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Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: August 10, 2019, 09:55:35 PM »
Nathaniel relaxed a bit when the ducks put their attention Ira instead. He had to admire the other man's confidence, not that a man needed much in order to face a group of ducks, but it was obviously a courage he didn't have himself. He waited patiently, enjoying the show more from the distance he'd put between himself and the wild animals than up close.

He met Ira with a bright expecting look about him. And then he was asked what he wanted to do, and he lost his smile some. It felt like something he should have been prepared for. He wasn't sure how other vampires thought, but certainly he wasn't the only one who'd had "if I ever get to see daylight again" fantasies. What did he want to do with this blessing? He certainly intended to treat it like the rare experience it was, and he was interested in wasting not a second of it.

The kiss on the cheek surprised him, as did the compliment, and he could feel the heat rise to his cheeks in a fresh blush. He wondered if that was something Ira might find intriguing on a blood-drinking level. Or if perhaps he was one of those vampires who mixed their food with their sexual activity—not that they would be doing anything sexual!

"I don't think I was," he replied, looking down at the grass and glancing at the ducks who had all dispersed, though they hadn't gone very far. "There's so much we could do that it's hard to decide what's next. Will the effects really last all day?" And would Ira keep his arm around him like this? And if so, did Nathaniel want him to or not? He didn't know. Or perhaps, it was a combination of both.

Nathaniel waited for whatever Ira's next cue would be, not really knowing what he wanted to do or where to go to do it if he did.

"I hear there's a free zoo to visit in this city. And a theme park not far from here?" Those seemed like grand things he had never gotten to experience before, though they were also places with large crowds of people. And... he was hungry.

But that wasn't Ira's problem. When he met up with Samuel, he would make it Samuel's problem.

Bart grimaced empathetically while he watched Jan gulp down the draught, though he tried to correct his expression to one a bit more supportive when she looked at him, his eyebrows lifting along with his chin while he tried to see whether she had really managed to empty the entire cup.

"If my magic stops working, I give you permission to kill me; I'll be useless," he said. It was a joke, yet it was sincere and gentle as he watched Jan's consciousness fading. He supposed he should be meeting the same fate soon. He stayed by her side until she fell asleep entirely, and when he was sure she had passed out, his eyes moved to the empty spot in the bed, and he considered whether Jan would kill him anyway whenever she woke up to find him in bed with her.

Moving his eyes to the chair, he figured he would sleep just as well there, so he stood and moved to the armchair before downing his drink in much the same way Jansinisi had done, followed with a cough and a lot of moisture left on his lips. After wiping his mouth, he set the cup aside and settled into the chair, prepared for a deep sleep.

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: July 29, 2019, 01:11:09 AM »
Nathaniel placed his hands under the spout for the duck feed and watched the mixture fill his palms. When he turned around, the ducks were already approaching, and he felt a little as though he owed the duck mafia money.

He let out a surprised, nervous laugh and instinctively took a step closer to Ira. "Do I just... toss it?" he asked, holding the feed out and glancing between it and the incoming mob of ducks. "Or do I let them eat from my hands? What if they bite me?"

A duck at his feet quacked up at him and he jumped, causing a portion of the feed to shower to the ground, which the other ducks rushed to. He backed up until he ran into Ira, and then feeling trapped, he tossed the remainder of the feed on the other side of the duck gang and scampered to stand mostly behind Ira, on the opposite side of him. "I don't think I like this." He swallowed hard and watched the little mess of ducks knocking into each other for bites of food.

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: July 13, 2019, 03:20:23 AM »
He shouldn't have appreciated the feel of Ira's hand on his arm so much, but he did. Nathaniel was happy to be hiding behind the sunglasses. Did he trust Ira? He didn't really know him. Was it even possible to actually trust him at this point? He was still surviving in the sunshine, so perhaps that was something to take into account on that matter.

Nathaniel watched Ira's fingers work their way in between his, and he looked up with some surprise at him, though they'd been far more intimate just a moment before with the  neck-sucking than they were now with hand-holding. But there was an innocence and complacency to associate with this gesture. It was somehow both intimate, but mild. He didn't know what to think about Ira's blood, but the wording of his sentence made him ponder a few things.

