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Art / Re: Read's art thread
« Last post by readlliea on November 17, 2020, 07:21:18 PM »
Free art requests are open if anyone wants them, I've also opened them on my ko-fi page
Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by EvilCopepod on November 16, 2020, 06:29:27 PM »
As far as Lunella was concerned, the world didn't need whatever kind of 'saving' that the Avengers had planned. She was stopped by the door, which she frowned at before taking off her backpack and digging through it. She sat on the ground and started to take apart the Simon Says machine as well as a cellphone she had.

"This is such a waste of time." She had been considering trying out the school here, but it seemed like everyone wanted her to do things their way and was starting to doubt their intentions. She attached a wire from the toy to the phone, then began pressing buttons on both machines, which sent out multiple frequencies until she locked on to the one that controlled the door. She then began adjusting it and attempting to get it to respond and open for her.

The data showed that she had lost both of her parents in the Snap, and that she had no immediate family to go to, meaning she had ended up in one of Ultron's orphanages. Along with that, JARVIS would be able to find out she had applied to the September Foundation multiple times and been rejected each time.

"No, he won't..." He didn't want to say it, but he'd be less likely to cooperate if everyone hated him anyways. From what he was seeing on the tablet after Tony's speech, that is where the world was shifting again. Peter considered what Steve said, and he thought back to how he had teleported Deadpool back and away from him and Nebula.

"He... he can teleport in here." Peter said, wringing his hands a bit. "The belt is electronic itself. I mean... even if it did, his drones aren't like human bodies. All he'd need to do is install multiple processors in case one gets damaged, or just work around it. He also had that girl with him. The way she talked about teleporting... it's like she had seen one before. He probably asked for her help on that too."

Peter did a check of his suit, having Karen run through her systems as well, "My suit is fine. I kept my phone here-- why were you trying to call before?" He let out a sigh of relief when he saw the scan came back negative. "Do you want me to bring the kid back here?"
Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« Last post by readlliea on November 15, 2020, 01:02:23 AM »
Kurt gave a light chuckle at her remark about her just being grouchy this day. Sometimes a day to be grumpy or grouchy did arise and with what Vex had to deal with today, he couldn't blame her. Dealing with a potiental virus that was making non-humans more dangerous, perhaps even against that person's intentions or was a sad thing. The person suffering from this issue could not be in control at all. Clearing his throat, Kurt shook his head to shake the thoughts away. No need to get all depressing in one's own head.

" is infuriating that it's how things go. Perhaps one day it'll change." Kurt replies, fiddling with his drink before he took a long sip from it.

The conversation faded to the more pleasant things. Hearing that her sister had visited and it was a good one, kept the smile on his face.

"There ya go, it's good to hear that your own space has certainly helped with relations to your family." Kurt adds, a faint chuckle left him. "It seems to have done the opposite with my parents for a few years but, mother is coming round at least."

A new toy? Oh dear, he could see the chaos caused now. Oh well. Whatever floats one's boat he supposed. And for Vex, many things fit in that boat. The conversation continued for a nice amount of time and honestly, Kurt felt a bit of displeasure that it had to end. She was right though. She had a city to protect.

"I understand, be safe out there Vex." Kurt told her. "Sounds good and I do mean it, be safe."

With that, the encounter ended.

To be honest...Kurt found himself watching the news more. Trying to learn anything he could about this virus and partially out of worry for the lack of contact with Vex. HE knew better than to call her too much and he did his best to not send her messages as he didn't want to distract her. Or encroach on her privacy. She did say she would show up when she had a sample and samples were hard to get.  But what if she got this virus in her efforts to get a sample? What if she was lying somewhere losing her senses?

"Uh....Kurt?" A voice called, snapping him out of his thoughts and causing him to look at a coworker. "I uh...I think you have a visitor, since that lady is only ever here to see you.."

"Vex? She's here?" Kurt questioned before setting what he was working on down and quickly rushing out of the small room he was working in.

Rounding the corner, he was relieved to see her and not too surprised by her ash covered form. Though he was surprised to hear the canister hissing and even more surprised by her words.

"Ooooh...uh...well then, I guess that accident was quite the fire show." Kurt replies, removing his gloves in order to put on fresh ones to avoid any potential cross contamination. "You feeling okay? Would you like some water or a moment to sit?"

With the new gloves on, he approached the counter. Taking note to not get too close to the container. Still, he bent his knees a little so he could inspect the outside of the canister. It seemed to be containing the sample within it. Good. The heat from the canister was probably helping to keep the sample alive, since it didn't last long outside of a host. Perhaps the cold affected it? He couldn't risk that kind of testing though. This sample was already hard enough to get, he couldn't afford to lose this one.

