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Realism / Re: The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on Today at 12:34:40 PM »
Isao smiled as Evanna ran her fingers over the cover. "Well, I'm glad nothing happened to it then while it was under my care." He, too, could have done without the group acting the way they did when they saw him and Evanna together. "I do. Because I come in by myself so often, I get teased whenever I bring someone with me and they ask why I didn't bring them in the next time I come in alone. But they are my friends in a sense. They don't really mean anything by it." It was a little patronizing at this point, and these people were used to the fact that he hardly dated... or had an outing with anyone. Not hearing Evanna go on made him realize that he hadn't really been talking that much, so he did his best to think of something.

"Where exactly are you from?" he asked. He couldn't quite pin down the specific area she would be from. She was either very well known in her area or the town she was from was rather small. Possibly both.

"Isao doesn't talk much, if you hadn't noticed," Asahi added, hoping to break the silence a little and almost scaring himself with the flame that rose from the pan. "It's nothing! Just- Just part of it!"

Isao rolled his eyes, trying his best not to laugh.
Realism / Re: The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« Last post by Kei on Today at 03:34:43 AM »
Green eyes turned to regard her companion before finally Evanna sighed and took a steady breath before smiling over to her companion. "It's fine, I'm the tourist so I really have no reason to be annoyed by my own lack of understanding. I know a few words, just enough to get by, and I hate not knowing when things are getting said. It's a thing, don't worry about it. I'm not really offended or anything." She watched Isao straighten himself a bit more as he accepted the offered water while the chef began preparing their meal. She took her sketchbook back from him and ran her fingertips gently against the embroidered cover. Green eyes went gentle and a fondness filled them as she looked at the thing. "You know, my mother made this for me when I was still very young. She said it would let me show everyone else the unique way I view the world. She was right, but that hasn't always been a good thing. Still, I'm glad you took good care of it while you held it, so thank you."

She nodded at his comment about his preference for coming to the place early to avoid the crowd, and listened to the teasing from the chef with quiet interest before straightening up as others walked in and yelled their own greetings to Isao. The did seem to be a lively bunch, but she could do without the looks they were giving her. Not to mention the giggling made her feel like she was suddenly on display for their amusement and she hated that. She heard them whispering to one another, but couldn't hear the words before they disappeared into the back of the building and Isao spoke to her again. She could only shrug, but she did see where they were coming from she supposed. "So that means you come here a lot, but usually alone, right? Are those people friends of yours? Everyone that sees you seems keen to tease you about my being here with you.  Is it really such an odd thing for you to have someone with you?"

Experience had given her a healthy wariness towards doing anything that would draw attention to herself, so if being around Isao was going to keep causing these moments she wasn't sure how much she liked the notion of staying near him. Which was silly because he was just being kind and she likely wouldn't see him after this. Thus she decided to just sort of grin and bare it. Putting her sketchbook into her bag, she instead turned her gaze to watch the chef prepare their meal. She was running out of small talk when he didn't exactly talk back and thus was at a loss as to how to keep the conversation going. Normally she was good at things like this, but she wasn't used to having a man that clearly had better things to do being so kind and attentive to her. It baffled her to no end and she found herself reluctantly intrigued which made it harder to interact.
Fantasy / From Feasts of Flesh to Blossoming [M]eadows
« Last post by EvilCopepod on Today at 02:58:43 AM »
The forest was large and overgrown, the once busy paths that ran through it were now sprouting grass and fungi, only deer tracks remained on what was once marked with wagon wheels. In the center of the woods was what was once a small town, but it was long abandoned, many of its buildings crushed and broken, the rest with doors flung wide open, wildlife strolling in and out of them like it was part of the forest. Just beyond the village was a large property with a stone castle in the middle. It looked like the forest was trying to reclaim it as well, ivy creeping up the stone wall and iron gates, but it was clearly lived in as there was a light in one of the castle's upper windows, and there was livestock wandering about grazing what little grass still remained in their enclosed space.

The castle was covered in growth as well, moss and some ivy, though all in reach of the cattle had been eaten off the building, much of it creeping through the cracking and weathered bricks. The gate wasn't locked, only latched to keep the animals from leaving, and there was no one to stop Enzo from entering down the cobbled path which lead to the great wooden door, which was also left unlocked. The interior didn't look much better, although there wasn't the invasion of plants, there was plenty of dust and cobwebs, along with masses of deep gashes in the tile flooring, like it had been assaulted repeatedly with a blade.

