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Fandom / Re: Rise of the Brave Dragons [M] - Aeon+Kei
« on: April 15, 2020, 03:51:23 PM »
The Weyrking attempted to calm his ire. He wasn't upset with the young rider, not deeply at least, she was doing what she could and he believed Silver when she stated her rider was skittish and afraid to speak out for herself. Even still, this wasn't acceptable. She was a Queen, and that came with certain perks and expectations. Starving quietly was not one of them, and more to the point neither was having to justify whom it was she had chosen to bond to. The whole ordeal unsettled him greatly and so he merely nodded to the young rider's thanks while Silver effectively hid underneath him. Go ahead and eat. I will keep watch. Tomorrow, you will be with the senior queen and will not have to worry; you will eat together and Yours can eat with Hers. This would be of some comfort, at least he hoped it would. There was no shortage of food in the Weyr--she needn't worry about starving.

"We need to get your arm looked at," D'ron stated simply from his place in front of his dragon and off to the side. "Oiling your dragon is a crucial part of the early bonding experience, and you can't do that if you're injured." He sat the jar down near her person, not invading her space as his dragon cautioned to take things slowly. "If you'll permit me, I can look at it now and you can take care of Silver after she finishes eating. Speaking of which, have you had dinner yet?" It would be nothing for the Weyrleader to get her something from the kitchens. After all, he didn't anticipate she would want to sit down and have any kind of conversation whether Silver was with her and safe or not.

Fandom / Re: Rise of the Brave Dragons [M] - Aeon+Kei
« on: April 11, 2020, 07:23:28 PM »
With the new queen rider settled into the Infirmary, the Weyrleader took his leave. A long conversation followed with the Weyrling Master regarding the new weyrlings, their schedules for training, what had been observed of each dragon, before finally settling on the topic of the queen rider. It was standard protocol for the Weyrling Master to check in on every new rider, though the training for Tegan and Silver would almost exclusively fall to that of the current Weyrleaders. Confident this meet and greet would be carried out, D'ron met up with the Weyrwoman to discuss the matter of B'lorn and his dragon. Several weeks of Watch Dragon duty was a decent enough punishment that would keep the man asleep when the new queen rider was taking to her lessons and awake at night in one of the nearby Holds. Not a fun job by any means, entertaining Hold folk and Lords, but it got the point across the animosity wasn't tolerated. It was unpleasant this type of behavior had been permitted to flourish, and vaguely the Weyrleader wondered to himself what had started it all.

It was these thoughts that carried on with him while his dragon fed and he himself enjoyed some klah and meat rolls in the kitchens. Some time later he took to the bathing pools and, after giving everything a good scrub, he retired to his personal chambers. His dragon Varanth reclined lazily on the weyr ledge, dosing somewhat, until Silver's voice interrupted his sleepy state. Confusion swirled in his eyes before a slow, deep anger welled that drew his rider's attention. What do you mean you were kicked out? Was this problem already so deeply embedded in the Weyr he needed to make a direct and firm order of his dragons and their riders?!

I will be down in the Weyrbowl in a moment. You need to bring yours outside so you can eat and she can be looked at again. This was unacceptable! She should have eaten hours ago and, though it wasn't her new rider's fault, this couldn't be allowed to continue. If she needed help, she needed to make as much known as there was apparently more going on in his Weyr than he both knew of and expected. With things explained to his rider, D'ron sighed and closed his book. Standing, he grimaced. This was...far from ideal. "I'll have to talk with the Weyrwoman. If what she is saying is true, and a dragon has no reason or need to lie, then she needs to be moved into her Weyr for her own safety." Varanth rumbled a low agreement before jumping off from his ledge and gliding down into the Weyrbowl. He secured what he believed to be a sizable amount of fish for the young queen and stood heavy guard over the pile even as his rider made his way to his side toting a jar full of oil to put on Silver's hide so that her rapid growth would not cause her scales discomfort.

Fandom / Re: Rise of the Brave Dragons [M] - Aeon+Kei
« on: April 09, 2020, 07:53:17 PM »
They do not grow in the same ways we do, and many do not live half as long. There is always balance in things--many dragons would not feel they needed to bond to a human and rider if they felt they could handle themselves. It made sense. Some dragons were terribly proud creatures, others vain, and some still selfish and interested in mostly only themselves. There was no reason for them to bond to something they felt did not need the benefit of their presence in their lives. Each dragon's reason is unique. If you feel she needs to be protected and that is why you chose her, then that is your reason. For my Own, I chose him because we are of a like mind. He understands me.

