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Title: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
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As Maria floated in the stray waves, she stared up at the darkening sky while her short, violet hair danced in the water. Her multicolored tail stayed still while she began to count the clouds that rolled by and the stars that came into view. Even as she put a tanned hand on the bite marks on the side of her tail, her sapphire eyes never looked away from the sky.

This isn't the end, she thought. With the pool of crimson enveloping her, she took a deep breath, seeing the large fin stick out of the water. Turning her body, she darted through the water as the fin followed closely behind. She dove under the surface and swam deeper into the depths until the watery world around her began to turn black. She stopped, glancing up to the the silhouette of her attacker circling around before finally going in the opposite direction. As she made her way to the surface, she saw the shark whip its head in her direction and charged towards her. Maria swam as fast as her fins could take her, breaking the water's surface and leaping out toward the rocky outcrop with the shark jumping after her.

She grabbed onto the rocks, clenching her teeth as the rocks scraped against her skin and scales before pulling herself up and rolled into an opening. Her fins began to pull itself apart, turning into two bloodied legs. Moving to her side, she looked out at the sea, the fin still going back and forth as she closed her eyes and sighed. She had beat the odds, once again.
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"Well ain't that just bloody brilliant." the rough voice of one of his companions grumbled out. "How are suppose to find one now with them sharks lurking?"

Sirius couldn't help but give a irritated sigh. This again...honestly why where they asking the obvious out loud? They could all swim and in that one form, swim far better than they could. Course that sort of did make them go more..brainless you could say and would forget about the entire reason they were out here. The small row boat had been tied up, rocking gently side to side with the waves and the large ship that they had come from was sailing further out. Searching the deeper waters you could say. Now Sirius was a odd sight amongst these rougher and older men.

He was a young lad, twenty or so in age. A young face that was free of a beard or scars. Strange though, that his hair already had a grey look to it. One could tell their hair used to be black but now, bits of white and grey dotted it. Turning it more into a grey color than the black it once was. His hazel eyes looked toward thew water, noticing the shark that was swimming awfully nearby. Perhaps it had found prey of it's own? When his heightened sense of smell picked up on a iron like smell, he felt this was confirmed. The salty sea air mixed with it, making it a odd combination. Still he found himself being lured to the area he was thinking it was coming for.

"Hey doc, what you doing?" one of the pirates questioned, causing him to pause on a ledge near the outcove.

"I thought...." Sirius started though he paused, not sure if it was a wise idea to remark about it out loud.

"What? The bloody smell? Probably just fish."
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She looked over the odd bits she had stored in the outcrop: a few ornate compasses, an oversized yet torn quilt, and a string of pearls. She would have had a golden brush to add to her collection if the shark hadn't found her while she was searching the shipwreck. But as it was, she knew the risks of being in that area. IT would be another few days before her wounds would heal completely with minimal scarring, if any.

Hearing a few voices in the distance, Maria crawled toward the mouth of the crevice and spotted a small row boat out in the open water. Letting out soft, labored breaths, she inched closer to the edge. Instead of just slipping into the water with the shark nearby, she slowly rose to her feet as she did her best to cover herself with the quilt and muster enough strength to call out while gripping one of the rocks to keep herself from falling. "Help. Hurt."  She slowly walked around the edge as she balanced herself. "Help... Hurt," she called again. It didn't help her that she hardly spoke. There was no need as she was never around anyone... she nearly felt as though she was losing her voice because she had barely spoken her entire life. She didn't get a good look at the group, but if they could aid her in some way...
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Truthfully, Sirius hoped he was wrong. That no one was here and it was just the blood of fish he was smelling. However the ship surgeon's  stiffened slightly as he stood there. Hearing a voice that caused him to start looking around before his eyes landed on her. A woman? What was....his mind wanted to ask questions but very swiftly, his medical brain took over. He started over toward her, at first approaching quickly to try and get to her in time as he knew not how severe her injuries were. Course, he started to slow down to try and not scare her.

"Hey! Where you going doc?!" One of the men called.

Sirius ignored em, coming to a halt a few steps away from her. Holding his hands up to show he had nothing in them and he meant no harm. However he couldn't believe what he saw. Her was violet! A lovely shade of purple that shimmered in the light due to it being wet. No normal human had violet hair...was she a mermaid? There was a spark of hope in his chest at long last. Although he couldn't just say that right away.

"Here, i'm a doctor. Please sit down so I can look at the wounds. can you tell me what happened?" Sirius asked.
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Maria almost lost her grip from her entire body jolting from the sound of a man's voice. She looked at his hands before she glanced at the water below. She began to move towards him until she could step off safely. She wasn't exactly sure what he meant when he said he was a doctor, but he seemed safe enough to be around. Finding a spot on the ground to sit down, she plopped down, clinging the quilt tightly to her body.

"I swim," she started, stretching her legs out. Slowly, she moved the quilt to show her wounds that the shark gave her. "Shark..." The gashes on her side looked deep and the scrapes on her legs looked no better. "I jump. Legs cut." She gestured at her scraped legs and she drew in her bottom lip. "It... hurts."

Looking up, she saw that his hair was oddly colored. Her hand reached up and caressed his hair somewhat. "White," she said. Why would a young human have white hair? Perhaps he was part merman or nymph. But still, she thought his hair would be more vibrant than it was.
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The wounds from a shark was always grim, how large teh wound could be. How much flesh could be missing and so on. Thankfully she just had bite marks and he couldn't help but give a sigh of relief. Siting down on his knees, he pulled his bag over and set it down.  Flipping it open so that he could get the items needed in order to tend to her wounds. Still though...a mermaid already? Were they that lucky? But...the horrible thing that would happen....he could feel it already squeezing his chest as he disliked the idea. It was the captain's fault that they were all in this mess....if he had just listened to them, then none of this curse would've happened.

As her hand touched his hair, she'd find it soft. A look of confusion on his face as this was something new for him. People would stare at him confused for his white hair but...never reach out and touch it.

"Ah....y...yeah, it is. But your's is violet, it's a lot more pretty." Sirius said, trying to get the focus off of himself. "Okay, this will help with preventing the wounds from infection. Although I'll need to sew up those gashes before bandaging you up. Is that okay?"
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Maria continued to touch his hair, still perplexed over why his hair was white. It was soft like hers, nonetheless. When he mentioned that her hair was prettier, she shook her head and gently pulled some of his hair up. "Pretty." She let him tend to her wounds, though she didn't see the need for him to do so as they would heal quickly on their own. But when he asked if he could sew up her gashes, she paused. With her hand in his hair, she continued to stroke it until she nodded at him.

Though she couldn't speak that well, she was able to comprehend what was said and what went on. Now that she removed her hand from his hair, she began to trace his cheekbones and nose with one finger. "Pretty," she told him. It was enough that she was the naive woman card, but it could only last for so long. Her finger went down to his neck to trace his Adam's apple and collar bone.

Now, she knew he wasn't alone as she heard someone yell for him earlier; she hoped that they would just continue on their way rather than insist that she'd go with them.
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She kept remarking about it...feeling his hair and eventually...her hand trailed down to his face. It was certainly a strange sensation. Feeling another hand on his checks and soon that hand went further down to his neck. Truthfully, he did his best to ignore it. Working on her legs as he applied the medicine to them. Setting the bottle down, he reached for the needle and thread. Preparing them as he heard her speak again. The few words she made it clearer to him. She either wasn't used to speaking or the chances of her being a mermaid were higher. Couldn't blame her for being wary or just not having other words to say.

"I....I guess huh?" Sirius stammered out.

"Sirius! There you are!" A voice yelled, causing the man to jerk slightly as he knew how the others would react upon seeing her. "What are yo.....oooh..."

The whole plan for why they were out here looking....the end goal. As much as Sirius wanted to be free of the curse, he couldn't do this. A hand landed on his shoulder, making him shudder slightly. One of the crew members who were higher up looked down to the girl, a smile on their face.

"What a horrible doctor you are Sirius, treating a patient on the ground rather than in the safety of our captain's ship." The man remarked. "Come Miss, let's get you somewhere safer than out in the open to let our friend do his work."
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Maria nodded before she brought her eyes up. Sighing at the other man, she became more wary as the man tried to coax her to get up and have her go to the ship. "No." She pointed at the gashes that Sirius was tending to. "Fix. Now." Hopefully, it was enough to try to make it clear that she didn't exactly want to leave at that moment. Letting Sirius do his work, she twirled a strand of her hair around her finger, doing her best to keep her eyes on him rather than his companion.

"Sirius." She repeated his name in her head over and over until she felt that she could remember it. She pulled her hand from him, letting him concentrate on sewing her wounds closed and bandage them.
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"It's very ill advised to be moving her du...." Sirius started as he finished threading the needle.

However he could feel the tightened grip on his shoulder as he sat there. He didn't want to do things this way. All he wanted was to figure out a different method to break the curse but...he knew nothing of these matters. His good nature getting in the way and of course...the pirates weren't that dumb to not notice. The other man moved forward, attempting to grab Maria. If this worked, he'd swing her onto his shoulder to carry her.

"I Insist. The good captain would love to meet you." the pirate would smirk.

"Benson put....." Sirius started as he dropped the needle and thread though he was grabbed by one of the other crew mates who held a look of caution on their face.
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As she was about to let Sirius give her stitches, Maria saw the man approach her and attempt to grab her. "No!" she shouted, kicking him in the thigh and scrambling to get up. Sirius couldn't have lured her to get taken away. She was about to run when she noticed another man hold Sirius in place. She started toward the outcrop, leaping and grabbing the ledge as she tried to move to the other side.

She panted as she weaved her way around the rocks, though she clenched her teeth from the rocks cutting into her feet. She could sense the man trying to come after her, so she perched herself on the ledge and held a large stone in her hand. "Stop!" she shouted again. But instead of throwing it at him, she threw it at the man that had grabbed Sirius. She didn't care if she got his foot or his head, she picked up another stone and threw it at him before sending a barrage of rocks at the man who tried to pick her up. As she continued to throw, she felt herself losing her balance and grabbed onto the rocky wall.

"I jump," she threatened, glaring at her would be captor.
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Benson gave a annoyed growl as they gritted their teeth before giving chase. The kick to his thigh wasn't really much in his mind, still there was a prize to gain. And this girl was going to be the thing that they needed.  As he rushed after her, Sirius gave a sigh. Shaking his head at this entire affira.

"You can let go ya know..." Sirius muttered.

"Sorry Doc, we do need her and...I don't want Benson to tell the captain we lost her thanks" The crew mate muttered lowly.

Soon enough though Sirius ducked as he saw a rock sailing through the air. It smacked into the crew mate that stood behind him and they gave a pained yelp. Standing back up, Sirius rushed after Benson. Meanwhile, Benson was perched on a ledge of the rocks. Holding up a arm so that the rocks would land against his arm rather than his face. Though he was still smiling as they stood there, getting ready to strike. He just needed the small opening.

"With what you are my dear, you'll just swim away. And frankly, our captain needs yer help with a little something." Benson growled out.

Sirius got up to a small rock ledge that was on the other side, with Benson so fixated on the hunt. They didn't notice the good doctor taking a deep breathe to steady himself before leaping across the short gap and slamming into Benson. A very angry and almost feral snarl left Benson as the two tumbled down, sharp rocks ripping the fabric that would get snagged and inflicting small cuts.

"YOU!!" Benson snarled when the two hit the ground, only for the larger man to easily throw Sirius off of em.
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Maria began to back up toward the edge as Benson said that the captain needed her for something. Rather than saying anything, she kept her deadly gaze on him, holding onto the ledge and letting her foot be halfway off. As she was getting ready to jump, she watched in horror as Sirius grabbed Benson and rolled down the ledge.

"No!" she screamed, quickly climbing down to the bottom. She rushed to Sirius and picked up some rocks, throwing them at Benson as quickly as she could. "Stop! Leave!" She wrapped the quilt around him and pressed herself against him. She didn't know why they were so keen on taking her back with them, but if she had to fight her way out, so be it.
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Benson was more easily influenced by his other side, the more feral nature easily surging to the front as claws formed at the fingertips and easily he sung a clawed hand down across Sirius's chest. Causing a pained cry to leave the surgeon as he fell backwards. Pressing a hand against his bleeding chest, he could feel his own heart racing as he stood there. Though feeling the sensation of something wrapping around him, he cringed as he ended up on his knees. Not wanting to fall to the instincts of his other side, he could feel it's aggression starting to rise.

Although Benson was rather surprised at the odd gesture that Maria was doing. His eyes flashed a brown color as he growled towards her.

"There's no taking orders from you." Benson growled as he pulled out his pistol, having it aimed towards the shape of Benson in the quilt. "I personally have no issue shooting the doc and if i shoot you in the leg at the same time well, just ensures that you'll be coming with us."
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Maria clutched her hand on Sirius's chest as she felt the blood spilling over her hand. Her eyes widened as she watched Benson point his pistol at them. "No..." Hanging her head, she knew that there was no point in fighting back any longer. Helping Sirius up, she kept her hand on his chest and pondered over why they changed like this. It had to be some curse... perhaps a stray sea witch did this to them because of something that happened.

"I..." she sighed. "I go." Without waiting for Benson to turn his back to them, her hand began to glow slightly and the wound on Sirius's chest began to heal. Once she was sure that his chest would heal the rest of way without her hand pressing on it, she pulled it away and stepped back from her. The quilt remained tightly around her body.
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Benson was at least pleased with the look on her face, good he got her attention. The other crew mate came running as he was trying to catch up. Although a look of concern was on his face already as he wasn't sure of what was going on. Having the pistol out was a dangerous thing but seeing their eyes being on the verge of changing well..he knew what that meant. Still Benson's smirk turned into a toothy grin as he stood there triumphantly.

"Get her in the row boat." Benson ordered. "But leave him."

"But...the Captain won't like that Benson. We need him considering how easy it's too..." The crew mate stammered out, only to go quiet as they were given a glare.

"Considering how he almost ruined the entire REASON we came out here to look at this stupid cropping of rocks in the middle of the ocean!!! He gets left behind. I don't care what the Captain says."

Thankfully due to the arguing Benson was looking away as she healed Sirius's chest. HE winced as he could feel the flesh mending itself together with the aid of Maria's power. Even though that was a bit of a scary thing, it fascinated him at the same time. If mermaids had this ability, then...they were able to heal faster than a human. Maybe that's what made them so elusive. Though as he listened to the men argue, he gave a apologetic look to Maria.

"Please...don't.." Sirius muttered, fully against the plan at this point.

"ENOUGH!!!" Benson's anger filled snarl went off only to be followed by the pistol going off.

Sirius froze but found the bullet hadn't gone to him, a confused expression was on his face as he looked up to Maria seeing that she too was fine. Only for his eyes to drift over to where the other crew mate had been arguing with Benson. Revealing their body to be on the ground with a bullet through their chest. Seeing this, anger surged through Sirrius as he sat there. Benson was always more easily manipulated by their other side but even before this curse, Benson never liked him. He didn't see the point of a surgeon and he would often vote against having Sirius do his job. Trying to make him be like every other crew member on the ship.

Even though his chest was mostly healed up and he knew better than to act this foolishly, he found himself unable to resist his other side. A low growl left him before he rushed past Maria and slammed into Benson as hard as he could, sinking his sharper teeth into Benson's shoulder. Causing the other to snarl back before they both fell into the water with a large splash.
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As Benson argued with the other man as she continued to focus on healing Sirius. As he pleaded with her not to heal him, she ignored him and felt his chest heal most of the way.

Her body jolted when she heard the gunshot. She was about to move towards Sirius when he began to change and lunge at Benson. She froze as they fell into the water. Before long, she jumped in after them, her legs morphing into a white tail with a slew of colors. She began to try and push her way through to get between them and push them apart. During the fray, she turned to smack her tail fins across Benson's face. "Off!" she yelled.
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What she would find in the water was the two men fighting still, despite being fully submerged in the water that wasn't their element. or at was often believed to not be their element. Benson's hair had turned silvery grey at this point and looked to be longer, their glowing brown eyes remained as they sported sharp fangs and claws. That were once more swung at the man that had pushed em in. Surprisingly enough, Sirius swam to the side to avoid it but was easily caught by the other. Resulting in their tussling still going on, making ripples in the water.

The hard and solid whack for Sirius's own claws to go down half of their face! The red liquid dispersed into the salty sea water as Benson sported three long and jagged clawmarks going down that side of their face. Only to be followed by the solid thwack of Maria's tail!! Doing his best to grab his senses back, Sirius's goldish eyes almost turned back to their normal hazel, tapping Maria's shoulder, he made a gesture for her to swim away. Course, he swam to the surface. Taking in a deep breathe of air once he reached it.
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All Maria could see was the red that began to darken the water before she felt Sirius tap her shoulder. When he gestured for her to swim away, she backed away as he went to the surface to breathe. She grabbed him by the ankles and sped through the water. It would be enough to put some distance between them.

Stopping after a minute, she brought him to the surface so he could catch his breath. "Hurt?" she asked, running her fingers over his cheeks and chin.

"Well," said a voice behind them. "Looks like the good ol' doc got us a mermaid."

She looked at Sirius, moving her head back before she bumped it against the rowboat.

The man in the boat leaned over the edge. "Where's Benson? Thought he'd be with ye."
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"out of....breath..." Sirius replied.

However he was quickly left in a state of displeasure as he saw that the rowboat had been brought closer. Close enough for Maria to hit her head on it and the men in it attempting to grab her by the arms to pull her up. If they succeded in grabbing her, they would pull her up and quickly proceded to tie up their catch. After all, they had been searching a whole year for this to remove it. They were so close now.

"He's down bellow, killed Tug with his pistol though.." Sirius replied, his facial expression showing he wasn't amused by this turn of events.
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"Hmm..." the man sighed, hooking his arms under Maria's as she tried to swim off. "Shame, that. We'd have to deal with 'im when, or if, he turns up." As he pulled Maria out of the water, his eyes widened as her tail began to shift into legs.

"Release," Maria ordered.

"Sorry, lass. The cap'n wants to meet ye." Getting the two other men to hold her down and tie her up, he reached his hand out for Sirius. "Best ye come, too, doc. I'm sure Cap'n will give ye somethin' for helpin' out."

Maria continued to struggle under the weight of the men as she was tied down.

"Careful, lads. We need 'er in one piece."
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"Considering half of his entire face is clawed up to where he'll have to wear a eye patch the rest of his life after it heals.....he might come crawling back.." Sirius replied with a growl, feeling the other mindset trying to shove it's way to the surface.

Shaking his head to snap out of it, he sighed as he accepted the help out of the water and into the boat. Sitting there, he stared down at his hands as he watched the claws disappear. There was no way he could fight everyone in the boat. He hated this....sure he wanted to be free of the curse as well but...this still didn't feel right. Just his natural bleeding heart talking of course. The row boat would slowly meander along to the ship, the large vessel resting peacefully on the waves as they seemed to have dropped anchor at the moment.

The men would carry Maria on board and as soon as the crew saw her, there was a loud cheer. Clearly everyone was excited to finally see a mermaid on the ship. Sirius just grimanced, not a fan of this at all. course one of the crew mates rushed to where the Captain's quarters were, a look of disbelief on his face as he swung the door open.