"So this is our sample? Learn anything more about this thing that the news and articles aren't telling?" Kurt added.
Fandom / Re: Every hero loses something eventually (Ori)
« Last post by Commanderori on November 14, 2020, 11:25:35 PM »
Vex just gives him a toothy grin, nodding in response.

His comment about his company needing the support makes her sigh though, slowly nodding again. "True, I guess. I'm not really in position to pick at how people get off the ground given who and what I am. Still gets my hackles up though, so much of what I deal with coming out of them to begin with. Guess I'm just grouchy today, go figure." Giving an exaggerated harrumph vex smiles again, sipping at her drink. "Wellll.... Not to bad really. Nothing major has gotten into the city that we know of besides this damn bug. Even most of the myths are keeping things... civil, or as much as the fangheads and doggies are ever civil with each other. I've been feeling healthy, and one of my sisters popped in for a visit the other day. Technically bringing me a new toy Gran cooked up, but we hung out for a few hours afterwards. We get along better when there aren't eighteen of us all living under the same roof, huge estate or not." It certainly hadn't been her tendency to get into fights with stuff causing problems either, no siree. Mikata training her to better control herself helped, but there was only so much it could do without time and experience.

The quiet had never really sat well with her truth be told. She always found herself waiting for the next shoe to drop, though how much was trepidation and how much was anticipation depended on her mood at the time.

After another forty five minutes or so of chattering with him, Vex sets her third cup down on it's saucer and sighs, slipping her boots off of the table finally. "Well, it's been fun kid but I need to get back to work. City isn't going to protect itself and all that. I'll drop by once we manage to secure a sample for you." Turning, Vex stops by the till on the way out to pay for them, giving Kurt a wave as she exits the building.


Several days had passed without any word from Vex, when out of the blue she shoulders her way into the store he's working it. Much like most of the other mid tier shops it had been quite clean until she walked in, trailing a thin layer of ash and smelling strongly of fire and smoke. She didn't seem injured, but the irregulars around the room  took one look at her and the faintly glowing container she's holding and scram.

She doesn't even bother to shake off the smoke before walking to the back of the store where the actual lab they mixed the compounded drugs and assorted magical influences that needed to be fresh was, again brushing through the door like she owned the place and thumping the container down on the table where it hisses gently, being quite hot. "Well. That was a fun experience. Not sure why you would, but ah... don't go down to low district four for the next couple of days. Its tram station had an. . . incident."
Fantasy / Re: New {M}edShock
« Last post by Kreed on November 14, 2020, 08:24:19 PM »
"Given the short notice, I'm not particularly surprised." Umi said. "Even with magic, summoning a letter over a distance that great wasn't feasible. Notifying him was out of the question."

"Is that any cause for concern?" Is-Stable questioned. "Some might see a king arriving personally to be an imposition."

Tawny's shoulders instinctively jumped as the general brought his weight down on her with a firm hand, but she smiled nevertheless.

"You had me at feast, Sir."

She turned to fall in line beside Jorritsma, keeping an eye out over the crowds for signs of the elvish king. She hadn't anticipated the difficulty of doing so with the presence of so many other elves. It was difficult to comprehend, but Umi was quite short among his people, even as he towered over many men.

"We were ambushed by a tribe. We lost many of our men. Few of us escaped with our lives." She paused in her search to look at the man's face, removing her cap in respect for those that had met their tragic end. "The king gave us sanctuary and healed our wounds. We were treated most graciously."

"We encountered an enemy ship on the way home, full of prisoners. We overtook them, and rescued who we could. For a few, the prognosis is not great, but we have many, many healers now at our disposal. I think the outcome is promising."
Fandom / Re: There's something wrong with Myers (Reigning)
« Last post by readlliea on November 14, 2020, 04:44:27 PM »
Why had it only worked for a few minutes? a dangerous situation, The being knew how to keep a better control for longer. But during those; at least back in the Artic, he always forced control over Myers. was strange. Was the agent just not able to handle it? Or had this other form that the other agents mentioned created this little issue? There wasn't going to be a way to tell this aft the moment sadly. And they weren't going to force control over, especially not with how Myers was bearing some of his heart to these people. Breaking down emotionally and revealing small bits of truth.