He got up with Ira to go feed the ducks. "You feed your blood to humans?" he asked quietly from slightly behind him, letting Ira lead the way. "Or do you mean other vampires? I didn't know you could get anything out of vampire blood." It could taste all right, but it wasn't very sustainable as sustenance.

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: July 12, 2019, 10:00:36 PM »
Nathaniel's first instinct when Ira offered to show him how he "snacked" was to panic. He couldn't just nab a human in broad daylight! Nathaniel scolded himself internally for forgetting that vampires could be crude by nature, no matter how young they were. But he didn't know that he was the vampire's intended victim.

When Ira leaned in and sucked on his neck, he was surprised, but he cried out, sharp and whine-like before cutting off suddenly, and then covered his mouth his hand when he realized what was happening. He let his hand fall onto Ira's leg and rest there while he closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensation of Ira's lips and tongue on his neck, and the slightest, but most exciting, movement that meant he was swallowing his blood. After the surprise of the bite, the bigger surprise came in the form of his own placidity in the moment. It was a unique emotion, and he was very much wrapped up in it  as well as the lingering moment afterward that was reminiscent of an intimacy that he craved on such an essential level, that he could feel every atom in his body reaching to Ira with the intent to cling to him. He sat completely still, relaxed, until Ira pulled away and the light and sounds of the sun-filled, people-flooded park returned to existence. Nathaniel put his eyes on Ira's face and sat up straighter, which pulled his hand millimeters closer to himself on Ira's thigh. Which made him realize where his hand was.

Trying not to seem so panicky or that he was averse to touching Ira because surprisingly—excitingly—he was not, Nathaniel slid his hand down to Ira's knee before withdrawing it. "So you do that with everyone?" he asked, eyes falling down to where his hand had just been in Ira's lap.

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: July 08, 2019, 03:22:32 AM »
Nathaniel awkwardly accepted the hug with a tight smile afterward. He nodded, though he didn't really expect to be sharing anything with Ira after today. Certainly he wouldn't be here forever? And Sam would be home tonight...

Before they left, Nathaniel took Ira with him to his room (which was much quieter now), and found some clothes that didn't feel too dressed down in comparison to Ira's and took them into the bathroom to change. He checked his appearance in the mirror before they left, and he kept Ira's sunglasses with him.

The daytime really did have him mesmerized, and every once in a while, he caught Ira looking at him and immediately tried to pretend that he didn't notice. Though he probably was then caught blushing thereafter; he didn't know because he refused to look at him while he was feeling so embarrassed. He took a seat on the bench and watched all the people. Which made him nervous. So many people around, and he really did need to feed... all the heartbeats, but so little cover. And what if feeding somehow undid the effects of the drug? He couldn't be sure, and he didn't want to feed anyway, so he hoped it would be fine.

Nate caught a glimpse of Ira ream? Into the trash can. He looked at him bewildered, but then Ira gave an explanation, and that cleared up nothing, especially since it was interrupted by a frisbee.

His heart raced from the near collision of face and plastic board, and he gave Ira a grateful look, and from behind the cover of the sunglasses he gave a different kind of look to the shirtless man who came to collect the frisbee. Which was now in Nathaniel's hand.

"What?" he asked. He'd never thrown one before, though he wasn't so uninformed that he didn't understand how they worked. He gave a tight smile to the dog and then lamely threw the frisbee to it. It fell on the ground out of the dog's reach, and he found himself nervously tucking his hands under his thighs and giving more tight smiles to the attractive man who was now leaving. Ugh, what a terrible encounter.

It was hard not to laugh (awkwardly) at what Ira said about him being good with dogs or men or with anything that wasn't a red pen and a college freshman's English essay. But his eyebrows went up at the invitation to see Ira's theater, which he couldn't remember him saying he had, but he nodded. Glancing down at Ira's new position and tennis ball socks he swallowed.

