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  • YAY! You're here! I'm so glad you made a new account and stuck around. I noticed you hadn't really been on Discord, so I'm happy to see you!!
    2 years ago.

    • I do like VT and I am wanting to do more things on it. I honestly didn't really feel like i could contribute in discord and I don't have any ideas to throw to many of the members since I'm not into much of what the others are.
      2 years ago.
    • Hoping to get some advertising going soon, and maybe we'll pull in some members that you click with a little better on interests. But your ideas are always welcome. <3
      2 years ago.
    • It's all good Stace, I know that my ideas aren't really the best fit for the other more long standing members. I just have too simple or bland of ideas.
      2 years ago.

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