D'ron finished up his work relatively quickly given the circumstances. Her head wound was not so severe, though it did require cleaning on the outside now, and merely appeared to be a much more serious matter than it was. The bleeding ebbed before eventually stopping entirely, the wound sealing shut and the slow throb and swell of injured skin receding until it was little more than a memory. "If that's what you want," he stated, somewhat hesitant. It was probably wiser to get her to the Infirmary sooner rather than later, so perhaps her request wasn't so unusual. The Weyrleader stood up slowly, dusting off his leggings before regarding both hatchling and new rider.

"I'll escort you both to the Infirmary. Do you need any help getting up?" Varanth at his back nodded, peering down to the light fury and bidding her a pleasant evening. I cannot go where you are headed so I will take my leave. The Weyrling Master will bring you something to eat shortly. The large hulking mass of the Weyrking wandered off of the sands, intent to speak to the Weyrling Master's dragon before sending him on his way and meeting his mate to discuss what punishment had been given to the rider and dragon pair threatening the new young queen.

Fandom / Re: Rise of the Brave Dragons [M] - Aeon+Kei
« on: April 07, 2020, 12:22:26 PM »
My fleshy thing? Genuine confusion entered the Weyrking’s tone before he came to the conclusion she was talking about her eventual rider. He supposed of course that concept would be confusing to a new hatchling, so he let the notion go and didn’t correct her so much as offer a different term for her to use  No, every dragon is protective over their rider. Some more so than others, but the general behavior is the same. It’s hard at first to imagine they can handle themselves sometimes because we’re generally more equipped to handle things on our own than our humans. We have fire, claws, and fangs. They have very little more than their minds and what they can build with them. Some, like my own, have magic as well, but it doesn’t negate the worry we feel. You’ll know in time what Yours can and cannot do. Being with you will change that for her as well.

D’ron shook his head. “It’s fine. I cannot really expect her to be anything else; her species is very free spirited and protective of the things they like. She’s attached to you so that extends to you now too.” Of course...for this new weyrling that thought alone might be very shocking. She was no longer alone, and more to the point she had someone that now depended on her for a lot of her care. “I’ll start with your head next, if you’re alright with that?” He inquired. “I should be able to look at your arm as well, but the rest will have to be looked at when you get to the Infirmary—magic is very draining.” He was certainly capable, but there was only so much he could do in one session and more to the point, he needed to make sure he was steady enough to handle what the Weyrwoman was currently working with, i.e. punishment for the one that had drawn blood.

“We’ll get you situated in the Infirmary after this and have some fish brought up for Silver. She needs to eat soon, and a good oiling as well. The Weyrling Master will probably come to you personally after he handles the other weyrlings—there’s much to do for you now. You’ll be moving into a new weyr, there’s Silver’s instruction and care now, and of course all the duties you will be undertaking with the Weyrwoman to see how things are run.” In essence, her entire life was about to change and it was this thought he left her with as he placed a gentle hand on an uninjured section of her head to begin working on sealing up the gash and removing the tenderness and pain of swelling.

Fandom / Re: Rise of the Brave Dragons [M] - Aeon+Kei
« on: April 04, 2020, 07:19:07 PM »
Had he brows to raise, the Weyrking might have looked every bit as thoroughly perplexed as he felt. His very presence assured her safety--there was no larger beast that would challenge him on the entirety of their island and the weyr at large knew quite well what he was capable of. Even still, he did look back to the senior queen whom had finished escorting other weyrlings and guests off of the sands. There was a small exchange between the pair and she went off out of the hatching grounds with her Own to contend with the snappish creature that she had been informed was lurking. One problem intercepted, he regarding the light fury once more. Cinderfang will not allow him to get close to yours, or yourself for that matter. She will deal with both rider and dragon. He left the implications of this up in the air. Violence was part of the dragon world, sure, but senseless violence for the sake of it would not be tolerated. Particularly not against a new queen and her rider at that.

