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Sci Fi / Re: Planetary De(m)ise (Axl x Ori)
« on: December 10, 2020, 04:58:19 AM »
Sure, maybe it wasn't the most... polite thing to do, but in his many years of wandering through space Lak had found that sniffing comm arrays tended to be one of the better ways to find out what was happening in a sector. Of course, not being one of the people technically allowed to access it, the best he could do was grab everything it was transmitting and let his shipself sort through it. Most of it was just the random junk you'd expect from a civilian comm array; letters home, manifests and travel plans, news of interest to the civilians but boring to their visitor, and the like. Lak's ship used it to update the local star charts but he himself didn't much care for it unless it would be interesting to go check out in person... or as much as he ever does that.

Fortunatly for him this particular sat had a newscast his ship flagged, streaming it to his current second as he putters around in one of the workshops aboard his ship. Pausing his work, Lak eyes the holograph that has popped up, perusing the news stream quietly. He'd downloaded and learned the local trade language a while ago, so was able to follow most of it without subtitles. It was a broadcast talking about how one of the planets in a nearby system was experiencing severe gravitational tides from... something going wrong with its moon. As usual of entertainment news broadcasts it was light on details and heavy on speculation and smarmy remarks from the hosts. Still, it was more interesting than sitting here bothering comm relays, and brings a smile to the alien's face.

Waving the hologram away with one of his hands, lak pulls the equipment he had been working on together and stows it safely so it wouldn't roll around if the ship had to maneuver, before streching himself out. Interlocking the six fingers of each of his four hands, he streches the four arms over his head and yawns widely. Two nearly foot long fangs are visible inside the cybernetic mouth of the second, complete lack of a throat (though a tongue still present anyways) not enough to distract from the built in weapons and their tiny hypodermic tips. Closing his mouth, Lak reaches up and rubs at the edge of his cobra like hood. True, this body didn't actually get tired or sore, but Lak still felt the stiffness in it after being in one place for too long. There's no hair on his head as might be expected from a naga like reptile, even more so when the reptile in question is actually an android second. His six eyes are arrayed three a side in a line that slopes gently upwards, void black slits in the center with vibrant green around them. His body is about twelve feet long from the crown of his head to the tip of his tail, though from contact point to crown varies from five to six feet depending on how he's holding himself at the time. The rest of his body snakes out behind him, counterweight and motive function in one. This particular bodies' scales are a deep forest green on his back and the outer side of his body, slate gray along his chest and continuing down towards his tail. Microscopic circuitry patters crisscrossing the scales, each on moving of seemingly its own accord to accommodate his movement.

Turning from the desk lak slinks along the deck plates and out of the room, gracefully moving down the hallways of his ship until he arrives in the main astrogation room. A massive spherical room, multiple decks and stations spiraling up around a truly gigantic hologram in the center. Many more of his seconds are at the stations around it, as much for his own comfort as for giving the shipself sets of hands to work with. He wasn't one of his kind who liked the empty ship, seconds all standing silently in rows when not in use. Instead he kept them active, allowed the proper Synthetically Grown Intelligences to develop and learn and become his crew in the process. Wrapping his body around one of the vertical travel poles, Lak spirals up it until he's reached the central deck where the main controls are. Waving in greeting to the SGI already there, a somewhat less heavily armored second with shiny blue scales, lak moves up to the console and fiddles with it to bring the local cluster up on the central hologram. "Sssisss, could you pleassse pull the system that broadcast was talking about up?" Nodding to him, the other  second gives him a quiet "Sure." and selects a system with her console, highlighting it on the display. "Lovely. 'linking herald." Going stock still for a moment, Lak's second watches the display impassionedly as it suddenly snaps to showing the system in question. Starting to move again, lak messes with his console and flicks the camera around, eventually zooming in to the station sitting in orbit of one of the planets. "Good a place to start as any. Brace for interlink!"


