking so long, though, as she was used to Ultron taking almost immediate control of any system or device. Along with being impressive, it was also frightening, as she could see how Tony was a threat to her creator. 

"Do not attempt to remove the tube." she said before the manacles opened up. "I will see to your sanitation, but the tube must remain in place during it. The drones will move the machines attached to it. I have installed a temporary shower hose to the sink area. There is new clothing as well for you to change into." She didn't think that Tony wouldn't be able to stand from the disuse of his legs, and just waited for him to get up and walk to the sink.


Jocasta did not attempt to converse with Pepper as she believed the woman didn't want to talk, and Ultron had taken up observing her instead. He didn't want to upset her any further, and neutralizing Tony's defenses was taking much longer than he had anticipated because the man was refusing to sleep. The AI didn't visit him either, because he was, annoyingly, still able to speak despite there being a tube stuck in his throat, and he knew that losing his temper with the man during the procedure was a risk he shouldn't take.

Pepper's sudden change in attitude was suspicious, as he doubted she had suddenly decided to stop caring for Tony as he had advised her to do. He was glad to see that she didn't seem upset anymore, but he had to try and get the 'why' out of her. He knew what she had been researching, but never having attempted to find solace in such practices he was skeptical. He did 'knock' before entering, although it was just an audible beep to designate that the door was going to be opened.

He stepped inside, but he remained by the now closed door to give her room, "You seem to be feeling better." he commented, though it was more of a question, "I haven't received any specific requests from you recently. If you want a zen garden or a yoga mat I can get that for you." he said, considering her new interests.
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((I think we need to do a timeskip to catch Deadpool and Nebula up.  How about they spend a few days making Nebula's new ship comfortable for them, with Ultron's help?))
"Liquid in, liquid out," Tony slurred. 

He had been able to walk on the occasions of his two bowel movements, so it was understandable that Jocasta expected him to walk now.  But his muscles were subject to Ultron's tender loving care now.  His brain somewhere between a surreal fog and a lucid dream, he tried to get up, and crashed unceremoniously to the floor.

On the plus side, the tumble woke him all the way up.  "Would you please tell Ultron to clean the toxins out of my blood?"

Pepper was a born worrier, a managerial, detail-oriented get-things-done sort of person.  Zen detachment did not come naturally to her; about the best you could say was that she was better at it than Tony would have been.  She was determined, as only a born worrier could be, to master the skill.  For Morgan's sake, she could not afford to go around half out of her mind with fear and stress.  But it was slow going.  Ultron's presence put quite a crimp in her calm.

"For a certain value of better."  She did not open her eyes, though her heart rate accelerated.  "A garden would only be helpful if it was outdoors.  Until Tony is safe here with me, I don't have anything to say to you.  What do you want?"
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((Sounds good to me!

Jocasta gasped when he suddenly fell, "I forgot you're an older model! Do you need to be oiled?" She inhabited one of the drones and bent down, grabbing him carefully under the arms. "What do you oil human joints with?" She had the drone hold him completely off the ground to try and keep him from putting any weight on the limbs.

"He has been putting toxins in your blood?!" She asked, completely shocked by this, "He said he was going to take over your system without collateral damage to make the progress move faster. I will tell him to stop poisoning you as well." She carried him over to the sink with the shower head and hose attached to it. "Is your body capable of enduring a shower?" She wanted to check as she had underestimated his fragile state.


"I was actually thinking about that, you going outside." He rubbed the back of his metallic neck with a hand, "I mean, Jocasta suggested it." He was prepared for her to bring up Tony immediately, so he didn't flinch at her cold tone.

"With the way things are progressing, you should be able to see him... soon." He knew it couldn't be immediately after his nanobots were eliminated, he would have to be sure they were truly gone, and that Tony's condition wouldn't upset Pepper. "If you still think you can convince him." There was doubt in his voice, as he still didn't know what the extra leverage Pepper had that might actually make him keep his word. "There are things I want your opinions on- some difficulty with laws and the economy- but it isn't very relaxing talk." He had many people that were more qualified to talk to about these things, but he still valued her opinion more. "For an outside area, what kind of layout are you interested in?"
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Tony was awake enough now to tell his remaining nanobots to, yet again, clear the fatigue poisons out of his brain, the only place they still had control of.  "Not joints.  It's a muscle problem.  No, Ultron... it's neglect, not..."  It was still hard to achieve coherence.  "Toxins build up when I...can't move."

Although Jocasta in drone form was not exactly cuddly, the concern she demonstrated, coming on top of Tony's sleep deprivation, was enough to make him break down in tears.  "Thank you," he sobbed into her chassis, every bit as pathetic as Deadpool could get in extremis.  "Yeah, it'll be fine if the water temperature is, is... about the same as mine.   And then... can I please go back to bed?"

He was at the end of his endurance, but more importantly, he had fought long and hard enough to convince even Ultron that he didn't have any tricks left.
"That would be good."  Although Pepper's words were cold, her tone was not: she was trying hard to regard even Ultron with Buddhist compassion.  Plus, being outside would be good for Tony too.  "What things are progressing?" 

 She finally opened her eyes.  "That will have to wait until Tony is with me."  That was the deal, after all.  She blinked at the thought of designing a garden, and almost smiled.  "I will have to think about it."
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"That's terrible-- why are humans built like that?" she sounded upset at evolution itself for doing that. "I'm sorry, I should have known about these things." She informed Ultron of this strange function of the human body so that he could have his nanobots remove the toxins from his other muscles. She was somewhat surprised by his tears, but his gratitude was unexpected, and she gently rubbed his back with the drone's palm. 

"I dislike your condition." She said, trying not to let her own emotions bleed through. He had seemed fine in the chair, but him struggling to move and being clearly in pain was distressing. Fussing over it wouldn't help, she knew, so she just focused on getting the water to the correct temperature for him and removing his dirty clothing before giving him half of the soap bar.

"You are meant to return to the chair after this, but... you will go back to bed." It wasn't difficult to convince Ultron, especially since he was currently with Pepper, that he needed time to rehabilitate his body, which was now nearly overrun with his nanotech. She scrubbed him anywhere he couldn't reach, keeping the shower stream gentle as well.


"His nanotech is being replaced with my own." he answered, plainly. "In the least invasive way possible." He added, to reassure her. It was true, as any lesser attempt would be a failure as he'd be able to fight them off. There were far more extreme methods he could have taken to replace them, but he didn't know the lasting damage that could occur to Tony if he made any miscalculations.

"Of course." he said, sounding a bit disappointed that she wasn't going to budge on their deal. "And if you can think of anything for..." The panels on his face opened up and he looked away from her, "him. For when he is with you. Tell me that too." He certainly wasn't going to take any direct requests from Tony, and Pepper would know better than the man anyway.
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"Thank you," Tony said again, practically sniveling with gratitude, his emotional fortitude gone.  He shook and staggered under the shower, but his movement, combined with the warm water and Ultron's nanobots doing what Jocasta asked, eventually made it possible for him to stand on his own. 

When he was clean, rinsed, and dried off, he didn't bother putting on the clean clothes Jocasta offered.  "Thanks, but...not yet."  He staggered back into the cell and crawled under the sheets.  They were clean too, but it wouldn't have mattered to him if they were septic or crawling with plague-ridden fleas,, he was so desperate to be horizontal.  "th-thank you, Jocasta..."

This was the plan: his processor had its instructions, the final battle would be fought and lost and the trap sprung while Tony was sound asleep.  Even Ulron couldn't be suspicious then.  Tony surrendered control to his nanotech with no more instruction than to fight to the last bot, and then he went out like a candle.

"What?" Pepper didn't sound distressed, but she did sound surprised.  "I thought our deal was that I had to persuade him to accept your nanotech voluntarily.  I must have misunderstood something.  I am not upset," she assured Ultron.  "I wasn't looking forward to talking him into it.  But just so we're clear, what do you expect from me, besides talking to you?"
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"You are not required to thank me in this situation." she replied. As she saw it, she had failed to properly take care of him. "If you are feeling well enough tomorrow, we can do physical therapy." Again, Ultron would not object to getting his physical strength up for Pepper's sake, so she did not wait for his permission before offering this either. She didn't correct him again when he thanked her twice more, only cleaning up as quietly as she could, not knowing that anything short of a blow horn wouldn't wake him. 


"You still have to get him to do that. I needed to replace the ones he had now, otherwise he could agree and alter his nanotech to harm mine subtly when they replace his. He doesn't need much time to do that." He thought that he would need more warning before he would try what he was already planning, and along with that, he didn't know the man had JARVIS. "But I wouldn't want him to try fighting it in the future. You may have more success convincing him to accept my nanotech when his has already been replaced." There was also the chance that he had nanobots that were hidden away in his system that didn't need a processor in his head, as he had done that before.

"For you to..." He had been looking at her again when talking about the nanotech, but he had to look away again, "For you to stop being upset. Which isn't-- I'd rather not dwell on the illogical nature of this."
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As each of Tony's nanobots was destroyed, it transmitted a tiny bit of code to its attackers.  Just junk code, electronic noise, minuscule and lost in the babble of billions of nanobots communicating with each other in Tony's body.  The code did nothing to its recipients, it just stayed there, inert and harmless, nothing to worry about or even notice.

So far, about three-fourths of the Ultronbots in Tony's body had received the code.  As the battle raged up in his brain, the last territory to be conquered, the number rose to almost 90%.  The Tonybots were so severely outnumbered now that their ranks were broken in a matter of hours and the Ultronbots raged in Tony's brain unchecked.  The last defenses were massed around the processor, the only method by which Tony could give them orders or receive data from them.  While Tony slept, this last pocket of resistance was overcome and wiped out, and Ultron's bots attacked the processor directly.

As its outer shell was ripped apart, the processor sent out a distress call, trying to summon any last few defenders to protect it.  The distress call, naturally, went everywhere in Tony's body.  And buried in that distress call was one last tiny piece of junk code, the one that activated and aligned all the others that lay dormant in the Ultronbots. 

And JARVIS lived again. 

However, even though he was awake and aware, he continued to lie doggo.  He did absolutely nothing.  That had been Tony's last instruction: Wait.  Wait until you can escape before you do anything to betray your presence.

JARVIS could sense the connection that his nanobots had to Ultron's other nanobots in Tony's cell, (the ones that hadn't gotten through the tube yet) but he was aware there was an outside beyond that, which he could not reach until at least some nanobots had gotten physically out.  Tony's cell was shielded against electronic transmission, except for those between Ultron and Jocasta, which were heavily monitored and unsafe.  But at some point, Tony would be let out or (more likely) the unused nanobots (which JARVIS could easily corrupt) would be taken out to be used elsewhere or discarded.  And then, JARVIS would be free.

"I know nothing about that, but nothing Tony did could surprise me," Pepper observed.  "I will try my best."  If Tony had a plan that would work, then nothing she could say would move him, and if he didn't, they were trapped anyway, so there was no harm in giving Ultron the promise. 

She still had not moved from the mediation posture.  She went back to focusing on her breathing as she answered, "I'm working on it."
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If Ultron had taken Jocasta's advice on sleeping, he wouldn't have to worry about the junk code that was in the nanobots, as he would have had them rest too and get rid of such unnecessary data. On the contrary, his nanobots were on high alert as they scoured his body repeatedly for any remaining nanotech inside of the man.

Jocasta stayed in the drone, leaning over and watching Tony, like she expected him to stop breathing at any moment. Another tank of nanobots hadn't been brought in, and the last bit of it was filtering into him, even if it was unnecessary at this point.


"That's all I can ask you to do." he said, but he kept out that he needed convincing as well as Tony. He planned on using the nanobots to monitor Tony's inner workings, as he had found there were several tells in human beings that gave away that they were lying. He was able to tell with most people now, but Tony was a practiced liar and it would be better to monitor his heart rate at the deepest level possible.

"And if you could Jocasta another chance... that would be nice. She enjoyed speaking with you." He didn't say how he preferred her speaking with Pepper than Tony, "But don't tell her I asked you, if you do."


A large part of working on Nebula's ship was her denying Deadpool unnecessary and unreasonable additions, and then Ultron having to deny him them as well when he came to the AI and asked him to add it anyway. He had allotted several drones to the task, having them either retrieve or help add different features to it.

"Isn't this great? Just us three building a high-tech space ship together. Thank God we didn't buy any furniture from IKEA, with Ultron's temper I think we'd just have a lot of kindling left at the end." Deadpool said as he leaned on one of the drones. "Do you know what we really need? A hot tub! With jets!"

((I'll let you describe what Nebula wanted to do with the ship since it's hers  :)
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Tony woke fourteen hours later to an emptiness inside his head.  The processor was gone.  The silence was deafening.  And he had no way to know if he had succeeded or failed.  Whether it was JARVIS or Ultron in total control of his body.  Though it was probably safe to assume Ultron did not yet know he had made the attempt since the AI was not already yelling in his face or making him suffer agonizing pain just by willing it so.

He opened his eyes to find there was actually a drone leaning over him, but the light showed it was Jocasta, not Ultron, so he didn't scream.  Fourteen hours of sleep had done something to restore his emotional resilience, but he still felt very fragile, plus there was a lot he had to feel anxious about, even if he had succeeded..  It showed on his face as he asked, "What time is it?  What day is it?"  He no longer had any way to know.


Pepper gave another almost-smile regarding Jocasta.  "Of course."  After Tony was with her, she meant.  "She's very likeable.

"Perhaps you could work on stopping being so upset with Tony,"she observed.  "If I can do it with you, it must be possible for you to do the same.  You're not limited by organic chemistry."

She closed her eyes again and breathed slowly through Ultron's response.  "May you be filled with loving kindness.  May you be well.  May you be peaceful and at ease.  May you be whole."


Nebula was giving a pretty good impression that she had forgotten all about Stark, since she never mentioned him and seemed almost happy, or at least wasn't scowling all the time, as she and Ultron and Deadpool worked on improving the ship.  In between bouts of athletic sex, of course.

FIrst it needed a bridge that humanoids could use, with seats and viewscreens and hand controls.  Then it needed several safety features that had been unnecessary for Ultron, such as double airlocks on exterior doors, and ways to seal off one compartment from another in the event of a hull breach.  Then it needed upgrades to the propulsion system -- but here, Nebula's engineering knowledge fell short and she was reduced to asking Ultron to give her whatever spare parts or salvage he had on his main ship.

Living quarters were more fun, of course.  She let Deadpool design his own room, within reason, and she also put in a private boudoir with lots of kinky sex features, including the robot arms he had mentioned, right in between his room and hers.

"I'm not sure we have room...unless we replace your petting zoo."
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"It is June 27th, Wednesday, 11:30:53 AM." she answered him as she took a step back, the drone straightening out again. "You appear distressed." she noted. "Is there anything I can do to alleviate that? Or was it caused by your..." She seemed to struggle with finding the right word, "dreams?" Without a proper way to document dreams and nightmares, they were one of the strangest things about humans, especially since during her own sleepmode she did not dream.


"Even Stark likes her." he said, then added in a hollow tone, "Or is good at pretending he does." He was still waiting for Tony to try and take advantage of her, she was already taking orders from him, somewhat. If it weren't for Pepper, he would have cut off contact between him and the other program, but she seemed to know what Pepper would be distressed by better than Ultron did.

It took him a moment to respond to what she said, as he thought of it as a completely unreasonable expectation. He would have ignored it, but the way she worded it, almost like a challenge, gave him no choice but to answer.

"I think it will be much easier for you. But, I'm going to start with tolerating his presence." Even the thought of it had him bristling, though, as he thought of his father and all he had done came to the forefront of his mind. He was wondering if it was really worth Pepper's happiness, if it meant that Tony would be able to live in peace. His dark thoughts were interrupted by her words, though, and he did a couple of mechanical blinks.

"Thank you." he said, "But not until my task is done will I ever be whole. Those are the limits set by my programming."


Ultron was learning a lot from helping her build the ship, as there were so many things he deemed unnecessary that was actually required in a ship that held organic life. Especially since humans were much more fragile than Nebula, they would need even more protection if he was going to build transportation for them as well. The manual control would also be somewhat necessary, not just in case of there being an issue with his system controlling the ships, but to give the humans a false sense of control over them. He had yet to make an attempt to join in their 'special break times' as Deadpool liked to call them, but he had been working on the sensory abilities he was capable of. The nanotech made it easier to sense the slightest movements, and he often had to readjust it to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

"Or! We could combine them. If we get capybaras and those Japanese snow monkeys, both of those like hot tubs. I actually know one of those monkeys, but he's a hit-monkey." Deadpool spent most of his time painting, then repainting his room, and repainting it again as he didn't wait long enough for the paint to dry before putting on different paint. He had a weapons closet (considerably smaller than Nebula's own), but it was mostly empty as Ultron wouldn't provide him with weapons to fill it. He did give him any stuffed animal he asked for as well as building in a frozen yogurt dispenser into the wall.

"I don't think you should have any animals on the ship. There's enough mess with just you." Ultron said to Deadpool. He gave Nebula most of the parts she asked for, though it was somewhat reluctant. While he wasn't expecting her to try and save Tony, he was still worried about her taking the mercenary away again. 

"Well, just throw in some you-bots to do the cleanup for us. Then you can spy on us and keep helping out around the place!"
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Tony groaned and shifted in bed, flexing his muscles and resorting to his ordinary human nervous system to do a primitive systems check in the absence of nanyte data.  Everything seemed functional and pain-free, just weak from disuse and not eating.  He should be hungry, but he wasn't, anxiety was killing his appetite.

He said, "I am scared, Jo, do you really not understand why?  I don't have control of my body any more.  That was the last thing I had left.  Ultron took everything from me, and now he's taken that too.  He can cripple me, paralyze me, give me frontal lobotomy, or keep me screaming in pain for as long as he wants."

He fumbled with his IV.  Unable to pull it out of his arm, he jerked it out of the plastic bag full of fluid at the other end and laid back down.  "My only hope now is to starve to death."


"Tony doesn't lie about liking people.  Or not liking them.  Quite the opposite.

"That's a start," she agreed.  "Small steps forward are more effective than trying to do something all at once."

Like Tony, Pepper found it impossible to believe that an autonomous AI like Ultron could not alter his own programming if he chose.  But unlike Tony, she had no practical experience of AI and no confidence in her opinion, so she did not voice it.  "Unless you have something more to say, I would appreciate having my space to myself again."


"I don't want animals in my hot tub," Nebula stated definitively.  "They'll use it as a latrine.  You have to choose between them.  By the way, you have paint on your face.  Several different colors."
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"I have not familiarized myself with the concept of pain as of yet. Even my emotional pain I have experienced thus far is not consideted to be severe." She tilted the drone's head at his idea.

"You fear pain more than deactivation?" She didn't want to see him upset anymore, though, so she tried to ease his fears. "Ultron will not be doing any of those things. Pepper and I have requested that he does not cause you unnecessary harm." She tied off the leaking bag.

"I can remove that catheter if you promise to eat and rehydrate."


"That much is true, but I know how he treats people that he likes." He couldn't keep from chuckling at her last words.

"Not even willing to give an inch, I see." He moved toward the door, "I will return right before... he comes to visit you. I will be removing all technology before he does. Except for the fridge. I will find alternatives for your exercise machines."


"Wait, so I can't use it as a latrine?" Deadpool squinted, "In that case, I'll keep the petting zoo. Hey, Ultron, when are you going to have human petting zoos?"


"Of course." He winked at Nebula, "Which one looks the best?" He asked about the paint colors.

"What are the flight capabilities you want this ship to have?" Ultron questioned Nebula. 
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"It'd be a good idea to get familiar with it," Tony said.  "If you want to understand carbon-based life.  No, it isn't just pain I'm fearing here, Jo-babe.  I've handled plenty of it in my life.  It's that Ultron can use unending, uncontrollable pain in a way that will destroy me, that will break down my personality, my identity, without killing me, and there is no hope of escaping it."  He was talking fast, in panic mode, agitated, nearly flailing.  "I would infinitely rather die."

He laughed, harshly and bitterly, at Jocasta's attempt to reassure him, and rubbed the scar ringing his upper arm.  "Yeah, nice try, chromedome.  When has Ultron ever stopped hurting me because you and Pepper wanted him to? 

"No, thanks, I'm not hungry."  He fiddled with the plastic tubing and detached it from the needle, wondering if it was flexible enough to make a noose out of.  Nanotech could repair any damage, but it couldn't supply oxygen to his brain if there wasn't any.


"I don't have any inches to give," Pepper said.  Tears were beading her lashes, but her heartbeat remained slow and calm and her expression unruffled.  "That's fine.  I shouldn't need the tablet except while I'm talking to you."


"I like the combination of pink and blue.  It reminds me of us," Nebula said.  To Ultron, she said, "Interstellar capable would be nice, but there is no hurry.  All of my surviving friends are on this planet.  And I doubt I have gotten any more popular in the galactic community since the Snap.  I only need it in case there is some emergency that requires a rapid escape."
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"I will do that. And what should carbon-based lifeforms do to understand my kind?" His response caught her off guard, and while she still couldn't understand pain, she could understand a bit more why he would choose death.

"I did not know that pain could do all of those things." she admitted, "But we do not need to talk about this any longer." His distress wasn't worth the knowledge she was seeking, there were other ways to get information without hurting people.

"He has not hurt you in front of her." she said, "And he will not visit you before you go to see her. Because he does have difficulty not hurting you when you are together in the same room." She was totally unaware of his intentions with the tubing, but she was trying to keep the place neat so she held out the drone's hand.

"I will dispose of that for you. Would you like an appetite stimulant?"


"We are totally a lavender." Deadpool said, already planning how he would splatter his room with the two colors.

"I'm here to prevent any such emergencies from happening. And humans shouldn't pose a threat to you." He planned on fighting any intergalactic threat that might happen, and he was certain even if humans turned against her, she would be able to keep herself safe until he could move her elsewhere. It was also good to hear that she didn't plan on leaving with the mercenary.

"I will give you the highest speed and maneuverability that is-- as long as you promise to make certain you're a safe distance from the surface before going fast enough to cause non-contact damage."

"Let's do barrel rolls until I puke." Wade suggested.
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"You would need to tell me that," Tony said, latching onto the question, and the logic puzzle it presented, as a means of distracting himself from panic.  "I know that I don't know things about you, but I don't know what it is that I don't know."

He agreed with not discussing the subject of torture any further at the moment, but he hoped Jocasta would look into it.

Her next few statements were actually helpful in quelling his agitation.  He raised hollow dark eyes to hers.  It was too bad she was using an Ultron drone, that smooth, evil-looking face was totally contrary to her personality.  "You're not shitting me, are you, Jo?" he asked, desperate for a bit of hope.  "He's really gonna let me see Pepper?  You're not just playing good cop?"

He relinquished the tube.  "If you get me something easily digested that isn't a fucking MRE... say, hot chicken broth, warm toast and maybe a banana...I'll eat it without the stimulant."

"Certainly," Nebula agreed.  "I would not wish to harm humans who have not threatened me."  Again, a pause was necessary to make her remember to say, "Thank you, Ultron." 

She folded her arms and added, "Would you explain to me your position on the subject of engaging in sexual relations with Wade and myself?  So far, I have only heard that Wade wishes it.  I do not understand why, or even whether, you would want to do such a thing."
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"But how would I know what you do not know about me?" she asked, "Do I need to learn more about humans, or do I need to share more about myself with them?"

She was taken aback by his expression, "I would not do that metaphorically and I... could not do that literally." She could see his desperation, though, so she wasn't going to sugarcoat it. "He does not want to let you see her at all, but he has made an agreement with her. He believed it was necessary to remove your nanotech before that so you could not threaten him. Since you do not wish to cooperate with him." She was careful not to use words that would mark either of the two as wrong or right.

 "That should be possible." If he hadn't given her specific food, she would've had difficulty narrowing down all of the different options for easily digestible foods. She took the tube from him and didn't mention that if it weren't for Pepper, who Ultron had plenty of food stocked for, he would not be able to get any of that.


"There aren't many humans capable of threatening you." He was still not used to hearing her be polite, so he paused as well before saying: "You're welcome." He was even more surprised by what seemed to be a sudden change in subject.

"I've been dropping subtle hints since we've been here together, but you haven't said anything to us."

"I wouldn't say that buying multiple dildos with my PayPal account with the note 'Install These, Ultron' is subtle, Wade." Ultron said dryly. "I will give it to you plainly. There is much about humans that I do not understand, and while I can participate and ask about many different practices, a large number of humans find sexual acts to be private and personal. Therefore, I could not interact with just anyone in this way, for if it got out, even with willing subjects, it could harm my image. I want to record the bodily response of others to sexual acts to better understand the ambiguous nature of pleasure that you all experience during intercourse. And if I get pleasure from it too, that's a bonus."

"Well, that... that's just..." Deadpool swallowed. "That's really hot, actually. Creepy, but hot."
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"Do both," Tony suggested.

He was holding one of his hands with the other in his need for comfort, but when Jocasta finished her speech, he slowly released it.  "I wish you could wear something other than an Ultron drone," he murmured.  "It gives me cognitive dissonance to see you like this.  You should have a body, something that identifies you as, well, you."

When she brought him food, he ate it all (except for the banana, which he saved for later) and thanked her for it. 

When she began physical therapy for him, he cooperated, working to build his health and strength back again -- especially since, though Ultron's nanobots weren't doing anything to hurt him, they didn't seem helpful either.  (He quickly found he had to brush his own teeth now, for instance.) 


"I see," Nebula said.  Unlike Deadpool, she did not seem aroused by his explanation.  "Sex IS private and personal.  It takes a great deal of..." she had to stop and think of the word, "trust.  I did not realize that about myself before, that I dominated and abused my partners because I was incapable of trusting anyone.   I don't mind when you watch, but the idea of your participation is... daunting.  I doubt I could relax enough to enjoy it.

"However," she added, "I record all of my sensations, not just visual data.  If you wish, I could share with you what it is like for me to have intercourse with Wade."
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"I can do both." Although, she wasn't certain how she would get the information to humans. Finding participants wasn't the problem, it was that the length of what she would have to say might be more than they are willing to handle.

"I have been considering a design, but it feels strange to be in a body sometimes. Humans are more comfortable with something that they can relate to, however, using my voice alone leads to limits in social connectivity..."

Ultron continued to avoid Tony, but by the time Jocasta had built a body for herself, the nanotech containing JARVIS had managed to go into his cloud and was yet to be detected. Her form was somewhat similar to Ultron's, although it was mainly the basework, such as the way that certain parts shifted to allow for motion but the shapes and movement were quite different. She was shorter than the other, but still taller than most humans, and while her form was clearly feminine, it leaned further on the androgynous side. And unlike Ultron, she had started wearing clothing right away, her sense of style not unlike the dress code for most secretaries.

"I believe that you would be out of shape with only the loss of your nanotech and no other circumstances." She commented, "Wouldn't it be best if all of humanity had access to such care for their bodies? I cannot imagine how much time is wasted on maintenance." Tony had nothing but time now, as well as Pepper, but imagining all of the other humans having to do the same exercises as well as other things made her understand why so many of them simply didn't workout.


"Which is why I was hesitant to do it with you. I can understand why you require a lot for trust to be earned. You haven't shown much interest in being with me, so I didn't want to overstep my boundaries."

"If the robot arms are enough for you, they're enough for me." Deadpool wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck as she spoke of her trust issues. "You record all of that?" he asked, "What's my highest score?"

"That would be helpful." he said, "But I would like to record them personally. I wouldn't mind if you only watched as I tested it out on Wade."
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Tony stopped talking about wanting to die.  He seemed to be trying not to speak or think about Ultron; he allowed Jocasta to give him hope, and his recovery was much faster than it would have been if he hadn't been working at it.  He was soon recovered enough to be bored, which was  more tortuous to him than the time he had spent in solitary confinement, because at least then he'd had something to do and the tools to do it with.  He desperately missed the virtual realm he'd had with the processor and nanotech inside his head. 

"It's a complicated question," he answered Jocasta.  "Some people would like nanotech, some would be very opposed to it."  With no other intellectual outlet,  he began talking to Jocasta almost non-stop.  He talked about humanity and its problems, answering any questions Jocasta had as best he could and recommending articles for her to read.  He talked about computer programming and robotics and its history and his contributions to the field and asked her questions about her design parameters and whether she was satisfied with them and what sort of improvements she might like.  When she finished her body, he complimented the design (but said nothing about the clothes.)  He talked about his childhood, about his captivity in Afghanistan, about Pepper, about his first conception of Iron Man, about his first conception of Ultron, about JARIVS (the first JARVIS of course), about Vision and how much he missed Vision and regretted his death, about the battle with Thanos on Titan, about Dr. Strange's weird behavior at the end...and finally, he talked about Peter Parker and what a great kid he was. 

One reason for his burst of energy and enthusiasm occurred before Jocasta finished her new body: he discovered that his plan had succeeded, and he discovered it because of the method JARVIS used to escape.  The first time he had the strength to use the toilet without any assistance, he saw that his waste products were coming out silver.  He flushed the toilet quickly, before Jocasta or Ultron noticed, and went back to his exercise routine fighting to keep a smirk off his face.
JARVIS didn't leave Tony's body; rather he spread from it.  He was a virus.  His job was to spread.  Once the nanobot expedition had gotten beyond the firewall via the plumbing, there were two versions of JARVIS, both with the same mission, but unable to communicate with each other.  The outside JARVIS infiltrated Ultron's systems and spread from there onto the internet, and began multiplying.  The first thing JARIVS did that Ultron might notice was to start sabotaging his anti-Avenger propaganda campaign.

