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Title: Pri[m]al Play[m]ate (Aeon+Kei)
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[Previous Post:] ”Then warm up and go back into your damp hovel for all I care.” Despite the snark in his tone, he did release his tail from her person. It wasn’t actually his intent to force her to sleep there on the ground, though it would be more than sensible of her to do so given points he’d already made himself. This said, he was a bit surprised she’d even extended a hand to touch him, his head lowering to regard the place where she held steady against him. He said nothing to her behavior. She’d either recognize it was stupid to fight him over this or she would warm up and go where she pleases. Either way he got what he wanted; she had heard his request and she wasn’t going to die immediately of being frozen.

”Go on, do what you’re too stupid to see the sense in.” He shifted and laid down there on the ground, large tail curling forward but he didn’t trap her there. She would either run, which was fine he’d catch up with her shortly, sit down and get warm, or she’d go back into the cave. He himself was tired. She was exhausting to contend with, particularly when he always got his way where anything was concerned. He’d have to play a slow game with this one...

Gods above but it seemed like men, regardless of species, were testy creatures. She felt very justified in her hesitation, but that didn't mean she was stupid. The cavern was flooded so she definitely wasn't going to sleep there. She snorted and rolled her eyes before going back the crevice and finally locating her missing jacket. She also changed into dry clothing so she wouldn't catch her death over night in the dropping temperatures. Then she exited the crevice again, hung up her wet clothing so it would hopefully dry, and hung a tarp to act as a windbreaker and protection from the weather. Super powerful pokemon full of himself or not, she wasn't immune to the elements and would rather be safe than sorry.

Honestly she wasn't comfortable sleeping anywhere near him, but she also knew it was wiser to compromise. This one assumed he knew best, which he did not, so clearly showing him compromise was the  only way she would be able to withhold doing something stupid; like throwing a rock at his thick skull. It let her relax somewhat that he hadn't reacted to her touching him other than to look down where she'd touched; which was fine. At least it was maybe a step  in the right direction. Eventually she settled herself with the tarp at her back to help her feel more secure. She watched him for a long while, survival instincts screaming at her that she wasn't safe, but eventually her exhaustion caught up to her and she fell into a deep sleep forced to give her trust where she'd rather not.

At least she knew that, while he needed her help, he at least wouldn't kill her in her sleep. It was only slightly comforting of a thought. Oh well.
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The large pokemon snorted, amused with her huffing and antics but otherwise unfazed by her behavior. At least she was being somewhat sensible and didn't wander back into the crevice to sleep. Instead it appeared after a few moments she changed and started to get into what he assumed was a comfortable position for herself. Not caring one way or the other, he still kept a close eye on her. Just to, you know, keep her from running off in the dark and falling in a hole or into the jaws of something less intelligent than himself. When she settled down, eventually falling into an uneasy state of slumber due to sheer exhaustion, he relaxed somewhat. Drawing no nearer to her person, he shifted and curled up in a rather serpentine fashion. It was in this position in which he fell asleep and awoke to in the early morning light.

A rustling in the bushes roused him, a low rolling growl coming from deep within the confines of his maw. A large Pangoru emerged from the bushes, spotting the exposed human. While a vegetarian, this particular pokemon was highly aggressive, not to mention effective in eliminating threats. It charged, its large bulk thundering across the small meadow. The protective wall of the dragon's tail dropped in front of the small human, shielding her from what would have most assuredly been a fatal blow. "You will want to rouse now, little one. You've drawn the attention of something other than myself.
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Despite the exhaustion still plaguing her enough to keep her sleeping after the sun had risen, the sudden rustling in nearby bushes followed by the growling coming from the larger threat next to herself had her up and rolling away from the source of danger by a deeply embedded instinct. The tarp she'd fashioned to protect herself fell in a heap and she shoved it out of the way so she wouldn't get tangled in it. Immediately sharp green eyes scanned the clearing and spotted the large Pangoro beyond the protective shielding tail from her odd companion. Her body was held in a low stance so she could dodge or run if the chance came. She could defend herself, of course, but against such a large creature she only stood so much of a chance.

She'd crossed the path of this pokemon before though and knew a few tricks to get away from him when needed. Pangoro generally valued strength above all other traits, but were extremely aggressive creatures. They were cunning as well, so outsmarting them was difficult at times but not impossible. Though her entire body still screamed at her from her rough night and the travelling she'd done before, there was no way she was going to simply lay down and wait for death. She may not fear dying, but she certainly wasn't going to seek it out. She also realized it was a good thing the large pokemon with her needed her for what he was trying to do,  or else she might not have gotten out of the way in time to survive the blows aimed at her.

Not dwelling on the could-have-beens, instead she kept her stance loose and made herself less of a target by using the larger draconic pokemon to break the line of sight of the aggressive Pangoro. Then she remembered the crevice behind her and realized several things. One, even though one of these two pokemon could destroy the rock and get her from inside there, the other could not. Two, Pangoro could break the rock but it would take him a while and eventually he'd either have to give up or face down the larger pokemon protecting her. Finally, after this situation was settled she was going to introduce herself because this strange dragon pokemon had just saved her life.

There was also the fact that she could better retaliate from a place of safety, she'd done it before. Not wanting her companion to think she was trying to escape him - that was stupid since he hadn't hurt her - she instead kept her voice low knowing the Pangoro didn't quite understand human language despite usually understanding intentions. "Since I don't fancy staying a target or being caught in the crossfire, I'm going to a more defensible spot. Now, excuse me." She focused on the Pangoro, heard it's vicious snarls and saw it eying her with the intent to lunge and end her life. He didn't seem to understand the larger pokemon was protecting her either as he wasn't paying attention to the tail in front of her.

The pokemon lunged for her and she rolled out of the way and slipped back into the crevice; hearing something massive hit the rock wall behind her just as she got out of reach. The sharp, stinging pain in her arm told her the thing had grazed her, but that was nothing new; just another scar to add to the others. She knew it also meant the idiot had left his back open to the larger threat of the dragon protecting her. She had to hope getting out of the way didn't set him off for some stupid reason, and the thought aggravated her enough to take her dagger and stab it as hard as she could into the clawed paw that reached for her. The Pangoro released an enraged roar and slammed into the rocks again, wanting his prey. "Feel free to make him go away anytime, thanks!" Her sarcasm was clear but really she was ready to be back and camp or dealing with the nonsense the dragon had presented to her. She hated her life sometimes.
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He watched her scurrying away with some semblance of interest. At least she was quick on her feet and, unlike what he had expected of her, she didn’t panic in the face of sudden danger. Perhaps the rest had regained her some of her good sense. A snort followed her sassily stated remark. It was not as though he hadn’t intended to help her—he had blocked the initial charge after all—it was more he had wished to see what she would do. As that had been accomplished, he was free to intervene as he wished. ”Certainly. “

Large black jaws parted, a thundering cry echoing over the mountainside as he drew the attention of the fighting and dark type Pokemon. They traded angry snarls until a clear retaliation was made on the part of the large panda Pokemon. The dragon was unfazed by the pummeling blows to his lower abdomen. If anything, he seemed to laugh. In a bright, white blue flash of light his body erupted, returning to the full height of his glory and pushing trees, boulders, and shrubbery out of the path of his enormity. The large dragon Pokemon bore down on the Pangoro with the full weight of his heightened stature, all forty-two feet of it. His cry echoed again, louder this time. Nearby tree limbs rattled, and bird Pokemon scattered from the trees in fear. The Pangoro stumbled backward, the instinct of survival now of paramount importance. It fled, leaving the dragon alone with his still hidden companion.

”You may come out now. It is gone.”
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She listened to the sounds of a short, one-sided fight outside for a long moment and braced against the sudden bright light that entered into the cave before holding her silence as snarls were exchanged and something or another happened before finally all was silent once again. She heard the all clear and tentatively moved outside, green eyes scanning her  surroundings and noting how large her companion actually was before heading back to her bag to get what she'd need to clean  up the deep gash down her right arm. Knowing he wasn't going to hurt her while he needed her for his plans, she took the time to find what she needed before sitting down near the large dragon Pokemon and settling in to clean her injury.

She winced and grit her teeth as pain shot up her arm as she rinsed her arm in the antiseptic liquid she carried with her at all times. She paid no mind to the blood running down her arm as she worked in silence until finally the wound was cleaned and she checked it and scowled at the injury before pulling the edges together and slathering the edges with liquid stitches; holding it until it dried and held before wrapping her arm with gauze and finally bandaging the injury. She winced again at the continued pain, but it really wasn't anything new. She moved her fingers carefully before bending her arm with equal caution and nodded at the slightly limited mobility.

Finally she was finished and looked up at her companion, rising back to her feet and cleaning the area around her and packing her things back in her bag. She lifted it back to her shoulders and considered the large Pokemon for a long moment before finally deciding on her course of action. "Alright, since it's clear I'm not getting you to go away anytime soon, let's just get this out of the way. I'm Evanna, and I'd like to know what you want me to call you." She watched the dragon carefully still, but at least she was moving forward. The pain was a secondary concern at this point.
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He regarded her with mild interest as she set about cleaning and dressing her wound. Humans frail. It was a wonder they had even managed to avoid extinction this long. When she finished and seemed pleased with her bandaging, she offered what he could only imagine was a sliver of an olive branch from her--her name. When she questioned his own though, he paused. He did not move from his position as his body shifted, shrinking down to a more manageable size. He'd honestly never considered the notion of a name. Being the only of his kind, and the fact that none of his family took a name themselves, apart from what humans had called them of course, the notion he'd have given himself something was a silly one. Even still, he would need to have some means of speaking with this human, and a name was better than saying 'hey dragon.'

"I have never had a name. There was a group of humans that saw me in my very early days, though. They called me Ryu, which as I understood meant dragon in their language. I suppose that will suffice."
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She watched with curious eyes as the behemoth of a dragon shrank back down to a more manageable size before her. Okay, she did have to admit seeing him do that in person was pretty cool. She had also noted the mild sort of interest he'd given to her tending her injury but really didn't think much on it. The notion of a name though seemed to give him pause and she waited with a surprising amount of patience for him to consider her query before taking the giving of her name for the olive branch it was and then giving a response.

She blinked, surprised herself at the knowledge that he didn't really have a name. So he gave her the name humans had called him long ago and she nodded. "Ryu then, that's what I'll call you too since you don't seem to mind it. It's better than constantly having to come up with creative ways to say 'hey you' without seeming rude." Not that she really cared if she was rude or not, but in the interest of self-preservation she was exercising restraint in her normally quiet snarky way of doing things and speaking. It had served her well thus far and she saw now reason to stop now.

She ran a hand through her hair, pulling it down once again before scowling and putting it back in a ponytail. She was silent for a long while before finally just doing the right thing and addressing him again. "I guess...well..." She looked up to meet the large pokemon's gaze and held it confidently before finally doing what she had to. "Thanks for the save, I appreciate it." Even though she knew he only did it in the interest of whatever thing it was he was trying to convince her to do, still she had shown gratitude and shown him his actions meant something to her. He was such a curious creature.
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He blinked. "You are welcome little one." Well, at least he was being polite as well, though he did suspect she believed his actions were purely in the effort to preserve her for his end game. Not that that wasn't true, at least it had aspects of truth to it, but he wasn't needlessly violent. Though picking fights was a particular penchant of his, and he was exceedingly good at winning said skirmishes, he would much rather entertain himself with watching. Perhaps it was because, at his core, he was a deeply indulgent and lazy lizard. "You are going home then?" He suspected she would at least try. Although, that might depend on how she felt about the humans she had chosen to live among. If she worried he would follow her and destroy them, or even frighten them, then she would escape off elsewhere. Alternatively, if she hated them for whatever reason, then she may try to use him to get rid of her problem for her.

"You aren't of a condition to travel. At least not very far."
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Evanna shook her head slowly, trying not to move her arm too terribly much while she adjusted to the pain. At least he acknowledged her thanks, so he was capable of being polite. She was surprised when he asked her if she was going home. She snorted, a dark sort of  expression crossing her face before she shook it to clear her thoughts. She adjusted her pack again and considered the question, then shrugged with her good shoulder before finally giving him an answer. "I'm not in a hurry to get back to the camp, and they aren't too keen on my return either. Other than bringing them back food and supplies, my life doesn't mean much to them since I'm an outsider."

She clearly didn't care what they thought of her either, but that didn't exactly matter. Of course then another query was made by her strange companion about travelling. "Like I said, I'm not in a hurry. The camp is just over this cliff and down a ways. The only thing I want from there is clean clothes, hot water, and more medical supplies. So I'd rather wait it out and heal this a bit, but I'll have to go back for some things at some point; especially if I intend to avoid an infection." Because even will all the dangerous pokemon out there, an infection was one way she did not want to die. It was slow and painful, and if she was going to die she'd rather it be quick.

She thought about it for a long moment once more, before deciding she had something else to say. "You do know, regardless of this injury, if I needed to get back there this wouldn't stop me for long. I wouldn't be alive still if I let a little pain slow me down anytime I got hurt. Which, since it happens quite a lot in my line of work, it's easy to see why I'd be used to it." She didn't intend to go back the camp right then though, she really wasn't in a hurry. Besides, she was exceedingly curious as to what this pokemon's endgame meant for her. It was a lot to wrap her head around.
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Ryu blinked, for all the world looking at the young human as though she were stupid. ”I see no point in your going back at all then. If they will not miss you, and more to the point you aren’t remotely fond of it, there is no reason to leave. Your claim to wanting to avoid an infection is ludicrous. I am descended from beings which dictate life in the ocean and the formation of continents. A bit of paltry healing is not beyond my realm of understanding.” Not that she would necessarily want his help in that matter, but the option was there. She didn’t have to go back if that wasn’t something she minded his help with. Of course that all depended upon her and her willingness to accept his aid or not.

