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Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« on: Today at 04:29:23 AM »
With blood on his fingers and the other backing off, Siri’s didn’t stop to take in a breathe. He got up quickly and grabbed a hold of Maria’s hand firmly; he tried to be gentle but he failed.

“We need to go!” He urged her, pulling her away from the scene. “Which way?”

His question was lower to her as he wasn’t sure where thier ride out of here was.

Fandom / Re: Fragments of the World Eater (Pendragon)
« on: Today at 03:52:13 AM »
Letting a sigh go, Duin rolled his shoulders as he stood there. Thankful that she respected his request and didn't push the matter. Maybe when they weren't in a dangerous place, he'd explain that request. Still though...he had to figure this out. Taking a deep breathe, he tried to stir that fire to release it. He could feel it in was there.  IT WAS IN THERE!!! But as he tried once more, he only coughed and sputtered out smoke.

"AAAAH I DON'T GET IT!!! I CAN FEEL IT IN THERE!!!" Duin yelled furiously, grabbing his hair and pulling slightly.

The smoke rolled out of his mouth in his displeasure. He was getting there just needed more push.

“They’re...they’re already up there...” Eldrin stammered out. “ I I don’t know which way they entered it from..”

The werewolf spell caster didn’t know what to do. Course he was soon going to get roped further into the mess.

Fantasy / Re: When Will (M)y Life Begin?
« on: January 15, 2021, 11:02:22 PM »
"It's's not giving up. It's trying to be realistic on the issue." Yohan responded. "Woodsman is on a limited amount of time, so are you. We have to priotize those that we can help end their curse as soon as possible. We know what Woodsman needs but who knows how long it'll take for us to get it."

Yohan sighed as he stood there before glancing over to Rose.

"Maybe you should head on down there first to talk to him?" Yohan suggested to her. "ALl of us down there might overwhelm him."

Fandom / Re: Reviving memories (Naisiskhrae)
« on: January 12, 2021, 04:29:26 AM »
“I understand it just...makes me uneasy..” John explained.

They had been given away? John tugged at his shirt collar, feeling a tightness in his chest as he stood there. Now they were lost?

“So they’re just.... gone now?” John asked with a nervous glance. “It was in the brown paper bag with what I was wearing when I was brought into hospital. I don’t...”

He paused before he let out a long sigh, glancing away.

“I don’t remember where they came from before that.” John added.

Greeting ready for dinner had been... nerve wrecking. His stomach growled but truthfully he didn’t know if anything was going to stay down for more than a hour. Letting the sigh go, he tried to not dwell on it.

The food looked nice, smelled nice as well. He felt worse due to his doubts on being able to really stomach it. He was trying not to show it as David decided to do a toast. Sitting there, he blinked in confusion. How was he so sure...that...that he was this Johnathan? What if he wasn’t and the real one was out there?!

A few blinks left him before he gripped his glass of water. Hand shaking as he struggled with his words. Did he stand? Did...was he suppose to do a toast back?

“I...” John stammered as he glanced to David, trying to force his nervousness away. “I j....just...”

He had to say something right? Right?! His grip on the glass increased as he held it up slightly.


The sound hit everyone’s ears first followed by John feeling cold water rush down his hand as well as...what...was that? The glass shattered in his grasp, breaking into several pieces that clattered to the table closest to him. His face paled greatly as he sat there, a dull sense of pain in his hand; it was mostly drowned out by the pain of his stomach

“I...I didn’t...” John stammered before grabbing his napkin and started to pick up the shards of glass.

Fantasy / Re: Beauty was the Beast (w/ readilliea)
« on: January 06, 2021, 07:29:28 PM »
"oh...I'm...sorry to hear that..." Inle said slowly, not sure on what he could add onto it.

Truth be told, she at least knew her biological parents. He didn't..his parents that raised him, they adopted him. Honestly he wanted to see what his real parents looked like, how they acted...who they were. But that was a silly long off dream.

"Well, places that are normally quiet and peaceful are good places to go with family to." Inle started, still trying to figure out words to say. "Well, Amaryllis. What would you like to do next? Staying one room is hardly a way to spend a day, even for someone in recovery."

He gave a smile to her, showing that he had good intentions with his words.

Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« on: January 06, 2021, 07:09:25 PM »
Slamming onto the ground, Sirus let out a growl as he started to get up but he felt the hand around his neck. Making him have to take in what air he could in rasps. Sirus grabbed at the hand around his throat, trying to pry it open with all his might. He also raised a foot to put it against the Captain's chest, trying to keep the man a little away from him as he saw that clawed hand raise. Then..she intervened once more.

