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There's something wrong with Myers (Reigning)

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(Here's the doc for our old posts I'm just going to paste my last response for the opening post here.)
Helping Myers out of the hole, Abe kept quiet as he watched the man stand up. Taking a few breathes before seeming to relax.

" if you two lead the way.." Myers suggested to the two with them.

Krauss ended up taking the lead, it didn't matter to Myers who was leading the march back. It didn't site well with him though. Granted, putting some distance between himself and Red was the best option right now. The agent could feel his emotions swirling around in his head, only bubbling in a worse ferocity due to his own mental state during those moments of arguing. Pain from his ankle made his pace slightly awkward though, he found himself picking up the radio from his belt.

"Myers to Liz, you there?" Myers called through the radio as he held the button down to let his voice through and then released.

"Go ahead Myers." Liz's voice came through, scratchy and somewhat robotic sounding despite the decent tech.

"Red and I had to split up, Red's fine and he took Agents Smith and Johnson with him. So he's not on his own at least, they're exploring the lower areas of this place."

"Everything alright?"

Myers grimaced somewhat. While one could assume from pain, it was also from the question stirring the negative emotions. Though the man managed to push it down enough to give his response.

"My ankle's torn to shreds from those things in here. Keep an eye out on the floor boards, they seem fond of grabbing from bellow..." Myers replied.

"Got it." Liz replied.

With that, the radio fell silent and Myers put it back near his belt. Though he came to a pause. Liz would've wanted to know that Red was at least with others right? The demon figured it was best not to comment. While it was fun, making the pure of heart man lose themselves to their emotions. It would only hinder the situation. Course, the other agents quickly noticed that the agent had stopped and turned their attention to him.

"Myers? Everything alright?" Abe asked.

Of course, Abe knew it was probably best to be watching Myers a little more closely due to...the strange suspicions he was having. Something was wrong, this man...wasn't the same man who had came to the bureau that the Professor entrusted Hellboy to. The black around the white light that was in Myers was still there...though it seemed to have spread. Not consuming least not yet. The man didn't answer, merely pushing himself forward and past the other two agents.

The hallway that was destroyed from the grenade was no in his view. As he glanced across the large hole and the small bits of flesh that were scorched yet clung to the broken pieces of floorboards or on the walls, something caught his attention. A shape...a shape that felt familiar lingered at the end of the hall before slipping away. Eyes wide, Myers rushed forward as Abe and Krause came upon the man.

“Agent wait!!!” Krause ordered as he reached to grab Myers, though his thickly gloved hand familed to grab hold of the agents as he jumped onto a partially intact piece of floor that was already giving under him.

Blocking them out was easy, ignoring the voice of a agent he didn't know was like flicking a switch. His mind focusing on getting across the large hole, shimming himself along the bits of floor that were against the wall.

“Myers!!! You're ankle, we need to get you” Abe called out but the agent slipped away as he barely made it across the gap, rushing down the hall that none of them explored.

A sigh left Abe as he took the radio in hand.

“Red? Pick up Red.” Abe called through the radio as he and Krause started to search for another way around.

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“Uhg, it smells down here.” Agent Smith complained as they trudged through murky, knee-deep waters. 

“Shhh.” Hellboy hissed back.  The three agents had found themselves in an underground catacomb, hidden beneath the manse, discovered through a secret trap-door in a secret study in a secluded corner of the remote island.  Unsurprising, really.  Given the line of work these men had found themselves drafted into.  Believe it or not, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence, prepared you for these sort of things.  Nerves were understandable however.  While this wasn’t Agent Johnson’s first assignment, nor Agent Hellboy’s (not by a long shot), it was Agent Smith’s first time in the field.  First-job-jitters were normal.  Something Hellboy had learned about the green Agent: when he got nervous, he talked a lot. 

“What are we walking through anyway?” He asked, ignoring the sharp sh! his comrade had given him.  “It’s so thick…”

“It’s gonna get a little thicker if you don’t shut that mouth, Smith.” Hellboy warned lowly.  “We don’t know what’s down here.”

“I was just saying…” Agent Smith started.

“Well don’t!” Agent Johnson snapped. 

“And who put you in charge?” The young Agent challenged back. 

“You’ve got a bad attitude, kid.” Johnson pointed out, rubbing a hand across his bald head.  Agent Smith opened his mouth to utter a retort, but was hushed finally by the melody carried upon a breeze through the stone walls of the cavernous underground.  Both men looked oft in the direction from whence it came with a dreamlike expression on their features, both revelling in the beauty of the tune.  By contrast, the towering red creature who accompanied them pulled on his cigarette, a bushy black brow furrowed in calculated curiosity. 

“C’mon.” Hellboy encouraged through his teeth.  “And shut the hell up, while you’re at it.”

The three Agents of the B.P.R.D trudged their way through the murky waters of the underground labyrinth, led by the tink-tink of the sweet melody that urged them onward.  Various rooms of differing purpose passed them as they waded deeper into the maze, containing within them nothing of interest.  Scatterings of furniture and varying depths of the dark slush they sloshed through, most mysteriously hollow and without perceivable use.   As the stone passageway opened up to them, revealing a large chamber, the radio in Hellboy’s ear crackled to life. 

“Red?  Pick up, Red!”

“This had better be good, Abe.” Hellboy hissed into the communication piece, pressing a stone finger against the technology. 

“It’s Agent My… -- taken off on his own!” Agent Sapien explained, the worry in his voice clear in spite of the static that interrupted his words. 

“Myers is a big boy, Abe.  I’m sure he’ll be fine.” He muttered in return, his words distant for the distraction that had occupied Hellboy’s focus.  The chamber before him was ornate, or at least it had been once.  The ceiling was domed, it’s artisanal design and the pillars that held it aloft carved from the stone of the very mountain.  In the center was a seven pointed star, directly beneath which sat a sarcophagus.  They had stumbled upon a tomb, the walls scrawled in ancient dialects that predated the Russian Monarchs who would have built their castle upon it.  At the head of the chamber, a table of offerings stood out for the music box that sat upon its cluttered surface.  In place of a ballerina, a mermaid spun in circles to the melody that echoed from her golden stage. 

“I’m concern… is compromised.  I felt… -- need your help!”  Abe’s voice stuttered through the radio. 

“Look, the boys and I are busy.  Tell Krauss to send someone else.” Red muttered sharply before tugging the communication piece from where it was stuck in his ear.  Letting it tumble against his shirt, he dropped his cigarette into the swampy waters at their feet, lifting his gun as he approached the sarcophagus.  It was occupied by a pale body dressed in an antiquated version of a military uniform, Russian Cavalry with Commanders’ dressings to boot. 

“Is that..?” Agent Smith started, the barrel of his gun revealing the shake in his hands. 

“I hope so.” Hellboy said as he holstered his own gun and strode forward confidently.  “Because I’ve got some questions.” Stepping up onto the edge of the sarcophagus, he straddled the corpse within as he reached down and seized the front of its uniform, lifting it from its place of rest.  Pulling the black and white image he had found in the secret study upstairs from his inner coat pocket, he held the image to the whites of the sightless eyes before him.  “How do you know Rasputin?” He asked.  The picture captured a moment in time when Count Mikhail Khilkov had shook hands with Rasputin alongside a pretty young oriental thing that looked just like the aged painting of the woman they had found in the antechamber with Agent Myers.  Rasputin was dead, of that much Hellboy was certain.  The deed had been done by his own hand after all.  However, as many within the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence understood, dead did not always mean, well… dead.  “C’mon, how do you know this asshole?” He demanded of the silent corpse he shook so disrespectfully. 

“Um…” Agent Smith started, but quieted his nervous words when he saw his partner poised and calm, gun at the ready as he circled to a position more advantageous to offer Hellboy cover.  Taking cue, he followed suit. 

“Listen here, jerk…” Hellboy started on the limp body he held.  He was never given the opportunity to finish his threat however, as the corpse suddenly opened its black eyes and screamed terribly.  Seizing Hellboy by his throat, he heaved the mammoth sized man across the chamber like he was weightless.  The rough crunch of his inhuman body crushing the stone for the force of the blow echoed through the corridors of the catacombs.

“Holy shit!”  Agent Smith muttered.  “Holy shit, is he always like this?” He asked his comrade, aghast.

“Pretty much.” Agent Johnson replied, cool and composed as he stepped forward next in Hellboy’s wake, squeezing the trigger and sending blessed bullets blasting holes through the screaming demon they had awakened. 

“I hate Russians,” Hellboy muttered as he pulled himself from the Hellboy-shaped hole he had left in the stone of the chamber wall, brushing the rubble from his broad shoulders.  Gun in hand, he rushed forward.  Meanwhile, on the other side of Castle Khilkov, another radio crackled to life in a different Agent’s ear. 

“Liz! Liz, are you there?”

“I’m here.” She answered, placing a hand on her comrade’s shoulder while the other touched a finger to the communication piece in her ear.  Roger stopped alongside her, gesturing to the field agents in their unit to do the same. 

“It’s Agent Myers, he’s taken off towards the far wing.  We can’t reach him.  Dr. Krauss needs someone to --”

“I’ll be right there.” Liz answered at once. 

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The pain radiating through his ankle was a constant cry his body was giving him. The sound of static from his radio and com link would flicker louder but then it would go quiet. The agent ignoring the device as he rushed through the halls, chasing the phantom thing he had seen. Now he hadn't gotten a good look at it, yet he was already convinced he had seen it before...something, about that glimpse was familiar. Creaking floor boards would make it through to his ears, reminding him to be wary of the ancient floors. Still, he charged through the halls as if he was a blood hound chasing after a coon, hot on it's tail for whatever reason.

You're going to destroy that leg of yours at this rate. I'd slow down. The demon's voice remarked, letting Myers charge onward as they merely sat and enjoyed the ride.

"I don't care! I saw something that's more important than my damn ankle!" Myers retorted out loud, given they were far away from the others.

True, but what good is a foot ready to pop off once you get to the location you are heading?

In all honesty....this demon had given him some sense of sanity back in the arctic. After all, that nightmare was only made worse as he ended up alone. One by one...fellow agents falling left and right, things spiraling further out of control. A voice in his head that wasn't his own had become...comforting when alone. Communications didn't work, they wouldn't come online no matter what he or anyone else had done. The cold of the building seemed to increase as he charged along. Bits of wall opened up to allow the snow to enter and corrected the interior further.

While he wasn't paying attention to the thing son the walls, the Russian decor seemed to slowly fade away until he came to a pair of large doors. Extending his hands out, he pushed with the aid of his momentum, shoved the doors open with a echoing creak that he knew hadn't resonated through the hall before he arrived here. Still, he finally stopped. Panting and breathing heavily as his ankle burned with pain, pulsing angerily as he tried to take some of the weight off of it for the moment.

"Welcome....agent." A voice drifted in the air of the room.

Raising his head, his eyes darted around the room as his hand easily reached for his gun. Was it instinct at this point? Or just repetition that finally got it through to him to where it was so easy? A large room is what his eyes landed on, a former ball room that was once filled with splendor and cheery people. Dancing to music and enjoying one another's company. But also a political battlefield in it's own way. Secrets and conspiracies could often emerge here back in those days. And yet, it wasn't the large space, what it once was, and it's now aged state that drew his gaze.

