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Title: To Frame a detective (Pendragon)
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Lately the cold and sleek look of the city was draining, hard to look at. He was yearning for the countryside again...hell, the dense forest on the border of the countryside was where his mind would pull itself toward when he didn't have a distraction. The smells of the trees and floral, the long blades of grass that caught the morning dew with care. Hearing the wind whistle around him, taunting him with the primal desires that would rush through him. The scent of pine and willow, earthy yet almost hypnotizing.

Laurence sat there at his chair, the man was pressed firmly into his chair. Mix matched eyes of yellow and brown were focusing their combined gaze out the window. A tea cup resting in their hand, long fingers stretched around the cup in the attempt to support it tenderly. His short creamish hair looked slightly ruffled but for the most part, it wasn't too wild looking. With his spare hand, he drummed lightly on the arm rest of his chair. Almost as if attempting to stir up the smell of cigars to get his nose to focus on a real smell, rather than the conjured up ones from his imagination. Sadly the smell of tea had long faded from the room and while he wasn't the one who smoked, he had many clients who did and some of the pieces were here prior to him getting this place; hence they already had the cigar smell imprinted upon them.

Currently he wore a pair of brown pants and a smoking jacket that was auburn with goldish trim  was all he was wearing. His slippers clung to his feet, almost as if they were put on haphazardly or without care. Which was the opposite of how he wore fact...there were a few off things. His jacket was wrinkled, ruffled up, and slightly opened up closer at the top. Normally he would have it smoothed out and closed all the way. The way he sat wasn't typical either. He was shoved against the chair enough to make it look like the natural cushion of it was trying to swallow him whole.

A concern look was given from the doorway was the house lady looked to the partner and friend of Mr. Laurence. She didn't know what to do and she hadn't seen the detective like this in a good long while. Often even one of these signs was a indicator of something pressing on their mind. Of course, the friend of the man had been brought here due to invitation that she hadn't sent. No doubt the detective had requested their presence so early in the morning...the sun wasn't even up yet.

“I swear he's been sitting there since midnight. I haven't seen him sleep. The only reason I know he was awake was due to him either drumming his fingers or I'd catch him moving his wrist with the teacup in hand.” Mrs. Wicky whispered in a nervous tone. “Must be important if he's been awake that long and asked for you to come here so early.”

She smoothed out her dress as she took a deep breathe. Gesturing for the partner to head on in.

“Fresh tea will be ready soon as will breakfast. I'll be back.” Mrs. Wicky said before she headed to another room.

Leaving the friend to stand there in front of a cracked open door that was fixated on the man who was still sitting there. Drumming their fingers and once in a while, adjusting their grip on the tea cup that was no doubt ice cold and hours old.
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As she managed to pull the hood over her head, Lapis walked down the steps to the entrance of her apartment building and let herself enjoy the night's waning hours. Her short, dark auburn hair was pulled back with a few large wavy strands delicately framing her pale face. Shaking her head at all the possible thoughts as to why he wanted her to come out before morning, she continued down the block before turning at the corner of the small drugstore that was squeezed between the Chinese restaurant and the little arcade that kept having a new owner every two or three years.

Her pencil skirt was free of wrinkles as was her blue blouse. With her thigh boots being the closest pair to her bed, she had to make due. Passing through several smaller shops and the occasional tattoo parlor, she made it to her friend's place and knocked on the door.

Mrs. Wicky had shown her in and told her what had been going on. "That sounds like him," she said. Knowing Laurence, there was something on his mind and he couldn't wait until morning to tell her what was going on.

Opening the cracked door, she calmly strolled in and sat on his desk. "Missed me that much?" she teased, a small smirk breaking her ruby lips.
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IT took a moment or so for him to respond, his grip tightening on the porcelain cup. The delicate item made a faint sound, protesting the increased grip upon it's poor frame. In which he did lessen his grip before he allowed those mixmatched eyes of his to tear themselves away from the window and upon his companion. Lapis...a good woman. Frankly he never expected to work with one as much as he had but she was irreplaceable. He knew that much for certain. The cup was placed onto the desk, making a slight sound as he wasn't as gentle with it as he normally was.

