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Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 26, 2021, 08:00:28 PM »
Vex chuckles at his request, spreading her hand slightly. "Hey, kid. It's *me* you are talking to. When am I ever not careful?" All the time was the correct answer to that, but she wasn't worried. Watching him look at his arm though, makes her frown. That writing bothered her more than she let on, but she didn't want to worry him with it. clearly this had been more than a random break-in, that much was obvious even to her.

His comment bring her focus back to up though, and and she smiles back at him. "Hey, some people go for the big and hairy look. Might improve your dating life."

Nodding, Vex sighs and flicks the spent talisman away where it ignites, burning away to nothing just after leaving her fingers. "Yea... Thats what friends are for innit? Even if they are kinda responsible in the first place."

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 20, 2021, 03:23:25 AM »
Vex gives him a slight nod when he says that, knowing it was true but still cross. Someone had hurt someone working for her... and that meant someone was in mortal danger now. "Be that as it may... Someone's life expectancy just got a lot shorter. No one hurts my friends." And she clearly means that, there's no hesitation in her voice as she speaks.

Nodding sligtly, Vex reaches into her jacket and digs around for a moment before pulling out small slip of paper and blowing on it, the runes on it lighting up and glowing a gentle green. She does pause when he mentions the rest of the letters on his arm, humming then nodding slightly. "That's a good question. I've got people more patient than I whom I can pass that off too and get them to look into it. They'll run wildcards too, see if they can fill in the blanks that're smudged there too."

Leaning forwards slightly, Vex inspects the wounds on his chest critically. She wasn't a doctor, that much was for sure, but after almost three hundred years of fighting she had a pretty good idea of what different wounds look like and he was right. "Mmmn.... No. Thats neither teeth nor claw. Looks like impact punctures that got dragged... whatever cut you probably dragged when you hit the table." Smiling at him again, this time more genuinely, She presses the talisman against his skin and it crackles gently, the green light sparking across his wounds and closing them up before his eyes. "Healthcare here is good, but doesn't hold a candle to proper magic for this sort of brute trauma. As for your head, yes, You've got a concussion. Or that's what your chart says at least. Mum could fix you right up, but I'm not... precise enough for that sort of spellcasting, sorry."

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 20, 2021, 02:59:09 AM »
Vex nods to the doctor as they walk out, not surprised. Kurt looked pretty roughed up. "Well, It was probably my fault in the first place for dragging you into this so. Least I could do?" She gives him a slight smile with a couple too many teeth in it, trying to be reassuring instead of angry. "It's way too much of a coincidence someone strong enough to rip the door off hit your building the same night I dropped off the sample. According to the cops on site it was gone, the only thing left was the isolation container i had it in." It hadn't occurred to her that the sample would be gone because it was in a hazwaste bag somewhere in the hospital after they pulled it out of Kurt, her assumption that he had been injured by his attacker.

Stepping around the bed Vex eyes the chart at the end of it critically for a moment before smiling at him. "Well... I'm not gonna try and fix your concussion, that's a bit past my comfort level, but I've got a type one healing talisman in my suit If you'd like it. Be a lot less painful than waiting for those injuries to heal naturally." As he shows her his arm, Vex squints at it and mumbles quietly to herself as she reads what she can make out of it. "Lycan... A werewolf did this? I'm not... Surprised, but the lack of damage in the building didn't indicate that. Woofs usually cause almost as much collateral as I do. That's concerning... You don't have any bite wounds or anything do you?"

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 20, 2021, 02:40:13 AM »
Probably the last thing the CSI team had wanted to see at their crime scene was Vex, wandering in like she owned the place with a determined set to her jaw. She'd come by to see if Kurt had learned anything and found the place taped of and while not exactly 'swarming' with officers, the fact that the door was laying next to the entryway had been enough to get her concerned. It didn't take her long to pry what little details they knew from the cops, as she did have access to their databases so 'ongoing investigation' wasn't going to fly. That, and they knew it would be the fastest way to get her to leave.

She was a little more diplomatic at the hospital, managing to get in without even one damaged object left in her wake and getting directions to where Kurt had ended up with her badge. Pushing through the door, Vex quirks an eyebrow at the doctor and at Kurt laying in the hospital bed in front of her. A quiet growl escapes her, not directed at either of them, as she flashes her badge to the understandably cross doctor at her sudden entrance. "Captain Vex, S.T.A.R. Need to talk with the kid for a minute, if he's not too badly injured?"