The ornate and detailed robe of black and a slight yellow color, perhaps it was once golden. The beard and bald head were already clear indicators. And yet, the eyes were what sealed it. The eyes of a man who held so much dark knowledge, a man that served something so much higher up. A smile spread to their face as Myers stared back.

"So surprised to see me? My master's bidding is not yet done after all." the man remarked, only to be cut off by the sound of a gun going off.

Truth be told, Myers was merely firing the gun. Aimed at the being's chest, the bullets merely phased through them. Doing nothing to them as if they weren't even solid.  A ghost? Perhaps. But a ghost or not, this was nowhere near good. How could this guy come back? After all this time? After everything?!! The demon remained silent, focusing it's energy to healing up the agent's ankle. It wouldn't repair everything any time soon. It would stabilize it. Still, the silence in the air quickly became harder to bear.

The sound of static would come through the silence, breaking it in half with a sharp click. A voice, trying to get through.

"My...e...ers...Myer....s.." Abe's voice tried to break through, trying desperately to reach them.

A shared look was given between the phantom and Myers, gritting his teeth. The agent made his move as another loud shot rang out.

Radio silence would fall, there was a chance that Liz or even Roger would've heard that last gunshot as they neared that area of the Castle. The air was most likely tense and yet the sound of the radio flaring to life would probably give Abe and Liz the hope they wanted. It seemed to be easily sent to both channels on different frequencies?

"Ballroom..." the radio would transmit through, sounding like Myers yet it sounded slightly off; as if something else was being picked up on the frequency. "Hurry....a...i...."

The radio would fall silent once more and whoever got there first would easily find the doors to the place swung open. Not a single soul was here. Yet in the center of the ballroom on the floor, rested a radio and the com link. The cold air was stronger here, breathe turning into a white mist that would fade after a few moments. Where had Myers gone though?

For the agent, he felt himself merely floating. Drifting with nothing but a horrible feeling...a ever growing cold as he remained put. Slowly he started to stir back to conciousness, as memories further made his mind twist. Where was he? Why was cold? The cold quickly reminded him of the Arctic, a place he never wanted to return to. The attempt to take a breathe of air resulted in his eyes shooting open, choking as he found no air rushing into his lungs. Only water!! no no... Myers thought as he held his breath, the urge to cough still present from the ice cold water that burned his lungs.

Looking up, the situation fully came to mind. Despite how deep he already  was underwater, he could see it. The underside of boots, of Bureau grade boots!! The room had turned into his nightmare, a nightmare to where he was sinking in the ocean and the floor of the ballroom was the thick sheet of ice preventing him from getting out. Granted he was literally in the floor with no one knowing this.

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“Myers!” Liz called as she rushed into the room.  Agents Sapien and Pierce were close on her heels as she dropped to one knee and picked up the Bureau-issue communication device that Myers had attempted to contact them from.  “Myers!” She called out again as she rose from her crouched position, eyes roaming the ballroom furiously.  Were she not brimming with fury and worry she might have been able to appreciate the beauty of the tapestries, the smart decor, the dusty forgotten place having once lived a life of lavish hosting.  “Myers!” She tried again desperately.  Closed windows.  No perceivable exits. 

“Where could he have gone?” Agent Pierce asked, giving voice to the question on everyone’s mind.  With a grunt of frustration, Liz started about the ballroom, pulling back the many curtains and pushing aside statues.  Feeling useless, the Agent huffed and started off to do the same, when he realized that he could see his breath before his face.  As he held his weapon before him and began his own quest for hidden doors or hidden enemies, his teeth began to chatter.  The room must have been even colder than it was outside.  Yet the windows were all closed.  There were no perceivable exits.  “What in fresh Hell…?” Agent Pierce muttered to himself. 

“Abe, tell me you’re getting something.” Agent Sapien stood in the middle of the room, his scanner held out before him, the strap held taut around his neck.  “Anything?” Liz pressed desperately as she crossed her arms over her chest, holding herself tight against the impossibly chill of the bygone ballroom. 

“If he’s somewhere in this room, his body heat must be failing fast.” Abe noted as he turned about himself, checking the various walls and corners before finally turning the scanner to the floor.  “I’m not sure that he’s… Wait.  He’s in the floor!  Liz, Myers is in the floor!” The agent exclaimed, lips falling numb to the cold of the room, frost climbing up the walls and spreading across the statues. 

“Myers!” Liz screamed, dropping to her knees. 

Roger dropped beside her and ripped at the wooden floorboards, pounding against them with his strong fists, but to no avail.  Leaning back on his feet he rested warped hands against the Bureau issue trousers that covered his muddy knees.  “I can’t get through.  It’s like really thick ice or somethin’...” Roger remarked, catching his breath. 

“Ice, you say?” Liz asked in a low voice, having suddenly gone very quiet and very still. 

“Liz?” Roger asked. 

“You should be running boys.” She warned in a heavy tone as she lifted her hands into the air and blue flames appeared, enveloping her fingers and palms. 

“You heard the lady! Let’s haul ass, gentlemen!” Agent Pierce called, the first to start towards the doors of the ballroom that had been consigned to oblivion.  The B.P.R.D. agents all bolted for the doors as Liz brought her hands down flat against the floor, blue flame spreading across the decorously carpeted wood.  The frost began to recede and the cold melted away as beared down upon it until at last she felt a floorboard splinter beneath her hands. 

“Myers!” She screamed, pulling her hands back from the floor as the flames began burning orange and hot around her.  Pliable and singed wood gave way beneath her capable hands, still burning hot like coals as she ripped her way through the floor.  “John!” She screamed, reaching into the darkness beneath her. 


Across the castle, a corpse lay against the side of his tomb, legs and arms ripped from his decaying body.  He cursed at the Red Demon who stood before him, uttering dark words in the tongue of his Mother Land.  Unfortunately, Hellboy understood Russian so he got it all.  “Listen old man,” he said as he turned to Count Khilkov, or at least what remained of him.  “I’m gettin’ real tired of this conversation, and I’m sure you’re gettin’ real tired of me putting bullets in you.”  He divulged, thinking out loud as he dropped the empty shells from his gun and reloaded it.  “So, why don’t we just cut this whole thing short, and you tell me how you know Rasputin.” The corpse only smiled at him this time. 

“Uh, H.B.?  We got a problem over here.” Agent Johnson announced as he rose from where he had been sitting alongside Agent Smith.  While the seasoned field agent for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence held his palms against his ears and moved away from one of the many archways leading to other cavernous parts of the chamber, Agent Smith did not.  In fact, he began stumbling slowly towards it, his eyes wide and his expression blank.  Hellboy himself could hear it faintly, a sweet little melody, hummed upon a woman’s lips, floating across the air into the burial chamber. 

“Damn.” Hellboy muttered, firing a few more shots into the withered corpse of Count Khilkov.  He had hoped it would make him feel better.  It didn’t. 

“Red, what does rusalka mean?” Agent Johnson asked, his brow furrowed as he began to put together the pieces of the puzzle that Hellboy had already completed for himself. 

“Siren.” He answered.
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Chilling water ate at him, like a secondary posion in his veins. He could feel it. The cold making it harder for him to move, his chest ready to crack with how long he was holding his breathe. The boots were fading from his sight as he sank, squirming in the quiet water as he tried to reach up. But he couldn't. Just like before...just like the last time he was plunged into this horrendous water and nearly dying to it. The black veins spread up his arm and toward his hand as he reached with all his might, feeling his mind starting to slip as a faint voice rumbled above the ice. Unable to hold his breathe any longer, his mouth opened in the futile desire for air. Only to feel the water rush into his lungs.

A gurgling like sound left him as he grabbed his throat, choking on the water as he curled in on himself. No air, he couldn't breathe and he was so cold...everything felt heavy as his mind pulled him backwards in time. Voices echoing in his head of everything that had happened, when that being first showed up to him under the water. Whispering it's words as he struggled to stay conscious. Speaking of a salvation of sorts, a chance to correct the failure he had done to his comrade. They drowned....yet he lived. he was going to drown, this time he was going to star dead!! His right hand was dark at this point, fully encased in black as he felt his chest fill despite having his mouth closed again, small bubbles leaving him. Despite his weakening state, he could feel it. Their influence creeping in his mind, it would be simple...let them have control. Let THEM find a way out of the cold ocean that was a deep black hole in it's own right. Eyelids grew heavy as his mind drifted farther away as he sank.

And yet, something broke through it all mentally. The sound of a screaming voice, cracking ice and wood. A faint glow started to pierce through the dark that caused him to raise his head wearily. Orange voice. The desire to scream out was forcefully contained as he reached, attempting to force himself up toward the surface as he could see more light showing through as the water there started to bubble up from the intense heat. LIZ!!! IT HAD TO BE!!

PLEASE PLEASE BE LIZ!!! GET ME OUT!!! I WANT OUT!!! Myers' mind pleaded, as his eyes went wide, spotting a slim hand plunge into the water.

Liz would feel something grab her hand very rough and firm, almost as if something was clinging for dear life. Seeing that the flames were over, the others rushed over to help Liz pull the heavy weight up. Sure enough Myers would emerge from the dark and formerly cold liquid. Gasping as water poured off him. With feet on stable ground and moving a few inches away from the water, he collapsed to his knees, coughing and hacking up the water that had filled his lungs.

" wrong with your arm?" Roger questioned, noticing the appendage as Myers ripped the soaking wet coat off of himself.

Thoughts calmed, slowly like the storm he had just endured down there. Sitting there with his face directed at some of the floor that remained in tact, he slowly glanced to the arm that the other agent was referring to. What was wrong with it? Such a silly question...everything was wrong with it. The color hadn't returned to it, though slowly Myers stood on weak legs. His normal hand grabbing a hold of part of his darkened arm. Shaking a good deal; clearly from the cold.

"I hate the cold....." Myers muttered, his gaze directed down at the floor, his mind still felt foggy..almost in a blurr despite his mind being somewhat calmer.

At least he wasn't thinking that he was dying or anything like that now. He was still in control which he was glad for that much of a chance did he have if they wanted to take control though? The fact that Rasputin was were they were? They were dead weren't they? Slowly the agent did raise his head, looking at Liz for a moment. A look of gratitude on his face before it faded slightly.

"We....have a problem." Myers spoke, taking a long break between his words due to his sore lungs. "He's here....somehow...Rasputain is alive..warn Red..."

Soft and gentle the sound of the voice carried, accompanied by a musical tune that matched it flawlessly. Echoing throughout the caverns long forgotten and undisturbed even as the gunshots rang out. Leading the agents under it's spell to a large open area. It was hard to tell what this area was, there was hints of architecture but it looked more like a cave with ruins. rather strange honestly. But the music was loudest here.

"Radio....." Myers rasped, holding out his normal hand for someone's comminucation device.

"Myers, you need to rest. We'll worry about getting in contact with Red, we'll warn him." Abe tried to reassure them, though he couldn't help but already sense that strange energy off of the agent. "Are you sure about what you saw?"

