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Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by EvilCopepod on August 10, 2019, 04:56:29 AM »
"Part of it is public opinion, the variety of justice systems, and their potential to harm the rest of the population." Ultron responded, he could see the shock on her face and decided he could help by explaining his process. "The proof is in their internet history, transactions, their emails, their saved items. Many of them are guilty, and others are guilty of intent."

When she spoke of involving a massive number of more people, he frowned thoughtfully. He hadn't wanted to involve too many humans, but he might need to compromise for something like this which he had little understanding of. "I will find and read reports and studies made by lawyers, administrators, and ethicists.

"I can find all of that out on my own." he added about the furniture and decor recommendations from other cultures in the world. However, he knew that following an algorithm to design each wouldn't make it very personal, and wanted Pepper to look it over to make sure that he hadn't done something wrong or strange. When she showed him the robot, he thought that instead of scaring humans she was trying to humiliate him instead, but thought of how the tiny humans had reacted to his drones.

"That is... an inane design." he said, "But it would work for the... children. Kids? Which one is the better word? They've been... drawing on the drones and seem upset when it doesn't look as they want it. I'm sure they would enjoy one that they could mark up properly." There was also the fact he had to be incredibly careful with them, even though he had removed all sharp edges from the drones, they were still made of hard metal.


Jocasta didn't respond to Tony, but she didn't call Ultron either, curious to see what the man was going to do to try and keep Deadpool from crying. Surprisingly, he didn't try to do that, but instead told him to keep crying which Ultron had told her needed to be prevented whenever possible. Deadpool kept sobbing, but he didn't try too hard to try and get his gun, instead grabbing Tony's hand and continuing to sob, pressing his face into the man's bony shoulder.

"I don't want him to break your arms or make your cell all dirty." he said, whining a bit when Tony said that he shouldn't run away from it. "I know, and I can't, it doesn't matter how many people I kill I can't get away from it."

Way to steal Hawkeye's shtick.

"I guess... I can 'cause... she's not around anymore." Wade sniffled, "I have- had... I had a daughter but she... she's gone." He said the last part in a blank tone as his sobbing ceased.
Fantasy / Re: Heart of the tropics [M]
« Last post by Krabat on August 10, 2019, 04:42:31 AM »
All those innocent, almost a little dense statements...god how could this fish be so damn pure!!! Rahe almost moaned, the thought alone that heīd be the very first to intodruce such a fine male into the worlds of sex. It was almost too much! On the other hand, he had to admit the fish had quite the eye for the detail. With that he wasnīt referring to Luckys description of his horns, whish was amusing and a little hot, but that the fish noticed most dragons wearing sunglasses. Being one himself, Rahe knew that was true. A dragons eye was among the most effecient and also very easily to spot. Be it that their eyeballs were black, the color almost glowing of like pure rare metal, even like gems sometimes. So most dragons shieled their eyes for protection or to avoid the attention. That lucky spotted them and recognized them as dragons left Rahe rather proud of the otherwise simple minded fish.

Their kiss soon turned a little sloppy as it clear, lucky had never kissed before. Though the dragon didnīt mind. It was kind of hot actually. Rahe felt giving the fish compliments worked best. Not to mention the alcohol that seemed to get into the pretty merman head very quickly. But he never got there as the mermans next statement almost caused the dragon to shoot his load into his pants.

The dragon actually blushed a little, his pants now way too tight, a nice bulge was clearly visible. "S-sex? You think a kiss could compare? Oh lucky, oh my little fish...there is sooo much more, so much better...will you allow me to show you? To make you feel good?" He pulled lucky over onto his lap, another filthy moan escaped him as their erections rubbed against each other. He cursed their clothing but still, it felt good! Rahe nipped those pale ears tenderly and purred. "I can make you scream in delight, moan my name and feel utterly satisfied, full and very, very, good. Do you want that lucky? Do you want me?"