”I do not doubt you are accustomed to fighting for every scrap of space and food. Your demeanor alone is crass enough I am sure most things would lean toward avoiding your prickly disposition, but I am merely telling you it isn’t necessary. You may not be keen to the idea but I do not intend for you to get yourself more injured than you already are. With that comes the perk of my protection. I cannot have you dying because you were too stubborn or stupid to see reason.”
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Evanna blinked once, then again, caught off guard by the sudden change in behavior by her rather strange companion. Green eyes flashed fire as irritation washed over her at the high-handed nature of this stupid pokemon before she stalked over to him; a snarl leaving her before she could stop it. "Listen you, I said the only thing I needed from there were things that belonged to me in the first place. No, there's no reason for me to go back, but they also aren't keeping things I worked for, that's stupid to waste supplies I'm going to need. And another thing, I'm human in case you seem to have forgotten so even if you have the ability to heal - which I didn't know about until you just said so by the way - I would still about things like infection because I'm not like you!"

Distantly she realized she was probably way too close to the very large and dangerous pokemon but at that moment she honestly didn't care; she was tired of being talked down to. "And another thing Mr.I'm-So-Much-Better-Than-You, if I had actually known healing was something you could do, do you honestly think I'd go back there if I didn't have to? I'm not stupid, I'm practical. If I'm going to be stuck with you for whatever crazy thing you're doing - which I'm no completely sold on by the way, but yet I'm still here listening to you talk about it - then I'm at least going to have my things so at least if I'm going to be without a home, again, I can still survive out on these insanely dangerous islands because the fact of the matter is I don't know how long you intend to stick around once you get what you want!"

Her heart was pounding, adrenaline was shooting through her entire body, and she knew what she was doing was dangerous. She was just so tired of everyone thinking she was less than them because she was willing to go out into the wilds with the pokemon. By all rights, she should hate them for how they'd treated her, but she was just tired of all the bullshit an ready for a bit of honesty for once. And finally she was done, curling her arms carefully around herself to protect her injured arm with her uninjured one, she grabbed her back and headed for the rocks, giving Ryu the line of her back. It wasn't a dismissal of him, really, more that she knew he needed her enough not to hurt her. She knew she was going to have to push back a bit if she wanted to get anywhere with this one, but she also knew she had to give something first. She sighed and adjusted her pack, looking at the cliff that separated her from camp and shaking her head.

"I'm going back there now, to get my things. You're infuriating, but at least you're honest with me I'll give you that. So I'm going to get what belongs to me, then I'm coming back here. Believe me or don't, I don't care at this point, but I'm going. And then, if you would, in words I can better understand explain to me clearly what you want. I understand but I don't, and I hate not understanding something and I need to in order to do this for you. So long as we're clear on what we're doing, I don't really care one way or the other." Because really, what was the point? She was a means to an end for him, but so long as he kept her safe she'd take things as they came a day at a time. It didn't really matter how she felt about it all, now did it? He'd do what he would regardless of how she felt about it, even if he was playing nice just now.

She was resigned to whatever fate he had in store, but she wasn't going to just roll over and accept it either; more she'd see how she felt as things happened. There wasn't a point in being overly difficult if what he basically wanted was...well....that was besides the point. She'd just have to see how she felt about it. In the meantime, she wanted her things. She was also entirely too exhausted for this, having slept a bit or not. At least she could focus on what she was doing again, so that was something. She took several deep breaths to calm herself before running towards the cliff as fast as she could and launching herself up as high as she could go before catching the dips in the rock made from many times being travelled. He'd follow her if he wanted, she didn't care, she was still getting her things. She headed into the camp, ignoring the whispers from those around her as she headed into the small enclosed space she'd claimed as her own. She packed her things quickly, got the food and medicine that was her payment for what she'd brought them, then left the camp again without  backward glance.

They had two others that travelled like she did, they'd be fine, and even if they were it wasn't like they were her responsibility any longer. The sun was high in the sky by the time she made it back to the clearing and she was sweating and her arm was burning with pain from the exertion. She pushed the pain away, she couldn't afford to slow down now. She climbed down the cliff more carefully, not knowing if Ryu yet remained or if he'd gotten sick of her and left. Either way, she now only had herself to rely on and it was going to be a much harder road she walked.
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Ryu let her go with nothing more than a simple “So be it.” She was a stubborn, senseless creature, but she had ties she did not yet wish to relinquish and he understood as much. Snarling at her for her further idiocy would not have gotten him any closer to where he wanted to be so he resigned himself to let her have her folly. He would be waiting when she returned. Some hours later he was still within the clearing she had left from. Curled up and resting on the ground, he preferred to expend as little energy as possible when it wasn’t required of him.

Her return caused him to lift his head, sharp eyes regarding her as she climbed down, albeit slowly—perhaps from pain. She had likely been dreading the process of returning. Either she would be on her own again away from a pack or she would have to contend with his plans for her, neither of which he fancied she’d enjoy. Still, he didn’t intend on harming her. In truth, it would go so much smoother and quicker if she simply enjoyed things but that would take time to build to. Time that would start tonight with him being as blunt and direct as possible with her.

”I am going to pick you up. Not because I do not want you to run off, or because I intend to hurt you. You asked for me to explain things to you better, and that is precisely what I am going to do. Try not to squirm; I do not want to drop you and you hurt yourself.” He was slow in his approach, indicating the truth behind his words. Once he got to her, large clawed hands gently scooped her up off the ground by her hips. His posture shift, shifting down on the ground slightly reclined against the mountainside with his tail curled at the front of him. He settled her neatly in his lap, only one clawed hand holding her and barely even at that.

”You are a tiny little thing, and I would hurt you if I was not careful and you were not accepting. I told you I wanted to see what would come of a fusion of Pokémon and human. That is true, though you may not understand the means to accomplish that.” He shifted ever so slightly. The action allowed a discreet slit to part, the pointed tip of a bright, multi colored member to emerge. It shared the coloration of his primordial form, a brilliant motley of orange and yellow hues.

”I don’t expect you to do anything. Not right now at the very least, but you asked for an explanation.” The longer he spoke the more of his length was revealed to her and, when he finally emerged fully from his protective covering, a long, prehensile appendage the thickness of her arm and slightly longer than it to boot greeted her. ”That is the truth of it.”
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She was glad for his warning about picking her up, because she knew how badly she'd have reacted if he hadn't done so. Still she hadn't honestly expected him to still be in the clearing when she'd returned to it. But he'd warned her not to squirm as he was going to pick her up, so although she did tense from the unexpected contact she didn't try and squirm away when he approached her and then picked her up by the hips. He was gentle, she was surprised to note, so clearly he wasn't trying to do her harm. That didn't mean she wasn't on edge, because she really was, but at least it he meant what he said so that was something. She watched as he shifted to lean against the mountainside before he settled her gently in his lap with one clawed hand holding lightly onto her. She realized she could get away if she wanted, and that helped her be easy for the moment. She really did hate not knowing what was going on, so if this was how he needed to explain it to her, she would deal with her discomfort of being so close to him.

He called her a 'tiny little thing' which had her smiling despite herself because really he was the only one that called her that. He started explaining and she looked up into his face intently, trying hard to understand and not seem more stupid than she probably already did. Her arm was burning with pain still, but she used it to keep herself grounded so that was fine. She could deal with a little pain. So she listened and watched him, not noticing the shift below her at first until she felt a strange shift in the air and caught something just to one side of her out of the corner of her eyes. She turned, and green eyes went wide and startled at what she saw. Well...that definitely explained what exactly he was talking about very well, now didn't it? It was good he wasn't going to rush her about it because she didn't know how she felt about it.

On the one side, she wasn't opposed to just doing it to get it over with if it benefited her, but on the other hand he was extremely large and as he'd pointed out she was a very small woman and he wasn't small. It was just...a bit to wrap her mind around; regardless of anything else. She was staring and she knew she was, but really it wasn't every day she was presented with something like this. So he meant to have sex with her, did he? That was...well she wasn't completely sure how she felt, but she figured at least now she could get over the surprise. Still, the size thing did worry her a bit, but she figured he had something to remedy that concern like he did everything else. She wasn't trying to run at least, and she wondered if he'd expected her to. It wasn't the first time she'd seen this particular appendage, after all, but certainly the first one she'd seen on a Pokemon. It was...definitely different.

Eventually she pulled her gaze away from the...well proverbial monster next to her and looked back up at  the creature still holding her. Her words were a bit startled still, but she didn't sound frightened over it all. "Well...that's one way to explain in the simplest way possible. And I did ask you to so I can't really complain on the how. Just...s'all a bit much to adjust to. That's quite a thing to be curious about, you know." And that wasn't considering that he absolutely rubbed her the wrong way. For this to work as he intended it, she had to be willing. For that though...well she wasn't sure. She could just let him have his way and get it over with, but that may just defeat the purpose and besides he did say he'd rather she was accepting. Still, she wasn't sure how he intended to go about doing such a thing. He was certainly...a lot to take in.
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She was startled and surprised, yes, but she wasn’t running away. She was still sitting in place and this gave him a small inkling she would be willing to hear him out while he explained the full of how he intended to go about this process. ”It is a bit much to consider, yes. It is not likely something that has ever crossed your mind, I would wager. Under normal circumstances, I would imagine the majority of your kind would balk at the very thought. However, these are not normal circumstances and what I am offering you, in the chance this works as I believe it will, is not something that is anywhere close to the realm of normal. You would be an entirely different entity. Unique, much like myself. You would change, and though you would retain what you have of your human qualities, I do not believe the full of your body would stay as it is.”

So she would likely shift, or at least he believed she would. His member curled, turning and settling directly in front of her person. There was certainly no avoiding it now. ”I am not so terrible to simply take, though I know you are aware I am more than capable of as much. I would rather you not find the act disgusting, as there’s hardly any enjoyment in it for myself if you are a screaming raging mess. You may set the pace. And it may be such that this is all we do for a time until you are not so unsettled by more. That is fine as well, so long as we are making progress.”
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Okay, her brain was now officially boggled by everything she was being told. She needed more sleep for this, or in the very least a very stiff drink. It made sense, what he was telling her, and she did understand that it was possible she would change if she did this with him. Still, something in the back of her mind was screaming at her about how out of her depth she was. She ignored the instinct, though only just, knowing she had to at least try because really she had nothing to lose. She saw something moving out of the corner of her eyes again and turned to view the dragon's rather large member curling and settling directly in front of her so she couldn't avoid it. "Okay, that's just weird. I don't even want to know how it is you do that. It looks like it should be uncomfortable though." Because really that monster of a thing was moving more like a tail than something so important to the male anatomy.

She shook her head and turned her gaze higher again to regard the dragon, caught between being curious about what she was seeing and being startled with just how warm Ryu was where she sat against him. It surprised her he was willing to wait for what he wanted from her; though the idea of him repeating what he was doing now on a regular basis was a bit unsettling for her. Still, she wasn't about to run away when what he wanted from her was very simple in and of itself. She still didn't like him much though, and that wasn't conductive to even slightly enjoying herself during something so intimate as sex. She supposed he was alright enough to look at, but the size difference alone had her considering her options. For now, she'd allow what he was doing and let herself adjust to the idea of this mess she'd gotten herself into a bit at a time.
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Ryu chuckled with her wording. "I suppose to you, yes it may appear uncomfortable. I can assure you though, it is meant to bend that way and in other fashions." Although her getting accustomed to that may take some time on her part, there truly were many benefits to it. The largest of which was a surprising new assortment of sensations she would be able to experience, although that in and of itself was assuming on his part. After all, he wasn't aware if she'd ever done anything particularly intimate in nature with another human or even pokemon for that matter. It might merit asking but, for now, it was something he imagined would set her on edge and ruin whatever progress he had gained in explaining things to her as he already had. Besides, his knowing that particular piece of information could surely wait for a better time.

"You may touch me if you'd like. You aren't going to hurt me." That in and of itself was an immense amount of trust, offering up such a sensitive portion of his body for her exploration. But then again he had stated he could recover himself from injury so even if she were malicious in her handling he wouldn't exactly suffer for it for long. He didn't believe she would use this opportunity to act cruelly toward him--he hadn't exactly given her a reason--but the chance was still there whether he would voice it or not, whether she would act on it or not. "Or you can wait until the next opportune moment. I would, however, vastly prefer you knowing what would you would be getting into with this. Or, rather, what would be getting into you ."
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Well that was interesting, wasn't it; though really she didn't think it was polite in any way to stare at that particular monster even if he was basically presenting it to her. At least it wasn't the first one she'd ever seen; though it was definitely the largest one. And it really did make her curious when he admitted that was how it was supposed to move, but she still didn't like him like at all so she kept that curiosity under control. At least they seemed to be making progress forward now so that was something in the very least. Still, she wasn't expecting him to give her permission to touch him in such an intimate manner, then she remembered that for Ryu this was only about the means to get the end he wanted. Thus sex and things of an intimate nature might not be so important to him. Now, while Evanna herself wasn't too particular about it, she did prefer to at least be familiar with the person. If the dragon wanted sex though, she wondered just how he'd react if she was to behave a bit bolder than her previous behavior had suggested she was.

He knew she didn't like him, but he still offered to let her touch him. She wondered if he honestly expected her to do so or felt that she wouldn't but left the offer there anyway as a sort of way to show trust.  She hated to be predictable, but who could understand a being such as the one she found herself dealing with now. He did say he'd rather she grow acquainted with that part of him, considering what he would do to her with it. He was just so sure of herself and it rubbed her the wrong way, but really what did she have to lose? He'd phrased his offer as if she had a choice in the matter, but then basically said he'd prefer if she touched him now. She had to guess it was so she 'got used to' the monster he expected would fit inside her. She wasn't so sure considering how big it was, but she wasn't about to back down. Maybe it was a test or a challenge of sorts, to see if she'd do it or back off. That was silly though, most likely he didn't care either way and just wanted to get the whole 'touch me' thing out of the way so he felt she was 'used to' it and he could move forward with his plans.

