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Fantasy / Re: Eternal Winter witihin Nome (Firesblood) M
« on: Today at 12:51:26 PM »
“Good, I had a feeling it was the kid, given how Benjamin wasn’t fighting it.” Woodsly replied breathlessly.  “That’s good news to hear, kid probably will feel better not turning into something else.”

Woodsly directed his gaze toward the sheets, not sure on what to do now. He didn’t want to talk about it.

“Why not? She’s your wife, she’s accepted you this far even though your murdering ou...” Wilson's voice started in his head, causing him to tense up.

Claws dig into the sheets as red and white hairs started to sprout from his arm, it was fine. He was fine.

Fantasy / Re: Eternal Winter witihin Nome (Firesblood) M
« on: Today at 12:07:20 PM »
A small sound of protest left  slender as they were carried, their upset stomach didn’t desire to be moved around yet. Still they didn’t try to break free or anything, though getting the fireplace was sort of soothing. Caleb’s eyes opened briefly before they closed once more. The soothing touch of of Benjamin lulled then back to sleep.

The kiss helped to snap him out of it, causing some tension to leave him.

“Just...thought I saw something. It’s nothing,” Woodsly answered. “How are the others? Was it actually the kid?”

He didn’t want to bother with it right now. It was just a figment of his imagination, things had been chaotic lately.

Fandom / Re: Fragments of the World Eater (Pendragon)
« on: September 20, 2020, 02:30:58 PM »
“Oh...” Duin muttered.

He didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t really comfort her since he knew that wouldn’t help. She needed answers. Not false hope and attempt of promises. He was at a great lose on this matter.

Two weeks passed and things seemed to go back to how they were. From what he heard eavesdropping, Eldrin made a recovery but from how it sounded it was a rough processes. Duin kept the tone it was said in out of what he told Dagny . Not wanting to upset her further.

Duin has been making himself useful around the place, often accompanying Dagny On her chores so he could learn more things. Some tasks were easy to grasp, others a bit more annoying but manageable. Something they all found out was his higher strength when he was sent to collect firewood with Dagny the first time. He was carrying the heavier of the logs that Dagny couldn’t get to split in half.

So it became common for him to go with her to collect firewood. Currently, the two of them were just finishing one of their trips. Duin was just finishing the pack of wood that Dagny would carry. Tying the knot so no pieces could roll out and escape.

“There. I think that’s good.” Duin said after one final tug of the rope.

Art / Re: Read's art thread
« on: September 19, 2020, 04:09:24 PM »

My biggest commission so far! Four full bodies, colored, background, and all this with shading!! This honestly scared me to a degree as I did struggle on some parts but in the end I do like it. Making things smaller in the background, fall colors for the tree, and the thatch roofs were new.

He wanted a calm village scene and a hunting party returning, thus this was the result. ^^

Fantasy / Re: Eternal Winter witihin Nome (Firesblood) M
« on: September 19, 2020, 01:03:59 PM »
CLeb released a purr like sound as the top of thier head was petted, enjoying the company clearly. Though that happy sound disappeared quickly as thier stomach twisted on them, feeling sick all of a sudden. A coughing hack left them as they spit up a couple of corks and some bits of glass. No blood thankfully and the youngin adjusted thier position.

Burying their face against Benjamin’s chest and stomach, they pressed him to him before curling up again. Caleb was okay though like anything he was seeking comfort.

Woodsly eventually awoke as well, the dull pain already starting to register as he heaved himself up to a sitting position. For a moment, he forgot about the entire thing. Till he  spotted that translucent person by the window. His body tensed up as everything came back. There was no way he was seeing this.

The bones in his hand shifted and the muscle of his arm grew. A blink and the figure was gone, leaving Woodsly to take in several confused breathes before he winced. Looking down to his hand, he could see the differences in it. It took a great deal of concentration to make that arm go back to normal. Everything was was just all in his head. It didn't mean anything.

Fantasy / Re: When Will (M)y Life Begin?
« on: September 19, 2020, 02:12:38 AM »
Wolf stared at the Huntsman, debating on putting trust in them again. His hair stood on end before he took a deep breath and exhaled. He pointed at the man, eyes filled with determination and distrust but something in them made his words hold more weight.

“You better mean that, and giving you this last thread of trust. Break it in any way that hurts Cora or my young, I’ll be the monstrosity you all make me out to be and I will make every one of you regret it.”

Lowering his hand, it was clear his more feral side had him so tense. The inner beast had something besides a hunger for food, it had a mate. A expecting one at that. It was something more sacred than food.

