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Fandom / Re: All Infinity Stone Sales Are Final (M)
« Last post by Aries Jordan on May 21, 2019, 05:14:06 PM »
Those are not normal dogs.  Steve normally liked dogs -- even German Shepherds, despite a few painful encounters with them during the war.  These animals made the hair stand up on his arms and neck.  Why would they be here?

Since the MPs -- if they were MPs -- still couldn't see him and weren't even pointing their guns with any accuracy, he didn't bother answering.  Instead, he slid his feet and one hand delicately along the wall, moving out from his position over the dogs and more into a position directly over the men.  They might as well be between him and those teeth when the muzzles came off.  Then he dropped directly into their midst. 

Two men got their heads banged together before the others even realized their quarry was among them.  A third, a little faster to react than the rest, got the butt of his own gun in the face, then Steve was already throwing a punch at the next one -- but also keeping a careful eye on the dogs, who he expected to react viciously.
Realism / Re: The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on May 21, 2019, 01:09:46 PM »
Isao didn't pay any mind to her noticing how he was. It was just a quirk of his that some people absolutely hated. Once she replied, he nodded. "I see." He was beginning to wonder how old she was since she called him "sir" out of habit. When she mentioned that his name was interesting as well, he nearly grinned from ear to ear. "That's a first."

While they walked, he listened to her reasoning of coming to Kyoto. The way she explained it had him arch an eyebrow. Though there was something off about her answer. "Well, it's always nice to just blend in." It was best not to press her on and find out exactly why she was here. Once the girls were out of sight, he looked over his shoulder, seeing them at the curb and still fawning over him. It wasn't something that was out of the ordinary, it was just simply annoying when women he had never seen before practically fell at his feet and acted so desperate for his attention. Still, at least Evanna wasn't like that.

"Hmm?" He barely registered that she asked him a question before proceeding. "I am a business man of sorts, yes," he said. "But not in the conventional means." And that is all you'll get out of me, he wanted to add, though he held his tongue as he knew they were less than two blocks away from where they were going. He overheard someone frantically telling their friend that a woman by the name of Kayuga Tanaka was just found dead by Lake Biwa, and there was no evidence that the killer was there; the body had to have been dumped there. He couldn't help the small smirk that crossed his expression.

"We're almost there," he told her.
Realism / Re: The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« Last post by Kei on May 21, 2019, 08:48:22 AM »
Evanna took note of just how closely her companion was watching her and took that to mean he was a perceptive person so she wasn't really bothered too much by it. He wouldn't be the first person in her life to watch her thusly, after all. At least he'd made the offer honestly and seemingly with good intentions, that helps her not feel like a burden at least. Her smile was back once she saw one cross into his expression as he took her hand, seemingly amused with her calling him 'sir'. His hold was gentle as he shook her hand and he introduced himself. She couldn't help the flush that crossed her face as he complimented her name; because that certainly never happened. She'd been told it was odd and unique, but never lovely. Still, she didn't mind. "Sorry, the sir part was just a habit. And um...thank you, I think you're the first person to tell me that. Though, to me, your name is extremely interesting as well, and certainly it's not a name I've ever heard before."

She ran his name over in her head, remembering how he'd pronounced it so she didn't mess it up. She watched him stand back up and place his jacket back on before helping her back to her feet, and she noted he still held her art supplies and sketch book and made a mental note to get them back at some point. She began to  follow as he led her towards the place he had mentioned. After a while, she looked back up to him as he began to speak again. She winced slightly at the mention of what had brought her there, but covered it with an easy smile a moment later. "Well, I don't mind you asking but I'm not sure how interesting you'll find the reason." She shrugged before actually answering the question. "I'm here because I wanted to go to a place that was different from anywhere else I'd ever been before and far enough away that know one knew who I was. I enjoy being just another face in the crowd, it's not something I get very often back home."

She looked lost in thought for a long moment before shaking her head again and looking up in time to notice a group of young girls watching the man by her side. She heard him huff at their antics, and couldn't help the small snort of amusement that left her. She wondered if it bothered him that they clearly thought he was attractive or if it was just because they were young and he was ignoring them. Either way, that also led her to wondering if he'd be equally as dismissive of her if he knew how old she actually was. Best to keep that to herself then. Instead, she furthered the conversation rather than letting things fall to uneasy silence. "So then, I have a question for you now if you don't mind. You're dressed very nicely; pressed suit and clean cut lines and clearly there's a lot of attention to detail there. So what exactly do you do for a living? You look like a businessman, but something tells me there's more to it than that."

Honestly he sort of reminded her of some of her father's friends from back home, but she immediately dismissed the notion the second it formed. No way way she that unlucky.
Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« Last post by Stace on May 21, 2019, 02:38:31 AM »
They took the tram back down to ground level, and it was just as anxiety-inducing as the first time, despite the alcohol. Nathaniel found himself wondering if maybe he should find some liquor and have just one more shot to really get rid of his nerves. But then again, would that even do the trick? He'd probably find himself passed out before it actually managed to free him from the anxiety he'd been living with for centuries.

