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Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: February 17, 2021, 01:16:46 PM »
Evanna blinked slowly as she heard Isao speaking from behind her. After mentally bracing herself to deal with him she turned and realized the man had just accidently stumbled across an acceptable compliment. She rolled her eyes at herself before turning to deal with him. "No you haven't said so, but thank you for the compliment. A lady does like to know she's appreciate for more than how she looks, after all."

Her words were cool but still politely pleased and she gave him a tiny smile before turning back towards the window. She was beginning to physically ache from the separation from Gif as usually they weren't so far apart for longer than a few hours. She'd been through worse, but it was grating on her a bit. She sighed and tried again without looking at the man that confounded her so with his need to be near her.

Surely if his nightmares were anywhere near like her own were it was best to stay well away from each other, so why do otherwise? Because he found her attractive perhaps but that really was ridiculous. Regardless it didn't change her opinion of him. She told him so. "I don't understand you, you know. You insist on knowing me but at the same time you know I'm uncomfortable around you. Awkwardness aside, why go through so much trouble? It doesn't seem worth it to me."

She wasn't being mean, more that she honestly didn't understand and was honestly trying to. Turning to him, she gave him the full weight of her starlit sparked green eyes and waited to see if he'd tell her the truth or just give her another 'just because' answer. Dreams said to stay away from each other for risk of death and pain, so why bother?

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: February 13, 2021, 01:24:33 PM »
Evanna watched the storm raging outside quietly, green eyes glowing slightly in reflection of the storm's power. The raindrops seemed to chase her fingertips on the windows as if begging for her to come out and join them in delighting in the storm overhead. She wanted to, badly so, but with someone to watch over she didn't dare to give into the screaming inside her that begged to be out there in her element. It would be alright, it wasn't the first time she'd denied herself something her very being wanted like this.

She still felt Isao's presence nearby and knew he was struggling internally with whatever his nightmare had shown him. It was up to him to figure out what his mind was trying to tell him, she had no way to help him that she was willing to give. The silence wasn't uncomfortable at least, so that was something, but she had to wonder how they were going to handle each other in the coming days. He was still way too attached to her and she'd rather forget he existed if she could. Still, for now it couldn't be helped so she would have to deal with it.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: February 11, 2021, 02:13:18 PM »
Evanna took several deep breaths before continuing her quiet humming and soothing words even as her companion finally seemed to focus back on her and the here and now; asking about nightmares. She only gave him a sad smile, taking strength from Gif where he rested far away. "Nightmares are often our mind's way of telling us something important we have forgotten or left unresolved. Sometimes they tell us of the person we were in a previous life so we do not repeat those mistakes. I would take that to heart and not fight so much to remember if pain is what it gives you." Because anything that hurt so badly as her nightmares did wasn't something she ever wanted to remember or repeat in the here and now.

It was normal to not know where one was if it was a dream of who they were before, but she didn't need him to know she had the nightmares too; especially as it was the reason - one of them - she was so wary of him. She disliked him, true, but more that she felt threatened in his presence as if her life were always in danger and she hated that feeling. Taking another deep breath, she offered him the cool moss to wipe his face with so she could stop doing so now that he was awake. "Here, it'll help cool you off. Don't try and sit up it'll hurt your injuries, just lay where you are and focus on breathing. You have a strong heartbeat, so follow that to steady yourself. You're safe here, after all, I owe  you enough not to let harm befall you while under my care."

She finally removed herself from his side and looked out the window at the raging storm beyond. She'd rather be out in it with Gif than stuck inside like there where she felt so trapped but her sense of honor wouldn't allow for it while this male was still so injured. She'd wait him out, then she'd leave. It wouldn't be too long considering how quickly Oni healed.  He'd be fine, then things could go back to how they were before. It was much easier to deal with him through letters than in person, at least then he didn't make her feel as if here life were constantly in danger. How she hated the nightmares.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: February 08, 2021, 03:39:18 PM »
Evanna watched the man next to her carefully and quietly until finally he succumbed to sleep. She herself was exhausted and rested a bit only to be plagued by nightmares of betrayal and pain and bloodshed along with a heartbreak so deep there seemed no end to it but with her own death. She startled awake, alarmed and quickly worked to get her heartrate under control; using the strength of the distant Gif to steady herself as she felt his alarm and worry for her and reached to comfort him. That horrible nightmare again, she wondered if it was something she'd forgotten from before...Perhaps, those days hadn't been the best and her father wasn't exactly beyond using torture to get his children to listen and do what he wanted. She shook her head; knowing she'd die before becoming that dying bird in its gilded cage ever again.