Internal monologue finally over, Evanna made her choice. She wasn't one to back down and she was sort of curious about what she was getting herself into. Besides that, she could just as easily cause him harm with the freedom he gave her. She wouldn't, disliking him wasn't a reason to hurt him, but still. Needing to get used to him close to her anyway, Evanna settled first for just touching the large frame that held her. He was very warm to the touch and the muscles in his body were clearly defined even as she ran her fingers lightly down the toned chest in front of her. She let that be her focus, needing to adjust to this before she tried anything else. He'd said touch him, but he hadn't said where and she was being a tad cheeky with this. Also this didn't make her uncomfortable so it was easier to do even as she focused her gaze on her wandering hands as they traveled over chest and torso and arms before travelling up again until they were back where they'd started. She needed to find something she could work with; some reaction she could get behind. It would tell her if she'd eventually be able to do this at all.

This in mind, she finally turned her emerald gaze back down to the very prominently displayed member before her. She looked her fill, getting used to the unusual shape and coloration of the thing before deciding to take the plunge and reaching out to first run her hand along the entire length of the member before taking a firm grip so she could test the weight and girth of the monster before her. She kept her gaze focused on what her hands were doing, and kept her breathing easy and even as she kept her silence and did this insane thing. Time to see just how much she was going to be able to handle at this moment, and she couldn't help but feel it was going to be very interesting. could be Ryu had a bad reaction to this all and they had to try something else. Who knew.
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While he hadn’t been specific in his offer, he had to admit this was nice as well. Though small, her hands were capable in their traversal of his body. From arms to torso to neck and beyond, she explored very effortlessly and he felt it was a pleasant sensation. When she came back to her starting point he regarded her curiously before she fixed her attention to his nether regions and began what he felt to be a thorough visual inspection. Ryu supposed this was simply because he was decidedly different in design than human males, or perhaps any male she may have crossed paths with. Which was fine, it was a compliment of sorts.

Even still, this did not prepare him for her actual bold touching of his person. He inhaled sharply, surprised under the sudden firm grip. Strange, the feel of her small hands against him, but yet...good. Yes, it was...nice. Her traveling hand elicited a low, continual purr of a growl from deep within his chest. As close as she was to his torso, she would feel the vibrations as he gave life to them. Ryu’s head dropped, just the tip of his maw pressing against the top of her head in a gentle gesture. ”That is lovely little one.”

His body flexed under her grip, a slow throb beginning under her stimulation. As she drew farther down from the tip, his member curled down to greet her hand almost as though he was attempting to get more of the sensation.  A small pearl of precum welled from the head, dribbling down to spill onto her hand.
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So focused was she on what she was doing and the insanity of it, Evanna wasn't prepared for the sudden sharp inhalation that came when she touched the member presented to her so boldly. She was sort of pleased by that, even as she paused at his surprise. So then, he hadn't actually expected she'd touch him so boldly then, that was good. She went back to what she was doing; eventually using both hands as she tested the weight and girth of the monster she held. She picked up the low, vibrating growl of a purr from Ryu and wondered if that meant she was doing something he enjoyed. That had to be it, when how gently he touched the top of her head with what she felt was his maw. Still, she didn't let that make her lose her focus or she'd never dare to try this again. She could feel the vibrations the closer she was to his body and was sort of curious about the sound and his reactions. His compliment came as another surprise to her and  she smiled slightly to herself because at least she was good at this insane thing she was doing. Or in the very least, Ryu was enjoying himself a bit. She still didn't like him much, but she enjoyed the sensation the knowledge of the reaction she was causing in such a powerful creature gave her. It was like a little thrill of excitement through her, and part of her wanted to see how far she could push this before she grew unsettled and had to stop.

He didn't seem to mind that she touched him since he told her to, so she wasn't going to stop. She also wasn't going to look back up at him or she'd lose her nerve, but that was another matter. This entire thing was insanity and she knew it, but if she was to go down the rabbit hole it was going to be on her own terms or not at all. She felt and saw him flex under her grip, and the throbbing that began from the stimulation. She still thought it was odd to see how his member moved as she shifted her hand to the base of him and watched the thing curl up as if to beg for more attention. She could smell the salty tang that heralded his arousal and lifted her other hand to see what happened if she stimulated him a little differently. The grip remained firm, but now one hand moved near the base of him while the other played, feather light, against the very tip of him. She clearly knew what she was doing and shifted slightly to get a better angle for what her hands were doing, occasionally lifting one to brush against his hips or stomach but always, always returning back to where  she'd began.

She realized distantly that she was sort of enjoying getting to just explore openly like this. Others she had been with wouldn't let her play for overly long before it was all about them, and that was fine, but she did enjoy getting to draw out reactions and learn what worked best. Perhaps it was odd to do so in this setting with this particular male, but she'd already agreed to have an open mind and this was as open as she could get. And besides that, she'd rather have a very thorough exploration of what he intended to go inside her - which she honestly wasn't sure would fit and it unsettled her even thinking about letting him try - so at least she had some idea of what she was getting herself into. And also, it made it easier to not have herself be afraid of him; which he also seemed to. He wanted her cooperation then giving his cooperation like this was definitely a good mood. She still wasn't sure completely how she felt about this mess, but this was definitely a step in the right direction.
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Ryu’s low purring continued as her hold on his body shifted. It was a strange, lovely feeling, the dual focused nature of her ministrations. Under the continued stimulation, his member twitched, curling around her hand as it passed up near his head. A particularly long pull against him drew another, heavier dollop of precum from his body. It ran down from his tip, guided by her hand to lubricate the upper portion of him. With this his maw dropped lower, pressing lightly into her chest. His eyes had closed and, were she to look at him, she would have seen as much. He continued to purr for her, almost nuzzling into the soft and yielding flesh of her chest though he was exceedingly careful of the force he used so as not to disturb her.

The hand that held her tightened against her for only a moment before moving back and away from her person, allowing her to move as freely as she wished. He did not intend to hold her in place. What she did would be of her own volition. ”Perhaps I may return the favor, little one. If you wish. Though I certainly won’t stop you if you want to keep doing what you are...You are rather skilled at it.” Playing to her vanity wouldn’t hurt, but it was an honest compliment. He was enjoying what she was doing to him.

The head of his cock flared, appearing larger and growing more sensitive for the sudden increase in blood flow. ”Ah, there you’ve done it. You can claim your victory if you wish...I am past my point of no return.”
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Poor Evanna was very unsettled by the prehensile member that kept curling around her hand. Or well...unsettled wasn't the right word, it was just something she found exceedingly odd and she had to wonder just how normal an occurrence this was for the thing to move around like it had a mind of its own. Then again...most men's members had a mind of their own so she shouldn't be surprised. She could see the reaction he was having to her curious explorations and it was flattering honestly, but she still wasn't sure completely how she felt about it. Part of her felt she shouldn't be doing this at all but mostly she just wasn't sure what to expect. She felt him drop his head lower until he could press it very lightly against her chest, turning her head just slightly let her see that his eyes were closed as if he were giving himself over to the sensations of what she was doing. It was...interesting to say the least. She felt the sort-of nuzzling he was doing against her chest and startled slightly at the unexpected movement, pausing what she was doing for a moment so she could shift into a slightly more comfortable position.

She looked at him hard for a long moment before focusing back on what her hands were holding onto. She felt his grip on her tighten in what seemed like an involuntary movement before he loosened his grip again, which was a good thing as it let her relax again to know she wasn't trapped. She held her place, eyes wide, as he offered to return the favor of what she was doing if she wanted. She didn't stop touching him, but she did stop moving her hands against him for a long moment as she was very greatly surprised. How the hell did she react to that? Though the fact that he was just as amiable to letting her continue with what she was doing was equally a surprise, because really how odd must if feel to him to have a human touching him in such a manner? It had to feel strange but he let her keep doing it and the way his body was reacting he was clearly enjoying himself at least somewhat. She didn't know what to think, but she wasn't going to be anything but honest with him on this entire thing so he did need an answer. "I think...I'll pass on the repayment for now thanks. This right here, what I'm doing, is the limit of what I'm comfortable with for now." And that was only just, but the compliment he issued certainly helped her feel a bit more at ease.

She liked that he told her she was good at it; though honestly she liked someone that was vocal in this sort of thing but she totally wasn't going to say that to him. She blinked as the head of his rather large member flared and appeared to grow larger in her hand and Ryu admitted to being passed the point of no return. She wondered if that meant he was passed the point of caring what she did or didn't do or if he was just that close to his own release. If it was the latter, then my but he was very sensitive, wasn't he? She didn't intend to say such out loud, but she did anyway as she held her place though only just. "Bit sensitive, aren't you?" She wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad one, although it could be that he just wasn't touched in such a manner often; that would also cause such a sudden reaction to such a simple touch. Then some deeply buried instinct whispered to her over how interesting it would be if she could indeed push who was probably the most power creature in existence over that edge. She mentally gave herself a shake; knowing that was insanity.

Still...if she could it did bode well for what he wanted, didn't it? And the sooner she did what he wanted to sooner she wouldn't have to put up with his irritating self. But if she could push through this, and give him this then maybe she'd tolerate more eventually. She'd have to eventually, but in the meantime she sort of wanted to see just how sensitive this terrifyingly powerful creature was. Some deeply feminine part of her wondered how she'd handle such power leveled at her, but she pushed it away as she remained uneasy in that sense. For now, she could do this. "I've done something, definitely. As to a victory...yes, I think I shall." Just this once, just to see what she thought. Dark eyes briefly looked up at the creature that yet loomed over her in size then back to what she held before, with intent this time, she began her ministrations once more. She used the way his member moved to her advantage to get a much more steady grip that moved with the flexing of his body instead of against it. Her movements were faster, sharper, and much more firm and confident in what she was doing. If she could do this, and that was a big if, maybe once she was a bit more comfortable around him she'd allow Ryu to get a feel for her in return. Within reason, though, because she really didn't trust  him much. She'd know soon enough, regardless.
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”Very well, little one. Another time then. But I will owe you such, and I do not keep debts for terribly long.” A reminder at least that he did wish to actually return the favor, though a caution he would not wait forever to act on as much. Still, he would give her some time—he had already promised as much. A slow, deep chuckle vibrated his core with her commentary. Amusing, this little human. ”Perhaps, yes. Although it may be you are better at your craft than you give yourself credit for.” It was a low, dark purr of sound. ”I will admit I have never had a human touch me thusly, though. A wholly...unique sensation it is.”

The edge of his maw pressed lightly into one breast, nudging into it with delicate pressure. ”But no, little one. I meant simply once you arouse that state in me, the only outcome is my release. That tip is meant to flare in the womb, to seal two to one and hopefully ensure new life.” She may be interested to know her eventual fate, and so he gave her what knowledge he could of himself as she worked.

Her movements grew bolder and so did he in return. As her pace quickened, his purr turned to a pleasured growl. ”You work me perfectly, little one. Tell me, if I give you your well earned victory...Would you continue? I admit to enjoying watching you at work. You could explore to your contentment.”
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Evanna tensed a bit at the reminder of what she'd have to allow, but so long as it was on her terms she'd probably deal with it eventually. "Another time definitely, just not right now. So long as you're patient with me about it, I'll probably even ask you first." Which was true, though she needed time to adjust to the idea first. Honestly, she preferred touching him to letting him touch her. Probably because those she'd been with were so busy groping her that she never really got to just explore a masculine form to her heart's content before. She enjoyed seeing what reactions she could pull from the one she was with, and those she'd been with had been all about getting to the reward at the end and not the build up to that end. It was why she was still mostly okay with touching Ryu even when she knew she should be running in the opposite direction. It was probably overly complicated, but that was how she felt.

She wasn't sure how she felt about him being so amused with her commentary, but she supposed that at least it wasn't a bad reaction so that was something. His compliment of her skills - something he kept doing - had a faint flush going across her face before she forced herself to settle again. She wasn't used to being told these sorts of things. "That's nice to hear, so thanks, a girl does like to know when she's getting better at something she usually enjoys." Which was also true, especially as she didn't get to just explore like this often. Human men just didn't have the patience for it. She tilted her head at the dark purr of sound that left the dragon, deciding she liked the sound for what it meant. Probably that made her a little crazy, but she'd take a moment to enjoy herself for what it was. It was definitely odd to being doing this with a being that could destroy her in an instant, but it was also sort of thrilling at the same time. And that he let her touch him thusly...It was definitely a point in his favor.

She looked up at Ryu in surprise as he admitted this was the first time he'd let a human touch him in such a manner. That surprised her considering his plans. She thought he'd have tried this with someone else before her so she wasn't sure how she felt being his guinea pig for this mess. But at least that meant he was as unprepared for what would happen as she was so that was something she supposed. She felt a small, half smirk cross onto her expression over his description of what her touch was doing to the dragon beneath her. "I'll just...take that as a compliment then." She sounded a tad pleased with herself, but that was fine, she had to try her hand against him in some manner or she was going to go crazy. She allowed the touch against her breast as it was gentle so she didn't push him away and let the touch continue so he knew she meant what she'd said about allowing him to touch her so long as he let her ask for it when she was ready.

The little extra information about the monster in her hands had unease going through her again because really he was much too big to fit inside her as he was so the knowledge of him getting bigger so they were locked together made her wonder at the sanity of allowing this. Then there was the mention of 'new life'; something she definitely wasn't game for. She didn't want children, like at all, but probably they weren't compatible in that manner so she shouldn't worry but if it's what he was thinking he had another thing coming. She pushed the thought away, deciding she'd worry about it if it became a thing and not until then. She was good at redirecting her thoughts, and besides she'd come too far to back off now. She doubted he'd let her anyway; his word given not to harm her or not. So she took the information for what it was, information, and just nodded to herself as she filed it away. She instead decided to focus on the first part of his commentary and go from there. "Well then, I'll just have to remember that. At least it means I'm going in the right direction so that's something."

