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Yugi waited for everyone to arrive and then they were told they'd have to cook their own meals and she rolled her eyes at the reactions of her classmates. Amusement went through her at Atem's words to her and she snorted internally. 'Oh, I'm not worried at all. I do know how to cook, you know. So don't worry about it. Besides I'd have been upset with you if you had warned me, because remember I don't like special treatment. So it's good you had no clue either. Though really I'm not hungry right now for being so tired. I might have stressed out my quirk a bit too much out their. It's a thing I need to work on.' Indeed her exhaustion was something that was clearly felt within the bond; it wasn't like she could help it. Still she knew she needed to eat because they might not get the chance for breakfast in the morning.

After a moment she pushed back up to her feet and had to quickly reassure Tokoyami and Tsuyu as she stumbled a step before righting herself. She laughed at herself, scratching at the back of her head in embarrassment before going to make herself something light to eat. She very firmly refused to make food for anyone but herself, stating with calm tones that the whole point was to be self-sufficient and if she did it for them then they missed the point. There was much complaining but she ignore it after that. Finally she finished with her meal and cleaned the area before sitting off on her own to eat. She ate slowly, considering the way the day had gone and knowing she'd need to keep working at her shields if she was ever to progress further. She sighed and got up again, cleaning her dishes and going to find her things so she could get some sleep.

She turned her gaze skyward, scenting the wind and knowing a storm was coming. She sighed again, because a storm meant a temperature drop and she did sorely hate the cold. Oh well, that's what the training camp was for so there was no point in complaining about it.
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”Oh I’m well aware you would have loathed me for it. Even still, I’m not entirely certain I agree with putting bone tired youths in charge of cooking involving fire and sharp objects is the best of ideas. Be that as it may, you still need to eat. The lot of you do. You can certainly bet they will run you ragged again tomorrow, so best to eat while you are able and then rest as deeply as you can to steel yourself for that moment.” He left her to her own devices then, settling about getting food for himself and finding out the plans for tomorrow so he himself could be as prepared.

It was roughly an hour later when he came outside to usher his students in. Whether they had had their fill or not, sleeping was now the priority. Aizawa left his students to make their own poor choice, while Blood King merely suggested it was wise to go to sleep without actually forcing them inside. They would see which group was better for the fact tomorrow morning. With his group inside, Atem retired for the night where he would get some much needed rest himself before scheduling personal training sessions for each of his students the following morning.
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By the time the call came for everyone in Class A to go inside Yugi was already finished eating and had cleaned up and gone inside to sleep. She'd made herself comfortable and was all bundled up in blankets because she knew the night would bring the cold and she did dearly hate the cold. She glowered balefully at her classmates as they were ushered in and a few of them chuckled at their ill-tempered classmate while others avoided the area she'd settled in.

Yugi only sighed, exhausted already and knowing the coming days would only be worse for her. She wondered if they'd push her defensive training here and decided she'd have a few choice words for Aizawa if he dared to push it more than he already had back at the school. Besides that, her entire body was hurting now that she wasn't actively moving and she had more to worry about during this training camp than the ill-aimed issues of her instructor.
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The following morning came exceedingly early, though this was primarily because one of the Pussycats woke everyone up to tell them hey needed to make their own breakfast as well before she cheerfully wandered off to eat herself. This same treatment was afforded to the students’ instructors, though none of them seemed to complain over the matter. Atem was dressed and outside when his students joined others in the kitchens, waiting for them to fill up before he would address the start of their training. Once they were outside, he surprised he group by tossing one of the distance measuring balls to Bakugo and instructing he throw it. With a smirk, the student did and while everyone seemed impressed with the throw, Atem shook his head and read the results.

“Up until this point the lot of you have only been training your physical bodies. Your reflexes, footwork, and so on. Your actual quirks haven’t been trained, and neither have they improved.” Bakugo’s throw was a fine example. Despite the explosive force, he’d only gained an additional foot of distance to his throw. “This training camp is about expanding on the strength and reserve of your quirks. You may have believed you were tired yesterday, but you will know exhaustion in truth when we are done with you here. There are stations for each of you to work with. This will be your life today, and tonight depending upon how you do, we may have something else planned.”
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Thankfully for Yugi she was a morning person and thus despite her exhaustion she was up before the others were awoken rudely by their hosts. She smirked to herself as she got ready and then fixed herself something to eat. She was glad she had because that meant extra time to center herself before the real hell of the training began. She had actually done the reverse of her fellows; training her quirk more than her physical body, but over the last few months that had certainly changed thank to Aizawa's meddling. Still, she knew there was still plenty she had to work on so she could without complaint. If these heroes thought to get to her so easily, they were going to be sorely disappointed.