In orbit of Juangyr, a small pinprick of light suddenly forms in a nice high orbit, well out of the way of any traffic that might be coming through. For a moment it just sparkles, then over the course of half a second Lak's kilometer long observatory-cruiser blossoms from nowhere, settling into orbit as though it had been there forever and without a care in the 'verse. As expected a ship suddenly popping up without even the grace to give off a hyperspace wake surprised station traffic control, but a quick discussion and assurance that he was just here for the science and didn't need to dock the whole ship to visit they had him perform a minor course correction and approved his new orbit.

Boarding the station went similarly to how the ship had arrived, however interlinking a single second didn't even give people time to see the pinprick of light. One moment the small craft landing platform was empty, the next his second was on it, slithering up to the airlock and cycling through. It didn't surprise him to get funny looks from the people around here, most of them seemed to be fairly homogenous, and he *was* an alien after all, android body or not. He spent the next hour or so wandering around the docks, making small talk with the people and looking over the variety of ships docking in the brutalist station. It certainly wasn't his type of place, but he had enough tact not to actually say that out loud since he was a guest.

On particular ship caught his attention as he was wandering past, his sensors picking up something weird on it as he did so. Stopping, he watches the crew disembarking and unloading cargo for a few moments, eyes stopping here and there as he goes about trying to figure out what was off here. Cludiant was noted across the side of it a ways up, and to his eye it looked like a fairly normal personnel transport. It actually took him longer than he would like to admit to figure it out, stopping one of the nearby crew with a tug on the sleeve and pointing up at the view port into the ex-captains cabin. "Hey... sssorry if thisss isss a ssstupid quessstion, but isss your morgue sssupposssed to have bodiesss right up against the window like that?

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: December 10, 2020, 03:52:24 AM »
Snapping around when Kurt enters the room Vex flexes her fingers slightly before relaxing, still clearly a bit jumpy. Stepping to the side and back a bit, she gets out of his way, nodding at his question. "Everything with me is a fireworks show." Watching him change his gloves, vex shakes her head at the rest of his question. "No. I'm good. No..." A scarily enthusiastic smile creeps across her face as she speaks, and she breaths heavily through her nose. "In fact, I'm Great!"

Bouncing on the balls of her feet Vex leans forwards a bit, hands clenched. "That's the best fight I've had in ages! There wasn't anyone in the terminal when I got there, no trains or anything, just the monster tearing up the ticket booth." Starting to pace back and forth, Vex continues speaking animatedly, talking with her hands as much as her mouth. As she is, there's a weird afterimage swishing behind her, and the smoke around her seems to thicken slightly. "Didn't have to hold back for even a minute! It was awesome! Took most of the terminal out sure, but not only did the monster not get away but Ignas was able to grab a sample of its blood before we had to dispose of it."

Stopping her pacing, vex seems to realize she's being a bit too enthusiastic about having killed someone and severely damaged part of the city. Stopping her pacing she inhales deeply before breathing out through her nose, shaking herself as she does so. "R-right. Sorry. Uh... usually don't go visiting after a fight like that. I... really like the fighting part of my job and I get a bit keyed up afterwards. And that was a hell of a fight. Don't know how the news is gonna play that one off." Taking another moment to try and settle herself, Vex suddenly huffs and gives it up as a bad job, stepping back over to the table where the container is.

Taking the handle on top of it with one hand, she uses her other to tap in a short keycode on the side of it and pulls up, steam hissing from it as she pulls a smaller container out of the enclosure with a vial of blood suspended in several spindly but well secured arms. "Here. Obviously you should be extremely careful opening this thing given how dangerous it is but... I still cant think of anywhere else to take it. Wouldn't trust a random corp lab with it for sure, they'd probably just figure out how to use it as a weapon." Setting the new enclosure down on one of the sterile trays, she backs off from it as she didn't want to get any ash or anything that could contaminate it more involved than it already was. "Oh and don't touch the outer box. Its hot enough to scald you, though that inside bit should be safe... ish."

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: November 14, 2020, 11:25:35 PM »
Vex just gives him a toothy grin, nodding in response.