"There is much to discuss." Laurence said in a voice that indicated something was amiss.

He gestured with a hand for her to take a seat in a chair rather than on his desk. If she did so or not, he wouldn't say another word on it. Merely he would continue on once he knew that he had her focus again. What she would notice however was the clear lack of sleep. Now it wasn't uncommon for him to not sleep as long as he should but....there was something about the way the bags under his eyes looked darker than they should've if this was just a single night of missed sleep.

"You've heard about the recent murders yes? The ones that are filling the papers and channels about with all sort of gruesome things?" he asked.

Ah yes, the murder count was up to seven now. A truly unlucky number and frankly, he had a feeling it wouldn't end there. Deep in his chest there was that feeling of a whirlpool growing. The chaos that would quickly grow was making his heart beat slightly faster. Anticipating the flood of madness that would overtake the populace, waiting for the police to exhaust their resources, and give in to a new mass murder of horrendous proportions. And yet...he could already feel something else stirring inside of him. A part of him wanting that chaos in order to have a feast of it's own. The thoughts were shoved to the back of his mind best he could as he took a breathe, his shoulders rising as he did before it all returned to it's still position he had earlier.

"The inspector is most likely going to involve us today however, that's not why I'm bringing this up." Laurence added. "I feel....I am getting worse."
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The tone of Laurence's voice made Lapis give him a look of concern as she moved into the seat he gestured at.

"Yeah," she said. "Where each one is more gruesome than the previous. How the latest victim was killed was..." She shook her head. "No one should go like that."

She took a moment to look his face and see that the bags under his eyes were darker than usual. Normally, she would dismiss it as he sometimes skipped sleep for a few nights. But the murders couldn't be why he had stayed up all night. When he told her why she was there, she grimaced slightly.

"Oh." She placed a hand on his arm. "I'm sure there's a way to suppress it." Giving him an encouraging smile, two sharp canine teeth protruded out of her mouth as she patted his arm. "There has to be, right?"
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She always did look at more positive things. A tricky thing to do in this era with everything that could wrong. However the means of encouragement that there was a way to keep a side of himself in check was..uncertain. He found his mind mulling it over, disbelieving her words yet wanting to believe them. He wanted to have father that she was right. For years now he put up with it,for many years he had managed to survive with it. felt like it was getting stronger as of late..the way his mind drifted back to the forest and it's smells was proof of it in his mind.

"The forest calls me, singing it's inaudible song with memories of it's fragrance and the city looks so.." Laurence had started before he caught himself off.

His mix matched eyes closing as he took a deep breathe, once through his nose and the other through his mouth. The idea was to try and get a different smell in but he just couldn't pick up on anything else. The pat registered and he went to place a hand on her's  to show he appreciated the gesture. However the man froze as he stared at his hand. It looked thinner and as it had a short spasm with claws noticeable for only a moment, he straightened his hand out as he made it return to normal. It might've looked like that took so little effort but Lapis might notice how his shoulders sagged a little and the look of being tired increased  before he seemed to brush it away.

"I need you to help make sure nothing happens." Laurence continued, letting his hand rest on the desk away from Lapis. "My normal methods work to a degree but just to be safe, I'd rather have someone be watching just in case I don't notice something..happening."
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Lapis only noticed the hand changing once Laurence went to place his hand on top of hers. As he straightened it, she sighed to herself. She that he was so afraid of losing himself and wanted her to keep an eye on him. "Isn't that all I do?" she teased, shifting in her seat and crossing her legs.

It was a little concerning that he was hearing the forest call to him, but his methods of keeping himself in check had worked thus far. Nodding slightly, she rested her chin on her hand and sighed once more. "You know I've always got your back."

As she slouched, she glanced over at Laurence's hand. "You should get some sleep," she said. "Or... as much as you can before the inspector call us in."
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A humored smile came to his face as he gave a small chuckle. That was one of the common things she did do, keep an eye on him. Though she had yet to see the full power he held deep inside of him. There was a time she saw him on a bad day, struggling with it and becoming more...well more of it. Still he pushed those thoughts away. Feeling the pull  a bit stronger now that he was recalling moments where his grip faulted in the past.

