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Hiatuses / Reduced Availability
« on: June 12, 2019, 05:24:31 PM »
Hey, everyone!

I'm still around, but I just wanted you to be aware that I'm going to be substantially less available for a while. Not entirely sure how long. I'm starting up a business, and I need to prioritize it right now.

That said, I am still here! And I will be available on Discord (although probably doing more lurking than participating). If you need me, it would be best to contact me directly on Discord, but you can also personal message me on Visionary Tales. Even though I am busy, your concerns are still an important priority to me, so please contact me if there is a VT-related issue that needs fixing. DO NOT HESITATE.

Thanks! Love ya~ <3

« on: May 12, 2019, 06:24:46 PM »
Hey, friends!

Tonight is the night that our SMF software becomes PRIMARY. That means that, after the change takes effect, you can stop sticking that "preview" at the beginning of! New VT is now official!

So here's a few things you need to understand. It's important because it could affect your ability to post.

Within the next day or so, will no longer lead to the Tapatalk software, and you will no longer have to go to in order to access New VT.

So in other words, once the change occurs,  the subdomains will be as follows:

New VT =
Old VT =

For now, you can still post on Old VT (Tapatalk). But in less than a month, new posts will become disabled on Tapatalk and we will just have that site for happy memories. It will probably only be accessible to members.

Until June 8, you will still have access to Tapatalk if you need to contact RP buddies or staff members before then. As a reminder, there is no way for us to bring the old threads from Old VT to New VT, so you'll have to live with them living in archives or you'll need to copy them manually for your own records. But we're not getting rid of them, so unless Tapatalk goes under, there's no need to worry.

There is a possibility of downtime while DNS adjusts to our changes. If you don't know what that means, that's okay, just know that what it means for you is that VT could be down for up to 24 hours for you once the change takes place, though it will most likely be only a few hours at most. We anticipate performing the change on our end sometime after midnight tonight, so I would advise composing your posts in an external document so that the switch cannot interfere with them. The downtime is beyond our control, so unfortunately we cannot promise a seamless transition, but we are doing our best to cause as little interruption as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue making major changes to VT.

Fantasy / Take Your Ryans One at a Time [M] && Solstice RP
« on: April 15, 2019, 12:33:20 PM »
@Solstice It's ready. UuU

tag: Solstice

"We bought a bed, babe." Lai's lips brushed Ryan's earlobe when he rumbled the words to him in a low voice shaped by a proud smile. Pushing his hands across Ryan's lower belly, he pulled Ryan's back to his chest and fit their bodies together while standing. They could both see the bed in front of them: Queen-sized, a headboard with shelves and drawers built in, a simple design, a dark wood, nice, sturdy frame, storage drawers...and all still in the box.

Lai kissed Ryan's neck, and then his cheek. "I can't wait to see it all together," he murmured, a bit urgent as he put a hand on the side of Ryan's face to pull it toward him and kiss his mouth. He groaned softly and broke out of it. "Come on, let's put it together." Lai's grin pushed his cheeks up to give him one of those genuine, squinty smiles. With one more kiss to the cheek, Lai stepped away from Ryan and went to go open the box. He picked up a box cutter from the floor and sliced the tape.

"It says two people are supposed to lift it," he said, bending at the waist and talking to Ryan who was somewhere behind him. "So I think I really surprised the delivery guys when I picked it up myself and told them we wouldn't need them to put it together." Lai turned without standing up at all to smile at him again. It was hard not to feel giddy about things moving forward. And with the anniversary of his late fiance's death already past, it had become a bit easier to focus on his current Ryan. The one he'd bothered to tattoo on his body, and the one he'd never wanted to let go to begin with.

He moved into a squat to pull the box open like a treasure chest, just as amazed at what was within as he would have been with a pile of gold and jewels; this was their bed. This wasn't Ryan's bed that Lai had a place in. It wasn't Lai's bed that he slept in with his dead fiance (even literally >>;). It was Ryan and Lai's Bed. And hopefully one day, they would go buy Ryan and Lai's House. Unfortunately, there were some things Lai was not ready to let go of just yet.

Lai took the instructions off the top board and handed them to Ryan. "Mmm. That Oak smell." He took in a deep whiff as he carefully lifted the first espresso-stained board out of the packaging and set it aside.

