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Fandom / Rise of the Brave Dragons [M] - Aeon+Kei
« on: April 03, 2020, 11:03:28 PM »
Life in a Weyr were always busy, but never more so than during a hatching. So much was needed to make things run smoothly. Fresh meat and fish were needed for the hatchlings, healers were at the ready in case of injuries, and the stands were full of riders and family alike chatting excitedly about what they believed the outcomes of the day would be. Already several eggs had hatched and picked a rider and many more yet remained. It was a beautiful day and it wasn't too hot or cold; the perfect day for such a celebration such as this. All eyes were on the sands, all talk about those waiting to see what their future would hold. Everyone was excited to be there. Well...all except for one person.

For one young woman, this entire fiasco brought nothing but pain, torment, and misery. Every since she'd been dropped off at the Weyr ages ago with no clue where she'd come from, she'd been considered an outsider. She'd been through so many hatchings she'd lost count and none of them ever chose her anyway so what was the point. She understood her place here, she was used to the cruel jabs at her expense and the often painful pranks the younger ones would pull, it was fine. She was in trouble most of the time and the healers of the Weyr knew her well because of all the fights she got into for standing up for herself and others.

They didn't like her, she didn't care....well she did but she was used to being alone now. She'd decided, finally, that she was just going to stay out of everyone's way and hope for the best. She'd never be a dragon rider, that was fine. She was going to focus on learning  more about her magic instead and be useful that way. Maybe one day she'd leave the Weyr and find another home where she could start fresh, it was a hope at least. Despite herself though, she too watched the hatching from the safety of the entryway to the stands. She loved watching new lives come into the Weyr and the look of adoration that came when someone was chosen.

She'd always been sensitive to the dragons, and watching them find their forever partner never got old even if it was never to be her. So she was going to watch and then she was going to leave to grab something to eat and head back to her room before the daily torture began again. At least no one could see her here and she could watch. The queen knew she was here, she'd given her respect as she was meant to, she only wanted to watch. It would be alright, it had to be

Realism / The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« on: May 20, 2019, 12:34:10 AM »
Thousands of people passed by going through their daily lives while among them sat one who wasn't constantly on the move  like the city around her. This city was neat and organized and the people all moved with a purpose, but for one out of place young woman the city was a chaotic blur and she absolutely loved it. Having come from a large city herself, the hustle and bustle of daily life was nothing new for her, but the people and the places here were decidedly different from back home and it made her strangely giddy to think of getting to explore it all. She was nothing special to the people here, just another tourist, and that was fine it was how she wanted it to be. She wasn't just her father's daughter here, instead she was just another face in the crowd; something she'd never gotten to experience before in her life.

For Evanna West, coming here was a great escape and she was fascinated with each and every thing around her. She'd found herself an out of the way bench and was currently distracted by sketching everything she saw around her. The people, the towering buildings, even the flowing traffic were all a great source of interest for her and it was all very soothing to the young woman. Green eyes were intent on the paper in front of her, and from the charcoal stains on her hands to the splatters of paint all over her fitted jeans it was clear she was far removed from the well dressed people around her. Her auburn hair ran in soft waves around her head, pushed around by the breeze as she continued her work. She realized she should have left home for a vacation like this years ago, and though she knew she was only here for a short time, she was determined to make the most of it.

Yes, she was going to enjoy this little adventure of her's to the best of her ability. And just maybe the time away would help things back home to cool off for the time she was ready to return. That was the hope, at least.

Fandom / His Shadows Bow Down [M] (Aeon+Kei)
« on: May 17, 2019, 01:10:18 PM »
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Atem frowned, turning his attention in the direction of his mate as he noted the strain in not just her posture but across their bond as well. He did not chastise her though, knowing well it would do little good. Instead, he came down to land near her with the use of his shadows as a sort of staircase. "All things considered, this actually did go well. Slifer is up and dealing with his tantrum in the shadow realm. Tokoyami isn't hurt, at least not any amount a good rest won't clear up. This one here," he gestured to the small female dragon in his arms, "didn't hurt anyone either. At least not irreparably so. That was my main cause for concern here. She would not survive causing another's demise and, what's more, she is more than capable of doing it. This tail could even give my scales a good scarring."

He looked down at the small bundle, grateful she slept. He'd have to return her to someplace safe for herself--she wouldn't tolerate waking up in Tokoyami's presence after the monumental blunder that had just occurred. "This is the most nonsensical thing, really. The both of them need precisely what the other offers in their basic nature, and yet neither can act on it." He stopped as Yugi spoke of Tsuyu and then nodded. "That's honestly just as well. It should have happened years ago. It won't be comfortable for any party included, but it needs to happen. Whining over it, or avoiding it, isn't going to work for either party anymore. The both of them will do better after it is all said and done, and he can finally start acting like an actual dragon inside of one held down by chains that do nothing but wound him. I know he doesn't care for that aspect of himself, but that may be because he's never had the choice to enjoy it." He sighed.

"I will leave him to you and meet you back home after I get this one somewhere safe."

Yugi sighed and shook her head; feeling the concern from her mate over the strain she'd put herself through and thankful he hadn't said anything to her about it. After all, it went against her nature not to help a friend in need and Tokoyami had definitely needed the help. Even now as he rested against her she knew she'd have to get him home somehow; which was annoying but not impossible. Instead she focused on Atem and his words regarding the situation and Tsuyu's return. "They had to do it on their own, or it would have been so much worse. I know that sounds stupid, but it's just how it works with them. And he never enjoyed it because he's never felt like it was his choice either way to embrace or reject that part of himself; not because he couldn't enjoy it. And he may yet decide he'd rather reject that part of himself, but at least he'll be able to decide for himself and not because he's at the mercy of his instincts. That has to count for something."

