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Rise of the Brave Dragons [M] - Aeon+Kei

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The Weyrking attempted to calm his ire. He wasn't upset with the young rider, not deeply at least, she was doing what she could and he believed Silver when she stated her rider was skittish and afraid to speak out for herself. Even still, this wasn't acceptable. She was a Queen, and that came with certain perks and expectations. Starving quietly was not one of them, and more to the point neither was having to justify whom it was she had chosen to bond to. The whole ordeal unsettled him greatly and so he merely nodded to the young rider's thanks while Silver effectively hid underneath him. Go ahead and eat. I will keep watch. Tomorrow, you will be with the senior queen and will not have to worry; you will eat together and Yours can eat with Hers. This would be of some comfort, at least he hoped it would. There was no shortage of food in the Weyr--she needn't worry about starving.

"We need to get your arm looked at," D'ron stated simply from his place in front of his dragon and off to the side. "Oiling your dragon is a crucial part of the early bonding experience, and you can't do that if you're injured." He sat the jar down near her person, not invading her space as his dragon cautioned to take things slowly. "If you'll permit me, I can look at it now and you can take care of Silver after she finishes eating. Speaking of which, have you had dinner yet?" It would be nothing for the Weyrleader to get her something from the kitchens. After all, he didn't anticipate she would want to sit down and have any kind of conversation whether Silver was with her and safe or not.

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Silver blinked slowly at the larger dragon she hid beneath for a long moment as if judging his words before she shrugged and started to dive into the pile of fish with gusto. She immediately discovered how much she loved fish and a happy crooning purr began to leave her as she kept eating. She felt Tegan's amusement from her antics and was happy to see her chosen one beginning to relax a bit. Once the pangs of hunger eased a bit she finally spoke the Weyrking once more. 'We thank you, really. I'm sure Tegan will be much easier once things settle down a bit. She's stronger than she realizes, I can see it. She's got such a bright soul, I wouldn't have chosen her otherwise.' She sighed, considering, before continuing. 'The senior queen makes Tegan uneasy but she will do what she must. She says she finds your chosen one very easy to deal with though, if that's of any worth to you.' It didn't matter to her so long as she could stay with Tegan.

Said young woman took a deep breath for calm before stepping forward towards the rider seeing as Silver was completely safe with Varanth. It let her relax a bit and it was only then she noticed the jar he'd sat down nearby and the comment about oiling and seeing to her injury. She gently ran her hand over the injured arm and winced before steadying herself once more and nodding. She wasn't so weak as they thought she was! "Yes, I'd...appreciate that. I hate that you've had to witness me in such a state, but I'm glad you're willing to help me. It's....not a common occurrence for me here at the Weyr." She shrugged her uninjured shoulder, like it was no big deal she was so singled out. She was used to it, anyway. She slowly stepped closer to D'ron and shifted so he could look at her injured arm so she could take care of Silver. She thought about the offer of food and cringed for a moment before stopping herself.

Instead she took another deep breath to gather her calm and met the elder rider's gaze before shaking her head. "I haven't eaten anything since yesterday, so if Silver could stay with Varanth where I know she's safe, I wouldn't mind getting something to eat." She tilted her head to one side, eyes considering before she continued. "Though if you want to have any sort of serious conversation like it seems you do and not be interrupted you may want to bring us somewhere a bit quieter." She was trying to prove she wasn't so skittish and cowardly like it seemed she must be. She'd stood up for herself though, she was just hurting and overwhelmed with the sudden bonding to a dragon. Her life was turned upside down and nothing was going to be the same. She didn't mind, she'd never give up meeting Silver, it was just...a lot to deal with.