Fantasy / Béni sois-tu Seigneur [M] && Petri
« on: April 15, 2019, 12:32:41 PM »
Read the first part of this RP on Old VT!  @CathedraPetri

Quote from: Petri's Last Post
Pomeroy nodded in response to the astonishment of Valère. He was not surprised by the paladin's astonishment. There were not too many children of devotion. At least not as many anymore. A few decades back, many parents were offering their children to the service of the church as an act of expiation in the midst of a severe famine, but times had changed and such an action was not longer in vogue for people to do to show their pity.

The cleric was from stock that did not any trappings of wealth and no wherewithal to sustained the life of a child, so, as an act of clemency for their newborn, Pomeroy's parents left the brought he child and devoted him to the service of God. His relationship was them was still somewhat close. They always did well to visit him on all the major feast days and he wrote letters of correspondence to his mother, but the diaconate of L'Iridiscence was the main player in his rearing.

"I would not call it tedious," Pomeroy replied. "I have rather enjoyed it so far." As enjoyable as life as a monk could have been. He sat pondering, still sipping his water nervously. His pale face reddened at the mention of temptations. "F-fantasies?" At the mention thereof, Pomeroy almost spat his water. "I mean, I will admit that I have been curious about things from time to time, but..." The young cleric did not know how to answer the question.


Valère straightened up a little, amusement tugging upwards at the corners of his lips as well. He looked Pomeroy over and then chuckled.

"Pray tell, dear Pomeroy, what curiosities have piqued your innocent mind's interest?" the knight asked. The bartender set down his fresh ale and took away the old cup, but he was too interested in Pomeroy's confession to turn away just yet. "It might be that I have had the experiences you've wondered about. Perhaps I could share some of my wisdom with you: a cautionary tale, a tale of entertainment?"

The knight winked and finally scooped up his mug without looking away from Pomeroy's adorable face. The cleric's shy demeanor and tendency to blush had him very much entertained. He put the mug down again and patted Pomeroy's face firmly, but not to hurt him. "Or perhaps that's a conversation best had in private." Valère winked and finally picked up his drink to gulp from once more.

Fantasy / Quest for the Awesome Knowledge Stone of Zapping [M] &&Jabba
« on: April 14, 2019, 07:28:22 PM »
Read the first part of this role play on Old VT! && @Jabbathejack

Quote from: Jabba's Last Post
With an effort, Jansinisi pulled herself to her feet and tottered a few steps to pick up the parchment, quill and the bottle of ink to bring it to Bartise. She frowned as he gestured for her to hover, wanting nothing better than to sit the fuck back down, but even so, she weathered it without too much grumbling.

Fortunately, he actually seemed to be coming up with an idea, one that she hoped was half decent. Setting down the ink and the quill, Jan scanned the parchment list, frowning.

'Course I'm not going to fuck it up.' She muttered as she folded the parchment carefully. 'What kind of idiot do you take me for?'

'On second thoughts, don't you dare try and answer that question. I won't be long.'

Sure, she was tired as hell, but Jan was going to head to the closest she could and woe betide any bastard to try anything against her.


The afternoon sunshine was far too bright for Jansinisi, giving her a definite scowl as she made her way to the small market place near the house. It didn't take her too long to acquire the objects on Bartise's list, fortunately they weren't too outlandish. With only the eggs to collect, Jan found the stall that Bartise had mentioned, near the butcher's.

She could feel the shopkeeper's eyes on her, as if he were undressing her in his own fantasies and Jan could not help but grimace as she asked for the required number of eggs, plus a few more in case of breakages.

'New in town, miss?'
'Aye.' She replied curtly, trying to give the impression that she was in no mood for games. The shopkeeper, however, was having none of it.

'I could give you a discount, if you know what I mean?'

He reached out, his hand making a beeline for her breast. As soon as he made contact, Jan reacted, catching his wrist and twisting. She held him like that, almost at the point of breaking.

'A discount sounds lovely.' Smiling sweetly, she waited as he gibbered a reduced price. As she released him, she set the money down on the counter and took the eggs.
'Thank you so much.'

Turning on her heel, she walked away, leaving the shopkeeper clutching his arm and spitting curses at her back. A job well done.

Returning to Bartise, she fortunately managed to avoid his mother and set out the purchases ready for Bartise.

Bartise Fen

Bart held his tongue, knowing well that he was in no condition to fight Jan off if he were to actually voice his opinion of what kind of idiot she was... which was a lie to himself, because he had seen her bravery and skill in action right before his eyes already. It wasn't as though the word "idiot" really described her at all. And still, he felt he wasn't supposed to like her, so he maintained that of course, he did not like her, and so he took a nap and stopped thinking about it.

