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Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 28, 2020, 03:20:56 AM »
Aisling was surprised at how calm the Tusked One was, considering his initial dealings with humans.   He sounded very reasonable. 

She retreated back into the barroom to await what may occur.  She could hear the tap of paws and the tread of the Demoness on the stairs.  That was good.

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 26, 2020, 03:21:23 AM »
Aisling got downstairs. 

Only the cat and the Tusked One at the door.  Where was the Demoness? 

This wasn't good...  It wasn't as if she was any better at handling the situation than the cat and Rikerg--and they were possibly two of the worst.

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 25, 2020, 03:43:42 AM »
Aisling lifted her head.  She had heard the stranger shout from the front path.  She looked down to see a humanoid carrying another.  He seemed to be talking to Rikerg, which she was pretty sure wasn't the best idea.

It was a good thing she didn't need a lot of sleep.  Her very brief rests were enough for the time being.  A longer rest would still be good at some point, however.

She got quickly got dressed and went down.   

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 22, 2020, 04:01:37 AM »
Aisling let herself drift a bit more into a less observant dreaming state that was the fae version of sleep, laying her head down on the window sill.  If any commotion happened, she would be sure to hear it, but she felt safe enough in the Tavern by now to relax her vigilance a bit. 

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 20, 2020, 01:05:22 AM »
Aisling mostly watched for what the dreamers considered monsters, or what they considered prey.  That always revealed a more primary danger, as in, did they fear or hate dark fae or humanoids or something that might be at the Tavern, and therefore be a threat to her?  Some of these signs would be symbolic, of course, but deep concerns would almost always be discernible.  She was able to sense and look at a number of dreams from various parts of the immense town.  It was a larger and more crowded place than she had ever experienced, so there were more distant parts that were beyond her ability, which was unusual for her. 

Fae-ish beings didn't seem to feature, as far as she could tell.  There were monstrous creatures, such as Rikerg, but always seemed less like Rikerg than something to do with this mechanical world.  They were creatures that seemed humanoid, but were giant-sized.  They may have horns and claws, but they were mostly metallic and mechanical, not as organic, in form.  Organics seemed to be the antithesis of this world.  Even the inhabitants, breathing organic-like beings, were covered in gloves and goggles and lights and metal--just as in reality--although in dreams these features twisted and grew wild. 

All in all, it seemed as if the Tavern inhabitants might instill some fear or disgust or desire, this place's inhabitants seemed to be more fearful or full of hatred for other beings or items from this world.  That was almost universally typical, she thought.   The new and the strange might eventually draw hatred and fear, but it would have to be seen as an issue first.

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 19, 2020, 03:34:26 AM »
Aisling felt reasonably sure there would be no dark fae from her Court roaming about on a tech world.  She followed Red upstairs, but kept going up to her tower room. 

She took off her clothes and shook them off.  She also toweled off her hair.  Her clothes had a shed-all spell on them, but it was still good to shake them out now and again. 

She wasn't sure how the Tavern was heated, but her room was warm.  She pulled a chair over to a window and looked out.  Then drifted into dreams.

As usual, there were a huge variety of visions.  Most were obviously nonsensical.  Some others were variations upon what might actually exist in this strange town.  Lots of metal and machines.  Lots of lights and noises.  But they were fairly predictable, typical dreams, with some being threatening, some being calm.  Some featured travel in flying metal wagons, somewhat like the human female's, except flying.  They might only fly in dreams, but given the little she'd seen, flying seemed possible in this place. 

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 17, 2020, 02:07:39 AM »
A Tech World?  Is that what this kind of place was called? 

Aisling had no idea what that meant, but she could tell that the Demoness wasn't greeting it with any joy. 

Aisling followed her to the Tavern, since the Demoness was the only one who seemed to know what was going on with the Tavern and the slides.  Hopefully the others would manage.  If the Demoness wasn't too concerned, Aisling didn't see why she should be worried.