"I know...what I saw!" Myers voice had a slight snarl to it but he seemed to shake, as if trying to push some thoughts away as he pulled his hand away. "It's too cold.....far too cold..."

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“Alright,” Hellboy muttered, tying the final knot in the noose he had been weaving before looping it over the head of the undead Russian crumpled before him.   The withered vampire managed to sneak a nip at his fleshy hand in the process, inspiring the big, red brute to land a hard blow with his stone fist. He cracked, though maintained enough restraint not to completely shatter, the bit of exposed skull peeking out from his white hair.  “Son of a bitch,” Hellboy muttered under his breath as he tightened the noose and slung what remained of the obnoxious, Russian skeleton over his shoulder. 

“Red!” Agent Johnson called. 

“I’m comin’!” Hellboy shouted back as he trudged through the knee-deep water, sloshing his way to the Agent’s side as they trailed after their comrade. 

“Red… copy?  Get… right now!” A voice crackled loudly through the earpiece that dangled against Hellboy’s chest.  He plucked the little black bud from where it hung and secured it back into his ear.  As he did so, he spoke in a quiet voice that he hoped made it through to the other end.

“We’re tryin’, Katie.” Hellboy said into the communication piece.  “Let me grab Smith and we’ll be right there.”

Johnson and Red moved side by side as they followed after Agent Smith.  As they went, the half-human giant wrapped the rope upon which Count Khilkov dangled around his chest and secured it in place.  Freeing up his hands he reached for his gun as they wandered into a large chamber.  Though adorned with carved pillars and curious architecture, the room looked to be a cave.  As they ventured deeper, following the sound of the haunting singing, a second channel opened up to the left, the water there deep enough to house countless abandoned, wrecked ships. 

“Well, I guess that accounts for the missing people on the Eastern Coast.” Hellboy muttered to himself, half wishing Katie was there to hear it — just to prove that he did so listen to her briefings…

“Johnson, you should hang back.” The red-hued agent said over his shoulder.  As the words left his mouth, Agent Johnson stumbled past him with his hands slack at his side instead of covering his ears.  “Damn.” Hellboy muttered. 

Grabbing Agent Johnson by the shoulder he spun the bald man around only to land a backhanded blow from his more-human appendage against the agent’s cheek.  It was enough to stun him straight as he clutched his face and grunted, shooting his fellow agent an angry look. 

“Get it together, Johnson.” Hellboy told him through gritted teeth. 

Blinking free of the spell, Agent Johnson’s eyes went wide for an instant before he at once clapped his hands over his ears.  “I’m gonna’ hang back.” He told Hellboy as he backed away from the cave and it’s echoing, hypnotic melody. 

“Good idea.” Hellboy said back before raising his gun and resuming his pursuit of Agent Smith. 

The green agent of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence had wandered to the top of the cave.  He stopped before a broad, low altar.  Kneeling before it, he opened up his arms and raised outstretched palms before him as though he were praying; as though he were making an offering.  On the other side of the altar, sat a gaping whole carved into the stone of the cave, nearly a perfect circle.  The base of which was slicked with that same dark slime Hellboy had found in the village.  That beautiful singing was echoing from this very hole.

Approaching Agent Smith he seized him under the arm and tried hoisting him to his feet.  “C’mon Smith,” he grunted.  When the agent resisted, Hellboy was given pause.  Looking at the agent, his slack face and hollow-seeming eyes, he investigated the altar at which he was knelt. Carved into the stone of the altar was another familiar sight, a phrase similar to the one he had seen etched over the secret doorway, only one word differing. 

Только желающие могут встать на колени
“Only the willing may kneel,” Hellboy muttered.  “Fuck that.” He added quickly before grabbing Agent Smith by the shoulders and striking him once, twice, with no reaction.  As he did, he couldn’t help but notice that the singing voice had started to get louder.   

“Son of a bitch.” Hellboy groaned before winding up and shooting a hard left hook into the side of Agent Smith’s head.  Catching him as he started to slump sideways, Hellboy rooted around in the B.P.R.D Agent’s jacket for the small but mighty explosives that lay within.  He flipped their activation switch and tossed the whole lot into the slimey, dark hole over his shoulder before hoisting Agent Smith into his arms and heading back the way they had all come.   As he rushed through the cavernous tunnel back into the burial chamber of the corpse who bounced against his back he caught up with Agent Jonson as the hypnotic song had whined and scratched into a hellish screech. 

“Run faster,” he told him as he hurried past, Agent Smith still jostling in his strong arms.  When the wail behind them reached the right pitch, he pressed the trigger held in the hand beneath Agent Smith’s shoulders. 

“That ought to do it.” Agent Moore said cheerfully as he finished the last knot of his properly bandaged and support-wrapped ankle and foot.  “Now, why don’t I take a  peek at that arm?” He suggested. 

It took only one, sharp look from Agent Myers for Agent Moore to immediately lift his hands in mock surrender and back away from the intimidating man before him.  “It’s cool, I’m cool…” he uttered nonchalantly as he inched away and rose to his feet.  He carried himself back towards Dr. Krauss and the other agents who had set up in the central hall after clearing the first floor.  In Agent Moore’s place, Agent Sherman stepped forward to fill the lonely space next to John Myers. 

“Is that from that scratch back in the village?” She asked, gesturing to his arm.  When he didn’t bother to answer she stepped forward and reached for him.  This time, when he flinched away from her touch and flashed her a cold glare, she didn’t let it stop her.  “Or is it something else?” She inquired further as she reached again for his arm.  Liz had already seen it, after all, Roger and Abe too..  The cat was out of the bag now.  There was something wrong with Myers. 

Gentle, warm fingers brushed against skin that had once been pale and soft that was now black as night and rough to the touch.  Liz chewed on her lip as she studied her friend’s arm and pondered over his condition.  Tucking her dark hair behind her ears she sat herself alongside Agent Myers, bringing her knees up to her chest and holding her legs.  She didn’t say anything at first but instead just watched John in silence for a time before at last she spoke, saying, “you don’t have to tell me.”

“I just want to help.” Liz told Agent Myers.  “We’re friends, remember?” She offered him a smile and knocked shoulders with him before fixing him once more with a meaningful stare.  “Whatever this is, we’re gonna’ figure it out.” She said and she could tell that John knew, in spite of the futility of the sentiment, she meant it. 

The pounding sound of running feet pulled the agents’ attention from one another to their approaching peers.  Dr. Corrigan rushed forward with two other agents on her heels.  As she caught her breath she glanced around, eyes going wide.  “Where the hell are Smith and Johnson?” She demanded at once.  “Are they not back yet with H.B.?”

“Not yet,” Liz answered as she rose from where she had been sitting next to Agent Myers.  “Why? What’s happening?”

“We gotta’ go.” Dr. Kate Corrigan said at once, turning to their Captain, Dr. Krauss.  “Like, right now!” She urged, taking a step forward as her hands gestured frantically.  “Those things are coming up from every little crack and crevice in this entire—” Kate was never given the opportunity to finish her sentence as a massive explosion rocked the very ground beneath their feet.   

“Red…” Liz started as she quickly holstered her gun and started in the direction of the deafening sound.  “Red, I have to…”

“Agent Sherman, you v’hill accompany Agents Myers u’nd Moore back to z’he base camp.” Dr. Krauss ordered, moving into action.  “I know z’hat you v’ant to help.” He said, holding up a silencing hand as she opened her mouth to voice her objection.  “But z’hese creatures are v’ater logged.  Your fire v’hill do no’zhing.” He elaborated, before adding, “z’his iz’ an order, Agent Sherman!”

Liz stood still for a moment before letting out an exasperated sigh and turning to Agent Myers.  “Alright, let’s go.” She said, offering him a hand which she then pulled across her shoulder.  He could walk on his bad ankle but only barely, and judging by the urgency of Dr. Corrigan’s panicked scramble, they would have to walk quickly. 

“You four, v’his z’hem.” Dr. Krauss barked.  “Z’he rest of you, v’iz’ me.” The Captain gave the order and the agents of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence moved into action.  Dr. Corrigan was the first up the stairs, bounding down the East Wing of the second floor with the rest of the agents fast behind her.  They barely made it halfway down before the familiar large, red shape of their comrade burst through a door and rushed towards them.  One agent followed behind while the other flopped in his arms. 

“Turn around and keep running!” He called down the hallway as a band of hungries came spilling into the corridor behind them, bouncing off the walls and scrambling like beasts on all fours.  The agents of the B.P.R.D. turned on their heels and headed straight back down the worn, once lavishly carpeted steps they had just climbed.  They rushed for the doors out which the rest of the team hustled, Agent Myers limping against Agent Sherman.   

“Alright, quick hand-off.” Hellboy muttered as he passed Agent Smith off to two other agents, though not before snatching the last explosives from his vest.  Heaving them into the main hall he paused at the threshold while the rest of the agents made their flight to the base camp, waiting for the right moment, waiting until they were all gathering and falling over each other right in the middle of the… Now!

Hellboy pressed the trigger and another huge explosion rattled the mountain upon which Khilkov Castle had been built.  The agents behind him lower down the hill stumbled, Agent Sherman falling into Agent Myers as they ran, the rest holding out their arms to steady themselves on the uneven, shaking ground.  The floor of the castle gave way, the hungries falling through into the cavernous catacombs below.  The rest snapped and snarled from across the gaping hole while a horrible screeching cry ripped through the much disturbed quiet air of the Russian Coast. 

“Why is your solution to everything to blow it up?!” Dr. Corrigan fumed, pausing in her quick footed flight, never missing an opportunity to lecture the half-demon. 

“Well, it’s effective, ain’t it?” Hellboy retorted, grinning. 

“What the hell is on your back?” Dr. Corrigan raged on. 

“Katie, meet Count Khilkov.” Hellboy said in mock pleasantry, hoisting the withered corpse up higher on his back.

“Ты уродливая, глупая, красная обезьяна!” The undead Russian vampire hissed. 

“He’s a lot of fun.” Hellboy offered. 

“So, any z’heories?” Dr. Krauss asked the man who appeared to them on the screen of their humble set-up at base camp. 

“It’s hard to tell from these pictures,” Dr. Eaton answered, pulling his glasses from his face to wipe away a smudge with the tail of her shirt.  “We’ll have to get you back here to H.Q., Myers.  If we run a few tests, I might be able to come up with some answers.” Agent Myers sat in a wooden chair alongside the workstation that Dr. Krauss had prepared for his team, the blue glow of the monitor illuminating the side of his tired face.  There were some, like Agent Sapien, who hovered around the various monitors and screens, trying to help Dr. Krauss with the riddle they had wandered their way into.  Not just in relation to Agent Myers and his mysteriously blackened arm, but also the rest of the mess they had signed up for. 