He woke up again to Jan in the room, though it seemed she was neither trying to wake him nor trying to be so quiet that she didn't. Blinking the sleep away, he managed to sit up, muscles still sore, but the stiffness a little more relieved.

"Was it any trouble?" he asked, more concerned that Jan had managed to bring back all of the required items moreso than he was that Jan hadn't been harassed. "What sort of eggs did you manage to find?" He rubbed his eyes and slowly moved his feet to the floor to get up and view the ingredients himself.

Important Information / SMF Bugs
« on: April 14, 2019, 03:55:11 PM »

Have you run into any problems with the new software on VT?

Whether you found something that doesn't work, or just have questions about how things work, post your concerns here, and the staff will look at the issue ASAP!
Thanks for your help in keeping VT running smoothly.

Fantasy / Doppelgäng Wars [M] (Stace & EvilCopepod)
« on: April 14, 2019, 01:49:30 AM »
This Role Play Began on Old VT. Click here to view the first part. @EvilCopepod

Quote from: Cope's Last Post
Wilson tried not to rush him, especially since he was beginning to get concerned about his friend's sanity. After having time to let what he experienced sink in, he might just go catatonic after all.

"What?" he frowned, "How long do you need?" He doubted very much they would get another chance like this, and even if they did he didn't think they'd be lucky enough a second time not to get caught. Wilson was very concerned and disturbed by his description, especially the fact that the other had felt the strangulation.

"A monkey with eight limbs? Like a spider?" If Jake hadn't been acting so perturbed, he might have thought his friend was messing with him. "A spider monkey." He put a hand over his face. "No. I have never seen anything like that before." It made sense, in a strange enough way, and it was actually believable considering what they'd seen.

"That woman would know." he said, moving his hand and looking at Jake. "Maybe she's heard of it?" He was rather embarrassed about forgetting Mae's name, he could recall what she looked like perfectly, but for some reason he couldn't remember their conversation too well.

Jake shook his head. "Not a— well, yeah. A spider monkey." He huffed a short sigh and glanced back into the morgue. There was no way he was going to get away with poking the dead body again. And honestly, his gift was instant. It wasn't that he needed more time to get all of the info; he just didn't understand the info he now had. Finally, he looked back at Wilson and gave him a small nod. And then he looked around again, remembering that talking to his ghost partner made him look like a crazy person. "Her name is Mae. And you have a wife. Or you did." Now someone else had her, it seemed.

They got out of the hospital without alerting anyone to his withering mental status. He called Mae on the drive back to... well, wherever she wanted to meet. And it was of course difficult not to feel enamored by her even with just the sound of her voice to go off. But before he could even make it to the coffee shop she had mentioned, she told him to turn the car around and go back to that strange alleyway door they'd discovered near the scene of the crime. It was time to go back down there. She said all this through the speakerphone through his personal car, so he had no way of hiding the fact that they were going back to the scene of Wilson's death already. Even if he had already accepted he was dead, Jake couldn't imagine Wilson would want to go back to where it happened. Thinking about the gruesome scene made his stomach turn. He couldn't imagine what it would do to his partner. And he'd already seen his ghostly body attempting to reenact the scene of his death.

"I don't know who we'll talk to," he said after hanging up with Mae. He made a u-turn. "Just about anyone, I guess, but what if no one knows about this spider monkey? She didn't know. Or at least if she did, she kept it to herself." He grimaced a little, hoping that they weren't being taken advantage of.

Finally, he pulled up to the alley and parked the car, swallowing nervously as he peered into the darkness the buildings on either side cast. "Do you think you can handle going back in there?" He looked at Wilson in earnest. He needed his partner to have his head in the game. And also he didn't want to go down there alone.

Playroom / Play Around with SMF
« on: April 13, 2019, 10:07:21 PM »
If you're new to SMF,
Quote from: Stace
as I think most of us are,
you can post here and play around with the formatting and stuff.

Learn how to use it.
Post whatever, just follow the forum rules! (:If you find out any new tricks, post them here too! We're all learning together.

Fantasy / Hyena's Herald [M] &&Lukie
« on: April 12, 2019, 10:26:32 PM »
Quote from: Lukie
Lacquered nails tapped on the arm of his wooden chair, while the exquisite aroma of his steaming tea sat to the side. Fine tea was but one of the perks his position allotted him, but he had no mind for anything so trivial right now. Generations ago, it was said that buildings had touched the clouds, skyscrapers in an age of unrivaled civility. That time was gone, devoured by its own incivilities, and his beloved Yuden was experiencing much the same. Oh, no one had the knowledge to make any of the older technology, aside from a few things that had been painstakingly passed down, but these days war was waged with bows and horses, pikes and-- cannons.

