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Fantasy / Re: Return to Inquisition (M) Jabba x Firesblood
« Last post by Jabbathejack on November 28, 2020, 04:01:08 PM »
"Of course." Staunton smiled, sitting back in his chair. "I would never insist that you come to a decision too early. Take your time, I have plenty of it."

"No matter what you decide, I want you to know that I will think no less of you."

He gave a quiet chuckle, his gaze dropping to the floor.
"I remember when I asked Malachi that same question, he'd already answered yes before I'd even finished explaining. Still a boy by the standards of most."

"I'd known him a few years by the time I turned him. He can't have been more than fourteen when we first met, scrawny and half starved."

It felt good to have the chance to talk about him and, in reality, Valaria was the one person that he could trust enough to share this with.

"Soldiers were hammering at my door in the middle of the night, searching for a thief. I managed to convince them that I had been working all evening and hadn't seen anyone, but of course, I knew that he was already hiding in the storeroom."

"I could hear his ragged breathing from across the room, about ready to bolt at the first chance he got. I told him the soldiers had gone and to help himself to the food in the kitchen and, well, I didn't have a use for it."

Fantasy / Re: Return to Inquisition (M) Jabba x Firesblood
« Last post by Firesblood on November 28, 2020, 02:52:44 PM »
Valaria studied Staunton for a moment, then came away from the porthole to sit in the chair he indicated, folding her hands neatly on her lap.  She couldn’t guess about what he wanted to talk about, but she wasn’t left to wonder for very long.  At first she didn’t quite understand—Vampires were technically undead, were they not?  They couldn’t procreate in the usual fashion…Oh.

She couldn’t help but look down at her hands briefly when he mentioned that she had seen a vampire die—the images that flashed in her minds eye came as they always did whenever something reminded her, but she focused through it.   

She felt a subtle sense of pride when he mentioned that he needed someone that he could trust; she suspected that trust was not an easy thing for him, and his counting her as someone whom he could trust soothed some of the tension in her.  He wanted to change her, to make her like he was—like Malachi had been.  While his experience as a Vampire had been rewarding, he made sure to inform her that there was an element of struggle to it too; young vampires struggled to keep control, and she would likely be no different if she chose to go through with it—but at least he would be there to help her. 

When he finished, Valaria remained silent for a time, thinking it over.  When she finally did speak, she chose her words carefully.  “This is an enormous decision, and I’m honored that you would choose me, my Lord.  May I…take a day to consider it?  I wish to think it through before I decide.”

She hoped that he would understand.  He seemed as though he would.  Valaria was aware that this was the very thing Ampetrion had feared, and that she would technically have to die to be reborn.  With that death, any hopes she might have had for a family and children of her own would cease to exist, at least in the traditional sense.  With the change, however, she would be granted immortality—the chance to see things no other human of the time would ever see.  Certainly, there were pros and cons to it, and she needed time to balance them against one another.     
Fantasy / Re: Return to Inquisition (M) Jabba x Firesblood
« Last post by Jabbathejack on November 28, 2020, 02:26:10 PM »
As they boarded the ship, Roe remained with the horses initially, ensuring that they were well kept in their stalls below deck.

Staunton headed up to the cabin with Valaria, setting down his pack and settling into a chair by the table.
"It'll take most of the night." He smiled thinly. "If we're delayed, then I'll have to take a dive and swim the rest of the way."

His smile faded.
"We have a lot to talk about, you and I, but I feel that it is best to be open from the start."

Staunton gestured for her to sit in the vacant chair across the table from him.
"You've seen what we are. You've seen what we can do, and, you have also seen us die."

He frowned, his gaze turning to the darkness in the port hole.
"You know my position is weak. If I am to survive against my enemies, I will need to procreate. I need someone I can trust, but only if you agree to this. I would rather that you know the reality of this life before you make your decision."

"My change was..." Staunton smiled, but there was a note of sadness to the expression. "The best thing that ever happened to me, but there are difficulties attached. Some regret the choice that they made. It can be hard to keep control, as a child, but I will be there to assist."

"I will not force your decision. If you say no, then that is absolutely fine. I will find another."
Fantasy / Re: Return to Inquisition (M) Jabba x Firesblood
« Last post by Firesblood on November 28, 2020, 01:40:01 PM »
Valaria was quiet in the wake of his comment; there was still plenty of time for her mind to crumble.  Half the time she felt like she was balancing on a fine line between sanity and madness after witnessing Malachi’s death.  She didn’t voice these things, of course; she had every intention of fighting to keep her head. 

