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Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: June 17, 2019, 02:23:42 AM »
Nathaniel waited politely while Ira scribbled on a piece of paper. It made sense that it was some sort of contact information, even if it did seem like he was writing way more than just a name and a number. He took the folded paper from him, and without reading it, put it into his pants pocket, after a few attempts at shakily finding it with his fingertips first.

"Thank you. It's been lovely," he said. With some reluctance he crossed the threshold back into the hallway, but then stopped and turned around to look at Ira.

"I really do mean it," he said, looking Ira's face over in earnest. "Very lovely." He lingered for a moment, then nodded and gave a very small, very shy smile and left.

He had to go all the way back to his car. Which wasn't a terrible walk, but it did take some time, and he was still rather drunk. By the time he'd waddled to the car, he took a moment to plop into the driver seat and just sit in the parked car. His nerves had eased since he'd been at Ira's hotel room, but he realized now that he was going back to that very same hotel and that he wasn't sure he had the emotional capacity to go back.

But where else could he even go?

Nathaniel licked his teeth and stared out at the street in front of him, watching cars drive by two-by-two. He blinked with uneven eyelids, and he knew he'd either have to wait, or he'd have to brave his insobriety and drive anyway. It really was a very short drive, but... why put anyone in danger? He licked his teeth again, this time sucking on them until he rediscovered the paper in his pocket and unfolded it to read it.

He read over the name, and then the number, but he was surprised by the extra lines. He read them over multiple times, trying to make sense of them. No, not of the words really, he realized. For some reason, he knew exactly what those were about. So... why were they familiar? He dredged up a few poets in his memory and tried to match the lines to a poem he'd read. Or maybe a song he'd heard.

He set the paper down and stared on the window while he tried to figure it out. And then he remembered—

He needed to get inside before the sun came up. Nathaniel took a look at the horizon and clumsily shoved the paper back into his pocket, exchanging it for his car keys. Then, with no more time to worry about others, he drove himself to the hotel and casino, and he finally checked into his room only to fall into bed fully dressed.

Hiatuses / Reduced Availability
« on: June 12, 2019, 05:24:31 PM »
Hey, everyone!

I'm still around, but I just wanted you to be aware that I'm going to be substantially less available for a while. Not entirely sure how long. I'm starting up a business, and I need to prioritize it right now.

That said, I am still here! And I will be available on Discord (although probably doing more lurking than participating). If you need me, it would be best to contact me directly on Discord, but you can also personal message me on Visionary Tales. Even though I am busy, your concerns are still an important priority to me, so please contact me if there is a VT-related issue that needs fixing. DO NOT HESITATE.

Thanks! Love ya~ <3

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: June 12, 2019, 01:39:28 AM »
Perhaps it was a good thing that Ira gripped him so tightly, so passionately... because he might have swooned. It had been a long time since he'd had an evening such as this one, and perhaps just as long since he'd been engaged in kissing with a man. And had he mentioned yet that he was a very charming and handsome man?

Nathaniel hummed a few times throughout the kiss. The first time was when Ira's tongue made it into his mouth, and humming was the only thing he could bring himself to do in order to object aside from abruptly grip at Ira's shoulders and let the kiss continue. He hummed again a second later when that part of him that knew he should be cutting the kiss off just wasn't strong enough to voice its opinion. And then one more time, as Ira's lips vibrated against his in his own hum, and then their lips broke apart. He took a breath, partially ready to go back in, but the break in the kiss was enough for him to clear his head just long enough to pull his head back, mouth closely pursued by Ira's.

"This is more than a small kiss," he said with a nervous chuckle, though he couldn't bring himself to move any farther away from Ira just yet. He let his hands relax and slide down Ira's arms to rub the fronts of them appreciatively.

"I have to go," he said, with the least amount of conviction he'd managed to muster all evening. "I have to go." The second time was more for himself than Ira.

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: June 12, 2019, 01:03:13 AM »
Nathaniel could already feel his face flushing as Ira pressed up close—but then he asked for a kiss!

His heart practically vibrated against his chest. His soul will ache. It may not have been an effective line to a sober Nathaniel, but drunk, longing-but-guilty Nathaniel really fell prey to it.

And what part of him didn't want to kiss this extremely handsome, attractive, obviously attracted man?

