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Sci Fi / Re: To Frame a detective (Pendragon)
« Last post by readlliea on Today at 07:35:17 PM »
"We still have a few things to figure out. Such as who the victims are. We can't afford to wait till the news releases the names of the victims and since Inspector Crown is being rather... firm on his stance of not giving any information, we're out of luck there." Laurence said as they walked.

Though who could they go to?

"Drop off what you found at the house in the draw. Then head on off to find Officer Goldstone, perhaps he can give you some clues on who the victims were. I'll hunt around for a few things that I have in mind." Laurence suggested. "Sound good?"
Fantasy / Re: When Will (M)y Life Begin?
« Last post by readlliea on Today at 07:28:27 PM »
"i can't take it...I can't take it...." Yohan muttered as he shuddered, though he glanced up at Beast.

His eyes darted around the room but since he couldn't see any of the mirror shards, he wasn't thrown back into the thick of the fit he was suffering from. His chest and even his back seemed to rise and fall with his heavier breathing, his gaze being cast back down at the floorboards. 

"It's going to pull me apart....I can't....I can't put it on...if I put it on that's it. It's going to kill me, it almost did....but i can't think. I can't see myself in the mirror I can't...." Yohan stammered though this might clue Beast in the rest of the way as to what was wrong.
Fantasy / Re: To Ta[M]e a Dragon
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on Today at 07:24:34 PM »
Once he finished his breakfast, Beleg got his pack around and checked five or six time to ensure he had everything.

"So, are we ready to head out?" he asked. "I'm certainly eager to be elsewhere."

Ignoring the expression on Wren's face, he began to practically skip toward the door and stopped just outside of it, waiting for Wren to join him so they could continue their trek.
Fantasy / Re: When Will (M)y Life Begin?
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on Today at 07:22:04 PM »
Quickly opening the door, Beast found Yohan on the floor surrounded by the broken pieces of the mirror.

"Yohan..." he said, crouching down. "Yohan, what's wrong?"
Sci Fi / Re: To Frame a detective (Pendragon)
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on Today at 07:19:22 PM »
Following behind Laurence, Lapis shook her head as they left the crime scene.

"Shall we go ahead and go through the evidence when we get back?" she asked.
Fantasy / Re: Return to Inquisition (M) Jabba x Firesblood
« Last post by Firesblood on December 06, 2019, 12:07:48 PM »
Valaria was unsure of what to expect, or whether to be afraid or calm.  Even trying to summon up the gumption to fear for her life seemed to be too much effort; everything was out of her hands at this moment, and Staunton would do whatever he chose to do regardless.  At this point, if it meant an end to the day, Valaria didn’t much care which way it went. 

But then he left her and went back behind his desk, and Valaria released a slow breath that she hadn’t realized she was holding. 

“I am grateful for your hospitality, my lord,” Valaria murmured, ducking her head briefly.  “I wish to offer my skills in service to you.  I know the basics of handling myself in a melee, and I am fluent and literate in French, Spanish, and Italian with…some little English as well, and I am trained in diplomacy.  I hope that you will consider it.”

At his dismissal, she nodded and followed Malachi out.  All said, she had not expected to walk out of Staunton’s office alive, but Staunton continued to surprise her.  She glanced sidelong at Malachi. “I am sorry for causing you trouble,” she said quietly.   
Fandom / Re: New Dear Hearts and Gentle People (M)
« Last post by Kreed on December 06, 2019, 02:04:21 AM »
Given the short timeframe between the car catching fire and the explosion, Joe was lucky to get away with his back burning up. Akuma began to move down the hill, ducking back into the grass to avoid a falling chunk of metal before sliding down the rest of the way to the asphalt.

They made a beeline for Fulbeck and his place at the bus shelter, whipping about so that they had their back to him. In the moment that Akuma spun around though, the faint roses of blood blooming in Joe's shirt had not been overlooked. The man had not come out unscathed and likely had gotten some shrapnel they'd have to pick out later.