"I know, I merely wish to warn you of a possible storm." Laurence admitted. "Ah sleep, such a vital thing yet elusive when it's needed. Sadly all it's been doing is making the call louder like a gong sounding off in my head. Causing the sound to echo and rattle me to my core..."

The man paused before giving a slow shake of his head. No. He would sleep later. When perhaps working on something new would drain him and his other side enough for sleep to be a peaceful endeavor. He could only hope in truth.

"Besides, the good man will be here in fifteen minutes. Long enough for us to enjoy a calming chat and some breakfest before we are pestered." Laurence added in.

As if on cue, Mrs. Wicky opened the door. Carrying a tray with toast, eggs, and even a few other items that were more along the specifics for certain supernaturals. Laurence could eat almost anything and while he did try to avoid foods that would trigger his other side, he found a recipe that he requested for Mrs. Wicky to try making him. There were some things...he still missed eating from before this whole mess began.

"Here you two are. Are you sure you want this in the morning though, Mr. Laurence? It's a bit early for a bigger piece of meat that isn't bacon or sausage."

The small plate she held seemed to have something along the lines of a type of meat, though it was hard to tell what it was due to the sauce that it sat within the center of and the small bits of green and grey herbs that decorated the cooked flesh.

"I am sure Mrs. Wicky, it's a small portion that shouldn't cause trouble if the recipe doesn't work. You did remember it my dear?" Laurence replied.

"Of course! IT's pinned my precises of the day board." Mrs. Wicky assured, with a nod she set it down and left the room.
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"How nice of him," Lapis replied dryly. "But breakfast does sound good."

No sooner had she said that, Mrs. Wicky had brought them some food and she reached for some eggs.

"So... what's this recipe that Mrs. Wicky makes for you?" she asked as she began to eat.
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"Tis a new one I found that should make eating some things...easier for me." Laurence started. "It's mainly drowned in various seasonings but what it's meant to do is restrain the magic that normally resides in me. When two things mix such as me eating certain foods and what lurks in me, they tend to have a negative reaction. Sure I could eat normal chicken but that causes my other tendencies to gain a stronger hold, craving more and growing harder to control."

Laurence would go on to list the various herbs and new seasons that were put on it, the sauce that was around it playing a key role in it as well. All in all, it would sound fine and he would add in that with this small of an amount, it shouldn't do too much to him if the recipe didn't work. Hence why he had other things to eat as well, to make up for this little experiment. Oh how he wished it was easier to eat his meals...not having to worry about throwing himself into a frenzy cause of one particular item.

"How has the private life been going? No trouble I hope?" Laurence asked as he cut another piece off the specially prepared bird.
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As Laurence explained what was in his meal, Lapis could only nod as she knew that it was only what was best for him. She was thankful she hadn't seen him at his worst when he lost control, and she hoped that it would stay that way.

"Oh, it's fine," she said. "I just broke up with Jamie. That jerk thought me having one human parent was bad enough to where he called me an abomination. I didn't choose my parents, and I don't see why the blame should be on me." She only shrugged and continued to eat her eggs. "But that gives me an idea of what I'm not looking for in a guy. Jamie was little self-centered, anyway."

She was interested to hear what Laurence thought of him. Her parents were never overly thrilled that she was dating someone who was considered hoity toity.
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Laurence listened patiently, letting the words reach his ears and to be heard in their entirety. It was a shame that the potential romance hadn't worked. Now he normally didn't dive into that romance side of things in life. IT had never worked out for him before, why would it now? Still hearing how someone was casting her aside due to one half half of her be one thing, irked him.

"A unworthy partner." Laurence replied simply as he returned to his food, not wishing to rile himself up.

The remaninder of the meal was spent with more pleasent things and as soon as they were done, Laurence glanced out his window. A smile appearing on his face before he chuckled. Right on time it seemed, if not a second early. Mrs. Wicky would end up opening the door to a young police officer, whose classic blue uniform had never changed over the ages in it's look. Although all police officers had a type of armor like quality to their clothes, sure they looked like fabric but the cloth could stop most bullets and blades not of the technologically advance kind. Removing their helmet, it revealed a young face with some peach fuzz at the ends of their sharp side burns, their hair a bit messy due to the helmet creating some static electricity to make it stand on end.