D'ron peered down at the young woman, bright eyes intent. He said nothing in regards to her commentary--while it was uncommon to be able to feel the intentions of, and certainly to hear, other dragons, it wasn't so great a rarity as to floor him. This was a mark of experience and demonstrated he kept a level head in the face of unexpected news. "Then let's focus on the ribs first and we can look at your head in a moment. I can't exactly treat anything completely in here, so we'll get you up and walking first. I will try to be gentle, but it might sting or burn a little." Healing, particularly with magic, was both time consuming and somewhat invasive. It required a skill few bothered to cultivate as it usually left the user feeling somewhat drained and tired. The end results were of course usually phenomenal, but the struggle was in finding someone willing to perform such lengthy sessions.

The Weyrleader seated himself into a comfortable position before he tentatively set his hand upon her person. This touch was midway up her back, not too far to one side or the other, and bore very little pressure. Typically he'd work with both hands but, given the situation and the newly hatched queen's behavior, he didn't want to startle her anymore than necessary. "Close your eyes and take a deep breath--it will hurt but it'll make this go quicker. Bruises aren't too much trouble at least." He waited for her compliance before setting to work. A strange, almost pulsing warmth seemed to vibrate from his palm and fingertips where they touched the tunic fabric of the youth in front of him. True to his word, he had warned of a potential sting though this would have been rather mild in nature and if she was any bit accustomed to pain it would rate very low on the scale.

Some ten minutes passed and he retracted his hand. "Any better?"

Fandom / Re: Rise of the Brave Dragons [M] - Aeon+Kei
« on: April 04, 2020, 03:09:47 PM »
The moment the little light fury and her bonded stepped onto the sands, the small queen seemed quite hellbent on demanding an awful lot. While it was understandable that she was upset, and he could clearly smell the blood on her human, this was certainly no way to treat the reigning Weyrking ad, patient though he was, Varanth peered down at the small female with no small sense of disapproval. Best to alter your tone, little one. I am not some terrible terror to be demanded about. Critical eyes peered down to the young woman, a slow inhalation and subsequent exhalation passing between the two as he observed her general condition. This was not something so serious she would need too much attention and he felt rather confident in his assessment. His Own was, after all, very well acquainted with healing and presently in the process of walking rather calmly over to the pair while the queen oversaw getting the remaining spectators out of the area and back into somewhat of a normal state.

I understand that you are upset, but your emotions will affect your bonded and the same is true for her emotions to you. It is nothing that cannot be fixed and no one can help you if you do not calm down. Make absolutely no mistake--if you were to lash out at Mine you would be dealt with harshly, queen or no queen. This was a firm warning from the male night fury and his attention focused on the small female before him as His approached. He would exercise the full potent force of his alpha authority if he had to, though he dearly detested doing so and hoped it would not come to as much. When the Weyrleader approached he cast the light fury a look as if awaiting her response to his appearance. When she did not seem to pounce, he knelt down beside of the injured new weyrling and spoke both quietly and calmly, a strange soothing mixture.

"Is it just the head wound then or is there something else I need to look at?" Behind him, the Weyrking spoke to the light fury. I need you to calmly tell me what happened. Otherwise I cannot help you keep that from happening again.

Fandom / Re: Rise of the Brave Dragons [M] - Aeon+Kei
« on: April 04, 2020, 01:52:03 PM »
A deep, vibrating growl drew silence across the sands. While the queen had of course heard the cry as well, her maternal instincts did not apply to an offspring that was not her own and so she remained in place keeping the peace among the remaining spectators and the weyrlings that had not yet left the sands. It was her mate that stood, the enormity of his hulking mass coupled with the intimidating tusks he bore presenting a rather frightful sight all their own without even the need for him to assert his dominance as the reigning alpha male in the weyr. His bonded remained back, observing as his dragon moved across the sands and situated himself outside of the exit hallway where the much smaller hatchling light fury had gone off to. His bulk prevented his entrance but this did nothing to diminish the almost physical manifestation of his ire at having such a wonderful day for the weyr be disturbed by something, or someone, that had caused a hatchling distress.