"Capn! They found one!" they shouted.
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Maria sat in the boat, staring up at Sirius. He didn't seem to want this any more than she did. But there was nothing either could do about it. Whatever fate was in store for her, she had to face it and accept it... unless things change and she could escape. She didn't bother to look up at the ship as she was carried on and welcomed by a loud cheer from the crew.

Captain Flint Ripper, better known amongst the crew as the Bearded Beast, was in the middle of charting another map when one of the crew swung the door open and announced that a mermaid was board. His eyes snapped up. "Is there, now?" he asked. "Methinks you've had some salt water again." He pushed the sailor aside with one heavily scarred hand. "Let me see." Hearing everyone barely whispering, he ascended to the deck and scanned the crowd until he spotted a woman with violet hair.

"Well, now," he said, slowly approaching Maria. "T'aint no proper way for a lass like you to be treated this way." With that, he removed his coat as he had a few men untie her so he could place it around her nude body before helping her to her feet. "Welcome aboard the Sea Night, m'lady. I am Captain Ripper, but ye can call me the Bearded Beast." He gave her a wing, though he wasn't entirely appreciative of the tiny scowl she gave him. "Might I know yer name?"

"Maria," she said.

"And who found ye, Maria."


"The doctor?"
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The crewmate didn't protest being pushed to the side, not wanting to anger the captain.  Still they followed after as everyone stared at the girl and whispered. Only to fall silent when the Captain was on deck now.

"Seems the doc is good for more than sewing up wounds!" A crew mate teased with a laugh, though Sirius remained quiet.

"Unfortunately we got a problem Capn." one of the crew from the row boat chimed in. "The doc here informed us that Benson shot Tugs and killed em. Doc here apparently had a struggle with em in the water and for the moment we don't know Benson's side of the story. You want us to just leave him down there since the doc said that he's still alive?"

Sirius kind of hoped that they would leave em. Benson really didn't need to be back on this ship wasn't his call. Nothing was his call honestly.
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Ripper turned to face another crew member when he said that Sirius informed them of what happened with Benson. "O' course he did," he replied. "I wouldn't put it pass 'im. But..." A sinister grin crept over his lips. "He can come back, but he's mine."

The crew took a step back as he chuckled darkly.

Maria stared blankly at him before looking over at Sirius. "Hurt?"

Ripper's expression softened before he knelt in front of Maria. "Oh, lass. Benson likes to do things out o' sorts. He needs to learn he can't do that. I won't hurt 'im too much."

"Hurt?" she asked again.

"Ye don't talk much, do ye?"

She shook her head.

"Doc, when Benson comes back, take 'er below deck. T'aint proper for a lady to be up here when he does."
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Welp at least that was settled. Sirius rubbed his eyes, feeling a headache gripping him as he hadn't gotten accustomed to this curse. IT was always a struggle, fighting himself mentally and then doing things physically. Drained so much energy at once. Besides the headache, he could feel himself getting hungrier now. Oh the near bottomless pit that most of the men now suffered with in terms of hunger. Considering how much wolves ate much would a person cursed with two other forms need? A lot apparently. Thankfully he was pulled away from thoughts when he heard Maria speak. A slightly tired expression was on his face.

"I'm fine..." Sirius replied. "I still need to finish treating your legs."

How could he forget that? Then again...she had been able to heal him a good majority of the way. She didn't really need his help. So why...had she called for it to begin with? Perhaps it was to make the ruse of a simple woman who was shipwreck? A good strategy he could say. A small look was given to the Captain as they gave him orders and he gave a nod.

"Yes Sir." Sirius added in.
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When Ripper peeked over the railing, he let out a small scoff as he thought he saw Benson swimming towards the ship. "Get goin', doc." He looked at a few of the crew. "Bring 'im up, then tie 'im to the ratlines. He's gonna learn a lesson, ye see?"

Maria followed Sirius below deck, clinging the coat around her body as she descended and kept herself behind him. "Legs?" She glanced down, sheepishly remembering that he was in the middle of tending to her when she found herself in the predicament that she was in. "Oh..." Honestly, she didn't need him to, but he was the one who insisted.
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"You probably don't really need it...considering that seem pretty good at healing already so..." Sirius started to say as they walked though he gave a shrug. "You hungry instead? Not sure if...well...there's anything you would like on board."

His inexprience with mermaids was clearly showing here. Did they just eat fish or where all the old tales true? Oh boy. Hard to say and hard to know until the matter was staring you right in the face. Sure enough, Benson had swam back to the ship. The right side of their face still dripping blood as he pulled himself up onto the ship. Sure enough the crew followed the captain's orders which just caused the still agitated man to struggle.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Benson growled.
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Ripper 's hand touched the whip on his belt as Benson was struggling to free himself as he was tied to the ratlines. "Now, now, Benson," he purred. "Ye know better than to go after the good ol' doc. Who's gonna sew us up if we ain't got 'im?" He unclipped his whip from his belt and began to crack it at Benson's back. He smiled wickedly. "And ye know this happens when ye do that. Just like when ye tried to run away with the blasted pearl." He crack his whip again and again as there was a cruel glint in his eye.

Maria nodded when asked if she was hungry. She began to search through the barrels and found some fish. "Ooo!" she exclaimed, pulling a sizable one out. "We eat?"
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"he wasn't getting her in the BOAT!" Benson growled out through being lashed. "he....almost cost us....the girl!"

Of course Benson was sure Sirius was more in the wrong than he was. And hey they were all pirates but him, the captain should've expected the possiblity of someone wanting that big pearl. Sirius was relieved when maria seemed fond of fish and found one that she liked. A small smile of relief came over him in fact. Though it was short lived as he felt his own stomach growling.

"You can have that one I'm going to at least cook mine.." Sirius said.

Now to be fair, he could eat it rare. thanks to the curse he was able to have a easier and safer time digiest meats rare but..some part of him didn't like doing it still. Sometimes eating things rare, he felt like a piece of his humanity would disappear on him.
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Ripper paused when Benson said Sirius almost let the girl get away. "Did he?" He looked to some of the crew that went out with them. "Is that true? Our little doc didn't want 'er to tag along?" Now, he knew better than outright punish Sirius. They still needed him should anyone become seriously injured, but if what they said about a mermaid's healing properties were true... Still, it was better to keep him intact. "But ye still killed poor Tugs. Why was that?" He cracked his whip again, not giving Benson much time to answer him.

Maria simply sat down and began to tear into the fish. She looked over, watching Sirius begin to cook his. But she was too hungry to go over and watch him do so, and so she continued to eat her fish in silence.
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"Considering how he remarked about needing her to stay put to fix her legs and hten he interfered when I had her cornered..." Benson replied, a pained growl leaving them, their canine ears still sticking out of their head and slanting in pain. "Cause the idiot wouldn't shut up! Kept going on and on how my bluff to shot the doctor was a bad idea to get the mermaid to quit resisting. She seemed rather fond of interfering when the doc and I were struggling, even after the two of us went into the water. Tugs just pulled all the wrong nerves and was too close to the pistol."

Letting out a sigh, he watched the fish sizzle in the pan with a small square of butter. Slowly he glanced over to Maria, trying to figure out what to do. He knew of the abilities she had but...had Benson noticed em? Hard to say when Benson was far more feral minded easier when in a tissy.

"hey Maria...I think it's best you don't tell the others about your...healing ability. They'll probably try to overuse it." Sirius said.
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Ripped kept striking his whip against Benson's back while his crew watched in horror. "I've warned ye about yer temper!" After a few minutes, the cracking of his whip ceased and he began to put it away. "He can get down, now." After Benson was let down, Ripper grabbed him by his shirt and curled his lips back. "I'm feeding ye to the damn sharks next time around!" He threw him back against the railing. "Let's get a move on! We got a curse to break!"

Maria had taken another bite when Sirius told her to keep her healing ability to herself. Only nodding, she gnawed at the bones until she could pull the last of the meat away. "Sirius..." she said, moving closer to him. She help up what was left of her fish. "Where go?"

"Ah, Maria," Ripper said as he approached them. "Lemme get that for ye." He delicately plucked the fish bones from her hand. "Ye know, Sirius. I think it would help 'er tremendously if she learned to speak properly. Shouldn't be a problem for 'er, she looks like a bright lass."
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At this point, Benson had no real strength to do anything else. Whipped and then thrust back to where he staggered and landed on his rear. The crew waited for the captain to disappear fully before anyone went to even speak to Benson. Though the man would just give them a look that clearly said to leave me alone. And with how dangerous many tempers could get due to their curse...well, it was always best to heed silent warnings.

With his own fish done, Sirius sank his teeth into it. Eating the fish rather fast, he knew it wasn't going to do much for him but it was best to just eat something over nothing. As Maria asked her question, he pulled a fish bone from his mouth. About to speak when the captain came down the stairs and took care of the matter at hand. The smell of blood was starting to reach his nose, causing a chill to go through him as he sat there.

"Progress on that will go swiftly since there's so many people aboard the ship." Sirius replied. "I'll try to speed up the process."
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"I see." Ripper eyed Maria for a moment. "It would, but we don't want 'er picking up on certain words."

"Damn?" teased Maria.

"Oh, an' she's got a sense o' humor! Adorable." Even though he knew that they would smell the blood, he laughed to himself and patted her head.

"Not child," she chided.

"An' a feisty spirit?" He gave her an unsettling grin, even if it was unintentional. "I think you'll fit in just fine, lass." Patting Sirius's shoulder, he pulled two fish out and began to meander to his quarters. "Best get 'er started, doc." And he slipped into his quarters, sinking his teeth into one of his fish and ravenously tearing off the meat.
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Sirius found himself chuckling, glad to see that Maria did have a sense of humor that was...dark. It honestly gave the ship something more positive on this bloody ship. Still the man couldn't help but worry for her. What did this entire ritual consist of? It was hard to know. The Captain kept that information to themself, only cluing em all in on needing a mermaid of some sort. 

"Yes sir. " Sirius answered, watching them leave he gave a sigh once they were gone. "Okay Maria...what else do you know? In terms of words and such."

If they got the ground work figured it, it would be easy to tell how much building they would have to do for her vocabulary. Collecting the bones from his own fish, he stood up, and headed over to discard them. The food that was still avaliable was...tempting. However he wasn't going to indulge it. There was no telling when they'd get to port again...nor if a sea hunt would be successful since everyone became more aggressive in those forms. Working together was harder...not that these damn pirates knew the meaning of those words.
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"Hm." Maria tapped her foot on the floor. "Floor. Ship." She got up and touched one of the walls. "Wall. Door. Window." Peering out the window, she sighed. "Sky. Stars. Sea..." She did her best to show him that she could, in fact, name several things even when she wasn't prompted. She wanted to say more than one worded sentences so much; there was never really anyone to practice with as she wanted to ensure that how she was saying it was correct.

Feeling a little playful, she walked up to Sirius and caressed his cheek. "Man. Sirius."
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As she listed off words, Sirius stood there and listened. It wasn't a bad a start so he was relieved there. Though the approaching and embarrassing of his cheek for sure caught him by off guard. Such a thing was well...he never really had people do that before. And ever since he got cursed thanks to these idiots, he had kept himself more so on the ship than anything else. That and the ship rarely went into port now an days too.

"uh...g...good! That's a good start..." Sirius stammered, clearing his throat as he tried to get his heart to calm down. "Alright, let's try adding more words. Okay?"
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Maria took a step back when he told her it was a good start. She nodded at the mention of adding more words, finding an unused barrel to sit on.

A few days passed, and Maria remained below deck the entire time. "My name... is Maria," she said slowly. She had been working with Sirius to be able to speak more. This was a first time since they started that she felt confident enough to actually try to string her words into a sentence.
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At first, he found himself not really enjoying the constant repeating of things that both of em had to do in order to help her speak better. Alas he did find himself growing more fond of listening to her broken sentences than trying to talk to any of the pirates that were often up above deck. So Sirius was often trying his best. Course, this didn't really lead to him doing much in his spare time. There were a couple of times he had to stitch up a few pirates; and while he had seen Benson up above deck, the man still hadn't come to him for any help. Eh oh well.

"There we go." Sirius said with a smile. "You're getting the hang of it. It's nice to meet you Maria. So do you have any questions?"
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Maria pursed her lips and rested her hands under her chin. "Where you from?" she asked. It wasn't perfect, but at least she had someone to help her. "Why your hair white?" Still not perfect, but she could do this. If only everyone could see how she thought.

She saw Benson and Ripper in passing, though Ripper looked like he had been in a trance this morning. He had gone on about how the pearl kept... singing to him. Either he was hallucinating or the pearl had some kind of magical property. But he had barely spoken to her since he suggested Sirius start helping her speak better.
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"Easy now, don't forget that some words are used to fill in the gaps in sentences." Sirius reminded kindly. "I"m from the city, a rateher large one where many people either male due in life by working on ships or by staying put in the city somewhere As for my hair it changed colors over time but the reason why it did is...due to a curse that everyone on the ship is under."

Welp he wasn't looking forward to explaining this but she honestly deserved it.  It was a fair question. Although the fact that the Captain claimed that the pearl was talking to him was..concerning.

"The entire ship is cursed to turn into these creatures called Sea Wolves. Some of us have different hair colors than we used to, our eye color changed when in that form. Just depepends on the person I guess. My hair used to be black." He added..
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Her nose wrinkled when he gentled corrected her, though she nodded and let him go on. When he mentioned a curse, she tilted her head slightly and reached out for his hair once more. "Why?" Honestly, something terrible must have happened if they turned into... well, now she knew what they turned into. She looked at his hair when he said it used to be black.

"Oh." She ran her fingers through it,trying her best to picture him with black hair.

She inched closer, putting both of her hands in his hair. "It... is... still pretty."
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"The Captain went after the Mother of all Pearls and well, he didn't pay attention to the warnings of a curse. And here we are now. The only reason I'm on this ship was due to mine getting wrecked and the Sea night ehre found me. i was just still on this ship when He brought that accursed pearl on board and I got  part of the curse." Sirius explained. "It's a mess that I hate greatly.."

Indeed, he hated it a good deal. Though going on about it wasn't going to help. Once more, she started to say it was pretty again. Making his heart quicken it's pace for a moment before he turned his gaze away from her, hunching his shoulders as he sat there.

"If you saw the other forms of this, you woldn't think that." Sirius remarked.
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Maria wasn't sure what he meant by the mother of all pearls, but the warnings of a curse being ignored further confirmed her suspicions that a sea witch possibly put this curse on them. It was a shame he was pulled into when he wasn't that involved to begin with.

She pulled her hands away when turned his head and hunched his shoulders. "But... you..." She had seen part of his one form; perhaps he was worried that she would run off if she saw him in his other forms. She didn't know what to say to make things better.
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"Personality......goes away when in those forms. I'm not myself anymore and the curse controls me. Trust me, it's a bad idea to let me transform..." Sirius said. "I don't like changing's painful. Everything changing while it stripes what is left of me away....but...I know it's only getting stronger. Some of the crew were tolerable when i first met em all. Now some of them are ill tempered like Benson, quick to snap or quick to embrace what the curse has done to em."

A shrug left him. Maybe he just too deseperately wanted to stay somewhat human?
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Maria glanced at the floor for a moment. It must have been awful to want to be human and yet have to fight a more primal side. Her nose scrunched at the mention of Benson. "Ugh." It was then that she saw Ripper walk over to her side.

"How's your speakin' goin', lass?" he asked her.

"It... is fine," she answered.

"Oh! Yer catchin' on quickly. How'd ye like to have dinner with me tonight?"

Maria blinked. "I..."

"Doc can come, too. He can be..." He moved his hands in a small circular motion for a moment before he continued. "A sorta chaperone, ye see."
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Sirius chuckled at her response about Benson, a small smile coming to his face as he sat there. That smile quickly vanished as the Captain appeared. Letting Maria speak as that was why he was down here. Although...he didn't see the point of having dinner with em. What was the Captain up to? A confused blink left him as he sat there, about to answer when there was a boom and the ship was rocked from side to side. As if something struck the water clsoe to the ship and caused it to shift violently.

"What the..." Sirius muttered as he braced himself.

"CAPTAIN! Navy dogs are on our arse and shooting with their canons!" A crew mate called from above deck, the distance boom whistled in the air once more.

"GET DOWN!!" someone above deck ordered.

Bracing himself once more, the ship shifted harshly once more. As the cannon ball was closer this time. Either the navy would shoot em down or they would have to do something.
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Maria fell off of the barrel as the ship rocked violently.

"Dammit all!" snarled Ripper. "Stay down 'ere, lass. Doc, yer comin' with me." He readied his pistol and cutlass as he turned to the stairway. "I'm gonna need ye up deck!" With that, he rushed up the stairs and rallied the crew to mount an attack, beginning to shift as he did so.

Maria brought herself up before the ship shifted again, making her grab the barrel for support. "Be... careful," she said.
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"" Sirius stammers out. "I'm a doctor, Ripper! Tending wound sin the middle of the fight will jus..."

His words meant nothing, he had to go out there with him. Swallowing nervously, he got up to follow. Only to pause as Maria spoke and he looked at her. His fearful and nervous expression was on his face, attempting to think of something to say to comfort her. But ultimately failing at it. A weak nod left him as he couldn't think of a single thing to say. Even saying he would wasn't a option. That wouldn't provide the doctor rushed out and onto the top part of the deck. Going to have to work through the chaos despite it being far wiser to help get people out of harms way to treat em.

The sounds of fighting would soon reach her ears after the booms faded into smaller ones, the sounds of pistols firing as the two ships were very close to each other now. Shouting seemed to intensify as the two different crews clashed with one another.
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As she watched him go topside, Maria could hear the cannons go off before they were replaced by pistols and shouting. She didn't really have anything to help. Unless...

She eyed a small dagger that sat in Ripper's quarters. Going in, she plucked it off the desk and made her way up the stairs. She weaved her way through, staying out of sight in case she needed to hurry below deck once more.

She was almost in the thick of the battle when her body jolted from another cannon blast, and she looked to see the other ship's mast beginning to fall over. She did her best to run before a stray bullet struck her leg.
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The creaking of wood would break through the sounds of battle and Sirius was struggling. The overwhelming smell of blood was making it rise to the surface, clawing at him from within to try and escape. This didn't really affect the pirates much, they were used to fighting. So used to this that they had a bit more..control in this minute. And yet, he felt his heart twist and sink as he spotted Maria up here. Running to her as fast as he could, he didn't even think that there was a chance that the mast could crush him too. Sliding to a stop beside her, he raised his arms up and braced himself. Only to feel a horrible and hefty weight press down upon him!

A pained sound left him as his knees buckled, his body being pushed down as he struggled with it. Gritting his teeth, he groaned as he tried harder. Tried to push up, to use his arms or just anything!! However, the physical strain and life threatening situation was the last push it needed. His groan slowly turned into a growl as his gritted teeth became sharper, turning into fangs. He could feel it, the beast that lived just under the skin. The strength it surged through him to where he was able to adjusting his stance and slowly started to push the broken mast up as he stood up more. His back was currently toward Maria although she'd notice that the man now sported....a mostly white wolf tail that had bits of grey in it.