His comment about his company needing the support makes her sigh though, slowly nodding again. "True, I guess. I'm not really in position to pick at how people get off the ground given who and what I am. Still gets my hackles up though, so much of what I deal with coming out of them to begin with. Guess I'm just grouchy today, go figure." Giving an exaggerated harrumph vex smiles again, sipping at her drink. "Wellll.... Not to bad really. Nothing major has gotten into the city that we know of besides this damn bug. Even most of the myths are keeping things... civil, or as much as the fangheads and doggies are ever civil with each other. I've been feeling healthy, and one of my sisters popped in for a visit the other day. Technically bringing me a new toy Gran cooked up, but we hung out for a few hours afterwards. We get along better when there aren't eighteen of us all living under the same roof, huge estate or not." It certainly hadn't been her tendency to get into fights with stuff causing problems either, no siree. Mikata training her to better control herself helped, but there was only so much it could do without time and experience.

The quiet had never really sat well with her truth be told. She always found herself waiting for the next shoe to drop, though how much was trepidation and how much was anticipation depended on her mood at the time.

After another forty five minutes or so of chattering with him, Vex sets her third cup down on it's saucer and sighs, slipping her boots off of the table finally. "Well, it's been fun kid but I need to get back to work. City isn't going to protect itself and all that. I'll drop by once we manage to secure a sample for you." Turning, Vex stops by the till on the way out to pay for them, giving Kurt a wave as she exits the building.


Several days had passed without any word from Vex, when out of the blue she shoulders her way into the store he's working it. Much like most of the other mid tier shops it had been quite clean until she walked in, trailing a thin layer of ash and smelling strongly of fire and smoke. She didn't seem injured, but the irregulars around the room  took one look at her and the faintly glowing container she's holding and scram.

She doesn't even bother to shake off the smoke before walking to the back of the store where the actual lab they mixed the compounded drugs and assorted magical influences that needed to be fresh was, again brushing through the door like she owned the place and thumping the container down on the table where it hisses gently, being quite hot. "Well. That was a fun experience. Not sure why you would, but ah... don't go down to low district four for the next couple of days. Its tram station had an. . . incident."

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: August 30, 2020, 08:37:13 AM »
"Yea. I'm aware I can be a little too quick to resort to exploding things sometimes, this isn't one of them." A bit of an understatement perhaps, but by and large because she tended to come up against the stuff the normal security forces couldn't deal with and had already tried asking nicely for them to give up.

Nodding along with he hes saying, Vex taps the fingers of her free hand on the table as she thinks. It needed to be inside a body to stay alive, the speed with which it died off otherwise would make it unlikely to have been some kind of natural mutation. "Which is weird if you think about it. A virus that doesn't survive outside the body really shouldn't have spread much. I cant imagine what would have happened if this thing was airborne. What I can tell you at least is that heat still kills it, so I've put together a task force of myths that should be... mostly immune. Myself, an Efreet, some kind of fire lizard I forgot what he said his species was. Last one is a chemist, signed him up to try and help find a cure on our end. We're not really set up for that sort of stuff being a paramilitary base, though he should be able to get that sample for you."

Narrowing her eyes at him when he mentions that he was getting the medicines from one of the corporations in the city, a small grimace runs across her face. "The corps, Feh." Scoffing, she shakes her head in irritation. "Even money one of those bastards set it loose in the first place. I don't trust them at all. Too many of them are run by the monsters up in the pillar district."

Fantasy / Re: Frozen Echos [M]
« on: August 26, 2020, 12:48:34 AM »
Nodding slightly at what she has to say as they come down for a landing, Collossus flips himself over again and balloons his wings catching an updraft too convenient to have been natural and slowing them down for a perfect landing. "Well, he's not wrong. The world is a massive place, and it can be very dangerous sometimes. That said, nothing will harm you here. My new capital is the safest place in the worlds... Well. At least for anyone that is supposed to be here. Anyone that isn't is going to have a bad time if they try to come and hurt MY people. And as long as you are a guest here, that includes you my dear."