She noticed Isao beginning to stir as well and he also seemed to be having a nightmare. Grabbing some more moss she quickly rinsed it with the rain from outside and placed it on his head to cool the fever there, hoping he wasn't getting an infection. She didn't want to remain longer than she had to, but an infection would force her to do just that. He'd helped save the children, so she couldn't just abandon him it went against everything she stood for. Focusing instead on her task, she spoke soft words in her native language to try and soothe his clearly frazzled nerves. "Breathe easy, male, no harm will find you here. You're safe, the nightmare is finished." She hummed quietly to him, the song an ancient lullaby taught to her by her grandmother ages ago. It had always soothed her, so perhaps it would do the same for him. She wasn't a cruel female, after all.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: January 27, 2021, 10:31:15 PM »
Evanna watched her companion closely as he drifted in and out of consciousness from his exhaustion caused by both his injuries and his transformation. She slowly moved back next to him and grabbed a bit of moss growing outside the inn and returned back to him to use it to clean his face and neck to help make him more comfortable. She started humming lowly a healing song to help lull him to rest; her voice soft and melodic as she worked.

"Be easy and rest,  your work here is done for the moment. Sleep will aide in your healing and I will remain by your side until you wake are are well." She may not appreciate having to be there with him, but things were as they were so she would manage for however long she had to remain. It didn't help that this man made her nightmares return with a vicious wrath that she often couldn't shake easily. Looks like she wouldn't be sleeping any time soon.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: January 25, 2021, 12:14:28 PM »
Evanna regards her companion quietly for a long moment as he comments about not being himself in his other shape. She supposed that would be so to someone that was once human but really she'd told him it was that he feared it so that caused the problems. Perhaps he needed to hear it more to understand, but somehow she felt he'd be stubborn about it. "It makes sense you wouldn't be yourself in that state. Besides the fact you don't have a grounding force to help you keep steady, the more you fear a thing the harder it is to control. I could help you, if you'd like."

She nodded in respect over his comment about saving the children. She did appreciate it and she understood about the nightmares killing others could cause; though the dreams caused by his transformation seemed a bit odd. She considered him again and shook her head before settling down against the far wall away from him. He seemed pleased about getting to know her more, but honestly she was still hesitant in his presence. Nothing to do for it though since they'd be stuck here for the next few days. Besides that, she wouldn't abandon someone that couldn't even stand.

She shifted and glowered at him when he winced and hissed in pain when he stretched the wrong way. "Do try not to pull out those stitches, male. I don't want you bleeding out again before I could fix it. So take it easy, won't you?" She paused for a long moment then shook her head carefully. "Dreams are often our mind's way of trying to tell us something, in this case it might be because your human mind is trying to understand the changes caused to you because you are now Oni. It is a trait I've seen many times that those that fear what they do not understand cause themselves many undue problems."

She looked up at him again and made certain to be clear so she didn't offend him unless she intended to. "That is not me saying your feelings regarding this are invalid, it's just my opinion on the problem itself." She ran a firm hand through her short cropped hair and carefully stretched herself within the boundaries she'd found with her injuries. She'd speak with him if she had to, but she wasn't going to get too personal with it since she didn't trust this man. Still...something about the situation brought about in instinct in her that was impossible to ignore.

She stared at Isao for a long while, considering her feelings and what her instinct was telling her. She supposed he'd earned this much from her since he'd done as she'd asked - for the most part - so far. So she shifted carefully up next to him and touched his arm lightly to gain his full attention then as her eyes met his she gave him a little piece of herself that he had earned. "Don't share it with others, but you can call me Evanna. It's my first name." She gave him a tired half smile before dropping her hand away from him and moving backwards carefully until she could rest against the far wall again where she was comfortable.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: January 24, 2021, 07:24:06 PM »
Evanna was busy pulling her hair back up into a proper ponytail when she sensed the first signs of her companion waking before he spoke to her. She turned to him, green eyes full of quiet awareness as she shook her head and returned to his side. "Try not to move too much, silly male, your body is still healing itself. It's fine, by the way. It wasn't like you came here because I was here in the first place to disrupt me. Also, I'm relieved to have been near when...that happened. You were very much not yourself."

