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Fantasy / The Spy[m]aster
« on: October 20, 2020, 10:30:57 PM »
Isao looked over the map a fifteenth time. He already obtained the trade route for the Hanamura family, and he couldn't be any more excited. His prince could use it to his advantage and sabotage their supplies. Seeing how Prince Hikurai was understandably upset over them killing his favorite concubine, he was more than obliged to help him seek revenge.

His blue and gray flecked brown eyes glanced over the map before he moved the pieces to pinpoint where the supply caravan would be. Light gray hands gingerly over the paper before pulling away. Long raven hair was pulled back into a ponytail, showing off his short horns that protruded from his forehead. And small, sharp fangs were on full display, though only just the tips were in view.

"Ah, Uneo!" A richly dressed man said as he entered the war room, his angelic wings spread open. "Any luck on that tip?"

"Yes, Your Grace," Isao replied. "The Hanamuras will be sending their caravan through this valley and attempting to go through the mountains. If we can position some men along the base of the mountains when they rest for the night and sabotage their wagons, the head of the family will have no choice but to send his second son to check on them."

"Very good!" Hikurai patted Isao's back, his long hair freely cascading over his wings as his dark eyes glanced over the planned route. "Let me know if you find out anything else. Perhaps we can find a secret that the old man is hiding or uncover an assassination plot."

Isao rolled his eyes. "Wow, I never uncover assassination plots... My job is so boring."

"Oh, quit the sarcasm! You enjoy it! It's better to stop someone from killing a figurehead than to do the deed." Hikurai shook his head. "Go get some fresh air. You look like you need it."

Bowing, Isao exited the room and headed toward the bustling marketplace and pier. He had only lived in the capital of Okaona for ten years, and he somehow got appointed as spymaster after being in the prince's service for a year. Granted, it was a better life for the oni than being with a man who would try to beat him into submission and try to have him detach himself from all emotion. He had access to all the secrets he could unveil and knew the ins of outs of this city... and beyond. But with Hikurai looking for a wife, it had him wondering if he was meant to have his own hand to hold. Though, he was already approaching his mid thirties and he was nowhere near being intimate than he was years prior.

For the time being, he was content with providing for his prince and enjoying his off time.

Fantasy / Beauty was the Beast (w/ readilliea)
« on: September 21, 2020, 06:53:38 PM »
Fifteen years. Full of pain, loss, hopelessness. Time was a blur. Her pain was a blur. Even with her supposedly being the most eligible bride in the land, she concealed herself in her manor. Her wings torn and ragged, all color faded from them. Her hair, once sleek and tangible, now dark and wild. Fangs flashed every time her lips parted. Half her face burned and scarred. Once bright eyes no longer carried light in them. Mangled fur covered her body and her hair covered half her face.

Even the monstrous men of her village didn't dare to come forth and see her. It was all she could do to cling on to her last sliver of faith.

Resting on the rooftop, she cast her eyes upward toward the night sky as the stars twinkled and the bats danced in the air. She sighed to herself as she thought on all the what-ifs. It was no use, but she couldn't help herself. Her family abandoned her, as did her friends. There was still no word from the man responsible for her misery. Another sigh escaped her before she slipped through her bedroom window and curled up in her bed, wiping away silent tears as she covered herself with her blanket.

"Mistress?" someone called.

She lied still.


Still not giving a response, she waited until the footsteps faded so she could close her eyes and try to sleep.

Fantasy / When Will (M)y Life Begin?
« on: September 18, 2019, 08:07:34 PM »
As she sawed the last of her large braid off, Rapunzel ruffled her short, uneven ashy hair as she looked up at the twilight sky. It had been three weeks since the witch came to visit, the prince who was supposed to meet her never came back, and the last of the food she had was all but gone. Soon, she packed the few belongings she possessed and climbed down the braid she tied to the top of the windowsill. Once she reached the ground, she tugged on the braid and watched it sprawl itself on the earth.

Ruffling her hair again, she began to walk into the woods. "Who needs a damn prince, anyway?" she said to herself. She let her thoughts occupy her while she let her bare feet softly touch the ground with each step. She didn't even know of the last time she went outside, let alone being able to go one step out of the tower. Still, she did her best to keep her wits about her as she came across a few berry bushes and she began to ravenously wolf them down.

Though if the prince actually made it to the tower... it didn't matter now. She was sure that if he was going to come back, he would have by now.

Fantasy / [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« on: August 16, 2019, 07:33:48 PM »
As Maria floated in the stray waves, she stared up at the darkening sky while her short, violet hair danced in the water. Her multicolored tail stayed still while she began to count the clouds that rolled by and the stars that came into view. Even as she put a tanned hand on the bite marks on the side of her tail, her sapphire eyes never looked away from the sky.