The fur puffed up as it stood on end, the growling grew louder as he pushed the mast up a little higher. A flick of his tail to the right as he felt it taking over. A hunting ground...filled to the brim with prey. A hunt that could last him hours at the the strength filled him, he felt something else. Hunger. The beast never got to hunt, never got to truly catch it's meals. Always the humanity that was in this weak body was holding it back. Trying to keep itself going, to keep itself human. Pathetic really.
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Maria tried her best to limp away when Sirius caught the mast and began to push it back. She was about to try and yell for him, but she watched in horror as he began to shift. His tail and ears began to appear as he stood and moved the mast up. His growling didn't do much for her either.

Then, a naval officer spotted her and fought his way towards her. "What's a woman doing up here?" he asked. He stopped when he saw the wolf holding the mast up and aimed his pistol.

"Stop!" Maria cried, bringing herself up and vying to pull the pistol of his hand.

"You stop!" he snapped. "I'm trying to help you!"
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Canine ears emerged and twitched, sporting a mostly black color with a white marking on the backs of them that was small. Dropping the mast to the side, Sirius grabbed the sides of his head as the boat shifted towards slight due to the sudden weight before rising back up. Trying his best to resist everything that the beast was trying to push him toward. He still had most of his human features, for one his face and the build of his body; save for the canine parts that were already showing. The muscles he had were showing more of the strength that the monster had, making his long sleeved shirt and vest look a bit tighter on him.

Ears perked to the sound of Maria's voice, the sound of distres....looking over his shoulder, his iris's were consumed with the golden color that they turned into when the beast was closer to the surface. A low snarl could be heard as Sirius felt the last of himself be forced under. With a inhuman speed, he spun around and seemed to vanish from sight for a moment. Only for three long claws to rake the back of the naval officer. Causing blood to spray up into the air and even on Sirius.
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"I-" Maria continued to struggle with the man before she saw him get clawed in the back and hearing a pained scream escape him.

"Lass!" shouted Ripper. "Get back down!"

She froze for a moment, watching as Sirius gave in to his darker side. It wasn't until she saw Sirius continue to attack the man that she took a step forward. "Siri-"

"Go, lass!" Ripper pushed her toward the stairs, making her lose her balance and tumble down. Hissing through her teeth, she pressed a hand to her leg wound and looked up in despair. This curse was worse than she thought...
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Even with teh deep claw marks in the man's back, Sirius sank his fangs into them. Slamming em down to the ship's deck as they unaware now that Maria was nearby. Tail lashing behind him as he tore flesh off the poor officer. There was no saving the poor man at this point and honestly the missing chunk of flesh and blood loss didn't convince the beast that this person was dead. Grabbing a hold of their head, he slammed it down against the deck with a sickening crack echoing only in their own ears. Deep and heavy breathes left them as they waited a few minutes before something snapped back into place mentally. The feral look faded from his eyes and a look of horror came over his face.

"" Sirius muttered, feeling his stomach twisting due to the taste of blood in his mouth.

His original eye color was trying to return to his eyes but the golden color was rather persistant as the beast didn't want to let him go yet. Looking down at his hands, they were covered in red as they started to shake. Normally the sight of blood wouldn't freak him out when he was working. But that was to heal....this...this was the blood of someone he just murdered. Murdered in a horrible and feral fashion. His face controted to one of pain as he could feel the beast trying to resume control. Shaking as he grabbed at his head, gritting his fangs hard as his tail bristled, lashing from side to side as well.

"no no....leave me....alone..." Sirius growled to himself, trying his hardest to resist as chaos still was going on around him.

He felt like anything was going to let it resume control...he didn't want that. He didn't want to be more of a monster..
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Maria found an area below deck where she could stay behind a few crates and pull the bullet out of her leg. She let out a small yelp before she tossed the bullet to the side. She began to heal her leg, though she noticed that it wasn't healing properly. There would likely be a tiny scar once she can get it completely healed.

The crew paid no mind to Sirius as they continued to fend the navy off, have a few officers fall to their blades. One final cannon blast had the enemy's ship sinking, with many of those onboard abandoning ship. Some looked over their shoulder at him as the fighting died down. They couldn't understand why he was so afraid of his hands being covered in blood.

"We got ourselves a hunt, lads!" yelled Ripper, his eyes turning a dark orange and diving into the water. He had seen Sirius lament over what he did, but he knew that he would get over it... even if he's wallowing in self hatred. Ripper's head morphed into that of a black wolf and his new seal body helped him quickly maneuver through the billowing waves of red, clenching his jaws on any poor victim he could find.
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Hunt...the beast surged forward at that word. Causing Sirius to jerk as he felt it's power starting to overwhelm him again. A hunt meant food, food was prey that would keep it alive. Feeling the beast trying to rise the rest of the way, Sirius stood up slowly. Taking a single step before gaining enough of himself to do something to try and stop himself. The crew were all off the ship and the man's fangs plunged into his own arm. A muffled sound left him as the pain radiated throughout his entire body. Disrupting the control the beast was having over him. Despite it hungering for flesh and blood, his own body revolted against the control as a new feeling went through him. Pain from a alternate source. The taste of blood was quick to coat the inside of his mouth and in turn, he bite down harder as he turned and rushed down the stairs.

He had to hide. Find some confined space that he could just lock himself behind. Staggering down the steps, he was still unaware of Maria and she'd find him with a expression that showed pain, fear, but also the mental struggle that was still going on. There weren't many areas of the ship to hide in....and he found himself grabbing hold of a large barrel as he couldn't stand the taste anymore. Releasing his arm, he heaved and coughed. Spitting out the blood as he fell to his knees. Tail still bristled but at least his canine ears had gone away.
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Maria let out a gasp as Sirius came down the stairs with his arm in his mouth. She nearly called out to him, though fear coursed through her body. Once he was spitting out blood, she pressed her body against a crate. "Stay-" Drawing in her lip, she bit a little too hard and felt a drop of blood pooling up; she quickly had it heal before Sirius could smell it.

"N-No hurt," she said. Peeking out, she could see that he was spitting out blood and on his knees. She wasn't about to approach him as she knew what he was capable of. For now, she remained hidden behind the crates and kept an eye on him, wondering where everyone else was... she shuddered slightly as she pictured what he did to the poor man.
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The was a meek sounding voice.  So far away or low sounding....Maria? Eyes going wide as he sat there. Oh no....oh no...did he...had he done something to her too? Sure he knew about the officer, they were what triggered it. But...had he....ooh no. What if he had? Grabbing his head, his body shuddered as he stayed put. Making a sound in his hands that was hard to say if it was muffled crying or something else. Forcing himself to stand up, he could feel the strain on his body starting to take hold. Considering how much he always fought this thing, he expended so much more energy.

Staggering over to the barrel that still hold fish in it. He grabbed a few by the tails and staggered out of the room. A hand still against his head as he went to his own quarters. Thankful that he had one behind a door he could lock. Which he made sure to lock when he went inside. Leaning against the door, there was no plan. Either he'd pass out here and now or he'd eat something before being rendered unconcious. Either way...his mind was already feeling like a haze was in it. A haze that often came with being extremely tired or mentally/physically drained. Sliding down, he took to sitting  on the floor. Taking deep and uneven breathes.
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While Maria was unsure what kind of sound was being muffled, she watched him stagger away into what she knew was his quarters and shut the door. After a few moments, she brought herself to her feet and carefully made her way to the door before sitting down and pressing her back to it.

"Sirius...?" she said softly after letting the silence linger for some time. "Are... you alright?" She turned to the door, gently tapping her hand on it. "Sirius?" She knew whatever she said wasn't to make things better, but she knew she could at least try to be there for him. No one else seemed to care. "Sirius?" she said again. "In. Let me... in."
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"No...go....." Sirius rasped out, shaking as he felt everything ache and he pressed his back harder against the wall.

Even in his weaker state, he could feel it stirring painfully. Everything felt too small on him, everything felt like it was suffiocating him as he sat there. Maria would be able to hear his heavy breathing through the door. His shaky blood soaked hand slowly reached up, grabbing a hold of the fabric at his chest where his heart would be. It was pounding in his chest. Much like the inevitable headache would when his body finally calmed down from this blasted curse.

"i don't...want it wants...out.." he breathed heavily. "I can't..."

How could he possibly keep the thing in? He failed already and look what he did. Brutally murder a man who was just doing their job. He should've left them..he could've gotten Maria away from the crew. Could've gotten her to safety...what a fool he was to lose control and take away her chance of her escape. The claws at the ends of his fingernails were still there, slightly duller than they were earlier but rather prominent. Wincing slightly, he could feel his stomach growling for something to eat despite him having thrown up mere moments ago due to the relization of what he did to that officer. The fish he brought in here with him weren't cooked and considering how tired an drained he was....he didn't care.
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When he rasped that he wanted her to go, Maria frowned but brought herself up and walked away. While the crew was doing who knew what, she took a moment to go above deck.

Everything looked as though it was covered in blood. Ropes were frayed, smears of crimson were all over... two corpses remained in place. She turned away, looking to the sea once more. It was all she could not to tear up. Eventually, she threw herself overboard, her tail returning and she swam off.

She couldn't stay. Not if the curse did this to the one she would have called friend.
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Time hadn't been kind. Four years had went and the crew didn't find another mermaid, their once reason to be hopeful was long gone. And well...the crew didn't take kindly to it. He was the one who was still on the boat, so he should've been the one to watch her. No excuses....he only failed. Despite the Captain keeping him around, it was very clear he had to pay for the failure he presented. Underneath his shirt, there were long claw marks, scars from the beating he had endured as a whip wasn't a harsh enough punishment for the 'crime' he had commited. Oh well. At this point...Sirius found himself loosing his ability to really care about himself. If he was torn apart by sharks or these be it. He hated the body he now had due to the curse taking hold each day. It gaining strength with the passage of time.

It was only when the second year had come that the Captain gave his new plan to them. They found a mermaid once, they could all do it again. The plan was to place a man on the small islands that were in different parts of the ocean. Considering Sirius had found the mermaid the first time...he could find one again. But due to the..transgression he had done, a crew mate was tasked to watch him. Make sure that his letters reporting in were genuine. Honeslty...Sirius found himself not really paying much attention. The found himself pondering if he could just find a way to slip away on that island and end it all.

As if it wasn't annoying enough on sea, the curse kept affecting them on land. While not turning into a sea wolf, they would turn into werewolves and now the lunar cycle affected them. Just fucking great. The small town that rested on the island he and a crewmate had been stationed at was a nice one. Sirius found himself being able to do his profession to grateful townsfolk. With time however, the sighting of werewolves or beasts in the forest soon frightened them. The crew mate was able to stay alive for the two years they lived on that island until recently. They were caught during the last full moon, and Sirius...hadn't the heart to watch the town execute them when the sun had come up.

Part of him wondered if he should've just let that happened to him. Though some part of him wanted to stay alive. THe death of the crewmate wasn't reported in during his last letter and part of Sirius felt rather...pleased with that small deception. After all, the captain got no reason to come here if he thinks everything is fine and dandy...and Sirius was fed up with sharing quarters with a man who wouldn't shut up about getting back to the ocean. The total four years had changed him though. His hair was now pure white with no hints of greys in it, fully consumed by the wolf's pelt color. His hazel eyes were more yellow now, they would pass as human as some people thought they were more of a amber but Sirius was often fearful that they would look closer. He had a rougher appearance, more muscle was on his bones and he even had the stubble for a beard growing in that he hated; shaving often didn't help...the darn hair grew back so fast. Hands were dotted in small scars, from scratches and cuts on the steep rocks near the water where he went fishing.

Winter was on it's way and that meant soon it would be harder to keep fishing the way he had. Normally, he merely dove into the water and swam around. Claws coming out as more of a second nature now to help him latch into a fish to catch it. With winter however...he would either have to resort to changing fully or just not bother with fishing. After all, there was prey on land...but that ran the risk of running into one of the villagers. A sigh left him as he stood there, setting his basket down that he was going to try to fill up as much as possible. Fishing was always easier with someone else helping....oh well. The final piece an silence was much better. With ease, he dived into the water to start fishing.
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Four years. Four years of being alone and having to hide. She did her best to get by, though the wound she received from the stray bullet had turned into a small yet nasty scar. Her hair had grown out, though she cut it once or twice, actually making it shorter than it was before; her hair now rested just below her ears rather than on her shoulders. And yet, despite what happened, she still thought of Sirius. She wondered what became of him and how he was faring. After all, he was the one that had her go.

There wasn't much for her in the days that passed. She had seen the Sea Night in passing and she fled before anyone could see her. She never knew what they had planned for her, and she didn't care to know. However, she had been taken in by a kind old woman who was rendered blind after whatever tragic accident befell her. It was enough to keep herself in one spot for two and a half years, though the woman hardly bothered with helping her speak properly. And it was more frustration that she still had to pause to ensure that what she was saying came out right, though there were times she reverted back.

And now, the woman wanted her to meet her son in hopes that he would finally settle down and give her grandchildren. Maria had taken the time to go for a swim before the woman's son would arrive. Winter was quickly approaching and she wanted to enjoy the sea before it grew too cold. Her legs shifted and she swam as fast as her tail would allow her. As she leapt through the waves and let the current carry over her, she spotted a man sitting by the edge with a basket. Keeping herself concealed, she inched closer until she could see his face.

"Sirius?" she said, bringing herself up slightly.
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Swimming had gotten easier, he had at least honed that skill. Along with holding his breathe longer. Catching a couple of fish, he left the cold water and threw them into the basket. Shuddering slightly as he lacked the fur that his other forms would give him to endure the cold waters better. Taking a seat, he gave a sigh as he watched the fish flop about in it. Without the water, they couldn't breathe and soon that sound of them bouncing about would end. Yet a voice pulled him away from that sound, his name being said in a low tone. Causing him to search for the source and his eyes went wide.

"Maria? You....what are you doing here?" Sirius questioned, his voice showed surprise and shock.

Clearly he never expected to see her again. After all, the ocean was large and there was more than one of em as well. The chances of seeing one another again was so Maria looked the same as she had last he saw...her hair was shorter...but him? He certainly changed in looks.
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Maria came closer once Sirius acknowledged her presence. "I..." She brought herself up to sit next to him. "I swim. I... swim lots. A woman... I live with... her. She... has son... and..." It hard for her to speak this much as she wasn't used to saying more than one or two words. "She thinks... I... marry him."

She showed her hand to prove that there was no ring to signify that she was spoken for. "He comes... today." But frankly, she didn't want to meet him. From what she heard, he was a sailor who was gone for months at a time, and this would be the first time in three years to be home. She figured that he wasn't going back out to the sea if his mother was so eager to finally marry him off. While Sirius certainly changed since the last time she saw him, she was happy to see that he was better.

With that, she ran a hand through his hair and patted her hands over his chest, arms, and shoulders. "Hurt?" she asked.
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As she spoke of what was going on in her life, he couldn't help but feel annoyed. The old woman probably had good intentions but...having someone meet her son only meant one thing. Arrange marriage; which was pretty stupid in this instant as Maria wasn't her child.

"You have the right to refuse to marry him if you don't want to." Sirius told her. "She's not your mother, so she's got no right to try and marry you to some man."

Truthfully..he was still surprised to see her again. What were the odds? Granted, how did she see it was him through all...this? The curse did slow his aging but he still looked a little older now. the attempt of a beard growing in the form of stubble only aided in that look. As she did her own sort on him, he gave a chuckle.

"No. I'm alright, tired and sore but no injuries." Sirius replied. "I see there are some issues remaining involving speech. I guess you've been doing more hiding all these years...for good reason. Although....The Captain's new plan to find ya or another mermaid is...a bit different. It's the only reason I'm stationed here. HE figured if he dropped a crew mate at different islands and have us report to him, we'd find one. Well. Since the one who was tasked with watching me due to what happened is no longer here...this is the best shot of a safe havean for ya. Since I'm the one doing all the reporting in. Simply...I don't tell em bout ya and no one can interfer this go."
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"Well..." Maria frowned at the thought of being married off. What Sirius said was true. She wasn't this woman's child and she had no right to try and force her with her son. However, she wanted to give the woman's son a chance, though she doubted anything will come out of it.

As Sirius reassured her that he was fine and that Ripper had deployed other tactics to finding a mermaid to be rid of the curse. Once he said that he wouldn't tell the captain of her whereabouts, she nodded. "Yes." She even took the time to pick up his hands and look at them, frowning slightly at how they now looked. "Hands scarred..." she said softly.

Then, she showed him the one she had on her leg. "Shot," she continued. "On ship."

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"They're not the only thing scarred but they're fine at least. I can still use em." Sirius replied in regards to his hands.

She'd be more freaked out if she saw the large scars on his chest and back. Hopefully she wouldn't see those any time soon. As she showed him a scar she had earned that day, a look of guilt came to his face.

"Did you get the bullet out? That would cause problems if it was left in there." Sirius asked. "Let's go inside, my cabin is further away from here but...talking out in the cold is just gonna get one of us sick."
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Not the only thing? She gave him a look of concern before he asked if she got the bullet out. "Yes." After he suggested they head inside, she got herself up and waited for him to lead her to his cabin.

Her mind began to spin with questions, such as what he had been doing all these years and what happened to the crew member he was with. But she simply followed him.

"Cold," she said, rubbing her arms as she pressed herself against his back.
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Picking up the basket, he started to walk. A kind smile on his face as he did so. Maybe he shouldn't have gotten the place farthest from the sea after all? No. IT was for the better that he kept himself that far away. After all, if he found Maria any earlier and well....she'd be in danger. Taking a deep breathe, he sighed as they walked. Feeling a twing of tension go through his body as she leaned into his back. At least...she couldn't feel the scars through all that fabric. Typical they started to walk the first signs of snow started to descend form the sky.

"damn...I thought there was more time....I'll really have to do nothing but fish and hunt tomorrow..." Sirius muttered, a tone of displeasure in his voice as they walked.

The forest grew around them, tall and large trees towering over them. Their branches extending up toward the sky. As if reaching for the sunlight. Even though he has lived at sea for a good four years, he was glad to see these things. Sure the woods could grow dark and creepy but...he preferred it over the bottomless pit that was the ocean. Merely to sink forever...further down. A sound caught his attention, causing him to pause as he looked around. His strange eyes taking on the golden color fully as he was sent on alert.

"Don't...move.." Sirius instructed in a low voicec.
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Maria eventually pulled away as she walked deeper into the woods with Sirius. She began to look around in awe as she had never seen trees seemingly reaching for the sky before. As she wandered a little to a few flowers that grew by a thicket. Freezing at the sound, she scanned her eyes as she searched for the source of the noise. The noise ceased, and she reached for the flowers before the noise sounded off again.

A low growl had her freeze once more. Looking up, she found herself being stared down by a ravenous bear. As the bear stood on its hind legs, its growl grew louder. Maria stayed in place before she quickly glanced at Sirius. She didn't dare say a word as she watched the bear come closer. It wasn't until the bear was in her face that she slowly backed away.

