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Abyssalís Handy Haversack of Helpful Humanoids

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  • Amentis Valdric, M, High Elf 725 {Fantasy, modern fantasy}
  • Ankha Marinus, F Tiefling 19
  • Aster Clark, F Human, 23 {Fantasy, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Sci Fi}
  • Aoth Haphet, M, Human 34 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy}


  • Camila Araujo, F human 27 {Modern, sci fi, crime, superhero}

  • Draha Valenta, F Tiefling 35 {Fantasy}
  • Dren Belesarius, M Human 23 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, political, criminal}

  • Eylin Seyris, F Half-Elf 28 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Romance, Criminal, Political TW Murder}

  • Freyja Farstrider, F Human(?) ~29 {Fantasy, Modern, Modern Fantasy, adventure, mystery, romance}

  • Jeshala Valrora, F Half-Elf 28{Fantasy, modern fantasy, Adventure. Mystery, Romance}


  • Maia Telinus, F Half-Elf 28{Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Political, criminal}
  • Miren Northrunn, F Aasimar 24 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Adventure}


  • Orik Stormfang, M Dragonborn 39 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Adventure, romance}


  • Uriel Fontane, F Aasimar 23 {Fantasy, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Politics}

  • Venfiel Eldaren, F Human (?) ~30 {Fantasy, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Political, Romance}

  • Wash, NB Fire Genasi 20 {Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Adventure, Political, Criminal}

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Amentis Valdric
High Elf Mage

Bio: The life of a spy is easily summed up as ďthe truth surrounded by a secret service of liesĒ. Amentis dealt in those truths as a spy, and therefore he was an excellent liar. One day, he had gotten in too far over his head and was captured. On his person, they had found an image of his lover back home, and proceeded to torture him until they retrieved her. Before him they displayed her, and killed her. They chained his legs and dumped him into the sea, where he was rescued by pure chance by a fishing boatís trawling net. He was in sack cloth and soaked through.

Personality: Sarcastic sense of humor, perpetually tired and incredibly socially awkward. He doesnít openly admit to much but he has deep seeded regrets.

Ankha Marinus
Tiefling Paladin

Bio: Without a past or home to cling onto, Ankhaís youth was a blur of terror and fear. Abandoned at a young age to wander the streets of Orellia. Tormented by racial slurs and nearly stoned to death at the age of thirteen, she was found by a member of the church of Pelor who took pity on her, nursed her back to health and began training her in the ways of the church. The training, while intense, gave her purpose that she didnít have before. Eventually, she trained herself into the ranks of the Dawnfatherís militant servants who ventured far and wide to help farmers and rid outlands and cities of disease.

Personality: despite her jaded outlook on most people, she was taught well by the acolyte to trust in the light, and that by good deeds she could being others to see the truth. Despite her skepticism, she knows she owes it to him to follow the teaching given to her. Her light would illuminate the beauty of the world for all.

Aster Clark
Human Archivist

Despite her nation rising from itís tribal roots, her island nation of Eyrune grew to be a powerhouse of naval military might and trade. As the second daughter of the first Prime Speaker, she had the freedom to pursue her own path, choosing the arcane and archaeology over politics and governance. It was inevitable, however, that her journeys would lead her far from home.

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Camila Araujo, Tech thief

Born Camila Araujo-Souza, she grew up in the slums of the bay area in California. And, after many years of barely scraping by she caught her break during a huge data breach. Her skill in bypassing firewalls and skimming crucial data brought her plenty of success. With her newfound success, she turned her attention to aiding the less fortunate, and her targets became far more... lucrative. Individuals hoarding money, companies built on the backs of the people. Thus began the legend of the new 'Robin Hood' as people coined her.

Personality: ambitious and driven, Camila does everything in her power to keep herself on top. Her history of poverty humbles her, and though she works from a far, she cares deeply for those in dire straits.