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Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« Last post by readlliea on August 20, 2019, 02:28:22 PM »
At this point, Benson had no real strength to do anything else. Whipped and then thrust back to where he staggered and landed on his rear. The crew waited for the captain to disappear fully before anyone went to even speak to Benson. Though the man would just give them a look that clearly said to leave me alone. And with how dangerous many tempers could get due to their curse...well, it was always best to heed silent warnings.

With his own fish done, Sirius sank his teeth into it. Eating the fish rather fast, he knew it wasn't going to do much for him but it was best to just eat something over nothing. As Maria asked her question, he pulled a fish bone from his mouth. About to speak when the captain came down the stairs and took care of the matter at hand. The smell of blood was starting to reach his nose, causing a chill to go through him as he sat there.

"Progress on that will go swiftly since there's so many people aboard the ship." Sirius replied. "I'll try to speed up the process."
Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on August 20, 2019, 02:20:53 PM »
Ripped kept striking his whip against Benson's back while his crew watched in horror. "I've warned ye about yer temper!" After a few minutes, the cracking of his whip ceased and he began to put it away. "He can get down, now." After Benson was let down, Ripper grabbed him by his shirt and curled his lips back. "I'm feeding ye to the damn sharks next time around!" He threw him back against the railing. "Let's get a move on! We got a curse to break!"

Maria had taken another bite when Sirius told her to keep her healing ability to herself. Only nodding, she gnawed at the bones until she could pull the last of the meat away. "Sirius..." she said, moving closer to him. She help up what was left of her fish. "Where go?"

"Ah, Maria," Ripper said as he approached them. "Lemme get that for ye." He delicately plucked the fish bones from her hand. "Ye know, Sirius. I think it would help 'er tremendously if she learned to speak properly. Shouldn't be a problem for 'er, she looks like a bright lass."
Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« Last post by readlliea on August 20, 2019, 01:14:06 PM »
"Considering how he remarked about needing her to stay put to fix her legs and hten he interfered when I had her cornered..." Benson replied, a pained growl leaving them, their canine ears still sticking out of their head and slanting in pain. "Cause the idiot wouldn't shut up! Kept going on and on how my bluff to shot the doctor was a bad idea to get the mermaid to quit resisting. She seemed rather fond of interfering when the doc and I were struggling, even after the two of us went into the water. Tugs just pulled all the wrong nerves and was too close to the pistol."

Letting out a sigh, he watched the fish sizzle in the pan with a small square of butter. Slowly he glanced over to Maria, trying to figure out what to do. He knew of the abilities she had but...had Benson noticed em? Hard to say when Benson was far more feral minded easier when in a tissy.

"hey Maria...I think it's best you don't tell the others about your...healing ability. They'll probably try to overuse it." Sirius said.
Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on August 20, 2019, 01:02:02 PM »
Ripper paused when Benson said Sirius almost let the girl get away. "Did he?" He looked to some of the crew that went out with them. "Is that true? Our little doc didn't want 'er to tag along?" Now, he knew better than outright punish Sirius. They still needed him should anyone become seriously injured, but if what they said about a mermaid's healing properties were true... Still, it was better to keep him intact. "But ye still killed poor Tugs. Why was that?" He cracked his whip again, not giving Benson much time to answer him.

Maria simply sat down and began to tear into the fish. She looked over, watching Sirius begin to cook his. But she was too hungry to go over and watch him do so, and so she continued to eat her fish in silence.
Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« Last post by readlliea on August 20, 2019, 12:26:08 PM »
"he wasn't getting her in the BOAT!" Benson growled out through being lashed. "he....almost cost us....the girl!"

Of course Benson was sure Sirius was more in the wrong than he was. And hey they were all pirates but him, the captain should've expected the possiblity of someone wanting that big pearl. Sirius was relieved when maria seemed fond of fish and found one that she liked. A small smile of relief came over him in fact. Though it was short lived as he felt his own stomach growling.

"You can have that one I'm going to at least cook mine.." Sirius said.