"That's rather kind of you. I'll remember your invitation. Thank you." He didn't know what else to say, feeling a bit overwhelmed from being out in public. And the sunlight made him so... visible. "How do you..." he trailed off while his eyes looked around for anyone who was close enough to be listening to him, and then he dropped his voice and leaned toward Ira some. "How do you handle feeding?"

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: July 04, 2019, 03:28:32 AM »
Nathaniel could most certainly appreciate Ira's tone and demeanor of encouragement, as well as his enthusiasm. He lifted the glasses with his knuckles enough that he could wipe the new, relieved tears away.

The sudden grip on his arm frightened him, and he looked on at Ira with wide, alarmed eyes still obscured by the sunglasses. When he realized that Ira was merely just showing even more enthusiasm, he relaxed with a  quiet chuckle. And he watched Ira head inside. And drop his robe.

Nathaniel turned his face away as soon as the moon came out in the shape of Ira's rather excellent rear end. He felt bad for having seen it, though it was not his intention to do so, and he felt worse for enjoying it. It wasn't quite "I just saw daylight for the first time in centuries," but it did vibrate something within him, low in his stomach. With Ira inside, though, Nathaniel smiled to himself and refocused his attention on the sunlit city and his imagination of what the park was like in the daylight. He enjoyed Ira's continued chatter through the open door, but stayed quiet to listen, getting the idea that Ira was the type who would fill the silence should it need filling. It was a comforting dynamic to have between them. He didn't know what to expect out of this new relationship with Ira, whatever sort of relationship that may be, but he felt good about it.

Finally, Nathaniel tested his sturdiness by standing again, and after another long, lingering look out at the tops of the low buildings nearby, he turned to head back inside. "I'd like to drive, if you don't mind. I've never driven in the daylight. I don't know if it's special, but I'd like to find out."

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: July 03, 2019, 02:39:37 AM »
Nathaniel took the sunglasses from Ira and looked at him, a bit bewildered, but Ira's explanation made sense. It had been so long since he'd been out in the sunlight that he had forgotten what it was like. He placed the shades on his face and after a big breath in and out, he allowed Ira to escort him outside. At the sudden drawing of the curtain, he flinched, and at first he mistook the warmth of the light for a burning sensation. He shielded his face with his arm momentarily, but as he acclimated to the sensation, he lowered it, and upon realizing that he was not dead nor dying nor in pain, he placed his arm back by his side and looked out at the sunlight world, jaw hanging wide open.

Every step toward the railing was slowed by his sense of wonder and a dose of dread that this would all reverse in a mere instant and he would take his last breath of St. Louis air and stand on this balcony, crumbling to ashes. But still, his curiosity and sense of nostalgia drove him forward, despite his fear. He placed his hands on the banister and cast his gaze around, not heeding Ira's suggestion to take a seat if he even noticed the gesture at all.

"It's so warm. It's so... bright. Even with these." He pinched the arm of the sunglasses between his fingers. "It's so much different during the day. It smells different. The air is different." He turned around to look at Ira, and in that moment he could not contain his smile. He grinned wide at him. And he laughed, and it was a laugh of relief, a relief that brought with it a fresh set of tears and an unsteady set of knees. He swooned briefly, reaching out toward Ira to seek something stable to hold on to. But he lowered himself into the chair Ira had saved for him and he leaned back in it, taking a moment to recompose himself while staring up at the sky, not at the sun, but at the incredible blue and white mixture of wispy cirrus clouds and otherwise clear skies.

"I never thought..." He swallowed, and did not finish his sentence. Ira had to know where it was going. He never thought he'd see daylight or blue skies or white clouds again. And part of him still knew that he wasn't supposed to be doing this, but somehow he managed not to listen to it, not now. He would save his guilt for later in his room, and for now, he would enjoy his day in the sun. Perhaps the only one he would ever have again.

"How long does it last?"

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: July 02, 2019, 10:09:20 AM »
Nathaniel nodded while Ira explained the process to him. So it would hurt. It was a comfort to know it in advance, he supposed.

