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Before you sit four books, each individually bound books and a fountain pen in its holster. As you approach the desk with the tomes, the nearby candlelight flickers and you find your eyes drawn to their covers. The three smaller tomes are each stained different colors, and embossed with intricate symbols and pictographic detail.

The book furthest on the left is a deep maroon leather, with a grand domed symbol pressed in intricate, almost photographic detail. The smell of desert blooms linger heavy on the blank pages as you thumb through them, and the coarseness reminds you of Scheherazade and the 1001 tales.

The center book is a heavy gray-stained leather, worn from the great care and handling of its owner. The pages are likewise blank, all but the first page empty. The cover is plain except for a simple embossed triangular symbol, and on that first page is a grand illustration of a vast city that seems to curve into a ring.

The rightmost book is a verdant green splotched by smears of a dirt like substance. The cover itself seems to sprout vines around the spine, coiling over the front to surround an embossed mountain.

Finally, the tome on the front foremost part of the desk seems to have had the most use. A heavy brown leather, long since worn with name scrubbed from itís ancient cover, and inside, memories of those beyond.

Good day my fellow bards! I am looking for partners for rp of many types! I love fantasy in all shapes and sizes.

The following are some themes I really enjoy:

Criminal activity (doing or stopping, doesnít matter)
Sci Fi

These are just some, but any of these sparks an interest in my brain-space. The link above sends you to my list of characters and a brief bio, which unfortunately is still a WIP ask me questions and I will happily answer.

I look forward to collaborating soon!