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Take Your Ryans One at a Time [M] && Solstice RP

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@Solstice It's ready. UuU

tag: Solstice

"We bought a bed, babe." Lai's lips brushed Ryan's earlobe when he rumbled the words to him in a low voice shaped by a proud smile. Pushing his hands across Ryan's lower belly, he pulled Ryan's back to his chest and fit their bodies together while standing. They could both see the bed in front of them: Queen-sized, a headboard with shelves and drawers built in, a simple design, a dark wood, nice, sturdy frame, storage drawers...and all still in the box.

Lai kissed Ryan's neck, and then his cheek. "I can't wait to see it all together," he murmured, a bit urgent as he put a hand on the side of Ryan's face to pull it toward him and kiss his mouth. He groaned softly and broke out of it. "Come on, let's put it together." Lai's grin pushed his cheeks up to give him one of those genuine, squinty smiles. With one more kiss to the cheek, Lai stepped away from Ryan and went to go open the box. He picked up a box cutter from the floor and sliced the tape.

"It says two people are supposed to lift it," he said, bending at the waist and talking to Ryan who was somewhere behind him. "So I think I really surprised the delivery guys when I picked it up myself and told them we wouldn't need them to put it together." Lai turned without standing up at all to smile at him again. It was hard not to feel giddy about things moving forward. And with the anniversary of his late fiance's death already past, it had become a bit easier to focus on his current Ryan. The one he'd bothered to tattoo on his body, and the one he'd never wanted to let go to begin with.

He moved into a squat to pull the box open like a treasure chest, just as amazed at what was within as he would have been with a pile of gold and jewels; this was their bed. This wasn't Ryan's bed that Lai had a place in. It wasn't Lai's bed that he slept in with his dead fiance (even literally >>;). It was Ryan and Lai's Bed. And hopefully one day, they would go buy Ryan and Lai's House. Unfortunately, there were some things Lai was not ready to let go of just yet.

Lai took the instructions off the top board and handed them to Ryan. "Mmm. That Oak smell." He took in a deep whiff as he carefully lifted the first espresso-stained board out of the packaging and set it aside.

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