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Title: Scheherazade Night (M)CXIX (Jabba x Petri)
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"'Twould be a fool's errand, My Lord." A low, ethereal voice reverberated from a disembodied source, and interrupted the conversation. Suddenly from thin air appeared another creature of like nature as Tuhinsunna. Perhaps Kassimir had noticed him before. He was tall and thin with a rather long beard and his hair was kept hidden under a dark green turban. He, unlike the two men who were bickering, was fully clothed in a stately thawb, the upper parts thereof embroidered with gold needlework and brocade. He carried himself in a stately manner and his voice had a booming quality and dignified air. "Lord Kassimir, is it? You may find it somewhat difficult to make an easy dispatch of Master Tuhinsunna, seeing as when you performed --" he cleared his throat "coitus with him in our master's distress, your act of kindness also resulted in the enactment of a biological covenant. Lord Tuhinsunna, if you will..." The tall djinn laid hold of Tuhinsunna's shoulder and turned the djinn around, revealing marking on his back which had not hitherto been there. "This is the fruit of ibn Ishraq's labor: the Suleimanic Rite of Ar-Rabbat. It effective binds a djinn body and soul  to the cantor. If you had not intervened my Master would have been made subject to the man from whom you delivered him, who -- I will admit did not seem too savory, but the result is that, Master Tuhinsunna," the djinn turned Tuhinsunna back around as he addressed him, "You are now bound to be this man's servant for the rest of the foreseeable future."

"That is preposterous!" Tuhinsunna drew back in horror. "Hooshmand! How dare you even suggest such a miserable curse should be laid upon me!"

"'Tis no jest, Master. In performing the rite of Ar-Rabbat, your body is his body, and all of your power is subjoined to his disposal."

A dumbfounded and bewildered look was plastered on Tuhinsunna's face as he fell back into his perch on Kassimir's bed. "How could this have happened to me of all people? Hooshmand! I am too beautiful to be a slave!"

Kassimir jumped as the voice sounded from the air itself, quickly followed by one of the men who had materialised during the bizarre events of the night before.

"Servant?" Kassimir frowned, shaking his head. "I have no need of a servant. I am no lord."

It was true that his father had been of noble birth, but the same could hardly be said about Kassimir. He doubted that his father would even have acknowledged his birth right.

Keeping his eye on the two strange men, Kassimir stooped to pick up his trousers from where he had thrown them and pulled them on.

"If you'll excuse me, gentlemen. I have work to do."
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"Well, if we were going to be completely frank," Rahim stated matter-of-fact, "you should have thought about that before you fucked him." At such a brash statement, Hooshmand gave Rahim a forceful nudge. "My Lord." Rahim superadded the honorific with a clearing of his throat. It was apparent that he found it somewhat difficult to honor as his master one who was so obviously of low birth.

Tuhinsunna was born a chief among his tribe of the djinn, hence why it was that he was attended with servants. He had never been subjugated to anyone, and his family had for generations had corroborated freely with the elites of the people in that ancient time which was so bygone. When he, all those years ago, had gone to bed, Tuhinsunna was a highly esteemed colleague of an Idrisian chieftain. He was attended with servant of both mankind and djinnkind, and now he was there standing naked in a hovel with a man who seemed to want to have no dealing with him.

"My Lord." Hooshmand levitated with haste to lay hold of the garment which Kassimir had just put on. "If, I could have a word." The djinn spoke in more hushed tones. "As I do understand that these circumstances were... thrust upon you, the fact that you are somewhat repulse by our sudden arrival may be difficult to take in, but I will reiterate that my master, Lord Tuhinsunna is metaphysically bound to you. Regardless of where you go, he and we will by necessity follow. This is a fate which you cannot avoid. Whether you or..." Hooshmand looked up over Kassimir's shoulder to see Tuhinsunna histrionically bewailing his estate, weeping hysterically into Kassimir's pillow "... Master Tuhinsunna like it or not. I ask that you be merciful to us, My Lord. We are quite displaced, removed both from the place where we know and the time wherein we once were. If you turn us out, we will be out of place and out of purpose." Hooshmand genuflected to his knees gracefully to show his sign of servile humility. "We will be your servants if you could just find it in your most merciful heart to keep us with you and treat us kindly."