The bear took a step closer, and it circled around her before standing behind her. One roar, and it started on its chase.
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Oh he was used to seeing bears but not this close. They weren't a easy foe to go against and he wanted Maria to just get back to him. Only for things to go further downhill. Throwing the basket down, he rushed forward.

"MARIA MOVE!" Sirius ordered as he rammed into the bear.

The creature staggered with a angry roar and already, Sirius felt it rising in him. Growling angerily, his hair seemed to stand on end and his claws were already out. It was turning into his second nature...a nature he didn't really want still. The feeling though...the feeling of his own strength growing as it took hold. His tail emerged and it gave a flick, ears sticking out as they slanted. So easy get lost in the feeling. To get consumed by it even outside of the full moon on land. Was this truely the state he was meant to fall into? Full moon nights, he had no control. What would that mean for now? He couldn't even think on that.

The bear let out a feral roar before it reared up, attempting to slam it's large paws down on him. Raising his own hands up, he blocked the attack. Knees buckling slight from the heavier weight, groaning slightly as he pushed back. The man's shirt and vest grew tighter on him as Maria could soon see that the doctor's muscle mass was now bigger than moments ago. As he shoved the bear back with a hard shove, he pulled the heavy coat off of himself; tearing it off more like it as the feeling of suffication by his attire was growing. There was a sound of creaking leather, accompanioned by a cracking sound, only for  large wolf like paws to emerge from his shoes as he took a step forward. Their color was a silvery grey  color. For the moment, he still had his clothes on; minus the coat and he looked human for what traits were left, mainly in his face. His glowing eyes stared down at the bear, challenging it slightly as he snarled back.

Even though he had pushed it back the bear wasn't giving in. Stubborn creatures they were. Even though he had the inhuman speed to go with his curse, he was trying to not fully give into it. He raised his arms to brace for impact as the bear's large paw essentially backhanded him. Causing Sirius to go flying a few feet and him tumbling to the ground hard. His vest got torn and snagged on a few branches and twigs. Slowly sitting up, he groaned as the blow was a heavy one. The bear's roaring though made his ears perk and his attention returned to it, the lumbering creature turning to stare at him. Narrowing his gaze, Sirius fell further into the mindset of his curse, growling lowly back to them as he transformed further.

His shirt and vest were unable to keep up as the man was a foot taller now but also sporting a more muscular build. The stubble on his face was longer, looking more like a beard that was slightly more grown in. The tattered remains of his shirt rested on the ground; while the vest was merely holding onto him by a few threads with man holes in it. Fur was starting to grow on his shoulders and on his arms. The thing that would probably catch Maria's attention as he lunged, were the multiple claw marks on his back and chest. Clearly from some creature of some sort and the scars were at least old.
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Rolling to the side, she dove to where the basket was and into the bushes. Everything felt like it was a blur. Sirius looked as though he used the same strength as he did when the mast almost fell on her. Between his muscles growing and paws ruining his shoes, she wasn't sure what she was seeing. She had seen in this form before, though not like this. It was all she could do to remain where she was as the bear continued to swipe and snap at Sirius.

She kept her eyes on them as the bear backhanded Sirius and he went a few feet back.

"No!" she cried, picking up a few rocks and pelting the bear with them. "Stop!"

Before long, the bear was beginning to approach her when Sirius growled at it. No sooner had she crouched back down, she saw the remains of Sirius's shirt fall to the ground in tattered pieces. She felt her cheeks redden when she saw how much muscle mass he had, but at the same time, she saw the scars on his back and chest as he lunged at the bear. She watched helplessly as the bear soon sank its teeth into his shoulder.

Title: Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
Post by: readlliea on August 25, 2019, 12:18:43 AM radiated through his shoulder as blood oozed out. The sensation stunning him mentally for a moment as his eyes went wide. THe yelling of his name grounded him for a moment in time...but not long. Gritting his teeth, they turned into fangs as a look of rage came over his facial features. Sinking his large paws into the earth to halt the beast from moving while it held onto his shoulder, sinking it's fangs deeper in. His tail grew longer, more full as well. As a roar of anger left him, his eyes changed more. The whites of his eyes turned black and with all his might, he pulled at the bear. Sinking his own claws into it's hide and as fur started to grow on his face, he sang his own fangs into the beast's throat.

A gutteral sound left the bear as it shook, trying to pull away as it released Sirius's shoulder. HOwever, the halfway transformed man held on. Taking this chance to  rake his own claws down other areas on it's neck and downward. Ripping into flesh before he pulled his head back, ripping a chunk of meat out of them. The bear cried in pain and the piece of flesh was quickly dropped to the ground when Sirius lunged. Doing everything he could to repeatively hit that large open wound on the bear. The beast landed on it's back, it's large paws smacking his chest and pushing him back for a few moments.  Only for the man to return to their frenzy and as blood and meat were thrown to the sides. The blood splattered against him, turning the front of him red.

When the bear stopped moving, it took a minute for Sirius to stop swinging his claws into them. Panting from the effort, the pain his shoulder finally registered enough to snap him out of it. To give him his mind back. As the bear's blood dripped off of him, his frame started to revert. The wolf like features started to leave him. Killing a animal wasn't anything to him, it was when it was people he freaked out. However...that didn't mean there were no consequences. Once back to normally; albeit he did look..bigger compared to when he had his coat on. He slowly got down from the bear, still not looking at Maria.
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It was all Maria could do to look away. Only the sounds of two beasts struggling had her hug her knees as she hoped that Sirius would be alright. Soon enough, she heard the bear yelp before all that could be heard was Sirius panting. She took this moment to turn, trying her best not to make a sound when she noticed ow much blood and flesh was on the ground.

Inching closer, she let him climb off the bear before she reached to touch his back. "Shoulder," she said, moving to look at it. The puncture wounds looked deep, but it wasn't something she couldn't heal. She placed her hands on it, moving them around as she emitted an aura and let it seep into his shoulder. Surely, he could feel how soothing it was. How much more damage would this curse do before it was broken? Scanning the area again, she noticed a river wasn't too far ahead.

"Come." She gestured at the river and began to make her way over, ripping a piece of her makeshift dress as she did so. Though, seeing all that blood made her stomach flip some.
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Even hearing her voice, Sirius didn't make a move to look at her. Still he didn't refuse to let her look at his shoulder. The sensation that went through him was...interesting. He found himself staying himself at the very least. No further attempts from his own demon to come out. That was good...he honestly wasn't sure he could handle it today. Not after this...really not after this. Slowly he followed her to the river.

Once there, he sat on his knees and stuck both of his hands into the cold water. The blood slowly left them as he stared at the water. Unable to see his reflection. He took a deep breathe.

" anything...different looking on me?" Sirius asked as he slowly looked to her.

Besides being larger in muscle mass there was one thing different. His eyes. Sadly it was a obvious change, the golden color of his iris's remained. The only thing about em that reverted was the whites of his eyes were whtie again, no longer black. But..his eyes lost their original color fully now. Replaced by the eye color of the monster's.
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Soaking the piece of fabric she tore from her dress, she gently moved it over his face and chest, letting the blood drip off. She paused for a moment, realizing something had changed. "Your... eyes." They were no longer hazel, and the idea of them staying golden broke her heart. Perhaps she shouldn't have escaped when she did. He wouldn't have changed this much if she had stayed. As she ran a wet hand through his hair, tears streamed down her cheeks upon the realization of what she had done.

"My..." She buried her face in his chest as her shoulders shook slightly. "Fault!" Wrapping her arms around his large frame, she sat in silence as she closed her eyes; it did nothing to stop her tears. "Sirius." The scars on his chest and back must have been because of her, too. And if he lost any more of himself, she wouldn't know what to do. "Stay. Please. Fault... mine." Even her thoughts were all over the place as she tried to speak.
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His eyes....he for sure couldn't go into town now. It was one thing when the hazel part of the coloration was still in them somewhere but now? IT was all gone? His body shuddered, from the cold air and the realization that was how life was going to go. He truly was going to lose himself over time, only the beast was going to be left. Though the tears and the smaller hand against him drew his attention back to Maria.

"Eh..? No no, it's not your fault Maria." Sirius tried to explained. "IT's the curse's doing, not yours. If I change outside of the full moon on land, it...does this. It's not..."

The hug she gave him as she desperately clinged to his frame. A small sigh left him as he sat there. Feeling his body wanting to give in to sleep or hunger but..he couldn't move. Not right at the moment. Allowing his arms to gently wrap around her, he noticed the additional muscle. It wasn't just his eyes...oh well.

"Come on...we need to get inside, you can stay at my place. We get in doors before my body figures now is a good time to go on shut down..okay?"Sirius urged gently.
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Maria finally looked up at him after he told her it wasn't her fault. She wiped her tears away as she got up to follow him. The air grew colder as she found herself running back to grab his coat so she wouldn't freeze. She knew the woman wouldn't be overly pleased that she wouldn't be back in time to meet her son, but she wanted to make sure that Sirius would be alright. She even went so far as to lean her head on his arm as they continued to walk.

She kept scanning her surroundings in case another animal wanted to attack. There wasn't anything else except for the last few flowers and colored leaves that barely rolled on the ground. "Pretty," she said, picking one up. She was so used to being near the sea that everything about the forest lit up her eyes.
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"In spring and summer it's a lot prettier." Sirius replied as he walked.

Slowly they came to the cabin that he lived in and at this point, Sirius was tired. His body pleading for rest as he fumbled with the door handle before getting it open. She'd find the place looked rather normal for a house. There were items resting on the table and chests, some chairs off to the side. Closing the door once he was certain Maria was inside, he took a few deep breathes to try and keep his bearings. The room felt like it was spinning before his eyes closed and with a heavy thud, he landed on the floor unconscious.

The man was thankfully still breathing; albeit a little hard. A few hours would pass before he'd slowly come to again. A groan leaving him as he slowly pushed himself up to a sitting position. Rubbing his head, he was still out of it somewhat. Although the feeling of hunger was starting to make him wake up a little faster.
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Once they entered the house, Maria was taking the coat off when she saw Sirius collapse on the floor. She rushed to his side and and gently shook his shoulder before she found a blanket to cover him with. She sat next to him until he stirred a few hours later. Seeing him rub his head had her tilt her head slightly before she simply pulled the fish out of the basket. She wasn't the most graceful with gutting them, but she did this much until she was satisfied with them before placing them over the fire.

She kept her eye on them as they kept cooking. Before long, she began pulling them out and onto a plate she found, yelping slightly from burning her fingers slightly as she pulled them out. "Hot. Burns." Looking down at Sirius, she went back to him and sat in front of him, running her hand through his hair as she set the plate down between them.

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In all honesty, he wouldn't have cared now if they were rare. IT was something that had changed over time. Usually when he changed back and was stuck feeling like he was starving, he just ate what he could get his hands on. Four years of this torture would do that to you. Change your thinking and make you accept some things you didn't want to before.

"You didn't  have to cook them." Sirius told her as he opened his eyes finally; having been afraid to open them honestly. "Thanks...though."

A weak smile was on his face but it quickly disappeared as he took to eating the cooked fish. If you could call wolfing down one's food 'eating' though. That was another thing that had left him due to time...manners when eating. All that was the focus was getting his energy back and making his stomach stop growling, so he did take on the wolfish nature when it came to food. The man even ate some of the bones as well; although he really did try not to do that. Once he was fully done, he gave a sigh. At least one thing of misery was over.

"Alright, let's see those hands. You aren't used to cooking, are you?" he asked.
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She let him wolf the fish down despite wanting a little bit for herself. But she let him eat until he turned his attention to her hands. "No..." She wasn't about to tell him that she rarely cooked for the woman who took her in because she almost burned herself fairly badly. She did her best to not flinch away as she was unsure if he would change again.

But she held her hands out for him to examine. "Burns." It didn't hurt that much, but the stinging hadn't gone away. Leaning forward, she was blissfully unaware of close she was to him as she let him do whatever he needed to do to treat her hands. Her healing would take effect, but... strangely enough, she missed him looking over her wounds.
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"I'm not sure how well your ability works when it comes to there's a chance that this isn't necessary.." Sirius said as he stood up, releasing her hands before walking over to a cupboard.

Inside, he pulled out a few bottles and looked them over. Only to put several of em back and he kept one. From a drawer, he pulled out some bandages and returned to Maria. Taking a seat on the ground, he gestured for her to hold her hands out to him again.

"Now this is going to sting, so try to hold still." Sirius said as he started to apply a gel like substance to the burns.

If he was able to apply it with no issues, he would bandage them up and leave it at that. Again, probably wasn't even needed but he was a doctor. Although...healing the people in town was going to become impossible with his eyes. They'd know something was up for sure.
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Maria sat there, watching him pull bottles from a cabinet only for all of them to be put back except for one. Once he returned wit that and some bandages, she held her hands out for him again. She nearly pulled her hands away when he applied a gel like substance on them.


She stayed still as he finished and wrapped her hands in bandages. However, after a few moments, her hands began to heal on their own and she turned them as they had a slight glow to them. "Better," she said softly. Though, she did have an idea in mind should she stay with him. She had to heal the woman on occasion and she was sure that anyone else who needed it would be grateful for it. But that also ran the risk of her getting recaptured by Ripper, which was something Sirius didn't want for her as much he wanted to be rid of the curse.
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"Well, so long as they heal. That's what matters." Sirius replied as he stood back up. "I'm sorry you had to see that....I..I'm not sure how much of it was showing but...judging by the state of that wasn't pleasent."

Indeed not. And yet he allowed it to happen. Why was the increase in strength enough to have him give in? Was he that desperate to fend off the bear? Willing to give in without much of a fight? Shaking his head, he tried not to focus on that. Walking over to a chair, he pulled a blanket off of it and draped it over his shoulders. Despite being inside, he felt a little cold still; probably due to no shirt on and all. 

"It's not safe to go out there closer to night, so you can stay the night. Thankfully that one room is still in good shape, so you can sleep in the guest room." he added.
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"No. Not pleasant." She eventually got up and followed him to where he sat. She sat on the floor next to him and glanced up, seeing how much it pained him to think of what had occurred earlier. At the mention of being unsafe at night, she gave him a small smile when he told you she could stay.

"Yes! I..." Resting her head on his knee, she closed her eyes and sighed. "Thank... you." She wasn't quite tired yet, but at least she didn't have to try and hurry back. Not that it mattered at this point as she was sure the son had left by now. "Sirius..." She rose to her feet, and she gently pressed her lips to his cheek. She meant nothing by it, but she felt he needed that. Especially since he fought off the bear, fixed her hands, and was letting her stay for the night. Though she was going to ask about everyone else on the Sea Night, she chose against it as she didn't want to revisit the fact that Ripper looked at her in an odd fashion and Benson was anything but pleasant.

She turned his head so she could trace her fingers over his face. She didn't have to, but if she was honest with herself, she liked how flustered it made him.
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The kiss to his cheek was rather surprising, he could feel his face go slightly red as he sat there. Snapping out of it, he gently tried to grab her hands. Feeling his heart skip a few beats.

"S...sorry...I just..." SIrius started before releasing her hands if he had managed to grab them.

He didn't want to risk it. The man looked away from her. Struggling to come up with a plan, with some sort of idea. He had a new letter he had to write and he was very intent on keeping Maria out of the letter. But how long would that truly last? Not very long...Ripper was always weird. He could show up and demand he go back with em to try a different plan. Plans weren't going to go well. A sigh left him as he sat there.

"This is going to be a mess to figure out.." he muttered.  "At least we have a few days before the full moon. I can at least get things sorted before then."
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Maria nodded, wondering what else would happen. She began to think of things that might help him. "I... heal?" she asked him, holding her hands out and gesturing to the door.

Ripper paced back and forth in his quarters as he read the last letter from one of his crew. "'We nearly had 'er, and she got away'?" he boomed, crumbling the letter and tossing it aside. "If we don't 'ave a mermaid soon, I'm gonna start feeding everyone to the sharks! Can nobody do what-"

"Cap'n," one timid crew member asked as he peeked through the doorway.

"What?" Ripper turned, his dark orange eyes flashing as his now white hair seemed to bristle and stand on end.

"I, um, I have another letter. It's from Benson."

"It better be good news." Snatching it from him before sending him on his way, Ripper read through as he growled in frustration. "Can nobody find a mermaid?" He clutched his desk, eyeing the pearl for a moment.

"Come all you pretty fair maids, whoever you may be..." The large black pearl started to have an eerie glow as it sang. The singing was magnified as Ripper picked it up and held it close to his face.

"Sing to me," he said as he became visibly calm.
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"THere's nothing to heal I'm afraid." Sirius said as he stood up.  "Come, you're probably tired. You need the sleep more than I do."

Walking over to the door, he opened it for Maria. He wasn't going to force her in there but the offer remained. Besides, he needed to think of some sort of game plan. A plan that would work to keep em safe. He didn't really know much about the Moher of all Pearls, other than it's large size and it was the reason they were all cursed. Perhaps the captain was dependent on the sea now? He had stayed on it all these years, and with the curse affecting em..maybe they wouldn't leave the water? It was a slim hope...and one he didn't have much faith in.
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"No. Village. Heal." She did her best to convey her idea, but to no avail. She simply followed him to a door and walked in once it was opened. Before she could try and reason with him, she only sighed as she knew it would get her nowhere.

"Night," she said softly, closing the door. Whatever he was planning had to work. She had no desire to go back to the Sea Night, or know what the Mother of all Pearls did to cause this curse. But there had to be some way that Sirius could be free of it. It was something that took control of her as she tried to sleep. Eventually though, she did her best to sleep.

There was a grotesque wolf in the room, drenched in blood and surrounded by hundreds of bodies. She tried to call out, but she felt as though she couldn't speak. The wolf turned and stared at her with beady golden eyes before it lunged at her. She couldn't even let out a scream as she backed away as much as she could.

A gasp escaped her as her body jolted. Wide, blue eyes frantically looked around. She sighed as she covered her eyes, hoping the tears that stung them wouldn't fall down her cheeks.
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The night was calm and quiet, in truth it was hard to not fall asleep as he wrote. Slumped over at the desk, his chest rose and fell as he stayed in a somewhat normal sleep. However that would slowly change as the night went on. Considering that the full moon was only a day or so away, the beast would be stirring in his mind. Shifting in his seat slightly, a groan left him in his sleep. The dream world rather dark and void of anything specifically. A forest with tall trees that touched the sky but with bare dead branches, no leaves resting in them. As he stood there within this dream, he could already feel that sense of unease that plagued him. Taking a deep breathe, he tried to steady himself.

All in your head, that's it. That's all that this is right now... He muttered to himself, taking a cautious step.

The sensation of something glaring at him in the darkness made his skin crawl. His own eyes finding nothing as he looked around. It was only when a horrible scream that went off that made him jump, forgetting that something else in the dark was here. He was going to shout out when something latched onto his ankle, causing a scream to leave him as he was yanked into the darkness.

