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"I had come to the same conclusion myself." Reynik grimaced; he had the feeling that he was only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it came to just how convuluted this entire situation was.

"Presumably, he must know that the woman he was with was Savati? That you also share that blood. I would imagine it would be safer to assume that he does know than the opposite."

From the way she spoke, it sounded like an intricate web of progeny throughout the Republic, the Empire and the Cartel. Sleeping as if they were waiting to be activated.

Reynik shook his head.
"Wait. You're telling me that, regardless of how you were raised, you're still following a set of orders that you were... born to receive? Activated when you arrived here? How is that even possible?"

Fandom / Re: New Dear Hearts and Gentle People (M)
« on: March 28, 2020, 10:06:54 AM »
When Lucy froze at his clumsy offering of food, Joe instinctively froze as well, feeling the rush of panic at the prospect of upsetting his companion. For a moment, they stared at each other, before Lucy finally seemed to relax and Joe found himself exhaling softly in relief.

"Sorry." He whispered automatically and he took the declined tin and returned it to his pack. He nodded when Lucy got up, still wary.

With Beckett, he had learned to read his expressions and body language, catching on the sharp tone that often preempted a beating. With Lucy, he had no such tells, or if there were any, he would have to learn them. He wondered, not for the first time, what lay beneath the mask and respirator. Did they hide a disfigurement that needed to be hidden from the rest of the world?

When they returned, Joe automatically set aside his rifle and stood, helping them set up the shelter. In only a few minutes, they had a half decent shelter built.

He stared at Lucy in surprise as they indicated that the mattress was for him. He opened his mouth to ask if they were sure, then hurriedly closed it again.

"Thank you." He murmured softly and he sat down, reaching again for his rifle. It was a decent model, better kept than a lot of the ones that they found in the wasteland.

He glanced up at Lucy, pausing for a moment before he spoke.
"Do you have anything that you want cleaned? I'm not too bad at maintenance. I don't mind."

In truth, it was something that he liked doing. It gave him something useful to do with hands, keeping his mind focused on something steady and methodical, despite the turmoil that his life might be right then.

"Home, family..." Reynik shook his head, giving half a faint, bitter smile. "Not really things that I understand all that well."

In truth, Reynik could not even remember what his parents had looked like. He had vague memories of someone, possibly his father, being killed when they were captured on his home world, but other than that, nothing. He could not even remember the name of the planet that they had been snatched from.

He could not hide the surprise in his expression from the revelation that Cygius was her father. Inwardly, Reynik found himself going over the conversations that he had had, analysing every mention of Marigon that he had uttered. He had not ordered him directly to find her, she was seen as an after thought almost. Tying up loose ends.

"And he knows this?" Yet he was already suspecting the answer to that question. Cygius prided himself on his knowledge and for something as personal as this to go unnoticed was unthinkable.

"Have you always known?"

It was Reynik's turn to sigh, frowning as he thought through the turbulent situation that he found himself in the middle of.
"So, tell me your plan. How do you expect to bring down such powerful organisations?"

Fantasy / Re: Return to Inquisition (M) Jabba x Firesblood
« on: March 10, 2020, 08:14:19 AM »
At first, the werewolves patrolled the poorer parts of the town. Celyn reasoned that it was the sort of place that he would want to hide in had he been running from people like Ampetrion and his men. The slums were packed with people, crammed into every available space, living practically on top of each other in places, with non of the space that the rich could afford. Leaving the horses tethered, the two split up and just simply walked, keeping their eyes open and their senses alert.

Celyn had never been in a human settlement like this and it showed. Living his entire life with the pack, out in the forest, he had been sheltered from a lot of what was going on around them. The city was like a large jumble of sights, smells and sounds, many of them unpleasant.

By the evening, they had covered a fair chunk of it, but had caught no sign of her. As the sun was beginning to dip beneath the horizon, Celyn met up with his uncle in the central square of the city.

"Nothing." He shook his head. "Just... many people who look like they're starving. Are humans really this bad?"


With a grunt, Roe dropped to a knee to embrace the joyful, giggling child who ran to greet them.

"Mattieu, Non!" A woman's voice sounded from the house, but it was clear that nothing would be stopping him from hugging his grandchild. Roe did his best to hide his pain with a smile and he reached into his pocket for the small wooden whistle and he pressed it into Mattieu's hands.

"Sorry its late, little one."

As he straightened up, Mattieu had already run off, the shrill sounds of the whistle playing. Roe turned to Valaria with an impish grin.
"No doubt, my son will be cursing my name before dinner's out. Come inside, food smells like its nearly ready."

Sci Fi / Re: Sharpening the Rusty Blade (Firesblood x Jabba)
« on: March 10, 2020, 06:23:44 AM »
The slave's stare was unsettling in its intensity and Zyad knew immediately that he meant exactly what he had said, despite what had happened to him at Malek's hands. After a moment, the spell was broken and the slave turned sharply towards his master, although Zyad was beginning to realise that this was no slave, giving the way that he was responding.