"Is he in?" The young man asked, although their words were less than desired, there was a humbled, if not nervous tone to their words.

"He's up in his study with his partner in work as usual." Mrs. Wicky said as she took the helmet and let it rest on a hanger.

Of course, the young policeman would give her a quick thanks and make his way up the stairs. Even before he reached to knock, he'd hear Laurence grant permission to enter. He did so without a fuss though Laurence was a tad surprised.

"Goldstone? I must admit, I was expect your superior, Inspector Crown. You look nervous lad, come sit. Take a few moments to gather yourself." Laurence urged kindly.

"I..I would accept the seat and moment to relax, Mr. Laurence. But I'm not here during my break, I'm still on the clock, this is urgent though!" Goldstone spoke, his humbled voice was shaky like a record attempting to skip but not quite there yet. "The murders, they're out of hand! Inspector Crown and even the Chief are having trouble , they won't seek outside aid due to how dangerous this is. HUmans and supernatural are dying all over, and they're getting more brutual. I was just there, I couldn't....I.."

"Calm Goldstone, calm. You are going to lose whatever remains of your morning coffee in your stomach, I can tell you already lost your breakfest." Laurence stood and set a hand on the young officer's shoulder and guided them to a seat. "If anyone from your department comes here, I'll deal with them. Right now you are in no state to go recounting what you've seen. My dear Lapis, please fetch some medicine to help our guest with his nerves, it'll also help his stomach as well."
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Instead of telling him that her dating life was put on hold, she focused on telling him about how her parents had been and how they had just left to go to Barcelona for their anniversary. Turning to see the young officer, she looked him over once before she quickly went to get him medicine.

"Here," she said after returning and handing it over to him.

"Thanks," the young man said as he took it.
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Taking the medicine and given a few minutes. Goldstone would start to explain what had happened. Apparently a murder happened on the east side this time, the victims were torn apart and quite literally scattered all the place. There was the fact that a message was written in blood and judging by how large the print was and the state of a leg and torsoe on one victim...the killer used them as a paintbrush to write their blood message which read in a old language:

'Time to change, time for ending.'

Thankfully Laurence knew the old language well enough to do a translation but with that cryptic and foreboding of a message, gave little comfort and not much insight. Goldstone would go on to explain that none of the other crime scenes had a message written and it felt directed to an audience due to how large the writing of it was. The scene had signs of a fight under all the blood, with claw marks in the pavement and even posters torn; as well as painted on. Injuries on the victims suggested a attempt of a fight was given. Yet with how big the killer had to be in order to use parts of them to write with? It felt odd.

"The incident could've started with our murderer in a more human form, many supernatural are capable of changing their height and size. It's a must to have a human form." Laurence explained to Goldstone, in which the young man nodded.

Carrying on, the young officer added in how angry Inspector Crown was. How bitter and enraged they were, Goldstone had a feeling that he might've known the victims given how there was a look of grief on his face before the anger quickly boiled over it. And that's when the order to not involve non-law enforcement members into the case. Laurence sat in quite contemplation, having had a cup of tea brought for Goldstone by this point. The officer barely sipped at it, no doubt the medicine was only just now kicking in.

"I....I couldn't listen to that order Sir....this... this is out of hand. We don't have any clues other than a...a.." goldstone stammered.

"Other than a possible supernatural member of society. Yes, what little you have is hinting at it but it's unwise to say that is the true answer." Laurence finished the sentence.

"Indeed...if the press starts running this like the cops are only looking at supernatural, it'll cause a uproar! And the last time we had a civil dispute between human and supernatural know."

"It ended in the most gruesome bloodbath our city has seen in the current" Laurence paused for a few moments before glancing to Lapis. "My dear, what do you think on this?"
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Shaking her head at what she heard, Lapis slouched in her seat some before she noticed the look on Goldstone's face. Something about his expression told her that he was connected to victims in some way, thought she was sure by the way he seemd to have reacted to how brutal their deaths were that... well, it was obvious, anyway.

She simply chose not to add her commentary about the uproar that had occurred in recent years. Her parents were concerned whenever she had gone out during that time, though they were more relaxed once the situation was under control.