Ira's blood? The maid's blood? Nathaniel knew that either would trigger events Ira could not be aware he might have to face. But he said nothing, despite the urge to beg Ira to let him die, knowing this man would not accept his argument that his life was not worth the maid's life and that if he did indeed feed upon her, he would make sure that she died in one way or another. He knew it seemed out of his character. And it was. Except that it wasn't, not when the taste of blood touched his lips.

Nathaniel sat in the chair and watched Ira's strong, but tender hands as they positioned and prepared him for the injection, and his eyes were on the needle while it penetrated his skin.

He sucked in a sharp breath while the sting spread beyond just the point of injection and through his veins. For a moment he felt his whole body aflame, but as Ira had said, it was very brief, and whatever Nathaniel had prepared for, this was not that. The pain dissipated, the final bits of lingering ache remaining in his fingertips which he now stared at as though they might somehow answer whether the remedy would work.

Ira's reassurances were most welcome, though in truth, Nathaniel was so consumed with the experience of the injection and the following pain and the myriad thoughts that accompanied it that he was hardly aware that Ira was the one speaking.

When he finally did notice, he looked Ira in the face. "Did it work?" he asked, voice trembling, not unlike the way his hands now did. "Is it instant? Must I wait?" He didn't know if he was excited or scared, and it never occurred to him that he could feel both at once.

He glanced over at the curtains where the light seeped in as a rectangular halo glow of morning from without. Did it not sting? Or was he hopeful? Was this the placebo effect at work? He waited for Ira's response before he stood, now entranced by the window and the internal debate of whether to step in slowly or to plunge in headfirst and get it over with.

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: July 01, 2019, 04:06:10 PM »
Nathaniel listened, dropping his head in shame when Ira called him out for nonsense. He did not believe it was nonsense, but Ira's rebuttal did make him rethink his position.

When Ira held his hand out, Nathaniel lifted his head again, and after more hesitation, he swallowed and slowly rose his hand so that Ira could grab on as he pleased.

He still didn't deserve it. No matter what Ira had to say about it, however charming and seductive his words and voice were. Nathaniel would never deserve to see the sunlight again. How could he? Who was he to claim that right? He'd forfeited it long ago. He wasn't some helpless victim to a vampire. He had chosen to live in exile from the sun. He had decided to hide in the night for forever from the wrath of a deity whose name he could no longer speak, though he could think it and he could think it and he could think on it over and over and still choke on the word as he tried to speak it and still be seared by the touch of the cross and sickened by the presence of a church or even a mosque or any temple to a singular divine entity. Nathaniel knew very well what life should look like for him.

Nathaniel watched the needle, and wondered if it would burn as though the cross had been injected into his bloodstream, and surely if that was not the case then the serum would upon him be defunct, and today he would die in the light of the Lord who did not want him. Today was a good day to end his life, he thought.

A new tear ran down his cheek toward the corner of his mouth. He squeezed out a tight-lipped smile for him. He found his eyes with his own.

"Thank you," he said softly.

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: July 01, 2019, 02:39:33 AM »
The sound of the term "God-given" caused Nathaniel to flinch and it sullied his thoughts for the duration of Ira's speech. He breathed in and out too quickly while he listened, eyes falling distantly on Ira's chest. He'd never seen a hot air balloon in person. He could remember blue skies with white clouds, that feeling of warm son on cold skin. He remembered the day he gave up trying to catch glimpses of reflected sunsets.

Arms over his chest, he stared at the syringe when Ira held it out to him, and only the expectation that he should take the item Ira was giving him spurred him on, with hesitation, to reach out and wrap his hand around it with slow, tentative fingers.

Nathaniel pulled the syringe closer to examine the liquid inside, his eyebrows tilted in in deep concentration. He weighed the item in his palm while he weighed the decision now set before him in his mind, hand open while he stared at it.