"We would be foolish to ignore what he can do for us. I can withstand the discomfort of having him with us if it means that one of the monitoring technicians upstairs doesn't follow up an anomaly that they've just noticed or an overseer coming down the wrong corridor at the wrong time. We know that Malek cares for 60 enough to ensure that she remains safe and if we are with her, then that means us too."

"I do not trust him either; I have good reason not to, but knowing that we have a common goal with 60, that will keep him on our side."

Zyad could clearly see his passion, but beneath that, Zyad could sense his fear, despite the director's attempts to shield him. It stood to reason that, considering his recent punishment, he would not want to be caught again.

Realism / Re: Return of the Pirates (M) Jabba x Kreed
« on: March 06, 2020, 05:31:32 PM »
Satisfied that the contract was properly signed, Beckett nodded once and turned back to Hammond, shaking the offered hand firmly, sealing their deal. He did not offer a hand to his daughter. Instead, he turned back to the door and called again for Hunter.

"We're ready." He nodded as Hunter entered. "Have Miss Hammond here clapped in irons in the brig. Her punishment will be carried out in the morning. Then she will be put to work."

He did not look at his unwilling crew member, expecting as little reaction to her fate as she had shown throughout their meeting. Hunter barked a couple of orders on deck and two men came down the stairs and into the room, ready to drag her out.

"I would say your goodbyes." Beckett turned to Hammond, nodding curtly. "Good day, Sir."

Reynik tensed as Marigon crossed the room, half expecting her to pull some form of weapon from the alcove to attack him with. Yet all she produced was tea and he watched her make it silently, wondering how she could focus on such minute movements in the face of such an arduous situation.

He remained silent, but on some level he agreed; impasse was the right word for their situation. Something had to give, whether she threw her tea in his face and attacked or took some other move.

After a long pause, Reynik finally stepped forwards and sat, cross legged on the floor in front of her, reaching for the small cup. He lifted the cup and sniffed lightly, assessing it before he took a sip.

"I find that destiny is best analysed after the events have unfolded. Whether I am here because of the movings of the Force or simply because I have been ordered to be is something that neither of us will ever be sure about."

"I will not hypothesise on impossible situations. Your claims to be able to bring down both the Republic and the Cartel at the same time as bringing down the Empire is laughable."

Despite his words, Reynik's tone was not unkind. It was simply that he believed her to be wrong.
"Fight beside me, follow your orders and we will defeat them together. We will bring order to this chaotic universe."

He paused, frowning.
"Yet what is the alternative to your plans? If I stick to my orders to the letter? Will you have me killed?"

Fantasy / Re: New {M}edShock
« on: March 06, 2020, 02:16:00 PM »
Joe shrugged tiredly; he was a city boy through and through, how the hell was he to know about herbs?
"I know about horse medicine, not human."

Despite his fatigue, he wasn't too tired to listen to sense. He'd originally had his coat balled into a makeshift pillow, but with a faint grunt, he shifted his position and shook it out, pulling it over him like a blanket.


The sun was low down when he finally awoke; the movement of the ship had changed, with a far steeper incline of the waves than before. Grimacing, Joe pulled himself to his feet and stretched, feeling a pop of joints.

After a moment to gather his thoughts together, shaking off the initial disorientation after sleeping for so long, Joe made his way back below decks, ready to get back to work.

Fantasy / Re: Return to Inquisition (M) Jabba x Firesblood
« on: March 06, 2020, 01:31:43 PM »
Lourdes was a fair size city, with ancient buildings and churches that looked like they had stood there for centuries. The two werewolves rode through the city in the early afternoon; Celyn marvelled at the bustling marketplace in the centre of the city. They could hear different languages from all over the world, pilgrim humans, apparently, travelling from all parts to try and get a chance to bathe in the supposed healing waters.

"Uncle, is there any truth to what they say? Does the water here heal?"

He looked around the square, pulling his horse to a halt and dismounting.
"How do we even know where to look? They could hide hundreds of wolves in this city."


After a few days, the medic decided that Etienne was well enough to leave his bed. He was still shakey on his feet, but the old man was adamant that he be allowed to walk by himself. A tired smile on his face, he made his way up to Valaria's room and knocked gently.

"Miss Valaria?" He smiled warmly. "I've come to invite you to dinner, as promised."

Fandom / Re: New Dear Hearts and Gentle People (M)
« on: March 06, 2020, 01:13:09 PM »
"Stimpaks, some mentats as well, psycho. I think that's it. Basic stuff."

Yet even if they didn't use it themselves, it would still fetch a price from a trader.

He nodded as the conversation turned to armour.
"I've got what I need for the moment." Joe indicated the boots he now wore. "Anything more I can see if I can salvage later on. I don't hold much faith in a few spikey straps to stop much of anything."

He turned and headed back to the shop floor, choosing a corner towards the back to set down camp. At least it was far enough away from the bodies that they'd left behind. Lowering himself to the floor, he settled with his back against the wall.

Joe took one of the food tins and offered it to Lucy.
"Are you hungry? I'm kind of famished."

