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I am Badger.

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My name is Sister Badger Me I Will Bite You, but you can call me one of my following nicknames: Badger, Sister, Bin, Robbie, Hood. Or give me one once we get to know one another. My favourite color is Blue, most importantly it is Sapphire Blue. I like pizza, gyros, and Mexican food. I like caffeinated drinks, mainly Pepsi or cheap colas. I like poetry, art, and nature. Some of my hobbies are reading, writing, photography, and people watching.

Right, I'm 30 (was 21 when I first ever came to VT). I enjoy art, crafts, psychology, writing, reading, role playing, video games but mostly RPGs or shooters. I am a mum of two little people. My son is turning 9 this year and my daughter just turned 7. So I am on here and there. If reminded I will reply, honestly I still forget to brush my teeth or even eat most days. My kids are beautiful and smart and loving and creative but also little butts and very much hyperactive. They're my world. Outside of roleplaying that is.

While I haven't roleplayed in a couple of years, I have still been creating and writing characters and plots up for when I do eventually get settled enough to roleplay again. So I would be considered a moderate replier for roleplays. I like to try new genres but unless I have a good example I will be hesitant. I enjoy doing my research for whatever genre I end up playing. 

I started role playing when I was 7. Thats right. The ripe old age of seven years old. Before I was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons, I played make-believe and played around as power rangers, monsters, beetleborgs, or even one of the Salior Scouts. Or whatever else my mind created. I was seven when I found out my mum and father met while in a D&D gaming session. Strange, isn't it? Well she was affraid we'd, thats me and my brother, would become anti-social nerds and gave all of her D&D books to our next door neighbor who was older and already anti-social mostly. She regrets doing that now, of course. But we understand her reasoning and don't hold it against her. Anyways.

After D&D I was introduced to a tabletop RPG called SUPERHERO 2044. An old game, very old really. But It was fantastic to play, still is. We could create any superhero or supervillian we wanted and have it in any universe we wanted. Which was fun ofcourse. Then we were introduced to yet another old RPG called Traveller. This RPG gave us the power to be space exploreres or space pirates, or to make our very own alien races and civilizations. Or to even combine other RPGs together via space travel tech or even time travel tech. And then we found out a not so old RPG called Vampire: The Masquerade. This one was linked to other RPGS made by the same company and held in the same 'verse. The company is known as White Wolf, and the 'Verse, well the one we play in at least, is called World of Darkness. It's a really cool Vampire/Werewolf/Mage/Wraith/and more RPG series. I only have a few books on it so far. My brother has a small collection of 3rd edition D&D books. So yeah we're nerds but not anti-social ones. For the longest time I didn't role play on the net. It seemed silly to me. Then I found some quality companions to start with, on Neopets of all places, and here I am VT, hopefully, to meet some companions that I can mesh with and create wonderful stories with.

Okay. So what I roleplay is anything and everything. I have no limits to what I'll try- IF I'm interested. Badgering me to try something is not wise. I'm not on every day so I try to stay out of multi-member rps. I love them, but I end up holding up the rp and I can't stand when that happens. But I am always open to one-on-ones with multiple characters in them. Just because that's what I'm used to.

So I guess thats all I have to share right now.
If you want to know more, or have specific questions, PM me.
If you'd like to talk to me more, you can also PM me.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading.

Peace Out.