She focused back on what she was doing as the purring from Ryu changed into a pleasured growl of sound. She looked back up at him at his query, surprised at his desire to have her continue what she was doing. This wasn't all just about giving him pleasure, after all, the exploring gave he an idea of what she was in for int he future and let her adjust to the strangeness of the male she was even considering giving herself too. Still, she felt the need to ask for clarification to his query. "So you're willing to just let me keep touching you as I would? To explore and satisfy my curiosity about your form that is very different from anything I'm used to? And that's also considering you'll let me keep doing what I'm doing to get that 'well earned victory' as you put it. Would you want for me to continue?" Because she sort of needed to hear that someone wanted more of her doing something she enjoyed; something that clearly he was enjoying as well. It was also sort of important to her as really she'd had bad partners before. So it was important to her to be around someone that was being transparent with his wants. Strange, but also true. Besides, if she looked passed what he was, she was sort of enjoying the intimate banter between them. It was another step in the right direction.
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”Time is a luxury I have in great excess. I have told you I would not hurt you, and part of that is in the mental aspect as well as the physical. So if you would like time, I can give you that.” So long as they were mutually seeing improvement toward that front in one another, though he didn’t feel that needed to be said aloud. Her flush, as well as her slight pride in herself for the reactions she was getting, were not lost on him. She enjoyed hearing an seeing what she had caused, and he filed this information away for a later time. He would use it in his favor now of course, but it was a powerful tool if used properly.

She wasn’t pushing away his minor affections, something he was pleased with as it permitted him to continue what he was doing. Ryu kept his behavior relatively docile, not nipping at her nor even going so far as to tease. This was about allowing her to get accustomed to his body against her own after all, and if it escalated to her allowing something else then so be it. For now though, he would continue his ministrations and simply enjoy what he was permitted to do. Her inquiry gave him pause and he pulled away from her chest to tilt his head to one side, confused. He would not have asked if he had not wished it, but then again he supposed she may have been looking for some further affirmation. She was likely still concerned he was going to cause her harm which was far from the case.

”If I am going to ask the same of you at some point, it would only be fair, correct? If you want to explore and feel and look or taste or ride, that is entirely up to you, little one. I will not stop you from whatever it is you are wanting to understand. I would rather like it if you were to continue.” His head dropped back against her chest, the tip of his maw almost nuzzling into the soft flesh of her other breast. ”I will warn you before it is too much.”
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She really couldn't help it, the continued assurance was a great relief to her. She didn't trust him, so that he kept meaning what he was saying was definitely a point in his favor, but because she didn't trust him she kept feeling the need to be sure he would keep his word. She'd been betrayed so often and by so many it was deeply ingrained in her to be cautious, but he kept meaning what he said so she was slowly coming to believe it just a bit and only in this context. She knew the truth of it was, so long as he needed her, she was safe from harm from him. That didn't mean she was ready to face the monster in her hands when it came to letting it into her body, but still.

She pushed the troubled thoughts away again; knowing this wasn't happening here and now and she had to have the hope he'd wait until she asked him before trying that. He'd said he wasn't aiming to do her harm, and having her willing as more to his liking, so she had to have some measure of trust that he'd keep his word even if she didn't trust him. She had to do something though or she'd never get through this mess. She hated feeling like she had no control over anything going on; though she did just not in a way that made her feel confident in what was to come. She pushed the dark thoughts away again and decided to just try and focus - again - on what was happening right now. This, at least, she knew she could do.

She was relieved that he wasn't pushing for more since she'd allowed him to keep his maw against her breast, but he wasn't hurting her so she was fine with it for now. She was fine with letting him continue to nuzzle against her breast since he wasn't being forceful or rough with the gesture. Not that she minded a little force in this context, but she was working on getting used to the feel of him against her so for now this was more than enough for her. She felt him pause at her inquiry and looked at him as he tilted his head in confusion. Still, at least he did answer her query and in a way that helped her feel more settled than she had been, so that was another point in his favor as well.

He told her it was only fair to allow her to do as she wished as he wanted to be able to do the same when she was ready. He told her she was feel to touch or taste or feel whatever she wanted to in order to satisfy her curiosity about him as much as she wanted. In fact, it sort of seemed like he was looking forward to it very much. That threw her off guard a bit, but then again, nothing about this situation was normal or something she was expecting. She watched as he slowly dropped his head back onto her chest, moving his head and almost nuzzling into her other breast. A small thrill of sensation went through her at the barely there gesture, and a tiny shudder worked its way through her body before she could stop it. It was alright, it wasn't exactly a bad shudder it was just an unexpected reaction. Maybe this would work well after all. In the meantime, he might be content to let her touch him. "Okay then."

His promise to warn her before it was too late had a slow grin crossing onto her face in a sort of pleased surprise though she wasn't sure which part of that made her so pleased. Maybe it was the unknown element to this entire thing, or just the unexpectedness of it, but she certainly wanted to find out.  She looked back down at the monster she held in her hands and slowly smiled to herself because she did know what she was doing and it seemed he enjoyed letting her touch him thusly. It was strange, but she really had nothing else to lose. So she focused on the press of heat against her and the weight of his maw nuzzling against her breast, she turned her head and nuzzled lightly against the long line of his neck that was revealed to her with how his head was pressed against her. She took a steadying breath, not quite sure what she was doing but wanting to see just how much this dragon meant what he said. So eventually her hands traveled away from the pulsing girth of him and back to the body it was attached to.

As she'd done before, she took the time to explore the larger body she sat on, focusing on touch instead of who it was she was touching. Hands ghosted against the back of a bowed head and down against his back and sides before returning to his hips and heading boldly lower back to the girth of him. Her hands moved with the twisting, odd movements of his member once more; trying to learn what reactions could be drawn out by what sort of hold. Firm she'd seen he liked, but with how sensitive the tip of him was, maybe she could see how he felt about a lighter touch. It led to barely there, teasing finger tips that circled the end of his member before sliding down; using the moisture she was causing, to grip him firmly as she drug her hand all the way down to the base of him. She alternated this movement - the slow and barely there touch - to a sudden return of the firm grip and rapid movements up and down. And then she gave him something for his trouble, a truth she knew he'd probably enjoy. "So long as you'll let me keep touching you while I figure out how I get used to this mess, I think this will definitely be something that I can get behind." In more ways than one.
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A low, deep purr escaped him as she settled into her work, alternating her pressure and shifting her hold ever so often. It was pleasurable, how she handled him, and he was glad to hear she was keen to continue as long as he was equally accommodating. As her pace had quickened, so did his breathing. Wide nostrils flared, a gust of warm air rushing across her chest. If she had been more comfortable, he might have run his tongue across her chest. As it was now, he kept himself under relatively tight control, not even reaching out to hold her though the urge did exist heavily. It was instinctive really, the natural response to pull one closer when being pleased thusly. And yet he did not rush her though he well had the ability to. She would handle this as she needed to—he could only offer other means to the same end.

”I can move this of my own accord, you know? In whatever fashion I please.” As if to put action to the point, the tip of his member curled down, running against her palm. The full length of him wrapped gently around her arm, undulating for an instant before releasing her and settling back into the care of her more than capable hands. His voice dropped, dark eyes lifting to look into her own. ”Or in whatever fashion you please. I don’t expect you to allow me to do anything to you right now, but I invite you to test as you wish. I can wait to be within you, but there are other ways for our dna to mix.” He shifted, reclining back against the mountainside to look down upon her.

”You could lean back against me here. And when you do force me over, you may take a portion of that release. Perhaps a taste, or you might alter how you sit against me here to simply rest among it. Small brushes of contact will eventually yield the same result, if you are uncomfortable with the full idea.”
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She heard the purring continue and was very aware when his breathing began to elevate the more she worked him. She saw the physical signs in him of his growing arousal; the flared nostrils, the sharp exhales of air, and also the fighting with himself not to hold onto something or retaliate in some manner. She knew the signs, and decided that if he was going to be accommodating she could be too, if only a bit. Her words came out quiet but clear, as she was obviously very focused on what she was doing. "I don't mind if you hold onto my hips so long as you mind that strength of yours. I'm also fine with the nuzzling against my chest so long as that's all you're doing right now. Pull me closer if that's what you need, I sort of like the vibrations from the purring so it all works out to be closer to you." It was a big concession on her part, but she knew  herself well and this much she could handle as things stood.

She shifted a bit against him, more getting comfortable than trying to tease him, but it also let her stretch her injured arm so it wouldn't lock up at what would be an inopportune moment. She decided she liked the control he was giving her over himself, more than she thought she would actually. This was fine for now, and maybe a bit more would come soon. She looked up at him again as he spoke, then down to the monster in her hands as he moved  it with his will against her palm before the full length curled and undulated for a moment against her entire arm before returning to her steady hold. Her eyes were wide in a mixture of further surprise, intrigue, and greatest curiosity even before he started speaking again. She was a practical creature, after all, and the more she knew the better equipt she was to handle the future. "That is still the most interesting thing I've ever seen before, it really is. It's taking some getting used to that you can do that." At least she was being honest with him.

She  heard the drop in his voice and looked up as he lifted his eyes to meet her own. She was definitely paying attention, though she wasn't completely certain as to what he meant by his words. Though testing just how flexible his monster of a member was did sound like an appealing idea to her. Maybe that's what he meant by testing him. She watched as he shifted to recline back against the mountainside once more before he looked down at her. She tilted her head quizzically as she looked up at him, but her gaze never wavered from his. His offer was simple and it furthered his own goals without making her uncomfortable. It was him working with what she was comfortable with to gain what he wanted from her willingly. Smart male. She thought about it for a long while, slowly pulling her hands away from what had been her prize - strange as that sentiment was - so she could rest her small hands against the large expanse of Ryu's chest and feel the effects of her work against him.

She considered him for a long moment, seriously thinking through the thing she was going to ask him. She decided that once again she really had nothing to lose and her own life was only so valuable to her so...what was the worst that could happen if she accommodated him just a bit more? Well, that really depended on his answer to her next question and comment. "I am sort of uncomfortable with the full idea of it all, but if your game to try something a bit...different I have something I'm willing to try. But first...just how flexible is that thing?" The clear considering look in her dark green eyes said that she had a reason for this question and he might just enjoy the answer should she find his response pleasing. She was planning something, and she wasn't sure how well it would go over, but it was definitely worth a shot.
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Permission given, he did not hesitate to draw up clawed hands. They settled gently against both sides of her hips, not a heavy weight but enough to feel the presence of him against her. She could still break away quickly should she choose too, and he kept the sharp points of his claws away from her skin so as not to scratch her accidentally in her moving about. Her expectations weren’t unreasonable at least, and she was being relatively accommodating in all of this so he gave her credit where it was due. She may have hated the thought and his initial presence in her life, but he did have the capability to turn that around entirely the closer she allowed him to get to her.

”That is fine. I did not expect you to jump in so to speak.” He tiled his head with her question, though only a moment before he responded to her, amused. ”Oh, quite. I cannot tie it in a knot if that is what you are after, but if you wished it to bend…” He shifted, only the tip of his member curling as the base bent in the opposite direction. ”To be rather blunt, I could stroke a sensitive spot while my claws are otherwise occupied with other areas. You are welcome to try whatever it is you have going on in your mind at the moment. I am curious what your plans are, little one.”
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She didn't tense or fight when Ryu drew her up closer to him with claws against her hips; she'd told him he could after all. This was pushing on the boundaries of what she was comfortable with, greatly so, but she'd always loved a good challenge and besides she could go and rant at herself for her stupidity later. She shifted a bit again, feeling the hold he had on her and noting both that she could escape if she so chose and feeling the withheld strength in the grip against her. She shut her eyes tightly for a long moment, going through a mental mantra of 'I am brave, I am brave, I am brave.' Over and over again so until she was certain she wasn't about to lose her nerve and see this thing through until the end. Not that she had to, but she had to give him something and this was the most she was comfortable with. Actually, it was a bit passed what she was comfortable with but she really did like a challenge and she wouldn't push herself any further than where she was at right at this moment.

He did confirm that he didn't want her to just jump in, and that was a relief, but she wasn't sure how to deal with his continued amusement with the things she did. That so wasn't what she was after at the moment, but it was fine nonetheless she supposed. Though the flexibility boded well for what she wanted if she could just be brave enough to take it. She liked surprising those she was with, so if she could it was another point in his favor towards getting her comfortable with this mess. She hated being predictable, after all, like a lot. She huffed at herself before looking back up into Ryu's gaze and deciding she had best just go for it before she lost her nerve again. She regarded the monster before her again, a slow grin forming on her face as she settled into her plan. "Well that's good to know, most definitely. It'll probably come in handy if I can work out how to do what I'm thinking of. Though rather it's more to your benefit or mine I haven't decided yet. Though I will say, pardon me while I man-handle your bits for a moment; I promise I'm not trying to hurt you." She mentally snorted at the word 'bits' but it was better than admitting to him she thought his dick was a monster.

Instead she lifted her smaller frame a bit, pressing the claws at her hips more firmly against her with her hands so he'd help her hold her place while she adjusted for what she had planned. She was definitely being more demanding of him and she quite enjoyed the sense of control that gave her. It gave her a bit more confidence for what she was going to attempt. She was really glad suddenly she was wearing comfortable pants or this would be even more difficult for her than it was already going to be. She wasn't aiming to please herself just now; though if she found she could do so by using Ryu's body then she definitely would as she was comfortable, but that wasn't her goal. No, she was aiming for just getting this initial uncertainty out of the way and seeing if his plan was even plausible. Once she was sure he had the grip she wanted him to on her, she reached down without hesitation to take his monster of a dick back in hand and shift him boldly where she wanted him to go. The thing was made to bend, so she didn't think she was going to hurt him. Instead she led him partially underneath the space she made with her body and left some of his girth behind her before she settled carefully against him so that literally any movement she make would stimulate the entirety of the monster before her.

This did put the tip of him within easy reach of her mouth however, and she looked up at him considerately, holding her gaze to his as she dipped her head and did the most insanely crazy thing she'd ever done in her entire life; she ran her tongue against the swelled up head of a dragon's monster dick. She also rolled her entire body forwards then backwards against him, hands finding purchase and adding to the stimulation before she grew bolder and pulled the tip of him into the heat of her mouth for a moment that seemed longer than it was to her before she released him; judging now to be certain the only things he was causing was pleasure. She honestly didn't want to hurt him for no reason; it wasn't what she was after just now. "Okay?" As it turned out, Evanna was nothing if not an attentive partner. Also she decided he had a very interesting taste that wasn't so bad as she'd been expecting, but for now her rough handling of him had to be addressed.
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His bits? Ryu would have arched a brow if he had brows with which to arch. Instead he held a vague confusion to his features until she started to move, positioning him as she willed and settling into a new position entirely for herself. She waited for his hold to alter and he complied, holding her steady though not tightly. At least now she would not fall back and off of his body. Her next movements were vastly different from anything prior and he was rather surprised when she settled him against her, effectively making a seat of his member which she could rock into at her leisure.

