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Quest for the Awesome Knowledge Stone of Zapping [M] &&Jabba

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Read the first part of this role play on Old VT! && @Jabbathejack

Quote from: Jabba's Last Post
With an effort, Jansinisi pulled herself to her feet and tottered a few steps to pick up the parchment, quill and the bottle of ink to bring it to Bartise. She frowned as he gestured for her to hover, wanting nothing better than to sit the fuck back down, but even so, she weathered it without too much grumbling.

Fortunately, he actually seemed to be coming up with an idea, one that she hoped was half decent. Setting down the ink and the quill, Jan scanned the parchment list, frowning.

'Course I'm not going to fuck it up.' She muttered as she folded the parchment carefully. 'What kind of idiot do you take me for?'

'On second thoughts, don't you dare try and answer that question. I won't be long.'

Sure, she was tired as hell, but Jan was going to head to the closest she could and woe betide any bastard to try anything against her.


The afternoon sunshine was far too bright for Jansinisi, giving her a definite scowl as she made her way to the small market place near the house. It didn't take her too long to acquire the objects on Bartise's list, fortunately they weren't too outlandish. With only the eggs to collect, Jan found the stall that Bartise had mentioned, near the butcher's.

She could feel the shopkeeper's eyes on her, as if he were undressing her in his own fantasies and Jan could not help but grimace as she asked for the required number of eggs, plus a few more in case of breakages.

'New in town, miss?'
'Aye.' She replied curtly, trying to give the impression that she was in no mood for games. The shopkeeper, however, was having none of it.

'I could give you a discount, if you know what I mean?'

He reached out, his hand making a beeline for her breast. As soon as he made contact, Jan reacted, catching his wrist and twisting. She held him like that, almost at the point of breaking.

'A discount sounds lovely.' Smiling sweetly, she waited as he gibbered a reduced price. As she released him, she set the money down on the counter and took the eggs.
'Thank you so much.'

Turning on her heel, she walked away, leaving the shopkeeper clutching his arm and spitting curses at her back. A job well done.

Returning to Bartise, she fortunately managed to avoid his mother and set out the purchases ready for Bartise.

Bartise Fen

Bart held his tongue, knowing well that he was in no condition to fight Jan off if he were to actually voice his opinion of what kind of idiot she was... which was a lie to himself, because he had seen her bravery and skill in action right before his eyes already. It wasn't as though the word "idiot" really described her at all. And still, he felt he wasn't supposed to like her, so he maintained that of course, he did not like her, and so he took a nap and stopped thinking about it.

He woke up again to Jan in the room, though it seemed she was neither trying to wake him nor trying to be so quiet that she didn't. Blinking the sleep away, he managed to sit up, muscles still sore, but the stiffness a little more relieved.

"Was it any trouble?" he asked, more concerned that Jan had managed to bring back all of the required items moreso than he was that Jan hadn't been harassed. "What sort of eggs did you manage to find?" He rubbed his eyes and slowly moved his feet to the floor to get up and view the ingredients himself.

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