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Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« Last post by Aisling on Today at 05:38:40 AM »
Aisling is surprised that the human only briefly looked around and then left.  She did not like how his eyes searched the room.  He was definitely looking for something-- or someone.  Could one track the human mage and the animals through such a place like this?  Surely the metal carriage and mage would have a magical signature foreign to this world.  But maybe there was some sort of way he could magically track those two who seemed to be running from someone like this man?

Aisling felt a slight urge to follow the man in case he was going to cause trouble...  But then she remembered how much she hated this world.  And she remembered that although the cat had been soft and warm, that was no reason to go out into this poisonous city on a vague hunch.

She got up from under the table and resumed her seat. 
Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« Last post by readlliea on April 12, 2021, 12:53:14 AM »
Two halves of the...table? What? A attempt at moving made him wince again, gritting his teeth as he sucked in air through them rather than his nose. Soon he exhaled and nodded to the officer.

"Okay...okay.." Kurt replied in regards to just laying there.

That was fine by him. His body was waking up and he was feeling more pain again, so movement of any large degree was undesired by his body. At least he could look around a little better, now noticing parts of the table since his position was adjusted slightly. There was a stinging in his chest and he did move a hand to rest it against the fabric of his shirt. Flinching as he felt the pain and he pulled his hand away from it. The long sleeve of his labcoat rolled down on it's own. While he wasn't looking at his arm, James might just see the pen ink and attempt of writing. If the officer requested to see his arm and look closer it would read:

Lycan__n_(the ink was smeared too much to read the whole word) G-6

There was something else under it, but the only thing legible from it was a M.

"The door?" Kurt asked, trying to see more of the room but not able to from this position. "I...I was working on trying to figure something out....I don't...I normally remember things....why's it so..hard to?"

Poor man never had a 'concussion' before.
Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« Last post by Commanderori on April 12, 2021, 12:34:22 AM »
The officer frowns at Kurt when he says he couldn't remember, wondering if whatever impact had caused this gave him a concussion or something. Reaching to his shoulder James clicks his radio, quietly telling his partner to get an ambulance for Kurt. "Easy buddy. Given that you're laying between two halves of what I suspect used to be a whole table, I'm gonna guess it was more of a case of you hitting it than the other way around." Leaning back, the officer pulls his overcoat off, folding it up and carefully putting it between Kurt's head and the hard ground. "Why don't you just lay still for me, okay?" Now that kurt had flipped over James was able to see the lacerations to his chest, but he didn't know what had caused them so had no reason to suspect there would be a problem besides the overt injuries. "I've got my partner to call you an ambulance so we can get your properly looked over. You've got some lacerations and possibly a concussion so we just want to be safe about it, don't worry too much."

Leaning back, James gives the room another glance over before clicking his radio again and telling his partner what he had checked and mentioning that there didn't seem to be anyone else here but could they please check the rest of the back rooms to be sure. "Anything you can tell me about what happened last night? Based on the front door I'm guessing this wasn't something you did?"
Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« Last post by readlliea on April 12, 2021, 12:24:53 AM »
Being slammed into a table and hitting the ground under it would already be a rough thing to keep you out of it, add onto it a sample of some new and unknown infectious genetic material. Well....being out cold was a understatement. The whole night had passed Kurt by, his body stunned from the pain, the lose of air upon impact, and a affliction already working it's way to do whatever it was it did, to it's new host body. With so much time having passed, the rough shake caused the bruising his body had sustained in the slam, to send pain messages through him. Sharp and strong. Causing Kurt to wake suddenly and take in a couple of rasps due to being startled but his body being much more sore and in pain than he recalled. Wincing, it took him a moment for the officer's words to register as Kurt squirmed slightly. Not making a move to get up or anything like that, a instinctiual reaction to distract his body from the pain.

Wincing, he closed his eyes as the bright lights hit him. Deep breathe in, deep breathe out. In and out, slowly calming it as his heart wanted to leap out of his chest. That feeling slowly disappeared as he opened them again, only to realize a new problem.

"Where....where am I?" Kurt asked. "I...I'm having trouble remembering at the head feels like something....something really hard hit it."

Considering he just woke up, his mind had yet to catch up to him. Course, there would be some things he wouldn't matter how awake he got due to a specific thing inside of him now.
Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« Last post by Commanderori on April 12, 2021, 12:15:17 AM »
Why did this sort of thing always have to happen during his shift? Standing outside the store, a red skinned humanoid has his hands on his hips as he examines the door and its inexpertly reintegrated state. He's wearing the standard patrol uniform of the cities cops, a small nonlethal sidearm at his hip, though he has foregone the usual hat as where his hair would be is a slicked back wreath of flames crackling gently. They'd gotten the 911 twenty or so minutes ago from the panicked owner of the store, who was currently giving a statement to his partner. Nothing that useful as the owner didn't know much more than they did, having immediately called 911 when they arrived and found the store not in the condition they left it in.