She remembered with crystal clarity the strength and power of him as he changed into his true shape. That he had no control of it was cause for concern but moreso was the feeling of his magic against her own. It was...not unpleasant but just...troubling. Honestly she didn't know what to make of it and that was what worried her the most. Pushing the thoughts from her mind she refocused her attention on the man that was, for the moment, her patient. He seemed concerned and then thanked her for saving him. She only shrugged. "I only did the right thing, there's no need to thank me for it."

Life debts were a serious thing amongst her people, yes, but only if both parties agreed to such. She would never put someone unknowing of such things through that, it just wasn't who she was. She regarded Isao for a long moment in quiet contemplation before she blinked and carefully stretched to test the boundaries of movement in her body now that she was injured. This led to more than a few moments where she winced at the tight pull but that was fine at least now she knew her own limits.

She knew he was likely worried about what he had become, being human originally meant he fought against such things as losing control to instinct after all, so the least she could do was help him a bit while he recovered enough to bring himself home. "If you're worried about before, don't be. The only ones harmed were the ones that deserved it most. Their deaths will not be mourned. That aside...thank you for helping save the children." She inclined her head in quiet respect before turning her gaze outward towards the sky and listening to the distant Gif as he informed her of his travels.

She sighed, pushing a hand through her short-cropped hair. "Gif tells me there is a storm coming quickly, so it will be best for us to remain here until it passes. I don't mind rain, but we both are injured and I'd rather not risk it. A few days should be more than enough for both of us to be adequately recovered from our injuries as well." For her that was the truth but Isao was a mystery so she would have to wait and see.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: January 21, 2021, 09:30:18 PM »
Evanna let out a startled huff as the large male before her suddenly shut down as she spoke to him. She watched him impassively as he staggered near her before falling at her feet; struggling to look back up at her as she spoke softly to him. Shaking her head as something inside her raged in alarm, she sighed and moved forward to kneel next to him. "You, sir, are more trouble than you're worth. Still, you did find some of the children."

Huffing again, she mentally summoned Gif to let him know she was safe before sending him away again. She knelt next to Isao and gently pressed his hair away from his face. "There you are, you're a good male. The danger is passed, the children are safe. It's alright, rest easy, you are safe." She'd have to take care of him and that rubbed her the wrong way.

The melodic words began again as she cast what healing magic she knew over the worst injuries to staunch the bleeding before heading back to the children to comfort them before heading back to Isao with her satchel in hand as it had her supplies. She did what she could to bandage up the wounds on his body and considered the children. She knew the risk in what she was thinking about, but the children needed to be safe.

She sighed and decided it was worth the risk. "Come on darlings, let's go home. Don't worry, the male is coming too since he helped. I bet you lot miss your parents." They crowded around her and she looked skywards, drawing on strength from her magical core and the distant Gif before breathing deeply and putting her hands on Isao. This was because he was larger than her so moving him was harder.

The wind kicked up around her, the breeze warm and crackling with energy before suddenly the clearing was empty. Sparks of magic floated off her skin and the transfer took just a moment and then they were back in South Port town. The children she'd sent back to the ship where Gif waited with the captain to bring them home. She had brought Isao to the room she'd gotten at the town inn.

She kept up the melodic flow of words as she worked around him, cleaning him up and bandaging up his wounds. She used herbs to ease whatever pain he might be in and help with blood loss. Mostly the chanting was to help keep the male calm until he recovered himself enough. Once she'd settled Isao she finally took the time to properly look after her own wounds. Her clothes were soaked through and she looked a mess, but at least everyone was finally safe.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: January 21, 2021, 06:20:54 PM »
Evanna didn't expect the ruckus that occurred beyond her in the forest as she hid with the children in their hidden hollow as she kept them safe. So when a familiar presence hit her senses she scowled first then realized it was a coincidence and let her ruffled feathers settle back down. She was startled when he sat another few children down where she was hiding and pulled the children in with her and soothed them with quiet words in her native language.