His mouth moved open and closed while he tried to conjure the words he knew he needed to say to turn him down, but instead of managing that, he found his eyes on Ira's lips and his neck and then his lips again, wetting his own lips without thinking about it. He swallowed thickly. The gravity of Ira's mass so near his pulled him in. He lifted his chin. His mouth opened, tongue shifting forward in his mouth, his body very ready for something he knew he'd regret tomorrow. His lips brushed Ira's mouth without committing to a kiss.

"Just a small kiss," he whispered, tasting their combined breath while he hesitated, but he was too close to stall any longer, and he let his mouth press to Ira's, too happy to give Ira control over the moment if he was willing to take it.

Fantasy / Re: Hyena's Herald [M] &&Lukie
« on: June 12, 2019, 12:23:59 AM »

tag: Lukie

Boost narrowed his eyes at Chal. "Natural born leader type," he said simply. He leaned back and kicked his feet up on the table, lifting his hands to support the back of his head, elbows out. Looking the other man over, he sucked on his teeth, tongue swiping over his upper gums and causing his lip to bulge.

"Whataya really wanna know, Miss Priss? I shoot too straight to waste our time talkin' bullshit." Small talk wasn't really his thing. And he didn't understand how it was anyone's thing. There was important shit goin' on out here, and formality was a vacuum for time better spent on getting results.

"It will work," he assured her without getting up. He looked her over, and for a moment, a flicker of concern crossed his expression. Swallowing, he turned his eyes to the floor and eased off the bed and then stretched carefully so as not to bother any of his sore spots.

Gaze focused on the basket, he slowly crossed the room to examine its contents. "You should rest while you have the chance." He dug through the basket, removing items and looking them over before setting them on the table. Bart looked at Jan over his shoulder. "Just get in the bed. You'll sleep better there. I'll have the potion done soon." He found a goblet and started cracking eggs and placing herbs in it. He added a healthy dose of water and then waved his hand over it with a quiet incantation. The elixir steamed harmlessly afterward,  and he found a second container to split it into before taking it to Jan. "As I said, it only works while you're sleeping, so the quicker you get comfortable, the better."

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: May 26, 2019, 11:18:39 PM »
His argument was already getting all kinds of holes punched in it, and his trembling continued, now more noticeably. Nathaniel took a step back, closer to the exit, but found himself being reeled in, drink still in hand. He stared at Ira's chest, unable to glance up at his face. He shook his head slightly.

"I just have other obligations. That's all," he said quietly. He glanced at his drink and turned away, gently placing an arm across Ira's chest and easing out of his grasp and into taking a long drink of bourbon. Stooping down briefly, he set down the glass, now with nothing but cubes of ice in it. "I appreciate the lovely evening. I really do. It's not..." he glanced over his shoulder, but not far enough to actually look at Ira.

He was hardly sure what he was saying. It didn't help that he didn't know what he wanted. He wanted to be here, sure, but he also wanted to not hurt Sam or give Sam a reason to nitpick him or to lie to Sam and say he hadn't spent the evening with a lovely stranger. Which he'd already done, but... A number of reasons crossed his mind why he shouldn't stay, and one of them was the fact that he wanted to. He wasn't used to getting what he wanted, or perhaps he wasn't used to allowing himself to enjoy what he wanted. Sam was his comfort zone. Sam was a good excuse to not stay. Sam was a good person to turn to when he felt unsure of himself. Sam was the only person he could depend on. And Sam was always there for him to fall back on—and so Nathaniel never grew, not really.

"Another time. Would that do well? Just not...tonight."  He spoke quietly, almost ashamed of himself, and he had to wonder why that part of him that was able to look Ira in the eye earlier had disappeared now in this moment when he needed most to stand his ground.

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: May 26, 2019, 12:24:53 AM »
Nathaniel lifted his glass to his lips, but when Ira pointed out his "attention to detail," he lowered it again, putting his attention back firmly on his words and where the other man cast his gaze. With an air of shame, he dropped his eyes to the glass, taking it in both hands and turning it between them.

"There's no one waiting for me. I just—it's just late," he said, finally putting his eyes on Ira again, but this time on his chest. He licked his teeth, his upper lip bulging with the shape of his tongue, and then he finally took a sip of his drink. "I've really enjoyed the evening." He gave a tight smile in Ira's direction and then stood, smoothing his pants and his "bumblebee shirt" as Ira had seemed to enjoy calling it.