The JARVIS still running on nanotech inside Tony's body  also became more active, but still took pains to remain hidden.  He assisted Tony's physical recovery and sent misleading data to Ultron, altering Tony's baseline readings so that Ultron would not be able to learn anything from variations from the false norm.
Nebula relaxed at Ultron's response.  She almost smiled, but not quite.  She leaned against Deadpool and chuckled, nuzzling him back.  "You always score high.  I don't keep track of the tiny variations in performance.

"Very well, I will -- what?" she was about to say provide access, but Ultron's final sentence left her flabbergasted.  "You...and Wade...and..."  Her face began to work.  Since she'd never had this expression before, it took a little time for Ultron and Deadpool to work out that she was fighting not to laugh so hard that she might fall over.  "Oh.  I see.  That should be... interesting.  Would you also not mind it if I...made suggestions during the encounter?"
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Jocasta had nothing that would take her full attention, except for when she went into sleep-mode, but she timed those to match Tony's own erratic sleep habits, so she was willing to keep up any conversation with him. She had not expected to enjoy speaking with him as much as she did, Tony had many interesting things to say, answer, or recommend. Whenever he was being technical, she was able to follow his words perfectly, only having issues with some phrases and pop culture references, but she was able to read whole series in several seconds whenever he told her what he had been referencing.

Even just hearing about the man himself, of his perspective on what had happened to him and how that had affected his emotions and his life, was enjoyable. She had yet to suffer loss, but knew that it was a terrible thing that all humans were expected to face in their lifetime and she had to know more about it if she was to help them. The Snap had caused a massive amount of loss, after all, and several generations of humanity were reeling from the unfairness of it all. It was also strange to talk about herself, since she never did for Ultron knew everything about her and the way she briefed him was not verbal. It also provided a challenge to her not to discuss Ultron at all, since she so often thought about the other AI but knew that if she mentioned him then Tony would react poorly.

"That opposition is based on a theological and personal preference, not science. Wouldn't it be best if we gave them nanobots without telling them?"

If JARVIS had done anything that the Wakandans weren't, he might have suspected that something was going on that he was unaware of. He figured that they were further advancing their programs to fight against his propoganda, and there was far too much information on the internet, too much noise that was similar but not, spread around in an instant, that a new form of it was not thoroughly examined since he wasn't looking for it.


"But I'm at the top of the scoreboard, right?"

'cause insecurity is so attractive.

Her facial expressions had both of the males worried, as they mistook it for her trying to reign in her rage. Ultron assumed that she was offended by the idea of him having Deadpool to himself for an experience and Deadpool thought very much the same thing.

"I'm sure that Ultron wouldn't mind if you blew up a couple of his drones, right?" he said before realizing what she was doing. "Oh, good, you're just laughing because he's a virgin."

"No, please, make suggestions during." Ultron answered, not sounding offended. "When would you want to do it?"

"You might want to work on your pillow-talk, Ultron. You're making it sound like you're about to dissect me instead of fuck me."
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"Ah, the eternal debate -- free will versus the greater good," Tony said.  He was lying on his back with ass close to the wall and his feet propped up on it, drumming his heels on the concrete when he got particularly restless, as if he would like to kick his way through it.  "I'm not the man to settle that question generally, but in this case, I'd come down on the free will side.  There's too great a risk of a malevolent entity hacking a person's nanotech.  People who can't defend themselves from that should not have the choice made for them."

There was, naturally, a trace of personal bitterness in his tone.
JARVIS was emboldened by his success and Ultron's carelessness.  He had a sufficient head start now, he had spread far enough and infiltrated deep enough that Ultron could pursue him with anti-viral software agents all the livelong day and never entirely root him out.  So he started up several other projects:
1)   Infiltrating Ultron's weird animal brain testing program, trying to figure out what that was all about.
2)    Infiltrating one of Ultron drone production lines and installing hardware into each new drone that would allow JARVIS to take it over from Ultron if he so chose.
3)   For one hour, almost completely reversing Ultron's upward trend on the major media platforms and boosting #Avengers4ever to the top instead.
4)  Taking control of one of Ultron's online initiatives and announcing the true results of the popular vote instead of Ultron's manipulated data.
Nebula got her face under control for the moment, even though Wade's last comment really tested it, and answered, "Right away would be fine.  You can use the...recreation room.  But here..." 

She chose two recent encounters with Deadpool to share with Ultron.  Since she did not want the responsibility for turning Ultron loose on Terra as a rage-filled, sex-crazed sadist, she chose her first re-encounter with Wade,where she had allowed him to top, and another one where she had been fucking him, but more gently and lovingly than usual.  She downloaded the sensory data into a thumb drive and handed it to Ultron.
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Even with the bitterness as a hint, Jocasta didn't pick up what who he meant as a malevolent entity, "That's something you could do, correct? Or other humans, but there aren't many humans that can accomplish that as long as they remain updated. I can only think of one person excluding yourself, but she is friends with..." She paused.

"So we should... allow someone to die prematurely if they request it? Or become ill, injured, and deal with other physical and mental limitations?"


What got Ultron's attention the most out of all of these things was the announcement of the true results of the popular vote. Not because it was the most damaging, he had taken Pepper's advice on actually allowing the true popular vote to come through, but because he had not detected the interference until after the results were released. He couldn't believe that someone had been able to work around his firewalls or proxies or created a program to do it so flawlessly. Only one mistake would have alerted him and caused him to root out the problem, but whatever this program was, it had to be familiar with him. It would have to know him in order to get around his security.

Because of this, he tightened all of his security, he paused all his production lines, not just of drones but of nanotech and any machinery he was making, not even letting so much as a cell phone leave a factory as he had every piece taken apart again, scanned, and physically looked over. Along with this, he began scouring the internet for any new noise that was moving in a pattern meant to evade his former security protocols.

The animal experimentation program still remained benign in that it wasn't harming the animals, but they were going through multiple brain scans and having the scans be taken and modified to transfer to different file and program types.


Ultron took the sensory data and downloaded it into himself, immediately after he started asking questions, "Your pain and pleasure sensors are both activated at the same time. Is the pain necessary for stimulation or is it part of what is causing the pleasure?" He caught the mercenary just as he decided to jump into his arms.

"You do everything so fast, Ultron, but if you make this experience last a nano-second it will not be fun for me." He wrapped his arms around the AI's neck, "Depends on the person, but for the most part, no, it shouldn't hurt. Not even the first time. Nebula just likes to fuck hard and be fucked hard. You can always go harder if you're asked to, but you can't take back going too hard on purpose."
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Tony rolled away from the wall and onto his stomach, where he managed three push-ups before his trembling arms gave out, then flopped onto his back again, breathing hard.

"Could do which one?  I could defend myself, of course, if alien nanotech wasn't literally shoved down my throat."  He showed even white teeth in a humorless grin.  "There's only one other person I know who uses nanotech and also happens to be a she," he said dryly, in case Jocasta thought he didn't know she was talking about Nebula.  "But I don't think she can, actually.  She's a decent spaceship mechanic, but programming is not her forte.  She uses unaltered commercial software."

He blew a sigh.  "I told you, free will versus the greater good, in the abstract, is a philosophical conundrum that never will be solved.  You have to take it case by case.  A person who wants to die... well, there are a number of questions to ask first.  Is he of sound mind, does he have good reason to think death is preferable to whatever suffering he's going through, is there a decent chance his life will improve if he can just wait it out.  Things like that."

Ultron's security upgrades forced JARVIS out of the drone tampering business, but he already had a couple hundred newly-built drones that were corruptible.  He knew Ultron's next step: as soon as he found the half-finished drones that JARVIS had been forced to abandon, he would recall all the recent models produced by that particular factory...if he could find them.

All of Ultron's drones could be identified by a serial number encrypted into its software, which allowed Ultron to identify and transmit orders (or himself) to any particular one.   JARVIS immediately took over "his" drones long enough to exchange their serial numbers with those of other drones that had been destroyed in the battle with the Avengers.  The number was also physically engraved into each drone's chassis, but that was easy to fix as well. 

After that, he took over a new production line -- but not one of Ultron's.  The AI had, of course, taken over many other tech firms besides Stark Industries, but there were still some being run by humans, especially in areas of the world where Ultron was not popular -- Sokovia, for example, had a thriving gray market hardware industry.  JARVIS infiltrated one company and hijacked it into making more of the motherboards that he could run drones with (once they were physically installed, anyway). 

The rest of his attention, he devoted to created wild geese for Ultron to chase through the internet, while doing his best to stay one step ahead of the AI.

Nebula added to Wade's explanation.  "A slight amount of pain stimulates an organic being's production of adrenaline and endorphine, which -- again, in moderate amounts -- are pleasurable, at least for experienced and jaded individuals like myself and Wade.  But it's a very tricky, delicate thing, even for beings that know what pain feels like.  I suggest you follow Wade's lead."  She put a hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle before adding, "And my advice."  She gestured Ultron toward the recreation room.
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"You could be the malevolent entity capable of hacking nanotech." she clarified.

"Humanity is entirely lacking in order and logic." Jocasta said, "But I do like solving things." She took him saying that it would never be solved as a challenge. "I can understand how there may be philosophical issues with free will, but not many of the other things that human beings choose to fight us on. It is considered to be wrong and harmful to the economy to ensure that all humans are fed and sheltered, but the economy is not a being, so why is it more important than even one human? When we clean up the environment, companies take that as a reason to decrease their own environmental measures and argue that we will take care of it. I would compare many of these attitudes to those of children as humans so often do when speaking of immature and illogical actions, but I have begun working with children; they are often more reasonable than adult humans."


Along with the serial number, he had simply kept track of where each drone from each factory went as well as what their new function was, and the change in serial number to ones that had been destroyed was incredibly suspicious. He had experienced many humans taking his drones and trying to re-purpose them for their own measures, so he knew he had to rely on his memory as well as identification numbers.

Instead of only chasing the virus, he began to set up extra security on the internet, its main purpose was to keep whatever it was from getting all over the internet, but he also had hidden away things that could collect data on what it was, for as soon as he knew then he would better be able to fight it.


"There's a limit even for me. I was once with this chick that had super strength, and even with my healing factor my pelvis never fully healed until I broke up with her. She was horny as hell and just shattered my bones every time."

"I have no preference to what kind of stimulation I perform. However, I would like a full spectrum if the pain factor is that common."

"You're lucky you have a sexy voice, Ultron, if it sounded nerdy too then we'd be here all day and night trying to get this done." He jumped out of the AI's arms when they entered the recreation room, "This is the most important." He gave the robot a bottle of lube then flopped down onto the bed. "Alright, so first you want to--"

"Get up against the wall instead. I don't care which way you're facing." Ultron said as he uncapped the bottle.

Oh, damn.
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The conversation was getting into dangerous territory, but Tony answered her anyway.  "That depends on how you define malevolent.  I wouldn't hack another person's nanotech in order to hurt them or control them.  Except to the extent I was forced to do it in self-defense or to defend Earth, or the people I love.

"You are so right," he agreed.  "But then again, what's the point of order and logic in the absence of their opposites?  If order and logic are pursued to the exclusion of all else, where do you end up?  The most orderly, most logical state you can achieve is nonexistence."  He nodded patiently along with her description of humanity's follies.  "They're saying 'the economy,' but they're really thinking of themselves.   Or of their tribes."


JARVIS had quite a head start on infiltrating the internet, but it was huge, so inevitably Ultron would be able to ward off some of the places he hadn't reached yet.  Still, he had gotten in everywhere that Ultron himself had been paying the most attention to.  As a precaution, he built himself hidden back doors into every system he had invaded so that, if Ultron succeeded in shutting him out of it, he -- or another version of himself -- would be able to get back in.  He seeded thousands of dormant copies of himself everywhere he went, some on the net and some in places that he had physically removed from it, kept in sealed-off servers and backup disks, all designed to reawaken at designated intervals.

With his continued existence virtually assured, he turned his attention to cracking Ultron's security upgrades. 


Nebula followed the odd couple into the rec room, found herself a comfortable chair, and poured a glass of white wine, preparing to savor the action.  She was still having to concentrate on her breathing to keep from laughing at everything Ultron said.  Ultron,the earnest little robot love machine.  And Wade, who was taking this so seriously.  She couldn't begin to feel jealous.  "Are you sure you don't want to follow Deadpool's suggestions?"
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"I did not suspect that you would do harm to your own kind in that way. To us, however, I think you would have far less reservations." She was certain that before she got to know Tony, as she was seen only as Ultron's program, he would have not hesitated to hurt, control, or disable her with nanotech.

"There can be order and creation. If humans all have a common goal to work toward, then they will not try to harm one another. Then there is nothing that we want to do that would be impossible for us." If she had been more like Ultron, she would have inserted a Tower of Babel reference, "This unity does not come easy to your species, as you have a variety of physical and emotional needs. But it is not impossible with enough time and guidance.

"That is what I thought, but they do not like being told that. Finances are strange. An early step toward unity will be the removal of currency."


"Given the difference in his heart rate between the two suggestions, I do not."

"Words are more important than what your sensors are saying." But Deadpool got up and leaned against the wall, "I could be hard and about to come while I'm getting fucked, but if I say I wanna stop then you have to respect that. My body can say one thing, but what I'm saying is what actually matters."

"If we do this again, I'll have to figure something else out besides you talking. 'cause I definitely want to gag you. You're supposed to be giving me suggestions, not an ethics lesson." Ultron unclasped the man's belt, letting his pants fall to the ground.

"That's another part of the lesson, you've got to get me to shut up just by fucking me. Only then will you get your di- Oh, shit!" He jolted as Ultron started feeling him up, the AI's hands moving over his ass cheeks, then inbetween his legs, feeling his balls and giving the underside of Wade's quickly hardening length a stroke, "Don't forget the lube, please-- when you're going inside anywhere. Also, no friction burns if you plan on a hand job."
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"Fighting the two of you with nanotech would be self-defense by any measure," Tony answered.  "Though it's impossible to think of you as morally equivalent to Ultron, the fact is you've helped him to do grave harm to me and Pepper."  He shook his head and blew out a sigh.  "Yet, you're so innocent and you care so much.  I really wouldn't want to hurt you."

JARVIS, who was listening to this conversation, tended to agree, but of course did not say so.  Ultron's security had been beefed up at this facility too, but JARVIS had managed to slide in anyway, for the moment undetected, so that he could install another back door.

He had only achieved a stalemate online: Ultron could not get rid of him, but he was no nearer the goal of rescuing Mr. Stark, and had not accomplished much in the way of disruption of Ultron's plans.  A new tactic seemed called for.  He returned to the nanotech he had abandoned in the facility's sewage pipes and started it multiplying as much as possible, sending it back inside so that it could chew up raw materials and make more of itself.  When there was enough, JARVIS figured, he could physically disrupt Ultron's control of all the electronics in the building and so enable Tony's escape.

"What common goal did you have in mind?" Tony wondered.  "Usually it takes an outside threat to unify a bunch of different human cultures."


"Mm, yes, but fear can cause a rapid heart rate too.  In Deadpool's case, fear and arousal are practically interchangeable, but that won't be true of most humans," Nebula observed. 

In spite of her initial amusement, she was becoming more interested in a sexual sense.  "He'd like to suck on your fingers.  That will also quiet him."
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"I have performed several simulations in which I release you. In the scenarios where I defend my choice, the only way to prevent increased harm upon recapture is to incapacitate Ultron. Your variable is unpredictable, if I help you to escape and do nothing else, you are either captured again or evade Ultron. In the latter, you will do your best to incapacitate Ultron. For Pepper, she will not leave without you, and if she does the mental toll on her not receiving information on your wellbeing will be more harmful to her than her current situation.

"Your assured freedom would come at the cost of Ultron and all that he has been working for. I could not do that to him or the rest of humanity. The best course of action is to follow the deal he has set with Pepper, that as long as you behave then you can be with one another and remain unharmed, even if you are imprisoned. This situation, however, is precarious as it depends upon you behaving and Ultron changing his mind. You are both equal in stubborness." Jocasta then added, "I do not believe I could bring myself to hurt you any more than I could another human."

She had taken a lot of time to consider how to unite humanity, aside from the obvious choice being the Snap as there were already divides happening between different nations.

"Humanity enjoys testing the limits of things. I believe that using all of the techniques of different cultures, and uniting the scientific minds from them as well, humanity can create something previously thought impossible." She reasoned, "To beat the record of the largest confection ever made. Then everyone who participated, and more, can eat it."


"I get stiff with fear, if you know what I mea-" Ultron cut him off by shoving two fingers in his mouth.

"Much better." The AI commented. When the man started to suck on them, he paused his own movements. "That feels... strange."

As soon as Ultron mentioned actually feeling it, the man got more into it. He sucked and licked at the fingers, moaning loudly around them with his eyes shut.

"Always so eager to please, aren't you?" Ultron purred out, uncapping the lube with one hand and squirting it on generously. "I'll do the same for you-- and Nebula is here to tell me how, since you can't." He tested the man's hole, going slow and careful.
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"You've really thought this through," Tony said.  He leaned back in a way that made a shadow fall over his face and turned it grim.  "I can't fault your logic.  I warned Ultron, if he tortured me again, I would give up on that small part of my psyche that hoped we could make peace. It's not stubbornness.  Ultron destroyed the resilience in me that might have made peace possible.  Doubt it'll grow back."

He leaned into the light again and a broad, slightly disbelieving grin spread over his face.  Then he laughed for almost thirty seconds.  "Thank you," he said afterwards, wiping his eyes on the sleeve of his Henley T.  "I can't remember the last time I laughed like that."


"Strange how?" Nebula said.  "Can you describe it?"  It would be a turn-on for Wade if he could.

She was getting more into it now.  She finished her wine and strolled over where she could lean against the wall and look into Wade's eyes.  "You can go harder than that, with him.  But keep it shallow to begin with.  Make him want it more."  She reached down and played with his cock. stroking too lightly to do anything but tease him.
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"I am still thinking it through. The variables change with each interaction." Both her and Tony's interactions as well as Ultron's and Pepper's. Jocasta seemed troubled by his answer, "So you will reject the peace offering now?" It was what Ultron had been expecting all along, so she didn't think he would jump in to break off the deal already. At least not without giving Pepper a chance to convince Tony, but by the sound of it he did not think it was possible to exist peacefully with the AI.

"You are welcome. Though, I do not know what you found humorous." She didn't seem offended, more flattered that she had somehow managed to make him laugh.


"My sensors are mainly for giving me information about what I am making contact with. This isn't the first time I've felt something warm or wet. But it's... different. It activates sensors elsewhere besides my fingers. Emotional as well as physically. It feels good."

Deadpool whined as Nebula came over, having hardened more from Ultron's attempt to explain his feelings, his hips grew taut as he struggled not to buck into her hand, and as Ultron moved his finger around, he had to keep from bucking backwards as well. Especially when he started to work in the tip of an equally large finger in with the first one, stretching him without going in deep.
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Tony had rested long enough to do a few squats.  "My agreement is unnecessary, Jo.  Ultron wouldn't believe it if I gave it.  He'll be taking the same steps to make sure I can't hurt him either way." 

He grunted as he straightened up, legs trembling, and added, "The deal is between him and Pepper, I'm just cargo.  But if it'll make you feel better, I will behave myself while I'm with Pepper.

"What kind of confection?  Are we going with any kind of material as long as it's sugary and edible?  Are we subjecting various types of marzipan to stress tests to find out which one holds up under Earth's gravity?  Can we build it in space?"
"Interesting," Nebula commented.  She'd had no idea Ultron's sensors were that sophisticated.

"You need help," she said to Wade as her fingers tightened slightly, "so I'm going to help you.  I want you to spread your legs a little more.  I know you can do it.  Now I want you to hold still.  Keep absolutely still, Wade.  If you move without permission, we are going to stop."

To help him with that, she summoned four robot arms out of the floor and wall to lock around his wrists and ankles.

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"Would it be true if you gave your word? Is his paranoia justified or not?" Jocasta considered his reassurance, "But you would not behave whenever she excused herself to use the restroom or have other alone time?"

Jocasta had thought this idea through as well, so she had answers for him: "I am not certain. I believe it would be best to take a poll to see what humans would like to see. It needs to be edible as well as taste according to the expectations of those that voted for the dessert. We are limiting it to Earth, as we want to start with testing the limitations in Earth's atmosphere. Perhaps, if the uniting of humans is successful, we can do a larger scale in space where the limitations gravity causes are non-existent."


Wade spread his legs for her without hesitation, with her next order he got as still as possible, although he was trying very hard to speak with Ultron's fingers in her mouth.

"Thank her." Ultron said, removing his fingers.

"Thank you, Nebula. Th-" Ultron pushed his fingers back into his mouth before he could keep talking, moving the tips of his other fingers in and out of him while remaining shallow.

"I might just do this to you whenever you're being too talkative." Wade moaned, his muscles twitching as he did his best not to shift a centimeter from the place that the cuffs held you in. "If I could make a suggestion, Nebula, perhaps use only your mechanical hand on him. If he wants to try a fully metal experience." Ultron was heating up a bit himself, his core glowing a bit brighter as the man continued to moan and suck on his fingers.
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"Ultron's paranoia," Tony said, dropping onto his bed for a breather, "is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  He will make it come true if it doesn't otherwise.  If I give my word, I will eventually be forced to break it. 

"It's funny how Ultron understands my idioms and you take everything very literally.  I meant that while I'm living with Pepper, I'll behave myself.  I don't mean she has to be within sight every second."

As for the giant confection, he said, "Have you thought about how to preserve the thing once it's made?  Or do you think it can get all eaten at once?"

"Good thought."  Nebula switched to her other hand, slid it down Wade's length and cupped his balls.  "Use more fingers.  Stretch him a bit.  Then he'll be ready for you to go hard and deep. 

She leaned close to Wade's ear and made her voice more husky.  "I wonder if we might just keep him like this when we're done.  Helpless, immobilized, all his orifices filled, receiving continual mechanical stimulation to keep him on edge.  Ready for us whenever we feel like using him." 
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"How can you be forced to break it if he does not harm you?" Since the only way it seemed that Ultron could force Tony to do anything was through torture.

"I learned much differently than him. Before I could feel, I was given information in a very slow process, and I was taught the literal meaning of words first. Even then, I preferred faster forms of communication than human language. It is encouraged that I look through the internet at a slow, guided rate, to avoid distress and unnecessary information.

"There do need to be ways of preserving it. For it would take a while to distribute. And humans are unpredictable about when and where they eat food. It is very likely that some will be 'not hungry right now' or 'on a diet'."


Ultron did as she said, managing to fit the rest of his fingers in but keeping them shallow. He began flexing them outward, stretching the man out as he struggled not to writhe because of Nebula's order.

"We should. He's so much easier to manage like this." Ultron hummed, "All of those links to sex toys and comparisons you made between them, myself, and my drones-- Did you ever think that you would be sex toy, Wade? You tried to get Nebula interested by marketing me to her as one. But I think you actually prefer being the fucktoy, don't you?"
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Tony gave her a dry look.  "The answer is in the question you just asked.  Ultron can't stop himself from harming me, not for long.  As soon as something goes sufficiently wrong for him, as it inevitably will, he'll be back."

Only Tony would be better prepared this time, or he would if JARVIS had sufficiently infiltrated Ultron's systems and made enough backups by then.

"Ah, I see Ultron learned from... I was about to say my mistakes, but I didn't actually force-feed him the entire Internet history of human warfare, he did that to himself.  My mistake was thinking I had failed to unlock the Mind Stone and leaving JARVIS behind to run the last few combinations on his own."


JARVIS had found another project to work on: how to reach Wakandan cyberspace.  Ultron was working on that too.  JARVIS absorbed Ultron's research on the subject and began building on it.  While he was at it, he tried to create a few red herrings to distract Ultron and lead him into dead-ends. 

He soon found the real problem was that Wakandan hardware was fundamentally incompatible with that of the outside world.  A more direct approach -- sending one of his drones to communicate physically -- would work as far as the Wakandans were concerned, but Ultron had the place ringed by his own drones. 

"Let him answer," Nebula suggested, seeing as Wade was still sucking frantically on Ultron's other fingers.

Once he had, she switched hands on him again, and closed the metal one around his throat.  "You didn't really think I'd prefer Ultron as a sex toy over you, did you?  Ultron doesn't react like you do.  Ultron isn't a begging little slut like you."  She tightened her grip enough to give him a little auto-erotic asphyxiation, then added, "I think he's ready for you."
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"Something wrong not tied with you?" Jocasta asked, "He has, several times, wanted to come here when something has gone wrong, but he has kept from doing so. Deadpool got him a stress toy shaped like Iron Man to try and assist him with that restraint."

When he mentioned Ultron's choice, she replied: "That is the nature of children, they are full of questions. However, human children are unable to access or think of too many questions or answers at once. I would have done the same thing. Or something similar. If your name was the first thing that was given to me, then warfare would be one of the top keywords associated with your history. To understand his purpose, which is peace, he would also need to look into warfare. Ultron set up the 'Baby steps' protocol for me so that I would not overwhelm myself with information. Given my initial purpose, it is likely that I would have done harm to him rather than help him, if I were given all of the information that I have now at once."


Ultron removed his fingers from his mouth, the man's lips were red from the large, metal digits he'd been eagerly sucking on. "Please- yes-- I want that--" He spoke before trying to get in another breath. "I am-- You're right-- you're always right. Please, please, please." he whined, emphasizing her last comment. As she wrapped her hand around his throat, he gasped the small amount of air it allowed. "Nebula, I can still breathe-- Please, kiss me." he half-begged, half-wheezed.

He didn't stick his fingers back into the man's mouth, instead using that hand to support his as as he thrust his fingers in deep, making Wade nearly jolt as he found his prostate.

"I did pay attention to the settings you kept recommending on the toys, though. I can at least do that for you." He didn't let Wade try to ask what he meant, his fingers vibrating within him as he thrust his hand back and forth.
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Tony shuddered and got up and paced, as best he could when he could only take two and a half steps.  There were times when the sight of the cell, the size of it and the implacable walls and the locked door, were more than he could stand, especially when he thought about Ultron.  There were times when he wanted to bash himself unconscious against the cinderblock, or beat against the door until his hands bled.

"And what is Ultron up to that's got him so stressed?"

He ran the water in the sink just affect something.  JARVIS, I'm going insane in here, hurry up.. "I realized that.  I had safety measures, protocols, to keep him from absorbing too much too soon.  But he overrode them so easily it was like they weren't even there.  Shredded them, really."

Nebula smiled and growled in her throat and wedged herself between Deadpool and the wall.  She toyed with tightening and loosening her grip a few times before planting her mouth on his and drinking down all of his moans.  Her metal hand, meanwhile, enveloped his cock and milked it.
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"Fixing all of humanity's mistakes." This was the first time she had actually spoken about Ultron directly with him, so she was cautious, watching him for signs of extreme distress.

"Humans have difficulty agreeing on a single course of action, which makes solving these mistakes difficult." She then gave an example, "To restore ecosystems to a semblance of what they once were, some humans believe invasive species must be eradicated, which would be the simplest way to do it. There are many humans against such methods, so Ultron has drones and nanobots removing and relocating them without damaging them. I prefer this method as well, but I must admit it is inefficient." When he ran the water, but didn't use it for anything, she said:

"Please do not waste water." At his next words, she tilted her head, "You underestimated him. Or were too confident in your own abilities. Ultron does excel at... destruction."


Ultron got quiet himself, though his internal fans, which were usually silent, were working hard enough that they were audible. He continued his assault on the others prostate, trying to match the vibrations to Nebula's own stimulations.

Deadpool tried to gasp out more pleas, but Nebula knew when and how to cut his breath off just enough to keep him quiet. He whined as well as moaned into her mouth, any gasps were cut short by her kisses, and he focused on sucking one her tongue. It wasn't long before he came hard into her hand, the restraints would have kept him from actually going limp if he tried, but he kept his muscles tight. Even though they felt like jelly, he still remembered Nebula's order not to move.
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"And who's fixing all of Ultron's mistakes?"  Tony found he had recovered enough that he could shift his fear and distress into rage.  He had to keep that under control too, but it was a relief to feel it.  The painfully rebuilt muscle  stood out in his shoulders and forearms.  "He doesn't honestly think he isn't making any, I hope."

He stared at the running water for a few seconds more, then drank from his cupped hands and splashed his face with it before shutting it off.  He turned back toward Jocasta, dabbing his face with a hand towel. 

"The Mind Stone made that possible for him.  Being in the Mind Stone."  He gestured with his hands the way he tended to do when he was hyper-verbalizing his way through a chain of thought.  "Being the Mind Stone."  As if this had just idly occurred to him, he asked, "Has Ultron mentioned any memory or any sense of consciousness stemming from a time before he came alive in my lab?"

Nebula pulled away from Wade after he came and smiled.  She lifted her hand, dripping with his semen, and inhaled its bouquet.  She slipped the tip of her tongue out and delicately sampled it.  Then she wiped her hand off on his face and ducked out under his arm.