She looked at her injuries and pressed some nearby moss into them to stem the blood flow and ease the pain a bit as she grit her teeth against the pain and breathed carefully so she didn't frighten the children with what was going on. A sense of ill-ease hit her hard just before a bellowing roar filled the air. Her hair stood up on end and she quietly warned the children to stay where they were and be safe.

He was massive in his true - so to speak - form, yet she knew this was normal for Oni; even formerly human ones. Still the task before her was a bit daunting. She didn't care if he killed the kidnappers; they deserved it, but if he kept going forward this way he was going to get himself killed. Sighing she stepped out; drawing her swords as she did and launched herself into the fight.

She moved with the breeze and avoided those that got to close to her; keeping part of her attention on the now feral Oni that was rampaging nearby. When they finally had some breathing room she turned and quickly sheathed her swords before holding small hands up and announcing very clearly to gain attention. "Isao! Be easy male, be easy. Your enemies are defeated, you've won. Easy now."

She gently pressed her magic against his own feeling a strange familiarity in the vibrations but pushing it aside and taking it to be caused by their very similar types of magic. She couldn't control lightning, but it was still part of sky magic so she was capable of dealing with it. Some strange instinct came over her and she lightly placed her hands just above the rampaging oni's chest without touching as she didn't have permission.

She whispered lowly to him, soft and melodic words that she knew meant nothing to him but were natural to her. She just hoped this worked as she was going on her own instinct here. Something was pulling her to help, so she was, besides he'd saved some of the children. This was the least she could do.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: January 19, 2021, 11:39:46 PM »
Evanna never got the letter, she was outside of the ship when it arrived and it was left for her to see whenever she returned. Still, she'd be angry if he came to assist when she hadn't asked him to. She had other things on her mind just then as she spread out her magic to see if anything had passed through there to disturb the nature flow of the sky magic. Something had and it meant she was hunting and her mind was far from the man that had worried her so before.

Gif flew overhead, touching his mind to her own periodically so they both knew the other was alright while they were on the hunt. She may be the bard for her ship, but Evanna was far from being helpless or weak. She was vicious when she had to be and knew how to fight; the blades hidden on her person spoke to that fact. She moved with silent steps, barely leaving footprints in the mud as she kept her steps light and sought for what she knew had to be nearby.

She had long moved away from the sounds of the large city and was at home in the deep roofed forest that surrounded the port town. It was some time later that she picked up the trail and let herself slip into the mindset of the hunter. She pushed out all warmth other than her bond to Gif and moved with lethal intent towards those that needed justice. She was fae, and no stranger to death. She valued life, but not when it came to situations like this.

She actually got into several fights along the way as she discovered a cage in a half submerged cave filled with small children. She took a nasty knock to the head before she slit the man's throat and watched dispassionately as he dropped and quickly bled to death. She slid into the cold of her mind as she dropped three others present; her mind full of thoughts from long ago of another lost child forced into a cage and any hint of compassion in her was smothered by a deep, dark rage.

Blood was everywhere by the time she came back to herself and the tide was coming faster now so she knew she had little time. At least Air Pirates always taught their young to swim. Getting the cage open wasn't easy and she ended up using some of her magic to loose the children and then had them clump together and hold onto her and each other as they all began to swim through the icy waters towards land. She knew there was danger still; there were others, she was ready for them then as she and the children slowly began to make their way back to the ship.

She ended up having to hide them all in a hollow tree and put up a glamor to keep them safe. She had her own wounds to treat first so she didn't weaken from blood loss. She was still alright, but she had a headache and she was dizzy enough to worry Gif. Still, she knew what she had to do. The children had to be saved and she'd risk all of herself to see them so.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: January 19, 2021, 11:57:18 AM »
Word of the the children of Air Pirates going missing reached the ship and everyone had been called in to help find them. It wasn't unusual for people to take the children thinking no one would miss them since they belonged to the nomad clans, but it was a very serious matter indeed. She was preparing to go landside herself to aid in the search with Gif in the air when she snagged the letter and some strange sense of alarm went through her as she finished. She couldn't place the reason; perhaps her own sense of intuition telling her of impending danger, but it shouldn't cause her to worry for someone she barely liked. She was one to listen to her instincts though, so she was quick to return the missive before she headed out to assist in the search.