The irony of him trying to leave was that he actually was staying at this same hotel. He just hadn't actually checked in yet. "I just... I left my car parked far away, and I should really bring it back..." he looked Ira over, reluctant to say "here." He didn't want to give the impression that he had any intention of staying in this room with Ira. He was neither interested in doing so, nor interested in imposing himself upon Ira even if for some reason he really did want to stay with him.

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: May 25, 2019, 06:04:19 PM »
Everything with Ira seemed to happen in a blur. They'd gone so quickly from Arch to hotel room, and now, with his heart beating out of his chest, Nathaniel found himself seated up against Ira on a (fantastic) velvet sofa in the span of a single heartbeat, or so it felt. He wasn't prepared for the thrill of soft voices, for more kisses to his palms, or to his cheek. He rubbed his palms against the velvet when Ira got up, at first to wipe his hand dry of sweat, but he found the softness comforting and highly enjoyable. With his eyebrows playing bumper cars on his forehead, Nathaniel watched Ira and wondered how he had not managed to walk out when he felt so uncomfortable. It wasn't that he didn't find Ira intensely charming; he just didn't want to. Romance was a complication on its own, but in his situation...

He didn't have time to think  about his situation when he replayed what Ira had just said to him in his head. He'd been so caught up in his own thoughts that he wasn't even really listening to his host.

"Bourbon? Y-yes, please. Ice would be lovely," he said. He drifted back off again into thought, looking Ira over more analytically than before while he was still some distance away. "As a boy you became enthralled by a man with a napkin?" he asked, trying to figure out what was really intriguing him about this story. "Do I remind you of him? I'm sorry I haven't any poems on napkins for you today."

He glanced at the door, then at the time on a wall clock. Sam would be looking for him soon, for certain. "Just one more drink," he said to Ira when he took the bourbon from him with a trembling hand. "I truly can't stay long." He tried to look apologetic while he lifted from the sofa to seat himself farther from Ira as the other vampire tried to sit.

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: May 21, 2019, 02:38:31 AM »
They took the tram back down to ground level, and it was just as anxiety-inducing as the first time, despite the alcohol. Nathaniel found himself wondering if maybe he should find some liquor and have just one more shot to really get rid of his nerves. But then again, would that even do the trick? He'd probably find himself passed out before it actually managed to free him from the anxiety he'd been living with for centuries.

What did help was the cool, but humid, summer night air. It was lovely, and so was the view of the river and the glowing moon overhead. Every person they walked past smell ten times more delicious than they normally did, yet with Ira, his new friend or... whatever he might be, at his side, he felt anchored for now—again, despite the alcohol that might have otherwise rubbed out some of his inhibitions. Perhaps the one inhibition that it was truly affecting at this point, was the one that kept him from getting close to people. He couldn't not begin to obsess over the fact that he'd made a friend in a vampire in... such a short period of time.

Nathaniel thought that when Ira had asked him to walk him to his hotel that he might leave him in the lobby, or maybe the elevator, or at most, at the door to his hotel room. And he found that as he passed each of those landmarks, he grew more and more anxious again. Certainly, he'd understood the question right? This was the end of the night, wasn't it? And so why was he standing in a strange man's hotel room. He looked a bit dumbstruck as he looked around the room, though perhaps for different reasons than Ira, who was telling him to bask in the glory of the beautiful hotel room, might have guessed at.

Realizing his mouth was hanging open, Nathaniel shut it and wet his lips before swallowing. "I-it's lovely," he said. He hesitated in taking another step forward. "It's also late. I should... I can't really be here."

Tabletop / Re: [5e] Strange Tides & Wild Rides
« on: May 21, 2019, 02:25:51 AM »
Bil's life was complete. Or at least, the first step was complete. They felt satisfied that the hobgoblin seemed to be in agreement with them becoming their leader. Obviously Bil just exuded leadership energy. Knowing nothing more about the sign, Bil provided no information to Eyzas, but they did smile at them proudly. They looked about at the others, wondering what they might be interested in doing also. There was a man greeting them very enthusiastically, so Bil turned their proud smile on him. They gave one firm nod to indicate, "Yes, I am a sea turtle person," but they did not speak to correct him that the proper term would have been "tortle," and as a changeling, was it really truthful to say that they were a tortle or a sea turtle person? They didn't know.