“She’s growing fast, Huntsman. Too fast and I don’t know how long she has for the pregnancy nor what the child will be like.” Wolf explained, his voice trying to be less aggressive. “I’m trying to keep her at my den so no one notices but I doubt she’ll agree until she’s further along. I can’t go into town, I need someone to watch her in case she starts progressing faster....evenmore so since I need to make a new den that will be suitable for her labor and the pups.”

Genuine worry was there in his eyes.  He sighed as he stood there.

“I’m afraid she might have a litter....and that they’ll be more like me...” wolf muttered but the Huntsman could hear it. "She hasn't been...pregnant very long and she's already showing..."

Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« on: September 19, 2020, 01:59:55 AM »
“That ain’t all Cap.” Another crew mate said as they dragged a body behind them before dropping it. “We lost a mate, from the looks of it it’s either one of us or a regular werewolf.”

The purple petals from crushed wolfsbane was still in n the corpse though by now the petals were brittle and less dangerous.

“We followed the blood trail to the shore, I’m thinking Doc’s time on shore turned his other form more feral. The blood was a mix of cursed as well as the mermaids. She might’ve gone back out to sea.”

But it didn’t account for the doctor, unless she took him with her... somehow.

“I think she took him with her.” They added.

“Why would she do that?” A different crew member asked.

Laying in the little rowboat, the sound of gentle waves reached his ears. The water lapping against the wood was sort of soothing. Though Sirius was doing his best to ignore it. Not wanting to feel the beast stir in him.

“Where are we going to get a ship...” Sirius muttered worriedly.

Sci Fi / Re: To Frame a detective (Pendragon)
« on: September 18, 2020, 11:08:31 PM »
Feeling a hand on his back, Laurence wheezed in air, trying to not choke on more blood. His voice was clogged at the moment, making speaking impossible. Lapis would feel the large amount of tension in his back but she removed her hand swiftly it seemed. The sound of her leaving made him try to reach for her but he was too slow. Having to use both hands to prop himself up as he felt a sharper pain in his back, as if something was sinking it’s claws into him and pulling.

“Dearie what’s wrong?” Mrs. Wicky asked, setting the tray down on the counter.

The old woman was still in the kitchen, a neat and organized space. The large dinning table was hardly used for people eating thier meals there. Laurence ate in his study and if too sick to get out of bed, then his meals were taken there.

A shaking hand slowly reached up and grabbed a hold of the railing. Pulling himself up as he panted, his breathing became more labored, every muscle was spasming in his body, causing him to shake and struggle to get his body to move the way he wanted it. More blood trickled out his mouth, being sprayed whenever he coughed. His splotched grayish hand gripped the wood railing harder, the wood creaked a little as the bones shifted. Pressing against the thin layer of skin with his labored breathing.

Then the worst sensation hit him, His chest tightened before the sick crunch left it, the feeling of those ribs pushing outward as the cracked further...he couldn’t handle it.

“Aaaaaaauuuuuuurhghhghhh!!” Laurence screamed with blood fueling in his throat, his attempt to get up failed as he crashed back down to the floor.

His mix matched eyes gaining a glow to them as he heaved in air while squirming on the floor.

Looking for More / Re: Greetings! Looking for rpers
« on: September 18, 2020, 03:21:11 PM »
Still open to rping with new peeps ^^

Fandom / Re: Reviving memories (Naisiskhrae)
« on: September 18, 2020, 03:26:44 AM »
His vision blurred as his mind got more caught up in the memory trying to surface, static fizzed in the corners of his vision and over the figure that seemed to loom over him with a scalpel in hand. A dark grin blurred in and out of existence. His gaze went to his arm, eyes still wide with terror before he could feel his chest hurting, filled with a stinging and continuous pain across his chest. Tears welling up in his eyes as the phantom pains from the scalpel against his skin registered, dragging him further into his own head. David's entrance in the room hadn't been acknowledge in the least and as David just watched, the man was clearly becoming more afraid.

"stop it...stop it...please.....I don't...understand..." John muttered, a shaking hand moving to try and press against his chest but he found himself unable to move it.

In the memory his arms were strapped down, unable to even raise them. That voice he could hear became more garbled, distorted to where nothing was clear. But apparently those restraints didn't last long as in present day, John got up quickly, pressing his back against the wall as he tried to take several deep breathes. Looking down, his distorted vision showed him blood and a metal floor; versus the clean tile floor of some fancy design within the bathroom. A shaking hand pressed against the length of the scar on his chest before pulling it away, blood coated his hand...dripping down his palm and oozing between his fingers. Course David would just see a terrified man, staring down at his own hand as their face lost it's color, tears dripping down their somewhat sunken in cheeks and high cheekbones, and those eyes...eyes that looked like they were seeing something that wasn't in front of them. Distant...yet filled with a fear that was so vivid and real. Perhaps that would clue David in that the poor man might be remembering something? Or not..hard to say.