His voice rang out very clearly in the relative quiet of the hatching grounds. Come out little hatchling, and bring your bonded with you. Tell me what has distressed you so? This statement drew some shocked gasps from the crowd. The light fury had actually impressed instead of betweening? It was rather unprecedented, a first for the weyr, and certainly something to be very excited about. Up until now, their dragon ranks had been sustained by a large majority of stoker class dragons, with the odd mystery here and there, due exclusively to the fact their resident queen could only clutch variants from that group. A light fury though...She had potential to bring much larger diversity to their ranks in the future, and more to the point her egg had come from the wilds. She was unrelated to any living dragon in the weyr at present, so no matter which beast caught her in the coming year, they would have increased genetic diversity.

I will punish the offender, but you must come out from that place. No one but a hatchling and human can pass through those tunnels. Soon enough, even you won't be able to.

Fandom / Re: Rise of the Brave Dragons [M] - Aeon+Kei
« on: April 04, 2020, 12:09:58 AM »
A solid, ebony mass stretched across the hot, grainy sands. Up close, one wouldn’t be able to tell it was a maw snaking across the hatching sands, the owner of this maw none other than the clutch’s very sire. Of course, this raised brows in its own right. Most male dragons whom had fathered clutches left it at that, and only showed up during the Touching and Hatching. Not Varanth, though. No, he didn’t falter when his mate told him she was going to take a chunk out of his tail if he didn’t get off of her sands, didn’t budge when the queen actually held through to her threat and snapped at his tail, drawing only a small bit of green ichor. The Fireworm Queen Cinderfang had given up trying to get him out permanently-he had never been this interested in one of her clutches before!-and merely focused her attention on getting him away long enough to eat and perform his duties as a Weyrking. After all, he didn’t have her right to laze about all day for having laid eggs and didn’t get the chance to attend to them every minute of every day until they hatched. It was such a shame, really; had he been born female, he would have been quite the odd, but suited, mom, as seen by his nudging a smaller egg into a cocoon of sand for the top seemed chilled. There you are, little one. Warm as ever and ready. The black beast lifted his skull, turning his eyes in their sockets to catch the senior queen beaming with pride. The eggs, for the most part, appeared to appreciate the attention, their locations preventing them from getting a surplus of attention during the Hatching, apart from visually of course, but they had been fine with that earlier. The Weyrking nightfury smiled faintly, the corners of his heavily armored mouth turning up in a soft, almost loving manner. Cinderfang had done everything she could for her eggs and now it was time for the Hatching.

The king gave a once over of the other eggs, nudging each in turn carefully, before pushing a sandy cushion around some of the colder ones. To watch such a large dragon being so gentle, afraid to even move his feet without making certain three or four times nothing breakable was in that spot where they would go, was terribly amusing, something akin to watching a wher trying on clothing or seeing a wherry try and stand up to a dragon. It was just…cute, but in a hilarious fashion. As the sire came back around to the white beauty he had covered first, his eyes passed over the onyx egg that he knew was entirely his doing. Well, technically the whole clutch was his doing too, but this egg was more of him than the others. It shared so much in common with him; gender, coloring, body size, general personality, mind…The list was endless, and it only made the dragon crouch down on his forelegs, tilting his head to one side to study the black coat that he bore on his very hide. The onyx beast rested the tip of his nose along the top of the egg, an exhale of breath stirring some of the surrounding sand, but nothing badly enough to take notice off. His many lidded eyes half closed, as if he were trying to say something that was difficult for him, or perhaps just hard to word. There is a new world just outside of your shell, I’m certain you know of by now. What you don’t know, though, is it's a new start. Everything is, from now on, for you and whomever you choose to bond with. It's all alive now, all before you for you to choose, and the world rests in the claws of young hearts. Don‘t let me down, my kindred spirit, because I‘ve been waiting for you. Help me fix this Weyr where I fail it, and this world where I cannot. Live, but love. And learn, but do not judge. Be there whether asked to be or not if they are your own. If you feel it, it is right. Your own voice is what I hope to learn from. Perhaps, in time, you will teach me something as I hope to do for you. We can‘t change everything on just our own, but perhaps you will be the one to show the Weyrs of this world what we most need. You will do all in life that I cannot, because you have been hoped for for a very long time. Everything has its time and purpose; you‘re being here is no accident. You were given just when the Weyr needed you most. Varanth nuzzled the smooth surface of the egg, another breath blown from his nostrils as he gathered his last thought. You have to know this upon birth, and I cannot wait to simply tell you, so I hope you understand now. After the rain, the sun will reappear. After the pain, the joy will still be here. You have to look ahead, and forget looking back. There’s only life. Everything you go through is only to bring you closer to some far greater experience. I have learned to see through the darkness, to speak in the silence, and to stand where no one else has because they are too afraid to. Take only this to heart if you never seek help or advice from another soul.