Bil shook their head at the question about the sea, but blinked and smiled at Murbeam some more.

With one final glance around at the others gathered nearby, a curious look at the metal person, and one more look at the flyer, Bil stepped out of the way of the board and toward the nearest lane. They knew their way around this city better than most people, so Bil was ready to lead! ... if only they knew where they were going.

Fantasy / Re: Hyena's Herald [M] &&Lukie
« on: May 21, 2019, 02:11:53 AM »

tag: Lukie

Well, that was fucked up. Boost breathed in and out through his nose with a little bit of frustration and a little bit of a shoulder shimmy. His lips puckered up while he sucked on his tongue and thought hard about how to be diplomatic with this feller.

"All right," he said. And then he turned away and took Chal's horse by the rein, leading it to a clean, empty stall in the nearby stable. He left Chal there without providing any instructions. But he was quick, and he returned shortly, dusting his hands together.

"Not sure how much more comfortable you need to be than out here in the sun, but if your pampered tush needs a cushion to sit on, I think we can find one in Steingott's castle here." Boost pointed loosely and briefly at the building in front of them. "Castle" was probably a generous term, but "mansion" or "estate" still may have served the purpose. It was a house that had managed to survive a long time and still stood strong. Steingott had been persistent in making sure that Boost understood that this home held ancient secrets while also neglecting to mention what any of them were. It had Boost's bullshit meter blaring alarms in his head, but it also had the Herald intrigued. Ancient secrets often meant ancient technology, and he'd been lucky enough to have witnessed some ancient artifacts at work with his own two eyes—and by his own power making them come to life.

Regardless of Chal's response, Boost took it upon himself to lead the way to the door. He was quick. At walking, at talking, at judging, and at throwing the door open. It bounced back and he had to push it open again to avoid being smacked in the face. But he didn't let the little fuck-up throw him off his confidence game. The estate was large and well cared for, and for some reason pineapples were part of the decor in most of the rooms, but still it looked nice, felt spacious, and was bogged down with lots of rope to keep people in the areas of the house meant for public view. Boost had to wonder if the areas beyond the ropes was really in need of protection from visitors, or if Steingott was just manufacturing intrigue with the intention of turning his home into a museum cash cow. It really really seemed like the latter.

Boost followed the ropes to a parlor he'd been allowed in previously. Steingott had said to make himself comfortable, within reason, which he took to mean, don't pass any of the ropes, so Boost felt plenty comfortable making himself at home.

The parlor housed a fireplace and a small table with two chairs. There was a bookcase with a few sparsely stocked books, and Boost got the impression it was more for show than for knowledge. This Steingott character was really a strange feller.

One window stretched from just a few feet above the floor to almost all the way to the ceiling, and it had sheer curtains that were pulled back and letting in a lot of yellow light from the hot, dusty outdoors. The stables could be seen from where they were.

"For your picky tush." Boost said, gesturing grandly to the nearest chair without stopping on his way to the farther one. He plopped down in it and looked at Chal. "Well come on and sit. Chair don't bite. I mean, I think it don't."

Fantasy / Re: Béni sois-tu Seigneur [M] && Petri
« on: May 21, 2019, 01:50:40 AM »


Valère took notice of Pomeroy's reluctance to respond to his question, gaze swiping over the reddened cheeks of his comrade. What amusement he had experienced because of Pomeroy's embarrassment was replaced by a slight frown as the knight took his gaze off of the cleric for the sake of giving him some privacy. He'd gone too far, he realized. At the very least, out in the open, where this young companion already felt uncomfortable, was not the place to pry at Pomeroy's innocence, which was only further confirmed by his inability to voice those curiosities Valère had asked him to confess.

So by the time Pomeroy had changed the subject, he was not the only one of the two of them looking for something new to talk about. Unfortunately, this subject was not one Valère had any interest in discussing. On top of a new wave of guilt from his treatment of his companion, the mention of his reason for becoming a paladin was enough to chisel in an even deeper frown. He let silence hang between them as he picked up the mug and downed the rest of it. Valère didn't look at Pomeroy again as he got up.