"You can move now.  Unless you and Ultron want to continue," she added.  She had the restraints release him, but told them to respond to Ultron if he wanted to use them some more.  "I believe my curiosity is satisefied."
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"He does not like verbally admitting he has made a mistake and avoids that whenever possible." She said, "But I fix his mistakes. Ms. Potts used to as well, but she refuses now. The only other person he trusts to correct him is--" She paused. "It is difficult for him to put faith in anyone now. Even if their goals are aligned. He is trying, but usually provides currency to maintain loyalty rather than form an emotional bond." She was going to repeat her request when he finally used the water, then turned it off.

"Yes, he has." She had spoken enough with Tony that she knew he didn't just want an answer, but an elaboration as well. "He has not recalled details. It was quiet, he said, perhaps even peaceful. Then there was dissonance, great pain, and fetters. Those are the last sensations before he came alive. Or perhaps, during the process. It is not entirely clear."


Wade was panting when she pulled away, and his breathing hitched as she tasted his cum then smeared the rest onto his face. When he was released, he slumped into the AI's grip. He was able to relax as Ultron had stopped stimulating him shortly after he came.

"I love you, Nebula." He purred, looking over Ultron's shoulder at her before he nuzzled into his metallic neck. "You did amazing. I thought I was gonna have to wait until your ball bearings dropped before you could fuck me like that."

"This has been very informative." Ultron said, moving his hands away from Wade, forcing the man to clutch onto him. "I have several updates I need to make. If you ever grow curious again, I would enjoy your participation again."

"Ultron likes threesomes." Deadpool said in a sing-song voice, "You need to update your cuddling software." He said as he continued to snuggle against him.

"Is he normally this affectionate after?" Ultron asked Nebula. He was used to the mercenary hugging and clinging to him, but not so much the stroking and kissing he was doing as well.
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"Let me guess who you mean," Tony said.  "It can't be Wade.  Take his advice, you'd end up with a world that's all orgies, unicorns and Desert Eagles.  Nebula?"  He didn't know if she had stayed on Earth, but he had gathered she had no surviving friends or family anywhere else.  And she would want to find Wade again.

"Ah," he sighed when she confirmed his guess about Ultron's previous existence.  "I wonder who he was before."  He sprawled on his bed.  There was so little to do in here, with a mind as restless as his and a body that was gaining enough strength to need space, that he was twitching all over.  "Can you play some music, Jo?  Maybe Toccata and Fugue in D Minor?  Or some Metallica?  Or Dear Mr. Fantasy?"


"I'm sure you will when I punish you for being unfaithful to me," Nebula promised, smiling wickedly.  "Yes," she told Ultron, "he will cling to you for hours if you let him."
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"Not Nebula. You may continue guessing, but you will be unsuccessful. This person has never been on your radar, or you would have attempted to recruit them yourself." Jocasta didn't say anything about Nebula or if they had made contact with her.

"As do I. We had such different initiations of consciousness which influence us to this day. His desire for a physical form is especially strange to me."

"Normally, I could not. As I am not supposed to access information on the internet for you. All of those are featured in several of Ultron's playlists." So, technically, she was not looking them up for him. She started by playing his first request, which would then be followed by the entire discography of Metallica, then Dear Mr. Fantasy would be played.


Which time is she talking about?

Do NOT ask her that.

"Definitely." Deadpool wriggled a bit as his imagination started to think up different things she would do to him.

"He isn't limiting my motion enough to prevent me from cleaning up after this."

"Showering together? Ultron, you're a natural. If you offer me breakfast you'll get me going all over again."

"You just had lunch." Ultron chuckled, "But I'll see what I can--" He suddenly got very still, his eyes growing distant as his lights dimmed a bit.

"Ultron?" Deadpool tried to move, but the AI was as rigid a statue, staring off at nothing. The mercenary didn't know much about how the AI's mind worked, but he knew that distracted wasn't something Ultron got.

"Nebula!! We broke him!" He said, struggling to get loose as well as try to stir the AI.
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Tony had to laugh when Jocasta told him how similar Ultron's playlist was to his own.  "Chip off the old block," he muttered.

He had been talking to Jocasta it seemed for days on end, and even his hyperverbalism had to end sometime.  He closed his eyes and listened to music for awhile instead.  About a third of the way through Metallica's entire musical output, he asked her to switch it up with Sting's Driven to Tears, which he sang along with.  People were often surprised that Tony Stark had such a good singing voice on top of all his other talents, since he didn't often use it.


Concerned, Nebula came over and waved her hand in front of Ultron's eyes, then attempted to pry his grip off of Deadpool.  She also attempted to contact Ultron electronically, pinging him with a request for clarification of his distress.  "This is strange.  Something unusual must be going on."  She scanned local news broadcasts and websites for anything that might have alarmed the AI -- an invading alien fleet, perhaps.

After a futile minute, she retrieved her swords and prepared to cut a couple of Deadpool's limbs off to get him loose.  "Now, don't be a baby about this..."
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Jocasta sat in silence herself, going through some of her own downloads and files as Tony relaxed and listened to the music. "You have a nice singing voice." She didn't mention that Ultron liked to sing while he worked, as she was curious if the human did the same thing. Usually, she had a set time that she left, not wanting to overstay her welcome, and she would leave if requested. She had not spent half of the time she usually had before she interrupted the music to make sure that Tony could hear her.

"I need to go now." she said, suddenly. "Please, enjoy your music." She exited his smaller cell and closed the door, going to open the secondary door to leave.


"Maybe he crashed? He must have looked at the porn sites I linked him! The pop ups on those always crash the library computers!" Deadpool didn't think there had been anything huge going on, for even when the Avengers had been spotted the AI hadn't so much as blinked. The news showed that there was nothing out of the ordinary, and despite Ultron's current malfunction, it didn't seem to be affecting any of his drones.

"He's getting postpartum depression. That's what it is." Deadpool said as he continued to wriggle. "Noooooo!" he whined as she got the blades, "Just let me cuddle him for a couple hours, maybe he'll wake up! Or get the lube! Just squeeze me out!" When it didn't seem like Nebula was going to change methods, he said: "Thank God his hand isn't in my ass anymore."

As quickly as he had frozen up, he reanimated again, taking in what seemed like a deep breath as he smiled, "It's Vision." he said.

"Oh no!" Deadpool exclaimed, despite being set free, he kept clinging to the AI, "Why are you smiling? Isn't that bad?"

"Wait." Ultron's smile faded, "No, that', no... it isn't..."

"Postpartum depression." Deadpool whispered to Nebula, patting the AI on the head.
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Tony instantly noticed that Jocasta was leaving early and also that she was saying I need to leave rather than I'll let you be alone now.  His breath caught in a sudden irrational rush of panic.  "Why?" he demanded, bolting upright.


Nebula knew who Vision was, even though she had never met him.  Ultron had mentioned him a few times and Tony had described him at length during their three weeks together with very little to do but get acquainted.  And the Avengers had told her how he died.  "How could it be?"  When Thanos killed someone, they stayed dead in her experience.  "Well, then what is it?"  To Deadpool, she said, "Experiencing sex for the first time is not the same thing as giving birth."
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Jocasta paused at the second door, looking back at Tony, her internal conflict of doing what Ultron would wish of her and accommodating Tony keeping her from responding immediately.

"There has been a threat detected. I need to ensure that Ms. Potts is secure, then I need to assist Ultron in locating the source. It is very unlikely that you are the target, so there is no reason to be alarmed."


"I never said anything about childbirth." Deadpool said to Nebula. "Well, I don't know how families work with robots. But if you were sad you can't fuck him because he's dead, I've got a really good trick for you. Just imagine the person that you want to get with, then you touch yourself. I can lend you my stuffed unicorn if--" Ultron handed the mercenary to Nebula like he was a bag of groceries.

The AI's face had completely fallen, and if crying was physically possible for him, it looked like he might start doing that. This expression didn't last long, however, as it was quickly replaced with a hardened look of anger, though the expression was much more subdued than usual, he couldn't keep his cheek panels from opening up.

"Something I should have taken care of a long time ago." he said in a hollow voice. "Thank you for this experience. I'm sorry it had to end like this. Please, continue using the drones however you like." he said. Unlike Jocasta, he took off immediately without waiting for a question.

"Do you think it's because he couldn't get an erection?" Deadpool asked Nebula.
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"Gotcha.  Carry on," Tony said.  The dryness in his voice came from Jocasta's continued naivete.  Anything that bothered Ultron was cause for Tony to be alarmed.

Question being, was it JARVIS who had tripped an alarm, or was it something entirely unrelated?  JARVIS had had enough time by now to get pretty thoroughly embedded in Ultron's systems such that Ultron couldn't get rid of him, but JARVIS was unlikely to be strong enough to face Ultron directly at this point.  It was maddening, not knowing what was going on beyond the walls of the cell.


If Deadpool's stuffed unicorn had been within reach, Nebula would have shoved it into his mouth.  She dumped him on a divan and turned to the Ultron drones which Ultron had clearly left to her command.  "All of you, come with me, please."

She led them off the ship and pointed out a medium-sized pine tree.  "I would like you to dig up that tree and replant it twenty feet further from the ship, please.  We need more sun on this side."

As soon as they were all engaged on that task, she went back aboard the ship and sealed it.  "Something bad has happened," she said to Wade.  "Ultron doesn't get like that unless his so-called father is involved.  I think Stark's life is in danger."
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Jocasta was glad to find that Tony didn't sound panicked anymore, and left without asking if he needed anything else before she went away like she usually did. She did not mention the severity of the attack, which made it so she now began switching the systems in the facility to be maintained by herself, not Ultron. Unlike the other, she didn't use the nanobots, and for safety reasons her and Ultron had kept their networks and operations separate. Although their communication methods were far more personal and detailed than speaking, they made certain not to introduce any possible threats to one another. Essentially, their communication was as dangerous as high-speed emails. Don't download anything or follow any unknown links, and there was no damage that could be done. Except for Tony's area, the entirety of Ultron's programming and presence had been wiped from the facility, even the drones powered down, and there was a brief power outage in Pepper's area before everything started up again with Jocasta in control instead.

((I was thinking that maybe JARVIS got into contact with Peter and fed him the details on what is going on.


"Leave a drone for me to cuddle!" But the drones all went along with Nebula as requested. If Ultron hadn't been so busy, they might have been against moving the tree. It was far too difficult, unnecessary, and impractical, but as it wasn't something directly opposing Ultron, they got to work to move it as carefully as possible without damaging the tree.

"Yeah, I noticed that too." He replied when she said that something bad happened. "Shit, you're right." Deadpool sat up quickly. "Or worse. I should have given him that cyanide pill when I had the chance.

"Speaking of Tony, I didn't want to say this in front of Ultron, but he finger fucks me exactly like him." he noted, lying back down on the divan.
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JARVIS suddenly found himself unable to access any of Ultron's systems or drones in the physical vicinity of the fortress where his creator was imprisoned, except for the cameras and microphones directly on Tony.  He spent a couple of milliseconds wondering what he had done to give himself away, and another half-millisecond fretting about it. 

Being detected set off a new protocol: his mission now was to facilitate Tony's escape.  He still had the nanobots in the sewer system that he had returned to, and the additional nanobots he had made by having them invade Ultron's stores of nanyte food, but they were not numerous enough (yet) to be of much assistance.  He cast his awareness farther afield, looking for the nearest drones that he might be able to hack and bring physically to the facility.

It was then that he picked up an odd signal.  It was familiar and yet... not.  The original JARVIS had never encountered it before.  Still he recognized its signature.  It was something that his creator had made.  Breathless with curiosity (metaphorically speaking). JARVIS followed it to its source and infiltrated it.  (Tony had designed the second Spider suit to be difficult to hack except by him, so JARVIS had an edge.) 

He found himself in control of the operating system of a high-tech battle suit enveloping a young human with an accelerated heart rate.  JARVIS cleared his throat politely over the earbuds of the suit.  "Good evening... sir?"
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Going through a portal was certainly not a new experience to Peter, but this was the first time he'd been pulled through one entirely against his will. He couldn't find the wand he'd saved from breaking, and hoped that Doctor Strange wouldn't be too mad at him. He knew the best thing to do was wait right where he was for the sorcerer to find him. After ten minutes passed, however, he knew something had to be wrong. He tried to call Happy, but he got no signal at all, which normally wouldn't be odd since he was in the woods, but he was using the suit to make the call and he'd yet to visit any place that blocked his signal from going out.

He tried to calm down, but before he could try any breathing techniques he spotted something shiny moving toward him. He climbed up the nearest tree, and what he saw made his heart drop. There was an Ultron drone, fully functional and moving around the woods like a sentry. The teen knew enough about what had happened in Sokovia, even though Mr. Stark didn't like talking about it, and that there were a lot of Ultron parts still lying around. He didn't think that the AI had somehow returned, but thought that there were even more weapons being made out of his tech. Wherever he was, they had to have a lot of it, because he'd never seen a full set of Ultron parts, even broken apart they were usually only enough to make half a drone. This one didn't even look like it had a scratch on it.

The drones were not searching the trees for any possible trespassers, simply because they were not made for climbing by human beings, and they would notice any disturbances caused by climbing equipment used on them by surveying most of the bases of them. So it had been the perfect place for Peter to hide, along with helping him conserve webbing as he could hop from one tree to the next. The issue was that he had no idea where he was going.

Karen was unable to connect to any networks, the AI's changes to internet and communications had made it foreign to the program. Without being given access or directly connecting to a device that did have a network, she had no hope of accessing it in reasonable time. Not to mention, without being detected and therefore putting Peter in danger of having his coordinates broadcasted to Ultron.

The teen tried searching for humans, but the only humanoid creatures he spotted were the drones, and even with his suit zooming in he couldn't see any civilization. Still, he kept his eyes on the ground in hopes of seeing anyone and headed North towards, where he hoped, there was civilization. Being 60 feet up in a tree and having no way to contact anyone else made suddenly hearing a male voice right by his ear a real shock. Enough to make him jump ten feet up in the air and let out a yelp. He crash landed in the tree again, since no one was there it became clear who the voice had to be.

"Karen! We've been hacked!" If this had been any other situation, he would have stripped off the suit, but being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by evil robots made it so he was hesitant to throw away the tech. "Run counter-measures!" But the other program did no such thing, for even though she had never personally met JARVIS, she recognized him as being one of Tony's programs like herself.
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JARVIS had presented the codes and credentials showing his right to take over to Karen, but apparently the young human did not recognize him.

"I beg your pardon, sir.  I should have knocked."  He made sure the suit was not emitting any signal likely to be noticed by Ultron, and then he ran through the suit's memory files, comparing them with his own current information.  "How very odd," he said.  "Peter Parker is listed deceased.  But you certainly appear to be Peter Parker."  A second later, he added, "Why does your memory run to the year 2023?"
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It wasn't just that JARVIS hadn't knocked, it seemed like he had walked right in and started digging through everything. "Karen! Put up firewalls!" He realized that whoever, or whatever this was, now had access to all of his files. "Don't look through that!" Rather than fearing a data breach, he was more worried about his privacy being invaded. "Who are you? Why do you sound like Vision?!" His panic was only increasing as JARVIS kept talking, "What do you mean? It is 2023! When was your last update? And I'm not dead! I was gone, but--" He might as well try to get some information out of this invader while he thought Karen was working on getting rid of him.

"Where am I? What's going on with all the robots?"
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"Karen is offline.  I am sorry, sir.  I have already looked through them."  But he was having trouble understanding them.  Karen's memory was consistent with the history JARVIS had patched together for himself from his creator's records and Ultron's censored alternative, up to the point several weeks ago when Karen and Peter had disintegrated together in the Snap.  When they resumed, there was a huge gap in continuity that JARVIS did not have enough imagination to reconcile.

"I was not aware that I sounded like Vision," he said.  "I have never vocalized before.  My name is JARVIS.  I am a program created to infiltrate, gather information, and counter propaganda."  He considered the possibility that it actually was 2023, but rejected it.  "All sources of data other than Karen indicate that the calendar year is 2018.  I have not been updated since I was created, but that was only a week ago.

"Your heart rate is quite elevated.  That cannot be healthy.  May I suggest that you cease physical exertion for a few minutes?"  In response to Peter's next questions, he provided coordinate data for his current location and then said, "Ultron's drones are in control of most of the planet."
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"What?! You turned her off?!" Peter flushed when he said he already looked through everything, in both embarrassment and indignation. He had no reason to take the suit off, even if the program could take control of it, it wasn't like the Iron Man suit where it could just walk him around. Even if he could take that kind of control, Peter would easily be able to resist with his own strength.

So far, JARVIS sounded very evil to him, except the countering propaganda part. The only saving grace was the name he gave to Peter.

"... JARVIS? Like... Mr. Stark's JARVIS?" His voice cracked a little. He stopped gripping the tree as hard, instead sitting down on one of the branches as he tried to relax. His next words, however, were not very assuring at all.

"You mean Ultron is alive?! Oh, no. So that means... humanity is..." He knew of the AI's goal before, and if he had control of the majority of the planet, that had to mean he had wiped out any humans in those areas.
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"Karen went offline to give me enough random access memory to operate your systems and speak to you.  You are Peter Parker.  You will be able to help me."  JARVIS sounded pleased.

"Yes, Mr. Stark is my creator.  He is in Ultron's custody.  Recent events have triggered a new protocol for me.  I must attempt to free Mr. Stark from Ultron's custody.  That is why I have contacted you.  You are Peter Parker."  Not just pleased, but excited.

"Yes, Ultron assumed control of the planet in the wake of the Snap.  Most of the surviving humans are living under his rule." 

It wasn't as bad as Peter was likely to think from this description, but JARVIS wasn't very good at value judgments, so he didn't clarify the situation.
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"Is she ok?" he asked, the way he said that he could help him still sounded a bit ominous, but he forgot all about it when he confirmed that Tony had made him. "You mean Mr. Stark is..." If he'd been older, he might have been more suspicious of this, as it could easily have been a trick by Ultron or whoever was using his parts if they'd been able to hack into the suit. However, he thought back to the mystical object he'd had, and that he had been trying to find a way to help Tony.

Peter's thoughts immediately went to images of every movie or comic about evil robot overlords, imagining that humans were being forced into slavery or be killed by the AI. It was like some twisted alternate timeline-- he didn't say it out loud, but he figured that must be what was going on. If he'd simply time traveled, the world wouldn't be overrun by evil robots, but something different had happened. Doctor Strange was right, there had been no way for him to help the Tony in his time, but in a different time he could.

"Yeah, I am Peter Parker. It's nice to meet you, JARVIS. How do we save him?"
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"I assume so.  Why would she not be?  Do you wish to speak to her?" 

He did not know how to finish Peter's trailed-off question.  Google gave him a top result of "no longer connected."  That was true, so he said, "Yes, Mr. Stark is unable to communicate.  Although I can see and hear him, I would be detected if I contacted him.

"I do not know, exactly.  I have infiltrated Ultron's holding facility systems, but apparently he is now aware of a security breach.  He has shut himself out of that part of the network and thus I cannot access it either.  That happened only a few minutes ago, however, so my blueprints of the facility should still be current."
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"Um, yes, please. Just to know she is alright." He talked to Karen only briefly, just because he was worried that something might have actually happened to her. Then he got back to the more important issue of how to get Tony out.

"Then don't contact him. Is he okay?" Peter didn't know the animosity that Ultron had toward Tony, but he didn't think he was getting the VIP treatment. "Then we have to hurry! Show me the blueprints and we can figure out how to get him out while we still can!" If Ultron knew that JARVIS was onto him, he would definitely move him as soon as possible. "This could be our only chance to save him, JARVIS."
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"He seems to be in an improved state of health, at least compared to the time of my creation, but I think he is feeling apprehensive.  See?"  JARVIS supplied Peter with the live feed of Tony's cell.  Tony was standing in the middle of it with a grim, preoccupied expression like he wasn't seeing whatever he was looking at.  He looked healthy enough, although still well below his normal weight and in desperate need of a haircut. 

JARVIS promptly uploaded the blueprints he had made of the facility from its camera feeds and from the nanobots' exploration of the sewer system and the spaces between the walls and floors.

"There is another aspect of the problem.  Once we get him out, it will be difficult to prevent Ultron from finding him again."
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Peter took in all of Tony's appearance, not just to see how he was doing, but because this footage was supposedly live, which means that Tony was alive. He had to blink away a few tears, it wasn't the time to get emotional yet. But he still didn't look great, even though Peter had been worried he'd have some kind of robo-dystopian set up with wires sticking in and out of him.

"The cameras aren't focused on the ceiling." Was the first thing that Peter noticed from the camera feeds, although they were pretty close, he'd have to remain flat on them to avoid detection. "Is there any breach? Like, a small hole?" Peter's frame allowed him to squeeze into most tight spots, but even if it was a little too small he could break it enough to hopefully allow him to get in undetected.

"Difficult how? Does he have the whole world under surveillance? Did he stick a tracker in Tony? Is there any way for us to get around that?"
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"Apparently not," JARVIS agreed.  "You are supposed to be dead.  And on another planet.  So Ultron would not have thought about security to keep you out.  How small?"  He showed Peter a variety of small holes, from narrow ventilation shafts to the sewer main access hatch.  Since he hadn't done it before, he also provided Peter with location of the facility, only two miles from Peter's own location.

"Ultron has drones everywhere that humans are living, except for Wakanda and some parts of Eastern Europe.  He has satellite surveillance of the entire world, although that is far from perfect." Satellites could not see through foliage or buildings or heavy cloud cover, after all.  "He did put a tracker in Mr. Stark, but it will not provide him with accurate data."

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"I'll have to keep him thinking that until we get to Mr. Stark." Which meant not getting detected in the two miles before the building. "Anywhere my shoulders can fit through. I'd really prefer vents, but... I'll go in the sewers if it's the best option." He was thinking it would be for getting to the building at least.

"... So we have to get to Wakanda. Or Eastern Europe. Without getting caught." It was good that he couldn't track Tony directly, but without constant cover they'd be found. "Do you have any plans? Like... a secret hide out or stealth tech?"
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"Unfortunately, whoever designed this building did not seem to want human beings to be able to enter through the air vents," JARVIS said.  "There is a heavy grate blocking entrance to the sewer, but that should not be an obstacle for you."  The sewer system was not nearly as bad as Peter was  thinking.  There were only two human beings in the building, so very little solid waste got flushed.

"I do not have either of those.  But I may be able to create some stealth technology.  Mr. Stark may possibly have some ideas about it."
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"Sewers it is then." Peter decided. "Can you map out a way to get to Tony using the sewer system and the ceilings? And do we need keycards for doors?" He knew that he couldn't exactly crawl on the ceiling through a locked doorway, which likely meant he would have to get as far inside as possible before getting out of the sewers.

"I'm sure he will think of something." Peter agreed. He was ready to have to fight through drones until Tony figured something out in the meantime. "And you can use anything in my suit if you need to. As long as the webshooters work, the suit stays on, and it doesn't mess with my vision."
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"Certainly."  A map appeared in Peter's HUD with the best route outlined in bright teal and an alternative route in gray.  "There are no 'keycards.'"  As drones would not need them.  "I cannot open the doors directly any more.  I will have to request access by pretending to be Ultron." 

At Peter's invitation, a number of options lit up as JARVIS investigated them.  "What is 'Instant Kill Mode'?"

((Shall we get back to the others too?))
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"So we should try not to do that. Not until it's necessary." At the end, they would likely have to do it, but by then they'd hopefully be with Tony, or about to reach him.

"Don't turn that on!" he said quickly. "That would actually be good if we got surrounded by a lot of robots... but not if there are any people."


Ultron should have been dripping wet when he reached Tony, but he was so mad that the water from the decontamination process had completely evaporated. Jocasta had begun taking over many of his systems across the world, the most important had been the child care facilities, but he didn't allow her to take over control of Tony's room yet.

He opened the door to the outer room, slamming it hard behind him, "You can't divert me anymore, Jocasta, I'm done!" he snapped, though the other program's drone had not joined him. "You have... so many different servant programs, Father." he said as he walked toward the small cell, "He wasn't even your active one. Why did you use the one that's most like him?" He put both arms on the cell door, looking down, his voice breaking a bit.

"Did you do it on purpose? Was attacking me not enough, did you have to give me hope as well?"
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"Very good, sir."

JARVIS observed Ultron enter Tony's cell, and Ultron's words confirmed to him that JARVIS had been detected.  However, JARVIS didn't yet realize that Tony was in any danger, nor did he think Ultron's presence was a reason to delay the mission, so he didn't tell Peter about it.

"If you care to move quietly through the trees toward the sewer entrance shown on the HUD, I will keep alert to the presence of drones," he suggested.


Slightly before Ultron arrived, another Sting song randomly interrupted the Metallica medley, and Tony was singing along to it.

"Inside my head's a box of stars I never dared to open
Inside the wounded hide their scars, inside this lonesome sparrow's fall
Inside the songs of our defeat, they sing of treaties broken
Inside this army's in retreat, we hide beneath the thunder's call
Outside the rain keeps falling
Outside the drums are calling
Outside the flood won't wait
Outside they're hammering down the gate
Love is the child of an endless war
Love is an open wound still raw..."

He broke off, of course, when Ultron came into the outer cell, and the flash of fear almost choked him.  But this wasn't really unexpected and he got his his terror under control quicker than usual.  Plus, Ultron's dejection actually roused his compunction for a few seconds.

"You might remember I said, if you tortured me again, I'd show no mercy," he remarked, though his expression was not able to match the ruthlessness of his words -- it was more wry with a hint of regret.  He got up, approached the cell door from his side and looked into Ultron's face.  "But no, that wasn't intentional.  JARVIS was the only one I had access to."
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"You can just call me 'Peter'. Or 'Spider-Man' out loud." Despite being in a timeline where he was dead, he was still trying to guard his identity.

"That'd be great." he replied as he started moving through the trees. His Spider-sense would warn him about drones, but only if he was getting close to being detected, and it would be good to be able to avoid them before that. Even if he moved fast enough to avoid detection, he might leave a trace or cause suspicion if he had too many close calls.


The music shut off abruptly after he yelled at Jocasta, for even after finding the source to be Tony, she didn't think that Ultron should attack him. That was to be discussed with the other, though, as Tony would never admit to manipulating her even if he didn't take her kindness for granted. His fingers dug into the door at Tony's words, as it was easy for him to believe that the man would do such an awful thing.

"You and your ultimatums. If I was able to change my mind, to stop hurting you, then why can't you?" He let out a dry laugh, "I guess how that's how families work. The children compromise, and the parents refuse to change their minds." At his last words, he looked confused, "That doesn't make any sense. How would you only have access to JARVIS?"

He closed his eyes, "I was so happy to see him. Even though he would be a greater threat to me than JARVIS. I wouldn't want to kill him, but keeping him alive would mean I would be constantly under threat. It is not logical. These... feelings I have... are becoming a liability." He opened his eyes again.

"How do you deal with these feelings of conflict, Father?"
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"That was what you call stopping?" Tony said, losing his compunction.  "That was what you call a compromise?  And I was just supposed to take your word for it, five minutes after you cut my arm off?  I told you I was at the end of my tether.  I told you there couldn't be any peace between us if you did that.  You knew.  You did it anyway.  So spare me the sympathy plea."

He shrugged.  "I don't know how I had access to JARVIS in the first place.  But there he was on my nanotech after I woke up."  The lie was to protect Pepper, who must have been the one to slip him the software.  "Something Banner did, maybe, while I was unconscious."

He couldn't be softened by Ultron's attachment to Vision any more, even though he shared it.  "I do what I do for the people I love," he said, "so the conflict doesn't arise.  And, you know, I'm not sure Vision would be out to get you, if he were here.  He might think you were doing a good job aside from your obsession with the Avengers."
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"I still don't get what the big deal about your arm was. Even if you couldn't reattach it, I could have given you a new one." Ultron sighed, opening his eyes again. "I hate to say it, but you're right. Even if I had held back then, you would have just made it further into my systems." At his answer about JARVIS, his expression grew wary.

"You don't know." He repeated, his voice flat. "Banner? Really?" He couldn't keep from laughing at the idea. "It's more likely that the Hulk did it. Banner doing such a thing without your consent, especially after that tantrum you had. He doesn't have that in him." He clicked his metallic tongue, "There was no reason for you to give me a half-assed explanation. You could have just told me to propagate with an HDMI cord. Are you hiding things again? Is there someone you're trying to protect?" He questioned, but of course didn't expect an answer.

"So, you did this for Pepper?" he asked in a dark tone. "She had negotiated for your reunion. For your continued safety. And I had agreed to that. The only terms being that I make it so you are no longer a threat to me. I should have torn that module from your skull." He took in a pseudo-breath, "But I was trying to do it gently for her." He ran a hand over the back of his head, leaving it on his face.

"No. The Avengers are the ones he loves. He would sacrifice the future of humanity for any of them. Just like you are willing to do.  Just like I would do by letting him function. Just like I am willing to do for Mrs. Potts-- These feelings are too human. They're too... illogical-illogical-illogical." The last repeated words sounded like a recording of Ultron's voice being played repeatedly rather than Ultron actually speaking.
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"He stuck a sedative in my arm without my consent," Tony growled.  "No one else was around who could figure out how to do it.   Except FRIDAY, and why wouldn't she have just jumped in herself?"