"Now look what you made it worse... that distorted voice glitched through his head, looking up John was now staring straight at where David was with those distant, fear fueled eyes.

However the memory seemed to start glitching out to where it's hold was breaking. Sections of the bathroom started to make themselves known, a odd color on the cold metal floor there...part of the wooden doorway showing through a sterile white wall that had no doorway. But the biggest thing that was a 'glitch' in this memory..was David. The man was there in the doorway, parts of them shifted to match the memory's void. Parts of a white lab coat manifesting on them before turning to static. Sometimes David's face would end up covered by the static, fizzing out of reality as John shook.

"" John stammered, legs wobbled for a second as the man debated on sprinting for him but didn't. "Make it stop...get it off..please...get it off!"

"Now be a good boy a sit down. that voice sounded in his head, a malice was behind it. "You've disappointed

A sharp pain went through his head as his eyes widened, no more. His mind couldn't handle the strain. Every emotion faded from his face and his legs gave out, causing him to crumble to the floor as he took in rapid gasps. Green eyes were directed at the tile floor that he could now see once again, cold tile floor...yet not as cold as that horrible metal floor.

Fantasy / Re: Eternal Winter witihin Nome (Firesblood) M
« on: September 15, 2020, 03:01:06 PM »
Woodsly just didn’t want her drained, she was expecting. Who knows how a lack of magic could affect it. He just didn’t want her in more pain or discomfort on top of a pregnancy. Accepting the hand up, Woodsly groaned as he stood up. His transformed arm turning slowly back to normal.

With a little help, he got back in the house, all he wanted to do was fall asleep. Benjamin’s effort to get the beast into the barn would work and as the hours drifted by, the sun finally started to rise. The long beast started to shrink more, losing its many limbs and length until it was back to being a small raven esq creature with a humanis face. It was Caleb.

Slowly their eyes opened as a yawn left them, short wings stretched lazily as they did. Though their stomach seemed upset about something considering how that didn’t feel good. Spotting Benjamin nearby, the small creature trudged on over to them before climbing into their lap.

Fantasy / Re: Eternal Winter witihin Nome (Firesblood) M
« on: September 14, 2020, 03:04:19 PM »
Swiftly Woodsly's arm started changing, claws were already sprouted and the muscle thickened as red an white hairs started to emerge in patches. Clenching his turning hand into a fist, he swung at the creature! It landed but at the price of a solid footing and more pain going through his body. It brought him down to his knees as he panted, heaving in sharp breathes of frigid cold air.

"WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN TO ME?!!! the voice pleaded, it sounded like it was on the verge of tears and as Woodsly glanced over his shoulder, he spotted that image again.

"CAUSE YOU ALMOST ALWAYS GET US KILLED!!!" Woodsly snarled loudly; to everyone else, nothing was there.

The beast hissed out as the pull of magic seemed to grab them, it's limbs unresponsive before he toppled over into the snow. The beast blended in with the night scenary as it laid there, asleep and thankfully less dangerous. However it slowly started to shrink down as the magic it had eaten was converted for other means since it was sleeping. Soon it was the size it was in the start, around a bear's size but still looking like the strange long creature that it was. The day wasn't here yet, thus the beast was still this strange thing.

Woodsly heaved in air as he felt his other form pushing at the surface, he couldn't fully change earlier but he got the boost he needed to get out from under it. He was just..having a hard time convincing the rest of himself that things were fine. As Astrid approached, Woodsly looked to her tiredly, wincing as he felt the muscles in his back tense up as his body demanded change but only got more pain.

" don't need...gashes on your back.." Woodsly told her.

Fantasy / Re: Eternal Winter witihin Nome (Firesblood) M
« on: September 14, 2020, 02:21:49 PM »
"Great..." Woodsly grumbled out.

The fact that it might be Caleb, limited their options greatly. The potion spilled into the snow, coating it in a blue color as it seeped in. The beast stopped near it and was quick to scoop up the affected snow in it's beak. Without the bottle blocking it, the magic was instantly able to take effect. Causing the beast's size to get larger as they sniffed for more. There wasn't any left. Hissing as they faced the house, it could sense there was still magic there.

"Benjamin...I think we need to get Astrid for that sleep spell anyway.." Woodsly cautioned. "There's magic in the house, it's going to try and get back in there."

If that fact didn't convince the bear of that, then seeing the beast staring em down as they seemed to be plotting how to squeeze through that doorway should. Don't hurt them...that was the main thing.