In the rush to escape Megaton, he'd barely had time to eat anything. He peeled back the lid on his own and sniffed at the contents tentatively, he wasn't sure what sort of meat it was, but it was alright. It would do.

He fell silent as he ate, not wanting to upset Lucy with too much idle chatter. When he was done, he turned to his new rifle and began to strip it carefully, checking and cleaning each component.

Fandom / Re: The Stranger with the Fa(M)iliar Face (Jabba x Firesblood)
« on: February 21, 2020, 05:32:36 PM »
Idryius turned to look at the fire, but inwardly his mind wondered about how he would deal with facing the wife of the man whose body he was currently squatting in. The family did not deserve to be forced into this situation.

He remained silent for the rest of the night, falling back against his bedroll and staring up against the sky, although he barely slept. At the back of his mind, he could feel Samuel's presence, coiling and uncoiling restlessly, most likely at the thought of seeing his wife through the eyes of another man.

The group woke early, ready for the journey ahead. Idryius got up without complaint and rolled up the bedroll he had been given, although he felt like he was in a daze. He felt like he had been since Tsarin had been taken.

They rode through the morning, until they reached the base of the icy cliffs, rising up into the sky. Idryius looked up with a grimace; maybe he'd be lucky and his grip would slip half way up the cliff face? He followed the others through the gap, into the caverns. Inside, he found a stable area and they dismounted, stripping the horses of their tack and making them comfortable.

These people lived a strange life, being so removed from society to live in an area where you couldn't even take a horse.

Realism / Re: Return of the Pirates (M) Jabba x Kreed
« on: February 15, 2020, 05:59:40 PM »
Beckett nodded in grim approval as Hammond signed the paper, finally reaching a deal. He looked up with a frown, his gaze landing square on the young woman.
"I need both of you to sign."

As they'd already stated on more than one occasion, Lucy Hammond was an adult, yet when it came to the signing of the official contracts, only Hammond had signed it. Beckett wondered if they would try and weasel out of it due to the lacking signature.

"I insist."

Whilst he waited, Beckett headed over to the door and called for his first mate.
"Mr Hunter, send a runner to the Governor's office, please." He turned his gaze back to Hammond and his daughter. "It seems that we will not require his services right now."

It did not do any harm to let them know that he had some connections to his name.

Reynik was silent for a long moment, letting her words sink in.
"Thank you for your candour."

Yet her words had major implications. If she was not going to assist in their mission, that she had changed her loyalties to lie with the Exiled, then it stood to reason that she would try her best to prevent him from completing it also. The news of what had happened at Nar Shaddaa would have hit them now, surely. She must know what he had done.

"Yet my own experiences contradict what you have just said. It was not the Empire that had me enslaved, it was a group of marauders out to make credits. It was the Empire who saved me."

There was no point in skirting around the issue.
"Where does this leave us?" He watched her steadily, watching for any changes in expression to give him a warning.

Reynik obeyed, entering the room. He spared a glance to his surroundings before he approached Marigon and settled down in front of her, cross legged.

"I hope that what you've heard has been... fair."

He had no idea what people like Cygius said about him behind closed doors, but if it was too negative, then he doubted that he would have even been selected for this mission.

"I've been sent primarily to ensure that your mission is carried out. Cygius wasn't sure if you were even still alive, so that was a secondary part of my mission."

Reynik did not pull back as she reached up to touch him gently. Ordinarily, he did not permit people to touch him, particularly on his face, but he understood the need to verify his identity. As she withdrew, Reynik's face twitched painfully, although as it happened to him with such regularity, it was not clear whether it was as a result of her contact or not.

Her movement through his mind was not what he had expected either; as Sith apprentices, each of them had learned what it was like to give as well as receive this mind probe. The Sith method was painful and brutal, without exception, until now, that was.

He followed the others, noting what route Esbern was directed to, along with the other pilots and engineers. Gradually, the others split off, leaving him as the last to follow Kin. He nodded to the others, remaining silent as his eyes swept over the area.

He turned towards the bunk rooms, noting that there were more rooms available than there were people.
"That one's vacant." Reynik turned at the voice behind him and the green skinned Twi'lek man who had been meditating stood in front of him, gesturing to one of the rooms.

"Thank you." Reynik nodded and headed inside, dumping his pack onto the bunk.

The Twi'lek hovered in the doorway, watching him.
"He said you were Reynik?"
"Yes." Reynik glanced at the room briefly before turning back; it was plainly furnished, but that was still more than Reynik was used to.

"I'm Skendar, over there is Dajid and Vorrag. You must be a force user if they've brought you here."

Skendar paused, obviously waiting for him to elaborate, but Reynik remained silent, heading back out into the main common room. The others had finished sparring and were heading over.

"All right then." Skendar did not seemed to be put off by his silence. "Come this way, he said Marigon wanted to see you."
"Thank you."

He was led down a long corridor to a room that seemed to be completely dark. Skendar left him to it and he knocked on the door and waited.

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