Now to be fair, he could eat it rare. thanks to the curse he was able to have a easier and safer time digiest meats rare but..some part of him didn't like doing it still. Sometimes eating things rare, he felt like a piece of his humanity would disappear on him.
Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on August 20, 2019, 12:06:32 PM »
Ripper 's hand touched the whip on his belt as Benson was struggling to free himself as he was tied to the ratlines. "Now, now, Benson," he purred. "Ye know better than to go after the good ol' doc. Who's gonna sew us up if we ain't got 'im?" He unclipped his whip from his belt and began to crack it at Benson's back. He smiled wickedly. "And ye know this happens when ye do that. Just like when ye tried to run away with the blasted pearl." He crack his whip again and again as there was a cruel glint in his eye.

Maria nodded when asked if she was hungry. She began to search through the barrels and found some fish. "Ooo!" she exclaimed, pulling a sizable one out. "We eat?"
Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« Last post by readlliea on August 20, 2019, 11:57:20 AM »
"You probably don't really need it...considering that seem pretty good at healing already so..." Sirius started to say as they walked though he gave a shrug. "You hungry instead? Not sure if...well...there's anything you would like on board."

His inexprience with mermaids was clearly showing here. Did they just eat fish or where all the old tales true? Oh boy. Hard to say and hard to know until the matter was staring you right in the face. Sure enough, Benson had swam back to the ship. The right side of their face still dripping blood as he pulled himself up onto the ship. Sure enough the crew followed the captain's orders which just caused the still agitated man to struggle.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Benson growled.
Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on August 20, 2019, 11:39:16 AM »
When Ripper peeked over the railing, he let out a small scoff as he thought he saw Benson swimming towards the ship. "Get goin', doc." He looked at a few of the crew. "Bring 'im up, then tie 'im to the ratlines. He's gonna learn a lesson, ye see?"

Maria followed Sirius below deck, clinging the coat around her body as she descended and kept herself behind him. "Legs?" She glanced down, sheepishly remembering that he was in the middle of tending to her when she found herself in the predicament that she was in. "Oh..." Honestly, she didn't need him to, but he was the one who insisted.
Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« Last post by readlliea on August 20, 2019, 10:44:05 AM »
Welp at least that was settled. Sirius rubbed his eyes, feeling a headache gripping him as he hadn't gotten accustomed to this curse. IT was always a struggle, fighting himself mentally and then doing things physically. Drained so much energy at once. Besides the headache, he could feel himself getting hungrier now. Oh the near bottomless pit that most of the men now suffered with in terms of hunger. Considering how much wolves ate much would a person cursed with two other forms need? A lot apparently. Thankfully he was pulled away from thoughts when he heard Maria speak. A slightly tired expression was on his face.

"I'm fine..." Sirius replied. "I still need to finish treating your legs."

How could he forget that? Then again...she had been able to heal him a good majority of the way. She didn't really need his help. So why...had she called for it to begin with? Perhaps it was to make the ruse of a simple woman who was shipwreck? A good strategy he could say. A small look was given to the Captain as they gave him orders and he gave a nod.

"Yes Sir." Sirius added in.
Fantasy / Re: [M]y Jolly Sailor Bold
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on August 20, 2019, 08:51:24 AM »
Ripper turned to face another crew member when he said that Sirius informed them of what happened with Benson. "O' course he did," he replied. "I wouldn't put it pass 'im. But..." A sinister grin crept over his lips. "He can come back, but he's mine."

The crew took a step back as he chuckled darkly.

Maria stared blankly at him before looking over at Sirius. "Hurt?"

Ripper's expression softened before he knelt in front of Maria. "Oh, lass. Benson likes to do things out o' sorts. He needs to learn he can't do that. I won't hurt 'im too much."

"Hurt?" she asked again.

"Ye don't talk much, do ye?"

She shook her head.

"Doc, when Benson comes back, take 'er below deck. T'aint proper for a lady to be up here when he does."