Chal Camadrid pursed his lips, moving closer to the balcony. The time of the skyscrapers were gone, but his city had respectable towers tall enough for him to see the hole in Johanns beloved walls. Moving his hands before him, he looked down between them, searching for the offending cannon and finding it on a nearby hillock. He let loose a soft whistle, the cannon looked worse for wear, and using rare and expensive
gunpowder meant that the invading forces had committed tremendously to this assault already. His Anima fluttered anxiously around him, and he moved back from the window. A quick glance had been enough to give him all the information he needed to know. The soldiers numbered in the hundreds at least, and his city would fall. He didn’t know if they lacked the resources for a second shot, or if the one blast taking out a section of the stone walls was enough for them to strike into the city proper. The bedlam made him believe the latter was true.

As a magister, there was little he could do against such numbers, but Chal stripped out of his robes and into a simple overcoat and trousers. Corruption - and the inevitable dissension - had spread throughout Yuden like a poison, and whatever warlord this was might be of a mind to put the sword to any of Yuden’s magisters they encountered.
Chal could say with pride that he had only ever acted in the best interests of the people… but perhaps the dream of Yuden he nurtured in his heart was dead. He hurried out of his office as the sounds of fighting grew closer. The hall of governance was a labyrinthine assortment of stone rooms and halls with signage to mark the way. The windows let in the roar of battle from the outside, and shouting was picked up on the inside. The intruders would be swarming over every building soon enough, he needed to get out.

In the dungeons there was a way to get onto the grounds proper-- and more importantly, a way to get into the sewers which would allow him to escape out into the wilderness. He could feign being a simple commoner after the siege was over, and return, he hoped.

It was several turns later, as he worked his way down, that he came face to face with a cohort, bristling with the short swords common amongst the poor and murderous. While Chal was no warrior, he possessed Anima and they did not. The energy unfurled from him, translucent and tendrilled like a jelly fish, though the similarities ended there. Thick tendrils lashed out, bulling the six men against the wall with little effort. He ran past them.
It was quite possible he was the reason for this brazen attack. If not for him specifically, then for the relative prosperity his talents had brought Johanns. That prosperity was now being preyed upon. The deeper he went the more signs of battle - and sounds - grew more noticable. Bodies on carpeted stone with their capes of red, shattered pottery and echoes. Twice more he had to take down roving groups pillaging, their weapons no match for the malleable power of the Anima.

He finally made it past the roaring hearths of the foyer into the courtyard in front of the castle where the defense was coalescing. He wondered why they were out in the open and vulnerable to arrow fire, before he caught sight of Anne Caren Dimaggio, eyes closed and hands outstretched to the sky. Understanding came, and he sprinted out of the door and over by her side, relieving three of the nervous guardsmen who eagerly
joined the brawl at the mouth of the courtyard. The courtyard was a circular affair with one entrance, with battlements little more than walkways onlooking. If they managed to get any archers up there, the defense would be pinned down and Dimaggio’s ceremony would fail. Chal had originally planned on making his getaway, but the day could still be saved if they succeeded at their ploy.

He was an administrator, not a warrior, and his Anima talents had always aided him in that, allowing him to read multiple documents at once, and so he excelled at figuring out the blind spots. Being born with the Anima almost guaranteed that you would be thrust into greatness-- and it had made him great, but not a great warrior. Most Heralds were unparalleled fighters, as was evidenced by Allexia. Her Anima glowed around her like a second skin, a suit of armor-- and it also allowed her to wield the massive maul she preferred, the deadly swings crushing any invader so foolhardy as to rush her over the smashed bodies of their allies.

Once the Heralds had kept the peace, instruments of prosperity and order for the whole of Yuden. Now most of them ruled their tiny fiefdoms, squabbling over the scraps of Yuden’s not-yet-dead carcass. Or they were absorbed into increasingly larger territories, becoming the backbone of would-be successor states. No doubt that whatever warlord attempting to take Johanns for their own would be a Herald as well.
His part in this battle was minimal, staying by Dimaggio’s side and keeping an eye out for any arrows while Allexia held the line with support from the rallied guardsmen.

The first cool breeze in the late spring air had him hastily untangling the belt of a prone body, snatching the horn up without allowing himself to think of the blood now on his hands. He blew short repeated notes, the call anyone in the city would recognize, but not the invaders until it was too late. He hoped. It was the call inside.

