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Doppelgäng Wars [M] (Stace & EvilCopepod)

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This Role Play Began on Old VT. Click here to view the first part. @EvilCopepod

Quote from: Cope's Last Post
Wilson tried not to rush him, especially since he was beginning to get concerned about his friend's sanity. After having time to let what he experienced sink in, he might just go catatonic after all.

"What?" he frowned, "How long do you need?" He doubted very much they would get another chance like this, and even if they did he didn't think they'd be lucky enough a second time not to get caught. Wilson was very concerned and disturbed by his description, especially the fact that the other had felt the strangulation.

"A monkey with eight limbs? Like a spider?" If Jake hadn't been acting so perturbed, he might have thought his friend was messing with him. "A spider monkey." He put a hand over his face. "No. I have never seen anything like that before." It made sense, in a strange enough way, and it was actually believable considering what they'd seen.

"That woman would know." he said, moving his hand and looking at Jake. "Maybe she's heard of it?" He was rather embarrassed about forgetting Mae's name, he could recall what she looked like perfectly, but for some reason he couldn't remember their conversation too well.

Jake shook his head. "Not a— well, yeah. A spider monkey." He huffed a short sigh and glanced back into the morgue. There was no way he was going to get away with poking the dead body again. And honestly, his gift was instant. It wasn't that he needed more time to get all of the info; he just didn't understand the info he now had. Finally, he looked back at Wilson and gave him a small nod. And then he looked around again, remembering that talking to his ghost partner made him look like a crazy person. "Her name is Mae. And you have a wife. Or you did." Now someone else had her, it seemed.

They got out of the hospital without alerting anyone to his withering mental status. He called Mae on the drive back to... well, wherever she wanted to meet. And it was of course difficult not to feel enamored by her even with just the sound of her voice to go off. But before he could even make it to the coffee shop she had mentioned, she told him to turn the car around and go back to that strange alleyway door they'd discovered near the scene of the crime. It was time to go back down there. She said all this through the speakerphone through his personal car, so he had no way of hiding the fact that they were going back to the scene of Wilson's death already. Even if he had already accepted he was dead, Jake couldn't imagine Wilson would want to go back to where it happened. Thinking about the gruesome scene made his stomach turn. He couldn't imagine what it would do to his partner. And he'd already seen his ghostly body attempting to reenact the scene of his death.

"I don't know who we'll talk to," he said after hanging up with Mae. He made a u-turn. "Just about anyone, I guess, but what if no one knows about this spider monkey? She didn't know. Or at least if she did, she kept it to herself." He grimaced a little, hoping that they weren't being taken advantage of.

Finally, he pulled up to the alley and parked the car, swallowing nervously as he peered into the darkness the buildings on either side cast. "Do you think you can handle going back in there?" He looked at Wilson in earnest. He needed his partner to have his head in the game. And also he didn't want to go down there alone.
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