She took the time as their training was explained to them to pull her hair up into a ponytail so it would be out of her face. She was calm and ready for what was to come despite knowing it was going to be exhausting. Still, she also knew it could only help the lot of them so it had to be done. Though knowing what her personal weakness was, she did have to wonder just how they were going to train her with it. The stamina was in the physical training, but her shields could only be so strong because she was such a powerful empath there was no way to shut it out other than digging herself into a more stable mind and staying there for the duration; something that would have Aizawa on her tail faster than you could say 'Bakugo is an ass.'

Sighing to herself, she nonetheless headed for the station that was set up from here. She snuck a quick glance at Atem, mostly to assure herself, then walked forward. She wondered if he knew just how limited her quirk actually was when it came to her shielding. Then again, she could be training the quirk itself and how she used it; that was a thought. Meaning changing the emotions of the people around her, but how the hell was she supposed to train that when most of her ability was her own draconic instinct? She wasn't sure, because she couldn't openly show her draconic form as it wasn't common knowledge and that was the only thing she could think of. Maybe her newer astral projection like ability was what the training was for; considering she still hadn't mastered it after so long. It was a thought, but she certainly wasn't going to back down just because it was unknown.

She was also determined to not use Atem's help for this as it was against what the training was for; even if he was her stability when it came to her shields. Oh well, this was not going to be fun and if she got a headache from it she was so sharing it with him. She took one final deep breath for calm then turned and walked to her training station; this was not going to be fun. And it wasn't fun, as it had been set up close enough to her classmates that she would pick up their emotions which were amplified so she was forced to use her shields actively. Her hands came up and covered her ears, trying to block out the overpowering and much too loud emotions she was picking up. It hurt, it all hurt so much! They were exhausted and determined and worried and each of them was trying their hardest to succeed. It wasn't long before her shields started to crack under the pressure and it was an active fight not to scream for the pain of it.

She wondered briefly if Aizawa had concocted this torture chamber for her and felt that if he had she was going to shift and stomp on him with her claws while he slowly died from the internal bleeding caused. She was doubled over, feeling warmth on her face and reaching up to wipe it to note it was blood coming from her nose. This was bad but she couldn't just give up. All around her the other students were being pushed to their breaking points as well as their quirks were tested and pushed beyond their limits. She couldn't give up and do any less than they. Something shimmered through the air and all the onslaught from around her went dead silent, dropping Yugi to her knees. Yep, she was definitely going to kill Aizawa if he was responsible for this, because now - probably thinking they were helping her - something had shut down her quirk. Except not everything she did was tied into that.

She figured that was to make sure she was able to function without her quirk given how badly it hurt her, but it bothered her on a deep personal level not to be able to feel the warmth of Atem's presence against her own. Her head was dropped forward and she didn't move for a long moment, but nor did she give up. Instead she caught her breath and reached inside herself for that bit of her that was other. It was difficult to stop everything she could do because she was a dragon and this machine wasn't made with that in mind. She felt her eyes go black, even as she was knocked into by flying projectiles she didn't have a chance in hell of dodging in her current state. It took her a long moment to adjust to basically being made completely deaf and blind by being cut off from her empathy, but she was hardly a weak female and wouldn't let it keep her down for long.

So she took the next few hits aimed at her, not even trying to dodge. Then when it seemed like the instructors would have to intervene to  save her from her own stubbornness her starlight swirled around her in a wave and the next projectile hit a curling form of solid starlight. It form was clearly draconic and she knew Atem would know it for what it was, but the others had only seen it briefly before so the surprise on their faces was great. The projected dragon let out a trilling roar of fury, wings outstretched as a long tail curled around and into Yugi's lean frame. Wings caped over and deflected the projectiles, but the projection only lasted about thirty seconds before Yugi's eyes rolled back into her head and the starlight form disappeared. The combination of her empathy being shut down and using her last resort move finally drained her and she crumbled to the ground with a thump. For a long moment no one moved, to stunned by what had occurred before the machine around her was shut down and she was brought to the medic on sight to be checked over. Aizawa scowled at the girl's stubbornness, before grudgingly admitting to himself she'd done well. He turned to the girl's instructor and sighed. "That girl is the most stubborn person I've ever met, and that's saying something since I've met you. We'll have to teach her to stop overdoing it though or she's going to get herself killed."

