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Fantasy / Frozen Echos [M]
« on: July 26, 2019, 05:35:34 AM »
If the college is big enough, running it can seem like controlling your own little empire. Students divided into classes, teaches divided by subjects, and each of them controlling his own little classroom. Of course, looking back at it, there is a bit of a difference. For one, other countries are typically employers or clients instead of friends an enemies. That's a fair sized one. Of course, having a quarter of a million people to take care of was also a fair difference, where it was less than five thousand previously. Food, shelter, protection.... Seeing to all of them, and making sure there is plenty to go around.

They also make a pretty good army, if you gather a bunch of them together and send them against someone nearby. Of course, that also works better if you don't send them against a mages collage run by a dragon. That didn't go quite as well as the fallen king had hoped, to the tune of several hundred statues of what used to be soldiers, along with hundreds more burned, electrocuted, blown away, or otherwise learned that when attacking mages, bring something better than a sword and a shirt made out of ex-cow.

The next thing the people in his capital, a dark, dreary, and one of the worst places to live in a small but terrible empire new.... the castle was gone. Overnight, it had been removed and replaced with a gleaming tower hundreds of feet tall, decked out with magic that seemingly spread an infectious cleanliness across everything that could see it. That afternoon the massive silver wyrm rumored to live in the mountains bordering their country made an appearance, coming from inside the new tower to address the citizens of the rapidly cleaning and repairing city. Turns out he had only been tolerating the fallen king for so long as he respected the boundaries of the mountains he called home, and an attack upon the college was the final straw. He'd never had any great ambitions to take over the world, but with his experience and power he had decided that perhaps it was time to take a small chunk of it and see what he could make of it. Blotting out the fallen king happened to be a good excuse to start, and he was never one to waste an opportunity.

That was two years ago. Since then, Colossus and the mages guild had rewritten the fortunes of the small country. Where previously nothing had grown, the land was fertile and bursting with produce. Squalid cities were swept clean by a small army of magic, dancing cleaning implements, plants growing from the delapidated buildings and pulling them back together into clean, workable spaces. The neighboring nations had for the most part found this a positive change as well, after a quiet year the trade of vibrant magical crafts, food and linens, and just about anything they could want started to pour out from the newly remade country. Beinn Reota, as he had renamed the country from it's previous and rather lackluster 'fallen empire' moniker given to it by the previous owner, was all set to bring magic out of the quiet corners and into the view of the public.


Of course, not everyone was willing to take their good fortune and roll with it. One of the kingdoms on the far side of the mountains had decided to only play nice, accepting the trade agreement with open arms and taking what was offered. Of course, they never did send anything back, destroying the magical airships that had been sent with the goods and snubbing the envoys sent to find where it had gone. And they got away with it for a while, until it filtered its way up the inevitable bureaucracy to Collossus' desk. Some small concessions were to be ensured, but bold faced theft like that was too much for him to ignore, especially with the destruction of his airships.

The next day, sometime around 11 am, the skies above the offending kingdom's capital had suddenly blackened, a cold chill creeping across the city that is out of place for the early fall, ice forming on windows and open containers of water freezing over as the sun is blotted out by dark clouds. There was no lightning, but the faint snow falling from the sky was the only herald of a massive form dropping from the clouds, Collossus opening his wings just in time to arrest his fall and landing with a terrifying crash in the courtyard. Slowly stretching up and up to his full height, all of the people around staring open mouthed at the great silver Wyrm come to pay a visit. Fifty feet tall and more than a hundred and twenty long it was only the opulence of the palace that let him fit here without having to coil himself up, though one of his six legs had taken out a fountain in the landing. Leaning his head down, Collossus locks eyes with one of the still gaping guards at the palace gates and exhales a cloud of freezing mist, just long enough to make sure he has their undivided attention, before speaking. "Hello, little being. I've a bit of an issue with your lord, and wish to speak to them. Would you let them know I have arrived, in the event that was not self evident, of course."

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