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Villains and Heros (MercMage)

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The city of Conclave had suffered under many villains, of beast and criminal alike. They had a resident vigilante/hero that did their best to help keep things in line but they could only do so much. As they not only had to deal with the villains of various kinds but also the police. While some police supported the hero's efforts they were still breaking laws. So there wasn't really anything else they could do but peruse both the hero and the villains who were doing a great deal more of harm. This night had started like any other that is, till the hero got a message from a shocking sort. From a criminal they probably never expected to get a message from in the more normal means.

The Beastblood was a strange criminal, once they were a normal man but something had gone wrong. Even for the hero, the details of the origin of their long standing nemesis had remained unknown. The message had requested for them to meet at one of the hideouts on the east end, a large warehouse that had long been abandoned. The hero would find that there wasn't anything stopping him. No goons and no traps, no secret even. Which was all extremely strange. Despite Beastblood being a feral like beast, they were cunning and held a good amount of intelligence when their mind seemed to allow it. Course, the lack of resistance was no reason to relax and not be on guard. For all that intelligence they seemed to hold, they were also a brutal beast as their name suggested it.

A criminal who had emerged at first as just a random string of killings and missing people. Quickly developed into the most feared being in this town that held no place in the political field. Sure the murders were still a thing that happened. But not in the sudden and almost random way as they once did. The warehouse was dark, a bit chilly due to being so close to the cold ocean waters. Though a pair of glowing red eyes would appear through the darkness.

“ came.” the strange voice commented, as if they had been waiting hours. “I was beginning to think you wouldn't pay my message any heed.”

The sound of claws on the cement floor could be heard as something walked around. The pair of red eyes moving showing that the owner of them was what was moving. The sound stopped as the creature paused and the head was lowered, blood red gaze taking in the hero. Before they moved their head away and the lights turned on. Revealing the massive, long wolf like creature. Their long body resembled more of the Chinese dragon style, and a pair of long onyx black horns were sticking out of their head; almost resembling antlers in the ways they had grown. The creature laid down on a section of metal shipping crates. Which were able to support the being's weight, a long bushy tail could be seen disappearing into the areas where the light didn't reach.

“How are you, old friend?” Beastblood questioned, a ivory fang filled smile was given.