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Realism / (M)ust Love Cats
« on: May 18, 2019, 09:50:03 PM »
Why was her head pounding? Sharp teeth on her ankle had her jerking in her spot, which resulted in what would have been a comical situation if not for the fact the action had her seat rolling back and her falling to the ground in a heap due to her legs being dead to the world. “Christ” she hissed rolling onto her back rubbing her head. The tingling in her legs was far from pleasant especially with the fall. Cracking one eye open to assess any damage she sighed in relief when she saw the chair had fallen away from the desk when she fell out of it. Nothing had followed her to the floor either which was all for the better.

Grunting she slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position staring her legs down and slowly moving her toes to help wake her legs up. Glancing towards the culprit of the faint teeth marks on her ankle sat a feline who seemed rather proud of herself. “Luci” her tone was sweet but the expression was far from it, a simple half-hearted hiss was her reply before the cat sauntered from the room and towards the source of the pounding, oh… it was the front door. Who could that be? Frowning she pushed herself up once feeling returned to her legs and wandered from the room, habit had her closing the door behind her. Luci never went in there if she wasn’t in there and the cat had never once bothered her work much to her relief.

Walking to the front door she barely managed to see the time through her blurred vision from looking at the work for so long. 20:00…. Who was here so late at night? Rubbing her eyes, she jerked the door open to come face to face with someone’s hand. Squinting from the brightness of the hall she glanced up towards the face in the hall. “What” she snapped, the irritation only growing when she had to look up so much. Who the hell was this tall person and why were they in her doorway! “Can I-“ the snarl was on her lips when she heard a shout down the hallway.

“HOLD IT!”  A scowl touched her features hearing the voice, however if you knew her or were watching close enough you could see that bottom lip jut out just a bit more showing it was truly a pout more than a scowl. From down the hall came running a rather lean man in jeans and a t-shirt juggling a bag over one shoulder and a drink caddy in the other. Stumbling to a stop next to the other tall individual in her doorway she starred down the most annoying man on earth. “Don’t you dare… finish that sentence” he said panting looking at Rae.

“….. “ Rae only looked at him with a bland expression at this point. “Josh… I still have time before the deadline. What are you doing here”

“… what are you talking about it’s 8 in the morning. The deadline is in an hour” Joseph said frowning and slightly concerned.

“…. “ Rae’s head whipped around to the clock before quickly looking at another one that indeed said 8:00. “Stop fucking with my clocks” she snarled pointing a slender finger at Joseph’s face, but that finger had him wheeling back eyes wide as the little spit fire whirled around and ran back into the house.

“Be careful with that!” he shouted after her, those fingers were expensive! “Uhm… Hello, terribly sorry about all that” Joseph said offering a nervous laugh to the individual next to him. “Please, do come in” he mussed ushering them in and closing the door behind them. “I am Joseph, we spoke over the phone” he said holding his hand out to shake the others. “As I stated on the phone it is a somewhat unique situation. An I greatly appreciate you being willing to work with it” for the pay you couldn’t really say no, an it’s not like the situation was a horrible situation just unique. “Rae is the individual who lives here. However, her work takes up a lot of her time even if she had free time, I doubt she would spend it cleaning” he said slowly looking around at the apartment with resignation.

Dust was obvious, along with cobwebs up along the edges of almost everything save for where the cat obviously moved about. Truthfully the cat did more dusting then anyone had willingly done in awhile it seemed like. The couch seemed to have some sense of order, one belonged to what was probably the dirty clothes and the other held clean judging from the laundry basket that was still turned over with clothes spilling out of it. What was probably the kitchen table was piled high with magazines of various sources, the chairs had a collection of books. The kitchen had a cute enough open layout if not for the boxes of pizza stacked next to the stack of to go boxes. An a equally tall leaning tower of to go cups that were stacked. The sink had it’s own collection of dishes in one side hap hazard stacked in while the other had all the utensils, probably the only reason it wasn’t stacked full was it had the garbage disposal at its base. Oddly there was a… small very small system to the mass clutter even if no one in their right mind would admit to it.

“I replace the air freshener pieces regularly so it doesn’t smell too stale in here… and Luci usually goes outside but there is a little box in the bathroom” he said. A soft meow came from the pile of magazines, the oddly colored feline jumping up to settle onto a magazine stack watching the pair. Joseph openly flinched at the meow shuffling away from the cat. “Yes this… is Luci… Lucifer is the full name” he grumbled. Luci really was a uniquely colored cat with the caramel like colored coat and black patterns. However, its personality was every bit a Lucifer. “Luci was originally feral until Rae took her in. They’re a match if you ever did see a set” he said shaking his head. With that he went about showing the newly hired housekeeper where everything was at. Cat food, laundry room, bedroom, bathroom with it’s hardly touched litter box. All of it was as haphazard as the next room with no order.

“Now that you’ve seen the place hopefully you are still willing to take on the job?” Joseph was hopeful. Sure, the initial clean up would be a chore but after it was more upkeep then anything. They hadn’t set an honest schedule yet but he had expressed a hope for every other day since part of the job would be preparing some meals, his small hope for Rae to start eating a little healthier than instant or delivery so much. If not then three days a week with at least one day between each day was the minimal requested. An it wasn’t Rae that would be paying them so Rae couldn’t actually fire them, nor could she actually kick them out since technically the apartment wasn’t in her name. A unique situation but one obviously needed for someone so work obsessed they didn’t care of anything.

The sound of a door opening had all eyes turning towards the one room they hadn’t went into. From it Rae came out holding out a thumb drive for Joseph. “It was already done before I fell asleep” she grumbled rubbing the bridge of her nose.

“You fell asleep at your desk again? Rae-“

“I got the job done didn’t I? Next time tell them not to give me a fuck up fix with such a short deadline” she snipped turning away from the pair and off to the bathroom. Luci on her heels and darting inside before the door closed behind the pair. “Fuck sake it’s done ain’t it what more he want Luci” she grumbled rubbing her face in frustration before peering at herself in the mirror. “Ew” yea that was about all she could be described as. Her hair was haphazardly thrown up into a crows nest of a bun with the loose strands twisted back on itself and tucked back in she wasn’t sure where the hair tie was even at! The dark circles under her eyes spoke of the long hours she’d spent on the project but then again so did the redness of her eyes not that either of them could have probably noticed with her squinting at everything. “Shower” she mumbled and made quick work to accomplish that task stripping away sweat pants and the baggy shirt she’d been in for… don’t think about it.

“…. As you can see Rae doesn’t even take care of herself when deadlines get closer” Joseph said with a sigh shaking his head. “Her workroom is well I’d like it if you could get in there but honestly it’s even off limits to me so I don’t even remember what it looks like in there” a helpless shrug was all he could offer. “If you’re up for the challenge then I’d love to hire you, you had great recommendations” he said. All they had to do was deal with a 4'9" angry cat... and a small demon.

L. Rae Finch
Lucifer aka Luci

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