"You might as well." Rahim chimed; trying to speak over Tuhinsunna's ululating. "It's not like we're going anywhere."

"And certainly we can be of assistance to you in this 'work' whereof you speak?"
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Kassimir scowled, his already frayed temper rising sharply.
"I should have thought about things I had no way of knowing?" He snapped, rounding on Rahim.

He muttered a curse in his father's tongue, reserved for special occasions like these.

"My memories of last night seem to be a little different from your own. I recall a man begging me to act, for fear of dying a terrible death. Should I have simply let him be?"

He stepped backwards as Hooshmand approached him, breaking his unsettling grip on his trousers.

"I was merciful last night and look where it got me."

Kassimir frowned at the man weeping on his bed, wailing as if this was a fate worse than death that he had just been sentenced to.

"What can you do for me?" Kassimir sneered as he marched over to pick up a fresh shirt. "Will you kill my enemies for me? Will you find me a fortune?"

He shook his head, his anger abating a little as he pulled on his shirt.
"Either way we cannot stay here. I made sure that he did not know exactly where to find me, but I know damn well it will not be long before he finds me."

"Does he ever shut up?" Kassimir jerked his thumb over at Tuhinsunna. "I can't concentrate with all his wailing like a child."
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"Being merciful, my Lord Kassimir," Hooshmand bowed himself once again when he made mention of his benefactor's name, "has put you to a great advantage in your craft. My liege, Master Tuhinsunna, is a member of the a lordly branch of the Al-Asfar clan. By this serendipity you will have out magic power at your disposal, and I can assure you that we will be of great assistance to you."

"Be silent, Hooshmand."

"Lord Tuhinsunna..."

Tuhinsunna had risen from the bed, his eyes red and swollen with tears. "I will not be pawned off to be the servant of some peasant. Now, Mr.... whoever you are, I cannot say that I am ungrateful that you rescued me -- under the circumstances, but I will in no wise serve you--"

"But my Lord!"

"I said be quite, Hooshmand." Tuhinsunna spit out. "I will not stand for this!" Tuhinsunna was a magical being after all. He could just go off into the desert and make a life for himself. He had no reason to stand around, answering his beck and call. "Hooshmand, Rahim, Babadour. Come. We shall leave... Kaspar to make his grand escape."

Out of the corner of his eye, Tuhinsunna spied his vessel, and reached for it. "I will be taking this." If Kassimir kept possession of the coffee pot, then he could still exert control over Tuhinsunna. If it were removed from his custody, the djinn would be a free man. He could go into hiding and live out the rest of his days in peace. Tuhinsunna's asperations, however, were interrupted as he formulated his plan, getting ready to leave the room in a flash before Kassimir could even object to him laying hold of the vessel. Even faster than the djinni could vanish in the blink of an eye, he cried out with a loud voice and following the shout came the loud clanging of the copper against the stone floor.

Tuhinsunna looked at his hands. They felt as though he had just grabbed a hot iron. "Hooshmand! Explain!"

"My Lord Tuhinsunna, because of the incantation cast upon the coffee pot, you are physically unable to touch it." Hooshmand grumbled out. He was trying to warn his master of this before.


Before the conversation could continue there came a knock on the door. "Is everything alright in there? I heard a scream."

ooc// I feel free to take control of Hooshmand or Rahim (Babadour does not speak very much). I am sure you want to move the story along after such a long wait.
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Great advantage to his craft? Kassimir sneered; from where he stood, there was hardly any advantage that he could see.

"To hell with your magic." He muttered, turning his glare on Tuhinsunna at his outburst. "That suits me just fine. Now, leave."

Yet the moment the words were out of his mouth, Tuhinsunna cried out, dropping the innocent looking coffee pot as if it had been red hot.

Kassimir's eyes widened at the knock on the door and he hurried over, giving the others a warning glare.
"Selim." He recognised the man's voice, belonging to one of his neighbours. "Everything is fine."

He tried to keep his voice as calm as possible, although he wasn't sure how much he had managed to achieve this.
"I... I met someone last night." It was the truth at least. "I'm not... alone."

Hopefully that would be enough to give them some privacy, at least.