No sooner had he finished the first set than an errant snowflake drifted by, melting in the relative heat. And then another snowflake joined it-- and then hail. Tiny stinging pebbles that bounced off the cobblestones. The guardsmen broke away first, retreating into the safety of the foyer. He blew the second set. Allexia took her maul and quickly sent it swinging into one side of the tunnel mouth, and then another, and with a groan it crumbled in on itself. It was a small amount of debris that would barely delay them, but Allexia was already jogging back.
The air was cold, now, and he retreated to the blazing warmth of the foyer with the others, moving them aside so he could see out of the window and into the courtyard. Dimaggio stood alone, arms outstretched, and the hail truly began to fall. Balls of ice the size of a fist striking the ground and shattering, pelting what was assuredly the whole of the town and the surrounding areas with ice and sleet. None of it touched her, and not so much as a sliver of ice grew around where she was standing, even as the windows frosted over.

The ploy had worked, the day was saved. Oh, but what a cost this would be. Shivering, he retreated to the less crowded space of his office. Luckily he had closed the balcony doors before leaving, but it was still bitterly cold. He put his robes on over the clothes and used his Anima to drag his study table over by the fire where it was warmer.

Somehow he had fallen asleep there, dark hair pooled around his shoulders where his forehead rested, only to be startled awake by a thump.  The assistant who had brought it was neither repentant about the sheaf of papers now sitting on his desk, nor did they waste time in informing him that he was effectively in charge of Johanns now. With the governor dead in the intrusion, that left the responsibility for every bit of this mess firmly in his lap.
Without the powers - or the north wind - sustaining it, the ice storm faded away, leaving gradually melting ice and slush for miles around. In his time, Chal had known Heralds who could tell when a person was lying, he had heard of unsurpassed healers, he had even witnessed a Hereld casting fire with no match, yet Dimaggio's power frightened him for its sheer destructive capabilities.  Reports weren’t in yet, of course, about the damages the cold snap had undoubtedly done to their crops and livestock. Of the reports he did have, it was largely of casualties. The invading force, unsheltered, had frozen to a man. He had no doubt that many of them would be found hiding in closets and cupboards in many of Johanns buildings. They weren’t a threat anymore, their bid spent, they would probably join the city.

tag: Lukie

To be quite fuckin' honest, Catrus "Boost" Laclei took offense to the fact that Chal Whathisnuts, new leader of Johanns and the free people or whatever they called themselves, hadn't bothered to send him a letter. Never mind that Boost and his tribe of tinkerers lived their lives in a nomadic fashion; ever since they'd heard of the fall of Harrington, they'd made it their mission to form an anti-bandit task force and patrol the fallen capital. Sure, they did a bit of looting themselves, but 'least they wasn't killin' no one for it—unless you count the bandits.

The people who knew about them called them the Hyenas, and Boost had also sorta liked that he'd earned the title Hyena's Herald on account'a he was a Herald, and he led the Hyenas... He thought it was poetic.

He mighta been a large part of what had earned the whole group their name as he was prone to a joyous cackle, and the rumor was that's how you knew they was comin': you heard the laughter just before the attack.

Considering they were scavengers, the name did suit 'em. Dasein Steingott had even said so when he'd had Boost over for cold tea. Cold tea was the favored drink of the nation, if one could get their paws on it. Boost slurped his down and was just about leavin' when Steingott got the letter from Johanns and shared it with him.

"Write this punk bitch a letter from me," Boost said, repeatedly rapping his finger on Steingott's heavy wooden desk. And so Steingott had his secretary scribble down Boost's dictation and send it:

Mr. Chal;
March an army to Harrington. I'll get you back your capital.

Love ya,
Catrus "Daddy Boost" Laclei, Hyena's Herald
P.S. Saddle the fuck up. You're gonna need a horse to keep up with me.

« on: April 03, 2019, 11:46:48 PM »
Here is what VT is all about:

  • Visionary Tales does not require applications or auditions.
  • Visionary Tales has always been, and will always be, an open and welcoming community to writers of all skill levels.
  • Visionary Tales aims to foster a positive environment where members of all skill and "literacy" levels can get together and role play. 
  • Visionary Tales expects its members to address each other on terms of mutual respect.
  • Visionary Tales expects its members to read these rules and respect them and, if nothing else, to follow the cardinal rule laid down by VT Creator Spotty: "Don't be a Douchebag."

The RULES: Post By Them.