Setting her down Collossus dusts himself off and straightens his clothes. one of his servants has wandered over and is smiling welcomingly to them. "Hello Collossus. I see you've brought someone new to the college. Will they need a room?" At his nod, the servant bows slightly and scurries off to fix a room up for her. "Now, you are technically here as leverage against your emperor. I do apologize for that, but I only recently took over this country and I cannot have people thinking they can just walk all over us. But neither do I want a war, I'm not inherently a violent person, and I've already burned down one capital in the last three years..." As he's speaking he gestures at the tower, clearly speaking about the capital they are standing in. "But I don't want you to feel your a prisoner here. The tower and all of its libraries are open to you should you wish to avail yourself of them. And feel free to speak to the teachers here if you are interested in any of the magic they teach."

Sci Fi / Re: The Great E[m]ptiness--Commanderori x Firesblood
« on: August 26, 2020, 12:26:34 AM »
Eyeing her for a moment after she takes her helmet off, Lak makes a small 'hmm' noise. Must be something about this part of space, he'd met a lot of humanoid creatures out here. Convergent evolution or something, biology had never been his strong suit. That black skin gave him a good guess that she might be from a desert planet, which was nice. Might be comfortable in the same sort of temperatures he was.

Waiting as she speaks, the hologram records what she has to say and then starts to flicker, parsing it over the course of a few seconds before making a soft ping. Above the waveform a new bar pops up, filling over a few seconds before making another ping. From the screen a soft voice mumbles something to Lak's second, and it goes stiff as the bar drains on the hologram again.

Shaking his head, Lak rolls his shoulders and says, in a slightly lisped but perfectly understandable version of her language "Ugh. Those transslation downloads alwayss taste like uranium to me." shaking his head slightly, he waves the translation screen away and continues. "Anywayss. One of my probess found your language in a nearby ssystem'ss network. Let me know if there are any disscrepancies and I'll touch the transslation up."

Holding his hand out, Lak tilts his head slightly. "I'm Lak. Currently inhabiting this type E EVA ssecond. Ssquisshy me is in the sshipss ArmorCore, we can have a chat in person later once my cyber has adapted to your atmosphere. This..." He points to yet another of the ship's holoscreens, which a digital variant of one of his seconds pops up on and waves. "Is Sine, the ships SGI. Nice to meet you captain Oela. Wissh it had been under better circumsstancess."

Gesturing back to the tactical screen with one of his hands, Lak indicates the ship in the center as the radar suddenly blooms out, showing an overview of the system they are in. "I'm afraid that your crew are dead. My AGI have found two them and are recovering their bodiess but theress nothing I can do for them. Similarly, a cursory sweep of the system isn't showing any more ships or suits in range. Does your ship have any kind of cloaking system I should be aware of? If not, I suspect they have already entered whatever variant of faster-than-light your ship possessed and they're out of reach. That is, unless you know where they are going to exit. Interlink is good for getting around, less so for chasing people."

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: August 18, 2020, 12:05:15 AM »
For her part, Vex didn't really care why they had been fighting with each other. Werecreatures tended to be aggressive towards each other and infighting was common enough that she just stepped in to whack them with the metaphorical newspaper when they started dragging other people into their fights.

Shaking her head at his question, Vex sips quietly at her drink as she thinks about the after-reports. The monsters they came up against in the late stages of.... whatever this was never gave up. To the point where the last few had ended up incinerated to the point where there wasn't enough of them left to study. "Wish I could answer that, i really do. But I don't know. 'not feral' is just a guess, they were using some pretty forwards thinking tactics against us that we hadn't seen from the others... But like the crazy ones we didn't leave enough to study. We've never taken one alive, they'll keep fighting even after I put half a dozen explosive rounds into them. You've seen my gun, a single ImpHEx round would drop a bull elephant. We don't get much choice. The big problem is we haven't figured out how to track them before they go into feral berserker mode yet. Ash doesn't tell many tales."

Shaking her head, Vex drops the empty cup back onto the table and sighs. "Maybe we're looking in the wrong places though. we know its a virus from inspecting blood splatters at the scene after the fights. None of us have gotten infected yet since the virus dies off when outside the host very quickly. Next time it happens we can try and get a sample if you want to look at it."