His lower lip quivered as his throat tightened up. He closed his hand around the syringe and squeezed his eyes shut, quiet tears dripping down while he put the middle knuckle of his clenched fist to the space between his eyes. The next breath in shook his whole body, and his eyes and mouth popped open as he pulled his fist away. He offered the syringe back to Ira.

"I'm not meant for it," he said. "I have no right. Please. Take it back." 

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: July 01, 2019, 01:53:19 AM »
Nathaniel kept missing Ira's jokes, too anxious to really even concentrate on anything Ira had said. Stuck between the sunbeam and the ice machine with Ira, he didn't have much space to turn and help him up, though he did repeatedly reach forward cautiously to offer to assist him.

And then Ira's voice was in his ear, sweet and sultry, and Nathaniel was all too aware of the feel of Ira's body pushing up against him, even if it was just his arm. He didn't know what Ira was talking about, but knowing the effect of sun on vampires, reached out to stop him before he could submerge his hand in the sunlight. But he had to withdraw, and Ira didn't, and nothing happened except for the bright illumination of Ira's...remarkably tanned skin and the pain that came along with the reflected sunlight in Nathaniel's eyes.

His mouth fell open and he fought the urge to squint as he tried to make sense of it. Was Ira not actually a vampire? With alarm, he watched Ira back into the sunlight and close his eyes. He rubbed his own chest, trying to massage the knot out of it. How could this be?

And then Ira was looking directly at him again, and between the pain of straining through the sunlight to look at Ira's handsome face, and the extreme discomfort of looking someone else in the eye, Nathaniel turned his gaze away, blinking furiously to fight the sting. But in his neglect to keep his eye on Ira, he found himself chest-to-chest with him once more, and he backed up to the wall, turning his face to Ira's now because he did not know what to expect. Was this an attack?

Nathaniel swallowed hard, turning to look at his hand as Ira lifted it. "Him? Who—No, of course not!" He ripped his hand from Ira's grasp, unsure what to make of his teasing. It honestly wasn't unlike Sam's teasing, and he found it both familiar and unsettling. He frowned at him, but Ira was already off and speaking in clumsy Spanish to the housekeeper. While Ira was away, Nathaniel put a hand on his hip and paced the tiny space, shutting his eyes tightly and trying to come up with an escape plan. He wasn't going to get out of the hall without Ira's help. And now Ira fully understood that he was only just down the hall from him. There was not really any escape but to play along.

And it didn't help that he was now being ushered into Ira's room. With a longing look down the hall at his own room, he wondered why he had to leave it in the first place, and he stepped inside Ira's room yet again. It felt odd to be visiting him wearing... what either of them was wearing. He swallowed again and watched Ira warily.

He did not sit while he waited for him to return.

Nathaniel's eyes went straight to the syringe  Ira held onto. "Freedom? As in the sun?" His hands shook, and in an attempt to make it less obvious, he smoothed the front of his shirt repeatedly. "It's very wonderful that you've found a way to live life normally. I really could use some more sleep, though. I'm sure the neighbors have gone to breakfast by now."

"Precisely," said Bart. He sat on the bed gently, trying to hide the fact that his slow movement was only so tender because of the pain in his own body. He managed to keep his face clear of it, at least. Holding out the goblet for her to take, he looked over her condition once more. "The whole thing. It may tingle. And it will definitely taste bad." He shrugged. "But you should wake up refreshed and pain-free. I've made a glass for myself too if you need me to prove it's not poison."

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: June 27, 2019, 12:28:39 AM »
"Hm? Oh." Nathaniel dropped into a squat and set the ice bucket aside right away. "Of course." He scooped up a handful of ice and passed it off to Ira before taking a glance at the man and his... robe. Definitely just his robe.

Nathaniel focused on picking ice cubes off the tile, collecting a few in his hand while he avoided looking at Ira again. He wasn't sure what Ira meant by "the yellow one," too flustered to put much thought to it.

