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Title: New {M}edShock
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At the prospect of snow, both elves shook their head in near unison. The smaller of the two women - the one with her hair dipped in clay - continued to prove the most talkative of the pair.

"I come from the deserts, east of Ondo Mura. We have no snow. Hardly any rain. It looks a lot like's hard to picture sand as cold, except the sand on the beach. That's often cold. But that's also a different sort of sand."

The shaved elf glanced sidelong at her companion, less than pleased. "Say sand once more", she clipped. Her partner caught herself, opened her mouth as if to speak, then shut it, smiling and looking toward Fulbeck to input. Her smile faltered back into the familiar Elvish deadpan with which the Thrains were becoming quickly familiar.

"...Oh yes. Because of the crop. No?"
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"Deserts?" Joe frowned; he'd heard some of the veteran soldiers talk about being in a desert during the wars with Candela. They'd talked of the horrors of marching across a strength sapping land, with every step the sand shifting beneath their feet. A land so devoid of water that little life could survive there, it sounded like hell to Joe.

Forcing a smile, Joe shook his head.
"I can't imagine sand without water."
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"There is water, sometimes!" Said the painted elf. "Deep underground, or in the oases... but in the heat, sometimes it is difficult to tell. It  can be long stretches of sand but in the distance, with the air itself simmering and flickering in the heat, you sometimes will see lakes and oceans. The closer to get... the more they shrink. Until you find...nothing." Despite the ominous end to her sentence, the elf lingered with an almost too enthusiastic smile on her face, as though her description were meant to dazzle and inspire. Her smile only faltered when she noticed Tawny had forced herself to reciprocate.

Thunder pealed overhead in a long, low rumble that ebbed into a hum. The ship responded with a steady tempo of creaks and wooden sighs. The two elves looked skyward, toward the door from whence they'd come. After a moment, a flash of lightning lit up the bottom threshold, until a fellow member of the cabin quietly excused themselves between the group and stuffed thick linens in the bottom of the door's frame to keep the rainwater from dripping in with the rocking of the boat. The storm had fallen upon them...or, as they had sailed into it,  it was more correct to say that they had fallen into the storm.

The shaved elf turned and looked to Tawny and Joe, lips thinning not in unfriendliness but in carefully-churned-and-processed thought. "What was it like, traveling with Quicksilver?" She finally asked. It was clear it had been on her mind for some time, but that she had perhaps wanted to wait for an appropriate time to ask.