His hands were busy pamling Luckys dick through his trousers while the dragon moved in for another kiss, this time he pushed his tongue into Luckys warm mouth, pulling the others tongue into the play so he could suck on it and see if his fish liked to play dirty. "We are wearing way too much, donīt you think?" He tucked at the others shirt suggestively and waited for lucky to make a move.
Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by Aries Jordan on August 09, 2019, 11:47:22 PM »
Pepper blanched and stared at Ultron in shock.  "How are... what criteria are you using to decide which humans should be killed?" she demanded.  "And what level of proof.... are you sure, do you know for a fact that they are guilty?"  She reeled suddenly at the thought of all the potential disasters that could result from Ultron's blunt interactions with the humans he now ruled.  "I'm not going to be enough," she said.  "We need a whole think tank here.  Lawyers, administrators, ethicists..."

She was grateful to focus on a smaller aspect, although responsibility for the mental health of the entire planet was actually huge.  "Yes, I will, and I'll make furniture and decor recommendations too.  Although those will only be valid for the United States and maybe Canada and Europe.  We'll need experts in other cultures for other parts of the world.  And no, of course not," she added.  "I want people to be comforted, not terrified.  Here, this is just an example of something that would appeal to kids..."  She punched up an image of a small white plastic and steel robot with large, round blue eyes and a solemn sort of expression.  "I'll make some dialogue suggestions too."

"Thank you, Jo," Tony said gratefully.  "I will."

He put his other arm around Deadpool too.  "No, you don't need to call Ultron, I got this," he told Jocasta, and put his hand on top of Wade's, gently moving it away from the holster.  He wasn't really strong enough to stop Wade, of course, but the merc wasn't exactly putting his whole strength into his moves, he was too upset. 

"He just needs to let it all out.  It's okay, Wade," he said.  "This is the place where it's okay to cry for as long as you need.  I'm right here."  He tried to move Wade's head down onto his shoulder.  "You don't want to make Ultron come down here and clean up your corpse and break my arms for talking to you.  You need work through this, not run away from it.  You can tell me anything."
Realism / Re: The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« Last post by Kei on August 09, 2019, 11:26:37 PM »
Evanna knew Isao was going to try and dissuade her by the expression on his face, but he seemed to change his mind and told her what she wanted to know. Smiling up at him, she darted off and came back with the kit. Turning off the water she set the kit on the counter away from the food and opened it, pulling out only an antiseptic spray and bandage since it wasn't too deep. She calmly sprayed dried his hand, sprayed the area, then put the bandage on it before holding the hand between both of her's and giving it a squeeze. "Thanks for humoring me, I know it's not bad but I'm really cautious about things like this."

Bouncing up onto her toes she brushed a kiss against Isao's lips before settling back down again and stepping away. Not being fussy really by nature, she moved the situation forward instead of lingering on it. She threw away the paper from the bandage and packed back up the kit before darting off to replace it where it went in the bathroom. She then washed her hands, then the peeling knife before drying both and calling it done. "Alright, shall we get back to cooking then? You can cut the potatoes into smaller pieces while I brown the beef. Just lemme know when you're done."

She gave him another smile before grabbing the pan and turning on the stove before finding a spatula and beginning to do exactly as she'd said. She glanced at him briefly before focusing on the food, wanting to help him stay busy. "When you're done cutting the potatoes, just put them in the bowl with the carrots, just be sure to rinse them first." It wasn't long before the smell of cooking food filled the kitchen and Evanna hummed lowly to herself while she worked; adding spices here and there to get the right taste she was going for. It wasn't anything spicy, just something for flavor so she hoped he liked it.
Realism / Re: The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on August 09, 2019, 11:07:31 PM »
As Isao ran his hand under the running water, he felt Evanna kiss his shoulder. "I'll be-" Rather than trying to dissuade her, he turned the water off and put some pressure on the cut. "The first aid kit is in the bathroom." Normally, he would let the cut go and only do something with it if he thought it was getting infected. He didn't like having others fret over him and having to do something as small as this for him, but it was nice to know that she was concerned for him. It was... different.