Waiting for the doctor to give her the Okay, Vex walks over too and leans on the side of the hospital bed, sniffing quietly and frowning at the scent of old blood. "Hi Kurt. You doing okay buddy?"

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 20, 2021, 02:14:14 AM »
James hums quietly at Kurt's explanation of the writing on his arm, pulling his notepad out and jotting down the details on it for whichever investigator got sent here to determine what had actually happened. Kurts decision not go give him the date brings another frown to his face, James glad he had already requested an ambulance. "That's okay buddy. I saw your phone on the floor over there, it looks broken and  I don't want to move too much stuff around. We've been having a rash of attacks around town recently and the investigators have asked us not to move things too much if we can avoid it."

Nodding to the EMT as they walking in, James indicates Kurt with his free hand. "One injury, human male. I suspect he's got a concussion in addition to the lacerations. Phone is toast, I can feel the battery still burning from here. We'll take care of it when CSI gets here, and someone will come by the hospital to get a statment from Kurt here once he's feeling a bit better." Smiling at Kurt, James gives him a thumbs up. "Don't worry, we'll take care of your workplace and these fellas will get you checked out to make sure nothing bad is gonna happen to you."

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 16, 2021, 12:54:00 AM »
James gives Kurt a slight smile, more to reassure him than anything, as he fails to take his advice about not moving. "We're here to help buddy, I'm not gonna ask you to do something without a good reason." Tilting his head to the side when kurt moves his arm, Jame examines the smudged ink for a moment. "What's that you've got on your arm there?" Reaching out he gently moves Kurt's sleeve, eyeing what he had scribbeled. "Lycan? What, like werewolves?" Glancing around the room, James thinks for a moment before shaking his head. "No... This doesn't look like any werewolf attack I've ever seen. What's the ink for, do you remember?"

When Kurt can't tell him what the words he had written meant, and what he said about remembering, James' hums quietly. "As I said, you probably have a concussion. Hey, can you remember what the date is? And what's your name, by the way?"

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 12, 2021, 12:34:22 AM »
The officer frowns at Kurt when he says he couldn't remember, wondering if whatever impact had caused this gave him a concussion or something. Reaching to his shoulder James clicks his radio, quietly telling his partner to get an ambulance for Kurt. "Easy buddy. Given that you're laying between two halves of what I suspect used to be a whole table, I'm gonna guess it was more of a case of you hitting it than the other way around." Leaning back, the officer pulls his overcoat off, folding it up and carefully putting it between Kurt's head and the hard ground. "Why don't you just lay still for me, okay?" Now that kurt had flipped over James was able to see the lacerations to his chest, but he didn't know what had caused them so had no reason to suspect there would be a problem besides the overt injuries. "I've got my partner to call you an ambulance so we can get your properly looked over. You've got some lacerations and possibly a concussion so we just want to be safe about it, don't worry too much."

Leaning back, James gives the room another glance over before clicking his radio again and telling his partner what he had checked and mentioning that there didn't seem to be anyone else here but could they please check the rest of the back rooms to be sure. "Anything you can tell me about what happened last night? Based on the front door I'm guessing this wasn't something you did?"

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 12, 2021, 12:15:17 AM »
Why did this sort of thing always have to happen during his shift? Standing outside the store, a red skinned humanoid has his hands on his hips as he examines the door and its inexpertly reintegrated state. He's wearing the standard patrol uniform of the cities cops, a small nonlethal sidearm at his hip, though he has foregone the usual hat as where his hair would be is a slicked back wreath of flames crackling gently. They'd gotten the 911 twenty or so minutes ago from the panicked owner of the store, who was currently giving a statement to his partner. Nothing that useful as the owner didn't know much more than they did, having immediately called 911 when they arrived and found the store not in the condition they left it in.

Reaching forwards the officer tugs the door gingerly, before leaping back as it groans and falls flat out of the front of the building with a crash. Glancing over at his partner, who rolls his eyes, he carefully draws his stunner and steps into the building. Neither of them expected anyone to still be inside, but it was worth being cautious nonetheless. Covering his eyes with a hand as the automatic lights click on, he sweeps his gaze over the store until it lands on the upturned medicine rack.

Making sure to check the corners as he goes, the officer heads to the back of the store and inspects the rack, finding the contents scattered across the ground to be vitamins and other supplements. None of them were controlled, or even particularly valuable, so he notes it for later and steps to the back of the store and pushes the door open.