For Maria, she'd hear the sound of something crashing down and if she went to investigate. She'd find Sirius writhing on the floor, gritting his teeth as claws sank into the wood floor. Seems she wasn't the only one with dark dreams consuming them. ALthough...probably a good idea to figure out a way to wake him up as...the poor man was running the risk of changing again. From the way they writing on the floor, they were resisting it though.
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As Maria tried to go back to sleep, she heard a crashing sound, making her fall out of the bed. Running to the source of the sound, she found Sirius on the floor with his claws in it. As she went to him, she saw that he wasn't quite awake yet.

"Sirius," she said, shaking his shoulder. She began to panic as he didn't stir. "Sirius!" She shouted his name over and over as she shook him and even attempted to move.

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Pained groaning left him as he shuddered, his claws dragging across the floor made a slight screech sound as he tore up the wood. The man would jerk as pain spread through his body, trying his hardest to resist as he shuddered. Her yelling and shaking did break through, his golden eyes shooting open. However they held a very feral look to them, the whites of his eyes were black and the man sat up quickly. A frustrated snarl leaving him as he grabbed the sides of his head.

A sound left them, as if they were trying to say something but due to the pain and mental state he was in was making speech impossible. Sinking his claws into his head, he whined as he curled in on himself where he sat. The sound of breaking bones could be heard as his body was trying to force itself to change.
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When Sirius opened his eyes, she took a step back. As she watched him grab the sides of his head, she could hear the bones break. She started to panic before she thought of something.

"You... are awake," she said. "Not dream." She ran her hands through his hair. "Not dream." She even placed her hands on his cheeks as she ran her thumbs over his cheekbones. "Please..." There wasn't much else she could except do her best to calm him. Even then, she hoped it was enough.

"Sirius. Not dream. Please." Pressing her forehead to his, she sighed. "Not... like this."
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The pain grew in intensity, making it harder for him to move.  Sounds still only left him, a sound the mix of whining and some other noise. The gentle sensations though...something helped it register in his mind. Slowly the sound of his bones trying to break faded and the curled up being was left only breathing heavily. After a few moments, a shaky hand pulled away from his head. Small spots of blood at his finger tips from when he had his claws firmly against his hand. No claws now thankfully, though the shaking appendage slowly reached and cupped Maria's face. As if...trying to make sure that this was real. That whatever else was here was real.

"Di...d..i....I'm soorry...I'm sorry.." Sirius muttered as he pulled his hand back, leaning into the wall more as the rest of him reverted. "I can't think..straight's always more real...I can't...I can't do this.."
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Maria sighed in relief as Sirius seemed to snap out of it, though she held her breath for a moment as he cupped her face.  As he leaned into the wall, she crawled to him and nearly climbed into his lap. "Hey..." She gently brought his head up so she could look at him. If only there was something she could do to ease his pain. She brushed a hand against his face, moving stray strands of hair as she did so.

She even placed a hand over his heart, wondering if she could do something for it in hopes of helping him. Letting her hand glow some, she closed her eyes and pressed her forehead to his.
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There was a strange sensation that went through him as her hand started glowing. He winced as he felt a pressure wrap around his heart. A shaky breathe left him as he wanted to pull away. But he found his whole body unresponsive. All he could do was breathe as he felt this sensation get stronger. Wincing as he closed his eyes, that feeling of pressure dispersed through his body. Feeling more like a warm wave hitting him. There was something else accompanying it, although it was hard for him to tell just what it was due to the uncomfortable pressure returning.

When she was done, Maria was in for a surprise. His white hair had more black and grey in it than it did before and the man looked like he had lost some of his muscle mass. Slowly he opened his eyes to reveal them hazel once again.

"Wh...what did you do?" Sirius rasped.
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Hearing him breathe, she continued to run her hand through his hair. "Shh..." He was likely in some degree of pain, and there wasn't much else she could do for him. Deciding that it was enough, the glow of her hand faded and she pulled away. Her eyes widened as she saw that his hair was more color, and his eyes were hazel once more. He was even less muscular than before.

She ran her two curious hands over his chest and face, a confused expression taking over her features. "I..." Perhaps there was a way she could eradicate the curse from him. She gently tapped the ends of her fingers on the top of his head. "Black... gray."

How she wished she could say more.
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Finally getting his mind straight, he rubbed his eyes before standing up. What did she mean black and grey?  Going over to the mirror, a look of shock and surprise was on his face as he took in his appearance. He didn't know how the curse was meant to truly break but to him...had she done it? Or was this was close as they were going to get? As real as it was...he found it so hard to believe. The white was still in  his hair yes but..there were the colors of it trying to revert back to the original black.

"I....I don't know if that's the way to break it.....but...maybe there's a alternate way to break this curse than doing..whatever Ripper wants?" Sirius said as he looked back at Maria with a smile. "We can't stay here though. If we're going to figure it out, we should probably get away from here before Ripper decides to visit."

 But where would they go to look for clues?
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An alternate way? Maria beamed before he told her they couldn't stay. She began to run each scenario through her head. Most of them had... unfavorable outcomes. Still, it was probably best if they left and tried to find a way to break the curse without proceeding with what Ripper wanted. As she sat on the floor, she thought over where they should start first.

"Sea?" she asked. "Look... in sea?" She sighed in frustration. "Wish... to speak. Like you..." It was going to be difficult as she had begun to learn how to speak properly before she left the first time. But perhaps while they looked for whatever the alternate way may be, he could continue where they left off.
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"Damn it....there's not going to be a lot of food and with the...." Sirius muttered, thinking out loud.

He soon gave a sigh and shook his head, they had no time to think on those. Those things were small details and those details would have to b sorted out later. Reaching into a cabnet, he pulled out a bag and set it down. They were going to have to start packing. The letter would be sent out as usual and hopefully that would buy them more time. His thoughts were broken as Maria spoke.

"Perhaps...considering the Mother Pearl came from the ocean. But...where would we start looking there?" Sirius asked. "Don't worry, I can teach you more while we travel. So we'll get you to be able to speak easily as soon as we can. For now, we need to pack. Grab anything food related and put it in here, okay?"
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Maria began to get things around as she knew they would be leaving momentarily. She found a few items, though she was sure they would have to find more on their way out. As she placed them in the bag, she sat down and tried her best to rearrange things.

She sighed, hoping that they could find some answers once they were out at sea. And, hopefully, he wouldn't transform while they were doing whatever it took to break the curse. Though Ripper and his also suffered. To hell with them.
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With everything they could use gathered, Sirius and Maria would leave. They had to get a head start on things and get out of here. He sent the letter off as always and quickly urged her to follow. Leaving the town was a big risk but staying was far worse. IT put her at risk of Ripper coming and getting his hands on her. A couple of days of traveling would pass, everything was going okay. Although, Sirius was growing tired.

"Alright...let's rest here...just for a few minutes." Sirius said as he seat the bag down, a sigh leaving him.

It wasn't that it was heavy. He had been hunting on land for the two of em and while he was decent at it, he did struggle. But there was the issue of the full moon coming and he wasn't looking forward to that. Rotating his shoulder, he wanted to find a place he could hide in that would keep him in it. But...where to find a place?

"How's your speaking coming?" he asked, as they had been working on it.
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Maria tried her best to keep up with Sirius as they traveled for the next two days. She also felt the need to rest every now and then, even asking Sirius to carry her when her legs no longer could.

She sat on the ground after Sirius said he needed to rest. The full moon was coming, and she was sure that he wanted to find somewhere to stay until it passed. When asked how her speaking was coming along, she cleared her throat. "It... is fine," she said. She was at least grateful that he was still willing to teach her.

Opening the pack, she found a small canteen of water and began to drink. She offered it to Sirius in case he needed something, too.
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Sitting on the ground, he accepted the canteen of water, and took a long drink. The cold water felt nice on his throat. Although he knew that their supplies were limited so he did make sure to stop before everything was gone. Letting out a sigh, he ran his fingers through his hair and closed the canteen.

"That's good..." Sirius said as he handed the canteen back. "We're going to have to make the most of today. Maria, can you look for some spots that we can hide in? Remember, two places. One for you and the supplies to be safe in for me to keep 'it' away from you.."
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She took the canteen back and she placed it back in the bag. Maria began to scan the area and looked into every place she could find. While there wasn't really any place she could see for herself, she did find a tucked away cave for Sirius for when he had to transform. "Here," she called. She gestured to the cave and had him look. "For... you!"

Now she needed a spot for herself, perhaps not very close, but not too far away.

Ripper climbed into the rowboat and had two crew members get in with him. "I think it's time we give the doc a visit," he said with a grin. "Maybe he'll be so gracious and come back with us so we can go look in the open sea again."

"But Cap'n," one of the men chimed. "Don'cha think he-"

"He's too stupid to just run off! Now, we're gonna look and see how he's doin' and then get him back on board."
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Sirius followed Maria when she fetched him to show him a place for him to hide away in once night came. The man was rather thorough in his inspection in the cave. It wasn't a horrible cave, he was trying to hold out hope it could keep him in. The beast though was often resourceful but after a few minutes, he knew he couldn't waste time being picky. With a kind smile, he looked back to Maria.

"It'll work, thanks." Sirius said. "For now, leave the supplies here while you look for a spot for you to hide in. I'm going hunting but don't stray far, okay?"

Once he had a response, the man would take off. Unaware of the danger that was coming to shore. Once the rowboat landed on the shore and they were pointed in the right direction. One of the crew members knocked on the cabin door, for a few moments they stood there. Raising a brow.

"Doc? Ya gotta open up here." The crew member said as he went to give a harder knock, only for the door to creak open.
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Maria nodded before Sirius took off to go hunt. She took this time to locate a few places close by. She eventually found a large, hollowed out tree that was a few hundred yards from where Sirius would be for the night. Giving it a nod of satisfaction, she went back for the supplies and carried them over.

With the door creaking open, Ripper shoved the man out of the way and stormed in. "Doc? Ye in?" Getting no answer, he began to walk around. "Doc?" His nostrils began to flare and his brows were furrowed. "Can't do this to me, ye know! C'mon out!" He stopped for a moment, picking up an odd scent. The curse was able to heighten his sense of smell to an extent, and the scent only made his eyes glow with rage.

"He's been holdin' out?" he shouted. "Damn him! What could he possibly be hidin' that he ain't here?"
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Staggering to the side as they were shoved, the crew member tried to regain their sense of balance as their captain went into the cabin. Even without their wolf traits showing, the crew member was hunkering down slightly. Not looking forward to the rage his captain would have. Yet...what could possibly possess the doctor to run off?

"Wait....I don't smell Hogsmede in here....where's Hogsmede?" The crew member asked, a confused expression on his face as he started to look around. "HOGS?! YOu here? Come on, where did the doc go?"

"Oh, are you all friends of the doctor?" a eldery voice asked, revealing old man. "I'm afraid you missed him. He's been gone for two days, said that he had to go find something."
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Seeing the old man, Ripper grabbed him by the shirt. "Where did he go?" he snapped. "And what 'appened to Hogsmede?"

The old man smiled. "Hogsmede died in his sleep," he answered. "That's what the doctor told me. I don't know where the doctor went."

"Ye better tell me quick, old man."

"Wait," the other crew member said. "I think he had someone here recently. The scent smells... a little sweet."

Putting the old man down, Ripper raised a brow at his crew mate. "It does, doesn't it?"
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A sound left the old man as he was shoved down, wincing slightly as their old body was quite sensitive now. The crew mate gave a nod, although he couldn't help but wonder just what really happened. Why would the doc leave? What could he have gone looking for?

"We should be able to track em, even more so with tonight." the crew mate said.

It was a little while later when Sirius returned, setting a heavy deer onto the ground as he took a few moments to catch his breath. Honestly it had been tempting to eat it right after he caught it. However he pushed those thoughts aside as he knew that this was meant to be for tonight rather than now. Sitting down, he slumped over the dead animal. Closing his eyes as he slowed his breathing. Even with inhuman strength, some things just drained that strength faster in human form. Even more so when the night would just be filled with pain.
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Ripper let out a snort before turning to exit. "Leave 'im," he told the men. "We don't want anyone comin' after us." With that, he stepped outside and surveyed the surroundings. "We're splittin' up. I'll go towards the village."

Maria had curled up in the tree when Sirius returned. She started to fall asleep as she rested her head on the bag and held it in her arms. She would have preferred to be close to him while she slept, but she understood that it would be difficult as the full moon would be tonight.
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The crew mate nodded and followed Ripper out of the house. Splitting up was the only way to really find the doc, although who knows how far away they were.

"Yes Captain. I'll search in the woods." The crewmate said before taking off.

As the day slowly passed, Sirius had managed to catch a second buck. It sadly wasn't as big as the other one and that one ended up portioned into smaller amounts to fit into the bag. So they at least had more food for the trip. Although the smell of blood was heavy in the air but there was one benefit to that. It masked Maria's smell. The only bad part was it was making the beast stir in Sirius. With blood covered hands, he pulled himself as deep into the cave as he could go. Groaning as he took a few moments to brace himself as he felt night getting closer. Tension filled his body as he groaned, claws sinking into the dirt under him as he tried to stay calm.

"Not's too early..." Sirius muttered as he leaned against the wall.
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As night drew near, the crew mates made their way deeper into the woods. One of them had gone ahead of the other, and began to search in every spot he could think of.

Maria had fallen asleep by the time it got dark, but she brought her head up some as she thought she heard something outside. Hearing nothing, she dropped her head and turned her back to the opening.

The man caught her scent and began to make his way to the tree. Poking his head in, he smirked. The same mermaid from before, he thought. But it didn't what she was doing here and why, all that matter was he found what they had lost and the captain would be pleased with him. As he started to pull her out, he grunted from her kicking him in the gut.

"Stop!" screamed Maria, hitting and kicking him as she was pinned on the ground. "No!" She punched him in the jaw, only to have him laughing at her attempt to fight back.
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It was easy for his hearing to pick up on her voice, canine ears emerging and twitching. Now stuck out for the remainder of the night till morning. The poor man was having a hard enough time, but hearing Maria's screaming, well...he couldn't just sit here. The crew mate would feel something heavy slam into them. Attempting to knock em off of Maria, Sirius had opted to ram them. CUrrently the doctor was a dishevled mess. His hair had returned to being white  and his eyes were almost fully golden again. His attire was rather tight as his body was already trying to change the rest of the way.

"" Sirius snarled as his teeth grew into fangs and his wolf tail emerged, lashing back and forth.

Keep yer gotta....keep you...head at least... Sirius tried to remind himself but he was already feeling the beast easily claw it's way to the surface.
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Maria continued to hit and kick as much as she could before watched Sirius push him off.

The man grunted as he felt something crash into him and he stared up at Sirius. "Hello, Doc," he said with a smirk. "I see that Cap'n was right, after all. Can't wait to see-"

Maria took the opportunity to grab a stone and hit him in the head with it. Though, she began to shrink away when she saw that he went limp for a moment before trying to bring his head back up. "Sirius," she said timidly, wondering if that was the thing to do.

It was then she saw that the man's eyes changed to a pitch black and his fangs had grown out. Trying to hit him again with the stone, she screamed as his claws dug into her arms and legs as he tried to grab her.
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A pained growl left Sirius as he shuddered, trying his hardest to not get pulled in already. The last thing he wanted....was for her to see the whole thing. After all, bits and pieces were already terrifying to her. What whole the entire thing look to her? His heart pounded in his chest as he felt the primal urges, a hunger growing faster than normal. His prey was waiting back in that cave he abandoned to help Maria...he wouldn't get there in time. The sky was darkening and the moon was no doubt rising, making his blood boil and the beast grew stronger. The smell of blood though was what drove him over the edge.

Black claws sprouted as he rushed toward the crew mate, bringing his hand down toward them in the attempt to rake their claws against them. Their tail emerged, bristled and lashing behind him. One could see if they looked close enough, fur pressing against his shirt from underneath. He was quickly being consumed by the beast for this night..and there's no telling how long a fight for a beast would last.
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The man turned his attention to Sirius, trying to force him out of the tree. While he was preoccupied with him, he hardly noticed Maria managing to crawl out and run for the cave. He began to rake his claws into Sirius's legs as he growled at him. "She's coming with me," he said, his voice incredibly deeper and raspier than before. "And I'll take your arse, too!"

His clothes began to strain against his growing muscle mass before they gave way and tore at the seams. His red tail was bristled as he tried to pin Sirius on the ground. "Ripper's gonna love hearing that you turned your back on us. I'm going to enjoy watching you getting torn apart by him. Maybe even have you watch him do what he was intending to do to the mermaid." He gave him an unsettling grin. "Don't worry. She'll be in one piece so the curse can be broken."

Maria panted as she started to heal her legs and arms. While letting her healing mend her extremities, she grabbed the first large stick she could find and did her best to sharpen it. She ran back, holding the makeshift spear and the stone as she jabbed the man in his leg. "Stop! Off!"

She dodged his claws as she tried to strike him.
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Pain would flood into, a mixture of wounds hurting and his body aching. The human body being unable to contain the beast and tearing itself apart in it's attempts to do so. To try and hold off against the moon's beckoning. Being shoved down to the ground hard, his shoes broke as large paws emerged forth. The white fur grew at the sides of his face, the whites of his eyes turning black slowly as he took several breathes.

"You....are....nothing....but food..." Sirius snarled out with a fang filled grin, consumed by the beast's mentality and not even comprehending what the former cremate was saying.

Words really meant nothing to a monster and as his own clothes tore apart and as the other was stabbed in their leg, Sirius would push upward. Now sporting a long wolf muzzle, he attempted to sink his fangs into the man's neck. As he held onto them with his hands, he would do everything he could to sink his claws into the other's flesh, hackles raising on his back as the two would now doubt tumble around on the ground. The sound of the fighting drew the attention of the crew member who was out here, golden brown ears perked and twitched to the sound as he rushed toward it. Eyes going wide as he saw the scene unfolding, partially wondering if Sirius was merely driven mad by being on land on all this time and the beast in him had been out of a 'pack' for so long, it failed to recognize a ally. But in the end that didn't matter.

"Miss move away from there!" The crew mate hissed lowly as he tried to pull her back. "I'm not going to do anything but you don't want to be in the middle of a fight like this. Please, move back."

The surrounding area was dangerous as well, literally anything could be used to harm one another out here. Rampaging monsters was already bad enough.
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As Maria tried to fight the man off, she felt someone else pulling her back and telling her that they didn't want her in the thick of it. Sighing, she took a step back but not before she had to dodge another attack from the man that was about to have Sirius pinned on his back.

The man's jaws clamped onto Sirius's arm and jerked it some. He released for a moment before he sank his fangs into his shoulder.

Maria rushed and thrust the stick in, feeling it hit something and a howl of pain that followed after. She saw the man stumbling back somewhat with a hand on his chest and a stream of blood that soaked his fur.
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Sirius snarled, jerking himself around as  he tried to remove the other. However, Maria's intervention by stabbing the other was the only way for them to let go and move away. Slowly, the mostly white beast rose to their feet, giving a low rumbling growl as their hackles were fullly raised and their tail gave a sweeping motion. Not satisfied with the other having only moved a little away, Sirius ended up charging toward the other. Claws at the ready to try and swing down on the other.