Sci Fi / Re: The Great E[m]ptiness--Commanderori x Firesblood
« on: August 17, 2020, 11:35:37 PM »
Lak noticed her glancing around them as they moved, noting it for after he had gotten her set up. Whatever she was looking for hadn't been transmitting, and he hadn't seen it since linking in.

Once she points to what atmosphere she needed there is a sudden rumbling from deeper in the ship and the vents in the room click open, dumping visible plumes of atmosphere into the room as they do so. Its precisely the mix she had given him, warmed to within a few degrees of the temperature inside her suit. The hull is probably warmer than the air is, his people not liking the cold much so the previous atmosphere having been warmer, but not painfully so. It only takes a few moments to fill the room, having clearly been designed to do exactly this sort of thing. Once its filled he mimes taking off a helmet to her, waving one of his other hands through the holograms.

Once they're gone he taps on the air a couple times and two new windows pop up. One is a local stellar map with a stylized cobra hood in the middle clearly representing his ship. Around it a bunch of cones start sweeping around, the ship scanning the nearby area. "{Not sure what you were looking for out there. I'm not detecting any major Emitters, just a couple of small unpowered objects floating around.}" As he speaks a couple of tiny deltas pop up on the map and he frowns slightly at them, coming to the conclusion that it might be other people floating in space.  For a few moments the second goes still as a statue, the ship jerking gently as a soft humming suffuses the ship. On the Tac screen the icons positions start to change, the ship approaching the unidentified deltas.

Once its started moving the second suddenly animates again, turning to the other screen and pointing at it. More pictograms of the two of them appear, with little speech clouds next to them. The words from one cloud go through a cartoon holoscreen and wibble, turning into his script and landing in the speech cloud over his head. Then they go back the other way, changing from his script into wiggly lines. "{I've got a translator program here, but It'll take a bit for it to queue up your language enough for us to make sense to each other.}"

Sci Fi / Re: The Great E[m]ptiness--Commanderori x Firesblood
« on: August 11, 2020, 04:03:10 PM »
As he was watching the creature slowly realize they weren't alone anymore, Lak tries to put a friendly smile on his face. Most people say smiling ear to ear as a joke but in this case it's pretty literal, lack of actual ears notwithstanding. That does go away a bit when his sensors pick up the vibrations from the voice inside her suit again, and after a quick inspection of said suit shows its thrusters are offline he floats himself forwards again. He didn't recognize the gesture from the creature, but assuming it to be some sort of greeting he does his best to mimic it back to her. "{I don't think your thursters are working so I'm going to pick you up now, please don't freak out on me.}" Its not like she could hear him even if he did have an atmosphere for the sound to carry in, the second not requiring it to function, but he figured she could at least get the gist of it.

Carefully slipping around her he grabs her under the arms, placing his other two hands at the small of her back and supporting her helmet at the neck so that she doesn't get banged around, he kicks his thrusters up again and zips them over to the ship. As they approach one of the airlocks opens of its own accord, the internal lock already open to a depressurized entry point that he drops into before flipping them over to align with the ships' gravity field.

Letting go of her arms Lak points to a hologram that has popped up next to them as the airlocks are sliding closed. Its a small cartoonish illistration of the two of them, the Oela figure taking her helmet off then falling over with their tongue stuck out as a picture of her atmosphere tank and a blue X superimposed over it flashing over the image. After a moment, it switches again to show a far more detailed diagram of her suit, and a picture of her tank again with the gas levels inside it represented by colors linked to photographic representations of the molecules that make it up. Theres also text on this screen, but its a weird, cirlqueue kind of script arranged in blocks of icons instead of strings. Next to the gas breakdown is another image, of a different tank hooked up to air vents blowing air into the room.

Stepping around her Lak does his best to mimic a breathing action for something with no lungs, then points at the different bands of molecules with one hand and her with the other. "{I don't know what part of this atmosphere you need to breath, I don't want to fill this place with waste gasses but your suit is in the way of scanning your respiration. Which one of these is the main one?}" He knew she still couldn't hear him, but given that he had no idea how long she had been floating out in space didn't want to waste time getting an atmosphere filled in for her and it was just habit to ask questions.