Agent Smith stood strapped to a nearby post, his eyes still sightless, awake and yet ever-struggling against the restraints that kept him from his desired place.  Which, in this case, was kneeling at a creepy stone altar to offer himself up as a meal to a hellish she-demon.  Next to him, the newly quadrapalegic, undead Count Khilkov squirmed and thrashed where he had been tied up, spouting Russian curses through fanged teeth.  It was all about par-for-the-course for the B.P.R.D. agents.  While some members of the team assisted in their study of these mysteries, the rest had set themselves to the task of securing the tavern hall and eliminating any nearby hungries that might creep up on them in the night.  When the last scouting team had returned, Hellboy returned along with them.  He dropped the overly-large shotgun he had been sporting on his errand on a nearby table, shrugging out of his overly-large trench coat.  He pulled his smoke-case from his pocket and chose a cigar over his cigarettes, bringing the tightly packed brown leaves to his lip and sparking the end. 

“Give me another call if anything changes.” Dr. Eaton said.  “I’ll see you soon, John.” The blond-haired scholar told the agent, turning his head in the camera so as to maintain polite formality even over a video-chat.  He gave one last nod of the head before the screen went black, the words “chat-ended” replacing the kind face of the man who had studied under Dr. Trevor Bruttenholm. 

“Z’here iz not much more v’hee can do for you here, Agent Myers.”  Dr. Krauss explained.  “V’hee v’hill have to take a closer look v’hen v’hee return.”

“How ya’ feelin’, Myers?” Hellboy asked as he walked up to the group of studious agents.  The response he got was about what he had expected.  “And how’s Smith?” He pressed on, turning his attention to Dr. Krauss. 

“Not good.” The Captain answered simply. 

“Hey, I think I’ve got something.” Dr. Corrigan called the team on cue.  They collected themselves and meandered over to where she had set up an impromptu brain scan.  Probes were stuck to Agent Smith’s head and connected to a monitor and a computer where Kate analyzed the data.  Hellboy didn’t fail to notice the way Liz lingered behind the group to help Agent Myers to his feet.  Hiding his feelings in a puff of cigar smoke, he turned his attention to Dr. Corrigan. 

“His neurons are firing here and here, as though he’s listening to music.” Kate explained as she pointed to the areas that were lit up on the complicated map of Agent Smith’s brain. 

“I don’t hear anything,” Roger pointed out in his usual monotonous voice. 

“Exactly.” Dr. Corrigan said, raising a finger into the air matter-of-factly.  “It’s like he’s infected with her siren-song, and it’s eating away at his neurological functions, like…” The moment her voice trailed off, Hellboy rushed to fill the silence. 

“Like a parasite.” He finished.  “Look at that Myers, you were right all along.” Though his tone was jovial and sarcastic, the feeling was not one shared mutually.  Agent Myers only looked on at the information before him with an unreadable furrowed brow. 

“So, Count Khilkov marries a siren, who lures victims to his castle so he can regenerate… then what?” Agent Sherman asked, her brow quirked as she stepped up beside the large, red, cigar-smoking man in front of her to ask the educated doctors before her more directly. 

“Z’his power she v’heilds is extraordinary,” Dr. Krauss explained.  “But vampires drain u’nd kill z’here victims.  Z’heze people are undead like vampires, but also v’ater demons, like her.”  The Captain went on, musing.  “If v’hee can find z’hee source of z’his power, v’hee might understand v’hat  v’hee are missing.”

“I’ve got some ideas.” Hellboy offered as he pulled a folded piece of paper from his pocket, dropping the black and white image of Count Khilkov, the mysterious Japanese woman and Rasputin onto the surface of the medical cart. 

“Rasputin,” Agent Sapien breathed, looking down at the image and then back to his comrades, blinking.  “Agent Myers, you said that you saw him in Castle Khilkov.”  He pointed out, gesturing to the brunette man who stood across from him, one hand still touching upon the mindless, sightless agent who struggled against his restraints.   

“You saw him?” Hellboy’s voice was loud as he turned on Agent Myers, eyes wide and wild.  “You’re sure?” He questioned pointedly.  When he was satisfied with the answer he got he brushed past his fellow Agents, reaching first for his trenchcoat and then for his shotgun before starting towards the door. 

“Oh, no you don’t!” Liz objected at once, rushing forward to put herself between Red and the barricaded door he was headed for.  “Don’t you dare.”  She warned, an outstretched hand upon his chest.  When he moved to side step her she mirrored his footing, blocking him again.  “Red, you promised!” She reminded him.  Hellboy stared down at his girl for a moment, then another before finally tsking his tongue against his teeth and rolling his eyes.  Turning back around he angrily slammed his coat and gun onto the same table from which he had plucked them before striding past his fellow agents once more.  Snatching a scalpel off the medical cart he stood before the hissing Russian Count who wiggled his decaying corpse helplessly within his bindings. 

“Red, what are you doing?” Liz asked, following after her greatest joy and also her greatest headache. 

“Torture didn’t work to get this asshole to talk,” Hellboy pointed out as he dragged the scalpel across the palm of his hand.  “Let’s see if temptation will.” As he spoke he lifted his bleeding hand over the remains of Count Khilkov, who arched his splintering head and extended his dried up tongue in anxious anticipation.

“Red, I wouldn’t do that…” Kate cautioned. 

As the first drop of Hellboy’s blood fell from his squeezed fist and landed into Count Khilkov’s waiting mouth, the resplendent glowing blue all at once returned to his dead eyes. 

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"How about we leave the arm out of this for now?" Myers remarks, a low tone to his voice as he moved it away from the other Agent after they were spooked off by the look he gave them.

A part of the demon was showing through this aggressive behavior, granted he just didn't want to be more agitated. The little underwater trip of almost drowning had certainly pushed him into a agitated state. Once again, he ended up doing the same reaction. A harsh gaze that read as cold and he made sure to keep his arm away from her. It did little good, it wasn't like he was trying to just scare people away from him. It was just his personality taking on different traits...or at least,  some of the demon's influence.

"Something else." Myers replied through a displeased tone, suggesting that this something else was a touchy subject.

Still, he couldn't keep his arm away from her forever and her fingertips made contact with it. The warmth from her fingertips actually felt nice. The man was soaked from head to toe in ice cold water and even when discarding the heavy coat that was drenched, it was still taking a while to air dry. With her sitting next to him, the man let out a long and heavy sigh. His normal hand pressing against his tired face as he pulled down. Clearly calming down as he sat there and was in company that didn't....didn't set of negative emotions due to stupid past thing.

"I know...It's just hard to..." Myers started, finding a lack of words to be the least of his issues. "We're friends, that never changed. Red though..."

He stopped talking as the doors to the large room were tossed opened by  Dr. Corrigan as she spoke urgently. The slowly growing calm in Myers faded as he sat there. The rumble underneath them followed by the loud boom told him enough. Hellboy. Whatever they were doing, they were doing it their way. Structural instability was going to set in quickly given how deep underground the big guy was and the high grade explosives were powerful enough to speed up said building's instability. Taking Liz's hand without a fuss or disagreement, Myers cooperated on the effort to get out.

Despite the things he'd seen, Myers halted with Liz as they saw Red come charging toward them with the other agents in tow. Blackened hand tightened it's grip on Liz's arm, a more instinctual reaction as he took a step back. As if preparing for something. Sure enough, the swarm of afflicted corpses came spilling into the hall and the agent's eyes went wide. It was like a tidal wave of these things.

"Fuck..fuck it!" Myers cursed under his breathe, turning round in unison with Liz.

The second explosion went off and the ground shook, everyone worked to help steady everyone and Myers' felt his heart pounding as he took a deep breathe. Course, the agent's brows were lightly narrowed as he looked over to Dr. Corriagan as she questioned Red's methods, only for the man to raise a brow as Red introduced his new 'bud'.

"Well, this is ironically familiar..." Myers muttered, recalling how Red had carried that one corpse into the place that would lead to the confrontation with Rasputation.

With base camp set up a while later, Myers had taken to sitting and due to the strain of the demon giving him that boost when underwater. A few coughs finally left him with the black substance coughed into his hand. He tried to hide it, didn't need everyone breathing down his throat. His discolored arm was showing signs of returning to normal. Near the shoulder the skin was almost back to the right skin tone but the viens were still black, while everything else down from that, was still in that fully darkened color with no veins in sight. Course Dr. Eaton probably saw the coughing he had done and him trying to hide something else thanks to the video feed.

"Right, it can wait. There's more important things to be worried about. This'll go away on it's own." Myers replied.

Ending the call, Myers gave a sigh, looking even more tired as his brows furrowed slightly. Honestly this wasn't what he wanted. It felt like he was in a media circus or something with how others were hovering nearby. At the questions on how he was; even the one from Red, Myers tried to keep a netural face.

"Tired, but that's nothing new." Myers answered simply, it was him being honest.

His tired eyes would glance over to their tied up Agent who was squirming as if he was being eaten alive by fire ants. A look of sympathy came over his facial features, now Myers had never encountered Sirens before. So he didn't have any ideas off the top of his head to snap someone out of that song. Sirens were alluring creatures with their song...but with how he was acting, it was like a patient going through severe withdrawl symptoms times fifty.  There was a bit of surprise on his face when Liz stayed behind to give him a hand up and he accepted the aid with a weak smile that would fade the moment he looked away from her.

"Well lookie there, I got lucky." Myers remarked in regards to Red's comment on him being right.

So it was a parasite to a degree. So was the siren still controlling all those 'hungries'? If so, were they just around to bring her more victims? OR was there a real purpose to this? The agent couldn't help but think back to seeing Rasputatin, how none of his bullets worked on the man. Then the photo was produced and his gaze looked to it. Well shit....just absolute shit.

"Yeah, I saw him. My bullets did nothing against him." Myers replied, though he turned his gaze to Red as they asked if he was sure. "I know what that asshole looks like, I'm positive it was him. I just don't....."

Myers cut himself off as Red stormed toward the husk of a vampire, a brow raised. He allowed the two agents to have their momentariy action and Myers held in a chuckle as he watched Liz effortlessly talk the big man out of charging into the night. That would've been useful back then...oh well. But that amusement faded in a instant as Red picked up a scaple and spoke his...'plan'.

"Don't! That's a bad idea and you know it, you aren't thinking straight!!" Myers ordered as he forced himself to take several steps. "I get that you're mad Rasputation is somehow back, I don't like it either. But wake up a vampire is a stupid...."

And too late...the big red guy had cut his own hand open and was moving it toward the vampire's mouth. Myer's expression turned to one of fury as he gritted his teeth, brows narrowing as he stormed over to the big ape; ignoring the pain in his ankle as he took quick steps, his blackened hand was already clenched into a fist and he raised it as fast as he could. The smell of blood registered and Myers was thankful this thing in him wouldn't be triggered by that.

If Red didn't look to the side fast enough, Myers swung his dark fist. Attempting to sucker punch the other to at least make them move away from the thing they were going to try and tempt, which was only going to make things worse.  If the strike landed, Red would feel more strength in it than what Myers' should've had. Even if the blow landed or didn't, Myers' would stand there with a look of fury that spoke volumes on his face.

"YOU LOST YER MIND?!!" Myers yelled. "You give any blood to him and we're gonna be in a tighter spot than we already are! Hungries are one thing, a siren is bad but worse now that we're a man down due to it! And you go give a who knows how old vampire a drop of demon blood that is probably going to give him a jumpstart rather than a slow humm to fully wake up?!!!"