Sighing to himself, he waited for her to come back and help dress his wound, even if he didn't think it needed it.
Realism / Re: The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« Last post by Kei on August 09, 2019, 09:44:44 PM »
Evanna snorted at his response. "Oh yes you were, but that's besides the point." She grinned up at him as he kissed her nose before moving around him to start preparing to cook. She focused on cutting the carrots as he peeled the potatoes, turning as he got down the asked for bowl and pan and began to hunt down the olive oil. She waited until he placed it on the counter before tilting her head to the side as he asked what she was doing with the things she asked for. She only grinned. "A very simple stir fry. It's quick and easy." Then he knocked over the peeling knife and she watched as he caught it but cut himself in the process. Concern lit green eyes as he cursed and shook his hand before running it under the water.

Shaking her head, she lightly kissed his shoulder in a comforting gesture before looking up at him. "Still, we should get that cleaned up and taken care of since we're cooking. Wouldn't want to risk anything getting in there and causing an infection. that being said, do you have a first aid kit?" She could tell he was berating himself for an accident but didn't bother with correcting him. It was an accident, but sometimes one needed to remind themselves to be more careful and there was nothing wrong with that. They'd take care of it and get back to cooking it wasn't a big deal. They still had quite a bit a daylight left after all and she intended to spend it all with him.
Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by EvilCopepod on August 09, 2019, 09:31:14 PM »
"They are going to be killed." Ultron said, as if it were an obvious and reasonable answer. Again, he had failed to consider what was an obvious thing to humans, the comfort of the area in which the counseling would occur.

"If I make up a floor plan for these areas, will you go over them?" Ultron asked her. Robots would be easier, as he could know everything they say and make certain they didn't say or do anything detrimental to the ones they were counseling. "With no visible weapons?" he guessed, but it seemed like Pepper meant something else. He had a drone bring in a small, silver tube with buttons, he pressed one of them to get the holographic screen going on it, but was sure she could figure out the rest.

"You aren't going to show me horrifying designs and tell me to use them, are you?"  he asked, placing the device on the table and sliding it toward her. "You can either show me now or save it on the tablet for me to review" He knew that even the smartest humans were slow at inputting and sending information, so he gave her the option to gather the information on her own. "I've sent the floor plans to the tablet." he said, having already drawn up a few options for counseling centers in the short time he'd been talking. The tablet allowed her to input search information, but not to create or log in to any accounts or send messages anywhere.


"All of those questions that Tony just asked." Deadpool said to Jocasta instead of repeating them.

"I was fully activated three Terran months ago, and the subject is not to be discussed with Deadpool because it makes him... emotionally unstable. And there is something in particular that Ultron does not want Deadpool to know about, at Deadpool's request."

"How is it I requested it, but Ultron is the one that wants it?"

"You said 'I don't want to think about this anymore' and he doesn't want you to cry." When Tony exclaimed her name, she responded, "Yes? Oh, damn it. Pretend that I did not respond to you. I will relay your message to Pepper."

"There's Samantha, she runs my favorite taco truck. Diva, she's a rescue dog that always wears sweaters and sometimes lets me pet her. My drug, car, weapons, and card dealers all poofed. The rat that used to live in my pocket, and... and... Oh, fuck." He started to sob, reaching to unclip his holster so he could get out his pistol.

"Oh dear, I think I need to go get Ultron for this." Jocasta said.
Realism / Re: The Hit[m]an (PendragonXeno94+Kei])
« Last post by PendragonXeno94 on August 09, 2019, 07:44:36 PM »
As he cover her shoulder in kisses before moving to her neck and shoulder, he grinned against her skin as she tilted her head and let her hands go behind his head. Until she nuzzled into his jaw and press her lips on it, he kept going and he was about to press his lips to hers. Hearing her stomach growl,  he felt her nudge him and he pulled away. "I wasn't distracting you," he teased. He let her lean into him, to which he kissed her nose.