Sweeping the room with his stunner a frown crosses the man's face as this was clearly where... whatever had happened had happened. Several upset tables, broken lab equipment, and a smashed table with a tech laying on it. Once he'd assured himself there wasn't anyone else in the room he steps over to the tech, crouching down and checking his pulse. It was still there, and the fellow didn't seem too injured, so he reaches out and gives him a rough shake by the shoulder. "Cmon buddy, wake up. I'm James with the CPF, looks like you had a rough night?"

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 03, 2021, 02:14:22 AM »
That sudden moment of fear and panic on his face, seen through the grainy security cameras, just makes Morragan's smile a tooth larger. If you asked her she obviously wouldn't describe herself as evil... but that feeling of power was still something she never got tired of. "Causing the illness? Oh no, don't be silly dear. I'm dragonkind, we don't catch your diseases." Letting that hang for a moment, Morragan gives him another quiet laugh. "But... yes, yes I am. Lycanisana-gamma-six has some side effects still, and it requires testing to work the kinks out before it is really ready to be given to the general public."

Humming softly, Morragan examines the room through the security camera for a few moments more before spotting the vial of blood Kurt had been working with. That gave her a wicked idea, much more effective than what she had previously had in mind, so she raises her voice so Petty can hear her through the phone's speaker. "Ah... Petty dear, I've a new idea. That vial on the desk there... Smash it with him, and then leave him there." Petty just blinks at the phone, before looking around the room for several seconds trying to find what she was talking about as Morragan continues to speak. "Unfortunately for you my friend, one of those side effects I mentioned is ST tack LT memory formation. You wont remember being infected... And you're going to become quite ill once the virus has spread through your body in a few days... You'll find yourself having trouble remembering things... Then one day you'll wake up covered in blood, Not yours. Of course, this is if you are lucky. If you aren't... you might run into our *friend* in the meantime. That would be deliciously ironic, wouldn't it?  As for Vex... hehehaa... I'm Counting on it." Click. The phone goes dead, then fritzes and the screen turns into faint static as the phone silently fries itself in his hand.

For his part Petty had figured out what Morragan was referring too, spotting the place Kurt had been working at a few minutes ago. It never even occured to Petty that he could be at risk, as much an ingrained instinct to obey Morragan as anything. Stepping over to the desk he lifts Kurt up and WHOMPS him into the desk, hard enough to easily shatter the vial and drive the breath from his lungs without doing him any real permanent harm. Going to be a hell of a shiner in the morning though. Letting go petty eyes him for a moment before shrugging, turning to squeeze himself back out of the room as Morragan had ordered. He manages to make his way out of the building without upsetting anything else, but does pause to pick up the door and roughly jam it back into the doorframe. No one would be getting out of there anytime soon, though he lacked the wit to consider the loading dock or other back doors would be a thing.

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 03, 2021, 01:47:41 AM »
Reaching up with his other hand, Petty removes the boot from his nose and lets kurt dangle back into the air. Petty could actually hear his heart beating, which is saying something because his hearing wasn't that far above normal. Still, he supposed if putting the fear into someone was his job right now it shouldn't be *that* much of a surprise. Nodding at Kurts comment, he doesn't stop him from pulling the phone out and just blinks at Kurt answering it.

From the phone comes a quiet chuckle, before Morragan's smooth, refined voice comes from it. "Ah... no, I'm afraid not dear. You're security system was... woefully lackluster, and one of my servants redirected it to us. I couldn't help but notice your alarm, and thought you could use a... Friendly voice." Her tone is anything but friendly at the moment, soft and cold as ice. "I'm Morragan. I must apologize for not being able to see to you in person but I have a great many things going on and can't make every house call myself." Or... any of them, for that matter. That's what she had servants and minions for.

"You may have heard of me from our mutual acquaintance." Probably true, Vex's tendency to rant when she was angry had probably given him an earful or two over the years. "She has been a thorn for many years, and I'm afraid she has gotten you mixed up in some... rather bad business here. I've nothing against you personally... nor do I actually care about you either. So regretfully, I'm going to have to make a little example out of you. Don't worry about surviving, that I can assure you. Hahehe... But you might not wish you had."