Oh this is gonna be good. I'm glad to have a front row seat. the demon's voice mocked in Myers' head, which only helped fuel the man's outrage, his darkened hand was open but there were now thick claws at the end of them as he pointed one said claw at the big red man.

"You're not stupid!!! Sure, you charge in like a man with a death wish and blow everything up, and you prefer the lone wolf style. But you gotta think about everyone else here!" Myerse shouted, gesturing a normal finger toward the vampire's direction. "HE gets loose, we're all gonna have to cover each other's asses harder all while trying to keep an eye on Smith, who if he gets lose then he's gonna run to his death. If not get swooped up by missing limbs Count here and made a meal. I swear, sometimes it feels like you're trying to get killed!"

The Agent took several deep breathes, as if he had been trying to hold in this level of rage and anger in for a long time. Though the man finally noticed the glowing blue to the vampire's eyes as life was truly returned to those orbs, as for the threat level of this thing...Myers' was gonna vote very high on that. A displeased glare was given to Red.

"Anyone dies here, I blame you for it." Myers growled lowly to Red.

Don't you already blame him? The demon's voice remarked in his head, making Myers shake his head in order to try and ignore the voice.

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He should have been angry.  He was angry, after all that punch hadn’t exactly been the butterfly tickle he had been anticipating, but only to a point.  Hellboy watched in muted wonder as Agent Myers raged at him.  The storm washed over him but he made no move to counter.  He should have hit him back.  He should have shouted back.  Instead, Red did nothing.  Standing as a statue, the stillness of the tavern was suddenly overwhelming, the silence screaming louder than even Agent John Myers. 

“Well, that’s new.” Hellboy said into the crypt-like quiet. 

“John,” Agent Sherman began, her voice soft as she stepped carefully towards her comrade. 

“Liz…” Red warned, but she shrugged off the hand that reached out to stop her. 

“John, your hand.” Liz said quiet and hushed, the words meant for Agent Myers alone.  They both turned their gaze to his arm, which had once again gone black, and the sharp talons that now protruded from where well-clipped nails had once humbly resided.  “Take a deep breath,” she continued. 

As Agent Myers’ eyes roamed to the other agents in the large hall of stone and wood, it would be impossible for him not to notice that with the exception of Agents Hellboy and Sherman, every other uniformed member of the B.P.R.D. had drawn their weapon.  The barrels of their guns were not tuned onto the undead vampire that writhed, but instead Agent Myers.  Their fingers poised on the trigger, they seemed to have decided that Count Khilkov was not actually the greatest threat in the room. 

“It’s okay,” Liz told him, her voice still gentle.  Touching his face, she turned his chin so that his eyes were once again back on hers.  “Just calm down, John.”

“Вы убьете друг друга первыми,” the vampire Count hissed. 
“Well, look who decided to join the party?” Hellboy mused, his voice dripping in satirical satisfaction.  Turning from the problematic agent, the big, red lug turned his attention back to the vampire in question. 

“You hungry, lil’ fella’?” Hellboy asked sarcastically.   

“жаждущий крови всех тех, кого ты любишь,” he insulted further. 

“Yeah?  Fuck you too, buddy.” The half-human agent retorted. 

The colour had returned to the Russian vampire’s hollow eyes, some of his hair too.  An earthy dark brown had begun to sprout from his roots, some of the worn spots revealing bone stitching back together with invisible threads.  The ichor of life was this monster’s source of nourishment.  Yet, it seemed that Hellboy’s blood in particular gave this old bat a little extra kick.  Probably that dash of demon in the red cocktail that dripped from the cut on his hand, which itself was already beginning to clot and heal.  Turning over his palm and bringing the scalpel back to the waiting wound, it was Dr. Krauss who stepped forward to place a hand on Hellboy’s strong arm. 

“My Russian iz rather rusty.” The German doctor explained.  “V’hill you translate?” He asked.  Hellboy only nodded as both kind-of-but-not-really men turned their attention to the vampire. 

“Z’his z’iren in your castle.  V’hat iz her name?” Dr. Krauss asked.

“трахни тебя, немецкая свинья.” The vampire spat. 

There was a pause as Dr. Krauss turned his attention to Hellboy who only shook his head as he muttered, “nah, you don’t want me to translate that.”

The minutes had turned into hours as the team began to cycle out for different shifts to sleep.  Dr. Krauss and Agent Hellboy had wasted the night sitting around a corpse, watching it grow back into something that was beginning to resemble the man he had once been.  The arms and legs were still only nubby stumps.  Bones didn’t grow back quite so quick as the rest of him.  Which was fortunate, because when the Count got a little too lippy, Hellboy would use the scalpel to cut away some of the fleshier bits.  Dr. Corrigan had helped them as much as she could, but as a mere mortal, she was eventually forced to surrender to sleep.  Agent Myers might have been pretending to sleep, either way his stillness was a welcome relief for the agents who traded out watches over him.  Clocking in now, was none other than Agent Sapien. 

“I see you’ve put away your claws.” Abe said as he sat down in the empty chair beside Agent Myers bed.  Unlike the agents who had come before, he did not immediately pull out his gun and point it in John’s direction.  “That’s a good start.”  Leaning back in his chair, he made himself as comfortable as he could be beneath the weight of his breathing apparatus. 

“They seem to be making progress.” Agent Sapien commented, daring to turn his gaze away from Agent Myers towards his friends who interrogated the ancient Russian vampire behind them. 

“My hair is not stupid!” Hellboy shouted, throwing the stool he had been sitting in across the room.  The racket inspired a few groans from the agents who had been trying to grab a few hours of sleep in the echoing hall.  “That’s it, I’m taking the nipple again...” He fumed petulantly. 

“Agent Hellboy, v’hait!” Dr. Krauss scolded. 

“Perhaps not much progress,” Abe muttered, turning back to the man before him.  “But progress.” His tone was hopeful, his voice as amiable as ever.  “You know, if you require assistance regulating your emotions, I do have a particular skill with…” his voice trailed off as he spoke.  Agent Myers had made it clear on more than one occasion that help from Agent Sapien was neither wanted, nor needed.  “Very well.” He conceded in humility.

“Agent Sherman will be taking the next watch,” Abe said nonchalantly after a beat.  “If you do not wish to speak with me about this then perhaps you should try speaking with her.” It was the last words he uttered for the next few hours while he carried out his shift of the watch.  When Agent Sherman arrived to relieve him of the duty he headed across the hall towards Hellboy and Dr. Krauss.  Looking over his shoulder he could see the concern that curved Liz’s back as she watched over the young agent of the B.P.R.D.  While the others seemed keen on protecting everyone else from Agent Myers, it seemed like it was the other way around for Agent Sherman.  Without hesitating, she reached across the space between them to rest a tender hand on Agent Myers’ shoulder. 

Leaving them in peace, Agent Sapien found Dr. Krauss and Agent Hellboy bent over the notes that Kate had left them before retiring to her sleeping cot.  “Anything yet?” He asked as he approached them. 

“Yeh’z. V’hee have been very successful.” Dr. Krauss said pleasantly. 

“The bitch made a deal with Rasputin and left Count No-Legs-or-Arms over here to rot.” Hellboy explained crudely, gesturing with a thumb towards the limb-less vampire. 

“лучше без рук и ног, чем без волос.” The undead Russian taunted in return. 

“C’mon man, I thought we were past that.” Red grumbled over his shoulder.  He didn’t care for Russians, but the Count was starting to grow on him. 

“это рога, которые делают вас лысым на вершине?” The Count inquired sarcastically, making every attempt to get a rise out of the half-demon whose blood tasted so sweet. 

“Hey, I see two good nipples just waiting to be sliced off…” Hellboy warned, inspiring the oozing, corpse to hiss in their general direction. 

“A deal for po’vher v’hould explain the sudden surge in disappearances.” Dr. Krauss explained. 

“Which means…” Agent Sapien inquired subtly, his tone taking on a grave weight. 

“Rasputin’s still out there.” Hellboy finished.  “And he’s recruited the little mermaid to build an army of mindless cannibalistic water zombies.” 

“But to what end?” Agent Sapien pressed. 

“Z’hat is v’hat v’hee are trying to figure out.” Dr. Krauss offered helpfully.

“What about Myers?” Agent Sapien asked, changing the subject from one horror to the next. 

“One crisis at a time, Abe.” Hellboy said tiredly, dragging a hand over his face.  His yellow gaze wandered to Agent Myers, who was sitting upright and talking to Liz.  Red looked away, ignoring the familiar itch of jealousy crawling up his throat. 

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That was it? That was all he had to say? Nothing in regard how he was putting everyone else's life at risk by willingly giving a vampire what they need to survive? Myers felt that same frustration and anger building, about half a mind to continue lecturing the big man. When Liz's voice broke the growing storm in his head and the man's gaze went to her. He looked a small bit less angry but even Liz would still see that growing fury. Her voice was soft, a low hushed whisper as she pointed out something to him. A brow raised slightly and he looked to his hand, noticing those sharp claws as he flexed his digits; as if testing to see if these were truly attached to his fingers. They of course were.

The sensation of eyes staring through his back registered and turning his head just enough to look over his shoulder, he saw the reason. Everyone's gun was pointed at him, not the vampire that could spring to full life thanks to Red's brash action for information. Nope....his back was a target by every gun in this room save for two; Red's large gun and Liz's weapon. Deep down, he wondered if Red would ever end up pointing that massive barrel at him. The bullets in that probably would take something off if they hit Myers' form. Course it wasn't comforting to have everyone else's gun pointed at him.

Still think you can blend in and gain new allies? The demon's voice echoed in his head, pointing out the obvious foolishness to even stay in this field.

But if he had quit then what? Then everything would just fester far worse and he'd never get payback....never fix things for those that were. That's when the warm hand was put against his face, snapping John out of his thoughts and less angry eyes directed their gaze at Liz. Why? Why was she the only one that wasn't holding a gun to him? Sure he knew her and he helped bring her back, she was a good person...part of John wondered if he should've just left Liz live her life outside of all this bullcrap? Were some actions of the past the right ones? Honestly, Myers doubted he was the right person for the Professor to take a interest in.

A sigh left Myers as he stood there, his hands merely dangling by his sides as he stood there. No words left him as he just looked away and after a minute or so of uncomfortable silence, Myers pulled away and walked away from the others. Shoving his darkened hand into his pocket, nothing was okay. As the vampire came to life and spoke, Myers ignored it. He didn't care at the moment...and that felt more painful than anything for some reason.

As the time passed and shifts went about, Myers didn't sleep. At times, he did try to get some rest. But with the sensation of eyes on him more than they were before, it unnerved him further. A chair creaked as Abe took their seat next to him.

"They fade away on their own apparently..." Myers replied to Abe's words as he did a hand gesture with his not as black hand.