The man who had arrived looked pale, not sure on what to do. Maria clearly wasn't going to listen to him but..they couldn't afford to lose another crew mate.
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The man was on his back, bearing his teeth and claws as Sirius charged toward him. He swiped at him, managing to get one of his legs before clawing up his side.

"No!" cried Maria, shoving the stick in again as she desperately attempted to stop him.
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Sirius howled out, stumbling some as the pain erupted through their body. The other crewmate pulled out a pistol that they had and knowing that this was still wrong, they needed it to end. The fighting was going to draw the others here if any one else was sent out here. So taking aim, he fired the pistol at their crewmate. Now these bullets were special. They were made to be able to hurt those of their kind with this curse. What he hadn't called for was how the two fighting beast would move. The bullet clipped Sirius in his wounded shoulder, crying out in pain as they staggered back. Only to end up on the edge of the hill and he ended up falling down. The sound of something large and heavy could be heard tumbling down the hill.

A few scary moments later and there was this horrible howl of pain that quickly turned into more of a man screaming.
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Maria was about to plunge her sharpened stick through the man's chest when her body jolted form a pistol going off. She watched in horror as Sirius staggered back before tumbling down the hill. She wasn't quite sure if the other man was dead, but she didn't care as she heard a howl of pain turn into a man screaming.

Sliding down the hill, she rushed to Sirius's side and began to look him over. "Shh." She placed a hand on his chest and let it glow for a moment as she searched for any more injuries that needed to be tended to. "What... is this?" she asked. She placed her other hand on his shoulder before she locked her eyes on his.
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Sirius was down at the bottom of the hill, his body shaking and shuddering as it slowly reverted. Horrible pain went through his entire body as he coughed, blood spilling out from every wound as he laid there. A hand shakily grabbed something at his chest, trying to breathe through the pain. The flesh of his shoulder was  already damaged from being chewed on, now though it looked worse as the skin was already changing colors. Looking like a dark purple for a bruise. The man didn't notice as she came down until the glowing hand was set down on him. Causing a pained sound to leave him in the form of a gurgle as he chocked slightly on the blood in his throat.

"Ch...c....est...Mar...ia.." Sirius rasped out, pulling his blood soaked hand away from his chest.

Only to reveal a broken off piece of a branch sticking out of it as well as something that looked like flower petals were shoved into the wound. In fact, there were all these purplish blue flowers taht looked like little bells.

"" Sirius rasped, his hand shaking as he clawed slightly at his chest, wanting it out as it was already burning bad enough.
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Maria looked down at his chest, seeing a branch sticking out of his chest. She couldn't quite figure out what it was, but she wrapped her hand around the branch and began to pull at it. Being careful as to not pull it out too quickly, she managed to get it out in one piece and tossed it to the side. She then did her best to delicately pull the petals out of his wound; she checked it over and over to ensure everything was out.

"Here," she said gently, putting her hands back on his chest and having her aura heal him. She hoped it would be quick as it had been before, but she hadn't seen him have an adverse reaction to something like this before.
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Sirius would've tried not to scream out but he couldn't help but cry out in pain as he felt the branch slowly leave his chest. The pain was mostly from the feeling of it moving and the damage flesh was already alive with pain, the strange petals weren't helping either. Some of them were torn and grinded into the flesh. Causing him to cough out more, blood collecting at the corners of his mouth and dripping down his chin.

The other crew mate slide down the hill with ease, their eyes going wide at the scene before him.

"Move him out of that flower bed, quickly!" They urged, wanting to get closer but they paused.

Sirius's heavy breathing remained as his eyes were starting to close. Feeling like he had no strength at all. The wound to his chest however showed little healing, very little healing if any.
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Maria looked up when the crewmate told her to move him out of the flower bed. As she got up and hooked her arms under his, she began to frantically start pulling him out of it. Seeing his eyes begin to close, she pulled him out as much as she could.

She glanced up at the other man with pleading eyes. "Heavy," she said, barely pulling Sirius's upper body out. Struggling still, she felt the tears stinging her eyes as she hurried to get him out of the flower bed. "Please..." she pleaded.
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Taking a deep breathe, the other crew member went to help Maria, the two of them were able to move Sirius out of the flower bed and he set em down. Giving a unease sigh as he looked down at Sirius. A groan left the doctor as he struggled to stay concious, the pain making it beyond difficult to even think straight.

"This isn't good..." The crew mate muttered. "Those flowers are wolfsbane, they're posinous to's going ot prevent that would from healing fast and...he needs that wound to heal."

Wringing their hands together in nervousness, he tried to stay calm. What to do? What could they do? If Ripper found him now, Sirius would die. He would tear him apart but..staying out in the open was just as bad.

"You guys need to get out of here...Ripper is here, on shore. If you stay in one place on this island...he will find you." he added.
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Those flowers are wolfsbane, they're poisonous to's going to prevent that wound from healing fast and...he needs that wound to heal.

Maria nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes before they could stream down her face as she propped Sirius's head in her lap and stroked his hair. She wasn't sure what else to do for him. When she was told that Ripper was on shore and they had to leave. "Where... we go?" she asked. They couldn't go back to the cabin, and she didn't know where else would be safe aside from going back beneath the waves. But Sirius couldn't go there.

Thinking it over, she stroked Sirius's hair more and drew in her bottom lip.
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Sirius's breathing was still unsteady. A slight sound was with each intake and outtake of air he made. The other man made a sound, a sound of unease and uncertainty. Where would these two go?

"Moving him is dangerous's the only way...." He muttered. "Do you know of any places to hide here? or...anyway? I can give you a rowboat but...I don't know where you two can take such a thing. His other injuries should still heal to stop all of the other bleeding first."

The wounds made by claws and teeth would heal at their normal rate, though with Maria's aid she would be able to get rid of those. That would stabilize the doctor a bit more as not as much blood was leaving him.
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Maria thought over where she could hide Sirius, but she shook her head. Putting her hands on his legs, she let those heal first before she moved on to finish healing his shoulder. While she was doing this, one place came to mind. "I... will swim..." she started. "Sirius... comes." She was sure that she could get him where she needed to go faster without the rowboat, but it would still be a while before she got him there regardless.

She had occasionally gone back to where she was going to keep Sirius during her time away from the Sea Night, and it had always been deserted. Only a hut and a small dock sat on it.

"Need rowboat," she added.
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"I'll carry him to the row boat." The man said as he walked over to the two.

With ease due to their inhuman strength that was kicking in more, they picked up Sirius; who merely groaned as they were lifted up. It was a odd attempt to sneak for the group as they made their way to the shore. The man looked out a few times before making a break for the shoreline as it was safe. Setting Sirius down inside, he gestured for Maria to follow quickly. As she approached, he would untie the boat and proceded to push it into the water.

" ready? There's no time to go back for anything." He asked.
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As the man carried Sirius to the rowboat, Maria decided to leave the bag where they left it as she was concerned that going back would only slow them down. Once it was safe, she hurried to the rowboat and hopped in.

"Ready," she answered, moving to sit next to Sirius and put an arm over him. She waited for the boat to be out to sea enough before a deep breath. She hoped that what she was planning to do would help them find somewhere faster.
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The man nodded, using his strength to push the boat out into the water. Considering how they could change into a sea wolf though, he pushed the boat out a little farther than what most people would. Turning into a more brownish grey looking creature and using his head to push the boat along. When it was out in the middle of the water, he would stop. Diving under the water for a few moments before their head emerged from it. Looking mostly human with a few lupine features there.

"I can't go with you two. Best I don't know where it is you plan on going. Can you make it on your own from here?" he asked.
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Maria glanced up at the sky for a moment as the boat went out to the open water. While she felt a little guilty for just not going back to the woman that gave her a roof over her head, Sirius needed her more as it was unknown how long he would take to recover.

When the man asked her if she could make on her own, she nodded. "Thank you." He could have easily taken them back to Ripper, and, quite frankly, she didn't want to see the man anytime soon. She glanced at the rope before watching her companion.
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The crew mate nodded before swimming away. Sirius was laying there in the rowboat, heavy breathing leaving him as he laid there. Even with the moon high in the sky, he was still in his human form. Granted that was probably due to the large wound he had. His body wouldn't survive changing despite the curse wanting to beckon it. Shaking slightly, he groaned as his hand rested over the wound. much pain that was going through his body as he was struggling to wake up. After all, the wound and blood loss took even more out of him than changing did. Brows shifted as he struggled with a peaceful sleep.
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Once the crewmate was gone, Maria looked over Sirius one more time, placing her hand over his wound for a moment before slipping into the water. Taking a rope and tying it around her wrist and swam as fast as she could in the direction of the island.

It wasn't until a few hours before dawn that she pulled the boat to the small dock. She brought herself up and tied the rope to the dock before climbing into the boat to check on Sirius. " walk?" she asked softly.
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Slowly his eyes opened, the whites of his eyes looked strange though. They had black lines visable in them, as if the black color they turned into was still there. Just in a strange way. Still there was clearly a look of pain on Sirius's face as he struggled to find the words to respond. His chest rose further as he tried to get the words to come out. Feeling blood still in his throat causing him to fall into a coughing fit for a few moments. Raspy breathing would leave him as he shuddered, trying to reaching a hand out to Maria.

"h....elargh..." Sirius gurgled out.

Clearly, he wasn't really strong enough to manage on his own. Maybe with support he could still walk but for sure not on his own.
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Maria frowned as she saw the black lines in his eyes. When he extended a hand to her, she helped him to his feet and walked with him off the boat and toward the hut. All the while having her hand over his chest and doing her best to heal it. It was all she could do to hope that he would eventually recover.

Once they made it to the hut, she helped him lie down on the bedroll and sat next to him. "Sleep," she said, stroking her hair and keeping her hand on his chest. She pulled a blanket from a worn out chest and covered him; she moved to lie on her side and sighed to herself.
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Coughing and a sound of pain left the man when he was finally up on his feet. The pain that went through his body making his legs feel heavy. But he managed to walk thanks to the help she was giving. Once inside the hut, he sank down to the ground on the bedroll. The effort of walking despite the aid clearly took away the small amount of strength he had gained back. His eyes quickly closed as his heavy breathing sounded less so.

The wound was slow to heal, even three days of careful healing and work. The wound was still rather open. At least by now though, some of Sirius's strength was back. He was able to move on his own but doing nothing that would strain his body. At the moment, he was currently pushing himself up off the ground. His chest still hurt and currently it was bandaged up fully. Although the black in the whites of his eyes hadn't gone away. His mind felt rather dizzy still, focusing was difficult.

"Ma....ria?" Sirius asked, not too sure if she was in the cabin or not.
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Maria hardly left Sirius's side for three days. She did all she could, and the wound was healing marginally with each passing day. She went out into the water while he was still asleep to go find some oysters to eat. A few of them might have had pearls in them, but she decided to wait and shuck them when she returned to the hut.

Seeing him on the floor, she put the basket down and went to help him up. "Here." Placing her hand on his chest again, she tried to heal his wound some more as she helped him walk to the sitting area by the fire pit. "You alright?" she asked him, holding him close and stroking his hair.
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A pained sound left him as the magic flowed through the wound. The pressure that always came with the magic was just enough to cause more pain. Though he didn't make a fuss over it as he was a bit more able to move, still accepting the ehlp however. Once to the area he was helped down, he would sink down to his knees again.

"" Sirius asked.

Although he was doing slightly better, he was having trouble talking due to how drained he was physically. Even mentally he was still horribly exhausted. There were other things he wanted to bring up but, he was hoping a decent meal would help him be able to get more than a few words out in a groggy voice.
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When asked about food, Maria nodded and brought the basket over so she could shuck the oysters. She even had some fruit that she had picked beforehand that she handed to Sirius. She could tell that he was still exhausted, but at least they were somewhere that it would be while for Ripper to get to them... if he ever found them.

Continuing to shuck the oysters, she picked out a few pearls and set them aside as put the meat into a small bowl and looked over them to figure what she wanted to do with them. She had them over the fire for a moment before taking a piece out for herself and giving the rest to him.
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Considering how drained he was, the food was deeply need. Although Sirius found himself choking slightly on the fruit due to how big of a bite he took and not exactly taking it slow. A few muffled coughs and clearing his throat, he was fine. Truthfully his wolf side was displeased with the fruit as it was desiring meat more than anything. But Sirius finished what he had in hand. It was just something to help get one thing to stop hurting. Besides, the oysters had to cooked and that would be meat.

"how long...has it been?" Sirius asked when he was done eating. "I can't...really think still.."
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"Three days," she told him. She felt his forehead before pursing her lips. There hadn't been much fish coming by the past few days, though Maria would venture out again later in the afternoon in hopes of catching some.

But at the same time, she felt that she needed to stay by Sirius's side should he need anything. Sighing to herself, she took a few bites out of the fruit and subconsciously rested her head on his shoulder while wrapping an arm around his.
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"I didn't even notice..." Sirius admitted. "Feels like...time is still..."

Indeed. The brief moments of being concious that he had over the past few days were so short. Never a word leaving him in that time save for groans and rasping. Always the world was a blurry mess as all he could truly make out during that time was wooden floors. Sometimes the light of the fire would flicker in his vision but it was a all a foggy, blurry mess. Rubbing his eyes as he sat there. The weight on his shoulder registered so weakly. Already his mind was drawing a blank as he sat there.  Everything felt like it was slowly being pulled away from his mind.

Causing the man to put his face in his hand and take a few longer breathes. Trying to gain a grasp on his mind so he could think, try to focus on something. And yet, all his body seemed to want to do was shut down. The food felt like it hardly did anything. If he had been more awake or healthier, he would've been blushing form what Maria was doing. Sadly, he couldn't really pay attention to it. His tired eyes glanced at the dancing flames. Feeling his eyes starting to close already before he jolted upright, shaking his head to stay awake.
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Maria had already started to fall asleep. But she opened her eyes when she felt his body jolt up. "Hmm?" She moved her head away from his shoulder and turned her body so she could face him more. "Sirius?"

Stroking his hair, she wondered if he needed more rest. It was all he seemed to want since she brought him here. How much longer would it be before he was on the mend?
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"I can't head..." Sirius responded, his shoulders shaking slightly as he took a deep breathe. "I feel so...weird. I don't want to sleep, I've been doing...nothing but it. And yet...I can hardly keep my eyes open."

Slouching forward slightly, he just kept his face in his hand. Feeling so drained and so tired despite having been out of it for three days. However his hair started to turn white as he sat there, even growing a little longer as well! The black lines in his eyes seemed to spread as well, turning the entire whites of his eyes black once more. His chest started to ache as he sat there, a dull throbbing that was only barely registering due to his poor state.
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Maria quickly pulled her hand back as Sirius's hair grew and turned white his eyes turning black. "Sirius?!" She frantically put both hands on his chest, letting the aura grow stronger than before. She couldn't let him change again!

"Sirius?" she cried, not realizing how much of her magic she was using. It all felt like a blur as she focused all her energy on saving him. Her aura grew so bright, she yelped as it blinded her briefly. Soon, after what felt like an eternity, her magic gave out and she collapsed onto the floor. Only her chest rose and fell with each, heavy breath.
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Her voice didn't reach his ears as his eyes were closing, drifting off into a sleep that his tired body was putting him through. However the dull pain he was feeling intensified as he felt the magic pouring into his chest, causing his eyes to open and a pained, surprised groan to leave him. Moving a hand away from his face, he clutched his chest as he found it harder to breathe with so much magic pouring into him from that spot. A heavy pressure being distrubted through his chest as his heart sped up, the would he had suffered becoming agitated as he felt something in his throat. A few panicy breathes left him before he started coughing, spitting out somewhat congealed blood onto the wood floor.

That was the only thing he could recall. Having slumped over and collapsed when Maria's magic gave out, his chest rose and fell unsteadly. Even as he came to later in the day, that pressure seemed to still be wrapped around his heart. Causing him to cough as he tried to take in even breathes. Pushing himself up on shaky arms, the taste of blood registering in his mouth as he stared down at the blood he had coughed up hours ago.

"Mari...a..." Sirius rasped out, his voice more hoarse and rough.

The sound of his own voice made him reach for his neck, as if thinking something was wrong with it. But nothing was truthfully. His hair was still white however. His body was fair too weak to change despite all the magic poured into him. He was prevented from changing though that hadn't reversed it like it had last time.  His body was struggling with the state he should be in, struggling with the form it should be having. Looking over to where he last saw her, he would reach out a hand and placed it on her shoulder. Shaking her somewhat.
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Maria hardly moved when she felt something shake her shoulder. Finally bringing herself up, she glanced up at Sirius before hanging her head. His appearance hadn't reversed like before. If nothing else, she prevented it from changing significantly.

Getting up on her feet, she shook her head and wiped a few stray tears away. "Sorry," she whispered. "So... sorry."

With that, she walked out the door to sit on the dock.
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"" Sirius tried to say quickly, failing at it as his voice failed him and she ran away.

Seeing that she was gone, he gave a sigh as he sank back down to the ground. Not able to hold himself up at the moment. When Maria did come back though, she'd find that he was more awake than he had been. Sitting up now as he had a hand to his chest, taking a deep breathe. Even with the magic gone by this point, his chest still felt like it had that pressure there. His white hair remained and slowly, he looked to her.

" here..." Sirius urged. "Pl..please....i can..e.xpl....rugh.."

The man winced as pain went through his chest. Causing him to press his back against the object that was supporting him currently as he took in a deep breathe. Trying to ignore the pain.
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Maria sat on the dock for some time, only getting up when she saw a few fish swimming by. She groaned in frustration when the fish swam away before she could grab them. Once she returned to Sirius, she saw that he was sitting up and looked more awake than he had been the entire time they've been on the island.

Sighing, she walked over and sat next to him. Fixing what he had his back against, she glanced at him and cast her eyes down for a moment. "Yes?" she asked sadly.
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Removing  a hand away from his chest, he set it on her shoulder.  Trying to mask the look of pain on his face as he took a deep breathe.

"Not...your fault. My body's...not sure what form it should be in due to how...damaged it is. The curse...and my current state are to blame.." Sirius said, shuddering as he sat there. "Sorry...for worrying. Something that can' controlled.."

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Maria felt Sirius rest his hand on her shoulder. Looking to him, she nodded. Perhaps if he healed enough, his body wouldn't be as conflicted. But she rested her head on his shoulder and hugged his arm. Rubbing his arm a little, she knew that there wasn't much else she could do for him.

"How soon... will... you be healed?" she asked.
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"So long nothing else injuries me or..or my body stresses itself too much, should be a few more days. I...urgh I think think..." Sirius started, though his struggle with speech was most likely due to his pain.

The day passed at it's slow rate, his hair kept most of the white it had turned into. At least he didn't suffer another transformation or a attempt of one. Slowly his strength was starting to come back and the next two days showed him having a improvement. He was no longer rasping or struggling with his words. The hole in his chest was less of a hole but was still there. The linger effects of wolfsbane was finally getting out of his system.

However, he sat there at the table this time. His gaze staring out at the sea, the black lines in his eyes had faded away somewhat; though a few were still noticeable. He didn't react when the door opened once more, he knew it was Maria.