  • Rule #1: Don't Be a Douchebag.
    During your stay on our site, we ask you to remember one thing above all others: people have feelings. Some people stick very firmly to their beliefs and values, and we ask you not to go out of your way to antagonize them, and to respect who they are and where they come from - even if you personally don't agree with their beliefs. VT was founded on this principle, and we take it very seriously. You might notice the 'douchebag clause,' as we call it, is consistent in all our rules - and we think it's with good reason. Please be tolerant and courteous to your fellow members.
  • Rule #2: Respect the Rules of the Board Creator.
    Read the rules set by the board creator (if any). Though not as important as Rule #1, it's very important to respect the wishes of the board and role play you intend to join. If they're totally against swearing and smut, please respect that if you choose to participate in the role play. Following this rule saves everyone a lot of headaches - plus, it's the decent thing to do.
  • Rule #3: 'IC' =/= 'OOC'.
    As a general rule, keep "OOC" out-of-character and "IC" in-character. There's no reason to take what happens in character personally. It's petty, and can end up hurting a lot of feelings unnecessarily. Keep in mind that a role play is a role play - not a personal attack.
  • Rule #4: Respect Skill Levels.
    At Visionary Tales, we have an open-door policy to members of all literacy levels - it's only natural when you take Rule #1 into consideration. Just remember: someone may not be at your level, but most of us started somewhere - so be nice about it. Offer constructive, friendly criticism, or offer no criticism at all.
  • Rule #5: Be Polite.
    Ever heard the age-old adage, "Treat others like you want to be treated"? We might just be reiterating Rule #1 with this, but treating others with dignity is something we feel strongly about. You may have noticed that VT is remarkably nice, compared to many other forums out there. We aim to keep it that way, and we can only do this with your help. Besides: it's a good rule to live by, even when you aren't on VT. Polite means no advertising outside of the advertisement forum. Seriously. That's rude.
  • Rule #6: Plagiarism Is a Crime.
    Whether it's characters, plots, introductions, photos, drawings, etc., stealing others' work and ideas is very much frowned upon. Make sure you credit people for their own creativity, and never steal or plagiarize another person's work. The obvious exception to this is when the person in question has explicitly stated that credit isn't needed - and, even then, it's best to give credit anyway.
  • Rule #7: Don't be a Douchebag. Seriously.
    If you're going to waste the energy to rant about something trivial... Visionary Tales really isn't the place for it. As we much prefer keeping peace, we ask that you take your debates, vent-whining, and complaining to the Playroom board where OOC discussion is permitted (because we understand that you need to just get it out sometimes). If you ever feel the need to post something spiteful, retaliatory or exclusive on the site, please remind yourself of our diverse member base, and how important respecting others (and tolerating differences) is to us.
  • Rule #8: Don't Partake in Harassment.
    Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, under any circumstance, on Visionary Tales. Spotty didn't create this site as a vehicle for hate, and its staff will never allow it to be used to bully, threaten, stalk, or otherwise harm another individual. We are extremely serious about the safety and emotional well-being of our members, and we will not stand for a member of the community to be targeted.
  • Rule #9: Handle Mature Content With Care.
    On the forums, we ask that you tag/mark/rate mature threads/content with an [M] in the topic title, and express any further concerns you may have in your board rules/introductions as you find necessary. In addition, the admins reserve the right to lock any sensitive 'ooc' threads as is necessary, and clear signatures/avatars that are distinctly mature/make other members uncomfortable.
  • Rule #10: One Account Per Player.
    To avoid confusion and overlap, we ask that each player only have one account. It's fine if you used to have an account three years ago but it was deleted/you forgot the password/just want a new one, but simultaneously using more than one account for whatever purpose will require scrutiny for suspicious activity.
  • Rule #11: Visionary Tales is for Everyone.
    VT was created as a haven for role players of all ages and experience levels. We expect, however, a certain amount of maturity when conducting oneself in the cbox and forums. You might be noticing a theme here.

The Warning Procedure:
We, the administrators of Visionary Tales, reserve the right to ban members from the Discord server or site for the repeated breaking of these rules. Should you disagree with the reason for banning, you're welcome to discuss it with us - privately, please. You may contact us offsite via Discord. Keep in mind that staff members only ban when necessary - and if we have banned you for a legitimate breach of our rules of conduct, chances are we won't change our minds about it. If you continue to break the rules following a ban, you will be referred to rules one and seven and banned again. The need for a third ban will result in permanent banning from Visionary Tales.


Also see:
Advertising Rules [link to come]

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