Hopefully this letter finds you in time, be safe I sense danger on the winds. I don't know how to explain it, but just....when you are investigating the traders do be careful. I trust my instinct, even if I don't like you much at all most of the time. Still the feeling of foreboding won't leave and I've never ignored those feelings before and I'm not about to start now.

It might be awhile before I write again, some of the clan children have been kidnapped. It happens from time to time as they seem to believe we won't retaliate. As I said before though, we are our own nation and we don't abandon our own. Isao...this may sound like the strangest thing ever, and even I don't understand it completely but...

I'll be in South Port City until we find the children so I can aid in the search. If something happens...if anything happens to you come and find me. It's not more than a few miles from your kingdom. Please, for the sake of my nightmares becoming reality, if something happens come and find me and I will help you. And remember, your instincts are strange and different to you, but don't try and fight them and they will see you well.

I hope my intuition is wrong in this, but please take my words to heart. I will help you if I can.

Starlight guide your steps,

Shaking her head to try and get rid of the feelings of dread clutching her heart, Evanna was quick to head out of the ship and launch Gif into the air to begin searching for those young ones lost to them. They wouldn't leave until they were found, and they vanished from this area barely a few hours ago. They'd find them, they monitored the air and sea and land. The young ones would be found and justice would be served. She just hoped she was wrong about something bad happening to Isao. Even more, she wished she knew why she worried so.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: January 18, 2021, 12:07:15 AM »
It was honestly the first day in a long while that she'd felt well and herself again once the letter found her once more. She stretched her arms skyward; taking in the sunlight and enjoying the warmth. Gif flew alongside the ship, stretching his wings and taking in the magic in the sky around him as he did so. He was a fae creature like she was so it was good for him to draw magic from the same source, it made them closer. Once again settling herself up in the crow's nest, Evanna considered what to write before doing so.


The warning had to be made for its own sake, you know it did. That aside, thank you. I don't know if I trust your words as truth yet, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for now.

Yes they are very protective over mates as well as those they are drawn to protect, it's really amazing how you can see the change in an Oni from calm and cordial to sudden so full of fire and life when their mate is about. I admit I do envy them that passion though I know one day it will be my turn to experience it when I find my own mate.

As to you and your instincts, a word of advice to you regarding that. The more you fight your own instincts the stronger they will become until they overwhelm you. If you move with them instead of against them you'll both learn more about yourself and not be so strained against the person you have now become. You won't lose yourself if you give yourself to your instincts unless you fear them, those instincts can only make you stronger I promise you that. You set yourself up for failure in fighting that.

As to the oni and his mate, it was likely because you are another male of the species that he took offense to and not so much the flirting. Oni are very territorial in their protection of a mate, after all. As you say though, the past is the past and I will leave it to lie where it is. I am only sorry that such a thing was done to someone that was innocent of wrongdoing. To be cursed to be something you are not, especially for a human, can be the greatest cruelty I can imagine. It would be akin to taking Gif's wings for me. But as you said, it is past so I will drop that subject now.

All things sound better in our heads before we say them, but it seemed you couldn't contain yourself that day and it was...a bit insulting honestly. You won't always be seen as the idiot who spoke of past lives; though I may always see you as the male that made a fool of himself quite epically in an attempt to impress me. Honestly it's a bit adorable; especially considering I can make you blush so easily and you are a large male so that is saying something.

What we choose to do in our free time is not the business of others, Isao, and you can tell that prince of yours to pull his nose out of your ass and mind his own business. He knows nothing and shouldn't speak of such. We aren't exactly friends either, we just...we just are for now.

