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Here is what VT is all about:

  • Visionary Tales does not require applications or auditions.
  • Visionary Tales has always been, and will always be, an open and welcoming community to writers of all skill levels.
  • Visionary Tales aims to foster a positive environment where members of all skill and "literacy" levels can get together and role play. 
  • Visionary Tales expects its members to address each other on terms of mutual respect.
  • Visionary Tales expects its members to read these rules and respect them and, if nothing else, to follow the cardinal rule laid down by VT Creator Spotty: "Don't be a Douchebag."

The RULES: Post By Them.

  • Rule #1: Don't Be a Douchebag.
    During your stay on our site, we ask you to remember one thing above all others: people have feelings. Some people stick very firmly to their beliefs and values, and we ask you not to go out of your way to antagonize them, and to respect who they are and where they come from - even if you personally don't agree with their beliefs. VT was founded on this principle, and we take it very seriously. You might notice the 'douchebag clause,' as we call it, is consistent in all our rules - and we think it's with good reason. Please be tolerant and courteous to your fellow members.
  • Rule #2: Respect the Rules of the Board Creator.
    Read the rules set by the board creator (if any). Though not as important as Rule #1, it's very important to respect the wishes of the board and role play you intend to join. If they're totally against swearing and smut, please respect that if you choose to participate in the role play. Following this rule saves everyone a lot of headaches - plus, it's the decent thing to do.
  • Rule #3: 'IC' =/= 'OOC'.
    As a general rule, keep "OOC" out-of-character and "IC" in-character. There's no reason to take what happens in character personally. It's petty, and can end up hurting a lot of feelings unnecessarily. Keep in mind that a role play is a role play - not a personal attack.
  • Rule #4: Respect Skill Levels.
    At Visionary Tales, we have an open-door policy to members of all literacy levels - it's only natural when you take Rule #1 into consideration. Just remember: someone may not be at your level, but most of us started somewhere - so be nice about it. Offer constructive, friendly criticism, or offer no criticism at all.
  • Rule #5: Be Polite.
    Ever heard the age-old adage, "Treat others like you want to be treated"? We might just be reiterating Rule #1 with this, but treating others with dignity is something we feel strongly about. You may have noticed that VT is remarkably nice, compared to many other forums out there. We aim to keep it that way, and we can only do this with your help. Besides: it's a good rule to live by, even when you aren't on VT. Polite means no advertising outside of the advertisement forum. Seriously. That's rude.
  • Rule #6: Plagiarism Is a Crime.
    Whether it's characters, plots, introductions, photos, drawings, etc., stealing others' work and ideas is very much frowned upon. Make sure you credit people for their own creativity, and never steal or plagiarize another person's work. The obvious exception to this is when the person in question has explicitly stated that credit isn't needed - and, even then, it's best to give credit anyway.
  • Rule #7: Don't be a Douchebag. Seriously.
    If you're going to waste the energy to rant about something trivial... Visionary Tales really isn't the place for it. As we much prefer keeping peace, we ask that you take your debates, vent-whining, and complaining to the Playroom board where OOC discussion is permitted (because we understand that you need to just get it out sometimes). If you ever feel the need to post something spiteful, retaliatory or exclusive on the site, please remind yourself of our diverse member base, and how important respecting others (and tolerating differences) is to us.
  • Rule #8: Don't Partake in Harassment.
    Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, under any circumstance, on Visionary Tales. Spotty didn't create this site as a vehicle for hate, and its staff will never allow it to be used to bully, threaten, stalk, or otherwise harm another individual. We are extremely serious about the safety and emotional well-being of our members, and we will not stand for a member of the community to be targeted.
  • Rule #9: Handle Mature Content With Care.
    On the forums, we ask that you tag/mark/rate mature threads/content with an [M] in the topic title, and express any further concerns you may have in your board rules/introductions as you find necessary. In addition, the admins reserve the right to lock any sensitive 'ooc' threads as is necessary, and clear signatures/avatars that are distinctly mature/make other members uncomfortable.
  • Rule #10: One Account Per Player.
    To avoid confusion and overlap, we ask that each player only have one account. It's fine if you used to have an account three years ago but it was deleted/you forgot the password/just want a new one, but simultaneously using more than one account for whatever purpose will require scrutiny for suspicious activity.
  • Rule #11: Visionary Tales is for Everyone.
    VT was created as a haven for role players of all ages and experience levels. We expect, however, a certain amount of maturity when conducting oneself in the cbox and forums. You might be noticing a theme here.

The Warning Procedure:
We, the administrators of Visionary Tales, reserve the right to ban members from the Discord server or site for the repeated breaking of these rules. Should you disagree with the reason for banning, you're welcome to discuss it with us - privately, please. You may contact us offsite via Discord. Keep in mind that staff members only ban when necessary - and if we have banned you for a legitimate breach of our rules of conduct, chances are we won't change our minds about it. If you continue to break the rules following a ban, you will be referred to rules one and seven and banned again. The need for a third ban will result in permanent banning from Visionary Tales.


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