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Evanna was busy pulling her hair back up into a proper ponytail when she sensed the first signs of her companion waking before he spoke to her. She turned to him, green eyes full of quiet awareness as she shook her head and returned to his side. "Try not to move too much, silly male, your body is still healing itself. It's fine, by the way. It wasn't like you came here because I was here in the first place to disrupt me. Also, I'm relieved to have been near when...that happened. You were very much not yourself."

She remembered with crystal clarity the strength and power of him as he changed into his true shape. That he had no control of it was cause for concern but moreso was the feeling of his magic against her own. It was...not unpleasant but just...troubling. Honestly she didn't know what to make of it and that was what worried her the most. Pushing the thoughts from her mind she refocused her attention on the man that was, for the moment, her patient. He seemed concerned and then thanked her for saving him. She only shrugged. "I only did the right thing, there's no need to thank me for it."

Life debts were a serious thing amongst her people, yes, but only if both parties agreed to such. She would never put someone unknowing of such things through that, it just wasn't who she was. She regarded Isao for a long moment in quiet contemplation before she blinked and carefully stretched to test the boundaries of movement in her body now that she was injured. This led to more than a few moments where she winced at the tight pull but that was fine at least now she knew her own limits.

She knew he was likely worried about what he had become, being human originally meant he fought against such things as losing control to instinct after all, so the least she could do was help him a bit while he recovered enough to bring himself home. "If you're worried about before, don't be. The only ones harmed were the ones that deserved it most. Their deaths will not be mourned. That aside...thank you for helping save the children." She inclined her head in quiet respect before turning her gaze outward towards the sky and listening to the distant Gif as he informed her of his travels.

She sighed, pushing a hand through her short-cropped hair. "Gif tells me there is a storm coming quickly, so it will be best for us to remain here until it passes. I don't mind rain, but we both are injured and I'd rather not risk it. A few days should be more than enough for both of us to be adequately recovered from our injuries as well." For her that was the truth but Isao was a mystery so she would have to wait and see.

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Isao nodded. "Yes, I... am not myself when I transform. I get provoked fairly easily whenever I'm trying to fight off whoever." It certainly brought back some unpleasant memories from when he served the warlord. He reached up slightly when she winced from pulling a muscle.

As she thanked him for saving some of the children, he smiled softly. "I only did what I thought was right." Settling into the bed some, he sighed to himself. "I still have nightmares about what I've done. When I change... and I have strange dreams from time to time. I don't know how to describe them."

He had never told anyone about his dreams before. It was something he considered personal. But the strange dreams he had... he never recognized where he was. Some of the buildings' structure always looked familiar to him. The language he spoke sounded similar to his native tongue. Even a few faces in the dreams looked familiar. But he could never describe what he saw exactly.

He sighed when he heard that a storm was coming. "I suppose this gives us a chance to get to know each other better..." He turned away for a moment. "If that's alright with you."

As he tried to stretch his back, he winced and let out a soft hiss.
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