What did help was the cool, but humid, summer night air. It was lovely, and so was the view of the river and the glowing moon overhead. Every person they walked past smell ten times more delicious than they normally did, yet with Ira, his new friend or... whatever he might be, at his side, he felt anchored for now—again, despite the alcohol that might have otherwise rubbed out some of his inhibitions. Perhaps the one inhibition that it was truly affecting at this point, was the one that kept him from getting close to people. He couldn't not begin to obsess over the fact that he'd made a friend in a vampire in... such a short period of time.

Nathaniel thought that when Ira had asked him to walk him to his hotel that he might leave him in the lobby, or maybe the elevator, or at most, at the door to his hotel room. And he found that as he passed each of those landmarks, he grew more and more anxious again. Certainly, he'd understood the question right? This was the end of the night, wasn't it? And so why was he standing in a strange man's hotel room. He looked a bit dumbstruck as he looked around the room, though perhaps for different reasons than Ira, who was telling him to bask in the glory of the beautiful hotel room, might have guessed at.

Realizing his mouth was hanging open, Nathaniel shut it and wet his lips before swallowing. "I-it's lovely," he said. He hesitated in taking another step forward. "It's also late. I should... I can't really be here."
Tabletop / Re: [5e] Strange Tides & Wild Rides
« Last post by Stace on May 21, 2019, 02:25:51 AM »
Bil's life was complete. Or at least, the first step was complete. They felt satisfied that the hobgoblin seemed to be in agreement with them becoming their leader. Obviously Bil just exuded leadership energy. Knowing nothing more about the sign, Bil provided no information to Eyzas, but they did smile at them proudly. They looked about at the others, wondering what they might be interested in doing also. There was a man greeting them very enthusiastically, so Bil turned their proud smile on him. They gave one firm nod to indicate, "Yes, I am a sea turtle person," but they did not speak to correct him that the proper term would have been "tortle," and as a changeling, was it really truthful to say that they were a tortle or a sea turtle person? They didn't know.

Bil shook their head at the question about the sea, but blinked and smiled at Murbeam some more.

With one final glance around at the others gathered nearby, a curious look at the metal person, and one more look at the flyer, Bil stepped out of the way of the board and toward the nearest lane. They knew their way around this city better than most people, so Bil was ready to lead! ... if only they knew where they were going.
Fantasy / Re: Hyena's Herald [M] &&Lukie
« Last post by Stace on May 21, 2019, 02:11:53 AM »

tag: Lukie

Well, that was fucked up. Boost breathed in and out through his nose with a little bit of frustration and a little bit of a shoulder shimmy. His lips puckered up while he sucked on his tongue and thought hard about how to be diplomatic with this feller.

"All right," he said. And then he turned away and took Chal's horse by the rein, leading it to a clean, empty stall in the nearby stable. He left Chal there without providing any instructions. But he was quick, and he returned shortly, dusting his hands together.

"Not sure how much more comfortable you need to be than out here in the sun, but if your pampered tush needs a cushion to sit on, I think we can find one in Steingott's castle here." Boost pointed loosely and briefly at the building in front of them. "Castle" was probably a generous term, but "mansion" or "estate" still may have served the purpose. It was a house that had managed to survive a long time and still stood strong. Steingott had been persistent in making sure that Boost understood that this home held ancient secrets while also neglecting to mention what any of them were. It had Boost's bullshit meter blaring alarms in his head, but it also had the Herald intrigued. Ancient secrets often meant ancient technology, and he'd been lucky enough to have witnessed some ancient artifacts at work with his own two eyes—and by his own power making them come to life.

Regardless of Chal's response, Boost took it upon himself to lead the way to the door. He was quick. At walking, at talking, at judging, and at throwing the door open. It bounced back and he had to push it open again to avoid being smacked in the face. But he didn't let the little fuck-up throw him off his confidence game. The estate was large and well cared for, and for some reason pineapples were part of the decor in most of the rooms, but still it looked nice, felt spacious, and was bogged down with lots of rope to keep people in the areas of the house meant for public view. Boost had to wonder if the areas beyond the ropes was really in need of protection from visitors, or if Steingott was just manufacturing intrigue with the intention of turning his home into a museum cash cow. It really really seemed like the latter.

Boost followed the ropes to a parlor he'd been allowed in previously. Steingott had said to make himself comfortable, within reason, which he took to mean, don't pass any of the ropes, so Boost felt plenty comfortable making himself at home.

The parlor housed a fireplace and a small table with two chairs. There was a bookcase with a few sparsely stocked books, and Boost got the impression it was more for show than for knowledge. This Steingott character was really a strange feller.