“I suppose…it helps to expect that no matter how strange things get, they can always get stranger,” she finally murmured, eying Staunton with a faint, wry smile. 

After boarding the ship and seeing their horses safely in their place, they were led to the cabin that Staunton paid for; she didn’t see the werewolves, but suspected they were elsewhere on the ship.  It was not long at all after that the sounds of the crew on deck setting sail reached them, and the sway of the ship grew more pronounced as they left the berth.  Valaria watched through a porthole, one hand braced for balance against the hull of the ship.  She had not made a crossing like this since she was a small child, and she felt a touch nervous. 

“How long will it take to reach where we are going?” she asked quietly, looking over her shoulder at Staunton. 
Sci Fi / Re: Sharpening the Rusty Blade (Firesblood x Jabba)
« Last post by Firesblood on November 28, 2020, 01:08:13 PM »
Sabine bit back against her agonized screams, feeling rage and hatred boil inside of her when she realized who it was.  Shaad’s mutation was pain—pure, undiluted pain setting fire to all of her nerve endings at once.  There was seemingly no end to it—Shaad knew that the moment she stopped, Sabine would have the window she needed to retaliate. 

Sabine glimpsed Mundy at her periphery, turning as the Overseer came forward to capture him.  That, to her, was even worse than suffering Director Shaad’s torture.  She didn’t want to imagine what they would do to 4052 once they had him, the ways he would suffer after being so close to freedom.  “N-no Mundy—don’t—" she managed, before the pain doubled.

“Be quiet, Traitor,” Shaad hissed. “You dared to come to my complex, steal my property, and try to damage my life’s work?  My only solace is that while I may not be able to take my time with you, I can certainly draw it out for slave 4052.”

There was a commotion and the half-drowned scream of a man choking on blood, and suddenly the pain disappeared.  Shaad stared in horrified shock as 4052 seized Overseer 48 and bit viciously into his throat.  Without missing a beat, Sabine shifted and extended her hand, and Shaad’s scream joined the Overseer’s.  The Director’s body snapped and compressed on itself, as if something had imploded at her core.  The process took almost thirty full torturous seconds, and ended with an unrecognizable mass of twisted and torn flesh and broken bones bleeding all over the snow. 


60 nodded and held just as tightly to Zyad as Malek moved ahead of them, peering out the door.  When the corridor cleared, he waved them forward. “Right, lets go.”

Taking lead, Malek opened the door and, after making sure they were following, headed for the lift at an easy pace.  His manner was hyper-vigilant, prepared to move the moment anyone came out and caught them on the move. 

As they were nearing the lift, one of the doors opened and a medical aide stepped out, eyes widening at the sight of them.  Before she could say a word, Malek spoke.

“Don’t say a word.  You never saw us.  Go about your work,” he murmured in the same soothing tones one might use for an upset child.  The aide blinked once, eyes skating beyond Zyad and 60, and promptly did as Malek demanded. 

Malek pushed the button to summon the lift, exhaling softly.  So far so good, but the hardest part was yet to come.   
Fantasy / Re: Return to Inquisition (M) Jabba x Firesblood
« Last post by Jabbathejack on November 28, 2020, 12:37:51 PM »
Staunton paused, frowning lightly.
"I dislike having to rely on outside aspects, however." He smiled grimly, turning towards the stables to retrieve their horses. "I don't exactly have a choice right now."

He looked at her thoughtfully for a moment; they needed to talk, but now was not the time.
"Seeing that was more than a lot of people would have been able to take. Yet your mind did not crumble."

He fell silent as he entered the stables, nodding as Etienne joined them and started helping them get the horses ready. Once done, they led them out and headed towards the ship.
Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« Last post by Tikkeni on November 28, 2020, 11:38:15 AM »
Sir Tikk carefully rearranged himself so that he draped just so without being in Leonie's way for breathing or anything before settling in and purring as loud as he could.
Fandom / Re: Star Wars--So[m]ething Something Evil Rises (Jabba x Firesblood)
« Last post by Firesblood on November 28, 2020, 10:40:10 AM »
When Reynik spoke, Marigon paused and looked in his direction, her features resolved once more into their usual placidness.  Of all the things she might have expected, gratitude for the fight was not one of them.  It would have been easy to dismiss it or make a derisive comment, but…no.  No, that wouldn’t do.  Despite her embarrassment at being beaten so thoroughly by someone who could so easily hold her weakness over her head, she realized that she was far more grateful for his approach than bitter. 