With a parting nudge, Varanth moved away to leave his young to hatch in peace, but something stopped him. Out of the corner of one eye, the onyx egg began to rock. Slowly and, if he hadn’t not been staring intently, he wouldn’t have noticed it himself even for his keen eye sight. Gradually, the rocking passed from egg to egg, some rocking faster, others, like the white and onyx, slower and more steadily. It was here. The behemoth threw back his skull and let loose a resounding bellow that would have knocked rocks from the ceilings were they not so smoothed as they were to prevent such a thing. The Fireworm Queen drew back her maw, opening to allow a humming noise, far higher pitched than Varanth’s current, to spill from her maw as she turned on the Sands to fetch Hers. MINE! Candidates, now! The woman’s eyes lit with joy as she informed the Headwoman, barely taking the time to tell the woman everything in her rush to get to the Weyrbowl and the Watch dragon. “H‘nuy! Take Rebrukth and send the news!” The Weyrwoman had caught the zippleback pair just as they had been about to take up their shift and, with the humming their could hear from the Hatching Grounds, they knew exactly their message to send. Those who had been invited to the event were to be informed and, once she rambled off the list as to whom, he was off with two other dragons, a gronkle and a younger monstrous nightmare  pair, gone before she could even make her way to the Sands to find her dragon and her mate humming. No others beside the Mine of the Weyrking had yet to show, but that was to be expected.

“D‘ron, I‘ve sent out messenger dragons to relay the news. The Headwoman knows too, so I would imagine the candidates do by now as well.”

“I know, Jouri. My thanks for having taken care of that. Now, all we have to do is watch, because the wait is over.”

It was not long before candidates had filed in, guests arrived, and all manner of spectator greeted the Sands. The Weyrking and Queen sat back with their respective Mines, a tall male of a tanned completion with vibrant grey green eyes and a short pixie of a blonde with brown depths. This moment had been eagerly awaited by both Weyrleaders and now, with the prospect of both types of furies hatching, they each stood with baited breath and anticipation.

Looking for More / Re: BNHA/MHA Hunt
« on: March 16, 2020, 10:14:17 AM »
And bump again. Still looking.

Looking for More / Re: BNHA/MHA Hunt
« on: December 02, 2019, 06:29:23 PM »

Fandom / Re: Circus [M]agic
« on: November 21, 2019, 12:04:12 AM »
“You aren’t a waste of space, or useless, Yugi.” His words were quiet, solely for her, though instead of looking up at her and drawing suspicion, he kept his gaze on her hand as he pulled out the smallest shards of glass. He took a moment to rinse the wound with alcohol, prefacing this with a “this is going to hurt” statement before doing so. Once it was cleaned, he wrapped her injury and then moved to her other hand. This too he took slowly, almost seeming to drag the process out in order to be able to give her time to come to some semblance of peace before she had to go back down.

“Sweet one....I would love it if you would stay, but we aren’t alone here. If it were up to me, you wouldn’t have to ask.” Here was the crux of the problem—she wasn’t his to keep, much though he would have preferred it to be that way. “I won’t send you home, but they will come for you. Your parents, or even...Well, your fiancé. Legally there is nothing I can do. Not right now at least. Let me think of a plan, little one.” Because really this was skirting all aspects of the law and the both of them could lose their heads over this in a moment’s notice.

“You are strong, Yugi. Whatever he did, it will not break you.” He finally finished picking out all the glass shards and rinsed her hand again before bandaging her up once again. “Does that feel any better?”