As soon as the door was opened, three loud and sharp barks came from within the castle, which was soon followed by the sound of nails clicking upon the tiles as something came down the upper stairs. The bark didn't seem to match the beast, as a very small dog with oddly long and straight hair stood upon the landing, appearing more like a wig than a canine, but the area around its eyes was trimmed, so it spotted Enzo standing at the door and began to bark again with more ferocity. The lhasa apso didn't advance further down the stairs, only barking at the orc and strutting back and forth, its hair bouncing as it stepped.

There was a loud repetitive thumping that grew steadily louder, along with the sound of much larger claws striking the tiles this time, and the dog let out a final bark before growing quiet. Down from the stairs, a large, manlike creature jumped onto the landing as well, standing on all fours above the dog, his dark claws dug into the tile, and he sucked in a deep breath before roaring loudly at the intruder.
Fandom / Re: All Infinity Stone Sales Are Final (M)
« Last post by EvilCopepod on Today at 12:23:42 AM »
The dogs turned their heads as Steve moved, which gave the men a bit of warning before they were attacked, but they weren't exactly prepared for an aerial attack from Captain America. Several guns went off, though they mostly hit the wall and some of the various containers surrounding them. The dogs went wild, thrashing free from their handlers, their large collars and muzzles coming off.

The creatures hissed loudly, there were patches of fur missing around their face and neck, but instead of skin there were hard scales. A forked tongue came out from beneath their mix of canine and serpentine teeth, lips peeling back in a silent snarl as venom oozed from their hollow fangs that were jammed unnaturally between the larger, more solid teeth. They both lunged at Steve, trying to get their teeth into his flesh as well as their venomous fangs.
Fantasy / Re: Béni sois-tu Seigneur [M] && Petri
« Last post by matinsandvespers on May 22, 2019, 10:56:29 PM »
Confess? Confessing to Pomeroy most certainly would do Valère no good whatsoever. For one thing, Pomeroy was not even fully ordained into the ministry as a clairvoyant. Though he had been officially assigned to a paladin, until the two of them reached Fatima for the grand ordination, Pomeroy would remain among the class of les acolytes. That was a stones throw from being able to have authority to hear confession. Only those who possessed the curate -- that is, prêtres, had sacramental power to meritoriously hear auricular confession, prescribe penances and grant absolution. Even when ordained, it would take quite some time, except by some extraordinary turn of events that Pomeroy would be so speedily endued with such sacerdotal authority.

"Confession?" Pomeroy stammered out a response? The statement took the cleric off guard. It was quite random turn of events; not only because of what has been described above, but because one did not typically go from drinking and innuendo to a need to disembosom one's pet sins. Though clerical types did tend to have that effect on people.

Nevertheless, Pomeroy had no reason to refuse, and he would have felt far safer alone in the room with Valère than out in a tavern with strangers who tossed him suspicious glances from the corners of their eyes. Here the cleric felt out of place proportional to the contrast of his bright white alb against the sea of tavern apparel.

"Monsieur Sauvageau," Pomeroy began once the door to their inn chamber was shut upon them, "as your companion, I will by no means object to you getting some things off your chest; but, I would remind you that I am merely an acolyte. I possess no authority to grant absolution." Seeing has how Pomeroy's glittering image of paladin's was partially shaken from seeing one drink for the first time, he was not sure how informed Valère was about the diversity of ranks and tiers that existed in the the Holy Order of St. Jérémie. "But, please, go ahead. If there is anything that is bothering you I would like to help you in the best way that I can."
Realism / Re: The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on May 22, 2019, 01:14:38 PM »
As Evanna asked for water and takoyaki, Asahi nodded and ran off to grab a glass of water for both of them.

"I apologize," said Isao. "It's a habit of mine to not speak English with him. But he's alright." He straightened himself a little, taking the glass of water from Asahi who started working his magic. He handed her art supplies to her as he didn't want to accidentally get anything on her sketch. "I prefer coming in when there aren't many people in here. This place gets packed by about eight every night."

"Don't wanna be caught in the middle of a group of girls again?" said Asahi, grinning from ear to ear as he kept slicing up the fish.

"That one group had too much sake that night." He was about to say something else when a few others walked in, yelling greetings from the other end and beaming at Evanna. They seemed to be whispering and giggling to themselves as they disappeared into the back. "Don't pay them any mind, Evanna," he told her. "They're not used to me coming in with someone else."
Fandom / Re: [M]y Hero (Aeon+Kei)
« Last post by Aeon on May 22, 2019, 11:56:29 AM »
The following morning came exceedingly early, though this was primarily because one of the Pussycats woke everyone up to tell them hey needed to make their own breakfast as well before she cheerfully wandered off to eat herself. This same treatment was afforded to the students’ instructors, though none of them seemed to complain over the matter. Atem was dressed and outside when his students joined others in the kitchens, waiting for them to fill up before he would address the start of their training. Once they were outside, he surprised he group by tossing one of the distance measuring balls to Bakugo and instructing he throw it. With a smirk, the student did and while everyone seemed impressed with the throw, Atem shook his head and read the results.