"Hm." She folder her hands together and tilted her head while pursing her lips. "It could always be someone who is half supernatural," she said. "Although a shape shifter definitely sounds about right. I know of a few who are capable of it."
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"That is possible as well. I've observed several cases where hybrids of the supernatural and humans have turned out very strong and some that have surprased the norm of their supernatural parent." Laurence agreed with a nod. "We'll start looking into this Goldstone but don't mention this conversation to your superiors. If Inspector Crown knew the recent victims then his judgement will be clouded to a degree. If he asks any questions that involve me, I'll take care of it."

Goldstone gave a small nod. Although he wasn't feeling very relaxed, his heart was still pounding and his stomach would twist now an then. Taking a deep breathe, he exhaled.

"Yes sir." Goldstone answered.

"Good lad, now write down the location where the recent murder was for me and you head on back to headquarters. Just tell them you needed a few moments to collect yourself, surely they would understand." Laurence instructed gently.

Goldstone did as was requested, writing the exact address down before departing. Laurence watched the young officer leave the building and disappear into the street bellow his window.

"Well then dear Lapis, let us be on our way. But now that it's just the two of us, you may voice any thoughts you having in full." Laurence encouraged as he reached for his coat.
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Lapis rose from her seat as she shook her head. "Honestly? I really don't know. I'm more concerned about what would happen if Inspector Crown decides..."

Shaking her head again, she fixed her coat. "Never mind."
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A brow was raised to what Lapis had started talking about her thoughts and yet she cut herself off.

"Now now Lapis, speak what you have to say. You know that voicing one's thoughts can help prevent them from being clouded." Laurence spoke. "ALas if you are that uncomfortable with the thought and would prefer not to, I understand."

With his coat in hand, he easily slipped into it and reached for his hat. Letting the rather old style top hat to rest on his head, he gestured for Lapis to follow as the two left the house. Now taking a cab to the crime scene was most unwise but so was taking the car. So Laurence opted to skip both options strangely enough! They had wished Mrs. Wicky a good day before leaving and the lady was visably concerned, though she wished the two luck.

The trek to the crime scene was quite a while, and the walk was long. Strangely quiet despite the fact that people were about on the streets as well. All of them whispering their buisness to the other, even in the spots were vendors were common. Interesting though, how there wasn't much in terms of vendors today. Most likely scared off due to the rise in murders. Such a shame..Laurence noticed that the person who made vintage items no longer had their stall out. Perhaps they would return in time, when the streets were safer?

"You notice, yes?" Laurence asked quietly as they walked, now only a mile or so from the new crime scene. "A great deal quiet despite the amount of people.."
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Normally, Lapis was quite vocal with her thoughts, but now with it being the latest victims being so close to Crown... she didn't know how to word what she wanted to say. "I'm just worried if everyone knew about your... issue, they might think you did it..."

There was always a chance for someone to know about his condition and deciding that he had to have committed all of the murders. She still felt some disquiet as they left the house and walked all the way to the crime scene. A quick glance had her sighing to herself as she saw how empty the street seemed, possibly due to the latest murder.

"Yes," she answered. "It just seems so sad that fear is running rampant now. I just hope that we can solve the cases soon."
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"A reasonable concern, I will admit that even I have a concern regarding it. But let us not dwell on that part." Laurence assured her before they walked out.

Even with how empty the streets were, he could contain his sigh. A nod was his only response to Lapis as she agreed about how empty it was, and added in that fear was rampant. It was...wasn't it? Such a easy thing to stir up within any creature, no matter how hard they tried to deny being afraid. Still thoughts of fear and his own problem would have to be put aside as they came upon the holo tape with "DO NOT CROSS", "CRIME SCENE", "POLICE TAPE" all flashing alone it.

"Alright, let's get to work." Laurence replied as he pulled out a odd pointed device with a crystal clear edge.

Putting it through part of the tape, it would turn to static before deactivating without setting off a alarm. It was a easy hack, the police needed to modify the tape but....what they didn't know wasn't his problem.  Once Lapis was through of course, he would reactive the tape; just to keep anyone else out. The scene had been cleaned rather well already sadly, the blood had been removed form the pavement but there was a outline of the bodies... or at least, the pieces of it.