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 03, 2021, 01:25:44 AM »
Far, far away from the action happening in the mid ring, Morragan is watching things go down on the hacked security cameras from her office. A rather indulgent affair the office is decorated in dark woods and rich carpets, silver inlay gracing all of the furniture. For her part, Morragan is sitting in a tall, strongly built wooden chair with red cushions. She's one of the dragonkind who tend to inhabit the rich districts, powerful and influential people who have quite a bit of sway over the city whether they hold an official public office or not. She is of the fluffier kind, feathers across most of the outer parts of her body in a pale teal with silvery scales covering the rest of her and large feathered ridges on the top of her head and along her wings. She's dressed impeccably in a midnight black suit that's been touched up with silver, and has half-rim crimson lensed glasses sitting on her long nose.

Few people knew exactly how much power she could exert over the city as a whole, but something as simple as redirecting a low grade security system was a simple command to one of her subordinates away. In this case she prefered that the local law enforcement didn't get involved with Petty or her new... product, at least at this stage, so had ordered them redirected to her control. When Kurt hits the button on the counter and the alarm flicks up next to the camera feeds a small smile creeps onto her face. Reaching forwards she taps the alarm, the phone connected with the system suddenly ringing with an unknown number.


Petty isn't exactly fast in the cramped spaces of the lab, but his sheer size and reach are enough to catch Kurt despite his attempt to get away from them. The comment about Vex just brings a slight twitch of a smile to his face, having come into conflict with her on several occasions and well aware of what she was like. Opening his mouth to reply, Petty comes to a sudden halt when a boot appears on his nose, eyes crossing to look at it in confusion. It takes him a moment to figure out it was connected to Kurt, his wild kick not even having the grace to bruise Petty's nose. If anything, it seems to make him amused, Petty smiling around the boot at him. "A' like y', a' thin'. Y'got fight in y'. Too bad th' a' go-"

Cutting off whatever he was saying at the sudden ringing of Kurt's phone, Petty just blinks at Kurt while trying to figure out what was happening. "is... is tha' you? ah' dun have on'a those."

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 03, 2021, 12:29:14 AM »
Reaching down to scoop at the bottles all over the floor, The figure does his best to push them into a pile next to the rack when he hears the sound of a door clicking from across the room. Looking up, he eyes the back wall until he spots the door it must have come from. Giving the pills one last look he just shrugs, trudging heavily over to the door and not even bothering to see if it was locked. Placing a foot against it He shoves hard enough to break the lock, the door slamming open and bouncing back into them, ignored.

Stooping way down to fit through the human sized opening, it takes a moment for the figure to fit themselves through the door. Even so, he cant quite stand up to his full height in the smaller back room, hunched a bit and looking around. Locking eyes with Krut, the figure nods slightly and says "Eh.... th'a y'arr. " before approaching him, upending several tables like they were made out of paper as he does. The button under the table wont work any more than the rest of the security systems would, though his phone is unaffected. The figure doesn't seem interested in either of them, reaching out to catch Kurt's clothes and lift them off the floor with one hand. "Y'be causing probl'ms for mistress... or y'friend is. tha' dun like each oth'a much, bu' now y'gettin into her buisness an' tha' be bad." The figure's voice is very guttural, clearly being forced to speak English despite no having been designed to do so. "A'm Petty, by th' way. Mistress sen' me to rough y'up a bit, since y'be messing w' thin' ye shouldn' be. Ain' nothin' persona'."

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: April 02, 2021, 01:48:34 AM »
Raising an eyebrow at him, Vex shakes her head slightly. "Nothing wrong with a monster taking out a chunk of the city, and enjoying it. Right. You're a weird kid Kurt, but that's not a bad thing." Nodding at his comment, Vex pats him on the shoulder as she walks past trailing dust. "Yea, or maybe a drink, nap, or shower. Not necessarily in that order. I'll catch up with you later, if you learn anything you've got my cell." Striding out of the back room, Vex pauses just long enough to give his coworker a grin that makes the blood drain out of his face before exiting the building. No matter how effective she could be, it always worried her a little after she'd had that sort of fight and it was best to go cool off... literally.


Several hours after Vex had visited Kurt at work, once everyone else had left and he was essentially there alone, another figure approaches the building in the dark. The figure is massive, easily standing ten feet tall with hulking muscles and scropy hair all over them. In contrast to their monstrous nature, they have a well tailored if somewhat ill fitted dress shirt and pants on, though no shoes. The mutated nature of their body makes shoes... hard to come by, and mostly unnecessary. Reaching out to the door, the figure tugs on it flutily as the lock clinks, a frown on the distorted, wolfish muzzle they're sporting. Taking a better grip, The figure gives the door a yank and the entire frame rips off the building, leaving them holding the sliding door awkwardly in one hand, before they carefully set it against the side of the building.