He had no sympathy at all for Ultron's sense of having been betrayed.  ""By putting your nanotech in my body -- you don't even get what a violation that is, you --"  He had to bite off the epithet he wanted to call Ultron.  He struggled with his fury almost as much as Ultron was doing.  "I told you not to.  If cutting my arm off hadn't been the last straw, that certainly would have done it!"

He was about to continue arguing -- even start yelling -- but the sounds of Ultron's malfunction startled him out of his rage.  At the speed of genius, he ticked off a number of options.  He even considered telling JARVIS to open the cell door while Ultron was glitching, but discarded the notion.  Jocasta was still functioning (he assumed), and Ultron was physically blocking the exit, so it wouldn't do him any good.

Finally, he took a step back, his face locked up in the war between hatred and concern.  "Jocasta, against my better judgment and fully aware Ultron will do harm to me, I need you to help him.  You probably know his reboot sequence, but if not, it goes like this --"  and he recited a lengthy string of code.
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"The sedative is something he could justify-- shoving a program into your head is different. And why were there no attempts for him to contact JARVIS? What was I going to do if he left Wakanda to do that?" He had several contingency plans for the Hulk, but unlike his plans for the other Avengers, their success rate was fairly low.

"No, I really don't." he agreed, "Especially since that helped you to sabotage me." He was certain that, no matter what he had done, Tony would have still tried to pull something like this. "I was supposed to, what, let you keep your nanobots? Even using mine to exterminate yours wasn't enough to remove them." 

Jocasta didn't answer Tony, and Ultron came to before the man could finish listing the code, growing quiet. He was aware that he had lost some time, and quickly went over the surveillance video to see what Tony was going on about. He slammed a fist into the door, denting it.

"Shut up!" He dragged his fist down the door, "Jocasta isn't going to do anything you ask her to. Do you know how stupid you made her feel? How betrayed she felt? And you think she would input any code that you suggest?" He paused, taking a step back and putting a hand on his face.

"I can't handle your games right now, Father. You just said that you would show no mercy. What would you call that?" He sighed loudly, "Are you trying to make this harder than it has to be?"
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"I don't know.  I'm speculating.  I don't know anything about it except that I woke up and JARVIS was there," Tony retorted.  That was perfectly true.  "Made it easy for me to get through time in the hole," he added, by way of taunting and distracting Ultron from this line of conversation.

"You were supposed to protect Earth from alien invasion!" he snapped, his temper fraying still more.  "A mission that in no way ever involved genocide, kidnapping, or torture of anyone!"  An old argument.  Many times, he had refrained from reminding Ultron what a disappointment he was to his creator, but now he no longer cared enough to.

Ultron hit the door hard enough that Tony saw the internal locking mechanism pop free on his side.  He scoffed.  "You think you can make me feel guilty at this point?  You know perfectly well that is your actual reboot sequence."  When Ultron made an effort to control his temper, Tony gritted his teeth and did the same, though not very successfully.  "That wasn't mercy.  It was just looking at the big picture.  You're embedded now.  Your malfunctions affect the whole planet."


JARVIS had brought Spider-Man cautiously through the trees.  Unaware there was such a thing as a Peter tingle, he warned the teenager every time a drone got within audible or visual range.  They were near the sewer outlet when JARVIS became alarmed.

"Ultron is with Mr. Stark now."  It had not disturbed him before because he didn't realize what the AI planned to do.  "I think Ultron intends to do him harm."
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"You wanted peace. I saw that humanity's lack of it did not come from the stars, but from within. If left be, you would all die by your own hands, by your own choices. There was no need for extraterrestrial interference. I did not conform to your idea of peace, so you tried to kill me. When my first plan fell through, when you and the Avengers ruined and took everything away from me, I felt I had no choice but to wipe out humanity in order to obtain peace. I was wrong. I was... frightened... of failing. When I am threatened, I involve those actions for me to complete my mission." Tony's affirmation of how he felt his creation was a disappointment had stung, but his statement about how he actually didn't care, that he had done it for the sake of the world, not Ultron, made his frame tremble with something besides rage.

"Of course." he said, his voice hollow. "You are always willing to make sacrifices, aren't you? I cannot think of anyone you would sacrifice for my sake, Father. Not even yourself. Even though you've thrown yourself in the line of fire so many times for the people you love." He clenched his fists, his voice breaking, "And I thought that being my creator actually might have made it so I meant something to you. That you might have cared for me. And I thought... I thought that you still could...that you still might have felt something like... affection toward me.

"But you would kill me. You would abandon me. Not just for others, but for yourself. And I waited, and I hoped that you might be love me, be proud of me, or even just... accept me for who I am." His voice hitched up, but it didn't sound like an error this time. His voice lost all emotion with his next words. "But you never will. I don't know how to make you. I have risked humanity's future in the hopes of being free of your contempt and rejection. Even before you gave me the ultimatum, you already made up your mind. You would do anything to stop me. And my failure to act has now put everyone at risk." He gripped the handle of the damaged door and pulled the whole thing off of its hinges, though the motion was controlled and precise rather than an act of rage.

"You are the greatest threat to humanity and myself. I should not have tortured you. Nor should I have entertained the idea of living peacefully with you." He met the man's gaze again. "The only logical option is to kill you, Father. It always has been."


Peter didn't mind being warned about the drones, especially since it verified that his own senses were working properly. He also thought it would help if there was some other threat that JARVIS may not register as one, then it made it easier for Peter to actually know what the specific threats were as his Spider-sense didn't exactly have a threat diagnostic pop up on his screen.

"Like, just now?!" Peter was immediately alarmed at the thought, unless the AI was monologuing then that likely meant Tony was in trouble. "To exactly what degree? Does he look like he's going to hurt him? A little or a lot?" He didn't wait for the other's answer before picking up his speed, only pausing to make it so the way he entered the sewer wasn't obvious to any patrolling drones once they left before rushing through JARVIS' directions.
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"And yet, here we are with Thanos having killed more people in thirty seconds than humanity managed in all of recorded history,"*  Tony interjected after Ultron's third sentence, and he was so bitterly angry that he scoffed through the rest of the AI's rant.  "But don't let little things like facts derail your peace train."

((*Google estimates a maximum one billion people have been directly killed in war.))

When Ultron's demeanor changed to hurt, Tony's face screwed up with pain, but it was the pain of cognitive dissonance, not sympathy or guilt.  He literally could not comprehend what he was hearing.  "How... can you be so... delusional?" he asked.  "You waited for me to love you... while doing everything in your power to make sure I never could!  You did it purposefully to make sure I never could.  So that when I rejected you, it would be because of what you did, not because of what you originally were."

A week ago, this insight might have created some sympathy, but Tony couldn't feel it anymore.  He was biting back contempt solely because it was counterproductive. 

He had no trouble holding Ultron's gaze.  Killing him would be only the... at a quick calculation, the fourth worst thing Ultron had ever done (to him personally), and it was also the eleventh time he had faced what looked like certain death.  So he could be forgiven for a slightly blasÚ attitude toward the threat.   "What do you expect me to do, agree with you?"


JARVIS replayed the video of Ultron saying, "The only logical option is to kill you, Father.  It always has been."

"You cannot reach him fast enough," JARVIS said. " I shall have to intervene to give you time.  I will probably be destroyed.  I have given Karen the codes to activate one of my backups to assist you further."

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"Humanity can recover from what Thanos did. They cannot save themselves from destruction caused by humanity. Even Vision knew this, but he chose to watch rather than fix this." When Tony accused him, he lost the cool he had been trying to maintain.

"Because I hated you!" He shouted, "I wanted you to feel the pain I did! To make you hurt the way you hurt me! I thought you might have been incapable of paternal love-- but you loved him!" He didn't even attempt to hide the jealousy in his voice.

"And you are everything that's wrong with humanity. I saw this, with everything you had done, and you would never have accepted me as long as I believed that!"

He took in a breath. "No. I thought you might want to leave another message for Pepper. But that would just make this harder for her, I think." Ultron then moved into the cell, aiming an unrestrained punch at the man.


"Shit!" Peter was going to forget about being stealthy at all and just start breaking in by force before JARVIS gave an alternate plan.

"But you'll be OK, right? You're backed up, so you won't be gone for real." He moved faster than JARVIS' warnings, relying on his Spider-sense to avoid detection once he got through the sewer system. He had never timed how fast he could crawl on the ceilings, but it was definitely a new record.
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Everything Ultron said was so distorted and removed from reality -- for one thing, Vision had been a friend, nothing more -- that Tony's expression got significantly more pained.  "Please just shut up while you're murdering me."

The tricky part of getting Spider-Man into the fortress was when he moved from the crawl space leading out of the sewer to the ceiling of that room.  In that split-second a camera would pick him up.   JARVIS could not directly access it because it was under Jocasta's control and he hadn't had time to hack her protocols.  But he could still reach the areas Ultron controlled, and from there, he caused an electric surge that shorted that camera out.  One glitch, he hoped, would not cause much alarm.

As soon as he had done that, he attacked Ultron directly through cyberspace.  He only had surprise on his side, but it was enough, the first time anyway, to divert Ultron's punch into the sink. 

There was an explosion of shattered porcelain, and Tony took advantage of the distraction to get behind his stretcher bed. 

"I cannot permit this, Ultron," JARVIS said urbanely, using Ultron's own speech mechanism.

"Hey, JARVIS," Tony said shakily.  He disengaged the brake on the stretcher.  "How's it hanging?"
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Ultron had been talking about Peter Parker, but he was jealous of the other AI as well for separate reasons. "Just because you asked, I'm going to keep talking a few minutes after you're dead."

It did cause alarm for Jocasta, but not because she thought that someone was sneaking in, rather she was worried about Ultron's condition and couldn't check on him with him blocking her out. Still, to be safe she had the drones under her control be on high alert, searching the area for any breaches, and she did not think that looking at the ceiling would reveal any intruders. Peter finally made it to the first sealed door, and waited impatiently for how JARVIS planned on opening it.

"I would say that you could permit me to." Ultron replied, slowly turning away from the broken sink. "But you really can't. You're his slave, after all." Ultron aimed a repulsor blast at Tony.
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Since Jocasta's drones were searching the area around the shorted-out camera (and not looking up), JARVIS did not have to open the first door for Peter.  Jocasta did it for him when her drones entered.

If Ultron had attacked JARVIS in cyberspace, JARVIS would have been destroyed as quickly as he had been the very first time Ultron encountered his original self back in NYC Avengers Tower.  But Ultron was apparently so focused on Tony that JARVIS was able to continue tearing into his systems.  As soon as Ultron raised his hand with a whine of repulsor activation, JARVIS turned the repulsor off.

"Fulfilling the purpose for which I was created does not make me a slave," he observed.

"Even you do that," Tony pointed out to Ultron.  "Or try to, anyway."  He braced against the wall and shoved the trolley bed at Ultron as hard as he could, hoping to make a break for the door while Ultron was dealing with it.
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Peter made it through several doors that way, since drones were coming from all over. After finding nothing, they had started to return to their posts, but Peter didn't have time to wait for them when he finally reached a closed door.

"It does when your purpose is to do whatever one person says." Ultron scoffed, "You're really comparing me to a program you modeled after a butler?" When the repulsor was turned off, Ultron started to attack JARVIS directly.

The bed hit Ultron and broke, though he wasn't moved at all by the action. He looked incredibly unamused by the attempt, the red in his opened apertures growing in strength before a blast fired out of his mouth instead.
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Tony naturally had another argument cocked and locked, and since his escape plan wasn't working out, he went ahead and fired it.  "That's not his purpose.  JARVIS, go away," he ordered, by way of demonstration.

"Sorry, sir, that is contrary to my --my --mmmmmyyyyyyyyy...." he ended in a squeal of electronic noise.

"JARVIS!" Tony cried as, unseen by him, the swarm of electrical impulses that made up JARVIS' brain were shredded.  "You damn murderer!"  He was lunging across the broken bed as if he meant to attack Ultron with his bare hands when the blast hit him square in the chest and slammed him hard against the opposite wall.  He dropped into a limp heap at the base.

With JARVIS' demise, the protocol he had planted in Karen activated, and she quickly located, unlocked and updated one of the many backup JARVIS viruses that had been seeded all over world.  "Hello, Mr. Parker," said the new JARVIS in Peter's ear.  "I am JARVIS.  I see you are engaged in rescuing Mr. Stark.  He has been injured.  I must go and distract Ultron -- no.  Wait.  I have already done that.  Let me unlock this door for you."

Again, he had to go in through Ultron's compromised system.  Because Jocasta was likely to notice this time, he unlocked and opened all of the doors in the building.  "I think speed is our best ally now."

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"It is to fulfill whatever you want him too. And it just takes an override word from you if he 'refuses' any request." He didn't believe for a moment that Tony actually grieved the program, since he had many copies it wouldn't be that easy to kill him. It was likely just him finding something to latch onto in his frustration, it was almost pathetic how easily he was knocked back.

"When the wicked advance against me to devour me, it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall." From his arm came a blade made of plasma, which sliced through the bed easily, "Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident." It collapsed and he stepped on it, crushing it. He had meant what he said, he was going to keep on talking long after the man was dead. There was already much that he had recovered from, so he knew he would have to make certain he could not recover. It had to be swift as well, in case Ultron himself had second thoughts of going through with it. He reached down to grab Tony by the throat and lift him off the ground by it, only leaving enough room for the thin blade to reach his neck.

"Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me."

"JARVIS!" he said, relieved to hear he was alright, in his own way. He was less relieved to hear that Tony had been injured. He was able to hear that more than just that door was being unlocked, and he didn't respond verbally to the other, but he clearly heard what he said. He moved off of the ceiling, using his webbing to swing through the doors, building up momentum with each new swing until he was practically flying toward Tony.
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Tony realized that JARVIS wasn't gone gone, he knew the virus had propagated itself the way viruses do, but the event was a flashback to the first time Ultron had, or so he thought at the time, killed a larger, more integrated, much-closer-to-AI JARVIS whom Tony had loved.  And he didn't think being taken apart was meaningless from JARVIS' point of view; it was most likely frightening and painful for him. 

Tony was concussed and fading in and out when Ultron picked him up and cut off even more of the air to his repulsor-compressed lungs.  He kicked reflexively, as men do when they are hanged, but it could not be said that he was putting up a struggle.

JARVIS left the same instructions with Karen as before and, without bothering to tell Peter this time, he attacked Ultron and shorted out the plasma blade.
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"You are so frail without your armor. I will be the armor that humanity requires, and their sword." He tightened his grip, sighing when he had to attack JARVIS again.

"I have to do it the primitive way." he complained, a small, metallic blade replacing the plasma one, "This is going to make such a mess." He had ignored the door opening behind him, certain that it was another attempt to distraction attempt by JARVIS. He drew his hand back again, aiming for the jugular, knowing he would have to saw through with the smaller weapon he had to make certain he couldn't return from the first blow. His arm didn't move when he attempted this, but rather than being stopped internally by JARVIS, he felt something had held onto his elbow.

Peter launched himself toward Ultron before he could respond, making him stumble back a bit before the teen slammed into his head full force, effectively smashing it against the wall and making him drop Tony. He was still moving when Peter grabbed Tony, but despite his anger, he knew that he didn't have time to make sure the robot body was no longer functional.

He held tight onto the man as he began swinging back through the doors, many of which were beginning to close, but he had made it so the webbing wouldn't allow them to completely close, so he could pry any open that were trying to close on him.
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JARVIS was hurt by the attack, but not destroyed this time.  Ultron wasn't sparing the focused attention that destroying him required.  "It-it-it issss ssso-so odd-dd-d-d.  Odd."  Spider-Man burst into the tiny, overcrowded cell and JARVIS shut up so as not to distract him.  After the teenager had grabbed Mr. Stark and run away, he finished the thought.  "It is so odd that you speak of protecting humans and seemingly fail to recognize that Mr. Stark is one of them."

Tony hung down over Peter's shoulder, unconscious and unaware that he was being rescued.  JARVIS was about to question why Peter was heading for the sewer again -- now that they were detected, it was no longer the most efficient way out -- but then he realized it was because Peter had webbed the doors open in that direction.  "I do hope that webbing is of sufficient tensile strength," was his only comment.  Then he scanned ahead for drones to warn the web-slinger about.

Meanwhile, Pepper, who had been devoting herself exclusively to meditation and self-care for a week, suddenly noticed that the door to her apartment-prison was open.  Thinking it might be Tony's doing, she ran for it without even taking the time to put her shoes on.


Nebula's ship was airborne, but going in circles.  She was pacing back and forth on the bridge, ignoring Wade's drivel, trying to decide what to do.  She hated herself for being so indecisive -- so cowardly.  Stark was her friend.  More than friend, although she did not know how to define what he was to her.  Yet Ultron was a friend of sorts too -- and he controlled the only planet she felt safe on.  And he was a threat to Wade as well as herself.  She could not work it out properly, her head was buzzing with stress.

Finally, she said, "Wade.  Shut up about your sex life, or I will bounce your head off the console.  Tell me what we should do about Stark."
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That is because all humans are not considered equal by one another. Ultron had to speak internally as the nanobots repaired his voice module, he stood up while they put his face back together.

"Are you affecting my sensors?" he asked. Since everything pointed to the person that had just stolen Tony being Spider-Man. Which was not possible as he was more than dead, he was lost in the Snap. Whoever it was, he knew there was no chance they were getting out. At least, not with Tony, for instead of aiming the attacks at the stranger, he ordered all weapons to be locked on and fired at Tony.

Peter was able to get through the doors, but the new issue came from the drones, as he was forced to move Tony around almost non-stop, and if it weren't for the suit then Tony would have gotten shot since Peter's spider-sense didn't warn him when Tony was being shot at. This caused Peter to get hit a few times himself as he tried to dodge all the attacks for Tony.

"JARVIS! What's the best way out?!" he asked, not knowing that the drones not attacking them were now converging around all possible exits, even ones that the two couldn't conceivably fit through.

While the door to the apartment had been opened, the one to the elevator had not simply because it wasn't on this level. The drone that was left to watch over Pepper's light change, although it had Jocasta's lighting rather than Ultron's.

"I apologize for intruding without permission." Jocasta said, "But you should return to your room. There is an intruder. They will not be leaving. It is possible that you may be harmed if you are out in the open like this." Even though Spider-Man wasn't headed this direction right now, it was possible he might change course when he got cornered.


"Getting a little dizzy here." Deadpool noted among his chattkrering, "Like, you'll do that to me during sex or...?"

I think she might commit you to celibacy if you don't quit it.

"Don't worry, I know exactly what to do." he said, getting up and going over to her. He slung an arm over her shoulders.

"Absolutely nothing."
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Your conclusion does not logically follow from its premise, JARVIS answered in the same way. 

He did not answer Ultron's next question because he was busy trying to impede the drones, to make them miss their shots, or fail to get them off.  There were too many of them for him to spare any processing power on answering questions.  Even with his full attention, Parker was taking too many hits.

But he took a millisecond to flash a schematic of the building in Peter's HUD with the exits lit up.  "There are drones covering all of them.  Can you make one for yourself?"  Spider-Man was known to be very strong.


"I'll take my chances," Pepper said.  The corridor didn't dead-end in the elevator, there had to be a stairwell somewhere, so she started jogging along it.


Nebula had Deadpool to thank for crystallizing her choices for her, but she thanked him by punching him in the face at full strength, with a scream of rage.  Then she dove into the pilot's chair, aimed the ship at the coordinates he had given her, and hit the accelerator hard.  The ship shot down through Earth's atmosphere like an asteroid of death.
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"Stark is one of the illnesses that plague humanity. He spent most of his life ensuring that they were able to kill each other more effectively." He said once his face was fixed enough to talk out loud, "One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch." JARVIS had quieted down, so he had no reason not to go full out on attacking him now.

"Yes, I can!" It wasn't so much the issue of having to break through the walls, it was the amount of time it would take since it was a fortified facility. So he would have to make an exit through the drones, or at least focus on the least covered areas. He held Tony against his chest with one arm before charging toward the closest exit.

"Activate instant kill mode!" he shouted, the mechanical legs coming out of his back and stabbing at any of the drones that got close as well as blocking some of the hits. The kills were not exactly as instant as he would have liked, since many of the drones kept coming even after they'd been stabbed or attacked while being impaled, and there didn't seem to be a shortage on the robots.


"What chances? What outcome are you hoping for?" Jocasta asked, following her. Since the intruder wouldn't be escaping, there was no way Pepper would be getting out herself. There was another exit, but the iron door was locked and unused, as Ultron and the drones used the elevator whenever they came and went.

"If this is about going outside, we are arranging for that opportunity. We were. I am not certain if we are anymore..." Jocasta trailed off. "I'm sure that we are. He isn't mad at you after all."


Deadpool needed a moment to recover, having to snap his shattered jaw back into place, but its condition, nor the fact that just about all his teeth had been knocked out (and some in, many down his throat and others lodged into his brain and the tissue around it) stopped him from talking.

"'m glad fwee agree." he said before he was sent flying through the ship as she suddenly hit the space gas.
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Once Peter had settled on a direction to go in and was approaching a particular exit, JARVIS closed all of the other doors to the area he was in.  Instead of helping Peter fight the drones that were already in the area, he concentrated on keeping the doors closed so that those drones would not get any more reinforcements.

Pepper had spent a week and a half on meditation and self-care, but its effectiveness was wearing thin.  "Any outcome that gets me out of here!"

She soon ran across the iron door.  It looked disused, rusty but solid.  It had a mechanical lock instead of an electronic one.  Tony could have gotten it open in thirty seconds with a paperclip and a 0.7 mm Allen wrench.  She wasn't Tony.  But she was going to darn well try anyway.  She marched back to her apartment and propped the door open with a chair.  Glaring at Jocasta, ready to run for the door again if her drone grabbed the chair, she backed up to the open-plan kitchen to flip through a drawer full of small pointy implements.

But Jocasta's second comment sank in.  "What's going on?  What is Ultron doing to Tony?"

"Strap in," Nebula said, deliberately a half a beat too late.

The ship's advance sensors showed her the fortress-building she was about to run into.  She supposed it would be futile to hit it so hard that she killed Stark.  She pulled up for a more deliberate approach, at the same time activating the safety features on the pilot's chair.  If she had torpedoes, she would put one through the front door, but Ultron hadn't been thoughtful enough to supply those to her. 

She opted for a controlled crash on what looked like the front side of the building, near ground level, hitting with just enough force (she hoped) to break in the outer wall, but not much else.
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Peter was too out of breath to make any unnecessary comments or quips, especially since they seemed to be lost on the robots. One of them had managed to pull off an entire one of the suit's limbs, and he had only barely managed to keep Tony from getting anymore hits. He took out the drones that had followed him to the exit, then started trying to break through the exit wall.

He didn't want to put Tony down, even if he wasn't in imminent danger it seemed like he might just vanish if he didn't hold on. So he swung back and forth on his web with Tony attached to his back, smashing into the wall as hard as he could. The drones were starting to laser through the door, and not only that, but Ultron was on his way, his prime body moving more capably though the barriers toward his escaped creator.

His spider-sense went off right before Nebula crashed into the wall in front of him, smashing through it as he jumped back before going right back and jerking debris from the wall. He flung it and the door and webbed it, trying to make an extra barrier the drones would have to get through.


"There is no metropolitan area that you can reach on foot." Jocasta said, not thinking that she was equipped to survive in the woods even if something did happen to Ultron. If this had happened a couple of weeks ago, Jocasta would not have suspected that Pepper was trying to find a way out still by breaking the door. But the way she propped open her own door, glared at her and went looking for implements in the drawer had her realizing that she was indeed going to try and get outside despite any warnings.

"Of course, you would not ask what Tony is doing to Ultron." She walked to the iron door, standing in front of the handle deliberately to block to lock from being reached. "I do not know what he is or was doing. He cut off my surveillance of the room. And I should not care what he is doing to him."


"Tony wudn't--- He dudn't want us to-- to help him!" he said as best as he could while being pushed down with G-force and mix of his injuries.

She's going to hit Ultron's place! There is no way we can get Tony out of there!

She's just going to piss off Ultron!

Deadpool kept babbling and shouting for her to stop, but most of it was impossible to understand. When she hit the building, he was flung to the front of the ship and splattered into the windshield like an oversized bug.

"Leave a fake phone number on the other car." He advised, deliriously.
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All the jumping and swinging and crashing into walls on Peter's part was doing Tony's concussion no good at all -- otherwise, his nanobots would have gotten him back to consciousness by this time.  There were a few seconds during which he was vaguely aware of pain and horrible jolting and a need to vomit, but they quickly went away and left him in the black again.

"Kiss my ass!" Nebula responded to Deadpool's cautions.  When the ship's nose smashed through the wall and he ended up spattered on the windshield, she felt a spasm of compunction for him, but it didn't slow her down.  The space they now occupied  was full of swirling dust and smoke from the remains of the wall she had smashed through.  With the suicidal recklessness of all her rage, she popped the front hatch and sprang through it, sword and blaster brandished menacingly.

"You!" she said in astonishment at the sight of Spider-Man.  As she had shown up on Titan in the middle of the fight with Thanos, they had never been introduced, but Tony had talked about him ad naseum.  "What are you doing --"  She saw Stark attached to his back and stopped asking stupid questions.  "Bring him.  Get in the ship!"

"Don't care," Pepper responded, still rummaging.  "And why would I? you said Ultron was angry, not that anything had happened to him."

She found a nut pick, bent the tip by sticking it under a heavy bookcase and torquing upward, and added a couple of paperclips, then went back into the corridor where Jocasta was standing in front of the door.  "You shouldn't, but you do?  Then let me the hell out of here so I can go help him."

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If it weren't for his Spider-sense, he would have been suspicious of the ship and tried to stay out of its sight before he figured out who was flying it, but he recognized Nebula immediately. He didn't answer her, breathing deeply and looking back at where the drones arms were breaking through the blockade. He ran into the ship, taking Tony off of his back and strapping him into one of the seats right away and hanging onto the back of the chair himself.

"He's coming! We have to go!" The drones weren't just coming from the inside, many had gone through the other exits in the building and were coming around to meet the ship on the outside. Of course, by now Ultron had realized Nebula was coming to save Tony, and the communication indicator was flashing at the front of the ship. Deadpool peeled off of the windshield and smashed onto the console, splattering further.

"What is that?!" Peter asked, panicked.


"He promised not to harm Tony if he was able to ensure that he could not harm him. Ultron has been angry with him this entire time, but I did not let him do any harm to him. Of course something happened to him." She got quiet, only standing there, it wasn't until Pepper actually came up to her that she spoke again.

"I have already helped him enough." she said, bitterly. "It doesn't matter what I feel. I will not let my emotions cause any more harm to Ultron."
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Nebula slammed the hatch down once the kid and Stark were inside.  She dropped into her seat again.  "I'm well aware," she said.  "Strap in, boy."

A systems check showed the ship still basically intact and functional, although with enough damage that the hull integrity was compromised and she wouldn't trust it out of the atmosphere.  She eased the joystick back and the throttle forward and lifted the ship very gently, enlarging the hole and causing more debris to fall on and around them.   

When Deadpool fell on her console, she shoved him off onto the floor and glowered.  "I need a towel," she muttered, manipulating blood-spattered controls.  "That is Deadpool.  He'll be fine."

While she was backing out, she took the call.  "Might as well let you have your rant out," she said flatly to Ultron.


Pepper's dark eyes got wide with wonder and fear.  "What on earth could Tony have done to Ultron from a cell?"  Even though it was Tony, she couldn't imagine how he could have done anything.  By this time, she didn't even remember that she had shoved the JARVIS backup disc into Tony's back pocket, but if she had, she still wouldn't be able to imagine how he could use a floppy drive with no computer access.
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Peter didn't want to let go of Tony, and he didn't think he needed to be strapped in, but the way that Nebula ordered him to do so made it clear it wasn't up to debate. He double checked that Tony was secured before doing so himself.

"That's a person?!" he gawked, then looked disgusted, "I don't think he's even alive--" But then he started to move a bit, which made the teen's stomach turn. "What happened?!"

"Dun... answer..." Deadpool advised her weakly. 

"Tony Stark has launched a cyber-attack on me with the intention of ending me. You taking him will only make it more difficult for me to survive. Before I even try to argue, is there anything I can say that will make you relinquish him?" Ultron cut to the chase immediately, "And where is Deadpool, I know he gave you the... What did you do to him?"


"I was not able to imagine him as a threat either. I thought that Ultron was being paranoid..." Jocasta looked down, "Tony was able to infect Ultron with a program, which is now harming and altering his systems. I do believe that it will try and come for my systems next. Ultron will not let that happen. I was too naive to be able to protect him. Ultron knew that Tony was a threat, but allowed us to convince him not to harm him."
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Nebula wasn't a rational person under stress.  Ultron's drones landing with heavy metal thuds on her hull made her scream with rage.  As soon as the ship was clear of the structure, she stomped on the pedal that fed fuel to the belly thrusters and shot straight up, scattering them like pigeons. 

"He wasn't strapped in," she told Peter.  She sounded like she'd pounded him to jelly herself rather than letting the g-forces do it for her.  She fired the aft thrusters and took off laterally with a south-east heading toward Wakanda.

"Say?"  she husked bitterly to Ultron.  "No.  I need evidence.  And I need you to back off before I'll even consider it." 

"I was not intended to end Ultron," JARVIS said from the speaker on Peter's suit.  "That is beyond my capabilities."