A protective instict kicked in. Causing Sirus to forgo trying to get the captain's hand off his throat and do something else. With his claws extend and sharp, Sirus attempted to push himself up and tried to rake his claws at the Captain's eye. If he could hit him around there or even take out that eye, he'd be able to get lose and they could make a run for it.

Fantasy / Re: The Essenced of the I(M)bued (Axl)
« on: January 04, 2021, 04:30:59 AM »
Not at all huh? just seemed too much to not be tampered with in some way. Plague didn’t know what to make of it.

“Well that’s a unique skill to have, to see magic before it’s turned it to something else...interesting.” Plague mused aloud.

He was taking note of the sound, tensing  as he heard it. What was running amuck? His stomach cramped painfully and he winced, pressing a hand firmly to his stomach as he could feel pain shoot through his body. It almost felt like claws dig into his back and ribs, mercilessly raking them through him. A unsteady step left him as he tried to keep his balance.

“We should probably go, get a head start on...” Plague started but he was interrupted by the sounds of what was coming.

His gaze locked onto the area of the noise but he saw nothing. Even as leaves and vines were trampled and ripped as something rushed through, nothing.

“No...I can’t see it.” Plague confirmed for the lad.

Their next words though, made plague feel uneasy and weaker. Hunger incarnate? Why would those idiots send the boy here? Why put him here to help? A sharp exhale left  him.

“I don’t believe it’s coming from you lad...” Plague told him. “Right now we can’t go into that. How do we get these motes to leave us be or seek something else? My Magic’s more for...potions, I can’t do combat with it.”

Indeed not, what else he could do was let himself become that thing. But it couldn’t eat magic...heck would magic even work on these motes if they already were magic? Thin brows narrowed as he looked to the thick brush.

“Think we can get the motes to open a way out of this clearing through all that thick vegetation?” Plague whispers. “Running might be our best option for now. We don’t have any food to appease it.”

Fantasy / Re: When Will (M)y Life Begin?
« on: January 04, 2021, 04:01:17 AM »
“There’s...not much on Wolf. Woodsman knows him better, they were once friends.” Yohan explained. “As for mine, I made a deal with a demon and I failed my end. I was suppose to follow specific instructions for seven years but I broke...I couldn’t handle it anymore.”

Keeping his hands together, Yohan took a deep breath in and slowly released it.

“Let’s focus on Woodsman, Wolf, and you Rapenzul. I know we have ideas on how to help you and our friend in the dungeons. But you two are on a time crunch....I can handle having fits and put up with them.” Yohan adds as he glances to Rapunzel, his gaze returns to Rose. “Do you want to try to talk to Woodsman? Or should we go looking for Wolf?”

There was no way he was going to Red Ridinghood. So he wasn’t gonna mention her.

Fresh Faces / Re: Well, this awkward...
« on: January 02, 2021, 03:54:44 AM »
Welcome to visionary takes, Pluvio! Introductions are always tricky so no worries. ^^

Art / Re: Read's art thread
« on: January 02, 2021, 02:50:42 AM »

(I thought I uploaded the start of this here but clearly I didn't)
Day 1 here and we have wiltumil giving a friendly warm greeting in this cold month. A warlock half elf for The Mother of Winter Blessings; a deity I made up for the dndecember universe these characters are in

Art / Re: Read's art thread
« on: January 01, 2021, 02:40:25 AM »

Sci Fi / Re: To Frame a detective (Pendragon)
« on: December 28, 2020, 06:16:13 PM »
"Ah...i...i see." Goldstone replied, weakly smiling though he quickly lost that smile as he felt the pain register.

It took him a few minutes to realize what was said next, causing him to stir again. A few blinks left him as he tried to figure out the answer to her words.

"Medicine doesn't....feel like it's doing anything...hurts the most in one spot.." Goldstone answered. "P..probably due to....all the vital stuff in that area..maybe..I don't know.."

Fandom / Re: Fragments of the World Eater (Pendragon)
« on: December 17, 2020, 09:32:08 PM »
"It always worked when I was mad...." Duin replied with a faint shrug.

At first, he didn't really feel anything towards her first sentence. But when that name came out, he felt something. Mainly the confusion he felt when Dagny's mother called him that, and when he heard a little more about this..Alduin, he didn't want to be called that. Then there was something else...something he didn't know what it was.

"Can we..not use that name..." Duin requested, a look of being uncomfortable was on his face.

Course...he did tell Dagny to make him frustrated so...she could very well keep up with the use of that name. As for Eldrin, the sound of someone arriving at his house caught his attention. A sigh leaving him as he rose from his spot, walking over to the door, and opening it slowly. A surprised look pulled at his features for a moment when he saw Eric and his wife. Though he sighed.