As they step inside and look around, the figure frowns at all of the stuff scattered around in tiny shelves. Mistress had told them not to make a mess, but this building was so small that it would be very hard to do that. Still, he would try his best as he makes his way down the main aisle, sniffing the air as he goes. None of the building's alarms have gone off despite the ripped off door, and all of the cameras fritzed out as he was approaching the building. Mistress' work of course, most of the humans living in the city liked to believe that the proper monsters didn't actually exist no matter how many nonhumans they met and she preferred to keep it that way.

A crash brings him back to where he was instead of musing about the city, the figure turning to look at the racks of miscellaneous medicine they had upended as they went past. Oops. Reaching down, the figure picks up the rack and rights it, making even more noise than they had when they knocked it over in the first place. Well, if whoever he was supposed to be bothering hadn't heard them come in, they would certainly have heard that.

Sci Fi / Re: Planetary De(m)ise (Axl x Ori)
« on: December 10, 2020, 04:58:19 AM »
Sure, maybe it wasn't the most... polite thing to do, but in his many years of wandering through space Lak had found that sniffing comm arrays tended to be one of the better ways to find out what was happening in a sector. Of course, not being one of the people technically allowed to access it, the best he could do was grab everything it was transmitting and let his shipself sort through it. Most of it was just the random junk you'd expect from a civilian comm array; letters home, manifests and travel plans, news of interest to the civilians but boring to their visitor, and the like. Lak's ship used it to update the local star charts but he himself didn't much care for it unless it would be interesting to go check out in person... or as much as he ever does that.

Fortunatly for him this particular sat had a newscast his ship flagged, streaming it to his current second as he putters around in one of the workshops aboard his ship. Pausing his work, Lak eyes the holograph that has popped up, perusing the news stream quietly. He'd downloaded and learned the local trade language a while ago, so was able to follow most of it without subtitles. It was a broadcast talking about how one of the planets in a nearby system was experiencing severe gravitational tides from... something going wrong with its moon. As usual of entertainment news broadcasts it was light on details and heavy on speculation and smarmy remarks from the hosts. Still, it was more interesting than sitting here bothering comm relays, and brings a smile to the alien's face.

Waving the hologram away with one of his hands, lak pulls the equipment he had been working on together and stows it safely so it wouldn't roll around if the ship had to maneuver, before streching himself out. Interlocking the six fingers of each of his four hands, he streches the four arms over his head and yawns widely. Two nearly foot long fangs are visible inside the cybernetic mouth of the second, complete lack of a throat (though a tongue still present anyways) not enough to distract from the built in weapons and their tiny hypodermic tips. Closing his mouth, Lak reaches up and rubs at the edge of his cobra like hood. True, this body didn't actually get tired or sore, but Lak still felt the stiffness in it after being in one place for too long. There's no hair on his head as might be expected from a naga like reptile, even more so when the reptile in question is actually an android second. His six eyes are arrayed three a side in a line that slopes gently upwards, void black slits in the center with vibrant green around them. His body is about twelve feet long from the crown of his head to the tip of his tail, though from contact point to crown varies from five to six feet depending on how he's holding himself at the time. The rest of his body snakes out behind him, counterweight and motive function in one. This particular bodies' scales are a deep forest green on his back and the outer side of his body, slate gray along his chest and continuing down towards his tail. Microscopic circuitry patters crisscrossing the scales, each on moving of seemingly its own accord to accommodate his movement.

Turning from the desk lak slinks along the deck plates and out of the room, gracefully moving down the hallways of his ship until he arrives in the main astrogation room. A massive spherical room, multiple decks and stations spiraling up around a truly gigantic hologram in the center. Many more of his seconds are at the stations around it, as much for his own comfort as for giving the shipself sets of hands to work with. He wasn't one of his kind who liked the empty ship, seconds all standing silently in rows when not in use. Instead he kept them active, allowed the proper Synthetically Grown Intelligences to develop and learn and become his crew in the process. Wrapping his body around one of the vertical travel poles, Lak spirals up it until he's reached the central deck where the main controls are. Waving in greeting to the SGI already there, a somewhat less heavily armored second with shiny blue scales, lak moves up to the console and fiddles with it to bring the local cluster up on the central hologram. "Sssisss, could you pleassse pull the system that broadcast was talking about up?" Nodding to him, the other  second gives him a quiet "Sure." and selects a system with her console, highlighting it on the display. "Lovely. 'linking herald." Going stock still for a moment, Lak's second watches the display impassionedly as it suddenly snaps to showing the system in question. Starting to move again, lak messes with his console and flicks the camera around, eventually zooming in to the station sitting in orbit of one of the planets. "Good a place to start as any. Brace for interlink!"