"Let's go back to the room," he said quietly, his voice a bit grumbly. Finally, he looked Pomeroy in the face, taking his arm in his rough palm. His voice fell to barely a whisper. "I have something I need to confess to you."

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: May 14, 2019, 12:23:36 AM »

I beg for a moment,
a lingering eternity in your grace,
denouncing the cyclical revolution of my own
desires, unearthed:
a soul for one more day of spineless perpetuation,
joyless survival colliding with the blazing
forest He made and yet will not Himself quench.
                 softness, n. d.  wheelwright

Nathaniel did not yet know just how remarkable Ira's lack of response to what he'd just said really was, but he did enjoy the brief quiet between them as he looked out over the city again. Truly he did feel the alcohol swimming in his skull, feeling a little unsteady—or was that just the Arch swaying in the wind? He did not know. Either way, it added a dash of fun to just standing around.

He turned his face to Ira with heavier eyelids than before, though he remained quite capable of accessing his wits, but what Ira said stunned him into further silence. It gave him something to think on—something he was quite reluctant to think on considering he was in no rush to admit he'd wasted centuries of his time not living. He glanced down over his own cheeks at their shoulders as they touched, and then moved his gaze to Ira's profile while the other man still looked out at the river. His lips parted with a shaky breath in when Ira wove his fingers into his. His breathing became quicker and he tried not to sound like he was having a panic attack. He wasn't, not this time, though the tension was certainly there. By now, however, the alcohol had done its depressant effect, and the lack of inhibitions had become clear. Holding another man's hand felt nice. This was so lovely, gosh dang it. And Ira got it. He completely understood him, what it meant to be a vampire. That's what he was saying. Love was hard for their kind. Nathaniel admired that they didn't have to bring up what they were to each other. Somehow conversations with other vampires always came to an explicit declaration that each person was, indeed, a vampire and not human please don't bite me.

Nathaniel closed his grasp on Ira's hand and rubbed the base of his thumb from the base of Ira's thumb and up past his knuckle and slowly back down, causing some gentle, twisting friction between their palms that stirred something deep in his gut. He licked his lips, looking Ira in the eyes now that he finally could look at him. He felt victorious when he didn't feel the need to look away—well, not immediately anyway. He nodded with a subtle up and down motion of his head and a slightly growing smile.

"Absolutely," he said, with just enough volume that Ira would be the only one who could hear him. His gaze dropped to his lips, but even with this much alcohol in his system, he abandoned that thought quickly, and stepped back from the wall, moving aside so that Ira could lead.

Fantasy / Re: Hyena's Herald [M] &&Lukie
« on: May 13, 2019, 09:45:02 PM »

tag: Lukie

We-heh-hellll then! Boost grinned from ear ta' ear and puffed his chest out with pride. He wasn't a big man, but he behaved like he was one, lifting his chin just so he could look down at people, when really he was average height at best. The Herald of the Hyenas was tanned and just about always dusty or covered in grease. Or both. His light brown hair had a nice layer of sand in it right now.

"Don't get much more convenient than this, then: I'm Catrus Laclei, Hyena's Herald. Or just call me Boost" he said, charm and pride putting a bit of a song in his tone. He took a look around, wondering if perhaps a unit of men was anywhere around or somewhere in the distance to be seen. "So when's the rest of 'em gettin' here?" His gaze flickered up and down Chal again now that he knew who he was. Some prissy little dimplomat this feller was. If he weren't waitin' on serious business to get accomplished with the man, he'da been smirking at how wimpy the man looked. Not that Boost was stupid enough to underestimate someone based on their size, especially a Herald, but still he was surprised at Chal Camadrid's actual appearance. As it were, his disappointment in the lack of an army kept his amusement at bay, and instead of smirking, the corner of Boost's lips turned down in a disapproving frown, realizing that there was no way they were going to send their fancy Herald man to scout ahead.

No one else was coming.

"Goddammit, I told ya to bring your men! Where's they at? We're wastin' precious time." He tapped his wrist when he said it, though the concept of a watch was long lost to another time. Still, the wrist-tapping motion remained associated with impatience. Boost threw his hands up and slapped them back down on his worn-leather-clad thighs, watching Chal and waiting for him to give him ONE GOOD REASON he couldn't just bring an army.

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