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When Will (M)y Life Begin?

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Cora sighed to herself before she began to eat. Keeping one hand on her stomach, she held her gaze on the den's opening before continuing to eat. She knew it was hard for Wolf to express his feelings, but even more so to actively show it. Perhaps in time, he would be able to.
Rose shook her head as Yohan snapped out of it and explained to her that it was simply time that dictated his fits. "I see. But how-"

"He made a deal with a demon and broke it," replied Rapunzel. "We've been trying to track him down to make him remove the curse."
The dragon becomes me...

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"I failed the conditions of it. I guess that since I failed and the demon didn't...state how exactly he was going to get my soul, I guess the bearksin is that method. Make me....get lost into being a bear and have some hunter or something else kill me....cause now, when I wear the bearskin I turn into a bear. Both in body and mind.."

Rubbing his hands together, he let his shoulders sag.

"I'm the least time crunch one out of everyone, it would be better to focus our efforts on helping the Woodsman, Rapunzel, and Wolf. Since...well....Beast is already on his way to breaking his curse." Yohan said, giving a glance at the nobleman. "I can survive fits..."