One window stretched from just a few feet above the floor to almost all the way to the ceiling, and it had sheer curtains that were pulled back and letting in a lot of yellow light from the hot, dusty outdoors. The stables could be seen from where they were.

"For your picky tush." Boost said, gesturing grandly to the nearest chair without stopping on his way to the farther one. He plopped down in it and looked at Chal. "Well come on and sit. Chair don't bite. I mean, I think it don't."

Fantasy / Re: Béni sois-tu Seigneur [M] && Petri
« Last post by Stace on May 21, 2019, 01:50:40 AM »


Valère took notice of Pomeroy's reluctance to respond to his question, gaze swiping over the reddened cheeks of his comrade. What amusement he had experienced because of Pomeroy's embarrassment was replaced by a slight frown as the knight took his gaze off of the cleric for the sake of giving him some privacy. He'd gone too far, he realized. At the very least, out in the open, where this young companion already felt uncomfortable, was not the place to pry at Pomeroy's innocence, which was only further confirmed by his inability to voice those curiosities Valère had asked him to confess.

So by the time Pomeroy had changed the subject, he was not the only one of the two of them looking for something new to talk about. Unfortunately, this subject was not one Valère had any interest in discussing. On top of a new wave of guilt from his treatment of his companion, the mention of his reason for becoming a paladin was enough to chisel in an even deeper frown. He let silence hang between them as he picked up the mug and downed the rest of it. Valère didn't look at Pomeroy again as he got up.

"Let's go back to the room," he said quietly, his voice a bit grumbly. Finally, he looked Pomeroy in the face, taking his arm in his rough palm. His voice fell to barely a whisper. "I have something I need to confess to you."

Fantasy / Re: [M] Busted || Stace & Kao ||
« Last post by Kao on May 21, 2019, 12:30:20 AM »
{prettiness of formatting to come later <<}

It was nearly too good to be true. To have found a man so beautiful, so lovely, and so willing to share his company... well, it was poetry. Just then, Ira could have easily sat down and begun to write a sonnet in celebration of this gift from God. But he did not. Because there was no paper, the lighting was all wrong, and he was on a mission.

"Excellent," he said. "This way, dear boy."

Ira led him to the large casino-hotel with the blue fleur-de-lis on its side. An old building newly renovated and under fresh management. Inside, a security guard watched from behind the front desk as they passed and Ira flashed a hotel key card. The ride to his room, somewhere near the top floor, involved a change of elevators; the first stopped at a sky bar while the second required a guest key and gave entry to the floors with rooms. Everything was cream, pure white, rich blue, or purple, with gold hardware on every door hinge and sink basin.

"Here we are," he announced once they were inside of his room. He gestured grandly to the bed, the chairs, the whole of the elegant room "Feel free to bask in the glory. And take anything you wish from the mini-bar."
Fandom / Re: His Shadows Bow Down [M] (Aeon+Kei)
« Last post by Aeon on May 20, 2019, 11:45:08 PM »
”I cannot imagine this will go any sense of the word civilly.” There was a touch of disdain in his phrasing but otherwise Atem was as calm as ever. He truly did hate not being able to be there with her. Even if there was nothing he could do for the situation with her friends, at least not until they patched things up between the two of them, he could hopefully be there for his mate.

”You know I wish you the utmost luck. I will certainly bring you whatever you wished once I am done with this business. Just let me know if you need my interference for whatever reason. Things will go as well as they should.”
Realism / Re: The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on May 20, 2019, 11:26:04 PM »
Isao chuckled to himself. He took her reaction to mean that she didn't exactly get complimented on her art that often. Surely, she had enough people complementing on her appearance, and the scowl he received from his response to her blushing made him almost chuckle more. It just seemed so... adorable in a way. He did, however, gauge the way she acted when he asked her to take her out and show her around. "You're not being a bother. I wouldn't have asked otherwise." Although, he also noted that she seemed a little distracted until she somewhat confidently answered him.

He was about to stand when she seemed to have changed her mind. Seeing her turn her body towards him and extending a hand, he smiled. "Heh, there's no need to call me 'sir.'" While he usually didn't shake hands, he took her hand into his and gently shook. "Isao Uneo. The pleasure is all mine, Evanna." He quickly added, "You have a lovely name, too." It certainly wasn't a name he heard of before.

Finally standing, he put his jacket back on and helped Evanna up, gently cradling her sketchbook and art supplies as he began to walk. "There's a place not far from here that has excellent takoyaki." Figuring that they wouldn't get there for some time, he tried to think of other things to talk about. "What brought you here, if you don't mind me asking?" He knew she told him that she was there on vacation, but it was always interesting to hear tourists explain why they were there.

A few young girls skipped past, but not before seeing him and almost sighing at the sight of him. Quietly huffing to himself, he did his best to ignore them as he assumed that they were still in school.