"Can you hear it?" Sirius suddenly asked, his gaze not pulled away from the waves outside of the window.
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A few days later, Maria was returning with some fish she stuck in a basket when she spotted Sirius sitting at the table. His gaze was seemingly fixated on the sea before he asked her something.

"No...?" she said, setting the fish down and going to him. "What... is it?"
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"A song....I can hear a song..." Sirius answered. "Like something's...calling me."

He stretched out a hand and let it rest against the window, the cool glass felt nice against his hand but it wasn't what he wanted. A part of him was hoping that he would touch the water that was just outside this window, to feel the cold sea against his skin. Even in here he could smell the salt water and seaweed, it tingled his nose and made something in him stir. Was it the wolf wanting hte ocean? But why? Normally it wanted wanted to hunt. Why would it...want the sea if that's what this was?

"Low and soft...almost like a whisper.." Sirius muttered.
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Maria walked to Sirius' side and placed her hands on her shoulders. "No..." she whispered. "Stay..."

She wasn't sure what it was that made him act in this manner, but she grew more concerned. She certainly didn't want him to run off and jump into the sea if whatever was calling to him wasn't really there...
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The hand on his shoulder did make him jump, snapping him out of his trance like state. Shaking his head, he put a hand to his head with a low sound. Feeling dizzy as the sound slowly faded away.

"What...?" Sirius muttered before looking up to Maria. "What just happened?"
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Maria shrugged. "No song," she said. She wasn't exactly sure what else to say to him. But whatever happened to him lost its effect as he had reverted back to normal for the time being. "Maybe... sea wolf?"

There wasn't anything else she could think of.
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Rubbing his head slightly, he sank back in his seat. Wincing slightly at the pain that would go through his chest.Song? Sea wolf? IT didn't ring any bells in his mind as he sat there.

"I don't have a clue what just happened..." Sirius started. "I think...I think the sea's affecting me somehow due to my curse. Back at that town, I stayed away from the water except for fishing. Now it's...staring me right in the face if I glance out a window.."

A cold chill slowly went through his spin as he forced himself up. Pulling at the curtains, he tried to hide the water from sight. Of course this made the house slightly darker before he sighed. Regretting the movements he made before he slowly collapsed back in the chair.

"There's full moon coming up...right?" Sirius asked in a worried voice.
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Letting him pull the curtains to cover the window, Maria sat on the floor next to him and placed her hands on one of his arms.

She shook her head when he asked her about a full moon. "One week," she said. Perhaps if he had recovered enough, she could help him get back to the village before Ripper and his crew could stumble upon them.
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"Okay, one week till it...good." Sirius muttered, seeming to be slightly at ease with that information. "Where do we go from here though? Ripper's no doubt pissed and he's probably doubling his efforts. The fact you've slipped away from him twice no doubt has him fumming mad."

Going back to the village was a foolish idea in his mind. Sure he had long gotten used to being on land with his curse, but...Ripper would no doubt leave crew behind to watch the place. If...oh god, what if the village wasn't standing anymore?
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Maria shrugged as she glanced down at the floor. As much as she wanted to stay, she knew that it wouldn't be until Ripper was dealt with.

In fact, she couldn't really think of anywhere they could go before they were found again.
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The silence and lack of response did nothing to assure him, causing the man to glance to the side. Oh boy...what could they do..? He didn't know the sea well and frankly, he didn't want to go out there with no real direction. Going out to sea without a destination was suicide, if you had no destination you had no means to navigate. And besides...a small boat wouldn't last long out in the open waters. It would eventually get overturned by a wave or a storm could easily take it out.

"If we do go anywhere, we're gonna need to get a ship. Sure you can swim easily and...part of my curse will allow it but....changing into either form isn't appealing right now. Even more so just to travel.." Sirius started. "Before we get a ship, we need a destination..."

Where though? That  was the problem. They couldn't just sit here and twiddle their thumbs. Time was moving against em and they already wasted valuable time here; granted he was hurt but still.

" you know anyone who might know a different way to remove the curse? Ripper won't expect us to go to the place he stole the peral from." Sirius asked.
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When asked if she knew who would know an alternative to break the curse, Maria pursed her lips for a moment. "Sea witch."

She walked to him and leaned against the table. "Sea witch. She's... not far." Gesturing to the northeasterly direction, she pointed to the horizon. "Outcrop."

Surely, she was the one who would know about the curse if she wasn't the one who Ripper stole from.
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Glancing to where Maria was pointing, Sirius pondered the new information. Sea Witch...oh boy.

"It's our best bet...even though it's dangerous." Sirius answered. "Just a few more days and we'll go there, I'm not up for traveling would we get there? The boat is small, it might not make it far enough."
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"I... can swim," she said. "Pull... the boat."

She made a tugging gesture to emphasize her point.
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"You sure about that? It's one thing to just swim freely in the ocean, it's another to be trying to pull something against the waves." Sirius questioned, expressing his concern on this matter.
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Maria nodded.

"Can do it," she said softly.
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Sirius nodded, not going to question her as she seemed confident with her answer. He couldn't keep talking for much longer sadly as he ended up passing out as his body wasn't quite back up to strength. A couple of days passed slowly and Sirius had regained more of his strength. The full moon was a day away though and he could already feel the wolf stirring in him, it was quite...uncomfortable honestly.

"Anything else we need?" Sirius asked as he finished tying down the bags of food they had gathered in the time period since they agreed to leave the small island.
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Maria left Sirius be as he passed out. She simply started gathering the supplies they would need for the journey.

After a couple of days, she and Sirius were getting things around before he asked her if they needed anything else. She shook her head as she positioned herself to push the boat out to where she could start pulling it to the open water.
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Since he was well enough to help push the boat, he did his best to shove it into the water with her aid. As he felt the water splash at his ankles and slowly rise up, he could feel the urge to jump into the water and go swimming. Fighting it as best he could, he would heave himself up into the boat. Landing with a slight thump into it. Sitting up, he would gather the rope that Maria would be pulling on and he'd hand it to her.

"If this becomes too hard, we can turn back. Figure out another plan, so don't strain yourself if you find this harder to do. Alright?" Sirius told her.
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Taking the rope, Maria nodded and began to swim to the open water.
The Sea Night was gently rocked by the unusually calm waves as Ripper paced around his quarters. The pearl rested in one palm as he huffed impatiently. "Where the devil would we find another mermaid?" he said to himself. "T'aint been nothin' but a hassle after my one chance got away."

"Cap'n?" one of the crew members asked as he opened the door.


"There's been no word from the doctor..."
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“That ain’t all Cap.” Another crew mate said as they dragged a body behind them before dropping it. “We lost a mate, from the looks of it it’s either one of us or a regular werewolf.”

The purple petals from crushed wolfsbane was still in n the corpse though by now the petals were brittle and less dangerous.

“We followed the blood trail to the shore, I’m thinking Doc’s time on shore turned his other form more feral. The blood was a mix of cursed as well as the mermaids. She might’ve gone back out to sea.”

But it didn’t account for the doctor, unless she took him with her... somehow.

“I think she took him with her.” They added.

“Why would she do that?” A different crew member asked.

Laying in the little rowboat, the sound of gentle waves reached his ears. The water lapping against the wood was sort of soothing. Though Sirius was doing his best to ignore it. Not wanting to feel the beast stir in him.

“Where are we going to get a ship...” Sirius muttered worriedly.
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Ripper gritted his teeth. "Worse than I thought... Doc's prob'ly usin' her for his own gain." He eyes snapped to the crew member. "Y'mean... she's still 'round? Y'know where she might've swam off to?"

The boy shook his head.

"Damn it all..." Ripper slammed his fist onto his desk. "Keep searchin'! They couldn't've gone far!"
Maria continued to pull the raft along until she grew short of breath. She hopped on to the raft and placed herself next to Sirius, letting the current take them for a while. "Tired..." she panted. "Need... to rest."

Well, they couldn't let the waves carry them forever. She would have to keep pulling them along until they either reached another ship or wherever their destination was.
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"I think I saw several small pieces of land, one of em had a house. We could head there to check?" A crew member suggested.

Feeling the row boat rock side to side, Sirius opened his eyes and turned his attention to Maria.

"It's okay, you deserve a break." Sirius told her.

Sitting up, Sirius looked around the wide expanse of the sea. Feeling disheartened about this whole thing. How were they going to find the sea witch? How were they going to hope to find a ship that would help them? A sigh left him as he tried to look for positives. They had no oars to row the boat along even if he had more of his strength. They were literally at the mercy of the sea.

Heaven help them.
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"Well, go then!" Ripper barked. Any trace of the mermaid was better than none.
Maria looked at him sadly. As much as she wanted to be encouraging, she couldn't pull them along the whole way. Unless they could track down another ship or somehow happen upon the sea witch, they would be adrift for days, maybe even weeks. As the boat was gently rocked by the sea, she inched closer and pressed her head on his shoulder. "Be fine..." she said softly.

A few ideas swirled about in her head. Perhaps she could lure a creature or two to help pull them along?
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Ripper's crew decided to try and investigate a few smaller landmasses, including the house that rested on the small plot of land out there. Sirius sighed as Maria leaned against him, he gave her a weak smile to encourage but he was still at a lose on what to do. The day would pass and soon they were drifting under the night sky. Wide awake still, Sirius stared at the night sky. Finding it all pretty to look at but at the sound time, he felt like he could hear something whispering to him...something trying to urge him into the water.

Blinking a few times, he shook his head to get rid of the intrusive thoughts. He had to be imagining it, just like back at the house..right? There was no reason that the sea would be calling to was just his curse messing with his tired mind.

The crew investigated the house and it was clear, the mermaid had been here. As they arrived back on the ship, one of them was quick to inform Ripper that the house showed recent signs of life and that both scents of the mermaid and the doctor were there. Including a great deal of blood from the doctor in the form of blood bandages as well as what had dripped onto the floorboards.

"They seemed to have shipped out to sea, if they had gone back to the village we would've intercepted them on the way or found em on the shore. They got a little row boat, they can't get far nor outrun us." they explained.

The first bit of good news huh?

Sirius breathed in, taking in the salty air as he felt something stir in him. The sound of a faint singing reached him, making him once again doubt his sanity.

"Maria? Can you hear that?" Sirius asked, setting his hands on the edge of the rowboat as he looked around.
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As they searched everywhere, Ripper continued to stare at the pearl, cursing to himself and hoping that they would return with some good news. Upon hearing that the doctor was with the mermaid, he growled and put the pearl down for a moment. "I don't care, just find 'em! Or I'll have yer damn heads!"

The crew scrambled away and left him with his precious pearl.
Maria brought her head up as Sirius asked if she heard something. It sounded like... singing. Looking to him, she nodded. "Where?" She moved to one side of the boat and submerged her head to investigate where the sound was coming from. Once she brought her head up, she wrung the water out of her hair and began to look about her.
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"Good question.." Sirius muttered as he tilted his head, listening to the song.

Why did sound like what he heard before? What was this? As the little boat drifted along, he spotted the outcropping of rocks. Was it...

"There! I think it's there." Sirius said, pointing to the outcropping.

If they indeed went there, Sirius would get off the boat and tie it off. Waiting for Maria to follow before he went farther. The song sounded stronger, soothing in it's own way. The outcropping apparantly hide the beauty of this island. Lush vegitation was everywhere and while he wanted to keep investigating, he paused and turned his gaze to Maria.

"Should we keep going?" Sirius asked her.
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Seeing the rocky outcrop, she turned her head and noticed the lushness hiding behind them. After he tied the boat off, she quietly followed behind him as she wanted to see where the singing was coming from.

She kept herself close to him as the song grew louder. Glancing around, she tried to locate something she could use to defend herself should she need to.
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There were plenty of rocks she could pick up and use to throw at whatever she wanted. When they reached the tree line, she'd find some short branches that she could snap in half to make a spear. The sand would harden, thickening to solid earth. Within the center of this island was a large pound, several raised rocks were sticking up and resting upon one of them was a madien. Sher had a darker skin tone and ringed seal pelt rested beside her as she was singing.

"A selkie....? All the way out here?" Sirius muttered in surprise.

Why would a selkie be so far from the North? Unless...unless she was traveling with the normal seals to their mating grounds? But if so, how had her singing reached out so far?
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Maria was about to grab some sticks when she saw the selkie. They were normally further south, but perhaps she got lost or decided to follow a few seals up this way. Maybe she could help them.

Keeping the stones in her hands, she cautiously approached the selkie. "How... you here?" she asked. It was no use trying to speak much more without having some difficulty communicating. Sitting at the base of where the selkie was, she kept her eyes on her in case she decided to turn on them.
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Her singing stopped as she turned her gaze to the two of them.

“Why I swam of course. I wanted to see if I would have luck finding a mate down here.” She answered, before pausing to get a good look at them. “My.... I haven’t seen that kind of curse in a long time.”

“What, you can tell?” Sirius asked as he stepped forward. “Can you help me?”

“Oh no dear, I can’t. I’m not a witch but, the grand Sea Witch can”

“Do you know where she is?”

“Oh yes, deep within the ocean’s center in the deepest cave.”

A sigh left Sirius.

“How are we suppose to get there? I can’t risk changing and if I did....I’d probably lose control.” Sirius muttered.
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Maria blinked as the selkie seemed to recognize Sirius' curse. But at least she knew where the sea witch was. But they couldn't just swim down with Sirius at risk of giving in to his curse. She sat down and pondered until she began to draw in the sand.

It seemed far fetched, but she hoped it would work. "I... call her out," she said. "Get her... to... surface. Have her help. Maybe cure."
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“Oh dearie, I can’t do that. She only helps those who make the journey to her. A sort of way to prove you are worthy of her help.” The selkie explained. “One every five years though, she can be found far to the north in a cave just above sea level. Perhaps you should look there?”

“We have a rowboat, we can’t make it to the northern lands in that.” Sirius responded as he sighed.

It was looking hopeless.
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Maria continued to ponder over until she drew something else. She tugged on Sirius' pant leg and pointed at what seemed to be a drawing of them riding on dolphins or whales. "Maybe...?" Well, it would solve the problem of him having to swim all the way down and it would likely help with their issue of getting further north in a rowboat.

She gestured to the drawing for the selkie to see.
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Sirius turned his gaze to Maria when he noticed the tugging, it took him a few moments to tell what it was; as he wasn't very well versed in seeing drawings that weren't related to anatomy, signs of illness, or ingredients in order to make medicine for the afflicted. A small shrug left him to agree with her. It was all a maybe.

"Hm.." The selkie pondered. "It is certainly a option, though you should have no problem asking them dear."

The selkie paused as she looked around, as if she sensed something. She picked up her fur and eased herself off the spot she had been sitting.

"I must take my leave, the air feels if something else is near." She said. "Good luck to you two."

With that, the woman left. Slipping her fur on and turning into a lovely ringed seal, allowing for her to dive into the waters and disappeared. Sirius sighed as he put a hand to his chest, feeling a bit tired yet a bit of pressure.

" go ask any wildlife if they're okay with helping. I'll....I need to stay on land." Sirius said.

As if the beast inside of him was agreeing, Sirius felt a sudden pressure go through the injury that had been slowly healing. The beast was sensing something nearby besides the sea. Course, Sirius couldn’t tell what was going on besides pain. Gritting his teeth as his hand clutches that spot on his chest, a pained growl left him. For a brief moment, he felt that feral nature kick in. Thankfully it was quick to fade, replaced by weariness as he propped himself against a tree.

“Go on....I’ll be here. I just need to breathe..” Sirius urges, slowly sinking to the ground to sit.
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Maria turned to the selkie as she watched her slip her fur on and turning into a ringed seal before swimming away. Looking back at Sirius, she went to place a hand on his arm before he told her to go ahead and see if she could find any help while he waited.

Nodding, she turned and leapt into the water, her legs morphing back into fins and she hastily went to look for any creature that could help them.
As the Sea Night stayed in place, Ripper had joined two of his crew to scour the seas for any sign of a mermaid or Sirius. "He's gotta 'ave that mermaid with 'im," he muttered. "Park the boat here." Hopping out, he swaggered around until he found lush greenery and Sirius sitting down. "Well, well... looks like the good doc is alive, after all." He slapped a hand on Sirius' shoulder. "Tell me, boy. Where that mermaid swim offta?"
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Sirius had given a weak smile to the touch. He felt slighlty better sitting down but the moment he heard more footsteps, that pain would return. Making him wince before the familiar smell of others like him hi his nose. Sure enough, there they were. The Captain and some crew members stalked out of the brush, already a hand was on his shoulder and Sirius struggled to contain growl that the beast in him was wanting to make him do. That pain pulsed through his chest, a hand still clutching it.

"Gone...she left with the selkie.." Sirius replied, having to pause to get some more air.

Now he had to hope that Maria didn't come back out of the water so soon...and that he could somehow get out of this mess.
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"Selkie... what selkie?" Ripper snarled as he pulled Sirius up. "Ya let 'er go? And for what?"

"He wants to make sure he's cured while the rest of us rot..." one sailor said.

Ripper's lips twisted into a sinister smile. "Is that so, doc? Ya think yer so slick?" Throwing Sirius across the ground, he turned to his men. "Go 'head 'n rough 'im up. But keep 'im breathin'. I'll go see if I can find our poor, lost lass."

Leaping into the water, he morphed into his monstrous form and began to scour the sea floor for any sign of Maria.
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"Do I I'm in any shape to fucking hold someone down?" Sirius growled out, feeling the pain in his chest.

Truth be told, he wasn't. Sure he could hold someone down if he used his inhuman strength but still. That would only cause him more pain and distress, make his wound worse due to the toxicity of the flower that had gotten in there. Course when the one sailor gave their own remark, Sirius gave a brief cough of a chuckle.

"I gave up on a cure, a long time ago..." Sirius retorted.

That didn't stop him from being thrown of course, and while only partially true, he had at one point given up on being free of this. Sitting on that day after day with it. His human form further fading away from him...he had given up at that point. When Maria first showed up, he still had no hope of it.  He figured she'd just turn and leave knowing he was on that island and that Ripper could possibly arrive to check on him. Yet she didn't. And things had escalated from there. His belief in being cured was still low, terribly low. But he wasn't going to murder someone for it!

Hitting the ground, Sirius gasped out. Feeling his body seize up for a moment before he could feel the beast try to force itself to the surface fully. Growling out in pain and discomfort, he slowly pulled himself to his hands and knees. Deep breathes leaving him before he turned those yellow eyes at the others.

"Fuck off ya buggers." Sirius snarled.
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As the crew members beat Sirius down, Ripper continued to swim about as he thought he caught Maria's scent.

Maria, on the other hand, had spotted Ripper and hid in the crevice of a rock. Watching him swim by, she stayed in place as he turned over a few boulders and shoved his head in a few crevices. She soon lost sight of him as she waited for a moment or so before attempting to slip out. A sharp gasp erupted from her as she felt something grab her tail. Turning her head, she saw a young dolphin tugging at it.

