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Lady Looking For Male Characters -21+, please

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Oh, hello. Let me pour you a drink and I’ll introduce myself.

About Me
“Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.”

I’m Nora. I’m a copywriter by day and martial arts instructor by night.

I use play-by-post RPGs to try to keep myself afloat creatively. I’m the kind of player that will squeal “behind the scenes” with my partner as we watch our characters squirm and suffer throughout their story. (I hope that made sense)

Aside from that, I live in Atlanta with my obscenely handsome husband, and our cat and dog. I like brewing tea, kicking things, and spinning records

Plot/Pairing Ideas
-Forbidden romance
-School faculty members
-Plucky self-made detective+blind medium/empath
-Antiques shop clerk/mage
-Coffee shop employee/budding musician
-Greenhouse or record shop owner’s protégée/Long-time customer

-Noir action
-Busy cities
-Angsty slice of life
-50’s-70’s time period
-Modern time period

More Specifics
-Gender of my partner does not matter!
-I write anywhere between 200 to 500 words per post, sometimes less if we need to move the plot along.
-Smut will be fade to black

”Okay, What If I’m Interested?”
Send me a PM and fasten your seatbelts!