When it's just you and something else that talks in your head, it's easy for you to lose sight of things. Within a environment that is getting more and more dangerous, witnessing so many people die and not having been able to do anything to prevent does something to how you think. Myers knew that. Try as he had for a while there, he tried to not blame Red. Holding out hope that some message would get through and that the big guy would show up with others. The backup was so desperately needed back never came. Myers couldn't fix the device to send a message, he wasn't a mechanic or a engineer, nor a electrition. If anything, he probably broke it further. That's why the calls for help never got through and were never received. Alas, the environment messed with his head. He grew so bitter and angry while he failed the people around him despite his efforts.

"I'm fine....sorry just...just lost my thoughts there.." John added, wiping his eyes to get rid of the tears.

Clearing his throat, Myers took a couple of slow breathes. Making sure that everything was out of his system in regards to the tears. Reaching behind himself, he pulled the blanket over his shoulders; having not yet noticed that his long sleeved shirt had been removed and honestly, he wasn't really paying attention to that detail still.

"Okay...I think I'm ready to hear whatever happened. Like I said, I have..some of it but a lot of gaps." Myers explained. "Though considering how no one is bruised or battered, I take it things weren't confrontational at least....surprisingly."

Fandom / Re: The Colour of Always
« Last post by asterin on November 13, 2020, 04:27:24 PM »
The clamor that had begun like the pattering of rain suddenly rose into the sounds of a storm. Esen felt a deep unease swell up within her along with it, her mouth setting into a thin line as she strode quickly to the curtained windows shielding the sun from mother and child. Shouldering aside the cloth, she peered through the intricate panes of tinted glass. It made it hard to see clearly, distorting the image of the outside world, but the assassin did not need to see to hear the sound of death—the sound as familiar to her as the lullaby of the canals.

“Nasira? Is something going on?” Ruwena queried from Mheagen’s side. Her pretty face was scrunched up in a frown, one hand placed reassuringly on her friend’s shoulder.

“Stay here,” was what Esen said instead, punctuating the words with a firm look as she departed from the window. “I’ll be back.”

“Wait, what—Nasira!” Ruwena stammered after her, but she was already out the door. As she descended the stairs, she could hear the baby start up a thin, wailing cry. The girls on the first floor looked frightened and unsure, but Esen moved through them deftly, pulling her veil closer to her face before she opened the door and slipped out.

The street that had looked nothing short of normal a little while ago had exploded into chaos. Pressing herself against the wall, her eyes darted quickly throughout the bodies of the dead and the ones still fighting—she recognized Eddard Stark and his handful of men, fighting against armored guards. However, the hulking figure of the Mountain was difficult to miss as he tore through guards as if they were nothing but straw dolls, spraying gore out into the air. Murderer of children, rapist and pillager of the helpless, her masters had taught her. However, it was not hard to see he was attacking those who were threatening Lord Stark. But why would the Mountain…?

Her question was answered immediately when her gaze finally found the two at the core of the battle—lion and stag, locked in combat. The Kingslayer’s golden-blonde hair glimmered like an angry sun, his wildfire green eyes fixed on the princeling himself. What was he doing here? He shouldn’t be here, was all she could think for a moment.

“For God’s sake Lyan,” Jaime Lannister snarled at his nephew, as he shoved the younger man back. “You’re a Lannister!”

“I’m a Baratheon!” the princeling shouted back, his ocean-blue eyes like a raging storm. Ours is the Fury, the Baratheon stag declared, and with his ink-black hair and piercing blue eyes—yes, the world would know him to be a true Baratheon. This recognition did not seem to curry any favor with the Lannister lion, however, who rushed at the prince with a renewed edge in his movements.

Esen began to lurch forward, her fingers at the hilt of her dagger, when someone caught her by the arm. “Nasira!” Ruwena cried, terror in her eyes and voice.

“Ruwena! What are you doing here? I told you—“

“No, what are you doing?!” Ruwena’s voice cracked with a mixture of fear and anger. “It’s dangerous! Have you gone mad?!”

“Go back inside, Ruwena,” Esen replied grimly, shrugging off her friend's hold on her arm. She couldn’t have the warm-hearted girl’s blood on her hands—she had to take shelter, fast. “It’s not safe for you.”

“Like it’s safe for you!” the redhead railed back, her face turning almost as red as her hair. “I’m not going anywhere until you come with me!”

Grimacing, Esen took the girl by the arm, tugging her along towards the door back into Chataya’s. Ruwena made to resist, but she was surprised by the unexpected strength in the raven haired girl. Esen grasped the doorknob, only for it to stop halfway without opening. She tried again. It was locked. “Seven hells,” she hissed. The girls had no doubt seen the fight outside and locked the door. The assassin pounded loudly on the door, a tinge of desperation in her voice. “Open up, it’s for Ruwena!” There was no response, even when she knocked again.