It seemed the solitude he gave himself was making the agent's arm return to normal but that was mainly due to his body recovering from the boast he had been given and getting some of his rage out. So at least things weren't getting worse. The Agent didn't look toward Red and the Doctor at Abe's remark, he could hear Red's furious voice and the poor Doctor trying to stop him from...welp...those were words he didn't think he'd hear Red say at any point in his life.

"If he's getting info, I guess it's some progress." Myers answered, a deep breathe left the man. "Not now Abe, please...I'd rather not have....a bunch of guns at my back. Right now, messing with my emotions will only give more headaches to everyone else here."

Abe was only trying to help, he could see that. But honestly what else could he do? Myers didn't know everything about his current, internal companion. He just knew some of the main things. The demon could give him a boast if he needed it but that came with some physical signs of not being in picture perfect health. The black veins, the coughing up some dark substance, and even his entire skin changing looking like you haven't slept in months doesn't help either.

The silence between the two agents after Abe informing him of who was to take the next watch, the man kept quiet. Turning onto his side as he laid there, he let his gaze just stare off into the darkness across from him. Eventually a hand would rest on his shoulder, making Myers' look up and see Liz there. Did he lose track of time? Must've since he hadn't heard Abe get up and leave. Slowly, Myers's sat up, deciding that no matter what, he wouldn't be able to avoid a conversation with Liz.

"Red's still just as protective of ya as ever, huh?" Myers asks, wanting to keep the subject off of him and the obviousness of him not being the same man when he first joined the buearo.

Their small conversation was low and quiet, mainly out of courtesy so that the other agents would get to sleep longer. Myers still tried to keep the topic of what was wrong with him out of it. And yet, Liz managed to phrase the question just the right way and quiet enough, for the man to give a sigh as he cave slightly.

"It's not from these hungries as Red likes to call em." Myers replied in a low voice. "It's from the arctic, just another reason as to why I don't want to talk about that place."

But they're going to make you talk about it sooner or later, there's no avoiding it now. The demon commented in his head.

Myers' gaze looked downward at his knees and boots, soon to the floor. The man looked more drained as he sat there, more tired. Raising a hand, he rubbed at his eyes. Trying to get the slight stinging feeling to go away as his mortal body craved the right amount of sleep. That wasn't going to happen, not with him feeling like every time one of the other agents got up and would have their gun either drawn or have it trained on him the whole time they were awake. It was more of a feeling for that happening. He knew what having eyes staring through you felt like....people looking at you with distrust and fear....for a while, everyone in the arctic was like that...those that survived the first out of the mainly problems while he was there.

"Ten bucks says Red still cuts something else off of Count?" Myers attempted to joke as he looked back up at Liz, a weak smile showed he was trying to change the subject.

Still that weak smile looked like one that was uncomfortable...fighting off other feelings that were swirling round in the person who owned it.

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“Ten bucks says Red still cuts something else off the Count.” Myers joked.  He even almost managed a smile.  It was enough to smooth the concern from Liz’s brow, a little laugh passing her lips. 

Rising from the seat she and all the other agents before her had occupied, she moved herself onto the cot upon which John had been trying — and failing — to fall asleep.  She sat next to him, bringing her knees up to her chest as she always did.   Agent Myers seemed at ease with the fire-starter around, ironically enough.  Though she didn’t know what was wrong with Myers, and she couldn’t even begin to understand what he must be going through, she wanted to help.  If her presence alone could achieve that feat, then she would ensure that she stuck around. 

“I already know what you’re going to say,” she began, looking down at her hands, fidgeting on her knees.  “But I can’t help but feel like this is all my fault.” Flicking a shy gaze his way, Liz breathed hard through her nose, working up the courage to say what she had wanted to say from the moment she had found out that Agent Myers had been transferred.

“When you were here last, I liked having you around.” She told him.  Averting her eyes bashfully she admitted more quietly, “I liked... you.” Adjusting her position, she tucked one leg under herself as she turned on the cot, squaring herself to Agent Myers. 

“I know you’re going to tell me that I’m not responsible, but…” As her voice trailed off she reached out to lay a hand on top of John’s.  “I wanted to say that I’m sorry anyway.”  She said.  “I’m really sorry, John.” In their tranquil bubble of peaceful quiet, their eyes met as they looked on at one another.  Unspoken words passed through their shared gaze. If life were like the movies made it out to be, this would be the moment that John leaned in and kissed her.  As always, however, Liz’s hellish boyfriend was there to interrupt whatever tender moment they might have shared. 

“I’m just gonna’ ask him…” He was saying over his shoulder to Dr. Krauss and Abe as he walked over to Agents Myers and Sherman. 

“Agent Hellboy, z’his is a bad idea.” Dr. Krauss was insisting. 

“One of your worst in fact.” Agent Sapien confirmed, one amphibian finger raised in point-of-fact protest. 

“Maybe,” Hellboy conceded, all the while maintaining his bee-line trajectory straight for Agent Myers.  Instinctively, Liz pulled her hand away from John’s and inched back on the cot, putting a more platonic space between herself and Agent Myers as Red approached. 

“How’s your ankle?” He asked Myers directly, stopping in front of the agent’s humble cot.  The grumpy, tired answer was sufficient enough for the red-skinned brute to continue with his line of inquiry. 

“You think you can point that thing at someone who deserves it?” Hellboy asked, gesturing vaguely towards Agent Myers on-again-off-again corrupted arm. 

“Red…” Liz scolded, still sitting beside her friend. 

“Okay,” Hellboy surrendered at once. “Someone else who also deserves it?” He tried again, rephrasing his question.  There was no doubt in anyone’s mind after all, that Hellboy had that mean punch coming to him for some time now. 

“Of course, if you aren’t feeling up to the task, I would encourage you to stay back here at the base camp.” Agent Sapien interjected, ever thoughtful. 

“V’hat do you say, Agent Myers?” Dr. Krauss asked patiently.  The agents of the B.P.R.D. who gathered around Agent John Myers all looked to him expectantly.  For the first time since he had revealed his blackened, claw-bearing arm, they were looking at him not like an enemy; but instead, an ally. 

“Well, alright then.” Hellboy grinned.  As he spoke he reached into his pocket to retrieve the silver, crucifix encrusted smoke case.  Choosing a cigar he gave the end a quick cut before popping it into his mouth.  “Quick regroup, and then let’s go kill the bitch.” He said jovially, holding his cigar between his teeth. 

“она оставит тебя гнить в моем замке.” Count Khilkov sneered from behind them.  She will leave you to rot in my castle.

“You know what?” Hellboy started as he turned around to glare at the vampiric remains he had spent his evening torturing and taunting. “You look like you got one too many ears there, pal.” He threatened, pulling a knife from the sheath against his leg and marching towards his intended target. 

“Looks like I owe you ten bucks,” Liz whispered to Agent Myers with a smile before lifting herself from the edge of John’s cot and hurrying after the half-demon she had chosen to have by her side. 

“Are you sure about z‘his?” Dr. Krauss asked, but he realized that Agent Myers wasn’t looking at him but instead past him.  Following his gaze, Dr. Krauss and Abe both turned to look over their shoulders. 

Liz had guided Hellboy away from the Russian Count with sweet words and a sweeter smile.  Stepping up close to him she lifted her finger, a small blue flame licking up her hand. Leaning in, Hellboy lit the end of his cigar from the fire his girlfriend had produced from thin air, grinning down at her.  Blowing the smoke up and away from his girl, he slung a heavy arm around her shoulder, her narrow arm slipping around his waist in return.  Together, they sauntered off into the deeper reaches of the tavern to share a quiet moment before they charged headlong into battle with a demonic siren. 

“Get some rest, Myers.” Abe said, sympathy twisting his face behind his water-filled goggles. 

“V’hee go at first light.” Dr. Krauss added professionally as the two turned away from Agent Myers to leave him in his sleepless solitude. 

Hellboy and Dr. Krauss walked at the front of the group, Agent Myers flanked just behind them.  It was a rule of thumb that still hadn’t really changed since John’s greener days in the B.P.R.D. If you wanted to stay close to the action, you stayed close to the Big Red himself.  They walked ahead of the larger group, since Hellboy had learned through experience that he was immune to the siren’s song and Dr. Krauss — well he was vapour.  It was a simple deduction by the doctor that if he had no sound receptors or physical brain to influence, he too would be impervious.  The rest of the team, including Agents Roger, Sapien and Myers, had been given the same set of noise cancelling communication pieces that all the human agents had been issued. Just to be safe. 

“Here we go!” Agent Johnson called to the group as they reached the peak of the hill, Castle Khilkov within sight.  “Ears on, guns hot!” He called out.  The agents all collectively secured their devices into their ears, flipping off the safety of their guns and getting their trigger fingers ready for action. 

“We’re live, Kate.” Agent Johnson said into the comm. piece in his ear before resuming the groups’ steady approach on the castle. 

“Okay everybody, stay in contact.” Dr. Corrigan’s voice echoed through the shared channel, commanding from the base camp.  “Satellites are in position but heat and motion signals aren’t going to pick up all of them.” She instructed, her voice echoing with both authority and anxiety.  “The Captain and Red are going to be your ears, so stay alert.”

“Copy that, Katie.” Hellboy said into his comm. piece before pressing his thumb to the accompanying device on his hip, switching channels.  “How ya’ doin’, hot stuff?” He asked with a grin, choosing Liz’s individual channel. 

“Don’t do anything stupid.” Agent Sherman answered, resigned to the rear of the unit so as not to be a distraction for Hellboy or Agent Myers. 

“Who me?” He said back coyly, still grinning as he marched forward with his gun out, his father’s rosary swaying from his wrist in the cold wind. 

“Yeah, you.  You big lug.” She joked back, a small laugh making it through the comm. piece and reaching Hellboy’s ear.  “Don’t make me have to come up there.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” He said back sweetly before returning to the main channel. 

“Agent Johnson, you are up.” Dr. Krauss called as they approached the broken, main doors of the castle.  The group halted in their formation as Johnson’s bald head moved to the front.  Kneeling at the mouth of the hole Hellboy had blasted through the front foyer, he opened a case and began turning the dials to activate the charges inside.  As he did, Agents Hellboy and Myers stood on either side of him, their guns poised and ready to offer cover if needed.  Curiously enough, the castle was eerily quiet.  Far too quiet, in fact. 

Agent Johnson dropped the case into the cavernous underbelly of the castle below, listening to the sloshing sound of it landing in water.  “Charges live in three, two…” he pressed the trigger in his hands and a blue, crackling light filled the main hall.  It flashed brightly from within the hole below, accompanied by the wailing sounds of several somethings within, caught in the waters that conducted the electric current.  “Increasing voltage,” Agent Johnson said over the shared channel as the wailing reached a higher pitch before stopping, only the snapping of the deadly shock echoing against the stone. 

“Beg’een descent.” Dr. Krauss ordered next, after Agent Johnson had turned off the trigger for the electrically charged bomb beneath them. 