She looked over the female asleep in Atem's arms and shook her head. "Take care of her, I'll get him home then I'll be home as well." She considered the pair quietly for a long while before sighing. "Even if they are what the other needs, it's ultimately their choice what they want to do and we both know that." Which was why she was never repeating that statement of Atem's near Tokoyami, he just wasn't ready. In time, maybe, but the both of them would be staying well out of it in the meantime. She waited a beat until Atem had left with Evelyn before shifting again and taking Tokoyami home. She was so far passed exhausted when she finally got home it wasn't even funny. Tokoyami's emotions were not a fun place for her to be.

It was a week later when Yugi got a phone call that made anxiety and tired resignation enter the bond. It was time then. 'Atem, Tsuyu's coming over to visit before she speaks to Tokoyami. I've already cleared my schedule for the day, but do you think you'll be able to be here when she comes? We've got about an hour if that helps. If you can't that's fine too, but I wanted to warn you.' Because she knew her friend needed to brace herself before speaking with Tokoyami once more. Tsuyu was a blunt person, but hated hurting those she cared about. So she was understandably nervous and it put Yugi - who was stuck in the  middle of it - on edge. Hence her desire to have Atem with her. She'd held either way, she'd just rather not do it alone.

Fandom / [M]y Hero (Aeon+Kei)
« on: May 13, 2019, 07:45:39 PM »
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Yugi waited for everyone to arrive and then they were told they'd have to cook their own meals and she rolled her eyes at the reactions of her classmates. Amusement went through her at Atem's words to her and she snorted internally. 'Oh, I'm not worried at all. I do know how to cook, you know. So don't worry about it. Besides I'd have been upset with you if you had warned me, because remember I don't like special treatment. So it's good you had no clue either. Though really I'm not hungry right now for being so tired. I might have stressed out my quirk a bit too much out their. It's a thing I need to work on.' Indeed her exhaustion was something that was clearly felt within the bond; it wasn't like she could help it. Still she knew she needed to eat because they might not get the chance for breakfast in the morning.

After a moment she pushed back up to her feet and had to quickly reassure Tokoyami and Tsuyu as she stumbled a step before righting herself. She laughed at herself, scratching at the back of her head in embarrassment before going to make herself something light to eat. She very firmly refused to make food for anyone but herself, stating with calm tones that the whole point was to be self-sufficient and if she did it for them then they missed the point. There was much complaining but she ignore it after that. Finally she finished with her meal and cleaned the area before sitting off on her own to eat. She ate slowly, considering the way the day had gone and knowing she'd need to keep working at her shields if she was ever to progress further. She sighed and got up again, cleaning her dishes and going to find her things so she could get some sleep.

She turned her gaze skyward, scenting the wind and knowing a storm was coming. She sighed again, because a storm meant a temperature drop and she did sorely hate the cold. Oh well, that's what the training camp was for so there was no point in complaining about it.

Fandom / Pri[m]al Play[m]ate (Aeon+Kei)
« on: May 13, 2019, 07:23:51 PM »
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[Previous Post:] ”Then warm up and go back into your damp hovel for all I care.” Despite the snark in his tone, he did release his tail from her person. It wasn’t actually his intent to force her to sleep there on the ground, though it would be more than sensible of her to do so given points he’d already made himself. This said, he was a bit surprised she’d even extended a hand to touch him, his head lowering to regard the place where she held steady against him. He said nothing to her behavior. She’d either recognize it was stupid to fight him over this or she would warm up and go where she pleases. Either way he got what he wanted; she had heard his request and she wasn’t going to die immediately of being frozen.

”Go on, do what you’re too stupid to see the sense in.” He shifted and laid down there on the ground, large tail curling forward but he didn’t trap her there. She would either run, which was fine he’d catch up with her shortly, sit down and get warm, or she’d go back into the cave. He himself was tired. She was exhausting to contend with, particularly when he always got his way where anything was concerned. He’d have to play a slow game with this one...

Gods above but it seemed like men, regardless of species, were testy creatures. She felt very justified in her hesitation, but that didn't mean she was stupid. The cavern was flooded so she definitely wasn't going to sleep there. She snorted and rolled her eyes before going back the crevice and finally locating her missing jacket. She also changed into dry clothing so she wouldn't catch her death over night in the dropping temperatures. Then she exited the crevice again, hung up her wet clothing so it would hopefully dry, and hung a tarp to act as a windbreaker and protection from the weather. Super powerful pokemon full of himself or not, she wasn't immune to the elements and would rather be safe than sorry.

Honestly she wasn't comfortable sleeping anywhere near him, but she also knew it was wiser to compromise. This one assumed he knew best, which he did not, so clearly showing him compromise was the  only way she would be able to withhold doing something stupid; like throwing a rock at his thick skull. It let her relax somewhat that he hadn't reacted to her touching him other than to look down where she'd touched; which was fine. At least it was maybe a step  in the right direction. Eventually she settled herself with the tarp at her back to help her feel more secure. She watched him for a long while, survival instincts screaming at her that she wasn't safe, but eventually her exhaustion caught up to her and she fell into a deep sleep forced to give her trust where she'd rather not.

At least she knew that, while he needed her help, he at least wouldn't kill her in her sleep. It was only slightly comforting of a thought. Oh well.

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