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a wild Ely approaches...

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hi guys. i know it can be rare to find people nowadays that are still interested in f// but if anyone on here does happen to be, please hit me up. ;-; iím starting to get a little stir-crazy over here.

alright, letís cut straight to the chase, shall we?

most of the time i lean towards modern genre, but i can also be swayed towards modern fantasy and a few different fandoms. i have no real interest in MxF or m/m. though side character relationships of that sort are fine, f/f is certainly my main gig. (oh oh!!! i'm totally fine with trans/nonbinary characters too, and doing some kind of pairing with a trans/NB character!!!)

please let it be noted that iím not interested in writing absolute smut... i love romance, fluff, and angst, and adding sex to the plot later on down the line is perfectly fine, but iíd most prefer it to be a slow burn. honestly, we would probably fade to black after a certain point. this could be subject to change depending on how comfortable i am and the actual compatibility of our styles/characters, but don't rely too much on that.

i'm almost always down for anything slice-of-life
   > i especially like opposites-attract pairings, as well as tsundere
   > romance/fluff and angst is pretty much a must, but doesn't have to be the main focus

most of my characters end up being in their early 20s to mid 30s just because thatís my own age group, therefore itís what i know best.

 a few specific pairings iíd be interested in exploring:
   > addict x sober/straight-edge
   > abused spouse x friend (i have a plot for this!!! :o)
   > runaways / homeless
   > deaf x not deaf
        > blind x not blind
   > idk, honestly just suggest something to me and iíll either shut you down or get hella hype about it, iím not too difficult to please really

adding in a splash of fantasy:
        > gifted/mutants
   > black mirror-esque futuristic society
   > artificial intelligence???
   > angels & demons (never done this before but would be cool with it)
   > mythology (same note as above)
   > society with monsters (supernatural but with OC's? something like the world of godzilla, king of the monsters? you decide)

fandom-related interests:
   > the 100
   > anything gifted/mutants but on a more general level with some inspiration pulled in from x-men is fine?
   > haibane renmei
   > godzilla: king of the monsters
   > hunger games
        > my hero academia
        > the witcher but with OCs
        > harry potter? maybe
        > stephen king's IT
        > stranger things
             > possibly even a stranger things x IT crossover. i love me a good beverly marsh x eleven crossover, but aged up fo'sho.

 as far as fandom goes, i am only interested in OC pairings. i just canít get behind the idea of snatching someone elseís characters and writing them as my own. steal the plot, steal the ideas, thatís fine, but not the characters. idk, i just canít do it lol. i think i'm just afraid of not playing them right, that's all.

okayÖ i think that about sums me up. sorry, i know it's a bit of a mess. if we're being totally honest, i don't normally do stuff like this. usually i just lurk til i find someone i want to reach out to on my own, but this community is pretty small and quiet, as are most other communities these days. alas, i'm so bored it's literally taking over my life lol. anyway, if anyone's interested, hit me up. we can make something on here or use discord, either one is fine with me.

also, if itís necessary, links are in my signature if youíre interested in my writing style / some of my characters.

ok bye, ely out
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