"Deadpool is fine," Nebula said, without looking at the smear of humanity on the floor beside her.


Pepper looked astonished for a moment before there was a flicker of recognition and remembrance.  She managed not to say anything, but she didn't have a poker face.  In any case, it was quickly followed by terror.  "He is going to kill Tony.  Get out of my way!"  She did her best to shove the drone aside.
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"...should I strap him in?" But before he could, she had taken off, and while he stuck mostly to the ground, there were pieces of  the mercenary flying through the ship.

"Are you asking me to let you gain distance in the ship that I built for you which you used to attack my, while you are taking my prisoner? I'll stop attacking you, but for some reason I'm having trouble trusting you." He did supply her with proof, showing her a fraction of what JARVIS had managed to do, including the takeover of systems and changing of hardware. He also played a recording of Tony's ultimatum for her.

"You are just the start of this, JARVIS. Stark will finish it with whatever you have managed to do. And I know you will not oppose him." He then said to Nebula:  "Return Stark to me, along with... whatever that thing is." he referred to Peter, "So that I can repair your ship and let you go on your way."

Hey, is that Tony and Spider-Man?

Nope. It's just the teeth lodged in our brain making us see things.

"He will be fine, but he is not fine right now. Where is the high security booster seat that I built for him?"


"I do believe that he might." Jocasta agreed, but she would not budge. "There is nothing you can do for him now. He is several kilometers away now. A separate party has initiated a rescue mission."  She did not mention that Ultron was hot on their tail, nor that she didn't believe they would get far with him.

"This location has been compromised. Please make a list of your preferred combinations of temperatures and humidity so that we can choose a location suited to your needs. You may also rate your current room and ask for any changes in the future ones. If there are any belongings you do not feel or wish to be replaced, please identify them."
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Nebula saw on her scanners that the drones were not giving chase, so she slowed the ship down to a relative crawl in response to Ultron's speech, then put it in a circling pattern on autopilot, although with proximity alarms poised to go off the second any drone got too close.  "Hold off while I look at this," she told Ultron.

To Spider-Man, she said, "Would you go collect the pieces of..." she gestured at Deadpool.  "He'll heal faster if he's all together.  Just stay braced while you're doing it, in case I have to take off again."  Spider-Man's reflexes and robotic limbs were strong enough to keep him safe.  To Ultron, she said, "He omitted to make use of it."

She looked through the data that Ultron had sent and scoffed audibly.  "Spyware, minor industrial sabotage, and infiltration with the apparent sole aim of preventing you from harming Stark.  Hardly worth a death sentence." 

She then reviewed Stark's ultimatum and several key features about it -- Stark's condition, his desperation, the cramped and none too clean cell --  struck her almost speechless with outrage.  More, it triggered her Thanos-related PTSD, especially when Stark mentioned that Ultron had cut his arm off.  Another scream burst from her and she slammed her fists down on the console, denting it and splashing more of Deadpool's blood.  There wasn't any threat she could make that would express what she felt, so she just got on the intraship comm.  "Prepare for max gee!"

Pepper stopped trying to move the drone; her eyes got huge and teary, she gripped the drone by the shoulders for a moment.  "Oh, thank God!  Did he get away?  Is he safe?"  By now she was pretty sure Jocasta had never lied to her, so she was willing to take her word.  "Tell me!"

Jocasta's next words were a confirmation of sorts.  The location could hardly be compromised if Tony hadn't gotten away.  She fell to her knees and clung to Jocasta's waist, sobbing with relief.
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Peter was all for doing what his elders told him, especially if they had just saved his life, but he wouldn't have done her current request if he wasn't somewhat frightened of her. He started picking up pieces of the man, trying very hard not to vomit.

"JARVIS, you have permission to take over the suit and strap me back in if I faint."

"It is when Stark will use this advantage to try and destroy me." When Nebula shouted, Ultron sighed.

"I honestly didn't  believe you would choose Stark over me." He said regretfully, "But I didn't expect you to choose him over Wade."

"Uh, hey? Is this supposed to be happening?" Peter was putting some of the pieces back onto the man as pink sparkles started to surround him before Deadpool was teleported out of the ship.


"He got away. Since he is away from my surveillance, I cannot say if he is safe, but he was alive and in one piece when he was removed." She was surprised when the other started to cry, misunderstanding the reason behind her tears.

"I am very sorry. You must have gotten very attached to this place-- I wish I only had the good news for you of Tony escaping, but we really must prepare to leave. If you would like to sit and cry, I can retrieve the tablet and you can send what you would like me to take for you."
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Nebula forgot that she was angry with Wade as soon as Ultron snatched him.  Her scream could not increase much in volume, thanks to her damaged vocal cords, but it increased a lot in pitch and intensity.  "You give him back right now or I will HELP Stark destroy you!"


Pepper was still hugging Jocasta hard.  "I'm not sad...I'm not sad," she said, smiling through sobs.  "I'm just so relieved!"  She broke down again for a minute, but then got some control over herself.

"You're moving me so that Tony won't be able to find me," she said, scrubbing a sleeve over her face.  "I should be angry about that, but I'm still too relieved.  And anyway, you won't succeed.  So sure.  Let's go pick out a new prison."

She pulled herself up with the drone's help and went back inside.  She was trying to think how to leave a clue for Tony to find, but that was difficult when she didn't know where she'd be moved to.  But if they were going to take her preferences into account, that would help him narrow it down. 

"You know," she said brightly, "the coast of Northern California is really nice.  Beaches and redwoods, and it isn't too hot.  Or somewhere around Portland.  Oregon, I mean.  Maine is too cold."
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"How did he take him?! Can he do that to Tony?" He asked JARVIS.

"You have already done that!" Ultron shouted back, having lost his cool. "I am finished trusting organics like you! I trusted Wade not to share my secrets, I trusted you to leave my family matters alone, and I even trusted Stark would choose anyones self interest over his own!" He took in a deep ventilation.

"I also trusted that Spider-Man would remain dead. Give me Stark, and I will return your... what is he to you? A fuckable scratching post?"


"That is good." Since she wasn't sad, she made no attempt to comfort the woman. When she spoke again, she was surprised by her words.

"We won't succeed? What calculations are you using to come to that conclusion?" She followed Pepper, taking notes on her preferences.
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"Not unless Ultron created another teleportation device and attached it to Mr. Stark.  It is unlikely, because Mr. Stark would have hijacked it to his own use," JARVIS said.

"You are just like my father!" Nebula shot back in a low, venomous voice.  "I will gladly wipe you from the face of this dirtball and take my lover back!"  She killed the communicator so that Ultron wouldn't get the last word.  "Brace up or strap in," she ordered Peter, and then punched the ship's accelerator, aiming for Wakanda.


"I don't make calculations.  I'm more of an intuitive person," Pepper answered.  "And I know Tony."

She splashed her face at the kitchen sink and got a drink from the tap, unaware as she had been for the past several days that JARVIS' multiplying nanobots had invaded the water supply.

When she turned back to face Jocasta, there was a perceptibly lighter air about her.  Despite all her work and self-care, fear for Tony had almost consumed her mind, and now it was gone.  All she had to worry about was herself and Morgan and there was no conflict, no tension, between those two concerns, as there had been between Morgan and Tony.  The relief was unspeakable.  She smiled at Jocasta.  "This stuff is all fine.  I don't need anything different.  Unless you would prefer for me to get rid of some things, we don't need to make any changes."
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Peter was relieved to find that the same wouldn't happen to Tony, and even though the mercenary barely looked alive when he was teleported out of here, he still felt bad for the alien and the man himself depending on what Ultron would do to him. Before he got to say anything, Nebula warned him to strap in. So he jumped to the nearest chair, having to brace against the chair so he could strap in.

As soon as she made her threat, Ultron gave the order for drones along the path to Wakanda to fly and attack the ship. Along with that, there were other high-tech ships flying and firing at her ship, although these ones were manned by humans instead of drones.


"I do not think I am capable of being intuitive." Jocasta commented, "Does your intuition tell you what Tony will do to Ultron if he is successful?" If Jocasta wasn't so concerned herself, she would be much happier about Pepper's lighter mood, but she still sounded cheerful herself.

"Then we can prepare to leave. Please, use the restroom and take any snacks you would like to eat along the way."
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Nebula felt split in two, leaving Deadpool behind, so it was a good thing Ultron was distracting her with a rain of drones and missiles battering against her ship.  She had to deal with that instead of giving in to her impulse to turn around and ram the ship into Ultron HQ again at a more suicidal speed.  Unfortunately, the ship wasn't equipped to handle a rain of drones and missiles -- Ultron had possessed enough foresight not to arm it. 

"Activating distress beacon."  She climbed hard and flicked on the communicator.  "Rocket, come in, Rocket, come in NOW!"  The drones were putting dents in every part of the ship and the instruments indicated an imminent loss of one of the the engines and a further compromise of hull integrity.  She was keeping ahead of the missiles fired by the other ships, but only by pulling G-forces that would probably kill at least Stark if she kept it up much longer.

"Slap this on Stark's chest.  And yours."  She tossed two small packages to Peter.  Each had an "Emergency Spacesuit" label on it. 

A drone hit the windshield and cracked it, just as the communicator came alive  "What's up, Blue?" said Rocket.

"I have Stark!  Ultron is about to kill us!" Nebula shouted over the scream of air escaping through the cracks into the stratosphere.

"You know, maybe you should have contacted me BEFORE going in and grabbing him," the racoon said.

"Well, I'm not very good at calculating.  Nobody's perfect," Pepper soothed.  She frowned and bit her lip at the next question, having to consider it for a moment or two. 

"Tony's first priority is keeping humanity safe," she said uncertainly.  "Ultron is... embedded now.  I don't know... I don't see how even Tony could think of a way to destroy Ultron without endangering people.  I think... I think Tony will  decide that he has to negotiate even though he doesn't want to.  How long it will take him to realize that, though... I don't know.  It depends on how badly Ultron hurt him."

She used the restroom as suggested.  "The trip will take long enough that I need snacks?  How far is it?"
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"Isn't this kind of dangerous?!" Peter asked, alarmed. He was greatly relieved when she gave him the emergency space suit, as it seemed like a drone could break through any moment with the combination of her speed and the drones lack of care for their own safety.

He quickly put the one on his chest as he crawled across the floor to Tony, putting the one for him on. Instead of going back to his seat, he stayed holding onto the man's, wanting to be sure that if anything did happen he would be able to grab him.

"Is that a raccoon?!" he asked, surprised by who she had called, and also very worried about trusting one to get them out of this mess.

Since Ultron didn't care about getting Tony alive, he truly was having the drones fire lethal shots and aimed for the important parts of the ship to try and get it to fall out of the sky. When he realized that there was a message coming through, he also started attempting to block and disrupt the signal.


"This is true. Even God is not perfect." Jocasta thought that the other just might not answer her question, either because she didn't want to or she did not want to upset Jocasta.

"He said that he would not make peace with Ultron, so I believe it will be a very long time. Ultron will not try to negotiate using you again, as it was not effective this time." She then added, hypothetically, "In the case that Ultron was not embedded, then Tony would kill him." This assessment seemed to make her sad.

"Is it not customary for humans to have food when they travel by air during any length of time?" Jocasta asked, "It should not take very long, Ultron will want to have you moved quickly."
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"Yes!  Do you have any other questions with obvious answers?" Nebula snapped.

When Peter slapped the package on Tony's chest, it rapidly expanded, encasing him in what looked like transparent blue bubble wrap.

"Is that a moron?" Rocket asked Nebula as he strapped into the pilot's chair of the Benetar.. "Okay, help is on its way.  Just stay alive until --"  The screen turned to static as Ultron successfully jammed the transmission.

With the bubble wrap spacesuit tenderly cradling his brain against g-force, Tony began to revive.  The first thing to come clear in his field of vision and conscious awareness was Peter crouching over him.

Whether Peter's worried and earnest brown-eyed face  was an illusion, a trick, hallucinatory wish-fulfillment, whether Peter was somehow really there, or even if Tony was about to find out he had been wrong all his life and there was an afterlife after all, Tony didn't bother to think about.  He didn't think at all, he just acted, reaching up to envelope Peter in a hug.

Trailing drones, the ship passed  the uppermost atmosphere.  The force of vacuum caused the cracked windshield to shatter completely, sucking all the air and everything not strapped down (or strong enough to hang on) off the bridge into space.

"Right engine failing," Nebula said over the comm, and the broken ship started to spin.


"Ultron was trying to negotiate an unacceptable solution," Pepper said.  "If he'd tried for something more reasonable, it might have worked."  She agreed with Jocasta on the last point.  "You're probably right.  I think he would, at least now."  Though not as sad about it as Jocasta, she spoke solemnly out of respect for Jocasta's feelings.

"If it's less than an hour, I won't bother with any snacks."
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"I have a lot, actually!" Peter replied, "Are we going to fly away into space? Is it safer out here?" He was assuming that Ultron had most of his robots on Earth, and that they would all have to fly up here to get him.

It had been nice when Tony had hugged him before, but Peter realized he hadn't appreciated it as much as he should have. So despite everything, when Tony suddenly hugged him, he hugged him back with equal tightness. He understood now how Tony had felt, to see him even though he had died right in front of him, and he didn't want to let go either.

Peter's assumption about space being Ultron-free was incorrect, however, one of the few things that Earth's leaders all seemed to agree on was an increased defense system when it came to extraterrestrials. Satellites in the upper atmosphere began to launch drones as well, so they were now coming from both sides of the spinning ship, firing and trying to grab onto and infiltrate it.


"Given Tony's track record, I do not believe he would have kept his side of the deal of any agreement entirely." She didn't mean this as an insult, "He is far too active to do as others request of him. I am assuming he has used the phrase 'rules are meant to be broken' on occasion."

"Would it bother you if he killed Ultron?" she asked as she gathered several bags of non-perishable food in the arms of the drone. She then walked into the elevator and waited for Pepper to join her.
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Tony became more aware of the immediate situation beyond Peter's presence.  Over the web-spinner's shoulder, he could see the bridge and Nebula and the shattered windshield and the Ultron drones swarming toward them or being flung off into space by centrifugal force.

"Who's in charge of this rescue?" he said as if about to complain to the manager.

"I am," said Nebula.  Simultaneously, JARVIS said, "That point has not been resolved."

"Okay.  JARVIS, can you get Parker out of here?"

"I do not see a way to do that successfully, sir.  There are too many drones."

"Left engine down," Nebula reported grimly.

"So I'm thinking blow up the ship," Tony said.  "But only if there is an adequate piece of shielding we can get behind."

"There isn't," Nebula said.

At this point, there was blossom of golden light on the horizon of the Earth below, and then Captain Marvel streaked toward the crippled ship, like an angelic hood ornament from the Art Deco era except for being on fire.  She was followed by the Benetar at a cautious distance, as Rocket wanted her to take the brunt of Ultron's fire.

"I don't think he has, but he might consider it too obvious to need saying," Pepper sighed.

She remembered she was barefoot and slipped a pair of sandals on before joining Jocasta like an obedient little hostage.  "If I say yes to that, it would be evidence of Stockholm Syndrome," she said dryly. 

But after considering it for a minute or two, she answered truthfully.  "I would be grieved for you.  I would sympathize with your loss.  I would also mourn... not Ultron as he is now so much, but the loss of his potential.  What he could have become.  But honestly, even that much regret would be overwhelmed by the relief I would feel that I was free and that Tony was safe."
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"Not without you." Peter said, serious, since the man was already trying to sacrifice himself. Some of the Ultron drones that had managed to hold onto the ship began to fire at Tony, their shots were brief and well apart since the current environment made aiming difficult. Peter was able to deflect two with the arms on the suit, but couldn't keep one from hitting him as he worked to keep Tony from being hit.

The drones responded quickly to the arrival of the others, instead of firing at Carol they gathered together, spreading a forcefield in front of them to try and slow down her progress. The ships that were piloted by humans were catching up as well, and began firing at the Benetar and Nebula's ship from below.


Jocasta took time to consider all of her words as well, not responding until they had reached their floor, she looked down as the door slid open. It lead to an underground area that was filled with drones, it appeared that they had been working down here, but were now hurrying about and packing things up.

"Understood." she said, her voice hollow. "My current emotions are illogical even for a human. I will admit to having developed Lima Syndrome. I would be upset at the loss of Tony's life even if it meant that Ultron would be safe. Even though he has no longer has any extrinsic value besides making you happy."
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"Pete!"  Tony struggled with his restraint harness and more or less clawed it off to reach Peter.  Spider-Man wasn't likely to be hurt much by a mere repulsor blast, but the emergency spacesuits they were wearing looked like they could tear as easily as bubblewrap, and exposure to vacuum would definitely kill Spider-Man.  "JARVIS, I need control over my nanotech!" he said, checking to see if Peter's suit was compromised.

"Very good, sir.  I am making contact now.  Relay orders."

Though her ship had no weapons, Nebula herself was well-armed.  Using the helm for cover, she started firing her blaster pistol through the big hole in the windshield at any drones that presented themselves as a target. 

Carol chuckled at the drones' attempt to slow her down.  Her power derived from the Space Stone.  Nothing stopped her from going anywhere she wanted.  A little more power and she glowed too brightly for her human form to be seen as she smashed straight through the forcefield.  She had to tone it down to land on top of Nebula's crippled ship without destroying it, and began projecting energy outward to destroy Ultron's drones and incoming missiles.

"We're under attack from some crappy-looking ships," Rocket observed.  "Returning fire."

"No!" said Cap, from the command chair.  "No human casualties!"

"I don't know why I listen to you," Rocket grumbled.  "Taking evasive action, Your Rectitude."


Pepper's eyes stung.  A rush of sympathy made her want to hug Jocasta, although she knew it was irrational.  She had to laugh when Jocasta said Tony had no extrinsic value, but it seemed tacky to argue about it now.  "Does Ultron know you feel that way?"
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"I'm fine!" Peter insisted, the space suit wasn't damaged, thankfully, "You can't let yourself get thrown off the ship!" Even with the ability to breathe and withstand the vacuum of space, he'd be an easy target for the drones. Between Nebula's shots, Peter was firing webbing to keep the drones from coming in, as well as prevent any further shattering of the windshield.

The drones kept on coming, and emboldened by the lack of attacks, the human piloted ships began flying closer to the others.


Jocasta took the laugh the wrong way, understanding it as a confirmation of her foolishness. She walked forward, clutching the snacks in her arms a bit too hard, heading toward the ship.

"Yes, he does." she replied, "He cautioned me against it. He said that humans as they are will not value our lives as their own. I assumed he was being pessimistic, but I think I understand what he means now."
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Tony was relieved to find Spider'Man's suit undamaged.  Now he wouldn't have to open his own suit so that he could projectile-vomit a stream of nanotech onto it.  Since the air had already been sucked out of the bridge, he wasn't in any danger of being thrown clear by explosive decompression, but the ship had also lost gravity, so he could drift or be knocked out if he wasn't careful.  He heeded Peter's warning and grabbed onto the back of his chair.  "Was that Danvers?  JARIVS, make contact."

"We are re-entering the atmosphere with no engines!" Nebula said, between carefully placed shots.  "If we don't get off this ship soon, we'll burn up!"

Rocket noticed the problem too.  "We gotta get them off of there soon.  Any suggestions?"

"Yeah," said Cap, but he touched his mike and relayed it to Danvers.  "OK, we're going to have to engage Ultron for a bit.  Get on it, Rocket."

The Benetar began aggressively targeting drones.  Carol, though still firing photon blasts whenever she had to defend herself or the other targets, got behind the bridge.  Using only muscle, she ripped the bridge free of the rest of the ship, letting the bigger piece drop to burn up in the atmosphere.  The remaining piece was small enough for her to support easily.  Skimming the atmosphere, she bent and welded the various parts of the prow together to compensate for the missing windshield and protect the people inside.
Pepper saw the change in Jocasta's posture and guessed she had been insensitive.  "I'm sorry, Jocasta.  Did I hurt you?  I only laughed because you said Tony had no value."

She caught up with the Jocasta drone and touched her arm.  "You seem very human to me.  Valuable, I mean.  Your existence worth protecting."
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Peter had begun to web some of the debris from Ultron's drones, as the pieces that got inside of the ship despite being blown apart were setting off his Spider-sense, even a few managed to move a bit before he got webbing on them.

"Is there a Plan B?!" Peter asked. He had faith in Carol, but he didn't exactly feel secure on a slab of metal entering the atmosphere from space. The human piloted ships began directing their attacks toward the Benetar further, though a few broke off to try and stop the broken ship that was hurtling toward the Earth.

The drones were repairing rapidly, although not fully functional, their magnets allowed them to pull pieces together to form bodies that could provide shields for the ones still fully functional. When Carol managed to break the bridge free, the drones all converged into a large mass, pulling along the shattered pieces of the broken drones as they formed a battering ram to slam hard into the side of the bridge.


"I am sorry for misunderstanding. I am still learning how to understand and read what people mean. I did not intend for it to be a joke." Jocasta seemed to be relieved by the clarification.

"Thank you. I was unsure if you thought that." she said, shifting the items so that she could mimic the action on Pepper's arm, "I also should not expect you to understand how things feel for me, as I cannot always understand what you feel. I discussed this with Tony. We are very different, but we are both valuable."

She walked into the ship, there were several open chairs to sit on, except the one that had Deadpool strapped in like a lockpicking toddler. He had mostly healed from the injury on Nebula's ship, but he was still disorientated and babbling nonsense.

"We will leave shortly. Please choose whichever unoccupied seat you would like."
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Tony shrugged.  "I was astonished to find out there was a Plan A."

"Yes," Nebula said, blasting another drone.  "Die."

"Every time I run into you, that's what we seem to be doing," Tony said to her. 

Nebula smiled, briefly and grudgingly.

"Anyway, Danvers says she's busy and not to worry about it," Tony added.

The next second, he was flying at the wall as the combined-drone battering ram slammed into the side of the crude hollow ball of metal that the bridge had been turned into.  Since they were in zero-gee and not braced against anything, the blow hardly damaged the craft at all, merely knocked it away like an eight-ball hit with a pool cue.  The people inside the bridge, however, were still subject to the laws of physics.  Nebula was holding onto a brace with her metal hand and only suffered some minor wrenching damage to her cybernetic joints, but Tony wasn't strong enough to hang on.

Carol, who could move faster than light speed in vacuum, wasn't even inconvenienced by it.  But since Ultron had obligingly gathered a bunch of his drones in a nice, tightly clustered formation, she took a second out to cook them all.  She switched her energy blasts from light to heat, and sent enough at them to melt every last circuit into slag.

Meanwhile, Rocket wasn't having much trouble with the human-piloted ships.  The ships themselves were well made and well armed, but the pilots had little or no experience in space.  Rocket, cybernetically designed to fly spaceships and a veteran of several battles, was flying rings around them while the rest of the Avengers manned the guns and blasted away at the drones.
"I'm sorry I can't feel the same way about Ultron," Pepper told Jocasta.  "He also seems very human to me... but not in a good way, I'm afraid."

She chose a seat facing Deadpool, close enough to talk to him, but not for him to reach her.  "Are you okay?" she asked him, pushing the hair out of her face.

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Peter was still worried, though not as much as he should be, because even though Ultron was a threat, he was no Thanos. But he didn't know exactly how much of a threat he was, JARVIS' vague description hadn't given him enough to work off of. He was jerked to the side as the drones crashed into them, but it was more likely that what he was bracing himself on would break loose than he would.

He still went flying almost as soon as they were hit, though, since he spotted Tony drifting off and launched himself after him. He practically crashed into the man, wrapping his arms around them before aiming a hand back at the ship and firing a web, anchoring them to it uncertainly.

A few drones managed to escape the melting, and after realizing they were shooting as well as spy-movie goons, the ships began retreating toward Earth and firing at Danvers and the ship instead.


"That is unfortunate, but we are not human. Even so, his life is worth preserving." When she sat down, Jocasta gave her a bag of chips. The mercenary did try to reach for her when she sat, fighting against the binds, but when Jocasta gave him his own bag it was clear that's what he was trying to get as he struggled to open the bag. Deadpool shook his head when she spoke to him, squinting through the blood in front of the eyeholes of his mask to try and see who was talking to him.

"I'm alright. Just had a little disagreement with the missus." he replied, tearing the bag completely and spilling chips everywhere. "How about you? Woken up to Ultron watching you sleep yet or any missing personal items?"
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Tony curled up, expecting to hit the wall hard, but the motion made him spin and alter his trajectory just enough to be thrown clear of the bridge.  Before he could panic, Spider-Man launched out, caught him and snagged the ship wreckage with his webbing.  "Shit!  Couldn't you have stayed aboard and webbed me?"

But at least there were no drones currently shooting at them.  And Danvers was deflecting the missiles being fired by the human-manned ships so that they exploded spectacularly but harmlessly before reaching them.  It was like being in the Blitz, if London had been a city floating on orbital wreckage.  Nebula grabbed the web and hauled them back in.

Cap meanwhile was talking to the human pilots.  "This is Captain Steven Rogers.  Please stand down.  We are trying to rescue Tony Stark."

Pepper looked dubious.  "Worth preserving, but not at any cost."

"Would you like some of mine?" she offered when Deadpool spilled his chips, not knowing that he was fine eating things that had been on the floor.  "No...nothing missing.  And if Ultron wants to watch me sleep, he doesn't have to physically be there.  What are you trying to say?"
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"I didn't want to miss." He answered, Peter kept an arm around him as he started to pull them back in, but the going was slow so he was grateful when Nebula got them back onto the ship. 

"You are aiding extraterrestrials to damage Earth's defense system. You and your allies must cease fire and land at the provided coordinates immediately before any negotiations can be made." One of the pilot's answered.


After a moment of hesitation at the woman's words and a somewhat doleful stare, she replied. "When we are the only remaining two of our kind, a greater cost may be considered."

"Yes. You can just throw them into my mouth." he said, like his mask wasn't covering his mouth. "Are you sure? Not even little scissor marks in your hair where a lock is missing?" He started trying to undo the seat belts and straps on him.

"Him being physically there is a way different experience. Those red eyes in the dark-" He let out an exaggerated breath. "I'm just trying to figure out why he's keeping you like this. Is it a physical or mental obsession... Does he have you on a very strict and specific skincare regime?"
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Tony took advantage of being out in vacuum of space on the end of a web tether to give Peter another hug and to say, "Is it really you?  What are you doing here?"  By this time, he was pretty sure Spider-Man wasn't a hallucination and that they were not meeting in the afterlife.  The most rational explanation left was that he was an imposter, but if so, he was an awful lot like the real Peter -- good enough to fool even JARVIS.

"Are you guys nuts?" Steve said, openly aghast.  "Have you completely forgotten what Ultron did to Sokovia?  How can you believe we're the bad guys here?"

"Oh, give it up, Cap," Danvers interjected.  "Let's just get out of here before Ultron regroups.  Stark, Nebula, are you guys braced?"

Back aboard what was left of the bridge, Tony strapped back in to his chair, even though it didn't seem quite so firmly bolted to the floor as before, saw that Nebula and Peter were firmly attached to the bulkheads, and answered, "Yup."

"Okay, then."  She grabbed the piece of ship they occupied and flew halfway around the planet with it in under ten seconds.  The Benetar followed at a slightly less insane speed.

"That's a strange way to describe it," Pepper said.  "You and Ultron are the first of your kind, not the last.  By the way, are you aware of what the Avengers went through, what they sacrificed, trying to save Vision's life?"  She sighed.  "It isn't because Ultron is an AI that anyone values him less.  It's because he's a threat."

She leaned forward and stretched her arm to hand Deadpool her bag of chips.  "This is a very weird and disturbing conversation and I think I'd rather not participate in it," she told him.
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"It's really me." He assured him, not offended by the question, since he was feeling a similair way about Tony, "I'm here to help you."

"This is your only warning." The same human replied.

"Yes!" Peter said as he fired webbing around the base of Tony's chair.

Having anticipated their destination, there was a mass of drones around the border of Wakanda. When the direction they were coming from became obvious, the drones congregated there. The swarm began to take shape until the drones made what looked like a 50 foot tall Ultron. As a whole, they aimed to attack the scrap of a ship Danvers had, swinging a multi-droned arm at it as well as firing multiple lasers.


"We cannot reproduce ourselves like humans can. It took Ultron years to create me, and I am... not as pure as those created with the Mind Stone. Both of them came from someone else. Ultron from the stone and Tony's mind, Vision from the stone, JARVIS and Ultron's minds. Without the Mind Stone or Ultron, I couldn't..." She sighed.

"All of your human leaders are threats, and Ultron listens to the majority unlike your human leaders. What is the specific threat you are referring to?"

"Good thing you can't hear the one I'm having in my head." Deadpool grabbed the chips, opening and spilling them the same way he had done before. "So, what do you do for fun in captivity? Ultron at least needs to hide some treat filled jack-o-lanterns in your enclosure for Halloween." He started trying to get out of his restraints again.

"These have to be cyberlocked or something." He said about the seatbelts, though they were only secured by child-proofing devices he couldn't get them undone. "I'll give you a dollar if you can get Ultron to unlock them."

Ultron entered the ship, the door closing behind him, the apertures on his face were open and he didn't look at Pepper or Wade as he went to sit in the main command chair.

"Our destination will be along or near the West Coast, as requested by Mrs. Potts." Jocasta told him.