The Geiger counter on Akuma's Pip-Boy gave a few weak tick-ticks -- some low, residual radiation from the explosion. Not enough to bother breaking out the Rad-Away for, anyway, but Akuma hastily opened a velcro pocket on their jacket and popped a pill of Rad-X just in case. As they swallowed, they hugged the edge of the shelter and crouched, waiting for a sign of movement from within the store before barely poking their head and gun out and firing at the shadows shifting in the dark building. With any luck, they'd either draw the raiders out or pick them off. Neither side was going to have a decent chance at night like this. There was a reason the phrase was 'a shot in the dark'.
Realism / Re: Return of the Pirates (M) Jabba x Kreed
« Last post by Jabbathejack on December 05, 2019, 03:07:09 AM »
Beckett nodded grimly; he had expected the merchant to stick to what he had said the night before. Whether he had the coin or not to cover the debt was beside the point, it was clear that he did not want to part with it; his daughter would bear the brunt of her own debt.

Beckett grimaced; he was not about to agree so easily.
"You assure me that she is a skilled sailor, but I have only your word on the fact. You're asking me to take on a person into my crew when they have already acted against me and assaulted members of my crew? I don't want the disruption that this will bring."

His cold, dark eyes turned to rest on the young woman in question. It was only the second time that they had met face to face and he found that what he now knew about her had changed how he saw her. It would not do to underestimate this one, knowing that she had injured two men, throwing a table at one and knocking the other clean out.

She remained silent throughout and Beckett noted her tension in how she stood and the way she held her hat; he wondered how much coercion had been needed just to bring her here.

"What do you have to offer in this matter?" Beckett addressed her directly.


Joe tensed as the Captain of the pirates approached, assessing the captives one by one. From the sounds of it, she did not seem to be too impressed with what she saw. Joe grimaced, expecting to be dismissed just as quickly as the others had been.

He kept his gaze staring directly in front of him; in the army, it was could often be seen as an insult to look a commanding officer in the eye, as if such an act was to put yourself on the same level.

She came to a stop before him, remaining silent for what was an awkwardly long time. Joe risked a glance and found that she was staring at him.

He blinked in surprise at her question; how had she known? Was it written across his face along with the bruises?

"I... Yes, ma'am. I'm a soldier. Taken from London a few months ago."

He fell silent, waiting to see what his fate would be.
Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by Aries Jordan on December 03, 2019, 10:00:42 PM »
"No," said Pepper in the same distant voice, but with the emphasis placed on the right words, "you should not have done it."  She blinked back to herself after he told her Tony had recovered.  The roaring in her ears went away and she no longer felt in danger of passing out, but there was still a sort of glassy calm on her face.

"I can't," she admitted forthrightly, "but I believe I have... more leverage in this situation than I've ever had before.  What harm can it do to try?  You don't have to keep your word unless I succeed."

"It is unhealthy," Tony agreed, "but Ultron has restricted my options.  Metaphorically," he added regarding the pissing himself comment. 

He was listening carefully to Jocosta's speech patterns and thinking to himself -- where does the J variable fit?  "Even though he enjoys it, he'll stop talking to her if it makes her unhappy."  He waved his hands, then counted points off on his fingers.   "He's gone to a lot of trouble to make her comfortable.  He hasn't used her as a hostage to get my cooperation, which he could easily do, the only reason he needs to keep her locked up is so she won't tell anyone I'm still alive, and even that isn't strictly legit since the Avengers are back to spill the beans anyway.  I don't get it, Jo.  Why is he keeping Pepper here?"
Fantasy / Re: The times have changed into something dangerous (D.R. Chev)
« Last post by D.R.Chevalier on December 03, 2019, 02:41:08 PM »
Just as Frankenstein approached, the waitress arrived with Anna's tea. Setting the cup in front of the vampire, she eyed Frankenstein with some suspicion before glancing to Anna, as if asking the vampire if the man was bothering her.

Anna looked up and smiled at both the waitress, giving her a small nod and then to Frankenstein. "Please, have a seat." Unsure as to why the werewolf wanted to speak to her, Anna knew the value of keeping both of their true identities secret from humans. While it would take at least ten humans to take one of them down, there were far more humans than the entire population of werewolves or humans.

Hearing her phone ding once more, Anna dug it out of her pocket and frowned, seeing that her client had to cancel their meeting. It was a large amount of money that would have been exchanged for Anna's services, but it seemed as if the client was only postponing the meeting to another day. In any case, she could at least clear the air with Frankenstein.

"Look, I'm sorry for my idiot... Friends. Or rather... I'm sorry they're idiots. But I just patch them up. Honestly, I'd patch up your... friends too, if they'd give me the chance, but most want to just bite my head off."