A sound left him as he moved along, looking around for anything that would be suspicious. Without the blood splatter though, it was hard to tell just how the bodies fell. Even then though with how many pieces there were...would that help?

"Keep a sharp eye, Lapis. Let me know if you find anything out here in the front. I'm going to check around." Laurence instructed.
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Finally reaching the area covered in holo tape, Lapis allowed Laurence to deactivate it and followed him to where the outlines of the bodies where.

Nodding, she began to scour the front area as Laurence went to another part of the crime scene. As nothing had turned up, she sighed in frustration before she slipped her gloves on and looked through the pieces. The pieces looked as though they were torn off with a few shards of glass and bones embedded into them.

Sitting down, she began to delicately pluck the shards out of each body part before placing them in individual bags for each body part she examined.
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"Lapis dear, come here." Laurence would call.

He stood on the other side of the village, examining large cracks in the walls but he had picked something up. As he waited for her to show up, he pondered the marks in the walls. They looked like they could've been cracks in the building at one point but...the large and long deeper marks that the cracks were spreading out from. Those weren't cracks. However he would glance toward Lapis as she would emerge from around the building.

"Ah there you are. What does this look to you?" Laurence asked as he pointed at the deep cuts into the hard stone and metal side of the building.
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Hearing Laurence call, Lapis went to him and started to examine the marks on the wall.

"It looks to me that some claws were powerful enough to cut through that," she said.
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"Certainly seems like it." Laurence admitted, though he wasn't so sure.

He let his fingers run across the edges of the marks, narrowing his brows after a moment. Something felt off and while he wanted to say his thoughts, he knew it wasn't really wise to. Not yet at least. He turned his attention to Lapis once more.

"Have you found anything?" Laurence asked as he pulled his hand back.
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When she was asked what she found, she showed Laurence the bags of glass and bone she pulled out. "I found these shards in the pieces that were piled together." She glanced at the shards for a moment.

"Now, how did the killer manage to get glass and bone embedded into the pieces when the victims were dismembered?"
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"A very good question. Considering that there isn't even a window here to that could be broken, let alone the victims potentially thrown into." Laurence spoke, pondering it over. "The amount of blood from how Goldstone described it is more accurate for a primary crime scene, so the chances of this being a dump location is slim."

With a flick of his wrist, he would hold out the small piece that he had found. He had his ideas on what it was but he didn't want to be the one to keep a hold of it.

"Put this in your bag my dear but remember which one you put it in. Later on I'll need you to do a scan of it to see if my theory is right." Laurence instructed, his brows were still narrowed as he was pondering this whole mess.

Despite the blood having been cleaned up from here, he could smell the blood on the bits of bone and glass from the bag she was caring. Keeping his mind busy was one way to ignore the scents that seemed to to with the thin strands of his mind. When Lapis took the small fragment form him, she might notice the discoloration on his hand. A small warning that his 'condition' was flaring up.
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Nodding, Lapis glanced at the glass shard that Laurence has found. "Do you think that the suspect has a unique form of shape shifting to where they can change their body matter to mimic something else? Like, say, glass?"

She took the shard from him and looked down at his hand. "Laurence, dear. Your hand looks different." She gently took his hand into hers. "Are you allergic to something? IT's not your condition, is it?"
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"I've heard a few cases where people could change their body to the structure of a type of mineral such as diamonds and steel, though I'm not sure if that's what we're dealing with. However it is on the pile of possibility that we can't rule out just yet." Laurence replied.

Those kinds of people were on the rarer side, as they were often from a supernatural and human union OR they were tested on by some lab; which the later would make them more of mutants than supernatural but they were grouped into the same category as hybrids as it made things easier to keep track of. For the government that is. However at Lapis's words, he  glanced to his hand for a moment and watched as the odd patterned seemed to spread more. His brows narrowed slightly at this before he could feel it, that pulse that would go through him. Making him tense up before that tension seemed to spread to his hand that was being held in Lapis's gentle grasp.

She'd feel the bones shift under her grasp before she'd hear it or see it. Though that sound soon went through the air and Laurence took in a few deeper breathers, his changes immedeatly stopping before his color's hand returned to normal as well. At that time, he would pull his hand back to himself and look it over.