This isn't the end, she thought. With the pool of crimson enveloping her, she took a deep breath, seeing the large fin stick out of the water. Turning her body, she darted through the water as the fin followed closely behind. She dove under the surface and swam deeper into the depths until the watery world around her began to turn black. She stopped, glancing up to the the silhouette of her attacker circling around before finally going in the opposite direction. As she made her way to the surface, she saw the shark whip its head in her direction and charged towards her. Maria swam as fast as her fins could take her, breaking the water's surface and leaping out toward the rocky outcrop with the shark jumping after her.

She grabbed onto the rocks, clenching her teeth as the rocks scraped against her skin and scales before pulling herself up and rolled into an opening. Her fins began to pull itself apart, turning into two bloodied legs. Moving to her side, she looked out at the sea, the fin still going back and forth as she closed her eyes and sighed. She had beat the odds, once again.

Fantasy / A Lowly Wo[M]an
« on: July 27, 2019, 11:36:06 PM »
Huffing to herself, Cassandra dismounted her horse before beginning her trek toward the castle gates. Of course, of course this was the worst time for her to be in the predicament she was in. Some hapless baron kept begging for some of the finest spices and silk she could get her hands on and only paid her for a fraction of what she asked for. All because she was low born. The gall. As she ran a hand through her short nutmeg hair, her green eyes scanned the crowd in front of her, ignoring the stares as she walked by. She knew her hair made her look more like a young boy than an actual woman, though she didn't particularly care. The freckles dotting her nose and cheeks didn't help her, either.

The winding cobblestone streets and small stalls did nothing to lighten her mood nor the sight of the castle's spires and walls towering over everything. She could only hope that the king would see reason and actually listen to what she had to say. Because of the baron, she had been looking forward to this trip so she could try and set things straight. Once she reached the gates, she sighed before a guard approached her.

"State your business," he told her.

"I am Cassandra Ostar, and I'm here to settle a dispute with Baron Hawke."

The guard ordered her to wait, going past the gate and emerging some time later. "Follow me, then."

Giving the guard a nod, she trailed behind him, not even giving her surroundings much thought. She just wanted this over with so she could move on and run her business.

Fantasy / To Ta[M]e a Dragon
« on: July 25, 2019, 09:29:50 PM »
The town seemed adequate enough. Even if it was a bit dull compared to what he was used to. Nevertheless, the man strolled through the town gate and paid no mind to the guards. He was looking for work, after all. His cloak concealed his visage and he seemingly had his nose in the air as he passed the barracks. Those who were thrown were simpletons for not covering their tracks or weren't too careful in their getaway. Of course, it wasn't as though he had been in a jail cell recently, though the guards were more than happy to look the other way when he flashed some gold in their faces... or rather, whatever gold he had left.

Now that there were talks of a rebel uprising due to the king's less than agreeable reign, he took the time to just go town hopping in hopes of finding the next payoff that would have him set for another few months. Sadly, he had barely making enough to have a room for the night and whatever coin remained he had to hold onto as much as it pained him, especially seeing all the beautiful barmaids running around tending to the rest of the patrons. Still, he hoped that he would make more here than he did in the city. Pig farming was no job for someone of his stature despite it being not very well regarded. Thankfully, there were no pigs in sight and the stacks of lumber looked promising.

Huffing to himself, he walked to the first house after the gate, ignoring all that stared at him. He hoped that someone would know where he could find the owner of the wood mill so he could put some coin in his pocket. There was a glimmer in his eye when he spotted a forge off to the side of the house. "Hello?" he called. "I was hoping to know where I could find the lumber mill's owner so I can speak to him for work. I just came into town and wondered if you would know." At least if whoever owned the forge didn't know of the man's whereabouts that he could be pointed to who would know... assuming the lumber mill was owned by a man.

Looking for More / Other Ideas (Always Looking for RP Partners)
« on: June 30, 2019, 08:58:39 PM »
A little about me (again):
-I've been roleplaying for about seven years now.
-I only do MxF pairings, but I can write other types of characters
-I don't write non-con/rape or weird/gross fetishes or kinks
-Romance is a huge plus :3
-I don't mind writing M rated scenes but there needs to be some plot and usually good chemistry between the characters
-I'm more than happy to RP on Discord (ColoredRosesPendragon#6753) or PM if you'd prefer :)

Plot bunnies:
-Interracial love
-Mythical creatures of any kind

-Assassin's Creed (more specifically Connor Kenway X OC)
-Supernatural creature pairings (not the show, I've never watched it)
-Disgraced noble X peasant
-Mage X noble
-Lima syndrome scenario (think opposite of Stockholm syndrome)
-A dwarfson/human pairing
-Skyrim (F!Dovahkiin X Teldryn Sero; F!Dovahkiin X Scouts Many Marshes; F!Dovahkiin X male OC)
-Shapeshifting dragon X peasant girl
-Native American X Settler

Concrete Idea 1: A mermaid is captured by a group of (whatever creature you want to use), and she always escapes. One of the men from the group will not have any of it as she's needed for a ritual the group they perform every five years.