Oh yes, Gif scolds me quite often when he doesn't like something I've done. He's a fae bird after all and thus his lifeforce is tied to magic just like mine is. He is just as intelligent as you and I, after all, and sometimes I think he's smarter and just hides it so he doesn't embarrass me accidently. How  do they choose...they don't, the magic does. It's...difficult to explain. It's...a brush of warmth that pulls at your mind and soul. It's a knowing that you're meant to be somewhere else and that someone waits for you there. I heard his call from miles away and broke him free from his cage. He was a hatchling and terrified and I killed two people to get to him; I couldn't do anything else. It takes over the entirety of you and before you know it there's this other living breathing being whose soul is so intricately tied to your own that it's like they were always there and you had never been apart. Distance doesn't matter. It's...rare. Magical beings like Gif don't bond like that very often, I am honored he chose me and I always will be.

Ah, and I've said entirely too much. It's not something easy to explain to someone that isn't inherently telepathic. I mean nothing cruel by that truly it's just how things are. It's beyond words to explain and just as much instinct as trusting the magic. That aside, why does your precious prince seem to think he can butt in to another's conversation?

Fair winds find you and starlight guide your steps,

PS - 'Starlight guide your steps' is said because you travel over land. It's the landbound equivalent to 'Fair winds find you.' It means safe travels.

Shaking her head, Evanna stretched once more before sending the letter off. She stood and dropped from the crow's nest, drifting in the air currents as she did so before coming to rest back on the deck. Gif immediately landed on her shoulder and nuzzled into her; he knew she was thinking about the day they'd bonded and he was just as grateful she'd found him as she was that he'd trusted her enough to accept her. They didn't doubt within the bond and never would. It really was something impossible to explain to someone that was born of man and thus was mortal. They tended to be very closed-minded about such things. No matter, at least she'd tried.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« on: January 17, 2021, 09:36:37 PM »
The next letter found her in better spirits though she was still sore and worn out from before. It was getting better and the crew was understanding considering what she'd done for them so that made it all a bit easier. She smiled faintly at the message and shook her head; settling back into her hammock once more and nuzzling against Gif as she enjoyed the warm press of his mind against her own.


Sorry to have worried you, really, it wasn't my intent I promise you. I'm still very tired and sore, it's a serious thing to nearly lose my familiar...honestly it's something that could kill me if you'd believe it. I tell you that in confidence, so don't try and use it against me or I'm not against coming to kill you myself for the attempt.

Threats aside, I've met Oni before and they range in temperament so I imagine it has been an interesting time for you. They are an overly protective lot and gods forbid someone goes after their mate. They are an honorable lot though and never turn down a charge no matter the difficulty. They can be hot-headed though but I've found most to be of good humor.

It must be...frustrating to have become something you were not, the instincts alone are intense I know. It's a note of your strength that you weren't driven mad by such things. It must be some powerful curse to have turned you, though I couldn't imagine what it was since I stay away from such types of dark magic. Still, it is sad to have to become something you are not and I'm sorry for that.

Speaking of romantic notions, do tell me what caused you to say such things to me before? You sounded completely out of your mind and it certainly didn't leave a good impression on me. It is possible to have past lives, I don't doubt that, but what you said came across more as a bad pick-up line than an honest sentiment and I'd like to know what brought it on? Especially as, given certain things being true, it's completely impossible. Still...I find myself curious as to what drew you to my side that day; especially given how massive of a fool you made of yourself.

Something in common indeed, but don't put much emphasis on it alright? Working the land is a noble ambition, honestly, and if you fancy travel being a trader would have suited just as well. It's terrible you didn't have a choice, I know all about that, but at least where you ended up feels like where you belong so that's something. I apologize if writing to me makes you feel vulnerable, you don't have to tell me anything you know. I don't ask for such personal things and you shouldn't feel obligated to tell me. It's a matter of trust, after all, and we barely know each other so don't feel like you must make yourself vulnerable in writing to me.

Gif and I rest as much as we can, and we thank you for your concern. Don't worry, I won't push myself when I don't have to, I know better and Gif would scold me besides that. Nothing so aggravating as being scolded by another that can reach inside your mind in the early hours of morning and wake you up with his displeasure, after all. It's why I try to avoid it because he does so love to aggravate me when he's upset with me. It's fine, I drop him in flour when he gets on my nerves too much so it all works out.