He scratched the back of his head absently. "Honestly I didn't expect her to get that far with the training before passing out considering she barely managed the last time her quirk was shut down completely. I do have to admit, I'm impressed." He stalked off then, bringing the girl to be checked out knowing that she'd just stood up again some of the worst things he'd been able to come up with. Of course he'd helped make the training tailored to each student, that was his job. Still, she'd done well enough, even if he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.
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 Atem frowned but did not otherwise react as he saw Yugi pushed to and beyond her limit. She wouldn't have wanted him to intervene on her behalf, and nevermind the fact it would have looked unusual and drawn unnecessary attention to her. Still, he was proud of her for what she had managed. It was difficult enough being around so many people, and to be cut off from her quirk as she had and to handle it better than before was a huge step in the caliber of her learning and training. Even if he hadn't been made aware that Aizawa was going to attempt to do something like this. A sigh escaped him. "You ought not to have done that. I acknowledge the fact we must push everyone to their limits, but she is already at them with the constant bombardment of everyone else's exhaustion. Their breaking points, despair, pain, are all punishment enough for her. We don't yet target having the students work against their weaknesses--this camp is purely for strengthening what is currently there. I would suggest you pull back from that, or you may not like the results of what you incur."

Atem left them to be, knowing Aizawa would see to her being cared for. He still had other students to watch and, with the recent little interjection to Yugi's training, he needed to be aware if there were other demands being placed on his students that was outside of their current realm of capability.
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Aizawa regarded his old friend, realizing that for once the man was very wrong about his intentions. "You're wrong about what I'm doing. I wasn't targeting her weakness, I was aiming to get her to use her strengths. She's always holding back, even now. I'm well aware that girl has more to her quirk than just the empathy she shows us. If she can't use it, can't rely on that added strength, then it's something we need to work on. Because right now, she'd doing herself more harm than good rather you or she see it or not." He watched as the girl was cared for before regarding his friend again. "She's stronger than this, I can tell, she just needs to realize it. So I'm not likely to stop, because it's what she needs. She's more than that empathy of her's, so very much more. If you don't see it, that's fine, but she needs to see it for herself and this is what the training here is for."

He didn't trust the girl, this much was true, but he knew what he was doing when it came to pushing her. Taking away her empathy had forced her to rely on the strengths she never used, and those strengths would serve her well if she could just be pushed out of her comfort zone enough to use them. Atem didn't realize it, he felt, but this girl...This girl in Class A was probably one of the most powerful individuals he'd seen come through the school in a long while. Yugi Muto was dangerous, he'd known this from the first moment he'd laid eyes on her. What was more, she was dangerous in a way that others couldn't immediately see it. She'd dropped the Symbol of Peace to his knees for gods sake! She was so much more powerful than the empathy she'd shown them for years now. There was so much more potential there, and he could see it clearly.

She was going to be a phenomenal hero if they could help her gain control of all the potential he could sense in her. If she couldn't get control of it though...well she had the correct disposition to go the other way as well, and Aizawa was well aware of that. He saw what others did not, that was part of his greatest strength. So this test hadn't just been about her empathy, he really did need to push her to get her to realize just how strong she really was. This was nothing compared to what he'd do when it came to working on her great weakness. And when he finally succeeded, and he felt he would, she was going to be either the most dangerous person he'd ever worked with or the greatest hero to come up since the Pharaoh.
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Aizawa wouldn’t understand this of course. For Yugi, her empathy was not her quirk—it was a part of being a dragon. This wasn’t public knowledge, though, and Atem doubted heavily that Yugi wanted it revealed anytime soon. That said, it opened her up to entirely the wrong sort of training if she wasn’t willing to offer some semblance of concession here. He would have to speak with her about it once she roused, because right now Aizawa was well meaning but he had no earthly idea he wasn’t removing access to her quirk but rather everything that bound a star to this world. He did not want to contend with the aftermath this would cause—it would not be pretty.

