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Fandom / All Infinity Stone Sales Are Final (M)
« on: May 14, 2019, 04:16:36 PM »
Although he refused Sam's help, Steve had asked Bucky if he wanted to go.  But his best friend, his eyes still haunted with pain beyond Steve's ability to imagine, and only a hint of the cocky young solider he had been once, declined.  "I don't want to take this version of me back to where it all started, Steve," he said.  "Those memories are the best part of me.  I don't want to ruin them."

So Steve had to say goodbye to him as well as everything else, but at least, he reasoned, he'd get a chance to save some other Bucky and give him the life Stateside that he should have had.  He knew returning the Infinity Stones would not be easy, but after everything they had been through already, he thought there were grounds for optimism.

Except for Tony and for Nat, of course.  Steve was ready for an ordinary life, with ordinary sorrows.  They would be just as heavy as the ones he felt already, but not to his conscience, at least.  So, carrying the case with the six Stones in one hand, Thor's hammer in the other, and his grief on his back where his broken shield should have been, he hit the button on his nanotech glove.  Disappeared from 2023 with the GPS set for 1970, in the woods of the training grounds of Camp Lehigh, NJ, a bare second after he and Tony had vanished.

Indeed, shooting back up to full size, he noticed the summer leaves were still swirling in the breeze that their disappearance had created.  If he'd been a minute sooner, he could have seen Tony again...

Don't go there, Cap.

He'd chosen to do the Stones in chronological order, as it seemed to conserve Pym particles to jump forward rather than back, and he wanted some margin for error.  He set the amazing nanotech suit Tony had designed to look like an army uniform again, but changed the nametag to read Capt. Wilson (since the base's MPs were looking out for a Captain Stevens now).  He was about to walk out into the open when he remembered Mjolnir.  It would look pretty weird to walk around Camp Lehigh with a Norse sledgehammer.  So he set inside the hollow stump of an old tree and kicked some leaves over it.  He didn't have to worry about anyone stealing it but might as well avoid attracting attention anyway.

Then a deep breath, a reminder to "fly casual," and he walked out and headed for the secret SHIELD HQ part of the base, briefcase in hand, once again looking like he knew where he was going.

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