Reaching forwards the officer tugs the door gingerly, before leaping back as it groans and falls flat out of the front of the building with a crash. Glancing over at his partner, who rolls his eyes, he carefully draws his stunner and steps into the building. Neither of them expected anyone to still be inside, but it was worth being cautious nonetheless. Covering his eyes with a hand as the automatic lights click on, he sweeps his gaze over the store until it lands on the upturned medicine rack.

Making sure to check the corners as he goes, the officer heads to the back of the store and inspects the rack, finding the contents scattered across the ground to be vitamins and other supplements. None of them were controlled, or even particularly valuable, so he notes it for later and steps to the back of the store and pushes the door open.

Sweeping the room with his stunner a frown crosses the man's face as this was clearly where... whatever had happened had happened. Several upset tables, broken lab equipment, and a smashed table with a tech laying on it. Once he'd assured himself there wasn't anyone else in the room he steps over to the tech, crouching down and checking his pulse. It was still there, and the fellow didn't seem too injured, so he reaches out and gives him a rough shake by the shoulder. "Cmon buddy, wake up. I'm James with the CPF, looks like you had a rough night?"
Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by Aries Jordan on April 09, 2021, 11:17:07 PM »
Vision supposed that the offline servers could be intended to come online and merge and decrypt the data at the proper moment, so he destroyed them.  He expanded the search to include objects in orbit around the Earth, and data havens run by human hacker-pirates whom Ultron could have bribed to release the material at a given time.

Back in their old quarters, the Avengers each separately began trying to process the Snap and the smaller, quieter reshaped world around them, a problem which they had been forced to put on hold while dealing with Ultron.

Bruce disappeared into his lab, muttering something about treating the Hulk as the solution.  In the absence of Tony, he sometimes used Peter as a sounding board for his ideas, but he was short on patience and sometimes kicked the teenager out rather than explain the more difficult parts of his theory.

Natasha became obsessed with finding Clint, who had not been Snapped, but had gone off the grid after losing his family.  She would work out for short bursts and spar with Peter if he wanted, but most of her attention was elsewhere.

Vision was both absent and omnipresent.  Most of the time, his primary body was plugged into the Ultron server (now buried deep underground, shielded with multiple dampening barriers and contained within a Faraday cage to prevent stray transmissions from reaching Ultron) and he only interacted with the others via the drones.  He had very little time to spare for talking to Peter.

Steve, however, made Peter a project.  He would spar tirelessly with the teen, invested a lot of time in getting to know him, and also drilled him in the "teamwork" part of being an Avenger, which was the only area where the independent young man was lacking.


"Sure.  Bring on the carbs," Tony said.  The JARVIS drone reheated the pizzas and served them on the dining table along with frosty glasses of craft beer.  When they were sitting down about to dig in, he raised his glass to Deadpool.

"Pepper told me what you did, Wade." 

"You need to be more specific," Pepper told him as Nebula began eyeing her lover suspiciously.

"That you saved her life," Tony clarified.  "Would you like to own Australia?  It's yours."

"Tony.  You're broke," Pepper reminded him with a gentle smile.

"Details.  I can get Australia if I put my mind to it."
Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by EvilCopepod on April 09, 2021, 08:46:00 PM »
Jocasta went to try and clear her thoughts further, deciding to wait until she made herself apparent to a drone again so the Avengers could get settled and comfortable before they had to deal with her. There were traces of the data in offline servers, but they were heavily encrypted and incomplete.

Peter did his best to stay busy during that week, this ranged from sparring with Avengers, crowding them and their work until his presence got annoying, and looking into mystic artifacts similar to the one he'd used to get here. He did not get very far with the last part, as even if he was able to find any, he didn't know where anybody that could tell him if it was legitimate would be at.


When the door opened, Deadpool scrambled for his mask to put on. He couldn't find the rest of the clothes, so he wrapped himself up in one of the blankets like a cocoon. Because of this, he couldn't return Tony's hug, but he still seemed to appreciate it.

"You need to eat more cookies. If you're that bony when Morgan comes along, you'll have to wear padding."

Or swaddle the thing more than you are!

"Have you eaten pizza yet?" he asked Nebula, teetering precariously as he tried to move toward the kitchen.
Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by Aries Jordan on April 09, 2021, 11:36:40 AM »
"Indeed... if he created a supervisory program separated from himself to carry out a plan of destruction in the event of his defeat..." Vision sighed.  He thanked Jocasta for the information and the data she transferred to him and promised to let her know when to come to the upstate New York facility if she was within sight of a drone.   