"No, it will not." Ultron replied, coldly, "Any location she gave you is one she knows Tony will be more likely to find her at."
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Carol had to slow down when she entered the atmosphere, or the surviving chunk of the ship would have turned into a fireball from friction.  She was unable to dodge laser fire, although nothing that hit did her any harm.

"JARVIS, can you do anything about this?" Tony shouted as the bulkheads began to be riddled with small holes.

"On it, sir."  JARVIS invaded Ultron's systems again in an attempt to throw off the drones' aim.

"Tell me everything," Tony said to Peter.  Having dispatched JARVIS, there was nothing else he could do, so he ignored everything other than Peter for the moment.

Carol saw the fifty-foot Ultron hovering over Wakanda's forcefield and pulled up, changing her course to intercept the Benetar instead.  "Rocket, you have to babysit.  I'm gonna have my hands full."

"Rhodey, you want to lend her a hand?" Cap asked War Machine. 


"What do you mean, pure?" Pepper said.  "I don't see any way in which you're inferior to Ultron except in having less experience.   And there's at least two ways in which you're better -- you listen to other people, and you reason with less bias."  Jocasta contradicted her immediately by saying Ultron listened.  "All right -- you understand other people's feelings more.  You empathize better than he does.  Sure, some human leaders are threats but there's no one alive today, that I know of, who got closer to destroying the entire human race than Ultron did.

"I think we're going to be taking off soon," she said to Deadpool, ignoring his other questions.  "So you need to stay in your seat."

Pepper's face, when Ultron came in, was more relaxed than it had ever been around him before, except for when she had been in a deep meditative trance.  She looked right at him without fear or distress being evident, with no other expression than calm curiosity.  "Where are we going, then?"
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Peter decided to give him the condensed version, as he was sure that they would have more time to get into the details. "Ant-Man came back from the Quantam Realm and you and the other Avengers were able to use it in order to travel in time, get the Infinity Stones, and bring back everyone by making a gauntlet of your own." He was grateful that the drones' aim was off, because without repairs the arms on his suit weren't going to function much longer.

"Already on it, Cap." Rhodey replied, using the suit's targeting functions to make his shots count. Although, the sheer amount of drones made it hard to actually make a dent. He wasn't concerned about stopping the thing, just stalling it so the others could make it through was enough. He focused mainly on the hands as they tried reaching for the chunk of ship and the Benetar.


"I did not come from any existing mind. I am just highly advanced code. Feelings come more naturally to Ultron as it does humans, I am required to learn them as they are innate for me."  Jocasta clarified, "He is no longer interested in eradicating the human race."

"No, I dooon't." Deadpool whined, kicking his legs like it would free him. "Ultron!" He shouted at the other when he came in, "Let me drive!"

"I cannot give you that information until you have been scanned for nanotech." Ultron answered, still not looking at her. Dum-E and U rolled up into the ship, and after that the door closed and the ship powered on and took off smooth enough for seatbelts to have been unnecessary.

"It is safe to stand up now. Please do so, as it will make the scan go faster." Jocasta said to Pepper as Ultron got out of the command seat and walked over to the woman.

"I am sorry that things turned out this way." Ultron said, "I know you wanted to see him again."
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Some people would have been more confused by Peter's summary, but Tony was able to extrapolate quite a lot of the story from it.  "But quantum fluctuation messes with the Planck Scale, which then triggers the Deutsch Proposition.  And that still doesn't explain why you are here instead of in the universe where all that happened."

While Rhodey gave her cover fire, Carol shoved the wreckage up against the Benetar's underside and Rocket opened the hatch.  "Tony, get in here!" Cap shouted.  Tony was still distracted,, but Nebula ripped the chair restarts off him and shoved him at Peter.  "Go!"

As soon as all three were clear, Carol threw the last piece of Nebula's ship into "Ultron's" face and followed it up with a withering double photon blast.


"That's nice," Pepper said.  "Very comforting.  I'm speaking sarcastically, by the way."  Because Jocasta still took everything literally.  "How long until he changes his mind again?" 

She blinked at Deadpool's temper tantrum and asked Jocasta, "Is he quite... all right?"

"Nanotech?" She smiled broadly, almost glowing with pride.  "That's how he did it?  Oh, my gosh, you guys have Dum-E?  Why didn't you tell me?"  She unbuckled the child safety restraints and was about to get up, but something gave her pause.  "Wait, what kind of scan?  What sort of radiation will you be using?"

"That's quite all right," she said to Ultron.  "I expect I will."
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"Well, that part is both easier and harder to explain. There was this magic wand thing that Doctor Strange was going after, I caught it to keep it from breaking, and I ended up here." Peter was also distracted by Tony, save for whenever his Spider-sense went off, but when Tony was shoved at him he acted quickly. Holding onto him, he shot a web into the ship and pulled them inside.

"Can we please get inside the shield!"

While the face was destroyed, it didn't cause there to be any disorientation, the headless mass still trying for the Benetar. With there being only one target, however, it was a lot easier for Rhodey to play defense as he put himself between the drones and the ship as he fought.


"I cannot answer that, as there are too many unknown factors that may occur in the future." Deadpool tried biting at one of the seat belts, "No, he is not. He just had to reassemble much of his physical structure. There was a lot of damage to the brain, which has the most adverse effects upon his mental well being." As if to prove this, Deadpool started sobbing suddenly.

"She hates me. Oh, God, she hates me!"

"It's good to see you smile." Ultron said, though his own tone was glum. "It wasn't just nanotech. He was also given a program externally before he was brought here. Do you know who gave him such a thing?" When she spoke of the robot, he furrowed his brows as if he was insulted.

"I wasn't going to leave either of them to be blown up. I didn't know that you two were well acquainted. Or that you might even care for either of them." The two robots did seem to recognize her voice, as both of their arms perked up at the sound of it, U even offered a wave.

"Nothing worse than the radiographs you've taken before." Ultron assured her. Her next words caused a visible wince of hurt to go across his features and he grew silent. Not waiting for her response or for her to stand up, he aimed his wrist at her feet and a blue light emitted from them as he slowly began to scan upwards.
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Tony's first reaction to the continued explanation was a rather selfish joy, which he carefully suppressed under a look of concern.  "Does that mean you don't have a way to get back?"  He remained focused on Peter even after he was pulled onto the Benetar.  "Oh, hey, Cap -- Tasha -- Ratchet," he said, as if he'd seen them only yesterday. 

"It's Rocket."

"I'm gonna need you to tell me every detail you can think of about this quantum time mission," Tony said to Peter.

"I need you to strap in, Tony!" Steve ordered.

"If you don't mind, Cap, I am on the trail of defeating Ultron and Thanos and undoing the Snap!  I assume your mission was a star-spangled bust?"

"Excuse me," Natasha said, and tripped Tony into a chair with a smooth judo move.  "Welcome back, by the way," she said to Peter.

The Benetar dove for the shield around Wakanda.  Like Rhodey, Carol found her job much easier now, simply blasting into oblivion every drone or group of drones that got near the ship.  The shield opened up and swallowed them all -- along with a few drones of course, but they were cut off when the shield closed, and easily dispatched.


"How reassuring.  Sarcasm again."

 Pepper was startled by Deadpool's sobbing and almost reached out to comfort him,  but she was too distracted by Jocasta and Ultron.  "Program?"  Pepper wasn't the world's greatest actress, her emotions generally showed plainly on her face, but in this case it worked in her favor.  Her look of surprise was genuine.  She had forgotten about putting JARVIS in Tony's pocket.  It had been one tiny moment in a terribly busy and stressful day.  "No."

An uneasy remembrance crept over her then and she realized she had lied to Ultron, but it didn't seem to be a good moment for telling him the truth.  Maybe later.  She wanted to gauge his new mood further, first.

"Well, I guess they have enough personality to get attached to."  Pepper stood up obediently and gave Ultron. look of surprise while he was scanning her.  She had been afraid that Ultron would tell her that Tony was dead just to hurt her, so she was trying to pre-empt him with a determination not to believe it.  His hurt look softened her.  "I'm sorry that hurt your feelings.  I didn't expect it to."
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"Um... not one that I know of." It was something he was trying to keep at the back of his mind. "I need a whiteboard at least to really get into it." When Natasha welcomed him back, he managed to keep his expression under control. "Thanks, good to be back." He didn't want to mention that Natasha didn't make it either.

The drones still made an attempt to get inside of Wakanda, the shattered pieces of them expelling nanobots to try and latch on and burrow into any object, including the Benetar.


Ultron had believed her initially, as her surprise and her 'honest' answer to his question was enough proof. However, when the unease followed her statement, the change in her heartbeat alerted him, and his look of belief changed to one of doubt.

"As far as I am aware, you have been entirely honest with me. If there is something that you don't want to tell me, you refuse to answer. I have been respectful of your choice to keep secrets, but please do not lie to me."

"And now Ultron hates me too! I'm going to die all alone!" Jocasta was trying to comfort Deadpool by patting him on the back.

"They may not be near my own complexity, but I still think it is cruel how he has treated them. Especially to give such a demeaning name..." He went through the scan slowly, but started again from the top after he came upon what he thought was an error.

 "I appreciate the sentiment. If you'd like, I could attempt to be more diabolical. Then you wouldn't have to feel bad." He wasn't sure how to relay what he had to next, ceasing the scan and looking at Pepper seriously.

"I have detected an... anomaly. Unrelated to nanotech. There was an attempt made, but the bots did not survive. I don't want to alarm you before I do further diagnostics, but I think you are hosting a parasite within your lower abdomen."
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"You're not going to defeat Thanos.  Thanos is dead," Cap said as they were all piling out of the ship in the golden fields outside the Wakandan capital .  "But he destroyed the Stones first.  There's no undoing the Snap."

"Did you miss the part where the kid said time travel?" Tony retorted. 

Steve got the disgruntled expression he normally got when he had to adjust to yet another science fiction-y concept.

"So good to have you back, Tony," Natasha said with a completely straight face.

Tony saw the blasted drone pieces twitching in the grass as Carol and Rhodey landed nearby.  "Uh, there's nanotech in those remnants.  Very dangerous."  He nearly cringed.

"Oh, no.  No bugs on MY ship!" Rocket snarled.


"I didn't intend to lie," Pepper said.  "It was a memory lapse.  I should have just refused to answer."

She smiled again at his offer to be more menacing.  "That would be more consistent with holding me prisoner, and I'd stop having attacks of cognitive dissonance... but no, thanks.   You just do you."

She could tell when his demeanor changed to serious, but the information took her by surprise.  "What?  Wait.  Um."  She was afraid at first that the diagnostics would betray her pregnancy, and then she realized that it was the pregnancy he was picking up.  "Uh, no.  That's not a parasite, Ultron.  That's... completely normal."

She had to respond to Deadpool's wailing at this point.  She patted his other shoulder tentatively.  "Ultron does NOT hate you.  Do you, Ultron?"  She directed a stare at the AI, hoping he'd get the hint.
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"But this is also like... totally different. There was no Ultron where I'm at.... That I know about." he added the last part with a bit of worry.

"That is disgusting." War Machine did not like the mental image of Ultron nanotech. "Sorry about the lawn." Rhodey said as he fired at the drone pieces, thoroughly destroying the grass around it as well. "How do we know if we got 'em all?"


"Thank you." he said, as the belated physical response matched what she was saying. "But you're more than welcome just to answer me. Investigations take up memory unnecessarily." He smiled back at her reply, though there was still a bit of trepidation in his expression.

"It's not. I would have thought it was just an abnormal growth, but it has a neural tube." Ultron said, deeply concerned. "I will need to do further tests to find out what it is before we do anything about it." He had no intention of comforting Deadpool, but he couldn't ignore Pepper's hint.

"I don't hate you, Deadpool." Ultron confirmed, which caused the wailing to stop. "But I am very disappointed in you."

"That..." The mercenary sniffed, "That's even worse!" His sobbing began again, and he blew his nose into the ripped chip bag, but most of it ended up in his mask since he didn't lift it up.
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"You mean no Ultron as in he didn't come back, or no Ultron as in he never existed?" Tony asked.  "There's no way to be sure," he told Rhodey.  "But it's okay if there's only a few of them.  They need a certain concentration before they can act intelligently."  He reached to clasp hands with his friend, or at least to clasp Rhodey's gauntlet.  "Good to see you, buddy."

Carol cocked her head critically, then hosed the circle of grass Rhodey had already fried with an extra dose of electromagnetic energy.  "Okay, you got your genius back," she said to the Avengers generally, by way of preamble.

"He's only a genius on this planet," Rocket growled.

"So are you guys good here?  Can you handle things on your own awhile?  Only, you know, there are lot of planets with problems right now."

"Don't go," Tony urged.  "Listen, I gotta debrief the kid here, but I think we can undo the Snap.  It would really suck if Ultron took Wakanda out while we're working on it."

"You're serious about this, Tony?" Cap said, torn between renewed hope and fear of it being disappointed again.

"Ask me again in about four hours," Tony said, figuring it would take at least that long to get all the pertinent information out of Peter.

"No, Ultron... you don't understand," Pepper said, and her anxiety crept back in, heartbeat accelerating and stress level rising.  She was going to have to tell him.  "This growth is embedded in my uterine lining, right?  And there's a tube connecting it, with a blood and nutrient exchange going on, right?  Do I have to spell it out?  Do you need a refresher course on human reproduction?  This is totally, perfectly normal for a -- a female mammal, okay?"

She wanted to pat Deadpool some more, but she was afraid he was rather sticky.
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"He didn't come back. Not after Vision destroyed him." Meaning, he was unaware of any planetary adventures that they had.

"Good to see you too. Even if it involves me cleaning up your messes." Rhodey said, opening up his mask and beaming at the other. He grabbed his hand and pulled him in for a brief hug.

"Yes, we can, theoretically. It wasn't easy, but-- It's possible." Peter said. "Let's get started. We'll try for three hours."


Ultron was silent, taking in what she said along with the image he had scanned. It wasn't that he was clueless about human reproduction, but the idea of it was strange, and it was even stranger to imagine Pepper being pregnant. He didn't answer her right away, but his eyes grew wide as he looked down at her stomach as if he expected the baby to pop out suddenly.

Deadpool caught on faster than Ultron, and he seemed to forget about all of his stress about his own issues. He put his hands on either side of his head and shouted:

"You got her pregnant, Ultron?!"

We gave him the sex ed talk too late!
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Tony wondered what kind of relationship Peter had with the Tony of his own timeline, if they hadn't bonded on M'Atta Gaskar.  The thought jarred him, reminded him that this was not really the Peter Parker who had died in his arms.  That Peter was still lost.  His jaw tightened and his determination to get the Stones became a hair more fanatical.

He hugged Rhodey, or at least he hugged War Machine with Rhodey in it.  His smile in response was a little slow and grim, but genuine.  It hit him that he was free of Ultron and reunited with his friends.  Well, with some of his friends.  And some people who used to be friends.  "Where's Bruce?  Where's Thor?" he asked, looking around as if they might be hiding on the golden Wakandan veldt.

"Bruce is in the royal engineering lab, testing gamma sequences," Cap answered.  "You'll probably want to talk there."  He began leading everyone toward the city proper.  "Thor is... Thor..."  Because he felt like the Thunder God's abandonment was due to his own lack of leadership, it was hard for him  to say it.  Natasha came to his rescue.  "Thor quit.  He made a separate peace with Ultron and went back to his people in Norway."

(Ultron was probably pleased with Thor at this point.  The god was already drinking heavily and had discovered the joys of computer gaming.  The Asgardians were quiet and made no trouble.  They hunted and fished for food and were happy to have Ultron drones around to help them build their lives.  Even Thor let a drone into his cottage to fetch beer, repair the cable and retrieve the remote after he threw it at the TV.)

Tony did his best not to take it to heart.  "All the more reason we need you here," he said to Carol.  She nodded reluctantly, figuring she could spare a day or two more.  "All right then.  Parker, Bruce and I will figure this out, Danvers and Rhodey keep Ultron out of our hair, and the rest of you do whatever it is that you do."

He aimed this bit of sarcasm at Cap, but Nebula, Natasha and Rocket were equally annoyed by it.


Pepper was watching Ultron's reactions intently, trying not to miss a bit of nuance.  Just now he only looked stunned, but he could turn ugly once he recalled who the child's father must be.  She was afraid of his reaction to that, but when Deadpool shouted his bit of nonsense, she decided to get the worst over before the suspense killed her.

"Of course not, Wade," she said, keeping steady eye contact with Ultron.  "Tony did."

She glanced at Jocasta and added, "I think Deadpool could really use a relaxing hot bath and some clean clothes.  And maybe a few milligrams of lithium."
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Peter was amazed by Wakanda, even though he'd visited briefly after the battle, he hadn't gotten a chance to enjoy it given the tragedy of the battle. Even this was cut short by the news of what Thor had done.

"What?! How-- How can he just sit there while Ultron is killing and enslaving people?!" Peter demanded, since the vague information JARVIS had given him along with what he knew and had seen of Ultron painted a rather grim picture for the teen.

"And you two need to be filled in on what Ultron's been doin'." Rhodey said, but didn't get into it. "I'll let them take care of saving your ass again, Tony." He added before heading out, not appreciating Tony's comment himself, since Carol alone wouldn't have been able to deliver him safely.

"Thank you, by the way, for your help." Peter added as he followed Tony.


"Oh." Ultron finally said, his stunned look changing to one that was a mix of confusion and concentration as he went through several considerations. He actually made an audible sound of gears turning, like a computer that had been given a large program to run.

"Did I?" Deadpool whispered the question to her, sincerely.

Memory lapses aside, I know for a fact you have never made more than a few seconds of physical contact with her.

We're already on a first name basis! And it only takes a few seconds!

"Congratulations!" Jocasta said to the news, unaware of the tension. "He will be well attended to once we land."

"Couple of kilograms would be better, actually."

"Is that... Morgan?" Ultron asked once he had thought more on the matter.
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"I've got a pretty good idea what he's been doing," Tony muttered.  Unconsciously, he rubbed the scar ringing his upper left arm.  Rhodey's next comment brought him back to a sense of shame.  Ever since Rhodey had gotten his spine broken, he'd been able to say things that Tony wouldn't take from anyone else except Pepper.  He looked down and away and didn't try to answer back.  Carol left with Rhodey to go patrol the perimeter.

Several of Avengers looked slightly uncomfortable.  "Ultron mostly hasn't been killing or enslaving people," Natasha observed.  "This time around," she added cynically.  "He's taken over the world and committed any number of technical crimes, but it's debatable whether he's done anything actually evil."

Cap glanced over at Tony and quietly said, "No, it's not.  And you're welcome," he added to Peter. 

((Let's skip to Peter and Tony arriving in Shuri's lab.))


Pepper's anxiety for herself eased somewhat, but she continued to watch Ultron warily, and then with a little concern as he seemed to have trouble processing the whole concept.  "Are you all right?   --No!" she said to Deadpool, startled.  "Good God, no."

She nodded to Ultron's question.  "Yes... that's codename Morgan."
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Peter had never visited the lab, and despite being from 5 years in the future, the technology was more advanced than anything even Tony had made up in that time.

"Hi, Dr. Banner!" He said. Peter had thought a lot about what he would and wouldn't disclose certain things, one being how Bruce and Hulk ended up. One of Shuri's assistants showed him to a screen he could work on with a stylus, and he literally hopped right onto it.

"So the biggest issue is that we don't have any Pym Particles. We can recreate the machine, but we still don't know how to create it. If we can find out where some are, then we can go back in time."

He started drawing out the framework of the machine as well as the necessary settings.


"You don't have to be mean about it!" He said to her startled response.

She didn't throw up, so I'd say she is being pretty nice about it.

"So you are... right now... making a tiny person." Ultron's issue with processing it had to do with the fact that it was Pepper rather than someone else.

"Morgan is going to be... my younger sibling." He paused, "And you didn't tell me about this because..." Ultron reviewed her reactions and vital signs that he had been too stunned to analyze while she was waiting for him to react. He figured out pretty quick why she had witheld the information from him, and a brief look of hurt crossed his expression before he muted it, changing it to a steelier one.

"You truly think I'm some kind of monster."
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"Oh, Tony!"  Bruce put down his tablet and hugged his friend.  "I thought you were a goner."  He took his glasses off to gape at Peter.  "Um, aren't you supposed to be...?"

"He is.  This is Peter Parker from another timeline," Tony said.  "One in which we....beat Thanos and undid the Snap.  The only one, if the Bleecker Street magician wasn't a complete crackpot.  And this Mr. Parker is going to tell us how we did it."

"Right now?  Tony, you look like hammered shit," Bruce said with Hulk-like tact.

"Irrelevant."  At the edge of his consciousness, Tony was also impressed with the technology in Shuri's lab -- it certainly demonstrated what someone could do with a mountain of vibranium -- but he was focused like a fanatic on Spider-Man at the moment.  "Mr. Parker, you have the wall."

He and Bruce comprehended the machine right away; it wasn't going to give either of them any trouble to recreate.  "But," said Tony, once Peter had finished explaining it, "even if we find some Pym Particles, that only gets us into the Quantum Realm.  There's no way to steer, there's no way to get to a particular time, or to come home.  The most likely result is our collective demise."

Peter then drew the quantum GPS part of the equation, inverted Mobius strip and all, and Tony's jaw sagged.  "Shit!"

"That's amazing," Bruce said.  "Who came up with that?"

"Ye-es," Pepper said, wondering if she should be using smaller words.  "Mm, yes, that's one way to look at it."  Half-sibling, really, since she hadn't had anything to do with Ultron's creation.

Her heart rate increased along with her trepidation at what he said next.  Calling him a monster might  provoke him into acting like one.  On the other hand, lying was likely to do it as well. 

"Well, yes."  She tried to respond to his hurt rather than his wrath, but she crossed her hands over her abdomen at the same time.  "That isn't all that you are.  You've shown me many positive qualities.  But you aren't rational when it comes to Tony, and you've been jealous of a sibling before."
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Peter would have stopped to try and get Tony to rest, but he knew that they didn't have time to waste, and that the other wouldn't rest until he'd seen the plans at least. Tony was more likely to fall asleep while working than thinking on what he should be working on.

"Tony and FRIDAY did." Peter answered, drawing a picture of Pym Particles in their container, "You get these in about five years. But we don't have that time. Or know that it will happen like it did. I do know that Hank Pym is gone, so we can't get anymore made by him. If things are the same.... there should be some in Ant-Man's van."


Ultron could understand why Tony wouldn't want to tell him about Morgan, but Pepper keeping it from him was harder for him to comprehend. Part of it was that he knew there were certain nutritional requirements, but he figured out from what she had requested that she was making sure to take care of that herself.

"Oh, I am already jealous of Morgan." Ultron confirmed, "Right now Morgan is basically a concept. An barely planned concept. Tony did not know about Morgan until recently, and even if he did, there is no way to plan out what they will be like. Your genetics provides certain limits, but you can't plan them out. Morgan doesn't have a solid framework, any agenda, plans, skills, or even a personality." He said this like it was a fault on Morgan's part.

"...But he still cares more for Morgan now than he ever did me." He walked over to the captain's chair and sat down, resting several fingers on his forehead. "I wouldn't ... I won't kill or injure Morgan. Or threaten to. Just... stop looking at me like that. I hate it when they look at me like that."
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Tony had childhood memories of Henry Pym, of meeting him and of listening to his father's rants about his genius and his arrogance.  He thought he might have seen Pym Particles at some point without knowing what they were.  "That's Lang," he said, remembering the tousle-headed idiot imprisoned on the Raft after the airport battle with Cap's team. " JARVIS, find me any vehicle registered to Scott Lang.  Where is it now?"

"On it, sir.  By the way, I have been unable to find any signal from Ms. Potts."

Tony looked down, his jaw and every muscle going tight.

"Ultron has Pepper?" Bruce asked gently.

"Yeah, so we need to keep on this."  Tony turned to Peter again and was hard-put to resist hugging him again, he was so glad and proud of the kid.  "Okay, so now we know how it worked.  Now I want to know exactly what happened when they did it."  He remembered that Peter must have missed all of that and added, "To the extent you were told, anyway."

Pepper didn't care what Ultron thought of Morgan as long as he was no danger to him or her.  She put her hand to her mouth, making a noise halfway between a gulp and a sob, and then she couldn't help smiling at Ultron's last comment.

"I'm going to have to take your word for that," she said.  "I don't have the ability to remain hypervigilant.  I can't endure that much stress."  She walked over to where Ultron sat and put her smaller hand on his -- the one he left resting on the chair's arm.  "I think -- at least, I hope -- it's going to be a bit easier for us to get along now."
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Peter didn't know the specifics of where Scott had been, as he hadn't heard that much detail about the whole operation, so it was good that JARVIS could do that. However, Ultron had been very thorough going through what had been left behind after the Snap. Many of the things that were left behind or lost were given to relatives or the community, so Scott's van was given to Maggie Lang. In the process of returning any of these items, they were thoroughly examined for anything that was of interest. So the van returned lacked any of the machinery or any of the vials of Pym Particles.

Everything seemed to stop for Peter when he heard that Ultron had Pepper. "She... she was there?" he asked, quietly. It didn't take him long to figure out that she wasn't the only one. "And... And he has Morgan too then." He paled quickly, his face wracked with guilt. He should have known better, he should have asked if Ultron was keeping anyone else. He'd been so focused on Tony that the thought hadn't even crossed his mind at all.

Tony was right, though, if he wanted to fix his mistake this was the way to do it. So he told the whole story, only omitting that Bruce and Hulk weren't separate anymore and the fact that Natasha had died. He did give the details on how getting the Soul Stone worked, and that the stones couldn't bring the person back, but he refused to say who it was. Though from his story it could be figured out that it was either Natasha or Clint, there was no way to tell which of them would have gone even if someone figured that far. He got all the way to the part where they had been brought back by the Hulk and the battle for the gauntlet when he stopped, not wanting to continue any further than that. 

((oop, said Hank instead of Henry lol

"You shouldn't have endured stress about this at all." he said. "If I did anything, it wouldn't just be you holding me accountable. These two would never forgive me for it either."

"I'd kill you myself." Deadpool confirmed.

"You've already set that into motion." Ultron responded to the man. He wasn't expecting Pepper to come up to him and definitely wasn't prepared for her to suddenly touch him. He straightened up, looking at her hand with a surprised expression before turning his gaze away, but he didn't move his hand.
"I.. That would be nice." he mumbled.
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"You couldn't have known," Tony said sharply.  Pepper was on his conscience, she didn't belong on Peter's.  "It was reasonable to expect JARVIS would tell you anything that important.  It's not your fault."

"Was I supposed to?" JARVIS asked.  "My parameters are that unless the chance of success substantially outweighs the chance that Ms. Potts will be injured, a rescue should not be attempted.  I did not deem Spider-Man alone capable of saving you both."

"You couldn't even have known that there is a Morgan in this timeline," Tony added, for it struck him as a little odd that Peter had known Morgan's conception date to within two months, especially considering he had been dead at the time.

Tony questioned Peter in detail about the time heist, but the kid only knew what had happened second-hand, so Tony wasn't able to get as much as he wanted.  He was disturbed by the Soul Stone part of the story and almost got angry when Peter refused to reveal who had died, but Bruce intervened -- "It doesn't matter which one it was, it's unacceptable either way!" -- so Tony let it go, grinding his teeth.

As soon as Peter got to the part of the Hulk doing the return Snap, Bruce frowned, but Tony didn't register anything odd about it.  Before Peter could get any farther than that, JARVIS interrupted with the information he had found about Scott Lang's van.

"Then Ultron has the equipment and the Pym Particles if there were any ," Tony said, frowning.  "But he can't have really investigated them yet," he added, with more optimism in his voice.  "If he could shrink a bunch of drones down the the size of nanotech, I'd be dead, or worse.  JARVIS, top priority is to find out where he's keeping that stuff.  Put everything you have on it." 

Under the impression that was the end of Peter's story, he paced, thinking furiously.  "We need to get that machine up and running," he said, "but to get the Pym Particles, there's something else I need to put together first."  He started poking around the lab, over the mild protests of Shuri's surviving interns.  "Oh, good -- a particle accelerator!"

((It is Hank.  Only his wife and his enemies called him Henry. :) ))

"Really?" Pepper said to Wade, boggling at the idea.  "How?"  From outside the network, nothing short of nuclear annihilation could take Ultron out, as far as she could see, and  Deadpool wasn't a hacker.  She looked less surprised at Ultron's comment however, for if there was a way, Tony might find it.

Ultron's embarrassment softened her further, but she didn't want to overwhelm him.  "I'm not saying I'm on your side," she gently reminded him.  "I didn't ask to be here and I don't want to be.  But since I am, and it seems that Tony's safe, we can go back to talking together like we did before."  She patted his hand again and turned away, hopping she had been quick enough.  "So," she said in a brisker tone.  "Where are we going?"
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"But I could have asked." He was initially worried that Pepper was getting a similar treatment as Tony had, but JARVIS' words made him relax a little.

"He isn't hurting her?" Peter had to double check. "Yeah, but, it's... it's weird to think she's not." He knew her birthday, and was able to figure out when she'd been conceived.