Sci Fi / Re: The Great E[m]ptiness--Commanderori x Firesblood
« on: August 09, 2020, 09:27:24 PM »
As far as the end goes, a gentle tapping on her visor was probably not the one she was expecting. Of course, on the same not Lak hadn't been expecting to pick up a faint transmission with one of his relay drones either. It had been too faint for him to make out what was being said from the distorted signal, but he had been able to determine what direction it was coming from at least.

It took twelve interlink hops for him to find the point of origin, the vagueity of the beacon and apparent small size of whatever was transmitting it making precisely locating it more difficult than he had expected. Previous experience had taught him not to jump the ship directly on top of random alien beacons, fail-safe to prevent it from jumping inside another object or not that didn't stop things from running into it after it arrived.

Instead, he had elected to pull up one of his space-worthy seconds and send that in instead, popping up a couple of kilometers away from the signal source. The lack of ship or other vessel was a bit of a surprise, the resolution on his drone having been too low to determine exactly what he was getting into. It wasn't hard to find the source once he was in the area, a quick jaunt over to the suit's position giving him his first good look at what was going on. He hadn't expected some sort of alien envirosuit, scanners telling him the beacon was coming from the computer on its arm.

Looking into the helmet of the suit, he frowns lightly. The xeno inside was still moving slightly, but had its eyes closed, and while he didn't recognize the language of the machine inside the suit it was clearly some kind of warning. Reaching one of his arms forwards he taps gently on the faceplate, wondering if they were still conscious.

glancing off into the distance after tapping on the helmet, silently setting an interlink point and spooling up the medical systems on his ship in case they were needed, he floats himself back a bit so as to hopefully not startle the xeno too much if they were still awake. They looked nothing like him after all, Lak's form similar to that of a mythological Naga. This particular second was about four meters long from the top of it's head to the tip of its tail, a wide, cobra like hood at the top of its body just above his four arms. One hand on each arm, each with six long fingers, covered in the same armored scales as the rest of his body. At the center of what would be his chest standing on the ground is a faint bluegreen glow from the reactor core powering the Second and its thrusters, which are arranged under the scales of his body and glowing gently with the same color to keep him stable in space.

Waving his right two hands at the xeno in front of him after backing off, he points over its shoulder where a slight distortion in space is rippling, followed only a moment later by his ship blossoming out of nowhere over half a second. slightly over a kilometer long, much of the internal volume is taken up by a massive telescope and assorted sensor suites, growing somewhat larger towards the rear of the ship where the engine pack sits. Just above that is the bulkier section of the ship, cargo bays, fabricators, and living sections alike. Arranged around the forwards part of the telescope are four large turrets, currently sitting silently in their cradles, and a number of smaller cradles and opening dotted around the ships as you look towards the back.

Zhar quirks an eyebrow at the list of abilities, interested that such a wide variety could exist within one species. They could do a lot with their wave/ electromagnetic field but their explanation sounded more like a list of fundamental forces than anything else. Ssshi ssseesss. They will have to ssspeak more about that later, itsss very interesssting.

Sighing as shi goes, Zhar leads the way back out of the room, and coincidentally back towards the say medical bay they had been in previously as it was still the closest. As they are walking everything suddenly jerks hard, not in any particular direction but as more of a force tugging at him from all sides at once. It wasn't enough to harm or even knock him down, but coming out of nowhere it was certainly different. Zhar doesn't react to it either, and the little holopaol on hir shoulder is giving some kind of running commentary in their language. "They have activated and exteneded their gravity ssshell. Nothing will be able to jump in within fifteen kilometers or so now, and they will keep an eye out for that probe."

Looking over hir shoulder as she walks Zhar's ears go back at the mention of loca being their 'lord of war', a title that made hir even more sure that shi didn't want to tangle with them without peacekeeper support. It also made hir a little worried about the other species around here, though shi doubted hir kind were in as much direct danger. At least for now. Ssshi ssseesss. That isss dissstresssing to hear, dear. Asss for finding you.... Itsss easssier to find a fisssh if you put a tag on it before you let it go again.