His purr deepened again to a low, sultry sort of growl. A slightly quickened exhalation left his nostrils, his tail twitching in anticipation. That was of course until she licked him and then, to further her point, she took the tip of him into the damp heat of her mouth. A deep, shuddering growl tumbled free and he purred exclusively for her and what she was doing. He was thoroughly distracted by the sensation, enough so she would have to prompt him again before he had the sense to answer her.

”Very much so, little one. More of that if you would...” It wasn’t a demand, something she may not have expected from him. His eyes had closed again and he was breathing heavier now, his member now throbbing in earnest against what parts of her body he touched. While the fabric of her jeans wasn’t exactly amazingly comfortable, it didn’t necessarily hurt so he was keen to allow her what she would as she adjusted.

”If you want to rile me, show me what you can take of me. You are a tiny, lovely little thing but you have a great fire.”
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She'd surprised him, that was good, as she really hated to be predictable. Also she hated that she kept amusing him, it got on her nerves. So his surprise was a much better reaction than his amusement and gave Evanna a much needed confidence boost. She shifted forward against him, enjoying the vibrations from his growling purr against her legs and his steady hold at her hips. She didn't need much to be pleased, but still that wasn't what this was about. She felt the quickened exhalation from him and caught the movement of his tail out of the corner of her eyes. So then, he was very much enjoying himself. Then when she started licking him before pulling him into her mouth the shuddering growl that left him she knew was all for her. She knew then she had him thoroughly distracted and couldn't help the pleased little smirk that lit her features for accomplishing part of her goal.

And when he admitted to being alright, very much so it seemed, she relaxed against him; enjoying that he was only asking her for more of the same. She noted that his eyes had closed again and his breathing was heavier, she felt the throbbing from the monster pressed against her coming more frequently now. She felt her jeans were probably not the most comfortable thing against him, but he wasn't complaining so that was something. Still, she was nothing if not a considerate partner. "If the jeans are uncomfortable I can change them, your discomfort is not what I'm aiming for just now." That she offered was probably not what he was expecting, but again she was an attentive partner even if those she chose to share herself with often didn't give her the same.

She did grin again at the compliment he offered her before issuing what she felt was a very intimate challenge to her. Show him, he said, and she would but she didn't want him uncomfortable. No way around it because she really didn't want to get off him just now, but still. So to make up for it, and take on the challenge presented to her, she adjusted him again so she could press the length of him between the softness of her breasts both for the added sensation and to give herself something to brace with. She then slowly began to shift forwards and backwards against him, hesitant but gaining in confidence as she moved, and then finally she brought her eyes back to watch his expression as she pulled him back into her mouth once more. This time she held him there, tongue moving around the tip of him before she swallowed down as much of him as she could until he pressed into the back of her throat.

She hummed around him, careful of her teeth as she breathed through her nose before also using her hands to add to the safety for herself in what she was doing. All the while she watched him, green eyes intent solely on him and not straying even for a moment. She worked him from base to tip with both her body, her hands, and her mouth; even drawing her heated tongue up and down what she could easily reach of his length before swallowing him down again over and over again. She definitely knew what she was doing and she was confident in the end result. The jeans thing might just be an issue, but for now this was fine.
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”A little rough...” He was panting now, enjoying the sensation of continued, extended stimulation throughout the majority of his member. It was a simple statement, the truth, but he was not complaining. Truth be told he was quite content with how she was moving against him. This was furthered by the sudden addition of stimulation from her upper body. A moment later, she pressed things further by drawing him back within her mouth. The swirling motions of her tongue, coupled with the pressure given from the suction, was immensely pleasurable. Enough so that it drew another deep, rolling growl from within the confines of his throat. This was heavier, less controlled, and sounded more like a groan.

Dark eyes looked down to the small human, watching as she attempted to take what she could of him, accepting his challenge with vigor. His assessment had been right—she was a fiery little thing. He did not, however, anticipate how seeing her take himself would cause him to stir. He throbbing within his member seemed to increase, an unbearable pressure as she goaded him further. His maw dropped, jaws parting the barest bit as he pressed just faintly against the side of her throat. The tip of a warm tongue flicked just once against her collar bone, a deep exhalation forcing hot air against her skin. ”A beautiful sight you make...Lapping at me so. Will you consume the rest of me with such vigor when you permit me within you I wonder?”

It was a genuine compliment—she would doubtlessly feel the excitement even now coursing through him. ”But unless you want a belly full of my seed...Pull back little one. You have won your victory.” He would give her only a moment—it was all he could allow. This wouldn’t be the end of course, he was already far too goaded, but it would be the tip of the berg. Perhaps after she saw how well she affected him, and more to the point how well he handled himself, she may feel more accommodating.
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So the jeans were a bit rough on him, but if his panting was anything to go by he didn't mind it overly much so that was something. She kept up what she was doing, feeling a little thrill of awareness go through her at the heavy sound she pulled from him that told of his growing lack of control. She knew he was watching her now, and that she had his undivided attention caused another thrill of awareness to go through her. The sounds he was making were starting to get to her, she knew, which was fine even as her own pleasure wasn't the end goal just then. Still, it was good she could enjoy herself even if it was just a bit.

She could feel him throbbing against her tongue and throat as she worked, and a darkly pleased chuckle left her in response. This was insane, but at least it was a good reaction that she could definitely get behind. She felt his head drop and his maw press against the vulnerable line of her throat. It was an act of trust not to tense up at the action, but he hadn't hurt her so it was fine. The rasp of his tongue against her collarbone, however, caused an unexpected reaction in Evanna. Another thrill went through her followed by a shudder as the first sharp spike of arousal went through her entire body, making her shudder again. Yes, she was definitely going to be able to get used to this.

The burst of hot air against her skin caused goosebumps to break out on her skin and she shuddered again at the unexpected sensations, but she didn't stop. If anything she grew more bold and confident in what she was doing. His query to her had her turning greens eyes up to look at him, wondering how he expected her to answer when her mouth was obviously occupied, before she decided it didn't matter and focused back on what she was doing. This was fine, she could do this. Besides, it was something she did have to think about for the future and she understood well it wasn't meant to happen now. So, only time would tell how the chips would fall when the time came. Then came his warning at this too made a thrill go through her. So she'd pushed him so far had she? Good to know. She sort of felt she wouldn't mind tasting the rewards for her efforts, but not this time. Besides, she knew he had other things in mind.

So it was with great, and obvious, reluctance that she removed her mouth from the length of him in order to press back up against him. She sort of wondered what he'd do if she just completely stopped after having come so far, but she was nothing if not an attentive partner and wouldn't leave him in such a state unless it was with the intent to give greater pleasure. This was the limit of her comfort, however, so she just watched him intently. "Maybe another time I'll have to taste the rewards for my efforts, but just now I'm thinking you have something else in mind. So tell me, dear dragon, just what you're wanting from me. You know what I'm willing to give you, but as it stands I've not finished what I started and that's a shame." Her words were dark and almost purring, it was a tone she often got during such things and it was a compliment to how much just being able to explore his body had effected her. Still, she doubted he'd let himself remain unsatisfied for long when he was so close.

She braced herself up until she was closer to his head and made the last offer she could to him within the confines of her comfort zone as it stood. Her words were a low, husky purr but her intent was clear. "I do hate to leave a partner unsatisfied. So unless you had an idea of how you wanted this to go, how about I ditch the uncomfortable pants and take us both for a ride? I don't think you'll last long, and I really want to see my reward." The underwear would stay on, but it was a large concession considering this was the first time they'd been intimate in such a way. Besides, she felt he wouldn't expect her to offer and she did so enjoy being unpredictable.
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That scent...Ryu’s eyes darkened, pupils dilating. So she was affected by this all. Interesting it had been the slightest show of force couple with such restraint that had done it. He would have to remember as much for their next encounter, because it was quite the striking scent. ”Little one, I believe you’ve grown needy on me. I could certainly fix that. No female should be left squirming from want.” The tip of his tongue ran deliberately slowly across her collarbone again. ”I rather fancy affecting you so. Tell me, just how wet must I make you before I will be permitted to sate you?” Because as it stood he was exceedingly confident he could, and just with the portion of his anatomy she was currently occupied with.

A moment later she was pulling away from him, though obviously against the action. ”Another time, yes. Perhaps in time you will let me fill both ends of you.” Her question was met with a long, drawn out growl of approval. Yes, what did he want? ”I would favor being buried deeply within you, watching you writhe in pleasure as I enjoyed your core and brought you over your edges. But for now I will settle with nestling between your thighs, and covering your core in my seed.” It mattered little to him if she kept her barriers. She would know soon enough why they didn’t need to be present.

His tongue dropped just the barest hint lower, licking the top of one breast before drawing back. A singular, bold move. ”Wouldn’t want anyone else coming to have you, now would we?” He nodded, allowing her to shift in his hold and helping her to rid herself of the jeans she wore. This amplified her scent, her own arousal more sharp in the air. ”Will you let me unwind you, my little one? I can smell you are on edge...Use me then.”
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She snorted at his observation, but didn't refute it. She was a bit turned on by all this, but certainly not enough to allow him to do what she knew he was wanting. Still, a girl did enjoy feeling like she was desired, it was just a basic instinct. She felt him run the tip of his tongue against her, deliberately this time, across her collarbone again. She shuddered faintly at the sensation, still more than a bit sensitive, but it was his next words that drew her attention and her response was out of her mouth before she could sensor it, feeling the strange and inescapable urge to present the dragon with a challenge. "Oh, I think I'd have to be much more riled up than I am just now to allow you to do that. It's probably good for you to have to work for it a bit." Meaning she wasn't against it if he worked for it the right way. This, what they were doing now, was the right way to work for it. Just not now, she was already pushing the boundaries of what she was comfortable with. Then again, it was just sex. Though just now he was so sure of himself, and not that confidence was a bad thing but it could also come across as arrogant and that wasn't a trait she fancied right then. Besides, she still didn't like him much. Though that didn't matter for what he wanted, she supposed.

At least she was acknowledging that he'd gotten her a bit riled up to begin with, she was nothing if not honest with herself and her body. He was back to his pretty words after that and she heard him but mostly didn't comment on them with more than a single worded answer. "Perhaps." Though his reaction to her question had a grin spreading across her face at the clear, drawn out growl of approve for her idea. He told her clearly what he wanted and she purred in reaction to the words. She did enjoy the blunt honesty of him. "That's...definitely something to think about for me then, isn't it?" And she would think about it and remember it well. Especially as he was willing to settle for something that was also going to be very pleasant for the both of them. She felt his tongue dip lower against her skin; grazing the top of one breast before he drew back. She let out a strangled gasp of sound at the bold move, and decided he was pushing a bit at her limits but that was alright. more than this for now. She enjoyed the bold surprise of it at least, and that was clear in the arousal filling the air in a rush before she settled herself again. She grinned again at his words, expression a bit strained as she was in fact a bit more than turned on. "No, we wouldn't want that at all." She let him help her shift so that she could remove her jeans to leave her in her cotton underwear. She considered the offer he was making her, and what he wanted from her, and decided that so long as it remained on her terms she didn't mind using him.

"I'm certainly...a bit riled up, but I think we both are. Like I said, I do hate to leave something half done. So then," She looked back up to him, gaze dark and eyes pupils dilated in arousal before she made her intentions very clear. She wasn't ashamed of her needs, after all. "I think, in fact, I will take you up on that offer. I'd rather use you than bask in my own frustration anyway. Besides, you get something out of it too, I know. may want to get a firmer grip if that's your intention, because I like to be able to feel who has hold of me." Feeling bolder than she had in a long time, Evanna straightened her body up again then got a firm grip on the monster beneath her, adjusting her body and his member for a moment before she dropped down so that the tip of him could rub up and against her covered core. A low, breathy sound left her and she repeated the motion again, seeking friction and wanting to see just how riled up she could get him with this. It was an odd little urge, but she didn't question it. She felt another thrill of arousal go through her but she kept her slow, deliberate pace, choosing to torment not just him but herself as well. She needed to push the limits a bit and see what happened, and she needed to know just how he'd react when his control of himself was pushed to what limits she could give them.

 It was her own personal challenge to him, and an intimate little demand to do as he said he would and have him help her unwind. He knew where her boundaries were, and this was the edge of her comfort zone, so long as he didn't push her the wrong way this was going to end so well for them both. Though really she needed him to move, because she didn't always like doing all the work. So then, hoping to goad a positive response from him, she pressed him firmly against the heated core of herself and started to move again, gifting him with breathy little moan and the strong scent of her arousal. Whatever happened after this, it was all sure to be very interesting.
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”I certainly do not mind working for what I want. In due time, then. I will find a way to rile you excessively, and perhaps by then you will be ready for more. For now though, this is enough.” Because really he knew she was at the limits of what she would allow, and even then she had permitted a great deal. He was impressed with her courage if nothing else, and that boded well for her in the future. He would not treat her with kid gloves, but for now he was being gentle in how he handled her if only to not create a negative experience for her first time with himself.

”Just as well. I would not tolerate another coming to pleasure you so.” And he did mean it. It was evident in the low growl of warning he seemed to offer to their surroundings. He was taking this small being into his protection and care; she would not be taken by other beasts be they man or Pokemon. As it was, she wanted to be held and he could only comply. One large clawed hand came up, wrapping around her torso so that each breast was held between his claws. The weight of that same palm pressed lightly against her back, an effort to arch her back and hips in a slightly different fashion and allow his body better access. Not to mention to pull her closer. He did want to feel her tremble as she released.

