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Fantasy / Whatís [m]y age again? Abyssal x Pendragon
« on: September 21, 2019, 06:13:26 PM »
An idle tug at his sleeve and he produced a piece of chalk. The large office he had been given for his job as the dukeís advisor and tutor to his family if necessary was more than enough for him to work with. He had a large slate board to write on and plenty of chalk and reference materials. The rapping of the chalk against the slate created a rhythmic sound, echoing off the hardwood floors and stone walls.

The center of the room was mostly open except for a few cushioned chairs for people to sit. There was an area rug of a deep forest green that matched Amentisí eyes, and popped against the mostly earthen tones of the room and the seemingly monochrome appearance of Amentis.

Once the three questions he was going to ask his student were written, he turned back to the table, adjusting his books and writing materials. He had been so long out of working with nobles that he almost forgot how lucrative it was. On top of one of the bookshelves was an obsidian statuette of a raven, watching over the makeshift classroom.

It was time. Everything was in order, he was presentable and his book was ready. Now, he just had to wait for his student.

In an attempt to kill the time, he figured no better way than to add new spells to his tome. With his quill, a sheet of arcane ink and special paper, he got to work, intricately inscribing the pages with their necessary runes.

Looking for More / Pages unfilled
« on: September 19, 2019, 12:48:51 PM »
Before you sit four books, each individually bound books and a fountain pen in its holster. As you approach the desk with the tomes, the nearby candlelight flickers and you find your eyes drawn to their covers. The three smaller tomes are each stained different colors, and embossed with intricate symbols and pictographic detail.

The book furthest on the left is a deep maroon leather, with a grand domed symbol pressed in intricate, almost photographic detail. The smell of desert blooms linger heavy on the blank pages as you thumb through them, and the coarseness reminds you of Scheherazade and the 1001 tales.

The center book is a heavy gray-stained leather, worn from the great care and handling of its owner. The pages are likewise blank, all but the first page empty. The cover is plain except for a simple embossed triangular symbol, and on that first page is a grand illustration of a vast city that seems to curve into a ring.

The rightmost book is a verdant green splotched by smears of a dirt like substance. The cover itself seems to sprout vines around the spine, coiling over the front to surround an embossed mountain.

Finally, the tome on the front foremost part of the desk seems to have had the most use. A heavy brown leather, long since worn with name scrubbed from itís ancient cover, and inside, memories of those beyond.

Good day my fellow bards! I am looking for partners for rp of many types! I love fantasy in all shapes and sizes.

The following are some themes I really enjoy:

Criminal activity (doing or stopping, doesnít matter)
Sci Fi

These are just some, but any of these sparks an interest in my brain-space. The link above sends you to my list of characters and a brief bio, which unfortunately is still a WIP ask me questions and I will happily answer.

I look forward to collaborating soon!

Character Bios / Abyssalís Handy Haversack of Helpful Humanoids
« on: September 19, 2019, 05:24:05 AM »
  • Amentis Valdric, M, High Elf 725 {Fantasy, modern fantasy}
  • Ankha Marinus, F Tiefling 19
  • Aster Clark, F Human, 23 {Fantasy, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Sci Fi}
  • Aoth Haphet, M, Human 34 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy}


  • Camila Araujo, F human 27 {Modern, sci fi, crime, superhero}

  • Draha Valenta, F Tiefling 35 {Fantasy}
  • Dren Belesarius, M Human 23 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, political, criminal}

  • Eylin Seyris, F Half-Elf 28 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Romance, Criminal, Political TW Murder}

  • Freyja Farstrider, F Human(?) ~29 {Fantasy, Modern, Modern Fantasy, adventure, mystery, romance}

  • Jeshala Valrora, F Half-Elf 28{Fantasy, modern fantasy, Adventure. Mystery, Romance}


  • Maia Telinus, F Half-Elf 28{Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Political, criminal}
  • Miren Northrunn, F Aasimar 24 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Adventure}


  • Orik Stormfang, M Dragonborn 39 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Adventure, romance}


  • Uriel Fontane, F Aasimar 23 {Fantasy, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Politics}

  • Venfiel Eldaren, F Human (?) ~30 {Fantasy, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Political, Romance}

  • Wash, NB Fire Genasi 20 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Adventure, Political, Criminal}


Playroom / DnD 5e adventure
« on: May 13, 2019, 05:38:23 PM »
Good afternoon fellow adventurers! My weekends are about to free up immensely and I am looking to run an adventure for a party of five to seven adventurers. If this is of an interest to you, feel free to vote on your preferred day of the week and feel free to comment the time you would be available.

There are a number of options available for the campaign. I can run the following

Hoard of the Dragon Queen/Rise of Tiamat  lvl 1-17
Tomb of annihilation 1-20
Homebrew Dungeon 3-15
Homebrew adventure 1-18

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