Atem oversaw the remainder of the class’s day, dismissing students for lunch and then later for dinner while Yugi still rested. He did not figure she would rouse anytime soon, but he did hope to speak with her before tomorrow became more of the same thing. With this in mind, he sent a tentative, gentle inquiry to her mind. ”I know you are still resting, little star, but I need to speak with you about what happened today. I do not want you to be left unaware tomorrow when something similar happens again. Do you think we can speak for a moment?”
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What filtered back through the bond in a slow, overwhelming wave was exhaustion so great it pulled and tugged at all in its path. Even after being out for several hours, Yugi really wasn't in a good place to push through it, but it was Atem and she'd missed him and he needed to speak with her so she swam through the layers of her own exhaustion to reach for him. She curled herself up inside the bond, needing the warmth and assurance of her intended one just to attempt speaking to him. Her words were slow in coming, but eventually she managed. 'Atem....what? You needed to speak....with me?' It was like moving through molasses and the slow, curling warmth threatened to pull her back under. She'd been pushed much too hard and her body didn't know what to do with it.

Still, she had missed him and hadn't really had much of a chance to speak with him since coming here. Honestly she wanted to curl up next to him where she'd sleep better, but even out of it she realized she couldn't do that and it caused a pang of powerful longing to go through the bond while she couldn't stop it or even notice it enough to try and do so. Instead she gave him a barely there purr of sound and shifted slightly where she'd been laid to rest. Her everything hurt, her head felt like someone had stomped on it then wrapped it in cotton, and she was decidedly more cold than she'd like. Still, she did want to speak to him even just a bit. 'Atem....what's wrong?'
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He knew of course she was tired. He could feel it vibrating heavily throughout the entirety of their bond and though he hated disturbing her when she very clearly needed the rest, this was vitally important. ”Yes, I did need to talk to you little star.” His voice was quiet, soothing. After all, she was still very much out of it and the last thing he wanted was to cause a panic in her. ”I wanted to talk to you about today and what happened with Aizawa. Do you remember it all?” He waited for some semblance of acknowledgement before he continued.

”He believes that separating you from yourself is the best way to strengthen your quirk. He doesn’t understand that that’s part of you, that the empathy you experience is integral to your health and identity. I believe it’s time you let him in on your actual identity, Little Star. Otherwise I believe he will keep pushing you until you either break him or some irreparable damage is done.”
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Confusion hit the bond in a foggy wave, Yugi's brain clearly not up to the task presented to it. She blinked slowly, sitting up in the bed she'd been left in and trying hard to figure out what was going on. Her entire body felt like it had been stomped on and she really wanted to go back to sleep; preferably curled up next to Atem where it was warmest. She shook her head slowly and carefully, trying to clear the fog that had filled her thoughts and not succeeding much. Then she heard Atem speaking to her about the day, yes she remembered some of it but not all. She remembered enough to know she was a tad unhappy with Aizawa though.

What he was asking her though - after it filtered into her tired brain that was - had her gasping and violet eyes went wide. Was he out of his mind?! Sharp and sudden pain filtered through the connection between them from Yugi's overuse of her barely there strength and she topped sideways back onto the bed. Emotions hit her from all sides and her shields were shot and she fell under the onslaught for a moment before reaching out and burying her physic presence far into the warmth of Atem's until silence finally reigned and she sighed in relief. She hated to do it during training camp, but in this case she'd needed his strength.

It took her much longer this time to regain the sense of herself; longer than the first time she'd been cut off from her empathy in such a way for the simple fact she was alone even with her intended in her mind. Thus several long, quiet minutes later she finally responded to him. 'Sorry....sorry. Repeat that for me please, slowly. You're saying...he's going to keep torturing me like this? Why, for what reason?! He knows, he knows how this effects me. I told him before, powerful empath, so why? How does that make me stronger? I don't...I don't get it.'

And she hurt and she wanted Atem with her when she couldn't have him because someone might see and she was stressed and Aizawa's choices made her so very angry. She ought to crush him under her claws, the little cretin! The violence faded, not honestly meant and more the product of her stress and exhaustion. Finally, after a longer period of silence, she tried again. 'Somehow...somehow I think telling him would make it worse. I felt...his intentions...Atem...he...' She was drifting again, she couldn't help it. How could they not see just how damaging this was to her? She knew his intentions, she'd felt them. She...