“What do we do?” Ruwena asked, her voice quavering. Esen searched the chaos for the princeling who was still holding his own against the Kingslayer. She had seen him train, seen him disarm his father like a child, but the assassin knew better than anyone that a fight to kill was different than any spar. His opponent was a famed member of the Kingsguard, hailed as the best sword in Westeros. He wouldn’t—couldn’t—last long. She shouldn’t have cared, and she knew it…but what was this icy feeling clutching at her?

Nevertheless, she had to get Ruwena to safety. “Take the back streets. Get back to the Red Keep, Ruwena,” she instructed her friend.

“You’re coming with me.” Despite the tremble in her voice, there was iron behind her words as the motherly girl clasped her hands with her own.

Esen knew it would be the right thing to go with Ruwena. This wasn’t her fight. This had nothing to do with her, or her mission. If anything, if the princeling was killed here, it was one more obstacle out of the way. It was best she left before she was spotted by anyone and outed. And yet…

“I can’t,” she heard herself saying, and she could recognize fear in it—not fear for her own life, but another’s. Her heart was pounding furiously in her ears, chanting the same words she had thought when she had seen him with the wine. Not him, it went. Not him not him not him.
Fandom / Re: The Colour of Always
« Last post by Reigning King on November 13, 2020, 03:39:57 PM »
The calm waters that had once rolled through Lyan’s eyes had become raging waves, storming wildly out of control. The first thing they locked on, rounding a corner with his horse so sharply her hooves slid along the cobblestone, was Jory. Kind, patient Jory, who he’d known all his life was raising a sword to his uncle Jamie. At least a dozen soldiers from the Lannister House guard had circled Lord Stark and his house guards, two of which were already dead. The prince hadn’t had time to rally a guard at his back, he hadn’t even taken the moment to grab the nearest castle Knights. The prince had only himself and his mountain.

But that was enough.

He screamed something inaudible as he rode his horse directly through Jory and his uncle. They parted instinctively and as Lyan moved to slide off his saddle he let himself knock flat into the shiny, armoured man of the Kings Guard. They both clamoured to their feet with their swords raised and as Lyan put himself between the two duelling men the Lannister guards around them stilled and backed away from the wolves they circled. See Gregor lumbered up behind him and scared the withering lions into submission.

“You don’t know what you’re doing.” Uncle Jamie insisted, eyes flicking cautiously from Lyan to the Stark men, including his Lordship himself.

“Yes I do.” He answered back carefully.

“He’s taken your uncle Tyrion prisoner, Lyan. Does that mean anything to you?” There was an incredulous look on the Knight’s handsome face.

“Yes, but so does he.” He replied carefully, he needn’t make any motion in Lord Stark’s direction for it to be clear home he was referring to.

It was Jamie who took the first step forward. The step was strategic, calculated and then immediately countered by Lyan. The expression on his uncle’s face went from baffled, to angry very quickly. With a sharp jaw and his golden hair falling in his eyes he asked, “you’d really die for them?” Hidden behind that anger, was hurt.

“I would.” He answered honestly.

“So be it then.” And suddenly, his uncle Jamie was advancing on him. The two had duelled with one another countless times over the years but this, this was very different. It was dangerous. It was real. For the first time since his uncle had shown him how to hold a sword, he was swinging it with an actual intent to strike.

“Kill them!” Lyan barked at Ser Gregor, who moved into action at once. The moment the command left the prince’s lips, the Mountain grabbed the nearest Lannister guard by the front of his breastplate. He lifted him into the air with one hand as he drew his blade with the other. Driving the longsword up and through the man, Ser Gregor didn’t stop until the tip of his longsword emerged from his mouth. With a roar, he let the crumpled remains of a man breathing not a moment ago fall carelessly to the ground. “Protect Lord Stark!” Now it was the Lannister guard closest to Lord Stark who was next on the list, and one by one they all began to fall.

“For God’s sakes Lyan,” Jamie shouted, catching him in a spin and shoving him back hard. “You’re a Lannister!”

“I’m a Baratheon!” He shouted back.

Suddenly, all at once, something inside Jamie Lannister snapped. Now, it was a real fight.
Fantasy / Re: (M) The Sliding Tavern
« Last post by Merlin on November 13, 2020, 02:04:50 PM »
Peter paused by Frodo and Sam, on his way to help Leonie with Pippin. "That's what we want to know," he said. "You just left us an hour or so ago, and already in trouble."
Art / Re: Read's art thread
« Last post by readlliea on November 12, 2020, 11:06:16 PM »

Originally meant to be a halloween piece, now it's just a random drawing.