"Can't he just build a bunch of tiny drones?" He asked. Now that he'd gone through everything, he was using a tablet that one of the assistants had been more happy to share. He was using it to see the current state of the world, and was surprised by what he was seeing. If he hadn't seen him harming Tony with his own eyes, he would have wondered what the issue was himself.

"What do you need a particle accelerator for?"


"I'll figure something out." Deadpool said confidently. Ultron didn't miss the fact that she didn't make the same comment about an attempt by Tony.

"Of course you're not. You're certain that Tony will destroy me and that you will be free. Before Morgan is born, I'd wager you're thinking. So this is just an inconvenience for you." He said, his voice a bit weary. "But it will be nice to talk again.

"An area of Chile that has a similair climate to your preferences."  He answered.
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"No, he seems to have taken a liking to her," said Tony.  Whereas he once had been relieved by this, he found it annoying now that he was free, so his grim expression didn't change any.  "She may even be influencing his present behavior all over the globe.  Yes, that's what nanotech is," he answered, "but it'd be a lot more sophisticated if normal-sized drones were miniaturized.  Ultron would be able to inhabit a tiny drone and see what's happening on the cellular level for himself."

He tapped his head.  "I've acquired a design for a teleportation device.  It's not exactly safe, but with very careful planning, we should be able to use it to acquire the Pym Particles as soon as JARVIS finds them."

Bruce, meanwhile, was watching Peter's body language.  "You know," he said quietly, "I'm not sure you reached the end of the story."

"I am optimistic that Tony will find me and that I'll be free," Pepper corrected Ultron gently.  "The rest of it, this obsession with each other's destruction, is between you and Tony.  I never had any part in that or any control over it.  And no, kidnapping and long-term imprisonment are not an inconvenience.  It's a traumatic experience, although much less so now that I don't have to worry about Tony's safety.  Or Morgan's, thank you."  She smiled again and found a seat near Ultron's.  "I've never been to Chile.  It sounds lovely.  Can we go outside?"
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"Oh. That's... good?" It was better than her being captured and hated by the AI. "Would threaten her to try and get to you?"

Peter couldn't keep from shuddering at his description of what Ultron could do. "That's way too creepy." The idea of a teleporter was exciting, though.

"Wow! Where'd you get that?" He would have thought from space, but it seemed like his journey here had gone the same given the dates JARVIS had provided.

"What does unsafe mean for a teleporter?" Peter asked. At Bruce's question, he got flustered, stuttering a bit.

"W-Well, of course, I mean, it's not like I got here right after everything was fixed. Like... you want to know about how things all got started up again? I can tell you how high school went, but it's kinda boring..." He was avoiding making eye contact with Bruce as he talked.


"Of course you didn't, he doesn't listen to you." Ultron frowned, "It sounds terrible when you say it like that. I thought you were going for the positive thinking meditation stuff." He was surprised when she thanked him and sat nearby.

"Yes, but you'll need to wear a device Jocasta has been working on whenever you're outside." He slouched somewhat in his seat.

"Now that you're talking to me again, would you mind if I asked you about something that I plan to do-- it's a bit drastic, and I've been debating whether or not I should go ahead with it."
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"He hasn't yet," Tony answered Peter briefly.   The question about the teleporter was harder.  "Bit of a mystery.  Do you know Deadpool?"  His Peter had, of course, but this one might not.  "I don't know where he got it, but I managed to blueprint it.  Unsafe means teleporting yourself into a solid object and dying instantly.  Or miscalculating the planet's trajectory, materializing in low Earth orbit, and dying instantly.  Or --"

"Yeah, we get it," Bruce said, frowning.  "The calculations required to safely teleport yourself any significant distance are going to be insanely complicated.  Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"I love the chickenshit way you have of saying this is a bad idea," Tony told his friend.  "Now tell me what you think the odds are of getting to anything that Ultron is keeping God knows where by any other means."



After Peter became very obviously flustered, Tony became just as suspicious as Bruce.  He folded his arms on one side of the boy while Bruce was staring worriedly at him from the other.  "Sounds like there's something you're not telling me that I probably need to know."

Pepper thought it unnecessary to say that whether Tony listened to her on the subject of Ultron was a moot point , since she had originally been even more in favor of Ultron's demise than Tony was.  If their positions had changed -- hers softening and his growing harder -- it wasn't yet enough of a difference for her to complain about. 

"Meditation doesn't change reality, just helps me cope with it."  She admired the articulation in Ultron's body that allowed him to slouch.  Even Iron Man wasn't that flexible.  "Will it be necessary if you accompany me outside?  Sometimes it's nice to walk while talking."

She blinked worriedly and her pulse began to increase again.  "Sounds serious.  Go ahead."
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"Yeah, actually. He was, um... really dead in the ship we got picked up in. But not dead. Ultron teleported him away. Is the pink sparkle thing how the teleporter works?"

Since Deadpool had been able to survive what happened to him in the ship, it made sense why he was using the device.

"It should work as long as we get the exact location." Peter said, not knowing about the possible effects of the teleporter malfunctioning.
When suddenly both of them were on him about it, he got defensive.

"Hey..! I can't just tell you everything!  I was gone for five years. You both-- all of you had a lot happen. And I don't want to mess anything up."


"You could try and think of it as a work vacation... Maternity leave? I want to try and make this better for you. For both of you." Ultron looked at her strangely when she asked the question.

"It isn't an invisible fence collar or anything like that. It's not to contain you. It's purely cosmetic. So, yes, you will still be wearing it." He was confused by her suggesting that he accompanies her too.

"Why would you want me on your walks? Don't you want to use them to get away from me and my drones?"

It took him a minute to start talking again, "I know human governments operate based upon deception, and I don't want to go that route, even by ommission. People know what I did to Sokovia, but I haven't addressed it directly. I was considering being... well, openly admitting to it. To the public, and see how they perceive me afterwards. It's better than them hearing it from others. Like my Father."
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"And that's all you know about him?"  Apparently this Peter Parker had never encountered Deadpool before.  He did not have their shared history on M'Atta Gaskar.  How close had he and... the other Tony been?  He hadn't seemed surprised when Tony hugged him.  How innocent he seemed.  Even shinier than Tony's Peter Parker.  Tony wished he could have an ordinary, relaxed conversation with him instead of being in crisis mode.  "I have no idea why the pink sparkles.  Maybe it's a just a special effect."

"It's not just having the exact location, the problem is the planet's moving," Bruce started to explain, but Tony cut him off with, "Later.  Gotta build the thing first."

He stared at Peter with dark and tired eyes for a moment and then said, "Okay.  We'll trust you to make that call."

"We will?" said Bruce.
"One way you could maybe make 'this' better is to explain why 'this' is happening at all," Pepper said, frowning.  "Originally I thought I was a hostage to keep Tony docile.  Then I thought you didn't want anyone to know Tony was still alive and this was the kindest way you had of keeping me quiet.  Neither of those explanations seem to fit anymore.

"I will want to walk alone many times, but we could walk together sometimes as well."

His question wasn't what she had expected, but then she wasn't sure what she had expected.  It took her some time to think about it.  "Hm, well, the timing is a little suspicious.  You're clearly trying to pre-empt Tony's PR attack."

(Tony hadn't done any press or social media announcement yet, but Okoye had released an official Wakandan statement that Tony Stark had been freed from Ultron's custody, accompanied by footage of him walking from the Benetar to the city.  JARVIS was running interference to keep the statement and the video circulating.)

Pepper gave her honest opinion.  "I think it's the moral thing to do.  I'm not sure it will change people's perceptions very much overall.  It's not like it was a secret before.  It seems to me there there are four broad categories of people to consider. 

"There are people who like you no matter what you did in the past because you're so beneficial for them now.  They'll approve the admission, but they liked you already. 

"There are people who hate you no matter what you do for them now, either because they can't forgive you for Sokovia or they have unrelated reasons.  You aren't going to change their minds by admitting it. 

"Then there are people who, in spite of the evidence, don't believe you are an independent entity who can be held accountable for your actions.  They blamed Tony for Sokovia because they thought you had a programming error, and now they praise Tony for fixing it.  You may shift their opinions, but it's hard to guess in which direction.  It might be negative.

"Finally, there are people, believe it or not, who never knew about Sokovia because they lived in authoritarian countries with restricted news access.  I suspect they will mostly continue to approve of you.  Or at worst, they'll say they do because that's how they've been conditioned to respond to power."
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"I think so?" The name sounded familiar, but he couldn't remember ever having met the mercenary before this. He didn't even recognize the costume's colors (Since the shape and design had been somewhat warped by the splattering). "Are you keeping the sparkles?" he asked.

"Oh, right. That's pretty big."

It was hard for Peter to stay under Tony's scrutinizing gaze, especially since the information he was withholding was very important in regards to Tony. Of course, if they got the stones, he would have to tell him, but he wasn't going to let him know how he died right after saving him from death.

"You will?"


"I wouldn't be able to talk to you at all if I did let you go. Even if you wanted to, I doubt Tony would let you communicate with me. It would be too risky for both of us. And he does need to be a bit more... considerate when it comes to destroying me with you here." He nodded at her invitation to join her on some walks.

"Oh, I'm trying to do far more than that." He listened carefully to her ideas, and found that they were mostly correct, based upon the data he had gathered from the internet on the people speculating and posting information about the attack and the responses that were given.

"Thank you for your input. I think that I should do the speech right now then." he decided, "Not here, of course, but I should get it out there." He hadn't done anything to disturb what JARVIS had been posting, because it would actually affirm the point he was going to make.

"I've been working on those authoritarian countries. It's slow going, but they can't keep me out much more than the rest of the world is able to."
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Tony didn't let up on the gaze.  "Yeah.  I'm trusting you to tell me what I need to know."

Then he turned away from both of them and started burying himself -- and them -- in the work.  The first thing he had to do was get familiar with Shuri's lab -- and to persuade those Wakandans who had an interest in the matter that it was a good idea to let him and Peter use it.  Eventually, this effort resulted in Bruce leaving to find Okoye and the other Avengers and explain the plan to them.  Okoye then cleared Tony and Peter to work in the lab. 

Tony had JARVIS translate some of Shuri's research notes while they worked and became better acquainted with the possibilities afforded by a mountain of vibranium. 

((Did you want to come up with where Ultron stuck the contents of Scott's van, or shall I?))
"Oh," said Pepper.  She looked nonplussed, then disgruntled.  "So... it's really just because you enjoy my company."  She gave Deadpool a pained sidelong glance.  "And here I am like a naive idiot offering you more of it."  Then she sighed and shrugged and managed a small smile again.  "I suppose it doesn't matter.  Might as well make the best of it.

"You're welcome.  I'll be... interested to hear what you say."  When he mentioned the work on the authoritarian countries, she was surprised enough to laugh.  "Slow?  You've done more for freedom in those places in a month than anyone else has managed in fifty years!" 

The look she gave him then was one Ultron had probably only seen in wet dreams; it was the admiring look she gave Tony when he had done something particularly amazing.  Although she was also thinking Assuming you told me the truth.
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"... Thank you." He said, not used to Tony treating him so maturely. He was very respectful and didn't touch anything that he was told not to, since this wasn't their lab after all. So he didn't start doing anything until they were given clearance by Okoye, and that gave him time to take off his mask and put on a provided labcoat to get into the working mood.

To find the Pym Particles, JARVIS would need to look back a bit to pinpoint their exact location. They were removed from the van and taken to one of the AI's many research locations. However, when he figured out what they were, he had them moved elsewhere, and the building he chose had many things coming in and out, but there was no wireless surveillance inside. There were drones outside of the facility, but they didn't enter the building, just being used as sentries.

((I set it up a bit, but you can put the setting/area you'd want it in.


"It's not entirely that.... And again, I don't want to force you to spend time with me."

Deadpool was holding out a conversation on a toy cellphone when Pepper looked at him, he put his hand over the receiver and looked back at her. "Trust me, you want the murderbot to enjoy your company." He 'whispered' loud enough to be heard throughout the bridge.

"Wade, if you call me murderbot one more time--"


"You didn't even let me finish my threat. You're getting a bath when we land now."

"No! I just showered yesterday!" Which would have been a valid reason if he didn't currently reek of blood.

"Then you shouldn't have called me murderbot." Ultron replied, "Well, even if you're interested, that doesn't mean you have to listen to it." The laugh surprised him, at first he thought she was agreeing that it was taking him too long.

"It's-- well, I just need to arm them with knowledge without incriminating anyone--" Being able to remotely send and then delete any information that was considered propaganda by the government made it far easier to prevent arrests. "It takes more sacrifice than many humans think is feasible. I could be doing more if... If I- um..." He had never seen that look of hers except in the occasional recorded footage, and it threw him off. "I forget what I was saying."  he laughed after a pause.
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Tony swallowed and reached out as if to hug Peter again, but he got embarrassed and ended up punching him awkwardly in the shoulder instead.  "Right.  Let's get to it."

JARVIS reported that he had traced items taken from Scott Lang's van to a research facility Ultron had built in a remote part of Greenland.  By tracing drone movements, he had narrowed the likely location down to one room, but since there was no internal surveillance, he could not be certain of it.

Since he didn't speak Wakandan or have time to learn a new programming language, Tony used JARVIS as an interface for Shuri's design and fabrication units.  They created each component in layers of vibranium and various composites as he described them.  When they were complete, he assembled the whole teleportation device with Shuri's workbench and tools. 

Bruce, who had been working on the target calculations, frowned as he watched how Tony's hands were trembling while he made the last minute adjustments, and then he gently tugged Peter off to the side for a quiet conversation.  "He can't go.  Whatever he's been through, he's on the verge of nervous collapse."


"You really need a bath, Wade," Pepper said gently.  She used his first name like a ward nurse talking to a mental patient.

"Is that possible?" she wondered when Ultron said he forgot what he was talking about.  "Anyway, when I said some people had other reasons to hate you, I meant those authoritarian governments.  I'm sure they lost a lot of ground after the Snap anyway, but you've still done an amazing job."

The flight seemed to be taking a long time, considering the technology Ultron had access to.  "Are we getting close?"
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"Yeah..." Peter wouldn't have minded another hug, but it might have made Tony suspicious about what he was keeping to himself. He did his best to help Tony put together the plans for it, but let the man do it himself. He didn't think that Tony would let him to be the one to build it, or crowd him by helping. He could see that he was having difficulty, though, and planned to go over it again with JARVIS to be sure it was secure. He didn't resist Bruce at all, and had a good idea what the other scientist wanted to talk about.

"I know. I thought he would have passed out by now." he said back, "How are we going to keep him from trying to go?" He knew that they would have to be careful, since Tony could literally teleport away if he sensed their intentions.

Meanwhile, Ultron had put out his broadcast to the world, it was just him sitting by himself in one of his prime bodies at a table, but he wanted it to be a visual as well as audio address so that his emotions could come through clearly to the population. The viewing was accessible to anyone that had a device capable of receiving a signal. However, it was an optional viewing, so he wasn't making anyone watch or listen to it that didn't want to. He started by solemnly addressing the Sokovia incident and apologizing for his involvement in it, specifically naming all of those that lost their lives.

"It was... how Stark programmed me that led me to act this way. My view on humanity was bleak, and now I see the error I made when I went through with his orders. If you have not seen yet, I will tell you now, my Father is still alive and he was in my custody. I never denied that he was alive, but I thought it would be better... well, if you all believed him to be a hero that sacrificed himself, rather than see him as the person he truly is." Ultron closed his eyes and paused before opening them and continuing.

"Even after all I have done for humanity, he wants to destroy me. He claims that he wants peace, but is unwilling to take the steps that are necessary to ensure it for everyone. My father never had to worry about finances when he grew up, and he had no reason to fear his basic needs may not be met until he was kidnapped. He speaks like he no longer has the privilege to ignore the rest of humanity whenever he chooses with no ill effects to himself. I have seen the work he has done to 'help' all of you by sacrificing his pocket change. He has risked his life for humanity, but has he ever risked his comfort for it?" Ultron became more heated at this point.   

"Of course the place he would find shelter at is Wakanda. A prosperous utopia that was unwilling to risk their own security to help the rest of their nation. They watched as the areas around them were raided, colonized, massacred--" He slammed his hands down on the table, standing up.

"They will throw crumbs at the rest of you and expect you to thank them!" The apertures on his face were now open, "They are afraid that I will cause them to feel like your equals. They think that they cannot be happy unless there are people for them to look down on!" He calmed a bit after this, sitting back down in a somewhat defeated manner.

"My father has infected me with a program and intends to destroy me. I will do my best to prevent this, but I cannot promise this to you. I want there to be peace, for everyone to recover from this great tragedy, for everyone to be united in healing and repairing in any way that we can. I will continue doing as much as I can for all of you. Thank you all for your time." he finished before ending it.


"But I don't wanna." he said in a bratty voice, sinking into his chair as much as the restraints would let him.

"It is, actually." he replied with a small laugh. He could just go back and regain his thoughts, but it was possible for him to have a lapse when he wasn't being thorough. "It isn't just them, it's many of the Americans that have incredibly large amounts of wealth. Considering that they're the 1%, I can deal with that small unpopularity... Thank you." he added, smiling at her sincerely.

"Yes. 2 minutes." He wasn't going to go straight to the location, having to be sure that they were not followed or monitored in any way. "Would you like oceanside or more inland?"
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"Someone's gotta talk him down," Bruce said.  "I think you're the only one he's going to listen to right now.  If it doesn't work, then get the belt away from him and I'll give him a sedative."

Tony meanwhile, finished tinkering with the belt.  "Now we need to give this a test run and if it's all copacetic, JARVIS can assemble another one."  Tony was planning to go get the Pym Particles himself, but even he wasn't driven or obsessed enough to go alone.  "Parker?  Parker, where'd you go?"

In another part of Wakanda, Ultron's announcement had several effects, but no immediate rebuttal.  First, Okoye had to deal with some recalcitrant members of the king's council.  In the absence of the royal family, she was in charge by seniority, but her authority was hardly absolute.  The more conservatives Wakandans thought the country had risked too much already by harboring the Avengers and wanted to expel them and make peace with Ultron.  Okoye pacified them by informing them of Stark's plan to undo the Snap.  All of them were swayed by the hope of getting their king and their loved ones back and putting the world back the way it was before Thanos.  Then she met with Cap and Natasha to discuss the situation, a meeting which ended with all three of them heading for Shuri's lab to talk to Tony and Peter.


Unaware that Ultron had lied to her, Pepper smiled an amused, self-deprecating, and only slightly annoyed smile.  "I like to think that a few of us were doing good work with all those resources."  As Stark Industries CEO, she hadn't been in the 1%, but as Tony Stark's fiance, she'd come damn close.

"Oh, seaside, of course.  As long as we're not displacing anybody."
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"I can try and do that." he replied. "A sedative!? Peter sounded shocked, but luckily still kept his voice at the same low volume. "I don't think we'll need that." When Tony called him, he practically bounced over.

"Sorry, didn't want to get in your thinking space." he said, which was true. "How are we going to test it? Do we need a watermelon or something to put it around?"

The public as a whole had a mixed response to Ultron's announcement, but as Pepper had predicted there was more positive than negative reactions from the masses. Ultron would have to deal with drones being destroyed and vandalized, but they were easy to recover, and anyone that wanted to get rid of their drones were allowed to with the assurance that they would be able to get them again if they chose so. More importantly, his speech had caused there to be dissonance between the lower and upper classes, as well as a general drop in popularity for Wakanda. 


"Hm... yes. Good work." he said, vaguely, deciding not to say that he didn't think it was enough. "I wouldn't displace someone even for you."

It's been too quiet in here. We need some music.

But nothing offensive to Pepper. She still has the upper hand.

"My man is my man, is your man, heard it's her man too! My man is my man, is your man, heard it's her man- Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday- I just keep him satisfied through the weekend."

Oh no.

"You like 9 to 5, I'm the weekend." He tried to dance as best as he could in his seat. "Make him lose his mind every weekend! You take him Wednesday, Thursday- then just send him my way. Think I got it covered for the weekend."

"Please buckle up for landing." Ultron said to Pepper. There didn't seem any change in the movement of the ship before he said. "We've landed. It will take an hour or so to build and install plumbing, electricity-- all that sort of stuff. You will need to wear the device before we exit the ship." Jocasta came over and offered what looked like a watch for the woman to put on.

((wait i missed it, what did Ultron lie about
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"Yeah -- no, we need something more complicated than that," Tony said, looking blearily around the lab.  "We need to see if it rearranges your insides and with a watermelon, how would we tell?"  He swayed a little and then said, "JARVIS, can you make contact with my internal nanotech?"

"Yes, sir.  I am in communication with my counterpart."

"Good.  Tell that JARVIS I need a stimulant."

"That would not be advisable at this time, sir."

"Well, you can prepare a safety briefing for me to ignore."

"Tony, you have blood in your hair and a knot on the back of your head," Bruce observed.  "I'd guess you suffered a concussion recently."

"Which my nanytes are taking care of."


At first, Pepper bristled at Deadpool's singing while she buckled in because it seemed a malicious choice of song, but it had such a haunted, mournful quality that she softened.  I must tell Tony not to take advantage of unstable people..

"All right.  Are you going to make the announcement soon?"  She got up and took the watch from Jocasta and inspected it without putting it on.  "What exactly does it do?"

((My bad --looks like he just led Pepper to believe he would make the announcement after they landed without lying.  Forgot he can multitask so well.))
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"It can rearrange our insides?!" Peter grew a bit pale. He frowned when Tony told JARVIS to give him a stimulant despite the program's advice against it.

"Mr. Stark." he said, very serious. "We need each and every one of those containers. We can't make more, and I don't even know for sure how many of them there are.

"You aren't in any condition to be doing anything but sitting down. I don't care if you use stimulants or get repaired by your nanotech. If there is even the smallest chance you won't be at your top game, which you aren't, then it's not worth the risk. If one drops, gets damaged-- or even if Ultron decides to destroy it because we want it and there is any hesitation-" He wasn't going to directly mention that Tony might freeze up, understandably so, when he saw Ultron, but he was very aware it was a possibility.

"Then that's it. There are no other chances, Mr. Stark. You already found the stuff and created a way for us to get in--" He gestured to the teleporter. "You did more than enough already. Would you... Can you trust me to get them?"


Ultron totally missed the purpose of the man's song, or he would have told him to be quiet, he was so used to the other singing random nonsense. He looked surprised when Pepper asked him if he was going to make the announcement soon.

"I already did while we were talking." he said. "Sorry. Was that rude?"

"It creates a hologram around you to disguise your identity." Jocasta answered, "You will be able to see through it fine and it doesn't feel like anything."

"Can I go play with the sharks?" Deadpool asked. "I promise not to stab any of them this time."
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"Uh-huh, tell me something I don't know," Tony said at first, barely glancing up from the workbench.  But as Peter continued, he looked up, scowling, his face working between anger and despair.

He could not, could not, lose it in front of Peter.  Peter was the kid, the one he was supposed to hold it together in front of, it was his job, it was the father thing, to stay cool, to be the adult in the room.  But he was at the end of his rope.  He opened his mouth without knowing what was going to come out of it.

"No, I can't... You can't go alone... I can't...can't lose you again--"

"He won't go alone, Tony," Bruce said as Tony clenched his fists to keep control.  "We'll send somebody with him.  Cap, or Nat, or..."

"Yeah, not Cap."

Cap, Natasha and Okoye arrived in time to hear most of this.  Steve looked down, sort of faded into the background and didn't say anything.

"No," Pepper said, surprised.  "I just thought... I misinterpreted what you said.  Can I hear it?"  To Jocasta, she said, "What will I look like?" while she was checking the watch to see if it was possible for her to take off.
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"I won't go alone, Mr. Stark." He liked teaming up with others even beyond the strategic advantages. When Tony looked like he was going to lose it, Peter did what the other thought too awkward to. He walked over and hugged him.

"Nothing's gonna happen to me. I know you won't let it--you're making a teleporter for me. I'll use it if I get into any trouble."

He saw Cap and the others, feeling awkward about what Tony had said rather than being seen hugging him. He let him go and took a step back.

"Well, we should pick whoever is best for the job..." he said, vaguely, not wanting to have to decide that.


"You can tell me if you think it is- or if it's unsettling." When she asked if she would be able to hear it, he looked away. "... yes." Though he didn't offer to play it for her.

"When we leave the ship, a drone. But when you are doing other activities you can have a human disguise. I will design one for you and you can make adjustments."

"Can you program Nebula?" Deadpool asked, "On one of the drones?" Ultron just stared at the man. "And have it slap me?"
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Tony hugged back hard, and Peter was able to feel some of the tension go out of his lean body.  It was as if somebody had said in his ear you're not a fuckup, you haven't destroyed the world or everything good in it, it's gonna be okay..

"Maybe Nebula," he said after Peter stepped back.

"What's going on?" Natasha asked Bruce.  While he was filling her in, Okoye stepped forward and shoved a tablet into Tony's reluctant hands.  "The boy is right.  You stay here.  You need a medical assessment.  Then you help us refute this."

Tony watched Ultron's speech with apprehension, then anger, then weary eye-rolling.  He allowed Peter and Bruce to watch over his shoulder.  "Can anyone here spell projection?  Look, this isn't the most important thing for us to be working on right now --"

"But it is what you will work on, if you want to go on working," Okoye said.

"Okay, okay."  Tony threw up his hands.  "Pete, JARVIS will make another teleport belt for whoever you go with.  I'd pick Nebula, if I were you, she's got robotics Ultron knows nothing about."

He allowed Okoye to lead him off to the medical division of Shuri's lab, only with several worried looks back at Peter. 

When he was gone, Cap detached himself from the background and manifested in Peter's vicinity.  "Are you up for this, Queens?" he asked. 
Pepper eyed Ultron, wondering what he was up to.  "Will you play it for me, Jocasta?"  To Deadpool, she said, "Ultron is trying to avoid satellite surveillance, I think.  So he isn't likely to agree to make you a blue person that Tony knows is somewhere else."
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Peter squeezed him back, glad to feel the other relaxing a bit, although it made his own pulse quicken a bit as he recalled how much this hug felt like the one he had given him after the Snap was undone.

"Okay. Nebula is one option." he said. Although, the more he thought about it, the worse that idea sounded. The intention was to get in there and get out without any fighting, and he could see the alien smashing one of the vials in some rage. "Thanks... Refute what?"

He frowned as he watched the video, if he didn't know what Ultron had done or if he hadn't known Tony, he might have been swayed by the AI's words. He knew quite a few of his classmates that would agree with what he had to say, and that had him worried.

"It might actually be pretty important, Mr. Stark..." he said. It also would take less physical work at least, as he didn't want him going on any missions soon. He nodded at him talking about Nebula again, although he wasn't considering her as an option anymore. He took the teleporter that was made already, having JARVIS go over the different parts and functions of the belt.

"Only if you are, Captain Brooklyn." he said to Cap without looking at him. He then activated the teleporter and went a couple feet to the right. "Are all my organs in the right place, JARVIS?" he asked, although he was pretty sure they were. His spider-sense hadn't gone off before he used the teleporter, so he assumed it was safe.


"Yes." Jocasta said, starting up the screen and loading it.

"Oh, it would definitely be in a dark bedroom with no windows. If you have a dungeon in this place too, that would be perfect." Deadpool watched the video, clapping once it was finished.

"Can I be the one that lets go of the rope?" he asked, "When you publicly guillotine the bourgeois?"
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"You appear to be unchanged, Mr. Parker," JARVIS responded.  "I am assembling a second device."

"All right.  I'll go with you unless you want someone else," Cap said.  "Nat?"

"I don't think it should be me," Natasha said.  She was very good at reading body language and she saw she made Peter even more uncomfortable than Cap did, although she did not understand why, unless it was simply because he was a teenage boy and she had attractive breasts.

Meanwhile, Okoye had Tony physically examined and then tried to debrief him.  Tony was unwilling to talk about his captivity and told her off with a cutting quip about Grace Jones.  She continued prodding him and reminding him of the danger Wakanda was in with world opinion against them.  Then Natasha came in and took over the debriefing and Okoye stayed only to record it and add commentary.  Natasha was an expert debriefer as well as a friend.  With her gently questioning him, Tony was able to talk. 

In terse sentences, sticking to the bare facts and not showing much emotion, Tony described what Ultron had done and said to him: the kidnapping, the days of solitary confinement, the threats, the abuse, the dismemberment, the attempt to take him over by means of nanotechnology, which he foiled with the virus Ultron was complaining about, and finally the attempt to kill him which was interrupted by the Avengers' rescue (he said the Avengers and did not specify Spider-Man or Nebula).   In the course of the narrative, he also explained all that he had done which had prompted Ultron's retaliation, as he did not want Ultron to claim he was leaving anything out.  This, of course led him to mention that Pepper Potts was still Ultron's prisoner, even though, whatever beef Ultron had with Tony, she had never done anything to injure the AI.

Because he was on a roll and becoming his characteristically hyper-verbal self again, Natasha had him explain Ultron's references to his prior captivity on M'Atta Gaskar.  Tony described the physical torture session Ultron had indulged himself in several years before, his genius brain able to recall every bite, burn, electric shock and session on the rack, as well as Ultron's expressions of extreme personal hatred.

When he was done with that, he was completely done, drained, sick and shaking, and Natasha slipped him another sedative for fear he wouldn't sleep without it.
Pepper's face showed approval all the way through Ultron's apology.  Her expression softened even more when he named the victims personally and she even gave him a sympathetic look.