"Seems that recipe wasn't a saving grace after all..." Laurence grumbled, looking displeased and disappointed.
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Lapis did her best to stay calm as she felt his bones shift before they ceased and his hand returned to normal. Hearing the disappointment in his voice, she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Perhaps we can look into it more and see what can be done about it," she suggested.
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"For now, it's not important. It can wait till some other day." Laurence responded, his voice a bit harsh with the disappointment.

Letting his gaze fall elsewhere, his brows remained narrowed. However he seemed to look up before having a small smirk.

"Prepare yourself my dear, seems our friend Inspector Crown is finally pulling up. Let us go around and sneak up on him from behind to greet him." Launrence said before he started to walk away and duck under the police holo-tape.

Deactiving it with the inspector so close by was a silly idea, he'd know for sure they were there. Course when they arrived around the front side of the crime scene, the two would see the man that they had mentioned. Standing at the average height, Inspector Crown had a small bit of a belly. Though their police cap hid most of their balding head from view, allowing the thick red sideburns and moustache to gain true center stage. Their green eyes quickly fell on the two and he didn't look pleased.

"Not today Laurence, leave! Take your helper and go!!" Inspector Crown snapped, clearly not in the mood today.
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"Understandable," said Lapis.

As she went about the crime scene, she paused when Inspector Crown pulled up and demanded for them to leave.

"But Inspector," she started, "couldn't you use all the help you can get?" Shaking her head, she had the bags hidden in her inner coat pocket while giving the inspector her best smile.
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"I'm not having more civillians die on my watch and I'm not having some private detectives who think they're bigshots, go snooping around and add to the death toll!!" Inspector Crown snapped at Lapis as he pointed a finger at the two. "You will leave!! Before I place you under arrest for contaminating a crime scene and preventing officers of the law from performing their duties!"

"Calm down Inspector Crown, we mean no disrespect and we don't wish to harm your investigation. We came to see if there was anything we could deduce by merely looking, we're still on the side of the holo-tape where non-officers stand." Laurence said in a calm voice.

Though the glare he got from the Inspector was a clear sign that the Inspector wasn't gonna buy that today.

"Leave! I won't warn you both again." Inspector Crown snarled, Laurence sighed as he shrugged sadly.

"As you wish, come on Lapis." Laurence said as he started to walk away.
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Following behind Laurence, Lapis shook her head as they left the crime scene.

"Shall we go ahead and go through the evidence when we get back?" she asked.
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"We still have a few things to figure out. Such as who the victims are. We can't afford to wait till the news releases the names of the victims and since Inspector Crown is being rather... firm on his stance of not giving any information, we're out of luck there." Laurence said as they walked.

Though who could they go to?

"Drop off what you found at the house in the draw. Then head on off to find Officer Goldstone, perhaps he can give you some clues on who the victims were. I'll hunt around for a few things that I have in mind." Laurence suggested. "Sound good?"
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"Ah, yes. I thought you'd say that." Lapis nodded and held the bags against her waist underneath her coat. "I'll take care of that while you do what you need to."

With that, she left for his home to put the bags away. After walking for so long, she quickly greeted Mrs. Wicky at the door and as she was going to Laurence's office, she kicked off her heels and rubbed her feet.
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"Is everything going alright?" Mrs. Wicky asked as she brought a cup of tea to Lapis.

Normally the two of them returned at the same time unless something was amiss, and while she normally didn't worry. She was a bit concerned due to trying out that recipe at her employer's request. She didn't have to worry about Laurence but it was a more natural thing for her to do. The man was smart yes, but he did have the habit of getting himself into bad situations. Even more so when he seemed to act off when something was starting to affect him.

She fidgeted slightly as she waited for a answer, setting the teacup and saucer down onto the table near her. Though she ended up rotating the serving tray in her hands in a worried fasion.
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"Yes." LApis graciously took the cup of tea and sipped at it. "Laurence just needed to take care of some things, but he's alright."

As she began sorting through the evidence, she quietly hummed to herself before taking another sip of tea. "I'm sure he'll be back in no time at all, like he always does."