At the Captain's order, the next formation moved in.  Four other Agents, led by Agent Myers, stepped forward to shoot the bolted ends of their grappling gear into the remaining stone foundation.  Unfurling the rope down the hole before them, they strapped in to begin their mission in earnest.  Lowering themselves into the hole, which passed a withering base and catacomb-like underbelly into the knee-deep waters at the bottom, they unhooked themselves and gave room to the agents that would follow down after.  Instead of following along in the assembly line of uniformed agents, Hellboy stepped off the edge and dropped himself into the belly of the castle before the first booted feet had even landed in their descent.  The water splashed up around him and he tucked his gun into the folds of his trench coat to keep it dry before righting himself and twirling it in his fingers. 

“I’m not hearing anything yet,” Hellboy said into his comm. piece to the other listening agents as he began the next phase of the mission.  Meandering about the space, he used a short, Bureau-issue blade to begin severing heads from hungries.  They were unmoving, some of them still smoking from the nasty shock, but better safe than sorry. 

As the rest of the agents began their descent and the differing squads started breaking off, Hellboy looked to his comrades and found Agent Myers of all people looking back.  He hesitated for a moment and then touched the comm. piece in one ear.  “This was too easy, right?” He said, looking at Myers as he spoke, a jokey-skepticism in his voice.  This, of course, meant that he was actually rather serious. 

“Keep up, Agent Hellboy.  U’nd stay v’his z’hee group.” Dr. Krauss chided in response. 

“Definitely too easy.” Roger echoed back over the shared channel in his plain, honest voice.  “We’re probably all gonna’ die.”

“Agent Roger!” Dr. Krauss snapped again.

Rolling his eyes and smirking to himself he cast one more wary look at Agent Myers and the rest of his squad before once again raising his gun and continuing their mission through the labyrinthine underbelly of Castle Khilkov. 

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There was no reason to be mad at Liz, his ease with her was just due to his view of her never having changed. She was a person who wanted to live a normal life yet, the world denied her that. She never did anything to hurt him...she was becoming a friend when he brought her back. Even with what happened to him in the cold arctic, his memories of Liz remained untarnished. So when she moved seats to rest on the cot he was on, her words made him stare at her. Before he could speak, she continued. And it was probably best too. As she was right, he would've tried to tell her it wasn't her fault. Still, he listened to her next words intently. Wanting to make sure he didn't screw this up.

She liked him? That hadn't changed then? Part of him tried to remind himself, she could be referring to him in the friend way. Or a work friend, like. But truth be told, he had grown to like her for the short time they knew each other. A hand reached and rested gently on the top of his hand, casing him to keep it stationary as he didn't want it to leave.

"Liz, you aren't to blame. You're a good person, my views never changed on you despite...everything.." Myers encouraged. "We didn't have much time before and...I...I was really coming to like you too..."

His voice got lower and lower during the second part of his words, by time he said that he was coming to like her too, it was a weak whisper. She'd be able to hear it since she was so close. And the man did look away as he said it, knowing that she was already with Red. Maybe admitting this would help them both move on? Is that why Liz admitted it? Was just him being her making her uncomfortable? Either way, he wasn't lying about how he felt. His gaze though ended up looking back at up her, their eyes meeting and while the temptation to kiss her was there. Myers knew it would only make things worse.

Sure enough, Big Red started to make his way on over. The hand pulled away and Mysers shifted his own hand closer to himself. Trying to help make it look like nothing had gone on; granted nothing had but with Red, you couldn't be too careful.

"It's fine, I don't need the splint at this point." Myers tiredly replied, the demon had been working on making it heal faster.

Course at the next question, Myers raised a brow as a smirk came to his face; the demon in him gaining a small foot hold just enough to make this remark.

"Are you offering to be struck again?" Myers remarked as they gestured toward Red with said hand.

Myers was quick to regain himself however and before Red's answer came, the smirk had faded. Taking a mental note to scold his backseat passenger later whom of which, was laughing as if they just heard the best joke ever.

"Yes, I can direct it at someone else. If we're lucky it won't happen again." Myers answered, sounding more like his tired self.

Abe seemed to chime in, the concern was noted and Myers was starting to feel guilty for how standoffish he had been with the sapien. There was a good reason for it yes, but the cat was out of the bag. The only reason he had been such a way toward Abe was due to their abilities. He had hoped to have more time to get his head on straight before anyone else knew. Oh well. Standing up, Myers put the full weight onto his ankle and all he felt was a bit sore there. That would fade soon enough. He took a seat quickly enough, clearly testing out his ankle.

"I'm up for it." Myers replied.

At seeing Red disengage and start over to the Count, Myers relaxed. Though he couldn't help but chuckle at Liz's answer to him. So she took the bet anyway, knowing his small remark to try and lighten the mood had worked.

"I'll take a rain check if needed." Myers said, the smile on his face almost looked like his old one.

More alive....a feeling of happiness was momentarily there. Course when Liz had her back to him when she got up, that smile was gone immedeatly. What was he doing? Still, he couldn't pull his gaze away as he watched Liz walk on. At least...she was happy.

"Yes I'm sure.." Myers replied to the question a little later than he meant.

After that, not another word left him.

The attempt to sleep went the same, though he did get a hour or so in; better than what he normally did. Awakening on time and being read, the splint for his ankle had been discarded; though he wouldn't let the others see that it was indeed fully healed already. It didn't surprise him much that the format was the same, Red in front and all manner of action would be there. Myers didn't object to the noise canceling communication devices, knowing full well that he could still be affected by it. And having seen the state of their fellow agent who was under the siren's song, he didn't want to end up there.

Their destination was in sight and Myers did things the way he was suppose to. Standing guard with his weapon out and waiting for the moment that the go forward was given. Despite their measures taken and not being able to hear the quiet nor the screams when the charge had gone off. Myers didn't like this. He was starting to feel like they were all fucking up in some way, how your gut twists in on itself to warn you that something bad is going to happen. For Myers, he felt his blood heating up and overall sense of wariness filling him, his gaze often changing where he was looking quickly as he tried to cover any possible spot for something to come out of. Even when they descended down, Myers took it carefully. The fact he had been put in charge of the others for even this long was stirring some bad memories. Memories of those he tried to lead and help....ignore it, ignore the past for now.

As they treaded through the water, Myers' gaze landed upon the big guy and they were looking back. He saw them reach for their com device and sure enough,their voice came through to him.

"Far too easy, it shouldn't be like this. Something's wrong." Myers responded through his device; as he spoke, he actually gave their surroundings another look as if by instinct.

The remark from Agent Roger didn't make him laugh, the snappy remark by the good Doctor hadn't either. IT only fueled the feeling he was having and at this point, Myers felt like his hair was standing on end. Once more, he caught Red looking in his direction with a wary look but Myers didn't say anything to it. Instead, he kept walking and kept an eye out.

Treading through water was fine, the sloshing of each step was only loud due to the amount of people that were here. Even at a cautious pace, it still made a sound. The hungries would show up now and then, only to be easily dealt with. Myers still found his gaze wandering, checking over areas more than once.

"Labyrinth has to have a end somewhere..." Myers muttered to himself, not using the device as he didn't see the need to let everyone know his muttering.

Everything has a end child, it's just how you get there that affects it. The demon responded in his mind.

You're awfully vocal lately... Myers replied back mentally.

But of course! Tis been exciting! After all, I only had your memories to go off of to see why you feel so much ire toward him, and well now I see that you're a good deal justified in these feelings.
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“We’ve got movement,” Dr. Corrigan’s voice crackled through the communication device. 

“Got it, Katie.” Hellboy said back before turning a listening ear to the stone walls of the underground catacomb.  “Alright team, incoming at nine o’clock.” He said as he turned into the direction from which the quick-paced sloshing of water was approaching.

In perfect formation, the squad Hellboy and Myers were leading, turned in unison.  Empty shells fell into the murky waters at their feet, the flashing of their guns illuminating the dark, crumbling corridor from which hungries poured.  There were more this time, one even getting close enough to be hammered back by Hellboy’s stone fist before falling into the waters filled with bullet holes like his fellow monsters.  The heat from their barrels dissipated into the stale air as Red stepped forward to tune a listening ear to the carved tunnel.

“Clear,” he said into his comm. piece after a time.  “Keep moving.” Hellboy said, turning back towards their initial path.  “Pierce keep eyes on our six.” They continued a ways before Dr. Corrigan’s voice echoed again across their shared channel. 

“Straight to the end, go right then hard left.”  She instructed. 

Back at the base camp, Dr. Kate Corrigan watched the moving dots that represented each of the Bureau agents moving within the basements of Castle Khilkov.  She directed them in an East-bound direction.  Hellboy had stumbled upon the sacrificial chamber beneath the East-most wing of the expansive castle, with Smith and Johnson.  The assumption was that the beastie herself had a nest somewhere close to where she fed off her hypnotized children.   The young doctor twirled at her cropped blond locks as she watched the screens in front of her. 

“Nothin’ to the left, Katie.” Hellboy told her over the communication console, his husky voice echoing in the empty tavern. 

“Okay, then take the soonest left and try to stay straight from there.” She answered back, leaning in to cue new commands into the B.P.R.D. satellites.  The web-like maze beneath Castle Khilkov was deep enough to make her scans less accurate than she would have liked. 

“Copy that.” His deep voice crackled back. 

Hellboy pulled his red fingertip from his earpiece and returned his hand to his gun as he moved forward with the rest of his squad.  They passed a leftways tunnel and stopped, Myers and Hellboy turning in first, shoulders aligned, moving forward in stride.  There weren’t any other turnoffs, only a dim light ahead that gave hint to an opening.  It was an uneventful march, until Hellboy halted and held up a fist in silent indication to his team.  Pausing, he turned his ear to the faint glow ahead, pressing his finger to the comm. piece in one ear. 

“Ears tight, boys.” Hellboy said gravely.  “The bitch is singing.”

“Agent Hellboy, hold your po’zition!” Dr. Krauss’ voice cut in. 

It took only one sideways nod at Agent Myers to know that his fellow squad leader was thinking the same thing he was.  Pressing his finger to his ear, he told the Captain, “we’re in a dark, short tunnel with only two exits.” He pointed out as his feet resumed their pace in tandem with Agent Myers’.  The mild-mannered agent signaled to the rest of the unit like the top-ranking academy graduate that he was, keeping pace with Hellboy’s long legs. 

“Not exactly the most strategic position, doc.” Hellboy pointed out. 

“Myers, Red, keep moving.” Dr. Corrigan’s voice echoed through.  “Captain, I think I see a pretty direct route.  I’ll take you closer to them.”

“V’hery good, Agent C’horrigan!” Dr. Krauss’ voice crackled back. 

The tunnel took them into a taller, more rudimentary, but open area of the catacombs.  The tiniest bit of light peaked through in the upper corner, where Hellboy had blown a hole into the floor into the room with the painting of the pretty Japanese woman.  The height of the chamber gave hint to how deep down they were, several stories at least.  Large pillars broke up the big room, making it hard to discern the various corridors from dead ends, and also harder to see around corners.  Myers muttered a quick assessment and suggestion across the comm. and Hellboy nodded and followed suit at the agent’s gesturing hands along with the rest of their squad. 

“Talk to us, Katie.” Hellboy said into the communication piece in his ear.  “Singing’s gettin’ louder.”