“…You are welcome.  Thank you for taking it seriously.  For…not holding back or…making it worse or more humiliating than it already is,” she murmured, struggling to find the words.  For better or worse, Sika had chosen Reynik to help train her.  Their fates would likely be intertwined for a time, given that they were meant to be returning to Cygius together.  Beyond their return she couldn’t say what would happen, but in the interim keeping civility between them seemed the best option.  Sith were a rarity in this place—currently they were the only two.  Perhaps sticking together wouldn’t be so bad; Mazelor was hardly the only one here with a chip on his shoulder.   

Reynik went one further and offered to help her with meditation, and a flicker of surprise skated across her features.  He didn’t have to do anything more than what Sika asked him to do, and yet he was offering to help her outside of the circle?  Why?  Sith rarely did anything that didn’t benefit them, so what was in it for him?  She thought to ask but resisted the urge.  Whatever it was, she was certain she would find out soon enough. 

“I would be grateful for your help,” She said instead.  She began walking again, glad that her room was not too far off.  Reynik asked about the medical facility and Marigon tilted her head slightly.  She had gotten him at least once with her saber; likely that was what he was worried about.

“Four levels below this one, and a mile down the left-hand corridor,” she said, stopping briefly until the door of her quarters slid open.  “All they will do is put a salve on it—I will share mine with you and save you the walk.  They gave me my own tin of the stuff after my sixth trip down for burns.”

Venturing forward into her room, some of the tension melted from her frame once in her personal ‘sanctum’, far surer of her movements and the placement of things there.  She went immediately to one of the many shelves built into the wall, fingers skimming over a metal tin briefly before she grabbed it and extended it towards him.  “Go ahead.  I’ll get mine after.”

Fantasy / Re: Return to Inquisition (M) Jabba x Firesblood
« Last post by Firesblood on November 28, 2020, 09:23:41 AM »
Oscar nodded, seeming pleased with Staunton’s acceptance.  Their falling out with Ampetrion was not altogether a disappointment for the older werewolf; the Vampire had proved himself treacherous and fickle, which was not something that they desired in an alliance.  He got the sense that their Alpha would like Staunton better, that perhaps this one might not make so many heavy demands on their pack.  Nothing was set in stone, but Oscar hoped that a true alliance might be forged between their pack and Staunton’s people. 

“Aye, it is,” Oscar said, gazing in the direction of the docks.  Looking at Celyn, the older werewolf indicated that they should retrieve their things. “We will see you on board.”

Valaria watched as the elder of the two wolves made their way back to the stables, then turned follow Staunton to the ship  “If it hadn’t been for them, I don’t think we would be standing here, my Lord.  They helped us without even a hint of hesitation.  If I may say so, traveling with them…I think you’ve made a very wise decision.  You should have seen it…they way they changed, how they fought.” The young woman shook her head in amazement, though a subtle shudder briefly rolled through her at the memory.  Witnessing the change had been disturbing to say the least.   
Sci Fi / Re: Sharpening the Rusty Blade (Firesblood x Jabba)
« Last post by Jabbathejack on November 28, 2020, 09:16:03 AM »
Zyad nodded to Malek as he moved over to 60, sliding his arm gently around her to support her weight.

"We'll be all right." He smiled to her, trying to mask his nervousness. "We've got to be quick. We can't afford to miss our window."


4052 stared in shock as Sabine collapsed. His first instinct was to run over to her, dropping to one knee in the snow as he tried to help, but he wasn't sure what he could even do. How could you help when you can't even see what the problem was?

He turned sharply at the voice behind them, climbing to his feet as he stared mutely at the director. His gaze flipped to the overseer, taking a step back as 48 advanced. He recognised the smile on the man's face, driving a cold shard of ice into the pit of his stomach.

The overseer removed a set of cuffs from his trouser pocket as he closed the distance, opening them up ready.
"Turn around." He barked and 4052 obeyed, moving slowly.

His breath was like a foggy cloud in front of him, from the cold air, but 4052 just felt numb. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Sabine, still on her knees, still in agony, but there was nothing he could do. Nothing.

He jumped as 48 clamped a hand on his shoulder, puling his arms behind his back with a rough jerk. He felt the restraints close around his wrist, smelling 48's hot breath on his neck as he chuckled, dragging the other wrist back.

4052 brought his head back with a sudden jerk, slamming his skull hard into the overseer's face. He felt a crunch as the larger man's nose broke at the impact. There was a cry of pain and 4052's hand was suddenly free. As he turned, he was already reaching for the stunned overseer, his bare fingers like claws. Pushing the man's face away to one side, 4052 used the only tools he had available, sinking his teeth into his throat, drowning out his screams with blood. Throughout the brutal and sudden attack, 4052 was completely silent.