His other hand grazed lightly down her spine and across her rear, running faintly across the backs of her thighs before settling back in its former place off of her person. She’d begun to grind against him again, the heavy throbbing having returned to his cock that he knew with as little separated them she felt acutely. He would use this to his advantage, and when she began to quicken her pace his member rolled into her actions. ”We neither will last long once I start teasing you so. The curse of it; so flexible but it is far too stimulating.” He put action to his words, the length of his girth sliding down against her core. He pressed enough to force dampened fabric against her lips, spreading them slightly with great ease. He was panting now. ”You part so eagerly...My little one is in great need it seems. You’ve a high drive, don’t you? We’ll do this as often as you wish...Can’t have you needy.”

The head of his cock, still widely flared, ran taunting between her covered lips, pressing against her core. She worried but he felt for nothing. She was responding well enough she could take at least the head of him he felt, but he would not press the matter. Instead his body trailed up against her clit, the heavy and warm head of his cocked pressing lightly at first and then he began to show greater pressure and attention, the remainder of his body having pressed against her core and currently riding against her as she in turn rocked and he sought to stimulate.
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It was good he knew to respect her limits and bide his time; though honestly she really did have nothing to lose. At least she got some pleasure out of this, even if it was unexpected. She didn't mind using him for that; pleasure was pleasure after all and what he wanted was simple if she thought of it that way. Not that she was going to tell him that; especially when most of her misgivings stemmed from the unknown strength of him and the rather large monster he intended to try and push inside her much smaller frame. This was fine though, and maybe a little bit more very soon, but until she was certain of how he handled his strength in the throes she was going to be very careful. Probably a few test runs were in order, but she still didn't like him much. She didn't need to like him though if it was only sex.

The thoughts faded at the possessive words from him that were followed by an equally possessive growl of sound that had a shudder going through her in reaction despite herself. She sort of enjoyed a male that wanted her enough to be possessive of her to such a degree; if only while they were together in this mess of a situation. Still, it also gave her the urge to tell him the same. "I think on that we're in agreement. I wouldn't tolerate it anyone else trying to touch you like this while we're together." After he was done with her, he was free to do as he pleased but for now she could be a vicious thing when she chose to. She felt his grip on her alter and grow more sure, her back arching as he moved her to allow him the better access he so wished for. Besides, she did want to feel the vibrations coming from him the more riled he got and closer was a good way to do that.

A low moan of sound came from her as the monster beneath her began to move with her rolling motions against him; pushing up against her covered core as if the remaining barrier wasn't there at all. Another thrill of true arousal went through her and clung to him as her breath came out in harsh pants of sound, but she didn't dare to stop her movements against the dragon beneath her slight frame. She felt the heavy throbbing from his member against her and ran her hands against him in hopes of encouraging him even more. She wanted to feel more of him, she usually preferred something a bit harder than this, but with her limitations in place this was likely the best she was going to get. Because no way was she comfortable letting his monster of a dick anywhere near the bare core of herself, so the barrier would remain even as it made her just a tad bit crazy.

She felt him keenly as they moved together and it drove her nuts not to be able to feel her partner properly. It's why she couldn't keep her hands off him in any fashion; though she did nothing to impede his movements against her. She wasn't near her edge yet; though usually she would be at this point, but she was definitely enjoying herself. It was a catch 22 situation. She needed more contact if she was going to be tipped over the edge but she'd put an immediate stop to things if he tried to give her that contact she was craving because she was also at the limit of what she could tolerate for the moment. She couldn't forget just how dangerous and unpredictable this creature that loomed over her was, and she was only a means to an end for him. That meant she should get it over with as soon as she could possibly tolerate it, but that wasn't right now.

For now she'd enjoy the ride for what it was and leave the rest alone. She shifted her legs a bit to get a better angle against the bulge moving so deliciously against her covered core, and the heat that bore down on her was making her insane. The way he was moving it seemed like he could slip inside her at any  moment even with the barrier but it still wasn't enough and she wanted to demand more but she couldn't. Her entire body trembled with the sharp jolts of sensation going through her and her arousal was now a clear scent in the air. She heard him panting, knew she was doing the same thing, but it only goaded her to push herself harder against him with a low growl of frustrated need. He said she had a high drive, but he had no idea. She craved contact but most wanted a brief affair and then it was done. She didn't get satisfied nearly enough for her liking and this was incredibly frustrating to her. But she couldn't forget the important things about this mess or she was doomed. She was a means to an end, that was all.

The thoughts flew away again as he pressed the head of his cock that much harder against her covered core. Her body throbbed and heat went through her; a scream pulled from her even though she didn't go over into orgasm and instead edged it. She wanted to topple him on his back and ride him hard and fast until the heat inside her exploded and set her free. She wanted to push him, she wanted to challenge him, she wanted to pull sounds out of him and know she was the only cause of them. Her head spun at the impossible things; some of which she couldn't allow herself even in such a riled up state. So she had to focus on what she was giving him or she'd never survive this. She began to nip and lick at what parts of his hide she could reach, needing contact and some form of distraction from the inferno blazing through her. She actually dug her nails into thick hide when another wave went through her but didn't spill over. She let out a growling cry of frustration and lifted herself up, unable to handle the heat any longer and desperate to reach the edge she kept coming close to but never reaching.

First she pulled the monster pressed so firmly at her core away from her before pulling him up and into the heat of her mouth. She sucked him hard and fast, head moving slightly as she seemed to try and swallow him whole; wanting to torment him like she was being tormented by her own body. She knew the signs well enough to pull away before it was too late and then she shifted up and pulled the length of him back down before pushing the head of him back against her core. She shifted, made sure the angle was wrong for penetration - forgetting how he could move his monster of a dick in her fury - and pushed aside the barrier so that the heat of him could push against the core of her without him going too deep. She screamed again, her body riding his hard even as the heat spilled over her at last as she came apart violently against his; never stopping her moving because even in the throes she needed him to fall apart as well or it wasn't fair. Her breathing was harsh pants of sound again, and she just threw her honesty at him in earnest; her voice husky and dark. "Come on then, my dragon, give me my reward. Let me see you fall apart for me. Give me what I want, show me that heat of yours here and now while my body still throbs from the touch of yours." She felt insane and wild, and she sort of loved it.
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A dark sort of look crossed his eyes with her admission. Possessive, interesting. He did not mind this of course. After all, it was rare he found someone willing to contend with his body, so if she was going to then it was a fair concession. This would not be voiced, though, but rather understood between them. He would not seek out another while he got what his curiosity demanded of him, and neither would she. They would mutually use one another in this, and that would be fine and well so long as she held up her end of the bargain.

As her frustration mounted he saw her actions against him increase. The sturdy armored hide he wore was unbothered by the nips and bites. Indeed her nails as well left no marks, and as much as she tried to claw herself closer, she was still denied the frustration he knew well she needed. Still, it seemed she had more in mind and the snark of his own frustration sounded heavily in the air as he was pulled from his place. This fury turned into a loud, booming roar of sound as the damp heat of her mouth enveloped him. Madness! What stability he had abandoned him in the favor of the pleasure she offered and just before he would have warned her to stop she pulled away again, leaving a frustrated hiss to escape him.

This did not last. She was moving again and, to his immediate surprise, she settled skin against skin and the entirety of his frame shook as she fell apart. Her placement was careful, but her riding had displaced him and as it was he a singular motion from dipping within her without ever having had the intention. His hold shifted immediately to her hips, locking her in a stationary position without the need for bruising force. ”You will rock your way right into impaling yourself, little one.” His cock twitched in response, pressing against the folds of her entrance. The flared head positively pulsed with heat, engorged and needing. He could have forced his way in, easily at that, and yet he had stopped her from doing so herself albeit accidentally. There was nothing for what she had set in motion. A singular movement, just the barest press of his head against her entrance, and his realize came rapidly and violently. While he was not within her, his angle had been prime to have taken and this was evident by the sheer volume of his seed which spilled inside her. Thick, almost hot, liquid coated her inner walls, perhaps a testament to the internal fires he held. She would be warmed immediately, perhaps even heated to a dozy temperature, but not burned.

Ryu’s tongue lolled as he panted, unconcerned with the mess he’d both made and given. If anything would change, this was a good indicator. He’d come quite forcefully against her, and he knew well she now harbored a great deal of himself. If she noticed anything different, even the smallest bit, it would be his green light to continue. ”You win...little one.”
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She was a bit too distracted to notice the look leveled at her for her possessiveness over the dragon beneath her. It didn't matter anyway since it seemed he agreed with the sentiment for the time being. She heard the snarl of his frustration when she pulled him away from her and grinned mentally when his fury turned into a bellowing roar as she pulled him into her mouth once more. She heard the frustrated hiss that left him when she pulled away before he could finish and knew  she'd surprised him again when she pulled him where she had. She felt his entire frame shaking even as she fell apart and lost all sense of where she was. She was only vaguely aware of his hold on her as he locked her into position and she didn't have the sense for the words spoken to her to understand what he'd meant.

She just felt the blazing hot tip of him pressed against her throbbing core and it only made her move more to draw out the orgasm rung from her as long as possible. Then she felt the smallest shift of him against her and cried out again and then his release came in a sudden violent wave. She had enough sense to be proud of herself but mostly she was just basking in the sensations. She knew with the amount there'd been some had definitely gotten inside her from how he was pressed against her and that was just fine for her purposes just now. She felt hot liquid against her and inside her and only shuddered from the sensation as she slowly began to come down from her high.

She turned her head tiredly, saw Ryu panting from what they'd just done but he didn't seem bothered by the mess and she really wasn't either though she'd want to clean up eventually. Too tired to care where she was and who she was resting against she let herself slump down against the large frame beneath her and pressed her head against the nearest warm surface where she then shut her eyes and focused only on her breathing and much too rapid heart rate. She wasn't thinking about Ryu's end goal just then, more on calming her body so she could eventually regain her feet. That didn't stop a slow, pleased grin from crossing onto her face at Ryu's words to her. She'd won something, alright, though if that win was worth it remained to be seen. Especially as she didn't feel any different from before other than being aware of just how much she'd needed proper handling after all this time.

Really she was ready to go to sleep but she also wanted a bath really badly. The fact her breathing was evening out though indicated she was probably drifting off to sleep, but she didn't care. He wouldn't hurt her while he needed her so even as some distant part of her screamed for the danger she didn't move an inch; content to lay where she was for the foreseeable future.
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He would have been blind to not have noticed the change in her behavior. She was finally unwound, and perhaps far less tense for it. She appeared proud of herself, and really she should be. Having contended with him on near equal footing, she wondered of course where she would be in a few sessions’ time. Perhaps he could tame the shrew, so to speak. The thought, though amusing, was merely in jest. He enjoyed the spirit she exhibited, so taming it back was hardly to his preference.

The claws which held her hips in place lessened their hold and instead shifted to cover her back so that she might be warmed. His tail curled around the front of his body, his maw dropping to rest his chin against her back. She was such a slight thing, being half unclothed would likely cause her illness in this humid climate. The so called monster she had been fearing settled securely against her folds, still yet trembling under the force of its release.

A long, warm tongue licked gently at her shoulder, a tender gesture. ”Get some rest, little one. No one will bother you here.”
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She distantly felt clawed hands ease their hold on her before covering her back and she let out a low sigh of contentment for the warmth even as she knew she shouldn't drift off here out in the open. Still she didn't move when he curled his tail around the front of his body nor when his maw dropped to rest his chin against her back. Even with him still settled securely against her she didn't have the energy to really care. She still shuddered just faintly at the sudden sensation of a tongue gently licking her shoulder and the words about getting rest that followed before succumbing to her need to rest and drifting off into sleep.

As ever when she slept, images of the past haunted her with flashes of failures and pain and death, but she slept on through them and woke several hours later to the sudden sound of movement nearby. Her entire frame went tense and her eyes scanned her surroundings carefully; forgetting for a moment where she was and who she was with in her instinctual desire to protect herself. She knew the sun was down but clearly there must have been some sort of light for her to be able to see so well. Gentle hands pressed lightly to steady herself against the warmth she rested against, fully awake now and prepared to either fight off what was coming or hide where it couldn't get her.

She couldn't know, of course, how her green eyes now glowed as golden as Ryu's as she took in the details around her and sought for the source of her disturbance. She kept her breathing quiet and easy, suddenly remembering that she wasn't alone and pressing more firmly against the form that held her even as her voice dropped to a whisper. "Ryu, I hope your awake because whatever that thing sounds nasty and I don't fancy getting caught in the crossfire." A low snarling growl filled the clearing and she tensed again, feeling vulnerable and hating it as she remembered most of her clothing was gone from the day before. Dammit all!
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Ryu was slow to rouse, and when he did his first response was not likely something she expected or fancied in a life or death situation. There was nothing out there that was a threat to himself so he never stirred from sleep in a panic as a prey animal might. Instead, his mind was drawn back to the events of last night. The monster (as she so comically referred to his member as) roused, still settled squarely between her thighs. A low, contented grow left him. ”Can I wake up first before you intend on using me, little one?”

There was the barest touch of humor to his words, and when his eyes opened he saw quite clearly what she did not. A smirk touched his maw. ”Not enough of me settled in you to bring about a full fusion, but it did work. Your world is a bit brighter I take it?” He shifted slightly, sitting up with her. While she was on top of him he didn’t dare cast out his fires, but he could do something else to keep away strays.

The great hulking mass of his tail struck the ground. With it, the ground began to crack, and the earth split open to form a ravine of sorts. A determined jumper could cross it, but the effort alone in getting to the other side, and namely living to tell the tale, was not worth the struggle.
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She felt the brush of heated flesh rested firmly still between her thighs and Ryu's commentary had her snarling at him before smacking him as hard as she was capable of. "That is in no way what I was trying to do you irritating dragon!" She squirmed in his hold, wanting down and forgetting the threat for a moment so great was her irritation against him. She froze again as he mentioned that what he had planned had in fact worked and his query about the world seeming brighter made her startle in shock. Great so his great idea worked, did that mean he was done with her now that he knew it could be done? He sat up with her then and slammed his massive tail against the ground; causing the ground to crack and split open. She boggled at the power of him before remembering herself and trying to get off again. "I am not going to sit here mostly naked the entire night, let me down so I can put my pants back on." And besides that, the growling was sounding more clearly now and she really hated how vulnerable she felt resting there pressed against him. Honestly it was sort of distracting but she so wasn't going to let her mind go there with what she viewed as danger so close.