Concrete Idea 2: Identical twin princesses are from a draconic kingdom; one is favored for the throne while the other takes her frustrations out on the battlefield. Their kingdom is about to conquer all other kingdoms when the last resisting king manages to defeat their father and present his head to the neighboring lands. Because of their father's death, the favored daughter is whisked away by the man who slew her father while the battle-stricken twin is left for dead, only to be saved from her fate through mysterious circumstances, though now she finds herself in the castle of another powerful being.
Also to give a little background to this one, I've recently gone down a Mortal Kombat rabbit hole (again), and Rain is just... he's a dick, but I love him! So I wanted to do a character similar to him (or if you can coerce me enough, I could RP as him... maybe not super well. Or you could, if you wanted). So the guy that's able to defeat the twins' dad would be based on Rain (maybe, idk yet).

Concrete Idea 3: A stranger comes to the village after the mysterious death of one of its inhabitants. The blacksmith finds him fascinating despite her mother's warnings in between her rants about the dragons returning. *this can be a Skyrim or original fantasy RP*

Concrete Idea 4: An immigrant family is trying to better their lives by journeying west. Leaving the East behind, they have a relatively easy time staking a claim and moving forward, until their daughter happens upon a wounded Indian warrior. Instead of alerting her family, she hides him in a shack and nurses him back to health before seeing him off. This leads to the warrior coming back from time to time to see her until he decides to be bold and secretly court her rather than kidnap her like his tribesmen would.

Concrete Idea 5: What if Beauty was the Beast? What if she was a noblewoman who was punished for having no love in her heart? To hide her curse, she wears a mask so no one in the chateau would have to see her face. Her servants eventually adopt this new habit of hers as a way of helping her with coping, though it seems that she doesn't exactly care either way. She spends her years in the shadows in hopes that a man would stumble upon the chateau and learn to love her. But what if the Beast is also Beauty? He can be a creature but still be considered beautiful amongst the hidden village of monsters and beasts (so something like this: or this or whatever suits your fancy). The noblewoman will be half human, but she will be beyond monstrous looking once she's cursed. This can go how this tale usually goes or go a completely different route. Does the beau stumble upon her chateau in the middle of a storm? Take someone's place in order to have them spared? Break into her chateau and must stay her prisoner as punishment? The possibilities are endless.

I'm not picky about partners, but please don't drop off the face of the earth. At least let me know what's going on or if you don't want to continue.

If anything piques your interest or you want to pitch your ideas, feel free to message me or reply!

Thanks for reading!!

Character Bios / Pendragon's Hoard of Babies
« on: April 17, 2019, 10:18:04 AM »

Name: Ryker Storm

Genre: Most genres

Age: 22

Occupation: formerly a gang member

Description: He has short brown hair and blue-gray eyes. He is muscular and stands at roughly 5'10". He is starting to get a five o'clock shadow and he has a skull and cross-bones tattoo and a starry pattern tattoo on his torso as well as an eagle on his left hip. He plans on getting a tattoo of two roses intertwined by the stems with his name and a special lady's name.

Persona: He is a tough guy who cracks jokes and flirts with anything in a skirt. He is suave, though it sometimes it gets him in trouble. He is a troublemaker and self proclaimed bad boy. He is street smart who also has, of all things, a heart of gold... eventually. He is easygoing and never really serious. He tends to be a daredevil but usually backs out at the last second if he thinks it's not such a good idea after all. But he get extremely focused and passionate once he is into something he is working on.

Bio: He has an older sister named Cherise. His parents owned and worked at a restaurant where he worked as a line cook when he was younger. As he started high school, he got involved with a few gang members, who in turn help him join said gang. He started skipping school and eventually dropped out when he was 16. At 17, he was arrested when a huge fight broke out between his gang and a rival gang, and he was linked to other crimes. Tried as an adult, he got five years in prison. There, he went through the GED program and schooling program so he can turn his life around once he gets out. At 22, he is finally released from prison and he is determined to make something out of himself.

Fresh Faces / A Dragon Swoops In
« on: April 17, 2019, 10:15:35 AM »
Hey guys, I'm Pendragon, but you can call me Pen.

I've been roleplaying for almost seven years. I hope to be a published author one day, but I'm in the midst of getting certified for digital marketing so I can leave my part time job. I have a Bachelor's and I can't find an actual job ugh.

I like every genre but horror (makes me squeamish). I'm also trash and will likely ship my oc with yours if applicable.

I have a new love for going to conventions and cosplaying (not the greatest and I'm more of a closet cosplayer lol).

Well, guess that's all for now :)

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