Looking for More / BNHA/MHA Hunt
« on: November 17, 2019, 12:39:01 AM »
Okay, so my hunt has become desperate since starting the new season of MHA. Gosh darn it, give me some chances to play this out peeps! xD

**Seeking:** BNHA/MHA (Boku no hero/my hero academia) slightly AU. **Canon Tokoyami x oc**.  I’d love to find a good partner to play Tokoyami (sized up of course, the man needs a growth spurt), but I could also be convinced to play him myself for the right person. ;3

**Blacklist: **1st person, anything other than past tense, illiteracy, vore, blood/foot/filth/breath/toilet play.

-3rd person past tense ONLY
-Paragraph+ replies
-An rp sample is a MUST before we begin plotting
-Acceptable story to smut ratios, *’d are ideal—60/40, *70/30*, *80/20*.
-NSFW content is a must, but we definitely don’t have to rush things along. Slow burn, y’all.
-One to two replies a day minimum.
-OOC chat. I love to get to know you and will fangirl hopelessly. xD I love to use discord for this since pm’s will get missed by me.

Fandom / Re: Circus [M]agic
« on: November 10, 2019, 10:26:14 PM »
“I’m not going to make you go down, Yugi. But I can’t let you sit here in pain, bleeding, and indecent. It’s not safe for anyone, especially you.” His voice was gentle, soft. He definitely didn’t want to frighten her more than she already was, but at the same time he needed to be honest with her. Hiding up here wouldn’t keep her away from what had happened, and running away would only take her so far. Much though he wanted to react poorly to this whole situation, there were people watching the both of them from down below. Some very influential people that could make either of their lives exceedingly difficult, and so he had to play this carefully for both their sakes. His voice dropped to allow only herself to hear him. “I’m going to ask Mana to bring me some things, ok? I have to get you something for all of this, but I’m not going to leave you. We just have to be careful, sweet one. There are many eyes on us both right now.”

He turned away from her to call down instructions to Mana and the young woman disappeared to get the requested materials. She came back some five minutes later and climbed up, giving Atem what he had asked for before respectfully leaving the pair of them alone. Firstly, Atem settled a long, heavy coat around Yugi’s shoulders. It wouldn’t ward off the chill she felt inside, but at least it would keep others from looking at her inappropriately. Next, he unwrapped some clean bandages, a flask of alcohol, and small tweezers. “I need to get the glass out first. May I have your hand?” He was deliberately being overly formal, and he hoped she recognized the reason why. Their voices carried way up there....

“This is going to sting,” he cautioned before setting to work on her first hand. “You don’t have to talk about it, but is there anything I can do?”

Fandom / Re: Circus [M]agic
« on: November 07, 2019, 02:43:50 PM »
Atem carefully scooted as close as he dared. She was not on a stable portion of the ceiling as she believed and he informed her of as much in a calm, sure tone. “Yugi, I’ll sit with you as long as you need me to, but right now you need to come back over here. That isn’t a safe place to sit. I know you’re scared. I know you’re hurt. But right now I need you right here. Please sweet one.” He outstretched one hand to her, offering it gently so as not to startle her. Clearly she’d undergone an immense trauma, and from the bits and pieces he heard now he supposed it had to do with Kaiba and the death of her grandfather. He needed clarity of course, but only once she was safely secured and calmed down would those answers come.

“We need to get you looked at. Can you show me your hands?” He waited, observing her. She did need to be tended to...”We need to get the glass out of these cuts, Yugi. If I have someone bring something to me, will you let me take care of this?” She also needed some clothing but that was another matter.

Fandom / Re: Circus [M]agic
« on: October 26, 2019, 11:33:34 AM »
Atem did follow his aunt, picking his way through the little assembled crowd. He’d suspected her grandfather’s passing some two weeks ago, and had known the mourning period was a lengthy ordeal so he had given her space. What he couldn’t fathom now was why she was here and not with her parents, and more to the point, where the majority of her clothing had gone. A keen nose clearly scented blood, something which also surprised him, but from the looks of her he couldn’t risk approaching quickly. How did she even get up so high to begin with? All these thoughts muddled around in his head and he nodded to Ishizu’s request. He’d have to pick his way carefully.

Atem climbed up slowly, taking what he thought was the opposite route Yugi had gone just in case he’d spook her in the doing. When he was a little more Han halfway up, he called to her. “Yugi? It’s me. I’m not going to bring you down, but I do need to know what’s wrong.” He climbed higher, and so hose below couldn’t hear him his voice dropped. “I can smell blood. Is it yours or someone else’s?” He finished his climb, taking a good look at her and some instinctive portion of his brain kept him from reaching out. He was very much a predator, and right now she looked like frightened prey. One wrong move on his part could send her falling off the edge and he didn’t want her getting more hurt than she appeared to be.

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