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Adventure of Lumery (SisterBadger)

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The town of Lumery was well known for it's wine and drink, sporting some of the best ale that any dwarf worth their axe would love to spend their coin here. A lively town as the people here worked, market place full of business as travelers from far and wide would have to make their way through this town that was close to rivaling a city. Multiple taverns existed to harbor the many travelers, trading partners, and walks of other life. One particular tavern, The Bognog was full of so much life. Primarily this tavern was made for the first adventures that came here ages ago. They had come when this town was nothing but seven buildings and a farm of grapes. If those heroes were alive today well, they would be proud to see what their good deed created. But enough of old times, the present matters the most.

Roars of laughter and the smell of strong heavy ale would fill one's nose and ears the instant the door opened. Within this mess of half orcs, men, and dwarves at a table near the left most wall. Sat two people who seemed to be minding their business, one of them was partaking in their seventh cask of ale with glee. The large dragonborn let out a content sound as they licked the sides of their maw for any droplets they missed. Their scales were red but they had more of a browny red look to them. One of the horns on the right side of their head was broken off and their eyes were golden in color. Their weapon rested on their back still, the tip of the handle was visible but the rest of it was hidden from sight; due to the position of it's owner. Yet one could sport a ornamental horn of sorts at the looked oddly enough like the horn that the dragonborn was missing from their head.  They set the tankard down and glanced over to their companion.

"Lore, you really should invest in some of this ale. Stop with your.....what are you doing?" the dragonbron asked, a brow raising as the leaned over the table somewhat.

The human man in the chair across from them had some papers in their hands, a quill at the ready as they trying to recall something. Of course their mixmatched gaze looked up as his scaley friend spoke. The left eye was brown while the right eye was green. A smile came to their face.

"Sorry, sorry. I've just been trying to figure out how to get the formula just right. After all, last time we tried to use it, I turned you into a cow on accident." Lore replied with a smile, trying to contain his laughter.

"Bah. I don't see why you keep making those....whatever they are. Why not just be a wizard or...something else?" the dragonborn asked as they leaned back in their chair.

"Simple, just doing magic is boring. But alchemy is much more fun!" Lore replied as he pointed the quill at his friend. "If I can get this right Morkul, I could turn you into either a giant version of yourself or give you the ability to turn into your ancestor glory."

"Isn't that what that...poly...whatever spell does?"

Lore rolled his mixmatched eyes. Alchemy was just a more interesting subject to him than simple magic. Of course, not many people seemed keen to listen in on their words, so neither person was expecting anyone to come to the table or speak to them. Morkul of course was busy trying to flag down a servant to get his eight refill.