Fair winds find you and starlight guide your steps,

She hummed quietly at the press of warmth against her mind from Gif. He was curious about this strange man that had threatened them. "I don't know really, Gif, but I think he's just lonely. He was human so I don't expect much from him, and writing to him doesn't harm anything. Besides, it's not like he's my Compliment or anything. That's not possible since he was human, so he wouldn't have the right sort of mind for someone like me. I think he's just infatuated with a pretty face and it'll pass with time. Until it does, indulging him hurts nothing."

She felt Gif's sorrow over her being alone and nuzzled into him again, sending quiet reassurance back his way. "Don't worry Gif, I'm very young yet and will find my hand to hold one day. That person that's the Compliment to me is out there somewhere, I just have to find them." It was true enough, and she used both terms to mean the same thing. Besides, she couldn't ever be lonely with Gif by her side and in her mind. His affection echoed in her mind and she returned it before sending the letter off again so she could continue resting.

Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
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Though the letter found her fine, it was actually much longer before she could respond. The reasoning behind this lay in a nasty and rather unexpected series of lightning storms followed by the creation of a hurricane field. It meant it was more than a month before things settled enough that Evanna found the time to return the letter. At least she was relieved of her duties for a few days to recover because of her constant use of sky magic to keep them all alive. She was exhausted and sore so the chance to just sit in her hammock and relax was a welcome one. This time Gif was settled against her shoulder and she nuzzled against him in quiet contentment. She'd nearly lost him, he'd nearly lost her, the strain on her telepathic pathways still rang through her mind from the near loss so being together was best for them right now.

She knew how terrified Gif had been, had felt his fear as part of herself, but now the danger had passed and they were still together so they should make the most of the situation while the calm lasted. The life of an Air Pirate was never certain and who knew when next danger would find them. She knew Gif didn't like the danger, but loved the freedom of being with her without being hunted so there was nothing for it. Evanna made a mental note to take them out for shore leave at some point into the forested mountain rain of Belvair City next time they were near it. Gif would love it there and the serenity of nature would do both of them very well. As to the letter, that she had to consider for a very long time before finally responding to it since it had been so long.

As you wish it then - Isao,

Sorry this letter finds you after so long, but I fear the ship has fallen on rough skies that kept my attention whole-heartedly until just now. Our lives were in danger for a while; nothing I'm not used to as it's normal for danger to be part of life for an Air Pirate, but it still took its toll. All are well with some injuries but my magic has been used to its limit and I'm fairly exhausted now that I can finally get some rest. I nearly lost Gif as well, it wasn't pleasant given the nature of our bond. I don't think you would understand well, given the familiar bond isn't part of most cultures, but to lose him is to lose part of myself thus the situation was fairly painful. He's with me though, and we're taking the time now to reaffirm our bond and soothe the damage done for both our sakes.

I think those that judge you by your circumstance are foolish, but that is neither here nor there. If continuing the correspondence is what you desire then I won't stop you. We all have secrets, both you and I, and it is a mark of someone character to be patient enough to wait for secrets to be shared rather than be upset about not being able to force those same secrets too early; though perhaps I am odd in thinking so. Honestly though, the fact you were born to man explains a lot of the difficulty you've had with dealing with me. I've never been human, thus our cultures are vastly different so misunderstandings are bound to happen. It doesn't excuse, but it does explain and I'll take that into consideration moving forward.

Learning's second nature to me, and though I taught myself I was also taught in a way by the soul of the sky itself. Once I learned not to fight to control the nature of the sky it was much easier to learn what I needed to do. To that effect, I'd bet you're wondering how you didn't realize I was Fae when we met. The answer is simple, I used a simple glamour to pass as human to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to myself. I'm considered...exotic in this particular area of the world and should they realize what I am...well I've no wish to be kidnapped and sold into slavery again; it wasn't fun the first time. So try not to make a big deal out of it, alright? Not to offend, but I've found some species, like humanity, tend to crave that which they feel beyond their reach and I've no wish to experience such a thing again.