“Up until this point the lot of you have only been training your physical bodies. Your reflexes, footwork, and so on. Your actual quirks haven’t been trained, and neither have they improved.” Bakugo’s throw was a fine example. Despite the explosive force, he’d only gained an additional foot of distance to his throw. “This training camp is about expanding on the strength and reserve of your quirks. You may have believed you were tired yesterday, but you will know exhaustion in truth when we are done with you here. There are stations for each of you to work with. This will be your life today, and tonight depending upon how you do, we may have something else planned.”
As Eden fought the creature, somewhere in Aerina's heart knew it was Furiental. The shape was too familiar, and when Eden struck at the creature, she knew for certain. Under a hushed breath, she whispered the name of her once-lover with distress in her voice. The doggedness in which he made Furiental pursue the girl meant that he intended for one of them to die, and Aerina's fingers bit into his arms as she supported him.

Daring not to speak against the Necromantic King in such a public scene, and thus weakening his position, Aerina was caught off guard as she heard Furiental speak. In the moment that he raised his hand to his face, she knew what his intentions were and it seemed as if the entire arena collectively took an intake of breath. If it had only been Aerina's gasp, she could not tell.

As the giant construct committed his final act of mercy towards the girl, Aerina lost her grip of Helios and watched as both the giant and the King fell. Her first action was trying to get down to the injured and dead.


Eden hadn't doubted the King when he said it would kill her if it could. She even understood why he would be the puppeteer for her destruction. But the weapon had left her stunned, and as she heard her Furie's voice, her eyes widened, one unseeing, the other seemingly spinning wildly in it's socket, trying to find the correct thread of magic for the moment.

Standing with her arms down, her magical bar still in hand, Eden watched as he raised his hand to his head, watched as she saw him gather the icy magic in his hand, watched as that magic tore through him and watched whatever it was that made him stand and walk leave his body.

Pain, like a thousand daggers erupted in her chest, biting into her heart like ice, only without the numbing effect. Gripping at her top with her unhindered hand, had she been able to feel with her fingers, she would have felt the ice blooming across her skin. Is this what Britta felt? Is this what it meant to lose your heart? The screaming around her deafened her and as she staggered to the prone Helios, she only realized it was her screaming. Everything hurt, and he had to fix it.

Unable to see Aerina trying to rush towards the pair, the girl knew not what she would do when she reached the Necrotsar. Only once she looked down upon his unconcious body did she know. She kicked him so that he was staring up at her and her galaxy eye watched the slow, dark, sluggish magic in him. She wanted to rip and shred and tear into him like a beast. If he was going to make her a murderer by having the blood of her lover on her hands, knowing how she had committed manslaughter against someone she thought she loved, then she was going to become a murderer. With him laid out like a platter in front of her, Eden raised her hand with the bar of magic, and brought it down, hard and fast.


Aerina was the one screaming this time as she ran towards Eden, seeing how she threatened Helios. Glamors fell as she ran, her tree branch horns coming into view of everyone in the arena, the luminous nature of her Fae blood becoming clear. Though it had been silent for a while, students and teachers alike remained silent, watching the drama unfold.

Aerina knew she would have to kill the girl. While she could feel the chill of her grief, her life was not worth more than Helios'. She was but a student. Nothing more. Though Helios had forced her hand, his position meant he could not die. Her hand reached out and grabbed Eden's shoulder just as she swung down and ripped her to the side, causing the girl to fall.

The bar of magic had struck, but instead of touching the King, it had been planted deeply in the sand next to his head. As soon as Eden's hand left the magic, it blew away harmlessly in a haze of blue grey smoke. Aerina was shocked once more, and as she looked to the girl who was clutching her chest, watching as the frost began to cover her hand, she only now noticed what Eden was saying through her sobs.

"Bring him back."
Looking for More / Hellboy rp idea and my info
« Last post by readlliea on May 22, 2019, 03:26:07 AM »
Greetings greetings, I am bad at these so I do apologize. However I will try to make this somewhat useful for you.

I am a oddball rper and I'm not into smut/nsfw, now violence such as gore and blood is fine. So long as it's not constantly happening, I'm all okay with it. I mainly do Fantasy rps, as I am a fan of supernatural creatures. Modern rps don't really keep my interest but if you add supernatural influences into it, I am willing to rp in the modern genre.