She knew Ryu could deal with anything that came at them, but that didn't stop her from worrying about getting caught in the crossfire; too many years of close calls had her survival instincts screaming just thinking about it. Especially when the dark black form came out of the forest and a challenging call was issued as blue flame lit the night air. Mega Charizard, she noted quietly, and these dragons were not known for being friendly towards humans. And they never backed down even if their opponent was stronger than them. She watched the Pokemon launch himself into the air and then bolt directly for them. Not wanting to be in the way she rolled abruptly to the side and down the length of her companion before hitting the ground with a thud. She rolled a tad behind where Ryu rested, pulling her pants on and grabbing her bag even as the massive dragon hovered there with his dark eyes intent on her and she recognized murderous intent when she saw it. She held her ground, didn't dare move, and strangely trusting that Ryu would actually keep her safe even if he'd gotten what he wanted in her changing eyes.
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Ryu, more irritated his time with his companion had been interrupted than actually bothered by the “threat” in the distance, snarled. His tail curled around the small human female, the mass of it alone a sturdy barrier between herself and what came out of the shadows at them. He snorted, but he did regard the challenger with a direct violent roar in return. He might humor him with trading blows, but in the end he would be victorious. It was not just a matter of supreme type advantage, but rather purr fact. Ryu was no small fry, and even now he was only demonstrating a paltry fraction of his power.

A powerful, loud boiling sound bubbled up from within his abdomen. A moment later, wide jaws parted and a torrent of scalding hot water surged from his mouth in a targeted assault aiming for the other dragon. Bursts such as this came in rapid succession, scalding nearby grasses and trees where the water touched.
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Evanna held her place even as a protective tail curled around her, offering hesitant trust in a moment where - to her - it actually mattered. She watched with wide, glowing eyes as Ryu offered the other Pokemon a violent roar in response to his own. She knew he was powerful and didn't expect him to lose, she just didn't want to be caught in the middle of that hence her quick retreat. Still, she was glad for his tail around her as she was actually really cold since it was night and she was away from the heat of her sleeping place before. Honestly she was a bit annoyed with being woken up before the sun came back, but nothing for it now. Also she found it interesting that the change she got was a sort of night vision that was better than any machine could ever hope to repeat. It was sort of cool, honestly.

She heard an odd sound coming from Ryu and a moment later she realized what it was and braced herself against his tail as he opened his jaws wide and issued out a boiling water based attack at the other dragon. She saw the dark dragon screech and avoid the initial blast only to be caught in the ones that followed it, the screams of rage and pain sounding making her wince. She couldn't help but marvel at the power and again she had to remind herself that he was only using her for his own means and eventually that power could be directed at her. A sudden, bright flash of fire from the Mega Charizard; a last ditch effort to destroy the human in his territory, caught Evanna off guard and with her eyes so sensitive just then it blasted sharp pain through her skull as she doubled over with a muffled exclamation and clench her eyes shut. It hurt! That bastard had hurt her!

Rage built up inside her and she wanted nothing more than to retaliate in some manner but here she was helpless again! She knew that, normally, heat couldn't harm a Charizard but this was more than that. She was angry at being disturbed and annoyed at being hurt and didn't think before she spoke even if she could see what was going on just now. "Stupid lizard, I hope you kill him. I hate being disturbed." And she hated being caught off guard but there was no helping that now while she was in Ryu's company. It was probably for the best she couldn't see what was happening as the Mega Charizard looked very smug for  harming the human; though he was confused why a primordial would be protecting one as it just didn't make sense. It was best to just let him kill her, wasn't it? Humans weren't good for anything, after all, and he could already scent her blood in the air so what was the big deal. She needed to die, and maybe the primordial was confused or something. Whatever, all he needed was one lucky shot and she was dead; useless thing.
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Blood, human blood. The markings along Ryu’s body began to glow, shimmering with warm light. A sudden outcry from the large dragon brought thunder and lightning to the sky and, with it, a heavy deluge began to soak the earth. How dare he?!? The tail around Evanna tightened, curling. ”Stay down and look away!” His words were an order, a snarled one at that, but he couldn’t afford to risk further injury to her. She would already be mad enough as it was once this was over, and that was even with him being able to heal her thanks to the rain he had summoned.

The water around her in the air began to spin, creating a large veil of water around her body without actually touching her. It expanded and began to circle again, a rig of water that hummed with energy and life, the essence of all living things. Aqua ring. She would be fine given a few minutes time, which would be enough for him to contend with her attacker. He’d heard her words, knew her position on the matter. She wanted him dead and he was more than happy to oblige.

The markings on his body began to glow brighter and, in a sudden pulse of energy and water, tangible rays of liquid and light shot from those same marks; origin pulse. They fired off in every direction, heavy blasts which bulldozed whatever they came into contact with be it earth, flora, or flesh. The mega charizard was quick, certainly, but avoiding a nearly omnidirectional burst was beyond even its capabilities. Unless of course it favored being swallowed up by the ravine that had been created. A poor choice surely, as it went nowhere and he would be crushed.
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Evanna cursed sharply at the sudden burning pain from her arm. She'd forgotten about that injury and now she'd pulled it open again dammit all! That wasn't helping her headache or the blazing inferno of pain from her eyes either, but at least she knew what was causing it. So when his order came, considering she was already closing her eyes, it was easy to duck down lower and turn away from the entire mess around her. She couldn't see anyway, so it wasn't a problem. In the meantime she clamped down hard on her arm to stem the blood-flow until she could get a look at it and clear it after this mess. She felt rain pelting her skin, but paid it no mind considering the pokemon that was looming over her. She caught flashes of light even with her eyes closed and the tension the air told her Ryu was angry; probably from the interruption more than anything else she felt.

Or possibly because of her injury, but that was only if he actually still needed her now that he knew his idea had worked. She didn't see the water around her moving or forming a veil around her, all she heard was the deluge and the snarling dragon next to her. Though what did worry her was the lessening pain in her arm. It was slow but steady and couldn't mean anything good in her experience. Could it be infected or maybe there was nerve damage which would be really annoying. Either way she held her place knelt there on the ground and decided to just wait out this entire mess. At least she had her clothing back on even if she was soaking wet all over again and thus, even so close to Ryu, she was starting to shake from the cold despite the water being sort of warm.

She heard the snarling of the mega charizard; knew he was fighting to stay alive, but she also knew nothing could stand up against a pokemon of Ryu's strength and power. Thus the pained scream that filled the air made her smirk to herself even as it was extinguished not long after that. The pokemon was stupid to have come after them, and she had to hope this boded well for her staying alive for the future. She didn't dare move, even when silence fell and the only sounds were the rain and their breathing. So then, what happened next?
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”You should be able to open your eyes now,” Ryu stated simply. The rain died down until it vanished entirely. In its place, a slow warmth began which created a small layer of fog from the sudden hangs in temperature and the abrupt change in the weather itself. The water veil and ring around her person dropped, returning to the atmosphere where it had been summoned from. ”Your arm should be easier to move as well. I did not keep it going long enough for a complete recovery—I didn’t think you would like that on you.”

He shifted, his head dropping to investigate her more closely. ”We will have to keep trying things. The eyes were just the start of this, and that was from such a small interaction.”
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Evanna brought a hand up over her eyes cautiously before slowly opening them. She blinked rapidly at the change and noted the lack of pain with relief. The glowing from before faded, replaced by her normal green eyes and she noted the world was all dark except for the glowing lines on the dragon before her. She tested her arm next, noting that it was stiff but no longer bleeding and she nodded to herself before looking back up at the looming being before her. "Thanks for is easier to move and at least the bleeding stopped. That's all I really care about. Well that and being woken so abruptly, but I'd say you took care of that spectacularly." She certainly wasn't worried about his killing the other pokemon; after all she'd pretty much asked him to. She really did hate being woken up too early.

She curled her arms around herself, the cold from before beginning to seep into her wet clothing and skin causing her to shiver. Well great, she needed to change clothes again. She watched as Ryu dropped his head to regard her, then told her he wasn't done with her yet. She rolled her eyes and tilted her head to the side quizzically. "Looks like you need to more clearly define the specifics of this mess for me. Because all you said you wanted to know was if it was possible it would change me. Now, I'm not going back on my word, I just like to know what I'm getting involved in for the duration of however long it's going to last. Because my life doesn't revolve around being a guinea pig for your curiosity;  explosive chemistry or not."

She was a practical creature at heart, but she wasn't going to be at the beck and call of this dragon for the rest of her life, she refused. She'd rather know what it was he was looking for with this mess. "What is it you're hoping will happen, Ryu? You were right, I did change, but what's next?" She went thoughtful for a long moment before looking back up into glowing eyes before quietly speaking again. "Also, thank you. I know it benefits you to keep me safe, but still...thank you." Because he could have left her to her own devices and he hadn't, so she thanked him. Another violent shiver went through her and she sighed. "I need to change into dry clothes soon." But at least she wasn't trying to run away or escape her end of their bargain. She kept her word; foolish as the sentiment probably was.
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Ryu sighed. Humans were so delicate. He would have to fix the second complaint before he could address the first question. ”Take off those clothes and give them to me. I will dry them and you can change.” At least he wasn’t insisting she simply climb back up on him naked. Though it would have been the quickest way to warm her, and probably the most practical, while things were up in the air with them he didn’t want to stress things with her further.

”I am hoping to see a full transformation through to its end,” he stated simply. ”We’ve discovered it’s possible that at least a single aspect of you can change with limited, sparse involvement. I want to know if it is possible to bring about greater changes, full and lasting ones as your eyes have gone back to normal it seems. I’m not sure how long that would take. It may honestly just depend on you, because if you are fine with handling more of me then it may be you can go on your merry way sooner rather than later.”
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Evanna rolled her eyes at the sigh that came from her companion. Honestly, of course she was going to get cold when she'd been pressed against his warm hide most of the night. Though if he thought she was modest about giving him her clothing, he was about to find out differently. Calmly and methodically, she stripped out of her wet clothing and offered it to him before heading for her bag and digging around for clothing to change into. Clearly she wasn't afraid to walk around naked near him, so that was something, though she did change into dry clothing since they were talking and not doing anything that required her nakedness like before. She hoped he got an eye full; smarmy bastard.

Once was fully clothed again she pulled her hair up into a high ponytail to help it dry then marched right back over to Ryu before leaning the full weight of her body against him and settling in where it was warm. "Oi you, pick me up I'm still cold and your massive self is like one big furnace. We can have our conversation like that too, so it's not a big deal." Unless he would rather she remain on the ground, in which case she still wasn't moving from being pressed against him. So much for being considerate of her partner, since he'd only picked up on the fact she needed to change and her query about this mess between them. Oh well, he was a pokemon and not human so what could she expect?

She was a practical creature, after all, and staying longer with him wasn't something she minded so long as she knew the endgame. Because she really wasn't being his guinea pig her entire life, nope not at all. She thought about his words as she stood there pressed against him before deciding how she'd answer. It took her a while, but eventually she settled on the most practical means that worked for her. Because she realized he basically was hoping to change her to something other than human, and part of her seethed that once again others wanted her to change for their benefit. It wasn't like she had much of a choice considering he wasn't likely to let her go until he found out, but still. It meant resigning herself to her fate, and at least she got a bit of physical interaction in the meantime. She also noticed he didn't put a qualifier on a  time limit again and sighed.

Green eyes turned to look up at her companion, and  she made her choice. "Look Ryu, I'll stick around for a while on this but not forever. With the fact we know I changed even after something....small as you put it, then the longer we're together and the more we do the more I'll change. And considering just how...I'll say well, last night went I don't think it'll take long. So let's give it a year and see where we are. It's just a little blip of time to you, but for me that's quite a bit of time so...I think that's fair." Especially because she knew  that, once she got comfortable enough around him, it was only a matter of time before she let him enjoy her body the way his 'experiment' was demanding. She also knew it was likely the changes wouldn't stick once they parted ways, and honestly she was sort of hoping they didn't because she rather enjoyed being human.

Still, at least she was open-minded enough to try and it risk the changes being permanent. A year was a chunk of her life and she was offering it to him for this mess. It was more than long enough to see considering they'd known each other a few days and she had already conceded so much ground to him. So she knew this wouldn't take that long, but it gave him wiggle room.
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Ryu scowled at being ordered about like some common servant, but he did see the sense in her demand. While he had been surprised she’d undressed so casually in front of him, he figured it shouldn’t have been because, while she was hesitant about revealing herself to him, she had expressed many times she was a practical sort. ”Very well, but only because you dying isn’t of any use to me.” He picked her up carefully, drawing her close to his torso while she prattled on.

Her offer was sensible at least, and he could acknowledge a year was a long time to a human when they didn’t live all that particularly long to begin with. He nodded. ”Very well, a year then. In that time you will have to not hold back so that we can get as much accomplished as is possible. I do not of course mean rushing you. It is reasonable to acclimate.” He stopped, considering things for a moment before coming to an important conclusion.

”We will need to get you somewhere less...hazardous to your health. The other Pokemon may be inclined to eat you, or worse. Suggestions?”
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Evanna rolled her eyes, noting the irritation in the large dragon, but she got what she wanted so it was fine. Beside, he could deal with being a little annoyed at her for all he'd put her through in the last few days. She settled in against him after he'd lifted her and looked up at him while they spoke of things to come. At least he was being sensible. Still, she couldn't help but snort in faint amusement at his commentary. "Considering how well yesterday went, I'd say you won't have to wait long to get what your after. Though I really do appreciate the time to adjust to all this; I know you don't have to." After all, she'd conceded quite a bit of ground the day before and that was only the first time she'd allowed him to try anything. Granted most of it had been her curiosity over him as well as testing to see if he had the control to be around her in that way.