A few more gathered around her as she began to try and put some distance between her and Ripper, who was a ways out and turning more boulders over.
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Sirius was unable to keep the beast down. As he was slammed into one of the larger rocks, a pained gasp left him and he felt the beast push itself to the surface. His muscles enlarged and pressed against shirt before a fist was thrown at the person in front of him. A feral snarl leaving him as his eyes were fully golden yellow and he sported the sharper fangs that were always dangerous. He was roughed up already but now he was fighting back as the beast kept gaining more control.

The punch had sent the crew member flying and claws grew at the end of his finger tips, a snarl left him as he snapped at the air toward the rest of them. A gesture that was often seen as a challenging and even taunting one. His hair stood on end before he rushed the nearest one, attempting to sink his teeth into them and rip em apart.
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Maria continued to swim back to Sirius before Ripper spotted her tail and began to surge forward.

Making a wall, the dolphins began to conceal Maria and push her toward the surface.

When she broke the surface, Maria watched helplessly as Sirius threw a man across and snarled at the other. "Sirius!" she yelled.

"Oy, there she is!" one man cried.

She threw rocks at the men as she continued to yell Sirius' name and urge him to follow her back to the boat where she could throw some rope to a few dolphins.
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Wolf ears sprouted to the familiar voice, perking as the man with a beast's mindset stood up straighter. Some part of this monster fueled moment recognized Maria's voice. However, it didn't follow it. Instead, Sirius slammed himself into the man that pointed her out, attempting to sink his fangs into them as they would roll across the sand. With blood that was his own but also his enemies on him, the intoxicating smell of blood had the man further pushed into the beast's mindset.

A pained snarl left him as he felt a cutless sword hit his back, causing the partially turned man to whirl around and try to get the crew member that had done the damage. Maria was going to have to do more than call his name to get the man to come to his senses.
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Seeing Sirius continue his rampage as the crew members slashed at him and prodding him further, she pulled herself out of the water and rushed to him. She knew what she was about to do might end in more bloodshed, but it was worth a shot.

"Stop!" she cried, throwing herself on top of Sirius, making the crew hastily get each other to stop and stare at them.

She clutched onto his shoulders as she tried to search his gaze, tears welling in her eyes. "Go?"
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Sirius snarled loudly as he whirled around as he felt someone grab onto his shoulders, he felt a weight on his back. Wolf tail bristling as he tried to see what it was. Course, with him looking over his shoulder Maria found his gaze. Her pleading eyes hitting those yellow ones consumed by a beast. As blood dripped from his mouth, Sirius took in fast breathes. The beast tempting him to grab Maria and throw hr off but he couldn't. Those yellow eyes widened slightly as they started to lose that color slightly.

"M...A..r.." Sirius started, though he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, growling as he did.

A bloodied hand was placed against his face as he felt the beast fighting for control. The man staggered to the side, fighting to keep himself from going at the crew who were still here. The crew members were honestly surprised at this, blinking in shock. The doctor had indeed gone feral...yet the mermaid was trying to control him! Was she actually trying to use him and his curse as protection? Or was it something else.

The request to go, Sirius opened his eyes again. Pulling his hand away from his face. He felt his skin strain to keep the monster inside. His heart was pounding, the entire wound was burning from the previous full moon night. He took a step back, feeling the hairs growing out of his back under his shirt.

"I can't....urgh...the sea's too close....I'm losing...m...y grip...urrrgh.." Sirius tried to speak, though his words fell into a snarl as the battle for control pulled at him.

The man put his hands against the sides of his head, sharpened teeth growing longer as the beast hungered to hunt.
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As the crew members fled, Maria pulled Sirius further from the water and toward the brush. "Calm..." she begged, pulling him along as best she could. "Please..."

It pained her to see him like this. Between seeing him attack and transform... it was too much. Continuing to pull him along, she sat in the thicket and wept. She felt so worthless! Sirius was trying so hard to pull himself together, and there was nothing she could do to help him...
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The pull that his body was experiencing was in two places, the pull where Maria wanted him to go and the beast wanting out of him. The beast was determined to break free, being on a island with the enemy all around was driving it mad. It was making it so hard to keep it in. His heart ached as the wound he still sported pulsed. The remnants of the flower's poison caused it to hurt more. Maria's pulling did make him take a step backwards, followed by a second, and a third. Until he was merely staggering with her to the brush.

Taking a seat onto the ground, he took several deep breathes. Wincing as his muscles tenses before shrinking slightly. A growl escaped him as he finally started to gain some ground on his curse. Though he recalled one thing that made him uneasy.

"R..Ri..pper' the water..." He tried to warn her.
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As they settled in the brush, Maria looked at Sirius as he seemed to get his curse under control. Her eyes widened when he told her that Ripper was in the water. She wouldn't doubt him for a second, but she didn't know how she could get Sirius back to the boat and have the dolphins pull them along so they could get to the sea witch.

Ripper continued to search the sea floor as he growled in frustration. It was bad enough that the doctor went rogue on him, and now he couldn't find the one thing that would help everyone with their curse. He began to make his way back to the surface, already in a more sour mood.

Maria placed a hand on Sirius's wound and let it be engulfed in her aura before watching the crew members gather around the water.
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A few coughs left Sirius, mainly just him trying to get some air back into his lungs despite how his body felt. He let his fingers dig into the sand and starting layer of dirt under it as he sat there, sinking more to the ground as he felt his strength waning. Feeling the magic entering his chest, Sirius's body jerked as he couldn't keep the pained cry in. This made a couple of crew members look around to pinpoint where the cry came from.

Sirius took several pained breathes, shaking slightly as he raised a hand to grab a hold of Maria's. His body wasn't recovered enough for a almost shift andd while her magic was helping, his body was still in bad shape. He didn't try to move her hand or anything, he just merely tried to hold it. HE knew she was only trying to help and as much as his body was making it hurt, they had no other course to take.

"Go....R...Ripper won't be happy when he comes out...if we're both here, then there's no hope of fixing this mess." Sirius spoke in a low voice.
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As he held her hand, Maria gave him a concerning look before he urged her to go. She shook her head before she sighed in defeat. There was no point in arguing with him, and she simply leaned in to kiss his cheek. She scurried off as Ripper reemerged from the water.

"Where that blasted doc be?" he roared.

"We..." One crew member said, his voice shaking. "The mermaid came back and we couldn't fight him off and..."

"Ye lost the mermaid?!" He grabbed the crew member by his shirt. "Ye need a reminder of what 'appens when ye disappoint me?"

"No, Cap'n! Please!" The crew member flailed about as Ripper pulled him back into the water, crimson pooling at the surface moments later.

As Ripper came back, he glared at the rest of his crew. "Anyone want to add to that?"

They all shook their heads.

"Good. Now head back to the ship! We need a better plan!" He glanced around to see if Sirius or Maria would show up, and he just stormed off. "We'll search 'ere again tomorrow."
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The kiss was well received as he leaned in to return it. Releasing her hand, he watched her go before he started to rotate his position, trying to hide himself more in the brush while allowing for himself to see just what was going on. Ripper's display only confirmed it in his mind, they were losing their mind. Either that pearl was doing it or they were just going out of their mind due to the curse.

With the Captain and his crew leaving, Sirius mustered enough strength to go to the water. The smell of blood was all too tempting, he felt his stomach growling as he started to feel the need to eat. However he reached for the body that was there and pulled em to the shore. Checking to see if they were still alive or not.
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As Ripper returned to his ship, Maria stayed on the far end of the island, where she drew out in the sand how she and Sirius would escape to get to the sea witch. Though she didn't know when Sirius would regain full control of himself, she did wonder if she could just get him to their boat and have her friends pull them along as fast as their bodies would allow.

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"Damn it...DAMN IT!!" Sirius growled as he saw the man was clearly dead.

As a doctor, it was just something that always got under his skin. Sure, he didn't like the crew that got him stuck with this curse. But that didn't mean they all deserved to just be slaughtered all because the Captain lost his patience. A sigh left him as he moved away from the body, his pants and part of his shirt were now soaking wet with water and bits of blood. That was it, that was the last stray in Sirius's more. As much as he hated this route to take, he was going to give Ripper a piece of his own medicine...and he was going to make sure he took something off the bastard.

All he had to do was wait and see, wait for them to come back like they claimed they were. Ripper was pissed, he was going to keep his word on that. His prize was here and so was Sirius....the Captain wouldn't stay away for long...Sirius knew that. And he'd be waiting.
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Ripper returned a few hours later, bound and determined to find Maria. "She's gotta be here somewhere," he murmured as he trudged around the island. His prize had to be here. She wouldn't have gone far without Sirius as she seemed too attached to him at this point.

"C'mon, lass," he called. "Enough of yer games. Yer needed for our problem." He patted his knees. "C'mon now."
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Sirius was ready for him, sitting and waiting. The beast in him still felt too close to the surface but it hadn't tried to come out as he waited. Hearing the man's voice though, he felt the urge to change. As if turning into a monster was the only way he stood a chance. However, he kept himself together. When Ripper had walked past his hiding place, Sirius lunged. Attempting to slam a fist into Ripper's face.

Even if his attack missed, Sirius would skid to a halt and turn to face the man. Brows narrowed as a huff of air left him.

"Have you finally lost your mind due to your curse? I know killing isn't anything new to you but seriously? You just mauled the one guy because he was telling you facts." Sirius remarks, adjusting his stance. "I'm fed up with you."
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Feeling someone try to hit him, Ripper yelped in surprise and turned to see Sirius facing him. He shook his head as Sirius chastised him about killing one of his crew and how fed up he was. "Now, doc," he started, "t'aint no proper way to speak to me. Bones was a... casualty, see? I told 'im to get the mermaid. He failed. He know what was comin'."

He squared his shoulders as he narrowed his gaze at him. "Now, just let me get the girl and we'll be on our way. I want this curse gone as much as you do..."
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"Oh it's proper, cause I'm talking your language." Sirius growled as he stood there, his white hair standing on end. "A failure doesn't mean death, it's not their fault that the situation was baffling and they didn't know quite how to handle it. It's called seeing when there's a challenge and trying to figure out the best way to go about it. How many crew members have you killed just cause they failed in your eyes? I bet you're down half a crew by now."

It was a guess, considering the way Ripper was prior to him telling crew members that he was going to station them on islands to see if they could spot one. Without a doctor or surgeon on the boat, casualties would rise. And pirates lived a dangerous life.

"By doing what exactly? Killing a mermaid? Using her through some painful means that could make her miserable for the rest of her life? You never said just what would happen to Maria if we used her." Sirius questioned. "Have you returned the pearl to where it came from? Have you sough amends through that way? No? Then you're clearly doing this with a one track mind when there are other avenues you haven't tried yet!!"

The doctor's wolf tail would emerge behind him, puffing up as the fur bristled and a growl left his throat as the wolf tried to push further to the surface.
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Ripper's nostrils flared as Sirius told him that failure didn't mean death and questioned him about what was to happen to Maria. "T'aint none of yer damn business what's left of my crew!" he snarled, his tail suddenly emerging from behind. "My way has always worked! Ye should try it sometime. And as for the lass... best not worry 'bout her. If she lives, she'll be put to good use, I'm sure."

Fangs began to show as he eyed Sirius.
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"Your  way is a real shitting way!" Sirius growled. "And no, I ain't trying your ways and it is very much my buisness when it comes to Maria."

A snarl left the doctor as Ripper made his remark about if maria lived, she'd be put to use. That only meant a few things and none were good. And that was a IF she lived. That meant that whatever the process was, it probably had the high chance of taking away her life. Wolf ears emerged from the top of his head as he stood his ground.

"You aren't touching her." Sirius stated, his tone showing he was serious on this. "If you even try, you're gonna lose something. SO you best try and find some other way to fix your mess, such as returning that damned pearl."
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Ripper growled as fur began to stand on its end on his neck, his fangs slowly grew out. "The pearl ain't goin' anywhere," he snarled. "An' it seems that ye care fer the lass." A sinister grin overtook his lips before he charged and body slammed Sirius.

With his claws growing out, he dug into Sirius' chest and attempted to bite into his arm and side.
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"Then you're a dumbass." Sirius replied.

He didn't respond as Ripper remarked about how he cared about the lass. Sirius did care for her, much more than he had in a long while. Still, a snarl left him as the other lunged at him. Claws hitting his chest, he could feel the pain of them sink in for a few moments before they were ripped out to try and hit him elsewhere. Sirius backstepped to avoid the fangs hitting into him. Balling up his hand into a fist, he attempted to punch the Captain in the head. Even if he missed, Sirius would attempt to slam his boding into him. The effort to get them on the ground to try and pin them.
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Ripper attempted to bite into Sirius' shoulder before he felt the other back step and punch his head. He roared, grabbing Sirius and throwing him to the ground. With one hand on the other's throat, he growled before raising one hand up.

He turned his head when he felt a few rocks hit his head.

"Leave! Him! Be!" shouted Maria, who had been inching her way back to Sirius all morning before seeing him caught in a power struggled with Ripper.
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Slamming onto the ground, Sirus let out a growl as he started to get up but he felt the hand around his neck. Making him have to take in what air he could in rasps. Sirus grabbed at the hand around his throat, trying to pry it open with all his might. He also raised a foot to put it against the Captain's chest, trying to keep the man a little away from him as he saw that clawed hand raise. Then..she intervened once more.

A protective instict kicked in. Causing Sirus to forgo trying to get the captain's hand off his throat and do something else. With his claws extend and sharp, Sirus attempted to push himself up and tried to rake his claws at the Captain's eye. If he could hit him around there or even take out that eye, he'd be able to get lose and they could make a run for it.
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Maria continued to throw stones at Ripper before picking up a large stick and began approaching.

Ripper turned and growled at her before he felt claws dig into his eye, causing him to roar in pain and step back. He covered his eye and cowered in pain. As much as he wanted to try and rip Sirius' throat out, he now had to deal with his new injury and he suddenly backed away.
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With blood on his fingers and the other backing off, Siri’s didn’t stop to take in a breathe. He got up quickly and grabbed a hold of Maria’s hand firmly; he tried to be gentle but he failed.

“We need to go!” He urged her, pulling her away from the scene. “Which way?”

His question was lower to her as he wasn’t sure where thier ride out of here was.
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Feeling Sirius grab her hand, she pulled him toward the opening of the cave. "This way," she said.

Leaving Ripper in a fetal position, she led Sirius out where their boat was and she helped him on. A few dolphins playfully chewed on the rope before she pulled it out of their mouths and tied it around their tails. With that, they began to pull the boat along in the direction the selkie pointed them to.

Ripper finally brought himself up, already having trouble seeing out of his injured. "That... damn... Sirius..." he growled.
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Sirius would follow her without hesitation, getting into the boat. the man would cast a glance over his shoulder toward the island they were leaving behind. He could feel his heart beating in his chest and slowly he relaxed, a sigh leave him as he sank a bit.

"That was more stress than I needed..." Sirius remarked. "We might have a head start for a little bit, depends on how long it takes the crew to fetch Ripper.."

Sirius knew that things on the ship were going to be bad...Ripper was injuried and their fury was at the front. The doctor pitied the crew that was going to have to deal with that fool.
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"Shh..." Marina had Sirius lie on his back as the dolphins were pulling them along. "Long while. Sleep." She kissed his cheek again as she moved to lay down next to him. She ran a hand through his hair as she tried to keep her eyes open.
The crew eventually brought Ripper back to the ship as he began to fly into a fit of rage.

"Damn it all!" he screamed. "I told ye lot to get me that sodding mermaid!" He began throwing anything he could get his hands on and shoved barrels to the side. "And if that blasted Sirius gets her to life his curse and leave us to our fate, I'm going to-"

"Cap'n, please," one crew member said. "You need to calm down. Maybe Sirius..."

Ripper's hand slapped across his face.

"I don't see ye gettin' after 'em!"
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"Right..." Sirius muttered, as much as sleep sounded good...he couldn't shake the bad feeling he had.

Still he did try his best to fall asleep.

"Captain I need you to st..." Arrow started but he ducked as the captain procedded to throw things.

The young man was no surgeon but he knew how to at least treat a wound and bandage it. The eye was a bad spot and there was no doubt that sight in that one was gone for good; not that the young man was gonna tell his captain that part. Things were seriously getting out of hand..Ripper's outbursts were becoming more frequent and that didn't include how weird they'd act when left alone with the pearl. Course, Arrow wouldn't say anything about that.

"The ship's been put on course after em from what I heard Captain, we'll catch up easily to them." Arrow said; wishing to appease Ripper's fury. "Sir, did you still wish to have your injury treated? I just need ye to hold still.."
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Ripper continued to throw anything he got his hands on, cursing everyone and even nearly throwing some of his crew overboard. "To hell with me eye! It's the mermaid..."

He nearly picked up the pearl and went to throw it overboard.

"Cap'n, the pearl!" someone someone shouted.

Ripped looked down at his hand and huffed, trying his best to take deep breaths as he sat down.
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They were really losing this point, Arrow was expecting to see fur and teeth. Their mind was really going considering they picked up the pearl and almost threw that thing like a ball!!! Thankfully, someone else stopped him from doing such a thing. Arrow gave a sigh of relief.

"We're following them Captain...and at the same time, we're keeping an eye out for any other merfolk in the area. Either we catch up an get them, we find a new one, or hey we get both things. that be impressive." Arrow said, hoping that his words wouldn't offend the captain more. "We just need to have our heads together, we still need you for this as well sir....please...just take your time. If you decided you want me to help your eye, I'll do so."

Arrow made a move to leave the Captain be if he'd allow it.
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Ripper was about to let his teeth and fur grow until he heard Arrow say that they were trying to catch up to them. He sighed, finally sitting down and resting his chin on his fists. "Help with my eye, will ye?"

How could he have almost thrown the pearl overboard? How could he have been so consumed with rage?

Damn Sirius...
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"At once, Captain." Arrow replied with a nod.

Immedeatly picking up the supplies he had brought in with him. It was a question as to why Ripper had almost thrown the Peral, at this point though Arrow was about willing to say fuck the pearl and yeet it off the ship. Maybe that would please the sea witch that cursed it? It being back in the water? Still, Arrow set to work to disinfect the wound; knowing full well that telling the captain this would hurt would mean nothing. So he didn't bother to. Once he was done cleaning up the drying blood, he wrapped up a small portion of their head in order to cover up the eye.

"There we are, should be able to remove it in the afternoon given how fast healing works with this....affliction of ours." Arrow said. "Need anything else from me, Captain?"
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Ripper allowed Arrow to dress his wound. He didn't need to have anyone tell him that he could no longer see out that eye; he already knew. Being half blind meant nothing to him. Getting Maria to the sea witch and lifting their curse was all that mattered at this point.

"Nah," he said. "Just leave me be."

He returned to his quarters, pearl in hand. Sitting at his desk, he looked it over again, its singing louder than ever.
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Arrow nodded and swiftly left the room. The lad only breathed a sigh of relief when he was back on the deck of the ship, the air moving past him as it carried the salty sea air with it. Being out in the open away from the captain helped to ease his nerves. Ripper's singing reached him though and he moved farther away, noticing some of the crew working on their tasks.

"Please tell me you have some sort of story to kill off this negative mood? "arrow asked as he paused at the mast where some of hte crew were at.