After reviewing the media, he was nearly as disturbed as she had been -- only a little less so because of the memory of previous years spent among humans told him what to expect.  Armed with the knowledge of what to look for, he renewed his search for the time bomb/data capsule Ultron had set for release, particularly searching dormant servers in odd locations and having his drones check any that (currently) lacked a connection to the internet.  He did not tell the world leaders he had the material too, as he did not want them to panic -- or to prepare for a bloody exit in the event of arrest.  He was willing to let mere theft and corruption slide, but the evidence of torture, murder and genocide, he intended to hand over to Interpol and the Hague as soon as the world got more comfortable with him being (mostly) in charge.

Meanwhile, his physical self got on with waking the comatose Wakandan warriors.  Fortunately, the Mind Stone proved quite adequate to the task.  When that was done, he returned to Ultron and gathered the drones to teleport him and the isolated server to the Avengers facility.  After doing everything they could do for the country, the other Avengers went as well, but not until after Cap and Okoye assured each other of their mutual interests and alliance.

Only one message came from Tony and it was for Peter -- a voice text to assure the teenager that he and Pepper were both okay, that they were taking some time to be alone, that Tony hadn't forgotten him and would be glad to see him "in a week or so."


Eventually, Tony and Pepper, looking rumpled and disheveled but in a good way, emerged from Pepper's room so they could eat something other than cookies.  By this time, Nebula and Wade had made love, slept, and made love again and were probably hungry themselves.   The first thing Tony did on seeing Wade was to hug him again, and only Nebula's standoffish body language stopped him from hugging her too. 
Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by EvilCopepod on April 08, 2021, 12:24:41 AM »
"It is the humans that are uncomfortable with you using it." Jocasta assumed out loud. She listened to him with a look of puzzlement on her face.

"That is odd. There were many things that Ultron did which I was unaware of. This must be one of them-- The vibranium is of no use to him while he is imprisoned. He must have a safe place to store things he did not want JARVIS to locate after he had been infiltrated. Usually, he would have me take care of such things, but perhaps he knew I would return it and found another way to keep it concealed." She paused. "You should either be not concerned at all or very concerned." Jocasta added, unhelpfully.

"Oh, I do know about those!" she said in regards to the blackmail. "There were so many assassination attempts by different world leaders and their supporters. None of them got close, but it was disruptive when it came to meeting with them. So Ultron used them as blackmail to get them to stop. He regretted that, though, as he felt that he should have released it anyways. I can help a bit more with this part--

"The media is quite awful. I could not even watch or look at all of them. I wondered if Ultron got some of his ideas on how to deal with Mr. Stark from them... I have all of them, if you would like it. He did not leave the task to me. I would not release them to the public, because the information is disturbing and will cause a lot of political destabilization.  Perhaps you can find them with the source material. I do know that you have at least a week before they are released."


The pillow had another nakeder and angrier looking Nebula on the other side of it, so it would have to be covered to not be looking at them.

Despite being unable to fit, he tried his best to snuggle up on her lap, wrapping his arms around her. When she distracted him with a kiss, he returned it eagerly. He stretched out for her as she began to undress him, cautiously testing to see how she liked being touched back as his hands roamed across her body.

((Let's timeskip!
Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by Aries Jordan on April 07, 2021, 09:50:26 PM »
"No, it seems easier to use, but I do not know why.  It may be a result of a more organic installation.  Or it may be because I seem to have fewer inhibitions about using it than I... than he did."  It was difficult to think of the previous Vision as someone else when Vision had all his memories.

"I did not wish to ask anything of you, since it might seem to put conditions on your access to Ultron, but since you inquire, yes, I am having difficulties.  Ultron stole a vast amount of vibranium from Wakanda and I have been unable to locate it as yet, which is rather odd and potentially very dangerous.

"Also, it seems Ultron possessed information which he was using to blackmail various world leaders into supporting his regime.  Now that he is incommunicado, they are panicking.  I do not know why, but perhaps he has arranged for the information to become public if he is not available to prevent it.  I do not necessarily need to know the information itself, but I do wish to avoid events that may further destabilize the political situation, if possible.

"Can you shed any light on either of these conundrums?"

Nebula was amused and flattered, but slightly disturbed by the body pillow.  She let Deadpool use it, but turned it so that it wouldn't be staring at them.

After happily snuggling him for a few minutes, she used her teeth to delicately tear open the velcro fastenings of his mask and pull it off him.  She kissed him before he could panic or objects, then began to use her tongue and teeth on removing the rest of his costume.  She didn't seem to be in any hurry, stopping to nuzzle and lick various sensitive places.

((Want to do a time skip to Avengers HQ, or should we play out the sex?))