As to the's very old I can say that. It' to's something that's just apart of me rather than some learned sentiment. I've honestly never heard another use it aside from me, but the fact remains that I believe in it strongly. It's the belief that somewhere out there is a person whose hand fits perfectly inside your own. It is your compliment, your other half. Perhaps that is overly romantic of me, but it is my belief just the same. My people do have a similar concept though not exactly the same. We call it your Compliment, that person whose mind fits perfectly against your own and whose orbit you are forever drawn to no matter the time or distance between. It is...rare to find and the knowing involved is said to be rather frightening to those caught unawares by it.

If I wasn't an Air Pirate....well the answer depends on some circumstances. The captain helped to remove me from...a certain situation and I'm uncertain I'd be where I am today without it. Given my connection to the sky, probably I'd still be a wanderer if I managed to remove myself still without the help. Being an Air Pirate is the thing that I got to choose, what I'd be if I wasn't doesn't bare speaking of. Given a choice...? I'd probably be a travelling minstrel or something. Perhaps travelling amongst the Gypsy in the far south given my love of their nomadic ways. I couldn't say, though I'm content where I'm at. What about for you? Surely you couldn't have wanted to be a spy given you were forced to become something other than human. Perhaps remaining on the farm?

Just so you know, the address of your title in my last few letters was meant in teasing not to be formal; but I endeavor to use your name now as you wish it. I believe that is all I can think to write this time. Until next time then.

Fair winds find you,

She realized she may have told him more than she initially wanted to, but that was all fine since they were so far apart and it felt good to just speak her mind to someone other than Gif for once. Pushing the thoughts aside, she sent the letter on its way and settled back into her healing bond with Gif so she could let the two of them just be for a little while. She shouldn't speak to him of such things, after all there wasn't a human alive that could understand the bonds that Fae formed since their minds weren't made for it.

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It again took more than a bit of time for the runes she'd planted on Isao to lead his letter back to her. Once it did she rolled her eyes and headed for the hammock in her quarters to read it. She'd explained to the others the man just wanted someone to talk to a bit of her time so she didn't get teased about it because they all understood that sometimes people got lonely. After reading the missive over a few times she at last settled in to writing her response. Gif was hunting so he wasn't with her - a fact she felt acutely - but that was alright at least she had something to distract herself with.

Master Spy,

Intent and action speak for themselves and yours were clear in what they meant. Be that as it may, this correspondence isn't about that it is a mutually agreed upon thing so the incident is neither here nor there. At least you acknowledge that what you did was wrong in what you did so that is something in your favor. Doesn't mean I forgive  you, but it is a start.

That aside, it's good you found yourself a place to belong. Everyone should have that place. Having a place to call your own and knowing you can go back there no matter how far you roam is a good feeling. Even a nomad like myself has a place to belong, my home just happens to move constantly. The ship is my home; it is my place to belong. It might seem strange to you, but it is who I am.

I'm sorry that you get lonely, I hope my letters do help with that. I may not like you much, but that doesn't mean I am cruel. No one deserves to be lonely if it can be avoided. Perhaps you should focus on finding yourself your hand to hold instead of pursuing friendship with me. I'm sure there are plenty of women who would love you given the chance. It would help you not to be so lonely, just a thought.

So then...if you weren't born Oni then were you human once? Oni are immortal so it must seem like such a curse if you were human before. I myself am Fae so such things are second nature to me. Violence begets violence so I've no doubt your life has been full of it if you came from the realm of man. All species are capable of violence, don't get me wrong, but I've found that often the most violent comes from the realm of man.

Being a's challenging at times. It is more than just singing yes, it's history. Music to soothe troubled hearts, quiet words to cool hot tempers, and the memory to tell the stories of those that have come before us so we learn from their mistakes and our own. As to my magic...well I was born with it. All Fae have magic at the core of them and each draws power from a different source. Mine just happens to be sky. I learned on my own, no one taught me. It was hard at times but I've managed just fine. It drew me to Gif, my magic did, so I can never regret it.

Life is an adventure,  you know, being an Air Pirate is just part of that adventure. I hope you find out what happened to your parents, and remember what I wrote earlier about finding someone. Don't be alone, that's sad.

Fair winds find you,

She rolled up the message and sent it out, feeling strangely nostalgic at the mention of him finding a hand to hold. It was an old phrase not many used nowadays and was considered old fashioned at times but that was fine. Also if he found someone maybe he'd leave her alone. One could hope, at least.

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