"I'll try to keep em busy and do my best to not hurt em just in case it is Caleb." Woodsly told him before the red haired man ran out into the snow. "GET Astrid! Tell her to prep the sleep spell in the house and only come out when she's ready to cast it, that way no time's wasted."

Scooping up a handful of snow, Woodsly compacted it together as he went off to the side of the creature before throwing the snowball. It was small against this creature though it was very clearly displeased to have snow hit it's face. It's dark eyes focused their gaze onto him with a shrieking hiss.

"Come on!! This way ya over grown parrot thing!" Woodsly yelled, immediately jumping to the right as a large paw like hand swung at him.

The beast had a great range of length, it could attack him without moving too much. Granted that was due to it's large size and length. Woodsly was certain he could play the dodging game but he didn't expect it to slither at him at a shocking speed! The black talons tore through his skin like a butter knife through butter, causing a pained cry to leave Woodsly despite trying to hold it in. Tumbling into the snow, the man shuddered as he now sported multiple deep claw marks across his back that blood was escaping from rapidly.

His heart was racing, panic....he hadn't felt panic in so long. What else went with panic? Fear....nono no!! He wasn't scared of this thing!!! As he tried to get up, the beast slammed a paw down onto him, causing a strangled gasp to leave him as he was shoved face first into the snow. Being pressed harder and harder into the ground as he manuvered his head to look back up at this thing. Golden eyes were filled with terror, it was just like that one time...just like the bear no...he wasn't..

"You can't shift, it'll only make things worse.... his thoughts pleaded with him as his nails turned black and dug into the earth beneath the snow as a feral snarl left him. "Stop! STOP IT! YOu're only going to....

His thoughts went ignored as Woodsly shifted, catching the creature offguard but also it got itself a nasty bite to the forelimb holding him down. Woodsly didn't manage a full shift, the claw marks on his back tore open further, the pain overruling his panic and fear. Causing him to revert back, collapsing in the snow as he took in a rasp breathe. When he looked up though, he wasn't happy with what he saw.

It looked like him...a very wispy transparent version of himself. A trick of the mind, he figured. Though this one lacked all the scars, sported longer hair....looked like the most skittish thing in the universe. Death on a stick....he was finally losing it huh?

"Listen to me please! Just once!! the mental image pleaded with him, Woodsly forced himself up, growling lowly.  "I know that look, you do that again you're going to rip yourself apart. Common se....

"Shut up..." Woodsly growled as he waved his hand through it, making the mental apparition disappear before he ended up having to throw himself to the ground as the beast swung a paw.

Fantasy / Re: Eternal Winter witihin Nome (Firesblood) M
« on: September 14, 2020, 12:58:11 PM »
Woodsly closed its jaws, digging into all the strength he had to manage such a task. The beast reared it’s head, shaking it as the man held on. Though it paused as the smell of magic hit thier nose and the beast lunges forward.

Headfirst our the door, the creature wiggled and got the rest of the way out. Woodsly let go at this point, landing in the pile of snow. If Benjamin threw it, the beast would start searching for it.

“Okay I..I’m pretty sure wailing on this thing is out of the question since you weren’t doing that.” Woodsly started as he got up. “We need to either trap it or subdue it somehow.”

Sci Fi / Re: To Frame a detective (Pendragon)
« on: September 13, 2020, 07:51:09 PM »
"Hold this...." Laurence instructed as he shoved the item he took from his coat pocket toward Lapis's hands.

The item he had handed off to Lapis looked to be paper in origin, the flimsy material wrinkled and creased by the force Laurence had applied to it. A partially intact symbol was on it, it looked akin to a wax seal but was shiny holographic almost. It was also smooth with a cold touch. The seal was round in nature, within that circle was the start of a capital A but where the line in the middle that helped show it was a A was replaced by two darker circles. Soon enough it was easy to see this was upside down, rotating the item would show it was more of a bird's head due to how the point of the A was longer than it should be with two darker spots to show the nostril holes within a beak.

The symbol of the Montgomery family, they were rather well known but had long ago opted out of using traditional paper. After all with holo pads and various other electronic devices on hand in this age, paper was only used by those who were extremely poor....or were hiding something. Laurence hadn't made it far past the study doorway when he collapsed to the floor.

Everything hurt...there was far too much pressure against his chest. Laurence was breathing heavily before he started coughing, discolored spots on his hands were visible once more. Though they were starting to blend together causing the skin of his hands to have a dusty grey color to them. Blood trickled out of his mouth as he pulled himself to his knees, coughing as a hand grabbed at his chest. He needed to keep it together, he had to keep everything under control.

Even with the rain pouring as hard as it was, he could hear it. The forest, the way things all flooded his ears as he choked on more blood. The heavy taste of metal in his mouth as he felt his body struggling to contain it.

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