My main stick:
Fantasy (Both historical and modern)
Fandom (I am picky on these. Hellboy and Balto are ones I have dabbled in, just ask and I'll le tyou know if I will rp it. ^^)
Dungeons and Dragons themed rps
Ocs (in various genres)
Canon characters ( I am even more picky with theses, again suggest what it is you would like to do and I'll get back to you ^^)

Canon Characters I play (These are rarely big main characters but background canon characters with names and some personality that I felt like they didn't get much love)

Balto (From Balto, the second movie often counts but i ignore the 3rd film)
Magus (From Gargoyles)
Myers (From Hellboy; However I often play him in AU where he ends up  becoming something else and isn't human)

I am a person who prefers to rp in paragraphs. One liners once in a while is okay but I can't do constant one liners, it ends up making me loose interest. Of course I want you to post what you can come up with from what I post and you don't have to match my word count. Just post the amount you are comfortable with.

Speaking of Hellboy, I am wanting to do a few more threads in this. Often when I have played Myers form Hellboy, I make it to where something happened to him in the Antarctic that was revealed Hellboy sent him to in the second movie. Which has made the relationship worse. Although I do have some other ideas. For all these rps, I need someone else to play Hellboy. I will do my best to help protray other canon characters correctly and I apologize if I butcher any.

New Idea:
Just thought of this one but funny hilarious idea, Myers being Liz and Hellboy's kid. This would of course be a extreme change to the dynamic. Though I feel like it could be fun as perhaps the second movie wouldn't have happened and really the first movie would've gone super differently. As Myers was the only reason Liz came back. I can see that Hellboy ends up saving Myers without really knowing the connection but Myers grows suspicious when he mentions the incident to Liz and starts to investigate it on himself. In which causes him to seek Hellboy out and into trouble.

Since he would be half human; to a degree. He would have powers and I can see those powers awakening when he gets into the second incident, in which that would draw the attention from the Bureau onto him. Myers finds himself put into their employment and the Professor learns that Myers is Liz's son, though they keep quiet on it.

 For this rp, I would need the other person to rp Liz and Hellboy mainly. I will be doing my best to help rp all the other canon characters which you can help with if you want. I can't promise I'll portray them one hundred percent accurately. But I will do my best. i'm also not super picky on if you aren't able to portray canon characters 100% like the movie, don't worry. It's a au. ^^

My Beastblood looking for more thread-
(I will warn you i'm not taking more Beastblood threads at this time unless the plot is super unique)

List of open threads-

Feel free to hit me up with ideas. ^^
Realism / Re: The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« Last post by Kei on May 22, 2019, 12:39:46 AM »
She felt it was kind of him to let her prattle on, but at he also didn't stop her she saw no reason to stop herself. Besides, she was enjoying his company. She listened quietly as he spoke of a city called Venice and she could just imagine how it had looked mostly covered in water. She'd never been, but it did sound lovely. She also noted that he opened the door to the restaurant for her and gave him a warm smile for being a gentleman. However, that smile faded and her expression went cool and considering for a moment as a man waved at them once they'd sat at the bar. She put on a polite smile, looking for all the world like a tourist that understood nothing, but she wasn't stupid. Just because she didn't speak the language didn't mean she didn't understand it.

She understood quite a few languages, it was a talent of her's that she learned them easily but couldn't speak them herself.  It made her good at learning secrets and was a talent she guarded carefully from  her father and his friends. If they knew...well she knew he wouldn't hesitate to use it. As to the man, the interaction started harmlessly enough and the two seemed on good terms so she decided so long as this man wasn't overly...well rude then she wouldn't do anything about this. Besides, it let her learn a bit more about her companion. She realized her expressions made it seem like she didn't like not understanding something being said, but that was for the best. It kept her secret, at least.

She learned that the man's name was Asahi and he was close enough to Isao to tease him about him brining a woman to eat with him. She had to wonder if he didn't do it often and that was why, or if it was that he did it very often and had a reputation over it. Either way, she'd take what information she could get.  She blinked slowly as the man turned to her and spoke in English for her, asking her what she wanted. Finally she gave him her best smile and decided the polite route was best in this situation. "Well, I was told this place had wonderful takoyaki, and as I've never had it before I might as well start with the best. Though I'd prefer water to drink if you wouldn't mind."

This man was certainly interesting, but she'd reserve her judgement for now. At least she figured he was a friend of Isao's or something, so that was good. was just a tad disconcerting to be spoken about so openly just because they believed she couldn't understand. It was to her advantage and she was very used to it by now, but it was still disconcerting. Oh well.