She still didn't trust him as far as she could throw him, but she was practical enough to know that once she felt assured of her safety in such an intimate setting she'd let him do whatever he wanted to her within reason. Though if pressed right then and there she'd probably balk but let him do it still; even if she'd be tense and anxious the entire time. Still, just resting against him like she was did a lot more than he realized in letting her be comfortable around him. Though she did really believe, even if she wasn't going to say so to him, that they only had part of the puzzle here when it came to his experiment. He'd mentioned before that the bond between trainer and pokemon had a lot to do with how they changed and grew together, but she was no trainer and he was more her temporary associate than anything else. So it was possible only handling one side of the puzzle meant that none of the changes he wanted to see would stick. It was a relief to her, but she had a year to get through with him - maybe less if he got what he wanted sooner - so she'd deal with the changes as they came.

She still felt it wasn't fair of him to be forcing such changes on anyone regardless of his curiosity, but there was no stopping him so she might as well just get over it and deal with what came. She blinked slowly, realizing he'd spoken to her again and tilting her head thoughtfully in response. Somewhere safer to go..."I couldn't say really, nowhere is safe if you're a human. Not here on the islands at least. I mean, some of the challenge areas are still untouched and Pokemon don't go there much anymore for some reason, but that's about it. Two of those places is usually where I would hide when out and about looking for supplies." She went silent and thought about it, before finally coming up on a few suggestions that might be plausible. "Verdant Cavern is safe, the pokemon there are afraid of humans and only come out at night. So long as I left them alone, they'd do the same for me." She thought long and hard about the other possibility, knowing it was a bit further away and on top of a mountain to boot. Still, she doubted Ryu would have trouble getting them there.

"There's also Hokulani Observatory. Once things started going bad, the beacon that used to draw in the pokemon for the trail was changed to something that keeps them away. It's solar powered so it's still working. The site used to have a small camp inside it but they abandoned it a few years ago. It's still safe there, except for the occasional electric type getting curious and sneaking in. That site is on top of Mount Hokulani so it's a bit harder to get to and it's a lot harder to get supplies, but it's still safe for humans for the most part." Meaning she'd traveled a lot farther than most of the supply runners usually did, but it had served her well being able to travel from island to island like she had. At least it was a starting point because in the end she figured Ryu would chose and she'd have to go with him regardless to keep her word.
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Ryu listened quietly to her suggestions. After all, she knew the area better than he when it came to what would be safer for herself. ”The Observatory then. I’ll take you there. If it’s as isolated as you describe, then there will be less there considering exploring the area to find a meal. You’ll be able to walk around and do what you need to and I will be fine to leave you alone there for a time to get food.” Something his size would need to eat a lot of course, but he hadn’t yet revealed what his particular palate leaned toward quite yet. He doubted she’d be all that happy with knowing it—it wasn’t pleasant.

”You mentioned a stray electric type...I may be able to help with that. There’s a certain fish in these waters that can draw electrical attacks to them without suffering the painful shock. If you were cornered while I was gone, it would render the majority of their attacks useless. Now you’d have to keep the fish alive of course but it would be docile enough if you fed it. At a distance of course.” This would also give her some semblance of control of her surroundings, something she might favor.
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Evanna nodded slowly as the conversation continued; seeing the practicality of it. She didn't necessarily enjoy being cut off from the outside world, but she supposed since was only for the duration of this mess she'd found herself in she'd be fine with only Ryu's company. The fish idea was interesting, at least. "Whatever works, I guess. And it gives me something to do at least and it gives you the chance to go do whatever it is you need to." Besides, the place had been a camp before so it was possible she'd have enough supplies to make a place that was comfortable for her; maybe even her own room which she hadn't had in years.

Having a space that was her's alone was something she'd missed very much in the years she'd been away from home. If she had the needed supplies, the observatory was a good chance for her to finally have space that was her own. It was a strangely comforting thought but it was a moot point if the place had been raided since she'd been there last. She had to hope it hadn't been if only for her own peace of mind and the comfort of having to stay in the place for the rest of the year. At least the island usually had warm weather so she didn't have to worry about that.
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”I don’t imagine it will be altogether unpleasant up there.” She seemed resigned to this all being something she simply had to get through, but that did not have to be the case. Yes, she would be isolated from others up on the mountainside, but really this was a blessing. People, in her own words, treated her differently now. He could only imagine this treatment would be made all the worse if one of her own were to discover what transpired between the two of them. Beyond that, how cruelly would they treat her if she looked no longer human but Pokemon?

”Get your things then. You will guide me to the place and I will fly you there. While I am setting up a barrier, you can look around.” After that, he could find them both something to eat. Assuming of course she didn’t stumble upon anything within the observatory that she preferred to have beyond what he could provide. He settled down some minutes later, waiting for her to get everything in order and then, following that, to get into a position she wouldn’t fall off from.

This taken care of, he launched skyward. His body snaked through the air, a serpentine fashion. He bore no wings, but he didn’t need them to fly; his body could control the air currents around him. Under her guidance, he made his way to the Hokulani Observatory. It was deserted as to be expected, but a cursory look once they landed revealed it was in good shape.

”Don’t stray too far. I am going to set up walls for this place.”
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Evanna mentally rolled her eyes, because my didn't he think he knew everything; stupid dragon. She was only human, after all, and it was normal to worry about her own well being in the face of such and unknown. And the fact he could kill her easily at any moment didn't help; regardless of the fact she was giving her body to him. Trust and intimacy didn't go hand and hand she felt. She could let him be intimate with her, but she didn't trust him nor really like him. She'd deal with it though, it wasn't like he didn't know humans were wary of pokemon. When the time came she balled her hands into fists and just did as he told her to in leading him to the observatory. The place was abandoned as she'd known it would be, and she was ready to explore and pick a place for herself. He definitely wouldn't fit in there, but she would and that was all she cared about just then. She'd come outside to him if needed but having a place that was her own was something she'd been dearly needing. She nodded to his commentary about not going far, before heading into the entryway as she considered things.

She had sort of enjoyed flying with him, after getting over the notion she was going to fall that was. Still, at least if she was locked into this situation for a year it wasn't going to be all bad. She didn't go far into the building, staying in the main entryway and looking around and the tattered remains of what once, long ago, had been a trial ground for upcoming pokemon trainers. There were remnants of a camp here and she began to scavenge a bit, putting her bag down in one corner as she worked. She was quick and efficient in her work, soon having enough to make herself a suitable bed - such as it was - as well as being able to curtain off a small area for privacy for herself. Even better, the observatory had emergency showers in case of chemical spill and they still worked! She gave a delighted grin when she discovered it; especially as it still had hot water after all these years. She supposed it was because the system was attached to a hidden hot spring, but she didn't think too hard on it.

What she did do, however, was take the time while Ryu was busy to strip out of her clothing and take a hot shower for the first time in years. Usually she'd go into a lake or something, so this was a welcome treat for her. Plus it wasn't like he hadn't already seen her naked, so she had no reason to be modest about it. Instead she shut her eyes and let the water wash over her entire frame as the worries and pains of the last few days were washed down the drain beneath her. She stayed in there for quite some time, merely enjoying the hot water flowing over her skin, before finally getting out and drying off and changing into clear clothes. She'd have to wash her clothes soon, and the hot water would be good for that too. She quickly brushed out her hair and pulled it into a high ponytail before heading back outside to see what Ryu had gotten up to. Perhaps she should build a fire, but that would draw attention to herself. Shrugging, she instead went to her pack to pull out some of the jerky she kept in there for traveling before sitting on the entryway steps and waiting for her companion to return from wherever it was he'd gone to do what he'd said he was going to. At least she was in a better mood now.
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While Evanna occupied herself with a shower, Ryu set to improving the natural fortifications of the area. It was easy for him to split the earth, to raise towering, protective and rocky walls around the encampment. Climbing was no welcome venture for most Pokemon, and of those that flew this area was too scare for food to interest them. She would be safe here while he looked for a suitable “pet” for herself, a small guardian to help with what potential hazards she may find here. He left her with the walls secure, returning some odd hour later toting an angry, wriggling goldeen in his mouth. The creature for all its struggling was no match for himself, and so when he deposited it in a large basin he had found, presumably once used for watering large horse like Pokemon, it put up no fight.

A simple, gentle filling with a small scale water based attack gave the fish something to swim in, and it seemed happy enough given the fact it wouldn’t be allowed to leave the “pond.” He’d filled himself whilst away but he saw to it at least that the fish was fed, dropping a still live caterpie into the water which was promptly gobbled up. It would feed it for some days yet, so he wouldn’t worry about keeping it alive until after such a point.

For Evanna, he’d brought back a downed fearow. Of course he didn’t know what she’d prefer to eat, but he figured bird would do well enough and what she didn’t eat the goldeen could enjoy. Or he could of course. ”There is food for you. If you wanted I could cook it, but I figured you’d rather it had no feathers first. You’ve a small guard over there in that basin.”
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Evanna came outside as she heard the sounds of Ryu returning. She noted the goldeen and gave it a wide berth more by instinct than actual fear before noting the 'food' he'd brought her. She shook her head and tied her hair back before going back inside to get he knife to skin the bird. "I've eaten something already, but I'll get some of this to smoke for later on. Thank you." She didn't know what to make of the goldeen he called a 'guard' so she left that alone. She proved she wasn't easily grossed out by skinning the dead pokemon and getting some of the meat that she then set aside on a rock before going back  to her pack and pulling out a few of her remaining burning stones that didn't make much smoke. She added them until they simmered with heat and set first the rock then the meat over it, putting a woven covering over it to hold in the bit of smoke and the moisture.

She hummed lightly to herself as she worked, used to cooking for herself by now and knowing she'd probably spend a lot of time here alone when Ryu wasn't trying to see how far she'd let him push his luck with her intimately. She was expecting it though so she was braced for it. This was how she was going to survive the coming year and she kept her concerns to herself because really he'd tell her they were stupid or something because, really, big mighty dragon and all that. He was so full of himself it grated against her the wrong way, but at least they had some physical chemistry between them so maybe it wouldn't be all bad. That didn't meant she was going to give up everything of herself and who she was for his stupid experiment. She was lost in thought for a long moment before finally rising back to her feet to get clean and leave her part of the food to smoke. "You can have the rest, if you'd like. No use in it going to waste and I'm not going to be able to eat all that." Though he probably ate it raw like most pokemon, but that didn't really bother her.

Survival was what you made of it, and she couldn't fault him for that. She totally wasn't going to watch him eat though. The rest she was going to take as it came; though really she sort of expected him to push his luck again soon since the first time had proved a moderate success.
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Ryu snorted. ”Why would I waste perfectly good food? Besides, I have already eaten.” When she had drawn a ways back from the downed creature his jaws parted and an icy blast covered the remains. It was frozen solid in a sheer, substantial block of ice. While she was right, he would have eaten it raw, he knew humans to be of a far more picky nature. As it was, the meat would have spoiled had he not done something to it so this served them both well enough. He didn’t have to hunt for her for a time and she was assured there was something readily available for her to eat if he did not come back to her prompt preferences.

”There, now you don’t have to worry about it. I’ve fed your fish as well for the time being. Did you find anything worthwhile in the observatory? Perhaps somewhere to sleep or something that might otherwise occupy you?”
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Evanna fought the urge to roll her eyes at the commentary from her companion. He really did grate her nerves the wrong way without ever meaning to. Eventually she took a deep breath and settled herself; having alright resigned herself to the long haul this year was sure to be. It would be fine, it really would, and at the end they'd go their separate ways. Maybe she'd go back to the mainland even and see what was left of her old hometown such as it was. Everyone there was long dead, but it would feel good to start fresh away from the islands. Or she could go find a place all for herself and form her own camp where she made the rules, that would be good. It was an end goal to focus on at least.

She barely held in a snort at the notion of her 'pet' because really that pokemon was dangerous in its own right, but she indulged him and inclined her head in thanks for him feeding the creature. He really didn't know how to deal with humans, did he? She pushed the thought from her mind and focused on the query Ryu sent her way. That was easy to answer. "Yeah, I found plenty and managed to set up a little area for myself that should be comfortable enough. I didn't go too far into the observatory since you asked me not to, but exploring it will give me something to do for a while so I'm not bothered by it."

Considering how large this place was, she could definitely spend a few weeks or even months exploring it before she found everything there was to find and saw everything there was to see. It wasn't a bad way to spend the next few months, though she figured Ryu would be keeping her busy as well with what he wanted. She didn't care either way, but at least she knew where things stood.
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At least she had listened to him, he thought to himself. She may be strong willed but she wasn't stupid, at least not from everything he had seen so far. She wouldn't purposefully endanger herself, not without good reason at least, so he was reasonably certain she wouldn't take any unnecessary risks. Still...he did suppose after bringing her up here to this decidedly remote place, he ought to be somewhat cordial...Despite how little he knew about such matters. "Since you are more or less stuck here,  is there something you will need that isn't here?" It was an offer at least. He wasn't going to promise her the moon or that she would live lavishly, but he could give some basic creatures comforts. Like clothes, or perhaps certain foods.

"Assuming there is even something you want."
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Evanna blinked at the sudden turn around that came in the form of Ryu asking if she needed anything that she couldn't find in the observatory. She shrugged, because she wasn't about to lie. "A few things, actually, since you offered. Like rope and some more sheets I can use to make some things I'll need moving forward. Also, I need a new dagger and some scissors and a needle and some thread. I had a lot of it back at camp but I packed so quickly I left a lot of it behind since it would have been too heavy to carry any great distance."

There was also the rest of her clothing, medical supplies, a few potted plants with herbs in them, and a picture of her parents that had been left behind in her hurry but she wasn't going to mention such trivial things to a being the likely wouldn't understand the need for them. She'd just make due with what she had. She was used to losing things that were important to her at this point in her life, so there wasn't a purpose in worrying about retrieving things that others had probably already taken and used for themselves. Though she really did hate to lose the last reminder of her childhood.

Evanna realized, as she stood there in the waning sunlight, that her life never really went the way she'd hoped it would. Now here she was in this remote place with a powerful pokemon that wanted her for his own means and she had resigned a year of her life spent with him. It could be worse, she knew, but somehow she felt a pang already at the knowledge that she wasn't going to ever get the chance to be close to another human with how she'd chosen to live her life. She supposed she could do without that contact, but it made her lonely to think about. Oh well, one couldn't ever hope to have everything they wanted.