It doesn't take them long to get back, only having gone fifty or sixty meters along the ship previously. As they walk back in Alshka has returned, looking cross at all of the back and forth shi was doing. Frowning slightly when Mikal walks in, Alshka's ears twitch down perpendicular to the side of hir head. "You are causssing quite a ruckusss and you've only been here for under an hour dear. Feh." Normally shi was really quite nice, but as the resident peacekeeper this sort of situation was making her nervous and on edge a bit.


As the probe appears, Paol lazily sweeps a scanning beam over it to get an idea of what he was dealing with. A device that size, even comprised entirely of antimatter, wouldn't be able to breach his shells so he wasn't too worried about sweeping it from the sky in an instant, their position already compromised. Better to get an idea of what they were dealing with, then he could make a better decision on whether to jump or not.

Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« on: November 26, 2019, 05:07:01 AM »
Chuckling quietly at his comment, Vex sticks her tongue out at him as she picks up her food. Immature, sure, but she didn't feel any need to be missus business at the moment. "Well, mum makes a mean ginger cake. Goes great with a fresh pot o' jo. Remind me sometime and I'll grab one next time i'm at the estate."

Thumping herself unceremoniously down in the chair across from him, Vex eyes reaction somewhat blandly. She knew civilians liked to pretend that danger, myths, and the terrible destruction that came along with S.T.A.R. was a distant problem that happened to other people and that was probably a good thing. Kept people from panicking, which she had no doubts would happen if they knew just how close to the surface it actually was. Hell she wasn't even slightly human, just putting on a pretty face to keep them from being bothered. Takes a myth to kill a myth, some might say.

Flicking her feet up Vex puts her boots on the table, thankfully away from the food, and leans her chair back on two legs as she thinks. "I mean... there's always wonky stuff going on in this city. There were some werecritters down near the wharf causing a ruckus a few days ago, but a swift kick in the arse brought them back into line. Turned out someone up top was tryin' to cut them out of some business." She shrugs, pausing speaking long enough to take a sip of her coffee as well. "Oh and there's this... weird metavirus we've run into a couple of times. I don't know much about it except it makes most of the people infected act like feral weres... but there was this one guy who was infected with it but was causing problems because he wasn't feral. We weren't able to learn anything from him though."

Fantasy / Re: Frozen Echos [M]
« on: November 26, 2019, 04:56:34 AM »
Collossus just shakes his head at her fear of how high up they were, amused by the reaction. Its not like she was in any danger, but he supposed that wasn't as obvious as it could be.

True to his word it only took about an hour for them to cross over the mountains, a feat clearly accelerated by his magic as it would take an airship more than a day to make the same journey. As they are coming down the southern slope he points off into the distance to a vibrant city, all built around a humongous tower at the base of the ridge.  There we are. My new capital. Its come along quite well in the last few years, though i somehow feel you might not know much about it's previous incarnation.

Fantasy / Re: Frozen Echos [M]
« on: October 16, 2019, 04:30:55 PM »
Nodding at her question Collossus rolls over mid air so she is sitting on top of him, still flying as though nothing had changed. Taking one of his hands from her he flicks his fingers and puppets a small illusion into existence. It's of a small, green furred creature with an excessively long tail, big ears, and sharp eyes. "Indeed. As I said, we've no idea what they are. They're highly intelligent though, and have some strange sort of magic to them we had to overcome. You'd probably like them, they get along well with younger people and if you'll forgive me for saying so your... timidity puts me in mind of their students."

Fantasy / Re: Frozen Echos [M]
« on: September 13, 2019, 10:37:11 PM »
Collossus was doing a fair job of appearing to not pay attention, flying along as though capturing maidens was his day job, but after a moment he snaps fingers and it warms up (if only a little) around them. It wouldn't do for her to end up with frostbite after all. "Dragon Queen? Oh goodness no. I'm not a king, either. I don't have an official title, even. Most people just call my by the silly moniker 'Collossus'. No, my daughter is adopted. No one is quite sure what they are, though as slowly as they are growing my suspicious is that they are some variety of fluffy dragon. They certainly look close enough."

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