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When Will (M)y Life Begin?

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"Sure...." Woodsman muttered, his tone showing that he didn't really belive her on it would keep the pain down.

Though it's not like it mattered, the man was tired and with how frequently he was closing his eyes. It spoke that he needed some extra sleep.

"Lost in thought?" Yohan repeated, tilting his head. "What's messing with you to cause that?"

Yohan tiltes his head as he stood there, what would have Beast lost in thought?

"Is it all of curses and stuff?" Yohan asked quietly. "Or the whole....Snow white thing?"

It was hard to say that name without remembering the pain he went though, even though his injuries from the dungeon were healed. Yohan felt like he had just been struck again, a shaky sigh left him.

Wolf helped Cora out of the den, though once they were out in the open. He picked her up and held her as close to him as he could, moving through the forest at a fast pace. He wasn't running but he was walking faster than his fast walk pace. Was it wise to be in his human form out here? while he wanted to get Cora out of here, and yet he didn't want to scare her with just how large he could get in that form. The sound of wood creaking would reach both of them due to how close it was, wolf froze as the purple of the creature's back side was noticeable.

"new plan..." Wolf muttered as he gently set her down on the ground. "You're gonna have to hold onto my back as tight as you can...two legs aren't going to get us out of here fast enough.."

Already his canine tail was out, puffed up as he didn't like being near this thing that smelled like death. It was also near his den...a place where he was suppose to live with his pups and cora... If she agreed, she'd find him transforming into the massive wolf that Huntsman and woodsman got a glimpse of when the first bane attack was over. With her on his back, he'd rush off in a different direction just as the bane was turning around and let out a screach as it noticed them.