"If you guys were home why the hell did they go....oh daderic princes, I'm a idiot aren't I?" Eldrin said with a long sigh. "Look, I made them promise not to do anything crazy or dangerous. If there's any giant spiders for them to turn back and get their butts home, keep away from vampires and even more things."

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: December 17, 2020, 12:24:38 AM »
She was...great?

"Oh?" Kurt replied, tilting his head.

Kurt stayed quiet as Vex spoke of the fight, her feelings on it, how she described it, and how animated she became as she waved her hands about. Even seeming to do small reenactments of the fight; thankfully the parts that didn't involve throwing or destruction causing. His smile remained but it was more for Vex than the joy of getting the sample. It was rare to see her like this. So alive in the happy way, excited and eager. He had seem her get excited in a fight when the two of them were wrapped up in that mess that helped them become friends, but this was outside of a fight. These were her feelings that were still going strong. It was nice to see. It showed she was happy.

"Well I'm sure that the city will understand that stopping a out of control, virus controled supernatural is much more important than damage control." Kurt said with a nod."Vex, it's all good. I'm happy that you're still overjoyed, nothing is wrong with that."

Pondering for a moment, he shrugged when she mentioned the news. The news could blow it up or try to paint Vex in the negative, hard to say. The news did what it wanted for views or what they were paid to do; often those went hand in hand. Ignore the important issues....focus on the minuet things. Kurt chuckled as she gave him warnings on equipment he had used before.

"Thank you for the warnings." Kurt said, his smile growing. "Thank you for bringing it here, I promise it won't get turned into a weapon. HOpefully it can be turned into a cure for whatever is happening out there.

Kurt studied it with his eyes, keeping his hands away from it. Well, he didn't quite know how well this would go. The sample would have to last through several tests, hopefully they'd get answers. Even hints would be nice but real answers was much more desirable.

"Alright, well I should get to work on this as swiftly as I can. Plus I'm sure you still want to ride this energy high you got going." Kurt added, chuckling. "I just need to finish a few things and I'll be straight to work on this."

Kurt was planning on pulling a alnighter if he could. After all, this was more important...they needed to get answers and this was the chance. After all....what if he lost his friend to this? That wasn't what he wanted.

The day seemed to pass quickly, Kurt had kept to his desire. Working on this one thing for as much time as he could. Some tests would take all day to do, so he started those ones first. Letting the sample be whirled around in a solution that was trying to dissect it. The lab had shut down by now, a dark cold night was what everything looked on the outside. The main room that Kurt kept himself to was lit with a annoying bulb, it liked to flicker and at night, it was worse. He wasn't sure why that was. So hearing the fuzzy bzzzt ring out, he sighed and set his equipment down.

Removing his gloves, he tossed them in the biohazard wastebin and pulled out step ladder. Grabbing the oven mit he used to fix the bulb, he set to work on making sure the thing was fine. It's bzzzt stopped going off and he let out a sigh.

"Alright. Now I can keep working." Kurt muttered as he got down, returning the step ladder and mit to their place.

Fantasy / Re: The Essenced of the I(M)bued (Axl)
« on: December 09, 2020, 03:18:08 AM »
"Well no, you went to the place where the high and mighty people sit on wooden thrones, making the rules on magic and how people can use it. You really think they aren't going to throw some sort of test at you?" Plaque questioned. "A test that may send you to a different location and until you pass, you're stuck here?"

A brow was raised as he watched the boy get up. Well this was a different reaction he was expecting. Dome....ah yes, a rather obnoxious looking thing in his opinion. Why did they want him to watch this kid? They didn't seem to really care if they were here alone or not..unless they were good at hiding it. The feeble attempt to remove the vines with bare hands. GEtting to his feet, Plague looked over some of the vines at a different spot. They were healthy and strong, one would need a blade but...wasn't this a test?

"Do you know plant magic?" Plague asked.

At the mention of food, Plague grimaced slightly. He wanted food so badly. However he tried to shush Max before heading over to him.

"Not so loud, you want to wake whatever lives here?" Plague warned in a low voice. "Alright,we're going to need to stick together. I don't know what you can do and my type of magic is very...non combative. So if something does show up, we could be in trouble. What can do you?"

They didn't have many options. While being out in the open was a bad idea, there wasn't anywhere they could go to hide. The way out of this clearing was blocked by thick vines and the trees they dangled from. Wait....why was this place so open and empty? Even for a test this....this seemed off. Raising a brow, Plague stood near Max, listening for anything different.

"This...isn't right..." Plague muttered.

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