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Fantasy / Re: The Spy[m]aster
« Last post by Kei on January 27, 2021, 10:31:15 PM »
Evanna watched her companion closely as he drifted in and out of consciousness from his exhaustion caused by both his injuries and his transformation. She slowly moved back next to him and grabbed a bit of moss growing outside the inn and returned back to him to use it to clean his face and neck to help make him more comfortable. She started humming lowly a healing song to help lull him to rest; her voice soft and melodic as she worked.

"Be easy and rest,  your work here is done for the moment. Sleep will aide in your healing and I will remain by your side until you wake are are well." She may not appreciate having to be there with him, but things were as they were so she would manage for however long she had to remain. It didn't help that this man made her nightmares return with a vicious wrath that she often couldn't shake easily. Looks like she wouldn't be sleeping any time soon.
Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« Last post by Tikkeni on January 27, 2021, 04:54:01 PM »
Sir Tikk stops grooming at all the announcements.  His gaze darts from Rikerg, to Leonie (and her quick retreat, and she left him here!), to Red and bounces off the others.  To cover his surprise he starts coughing as if he has a hairball.
Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by EvilCopepod on January 27, 2021, 03:06:00 AM »
Peter took his hand, pulling himself up while still clutching the scepter like it might fly away if he didn't hold on tight enough. "Um, change of plans?" he said. While he thought Tony made the right choice, he didn't want to be the one to tell Cap he didn't care to consult him about it.

"Just 'cause you never learned how to take 'no' for an answer doesn't mean he can't." Lunella said back to him. She didn't say it, but Ultron at least acted a lot more polite than Tony did, and she hoped he'd be able to do more than just act nice.

Peter was going to protest to speaking in front of Lunella, but Tony didn't give him a chance to as he said what their plan was. Lunella frowned at this revelation, the gears in her mind turning as she tried to put together the reasoning for it.

"Why?" she asked, her voice somewhat cold and suspicious.
Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« Last post by Aisling on January 26, 2021, 08:22:17 PM »
Aisling thought she'd prefer Rikerg to any of the others, but dark fae weren't into sexual joinings unless they were getting something else out of if.  Strangely, she often had the urge to pet him, more than anything else.  Of course, she rigidly clamped down on such silly thoughts.

Humph.  So, no show, then...  Probably just as well.
Fandom / Re: New Dear Hearts and Gentle People (M)
« Last post by Jabbathejack on January 26, 2021, 06:33:53 PM »
Lucy's words made Joe frown, but he made no reply; family wasn't really something that he knew enough about to be able to comment on. As they approached the house, all seemed to be silent, but even so, he was fine with letting the yao guai go inside first. After a moment or two without any noise other than the faint creak of the door on its rusted hinges and the dull thud of the bear's footfalls, Joe pushed forwards.

It was dark inside, with only a little light coming in through the partially boarded up windows. The stench hit him the moment he set foot inside and he grimaced, but he forced himself to push on. It wasn't long before he found the source of the stench. A raider, judging from the crude armour that he wore, lay on the floor, his head shattered from a shotgun blast.

The floor was stained with blood, dried to a muddy brown. The blood left a trail, leading to the back room and Joe followed it. Leaning against the wall was the body of a man, clutching his stomach. He was bloated, his skin dark and blotchy with decay.

"Poor bastard." Joe muttered and he turned away, knowing that Beckett had ravaged the farm by taking the sons away. There didn't seem to be any other bodies hiding, so either he was the last or the raiders had dragged off anyone else. "They didn't stand a chance."

Wordlessly, he left the farmhouse, leaving Lucy to pick up anything useful if they were inclined. Around the back, he found a shed and some tools. Taking a rusty spade, he began to dig in the yard; the least he could do would be to give the man a burial of sorts.
Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« Last post by Merlin on January 26, 2021, 01:30:48 PM »
Listening to Red cooing at Rikerg had Peter sitting suddenly on one of the porch benches and stuffing a fist into his mouth to keep from making a sound that might be misinterpreted as rude. The situation had taken a weird turn a bit ago, but it was now in No Man's Land. Why he hadn't considered that Rikerg might have an eager libido made him a little ashamed.
Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« Last post by brucedabold on January 26, 2021, 12:55:02 PM »
Red stands and heads over to the half-in, half-out Rikerg stuck in the doorway. She hugs his face and kisses his nose.

"My passionate giant! Thank you for your kind offer. And there may come a time in which I will need your love, but not just yet." She looks into his big eyes. "I will ask Longboat if he can enlarge this opening so that you may come and go with ease. Then perhaps, he can build a suitable room as well for you within the tavern. I prescribed the barn for you only because you are mighty and I didn't want to cause you any distress trying to come and go through this tiny opening."

The demoness grabs a horn and pulls her mouth close to Rikerg. "Your desires send shivers of delight through my body," she whispers in his ear. She then turns to the remaining group.

"Anyone know where Longboat went?" she asks in a normal voice.
Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« Last post by Aries Jordan on January 26, 2021, 12:29:25 PM »
Leonie was about to answer Roy when Rikerg made his announcement.  She squeezed her eyes closed as a vision of Rikerg and Red together forced itself upon her consciousness.  Her whole face worked itself into a wince.

"Um, I think Roy's taking the other option," she said, as soon as she could speak without hysterics.  "You don't have to do anything right now, Roy, I've got to read up on the procedure first.  Let me just go get my books --"  And she fled upstairs and into her room.  As soon as the door was shut, she flung herself on the bed hit it with her fist as she broke down into fits of horrified giggling.
Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« Last post by Aisling on January 26, 2021, 02:20:53 AM »
Aisling carefully kept looking out the window and took a sip of ale.
Fandom / Re: New Dear Hearts and Gentle People (M)
« Last post by Kreed on January 25, 2021, 11:28:12 PM »
"You take a man's kids away, it don't matter how strong he is or what kind of firepower he's got on him at the time. If he wants that kid back, there's a good chance he's gonna make an admirable effort." Akuma replied. They paused and considered before adding, almost as an afterthought slipping out of the corner of their mouth, "Ain't much gonna keep a father away from his kid for too long if he can help it any."

The silent was doubly heavy, as though somehow there was a hidden weight to their final words that they weren't willing to share. Or perhaps there was nothing to say; there was a definite sense of finality to Joe's words. It was the way the world had become after the war, and - in many ways - the way it had been before, and probably would continue to be so long as humans were alive to crawl around on this crumbling rock.

Quietly, the pair moved through the shaggy fields of razorgrain and tatos toward the farmhouse. The closer they got, the more Akuma was certain that it had been abandoned. The weathered front door, which was white once upon a time, swung lightly back and forth in the light wind that seemed to have been roused from its sleep in the golden crop. When another tendril of a breeze trailed through the fields, Akuma raised his head slightly and took several sniffs of the air. With their respirator, the scents were pretty heavily filtered, but they watched as Susana did the same and huffed deeply in her throat. In a fluid motion, the masked stranger took the safety off their pistol and slunk toward the decaying front porch.

"Something's dead in there," they rumbled as they passed Joe. Lightly, they tapped Susana's haunches with the tip of their boot.

"G'head", they grunted. The yao guai gave Akuma a sidelong glance over her shoulder before shuffling forward. The steps of the front porch groaned under her weight, but did not - by some miracle - collapse. She pushed the door in with her nose and ambled into the building. When the sounds of her shuffling faded and there were no gunshots or shouts of alarm, Akuma rose to their full height. They gave Joe a single look before they moved forward after their animal friend.