Isao nodded as he took the peeling knife and began to peel the potatoes. Pausing for a moment, he looked over his shoulder at her before continuing. Once he got the potatoes peeled, he got the bowl and pan out before he began to hunt down the olive oil. He grabbed it from the bottom cabinet and placed it on the counter. "What do you plan to do with these?" he asked before he accidentally knocked the peeling knife off the counter. He caught it before it could hit the floor but not before it left a tiny cut on his hand, making him curse loudly in Japanese. He shook his hand a little before running it under some water.

"I'm fine," he told her. "It's not the first time I've had something like happen." Normally, he avoided having the blade near his hand, but when he did get cuts it was because he wasn't being careful enough, and for that, he quietly berated himself over.
Fantasy / Re: Heart of the tropics [M]
« Last post by Light on August 09, 2019, 05:17:24 PM »
Lucky blinked  feeling the effects of the wine a lot faster than the hybrid did.  It made him warm on the inside,  starting from his groin and spreading through his limbs.  "Oh.." he giggled feeling bubbly. "Yeah you're my first date I guess. I seen some dragons here and there at the resort, they don't look at me like you do.  Though they usually are wearing sunglasses."

His touches made him feel warm on the inside and he  grew excited to see where those hands were going. "Thank you I guess," he said blushing, the disk on his head brightening with his excitement. "You're pretty good looking to. You're really tall! Your horns are pretty.. um horny and they look hard."  To say the least he was awful at flirting. "Treasures? I don't know if I could be such but I don't mind being close to you."

Lucky  never had been kissed and this was making his body flare up with excitement as he grew instantly hard in his jeans that were too rough in texture for him now. He made a muffled noise of surprise but gradually eased into a kiss in a sloppy way that left saliva all over. "Oh.. oh my.." he said pulling away from some oxygen. "That was amazing. Is that what sex feels like?"
Fandom / Re: Age Of Ultron For Real [M]
« Last post by Aries Jordan on August 09, 2019, 01:50:48 PM »
Pepper couldn't bring herself to say thank you, but she gave a nod to indicate a tablet would be acceptable. 

"How are they being taken care of?" she asked in a flat tone in regard to those people.

She nodded again about finding volunteers.  "There are probably people willing to do it who just need organization, publicity and proper resources.  Safe places to meet, comfortable furniture and so forth." 

She hesitated about the robot idea.  "Other human beings would be the most effective, but robots would much better than nothing.  And there are some people who would actually respond better to robots"  People on the autistic spectrum, for example, or too traumatized to trust any human.  "But they will need to be designed to be... more appealing.  More reassuring.  Although they can't look human, then we'll have the uncanny valley problem.  Get me that tablet and I'll show you a few appropriate visuals."  The Iron Giant movie was coming to mind, although obviously, nothing that big.

She ran a hand through her hair and noticed that she was actually hungry.

"I wonder when he made her," Tony said dryly, Ultron's tirade about suffering and abandonment drifting through his mind.  "Yeah, why can't I discuss the Snap with him?" he asked.  "Is the whole topic forbidden, or is there something in particular that Ultron doesn't want Wade to know about?  Um, ask her, would you?" he said to Deadpool when she didn't respond to him.

"Jocasta!" he repeated in mild surprise, but was more interested in Pepper's condition.  He swallowed hard.  "Would you please tell her -- I mean, Wade, ask Jocasta to please tell Pepper I'm okay?  That I said that I'm okay.  And, um..." he searched his mind for an appropriate code phrase... "that I said 'keep smiling through.'"  It was too obvious, Ultron would figure it out, but oh well.

Feeling Wade's reaction to the news, Tony suddenly had to fight tears.  He tightened his arm around the merc's muscular back.  "She's fine," he repeated, although at this point, he didn't know where she was or what was happening to her.  If the Avengers had gone after Thanos, she would have gone with them, no question, but he wasn't going to mention that.  "I'm so sorry, Wade.  Who did you lose?"  His eyes strayed over to the photo of Peter, but then firmly back to Wade, who needed his attention right now.