"Just down the hall," he answered. He gestured with his ice-filled fist and then offered it to Ira to take. "My neighbors seem to be particularly energetic this morning." He had to try hard not to roll his eyes. Gaze glancing over Ira's peculiar tan, Nathaniel stood up again and crossed his arms over his chest. He debated the chances of his room being still and quiet if he went back now. He was entirely prepared to abandon his ice bucket there and set off at a sprint. Thoughts continuously drifting back to last night, he was beginning to think the date had set him off on an irreparable state of sinful thoughts he would deny himself the pleasure of indulging in fully for months, if he could help it.

But the need to feed was upon him, and he would have to find someone to eat from soon. More sinful thoughts, really. He needed Sam.

"Well, it was nice running into you again. Enjoy your day." He stepped back out into the hall just in time for a housekeeper at the end of the hall to pull back the curtain. From instinct, he leapt backward into the nook for the ice machine, knocking into Ira in the process. "Sorry. Sorry." He felt his face and his arms, looking for any signs that the sunlight had hurt him.

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« on: June 26, 2019, 01:00:19 AM »
Nathaniel woke gently to the feel of kisses on his neck, a hand firmly, but not too roughly tugging his head aside by the hair. He reached back to grip the man's hip, needing to feel him closer. Despite the fact that they were both still fully dressed, Nathaniel groaned softly at the motion slowly working up speed, groin to ass, a good dose of early morning frottage. The man, a stranger, groaned in his ear while the bed rocked. Breathing hard, Nathaniel gripped at the man's hair and moaned, louder and louder, until it was a girly yell.

Something thudded hard against the wall behind the bed, and Nathaniel sat bolt upright, pulling at his own hair, drenched in sweat and in the clothes from last night. His bed still rocked, but he realized quickly there was no one else there, unless the thumping of the hotel neighbors' bed against his wall counted as company. He was relieved to learn the girly moans had actually come from next door and not himself, but he found it unsettling to be fully erect to the sounds of strangers getting it on.

In a hurry to shake the uncomfortable feeling, he stood up and wiped the sweat from his brow, squinting against the painful rim of sunlight that radiated from the corners of the curtains. It wasn't enough to hurt him, so long as he stayed out of the direct beams, but his eyes certainly complained.

And so did his head, and he had to wonder if it was the sunlight, the lack of sleep, or all the drinking he'd done last night that caused it.

Finally, he unbuttoned his yellow bumblebee shirt and stripped it off, dropping it carelessly onto the floor next to his suitcase. He found an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt and some sweatpants and changed in the bathroom, hoping that his bed would be safe to return to by the time he got back. When he found that it was, in fact, still in motion, he sighed and picked up the ice bucket. He still felt sweaty, and uneasy, and he thought perhaps he could cool himself down by getting some ice—and escaping the room entirely. He just had to hope that there were no open windows.

Braving the potential sunlight, Nathaniel opened the door cautiously, hiding behind it until he could be sure no direct beams of sunlight would be stopping him. There was one window to the outdoors at the very end of the hall, but for now it had its curtains closed, and he had to have faith it would remain that way until the sun was on the other side of the building. With bare feet, he stepped out onto the short carpet of the hotel hallway, shoving down his shame at being so underdressed in public so that he could put some space between himself and his neighbors.

Bucket in tow, he made his way sleepily to the ice machine, eyes tracing the strange pattern on the carpet. Hearing his name, he looked up to find Ira, and then looked back down to see all the ice that just landed on the floor.

"Oh. Good morning," he said, not sure what else he possibly could say. Something made him  put a hand on his head and slide it forward to flatten his hair. He didn't even know how it looked and he hoped he hadn't managed to make it look worse. His heartbeat sky-rocketed at the run-in. He hadn't been too drunk to remember the details of last night, but he hadn't yet reflected on the kiss he and Ira had shared. Until that moment. When he'd run back into him.

He cleared his throat while he wrestled with the urge to stoop down and pick up the ice for him. He'd wonder later if his brain was even actually working at the time.

"I, uhm. I hope you slept well." His face was turned toward Ira, but his eyes stayed fixed on the door across the hall, trying not to look at the ice on the floor. He didn't want to embarrass Ira by drawing attention to the mess he assumed Ira had just made.

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