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 16, 2020, 01:39:35 AM »
"Ugh!"  Aisling actually wrinkled her nose. 

Another over-crowded, smelly town.  Worse than the last one.  Perhaps that forest full of undead wasn't as bad as she thought.

At least the human stopped screaming before bringing more unwanted attention to them.  And Rikerg, for once, wasn't roaring and trying to rip something's limbs off.

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 15, 2020, 02:49:25 AM »
Aisling is somewhat alarmed at the Demoness's relief.  Just how close were they to leaving someone behind?  And did that happen often?

She would be tempted to never leave the Tavern again, but...  that would be a little too boring, even if it was the wisest course.

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 14, 2020, 02:25:29 AM »
Oh, Rikerg!, Aisling thought, wincing internally (of course), as he picked up the human.  At least he should be safe enough if the human violently objected to being grabbed.

The big guy almost made her want to pet him and give him a talk about how humans had all kinds of strange customs that were hard even for a dark fae who had encountered humans in the fae lands to understand.  But of course she didn't actually do anything, except maybe slightly raise an eyebrow...

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 13, 2020, 03:21:31 AM »
Aisling was glad to reach the Tavern's grounds.  She stopped and moved out of the way to allow the humans to pass without difficulty.  She wondered if the humans were more gravely injured than she had thought, as they had barely kept up and she had only been walking, not running.  But then, humans were a little on the frail side.

Then the male picked up the female and got them both onto the grounds.  The dismount was a little on the rocky side, but it was effective.  Aisling couldn't decide if he either were hurt or not hurt.   

At least the cat and the dog had no difficulties.

She hesitated.  Should she stay and help them up?   Sometimes she got odd looks from humans, so perhaps they wouldn't welcome such an acknowledgement of their weakness from her (yes, she had healed them, but she had asked the male at least, first).

They did not seem to be in danger now that they were at the Tavern.  She looked around, wondering if enemies could still make it through the fog signaling the slide.

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 10, 2020, 08:21:45 PM »
Aisling had been worried about the Tavern sliding.  The minute she heard the announcement by the Demoness, she quickly kept pace with her. 

Aisling wasn't at all interested in staying on this world.  Too haunted by dead things and carnivorous trees.

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 10, 2020, 02:54:18 AM »
Aisling tapped the demoness's shoulder.

"Shouldn't you get the magic artifact FROM the human woman and return it to the small folk?"

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 09, 2020, 01:23:41 AM »
Aisling glanced at the male human.  She'd felt something odd there at the last, just before he looked over at her.  So the human had some sort of magic to him, aside from being able to understand the speech of the dog.  She wondered if he'd cursed her for healing him?  Humans were strange beings--usually untrustworthy.  She couldn't tell if he had done anything at all, really.  Perhaps it was just a reaction to her spell? 

She mentally shrugged and looked over to the female human. 

It seemed her spell worked somewhat on her as well, since the human was back to squirming around and shouting for the cat.

Aisling looked around at the misty forest surrounding them.  This group literally was loud enough to wake the dead even without them talking. 

Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« on: December 05, 2020, 02:59:27 AM »
Aisling holds her hands palms out towards the human and calls on the healing spell.  She has used it on animals and various non-fae beings before, so she's reasonably sure it should work.  It's a general healing, working through the being's system to give a temporary boost towards healing whatever the body says needs attention.   She doesn't know exactly the details of it, she just knows it can help stave off bleeding out of minor cuts, and keeping muscle tears and strains from interfering with her ability to get the job done.  The human isn't mortally injured, so the light healing should do quite a bit for him--lessen the pain, knit some of the flesh and skin, enable him to move about, even if he might be still slightly sore and scrabbed.

For more severe injuries, it has helped her get to a healer before she died.  She hasn't had too many close calls;  she is good at her job...  well, her old job.   

Dark fae are usually somewhat blood-thirsty in general, but these Tavern-travelers are fortunate that she has had more than her fill of blood-letting and has lost her taste for it...  mostly.

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