Darkness washed through the bond again, taking Yugi down with it. Aizawa really had pushed much too hard and the extra emotions from her classmates and the lack of the contact she needed, it was just too much. Part of her wondered if she wasn't actually up to this mess, before she determined she was because she honestly wanted to be a hero. She needed to be, to make up for the ones she'd failed and for her own peace of mind. Still, it took her much longer than it ought to have to dig herself out of the darkness that had overwhelmed her. Atem was trying to talk to her, she couldn't just pass out. 'Sorry...I'm still here. Talk to me.'
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"He believes you have a great deal of potential and you need to know that you have skills beyond the use of your quirk. What he doesn't know is the extent of what he is doing to you, and what that causes. He does not understand he's not just removing your quirk. He does not understand how it affects you so deeply--he doesn't understand because he doesn't know what you are, little star." He gave her time to process all this, knowing it was a bit much. It wasn't that Aizawa was intent on harming her, far from it in fact, he just didn't have all the facts and so his well meant training and help was turning into more of a detriment than anything else. "He is trying to get you to use your other skills beyond your quirk. There's nothing wrong with that, it's something every hero should work on, but I still feel you need to talk with him about this. I don't believe it would make things worse for the simple fact he'd have to contend with myself if he made it more difficult for you."

Because the fact remained that, because of what she was, Aizawa would have to concede to certain points. Dragons had their own culture and place in society, and he'd been around Atem long enough to know what he safely could and couldn't intervene in when it came to dragon interactions. More to the point, more of it might make sense with what had happened to Atem on that testing day...."I won't tell him if you do not wish it, but you need to do something or this isn't going to stop. It's only going to get worse."
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Yugi forced the darkness surrounding her tired mind away so she could focus better on what she was being told. It was part of her nature to be careful with who she told her secrets to, and considering the last time she'd told someone she was a dragon it hadn't gone very well she was understandably uneasy about the idea. She also knew that Aizawa might not be trying to harm her directly, but she also knew he didn't trust her. She knew he honestly expected her to go villain at some point because of what happened during her trial against Atem before. She knew he'd seen her lose her temper around other students more than once and she knew he'd seen the darkness inside her. She worried because of this what he'd do with the information of her being a dragon.

It had been hard enough to tell Thirteen and she trusted him with the information. Aizawa though...she knew that telling him just that she was a dragon wouldn't explain the problem. She'd then have to tell him about her empathy being tied into her identity as a dragon just as much as it was her quirk. Her starlight was separate and it was that he was pushing for, but the thing he thought was her holding back was actually her trying not to shift in public and reveal herself. Even though those that had hurt her for so long were now long dead, she still had the lingering inclination to keep herself well and hidden from those she didn't trust. So it was a lot Atem was asking of her, really it was, which she knew he was aware of.

She knew he wouldn't say anything if she didn't want him to, but she also knew he was right. That didn't mean her worries were unfounded, however. 'You're right in that it might make things better, but I don't trust him to know.' She went silent for a long while, then finally had to concede somewhat. 'He can't do anything while I'm recovering from this, right? It gives me a few days to figure it out, because I don't want to make a choice while I'm so exhausted I can barely concentrate.' And at that point she'd either let Atem speak to Aizawa about this mess or she'd do it herself. She let him feel her intentions regarding the situation, before turning back onto her side again.

She knew, by instinct more than design, that it was a bad idea for Aizawa to know her secret. Not that he wasn't capable of keeping secrets but the two of them had been at odds almost from day one of her time at UA. Probably it would be better to let Atem tell him than she herself, because she knew if she told him and he reacted how she felt he would, she was going to have to hurt him to make him leave her alone. Despite her earlier comment about giving her a few days with the issue, Yugi knew what she'd do. She sighed, the sound a tired and resigned one; she hoped her intended knew what he was doing. 'Probably it's better if you tell him, then. I'm not in the mood to deal with him anymore at this point and I know I have to. So if you trust he won't react badly, then I'll trust you even if I can't trust him.' That would have to be enough.
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Atem frowned. "I would not put it past him to test you while you were down, Yugi. He is far too stubborn to give up when he is at the threshold of victory." Which was true. If Aizawa felt she was at her breaking point, there was no circumstance at all that he would willingly give up forcing out what he had been trying to accomplish all that time. If anything, she was in more danger now than she would have been prior to the incident this morning. He understood her concerns, truly he did--she had lived in fear for a long time and it was only natural to want to keep herself protected, but in that same vein this secrecy was crippling to both her education and her actual safety.

He nodded. "If that is what you feel is best, then I will talk with him. I cannot promise his reaction will be pleasant, but I can assure you he would not take it out on you. He cares a great deal about his job and not only the safety of his students but their development as well. He feels in his heart he is helping you; telling him this will only give him better means to work with you, not against you."