In orbit of Juangyr, a small pinprick of light suddenly forms in a nice high orbit, well out of the way of any traffic that might be coming through. For a moment it just sparkles, then over the course of half a second Lak's kilometer long observatory-cruiser blossoms from nowhere, settling into orbit as though it had been there forever and without a care in the 'verse. As expected a ship suddenly popping up without even the grace to give off a hyperspace wake surprised station traffic control, but a quick discussion and assurance that he was just here for the science and didn't need to dock the whole ship to visit they had him perform a minor course correction and approved his new orbit.

Boarding the station went similarly to how the ship had arrived, however interlinking a single second didn't even give people time to see the pinprick of light. One moment the small craft landing platform was empty, the next his second was on it, slithering up to the airlock and cycling through. It didn't surprise him to get funny looks from the people around here, most of them seemed to be fairly homogenous, and he *was* an alien after all, android body or not. He spent the next hour or so wandering around the docks, making small talk with the people and looking over the variety of ships docking in the brutalist station. It certainly wasn't his type of place, but he had enough tact not to actually say that out loud since he was a guest.

On particular ship caught his attention as he was wandering past, his sensors picking up something weird on it as he did so. Stopping, he watches the crew disembarking and unloading cargo for a few moments, eyes stopping here and there as he goes about trying to figure out what was off here. Cludiant was noted across the side of it a ways up, and to his eye it looked like a fairly normal personnel transport. It actually took him longer than he would like to admit to figure it out, stopping one of the nearby crew with a tug on the sleeve and pointing up at the view port into the ex-captains cabin. "Hey... sssorry if thisss isss a ssstupid quessstion, but isss your morgue sssupposssed to have bodiesss right up against the window like that?

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: December 10, 2020, 03:52:24 AM »
Snapping around when Kurt enters the room Vex flexes her fingers slightly before relaxing, still clearly a bit jumpy. Stepping to the side and back a bit, she gets out of his way, nodding at his question. "Everything with me is a fireworks show." Watching him change his gloves, vex shakes her head at the rest of his question. "No. I'm good. No..." A scarily enthusiastic smile creeps across her face as she speaks, and she breaths heavily through her nose. "In fact, I'm Great!"

Bouncing on the balls of her feet Vex leans forwards a bit, hands clenched. "That's the best fight I've had in ages! There wasn't anyone in the terminal when I got there, no trains or anything, just the monster tearing up the ticket booth." Starting to pace back and forth, Vex continues speaking animatedly, talking with her hands as much as her mouth. As she is, there's a weird afterimage swishing behind her, and the smoke around her seems to thicken slightly. "Didn't have to hold back for even a minute! It was awesome! Took most of the terminal out sure, but not only did the monster not get away but Ignas was able to grab a sample of its blood before we had to dispose of it."

Stopping her pacing, vex seems to realize she's being a bit too enthusiastic about having killed someone and severely damaged part of the city. Stopping her pacing she inhales deeply before breathing out through her nose, shaking herself as she does so. "R-right. Sorry. Uh... usually don't go visiting after a fight like that. I... really like the fighting part of my job and I get a bit keyed up afterwards. And that was a hell of a fight. Don't know how the news is gonna play that one off." Taking another moment to try and settle herself, Vex suddenly huffs and gives it up as a bad job, stepping back over to the table where the container is.

Taking the handle on top of it with one hand, she uses her other to tap in a short keycode on the side of it and pulls up, steam hissing from it as she pulls a smaller container out of the enclosure with a vial of blood suspended in several spindly but well secured arms. "Here. Obviously you should be extremely careful opening this thing given how dangerous it is but... I still cant think of anywhere else to take it. Wouldn't trust a random corp lab with it for sure, they'd probably just figure out how to use it as a weapon." Setting the new enclosure down on one of the sterile trays, she backs off from it as she didn't want to get any ash or anything that could contaminate it more involved than it already was. "Oh and don't touch the outer box. Its hot enough to scald you, though that inside bit should be safe... ish."

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