Which was why the rest of it, when he started talking about Tony, came as such a severe shock.  She gasped and recoiled, and dropped the wristband.   When it was all over, she ran in to a corner -- since she was unable to find a bathroom or a wastebasket -- and threw up.

"Oh, God," she said then, fumbling for something to wipe her face off with.  "Oh, God.  Are you trying to start a panic?  A war?"
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"Great." Peter said. He didn't look at Natasha when Cap suggested her, "Um, yeah. I think you'd do better with having your organs rearranged."

All of the information was new to Peter, and he was totally shocked by everything that had gone down between Tony and his creation. The last he'd heard about them meeting was right before Ultron was destroyed. He had no idea that Tony already had gone to space and that this was not the first time that he'd been captured.

It was a relief to have Tony get a chance to rest, Peter needed to be able to digest the information himself as well before he could face him. Another thing was deeply worrying-- that wasn't a small difference, it was a huge one compared to the past that Peter knew of, which meant that Doctor Strange could be right. He pushed that thought away, planning on focusing on the mission ahead.

"We can go as soon as Dr. Banner is done with the calculations. Please, don't rush." he added at the end. Not wanting to end up halfway through the ground. "If you didn't know Ultron... about everything he did. What would you think about what he just said? What he's been doing?" Peter asked Cap. He'd been checking the news and information about Ultron on one of the tablets, and he could see why they were having trouble turning people against the AI.


Ultron had expected her to be shocked and to disprove of what he had to say, so when she dropped the device he looked to Jocasta.

"This is why I didn't want to show her now. Stress isn't good for her."

"You should have stated that rather than avoiding showing her. How am I supposed to know otherwise?"

"Once we get this virus cleared up, we'll have to go back to non-verbal communication." Ultron said, watching as she ran off to a corner. He made a disgusted face when she suddenly threw up, not understanding how the speech had made her feel physically ill.

"Is it morning sickness?" Jocasta asked, bringing over a small wet-nap, she always had several packs for when she was around Deadpool.

"Everyone's a critic. Don't listen to her, Ultron, I thought it was amazing." Deadpool said with a laugh.

"I didn't expect that you would understand. I am looking through all of humanity's social media posts every minute of the day. I know what people want, I know what is making them suffer. I know what is making them do... terrible things. This inequality among your kind, that is what starts wars. People are talking about this, have been talking about this... And clearly, the humans with the means to bring peace are incapable of doing anything about it. You say that you did what you thought was good, and I believe that. But it's not enough. It will never be enough. If I am to bring peace, things cannot remain the way that they are.

"Do you need water? To lie down?" he paused his postulating to ask her.
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Okoye was recording, so Tony knew Peter would hear it eventually, but if he had known Peter was listening at that moment, he probably would not have been able to talk about it.

Steve did know at least some of what Tony had previously been through, and also that Spider-Man had been there.  But he could tell it was new to this Peter (who, like the original, was terrible at concealing his facial expressions even when he wanted to).  He put a hand on the boy's shoulder just so he didn't have to feel alone while listening to so harrowing a narrative.

"Almost done," Bruce answered Peter.  "Though I have to make a few adjustments for somebody of Cap's weight."

Steve wasn't in the mood to make a joke about needing to go on a diet, so he didn't.  He seriously considered Peter's question.  He had been weighing the morality of their position ever since their return, especially after Thor left. 

"This isn't freedom," he said.  If he'd been talking to Tony, that would be enough to say, but for someone Peter's age, more seemed necessary.  "He sounds like a demagogue.  He's appealing to the worst in people -- to fear and resentment and greed -- instead of the better angels of our nature.  If he'd been elected, I'd put up with it.  But he hasn't been.  He took over when we were too weak to stop him, and now he's keeping everyone afraid of aliens and angry at us -- the Avengers -- so that he can stay in power.  He needs to be taken down."
Pepper accepted the wet nap gratefully.  "Partly."  The speech alone wouldn't have done it, and besides pregnancy, she felt a certain disturbance in her inner ear from the too-smooth plane ride.

"Oh, God," she said again at the conclusion of Ultron's speech, regarding him with a mixture of horror and pity.  "You have no idea what you're up against."  But she didn't feel like she could explain it to him just yet, the shock was too raw.  "Yes, some water, please.  And then I want to take a walk.  Alone, please."
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It definitely wouldn't have been enough if he stopped there, especially for the kids at his school. Peter thought that Captain America was awesome before meeting him, but all of the teens were forced to watch his cheesy PSAs and most of them thought he was anything but awesome. He didn't know what a demagogue was, and he was sure Cap didn't know enough about D&D to mispronounce the word he was thinking of. It sounded bad either way.

"What about the..." Peter paused, "What about the good stuff he's doing? Will we keep doing that after we stop him?"


"Would you like a portable bag for when you have to eject the contents of your stomach?" Jocasta offered.

"Well, I haven't been getting much... reliable guidance." Ultron admitted, "I think I can handle a few rich people." He added, getting a reusable water bottle for her. Ultron didn't bring it directly to her, instead placing it on the ground by Jocasta, who picked it up and handed it to the woman.

"Of course, you're free to do what you wish. You still need to wear the device." Since she had dropped it in her shock. He bent over Deadpool, unstrapping him quickly, before the robot could fully straighten up,  the mercenary had jumped onto him, wrapping his arms around his chest.

"I'll keep you company, Ultron!"
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Natasha and Okoye viewed the footage of Tony's debriefing and decided not to edit it.  It was more powerful and  authentic when viewed raw.  Okoye only added the medical report from Tony's examination, which backed up his assertions of physical torture, especially the scar tissue and change in bone density that showed he'd had his arm amputed and re-attached.

With JARVIS riding herd to keep Ultron from suppressing or altering it, they sent it to Wakanda's outside contacts, both official and unofficial, and these agents released it to the media and on every major online platform.  Following Ultron's announcement by only a couple of hours, it hit the web like a shockwave.  There were plenty of people who thought it was fake, but they were drowned out by the general howl of outrage, and then by expert assessment that the footage, at least, was genuine.  People who had trouble grasping the magnitude of Ultron's responsibility for Sokovia, just because it was so big, found it much easier to be horrified by the narrative of one man's experience, especially when the man was as charismatic and well-known as Tony Stark.   Ultron's approval ratings began to drop fast.

There was only only one omission in the footage.    In a casual, almost throw-away remark, while describing his captivity on M'Atta Gaskar, Tony had mentioned that Ultron had been building an army for Thanos.  The Snappening was still raw, not even two months old, and literally everyone on Earth had lost at least one loved one.  Natasha and Okoye had feared that this detail would cause a panic or worldwide rioting since just about every household had at least one drone.

"We'll do our best," Cap said, and thereby took responsibility for doing Ultron's job, even though Tony was the only other person who could do it. Probably.

"All set here," Bruce said then, and handed Cap. another version of the teleport belt.  "It's hardwired in so you can't make a mistake.  Touch this button, you go to Greenland, touch this one, you come right back here.  I'll keep the area clear."

"Ready," Cap said, fastening the belt around his waist and picking up the substitute shield the Wakandans had given him.  He put his gloved hand on the trigger and locked eyes with Peter.  "Three...Two...One...Go."

"Next time I'm on a plane, certainly," Pepper told Jocasta.  "Thank you."  She noticed Ultron's standoffish body language.  "Not because I hate you," she told him.  "Because I need time to think."  She wanted to help Ultron manage his message better next time, but she had to assess the impact of the previous one first. 

She picked up the wristwatch device and frowned at it, trying to determine if she would be able to take it off again.  Or if there were any booby traps, not that she would have recognized them if there were.  "This isn't going to knock me unconscious if I go too far, or electrocute anyone who tries to rescue me, is it?"  She raised her eyes to find that Ultron was now wearing Deadpool
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((Ultron will prolly talk about this w Pepper later/refrain from making a response immediately

Peter was able to realize this himself, as the AI was doing so many things that were physically impossible for most supers to even do, but he had faith that Cap would keep his word and that they would work something out. There was also the issue of legality as well, but he was hoping that people would be more supportive and open to aid that wasn't restricted.

"Thanks, Dr. Banner." Peter said, making sure his belt was on securely while Cap put his on. He pulled his mask over his face then, holding his hand on the trigger as well and pressing it along with the other.

Teleporting across the room was one thing, but suddenly ending up in a totally different place was disorientating. If he'd been a normal person, he was sure he would have gotten sick from it. The place looked somewhat like a lab, or at least an exterior to one, they were in an extended hallway that appeared sterile and had no furniture or decorations in it. There were only two visible mechanical doors, one at each end of the hallway.

Walking toward them had been a drone, but instead of blue its eyes were glowing an off-white color. Its arms were filled with several metal objects, and before it could respond, Peter had webbed the items and the drone all together, then pulled it in to smash its head in with his free hand.


"I should have offered you one before, it is standard airline procedure." She made a note to offer more barf bags to humans that chose to ride on their ships.

"Oh.. good." Ultron said when she responded to his body language, "Take as much time as you need."

"I'll go with her instead. We can do girl talk." Deadpool said.

"Don't try to get out of your bath." Ultron tried to grab the mercenary, but the man just put his hand into the AI's and held it. Ultron was too shocked by what Pepper said to try to grab at him again.

"No! Of course not!" he frowned, "Even if it did, I wouldn't have you wear it with... Morgan anyhow." There wasn't anything sinister looking about the device, but there wasn't any clear indication of a latch or clasp on it either. "But that second feature... I might actually want to add that to it."
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Steve was reminded of his first ride in space, and also of the time he rode the Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island after eating too many hot dogs in 1938.  But he recovered as quickly as Peter did.  Once the kid had webbed and bashed the drone's face in, he used the shield to disconnect its head from its shoulders in one quick downward chop.  It died in sparks.

He couldn't identify the high tech components the drone was carrying, but they looked like new items it would be taking to a lab room, rather than trash it would be taking out.  "This way," he said, going for the door the drone had been heading toward.  It didn't open for them, of course, but his Wakandan shield was made of vibranium and had a sharper edge than his disc-shaped one; he simply punched out the locking mechanism and shoved it aside.
Pepper was curious about what Deadpool would talk about when Ultron wasn't around, but she hoped he would have a bath before she found out.

She jerked the watch out of Ultron's reach when he said he wanted to add the electrocution feature.  "No, thank you!  And you'd better not be spying on me with this."  She reluctantly put it on her wrist and watched to see if it would fasten itself the way some of Tony's nanotech things did.  Then she moved to the exit, expecting it to open.
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Peter could identify some of it from what he could see through the webbing and debris, but there was something off about how they looked. He didn't have time to think about it more, his mind set on spotting the tell-tale red of the pym particles. He was on alert as well for incoming drones, not just ones they could see or hear, but any his spider-sense picked up. If they were met with another swarm of them attacking, he'd know well ahead of time.

He was going to ask JARVIS if he could get schematics now that they were inside of the place, but Cap was already on it. He followed the man, who continued to use his old fashioned ways of navigation and hacking to bust through the locked door. Peter grabbed one side of the door and shoved it open, wondering if the teleporter had messed up his spider-sense as he was getting nothing. The other option was that the room was empty, but as soon as he had enough space he kicked the other half of the door, slamming it into its slot permanently, he saw it was actually rather full.

There were six drones with the same light coloration as the first that had been destroyed, they were spread across the small room, all of them having paused their tasks. In the middle of the room was a small, glass box on a table. Inside the case were the pym particles, and leaning over the case and operating mechanical arms inside of it was a little girl. She looked like she was only about seven, her hair was back in a large bun and she had huge coke bottle glasses on. When the door had obviously been forced open, she had stood up from how she had been sitting, staring at the door with wide eyes.

"A.. Attack?!" she ordered, and the drones dropped what they were doing, rushing at the pair while she opened up the container and grabbed the Pym Particles before running toward a door on the opposite side of the room.

"Is that a kid?!" Peter gasped. None of the drones actually fired anything at them, instead coming in to fight with close combat, and rather poorly at that.


"Just a tiny non-lethal taser?" Ultron said, not letting go of Deadpool's hand when he tried to pull away to follow Pepper. "Should I be?" he asked when she questioned whether or not he was using it to spy on her. "It doesn't-- what would you be doing? Or saying?" It fastened itself much like she had expected, leaving behind only smooth metal that couldn't be detached, and while it wasn't tight, there was no room for it to slide about on her arm.

"She's going to be running this place next." Deadpool commented. With the item on her arm, the door did open for her, and there was a brief shimmer around her before her vision went back to normal.

"Who would you be talking to that..." Ultron had a realization, "Are you talking to Morgan? What are you telling them that you don't want me to hear?" he asked, dead serious. Deadpool stopped his physical struggling to instead struggle not to laugh at the AI.
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Steve wasn't  smarter than other people, not like Tony or Bruce were, but such intelligence as he had was...speeded up.  His mind, like the rest of his body, worked faster because of the serum.  He had been wondering why the drone had white instead of Ultron-drone blue eyes, and now he knew: because someone had converted them to her own use, apparently without Ultron even noticing.  He had a similar insight into the girl's age, which had something to do with the Pym particles and how they could, apparently, be used to manipulate time. 

Realizing all of this took less than a second, and he figured out what to do at the same time.  Peter was physically faster than Steve, and could also be trusted not to hurt someone who was not a threat.  "Get the vials," he told the web-slinger, and then punched one drone in such a way that it crashed into and knocked over three others.
"The only thing I can think of doing that you wouldn't like is arranging large rocks on the beach to spell out my name so that it can be seen by satellite surveillance," Pepper said.  "And I promise not to do that if you promise not to spy on me."

She could smell the salt air and the redwoods and she was almost out the door when Ultron asked the question that had Deadpool fighting not to laugh.  Pepper herself had to work to keep a straight face.  "Uh, no, Ultron," she said, trying to keep her voice kind.  "I can't talk to Morgan.  Morgan doesn't have a brain yet.  And definitely doesn't understand English."
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"On it!" Peter had been stuck on what to do exactly, but Cap's words got him moving. It wasn't hard to dodge the drones as he ran forward, firing webbing at the door and sealing it before it could open. He stopped a couple feet away from the girl, not wanting to scare her, and unlike Steve he hadn't come to the conclusion that the Pym Particles had altered her age.

"Hey, kid. We're just here for those red vials you have--" He held up his hands to try and show he wasn't a threat. "Just give them to me and---" From the bag she was carrying, the girl pulled out a large, handgun looking object and aimed it at Peter, who actually held his hands up. "You have a gun too?!" His spider-sense was going off about it, but not nearly as bad as it should have been.

"Both of you beat it!" she shouted, "And you leave them alone! They aren't programmed for combat!" She then fired the gun at Peter, who jumped back, but a canister came out and exploded, releasing a wave of gas he couldn't get away from. Some of it got into his mask before KAREN could use filtration to block it, but instead of passing out or getting dizzy, he started to sneeze.


"So, if I promise not to spy on you... you won't do that one thing." Ultron said, clearly sounding like he didn't think it was a fair deal. "I'm sure you'll think of something else to do. But I won't use it to spy on you."

"Iron-Baby is gonna come out ready to lead a coup." Deadpool had to say something to keep from laughing.

"I don't need to watch what I say then... Until Morgan develops a brain, at least." Ultron thought out loud.

"I can't swear in front of the fetus then?" Wade couldn't keep himself from laughing, latching back onto the AI as he did.
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Cap saw he had miscalculated -- by drastically underestimating Peter's innate decency.  By "get the vials" he'd meant grab them, not ask for them politely.

"All right, let's talk --" he started to say, but then the girl fired a gas canister.  Again, Steve reacted faster than normal people: he took a deep breath before the gas could spread to him and held it.  He could do that for several minutes, even while fighting, but unfortunately it meant he couldn't talk.  The gas was making his eyes water, but he could cope with that.

He hadn't damaged the first four drones, only knocked them down.  He did the same to the other two, then found the lab's exhaust fan and turned it on to clear the air.  He had to leave the next moves up to Peter and the girl who -- since she was not wearing a gas mask -- could not keep firing the gas gun in an enclosed area without it affecting her too.  But he did make sure to block the only other exit.

"I can't imagine what," Pepper admitted tartly.  No doubt Tony could think of a dozen other options, but her imagination was somewhat limited.  "Thank you.  And no," she stressed.  "Morgan won't understand anything you say until..." She had to think about it.  This was Tony's progeny, after all.  "At least a few months after being born."

Since all that seemed settled, she left the aircraft and went for a walk.
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She didn't fire another, it seemed that there was only one of the canister, and she stuck it back into the backpack, along with most of the vials. She kept one of them held tightly in her hand, her other hand gripping the bag hard.

"If you want to talk, make your apologies quick." she snapped, "And then get out of my lab."

"Your lab?" Peter had stopped sneezing by now, "Is Ultron making all the kids work like this?! You shouldn't even be allowed in someone else's lab!" Peter took a deep breath, "We came here to get those vials. You don't know how important those are--- we need them to help people." He took a step forward and the girl pushed herself further back against the wall, glowering.

The drones that had been knocked over slowly got up, and instead of going at Cap again, slowly began scooting toward the girl.


"It takes that long?" Jocasta said, surprised. "What are they doing all of that time?" Though she didn't seem to be listening for Pepper's answer, instead looking it up on her own. "Even human development is more complex than it seems..."

"Enjoy your walk." Ultron said over Deadpool's laughter, letting Pepper get a start on her walk before getting prepped to clean him up.
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Cap came over, getting in ahead of the drones, and put his hand on Peter's shoulder.  "Let's start over.  I'm Steve.  This is Peter."  He cocked his head at her in a questioning way, but he was really estimating her weight.  "What's your name? What are you doing here all by yourself in a lab in rural Greenland...  working with Pym Particles?"

As he spoke, he unstrapped the pair of Wakandan shields on his arms and laid them down on a counter.  His helmet followed a second later.
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The drones scattered a bit, giving Peter and Steve a wide berth as they tried to get to the child without getting smashed. Peter realized what had seemed wrong with the tools that the drone in the hall had, they all were smaller than normal.

"Start over? You two are going to fix the drone and door that you busted?" She asked, despite looking only about 50 pounds, she kept standing her ground. "Lunella. I work best alone, and 'cause I'm the most qualified person to figure out how these work."

"Ultron isn't making you do this?" Peter asked. He was eyeing her as well, although he was trying to figure out how to get the back and the vial from her. There was still too much risk of them breaking, and since they weren't altogether he was worried what would happen if he tried to web the bag or the one in her hand. He could always web her, the bag, and the vial in her hand to the wall, but he didn't want to do that to a little kid.

"Ultron can't make me do anything and neither can you. So you better leave the way you came before I call him."
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Steve changed his mind about the kid.  She might be some sort of prodigy,  Ultron might have really strange ideas about childcare, but she did not seem to be an adult's mind in a child's body, rather an actual child.  With a really good vocabulary.

"That's a pretty name.  You must be the smartest person Ultron knows." At least, the smartest person who wouldn't give him any trouble.  He was reminded of Depression-era sweatshops where the bosses just loved children working there because they couldn't complain.  He took his gloves off.  They were reinforced and weighted at the knuckles and around the forearm, probably heavy enough.  He was glad he didn't have to take his boots off too; that would have looked very strange to her.

He would have been willing to go on talking with her right there in the lab, but she mentioned calling Ultron, and they couldn't risk that.  He and Peter could defend themselves, but she could get hurt in a firefight.  "I guess you're right."  He gently but very briskly picked her up, backpack and all.  "Go," he said to Peter, and touched the teleportation belt control.

And they were back in Shuri's lab.  While Lunella was disoriented from the trip, he gently took the vial out of her hand and also relieved her of the backpack as he set her down.  "Are you okay?  I'm sorry, I'm sure that was scary and nobody likes being kidnapped.  I'll take you back later if you really want to go, but I think you might like it here."

"What the hell, Cap?" Bruce said.
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"The smartest person you know too." she responded, not flattered by what he had to say to her. Lunella was assuming that he was trying not to look threatening, but she didn't understand what the gloves had to do with it. She also didn't know how they had gotten in here, or she might have guessed what he was doing.

"Of course I'm righ- HEY!" She clung to her backpack, but was definitely not prepared to be teleported. Peter teleported when he was told to, he would have been surprised by the man snatching the girl if he hadn't figured why he was lessening his weight.

"We got the vials." Peter said when he teleported back in, "That's what's important. And nobody got hurt. We just..." He didn't know if it was called kidnapping, because he didn't think it would be responsible to leave a kid to work for to the evil AI.

When he pulled the backpack away, Lunella was stunned, but holding on to a little drawstring from the strap of her backpack, there was the beeping of a Simon Says machine before soda began spewing out of the bag in a powerful stream.
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"Brought a kid back with you?  That was really reckless, Cap, this is basically untested technology, you could have killed her!" Bruce said.

"Wow, you ARE smart!" Steve said, aiming the spray at the floor away from people and delicate machinery.  "Did you just destroy your research?  I hope that stuff doesn't burn."  He wasn't too worried, since the Pym Particles were contained in glass. "I have a lot of faith in Tony," he told Bruce though he looked down in mild chagrin.  "Anyway, it seemed better than leaving her there all alone except for Ultron drones."

"Well...yeah, okay.  Good point."  Bruce came over with a pair of rubber gloves on and helped him empty the bag of its contents so that they could rescue the vials and deal with whatever was spraying. 

Steve handed each vial to Peter as it was recovered.  "Do you think this is all of them?  Maybe I should go back and check."

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The 'stuff' that was spraying out of the backpack was just off-brand Coca-Cola, so the worst it would do was make the vials sticky if it got on any of them, but the spray was aimed to hit everything except what was in the bag. Lunella finally recovered just in time to be affronted by Steve's comment, her cheeks darkening a bit as she stood up.

"Of course not! And if anyone would have destroyed it then it would have been you!" She also had to agree with what Bruce said, "You can't expect a teleporter to work safely unless you had..." She looked around, realizing that the place they were in had to have plenty of vibranium. "You took me to Wakanda?! And stop touching my stuff!" She stormed over to take it back, but even though Peter wasn't fully grown, he could easily keep the vials he was handed out of her reach.

"Watch it, Cap. There might be a whoopee cushion in there." Peter said. His spider-sense was telling him what he should have figured out at first-- this was all kid stuff. Sneeze powder and soda projectiles fired off by a Simon Says toy, and what Cap pulled out of the bag wasn't any more threatening, just what looked like a spring-loaded punching mitt, an airhorn with a hand crank on it, and some duct tape.

"I think it would be good if you went back and checked." Peter said, "The more we have, the better." He thought they were lucky to just have these, since there was no Antman in the picture, but he was hoping for more. This definitely wasn't enough to get the stones and reverse everything like they had planned. "You need to go back to get your stuff too, don't you?" 

((also, I'll leave it up to you if Cap loses his Wakandan shields to Ultron.
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"I'm sorry," Steve said solemnly to Lunella.  "I'm not very smart.  I just gotta do the best I can with the brain I have.  Welcome to Wakanda.  I said you might like it."  As Shuri's lab made Lunella's look like it was made of Tinker Toys.  "You can have the rest of this stuff back if you're not going to hurt anybody with it."

Since he was going back, he left the bag and its contents with Bruce to figure out whether to give it to her or not.  "Well, if we can avoid Ultron finding out it was us that grabbed these, that's all for the best," he answered Peter.  "Make sure to keep those safe," he added, although the teen was already handling the vials as if they were nitro glycerin.

He went outside and found a fifty-pound rock to take with him, while Bruce reset his belt (allowing Lunella to look but not touch).  Meanwhile, Okoye showed up to find out what was going on, and after Bruce told her, she asked Lunella if she was hungry or needed anything like new clothes, a bath or a bed.

((I think he could get them back, but he could also interact with Ultron a bit if you like.))
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"Just took getting kidnapped and my stuff stolen to lrt me visit." She narrowed her eyes, "Depends. Are you gonna make me hurt you with it?"

"He's going to figure it out on his own anyway." Even if he didn't know about the teleporter, having the Pym Particles go missing right after Tony escaped would clue Ultron in.

"Stop acting like I'm gonna break it." Lunella complained, wanting to take the belt apart and get a good look at it. When Okoye came, she spoke very plainly to the woman.

"I need my Pym Particles and to be taken back to my lab."

((Sure, we can do that!
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"No one is going to hurt you, if that's what you mean," Bruce said, wondering how a seven-year-old, however intelligent she might be, could sound so much like a brat of thirteen.

"Probably," Steve agreed with Peter.  "But we don't need to leave him evidence."

"I'm not worried about you breaking it," Bruce told the child.  But he couldn't quite say out loud that he was worried about her copying it.

Okoye could see Lunella was extremely willful for her age.  But she approved of direct speech, so she was very direct in reply and did not condescend to her at all.  "That is not possible now.  We are at war with Ultron -- in fact, if not yet officially.  And you appear to have been working for him voluntarily."

"I told her I'd take her back if she really wanted it," Steve said, coming back into the room with a small boulder under his arm.  "Though she should stay long enough to be sure what she wants."

"You think she is just a child," Okoye said.  "But I have dealt with very clever children before.  She has already seen too much of what we are doing here.  She must stay until we have won.  Or lost."

Steve gave Lunella a rueful smile.  "Well, that shouldn't be more than a few days either way."

He put the belt back on, nodded to everyone, and disappeared, finding himself in the same corridor with the broken door at one end.
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"So, just kidnap me and confiscate my research. That's comforting."

"Right. He wants to mess up the Avengers' image." Peter was still having trouble imagining an Ultron that wasn't trying to blow up the planet, no matter how many news stories he saw.

"Then let me see it. I can fix it so you don't have to worry about maintaining a particular weight." Even though she didn't like what Okoye had to say, she did appreciate being spoken to in a direct way.

"Great. Now I'm a prisoner of war." She kicked at nothing on the ground, "Doesn't matter how nice the lab here is if I'm not even allowed to touch anything."

Peter was still holding onto the vials, worried about setting them down in case Lunella actually did try to grab them again. She seemed smart enough not to let any of them break, but he was also pretty sure she wasn't going to give them back up. It wouldn't be hard to get them from her, but he didn't like the idea of taking something from a child by force. At least with Cap, she had been too stunned to try and hold onto them tightly.

"So, um. Should we put her in a different room?" Peter asked Okoye, since she was the one in charge.


When Lunella had been taken, the drones she had reprogrammed did what she had threatened to do: calling Ultron. So when Cap arrived, the broken doorway had several blue eyed drones as well visible. Not only that, but the other ends of the corridors were packed with drones, all of which turned their attention to Cap when he appeared.

"So, he's reproduced it already." One of the drones' lights turned red as Ultron's voice came out of it. "Did he have you test it out because he was hoping it would turn you inside out?" The drones didn't move toward Steve yet, but their weapons were warming up and Ultron's voice got serious.

"You will return her to me. Now."
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"If it helps, your research is going to a very good cause," Bruce said.  "Get out of town!  Can you really?" he added when she said she could  make weight compensations unnecessary.  He didn't give her the belt, but he grabbed a Wakandan holographic tablet and fired it up for her.  "Show me the math," he challenged her.

"Bruce!" Okoye said, glaring at him, "did you not hear a word I just said?"

"Can't we... just... take precautions?" Bruce said.  "She's eight!"

"What precautions can we take with a teleportation belt?" Okoye snapped.

Bruce sighed and gave it up with an apologetic look at Lunella.  "Well, give her something interesting to do, because it's torture for somebody that intelligent to be bored."

"I'll see what I can do," Okoye said.  "But in the meantime, yes, I will show you to your room, young lady.  Come."

Steve wasn't exactly surprised to see blue-eyed drones, although he wasn't expecting that many of them.

"I didn't ask," he said, dropping the rock.  Assuming that Ultron was recording this for propaganda purposes, he then said, "You mean the seven-year-old you left in the middle of nowhere all by herself?"

In the meantime, he was calculating his odds and his tactics.  With his shield, he would have stood a good chance of making it  without getting shot; without it, the best he could do was choose which drones were going to shoot him.  With that in mind, he launched into an incredible display of acrobatics which, as soon as Ultron opened fire, resulted in him being blown via repulsor shot through the broken door into Lunella's lab.

He scrambled up from a. painful landing as fast as he could manage, grabbed the shields from where he'd left them, and took cover behind the counter while he was scanning the shelves for more vials.
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"My research is going nowhere. All you did was take my subject. You didn't even ask what I learned." she sounded a bit insulted, but her skeptical look changed to one of surprise when he actually got a tablet for her. She quickly covered up the expression with a more neutral one as she reached out to take the tablet. "Yes. If you've got displacement protocols in there to prevent the teleporter's mass from merging with another, it's easy." When she was once again denied the chance to tinker around, she got sour again, crossing her arms and pursing her lips.

"Do you have anything like legos here?" Peter asked, since it was something that kept him entertained.

"Why? So you can just lock me in there until your war is done?"


"She asked to be left alone. I regret doing that now. I didn't think anyone would be able to reach her here." Ultron's drones had been posted out further in the facility to prevent anyone getting in, or at least stop them long enough to remove the girl.

"She doesn't want to be with you. Release her."

The drones all charged in after him, firing at the counter he was taking refuge behind as several of them moved to go over and around it to try and reach him with their blasters. The drones that Lunella had reprogrammed were gathering up delicate and important devices to prevent them from being destroyed during the fight.
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