The disfigured vampire squirmed in the bluish glow of the various screens at which Dr. Corrigan frantically worked.  Fortunately, one of the satellites had been properly triangulated the previous day when Hellboy had blown half the castle to smithereens.  The map of the blast gave her some information that the scanners weren’t picking up, allowing her to see a little deeper.  She would be sore to admit it to the big, red ape that his trigger happy bombing had been helpful.  Still, her typing fingers worked at an impossible speed as she searched for a way to help her friends. 

“If it’s coming from straight ahead, I’d say go a different way.  My scanners are picking up a lot of movement there.” Dr. Corrigan said into her own microphone, hanging around her neck. 

“She’s sayin’ my name, Katie.” Hellboy’s voice crackled back. 

“Your name?” She asked in return. 

“My real name.” He said, his voice sounding distant. 

“Red?” Dr. Corrigan spoke.  When he didn’t answer she picked the comm. piece up in her hand and brought it to her lips.  “Red!” She said again, louder this time. 

“I’m here, I ain’t takin’ off.” Hellboy’s voice crackled back, impatient and joke-y.  At once Kate sighed and ran a hand across her face.  “I’m just sayin’, little mermaid knows my real name.” He added, his voice seeming warmly nearby through the speaker.

“Okay, well, the other squad is close just… just don’t do anything stupid.” Dr. Corrigan said, her fingers going back to the keyboard in front of her.  “Dr. Krauss do you read me?”

Hellboy pulled his finger from the comm. piece in his ear and made a face.  “Why does everyone keep sayin’ that?” He muttered to himself as they continued through the chamber, which had turned out to go on a lot longer than they had anticipated.  When they reached its end, they found a hole carved into the stone that reminded Hellboy of the one he had seen in the cavern where Smith had offered himself up for dinner.  From its mouth, the sound of the singing poured forth. Anung un Rama…, it sang with one voice, harmonizing with its own melody.  The same slime coated it’s entrance and what could be seen from the length with the help of a flashlight. 

“Well?” Hellboy said into the comm. piece in his ear, voice echoing through into Myers’.  “She’s down there, but if Katie’s right then so are a bunch of hungries.”

Back in the day, when he had been thoughtless and brash, he would have just marched headlong down the tunnel in question.  Not anymore, though.  Too many times he had taken off, and one of his friends had gotten hurt.  He’d learned the hard way.  These days, he was still a bit brash but not thoughtless, after all he was always thinking of someone else now.  If he marched his way in there and got himself into a mess, it would be his friends who followed in after and got themselves into an even bigger mess.  Maybe, even Liz.  Even the Devil himself knew that there was nothing Hellboy thought about quite as much as he thought about Liz. 

"What do you think?" He asked Agent Myers.

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The hail of bullets took out the first attack on them with ease, it helped to have this many guns directed at one location. Still, not even Myers liked how one of those things had gotten as close as they did to Red. But the big guy could handle himself and it fell before it could really do anything. Soon enough, their small march would carry onward.

Myers turned his gaze to check up on everyone and everyone seemed fine. The demon in his head wasn't much of a comfort though. Thing would rattle on now an then, and Myers was certain they were trying to get a rise out of him. Or at the very least, get him geared up enough to have another go at Red. Tuning them out wasn't a easy feat but there was something to it's tone that suggested it wasn't actively trying. Teasing then? Strange creature. His thoughts were interrupted as one of the agents sank as they hit a deep spot, Myers was quick to grab the other agent and help them out.

"Looks like we got some sink hole areas." Myers cautioned everyone in the shared link. "Everyone try to step carefully."

Other than that, the march would resume it's normal slow pace. It was at ad surprising how intune the two of them seemed to be, mirroring the same movements almost as they lead their teams along the way. If the Professor was here, they'd probably be very proud to see this. A large part of Myers felt guilty that the old man had chosen him, to the young man he still didn't think he was the right person for the job.

"Copy that Red." Myers replied when they mentioned that the Siren was singing.

A song for battle, such things are rather intoxicating aren't they? The demon in him asked.

Good thing we can't hear it then. Myers' remarked mentally.

The altar like entrance was certainly a....odd thing to look at. It probably would be a drop down to whatever ground was bellow. It came as a bit of a surprise when Red started to talk to him directly; through their own com link of course. A glance was given to the big guy before his gaze returned to the entrance. Taking a few steps closer, Myers peered over the edge of the mouth to try and gague how deep the drop was. He wasn't able to due to the darkness and he was also trying to avoid the slime in case it could have a effect on them. This wasn't looking good though.

"Well, there's a few options. Smash our way through if it's not a drop like it's looking, if she's on the other side of this wall straight on. You might able to take the wall down without a explosion. But if she's down a level, then we either need to open the door the way she'd prefer by maybe tricking it or blowing it up." Myers started, a finger against his earpiece so he could talk to Red. "Blowing it up though isn't a good idea. The structural integrity could get compromised throughout this whole place, and we wouldn't have a way out."

Hearing that name come through his com piece wasn't...reassuring. He had heard what Red's true name was and truthfully, he paid it no mind. Still...why would the Siren be singing to someone she couldn't affect?

"Why is she singing your name though...her song doesn't affect you..." Myers found himself mutterting aloud, his finger still on the com device with his channel to Red.

A look of pondering came to the agent's face as he pulled his hand away, trying to put the pieces together and figure out what they should do.

"Maybe you can open it by kneeling at the entrance? Seems like she might want a audience with ya?" Myers suggested after returning his finger to his ear piece, though he'd switch it just moments later. "Dr. Corrigan, can your scans tell us if this chamber is on the same level as us or is a level down?"

"Give me a moment." Corrigan's voice would reply.

With swift typing and thanks to the earlier destruction by the big guy, she was getting a better reading on the room. Certainly full of enemies.

"It's on the same level as you all are." Corrigan answered, her voice like static coming through the coms.

"Alright, so let's not blow this up still." Myers remarked.

Open the door either by smashing or kneeling...but then they'd have enemies to deal with. Myers doubted the chances of getting a gernade to go through the mouth of this entrance and it make it to the other side. And while he hated to say it, it seemed tricking the door was the best option.

"I saw we trick the door into opening or smash it down with something." Myers would tell Red through the com. "Unless anyone else has suggestions?"

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“Let’s go with smash.” Hellboy answered Myers with a grin, reigning back his stone fist. 

“Wait!” A voice cut in from the squad channel.  It was Agent Johnson, who stepped forward with the same case that had cleared their entrance into the lower levels of the castle catacombs. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” He asked his comrade. 

Hellboy offered his friend a quick grin before pressing his finger to the device in one ear saying, “alright team, we’re going in kamikaze.” He told them.  “Hang back, tank formation. Follow Myers’ signal and stay tight.”

“Red, I said don’t do anything stupid!” Dr. Corrigan’s voice echoed across the shared channel.

“Agent Hellboy, I muh’st protest!” Dr. Krauss concurred, his voice crackling through next. 

Holstering his gun, he cast a sideways glance at Agent Myers who gave him an affirmative nod before he pressed his finger into his ear once more saying, “we’ve got this.” Looking over his shoulder to the bald agent who stood behind him he added.  “Load the charges, Johnson.”

“Red!” Dr. Corrigan shouted across the channel, but Hellboy couldn’t hear her anymore over the sound of his stone fist swinging and crunching into the door before them.  As he hammered away at the ancient construct, stepping booted feet forward into the rubble as it fell, Agent Johnson stood behind him with the case open, turning the dials and preparing for another light show. 

“Red’s through, he’s going in.” Agent Johnson spoke into the communication piece as Hellboy smashed through the last of the rock and took the case handed off to him.  He headed through the narrow opening as his fellow squad members hung back and watched on.  He padded his way out into what looked like another chamber, this one swampier and slimier than those that had come before.  The stale smell of death came wafting out after him as he stood, looking around.   

“I don’t see anything, wait, oh, son of a—!” Just as Hellboy was beginning to offer clearance, a figure came flying out from nowhere, knocking him down.  The other agents watched from the small opening as the hungries came pouring forth, dogpiling on top of Hellboy as he cursed and batted them away.  They overpowered him, their sheer numbers enough to overwhelm even the likes of their indestructible Agent Hellboy.  The team waited back, steeped in anticipation until at last Red’s strained shout made it across the communication channel. 


Agent Johnson pressed the trigger and then turned his head and raised an arm to shield his eyes from the resplendent blue light that came snapping and flashing out from the hole Hellboy had smashed his way through.  The wailing of the frying hungries was a hundred times louder than Hellboy’s grunts of discomfort but no one was able to play witness to their symphony.  After a time, at Agent Myers’ command, Johnson disengaged the charges, leaving the hall clear for the rest of the squad to follow in after Hellboy.  They rushed in, single-file as they entered the murky, stinking nest they had happened upon.  Hellboy himself stood upon the downed hungries that littered the stone floor.  Water that had once been knee deep now barely touched their boots for the bodies that scattered the slimey space.  Covered in their grime, his filed down horns still sparking, Hellboy swung his stone fist, batting aside the remaining monsters who spilled into the room from the numerous tunnels that lined the walls. 

Bullets began flying as the squad moved in, circling up around Hellboy and offering him cover as he beat his way through the nest.  The hungries that fell became the higher ground onto which the B.P.R.D. agents climbed, gaining vantage as the hungries charged and fell from every side.  At last the bullets slowed as the disgusting nest fell silent and still.  The agents looked around themselves at the carnage before Agent Pierce gingerly touched his finger to his comm. piece.  “I think we’re cle— ah!”

A suddenly shriek ripped through the castle, interfering with their communication devices as something gargantuan and hellish came slithering into the honeycomb-like nest.  The human agents that surrounded Hellboy clutched at their ears, pulling the earpieces from where they were stuck to stop the high pitched static that assaulted them.  She was a greenish-blue hue, the thing that had turned her song from one of offense to one of defense.  The top half of her still looked enough like a woman, with the exception of her slitted pupils, claws, scales and fangs.  The bottom half of her however, was nothing short of grotesque.  She had no legs, but instead a long, thick tail reminiscent not of a snake but instead an eel.  Hellboy had never faced off against a demonic-siren before, but this one looked about as he expected her to. 

“Go!” Hellboy shouted at his team, doing away with the advanced communication technology that had betrayed them.  “Hands on your ears! Go!” He shouted to his squad members.  They couldn’t hear him over the ringing that was thundering through their skulls, so he stepped over to them, forcing their hands into the side of their heads and turning them towards the hole from whence they had entered.  A few caught on, tugging on the rest as they ran from the melody that had started to rise up in place of the hellish shrieking that had come before. 

Anung un Rama…” she sang to him. 

“Myers!” Hellboy barked, turning on his fellow squad leader.  He wasn’t holding onto his ears but instead looking off at some invisible point, unmoving.  “Myers, you gotta’ go!” He shouted.

No… stay… John…. Theodore Myers…” she sang as she slithered in closer. 

“What is this?” Hellboy demanded stupidly, the outburst borne more from concern for his comrade than for himself.  “How do you know us?”

Oh… I do not know him, but… I know what lives within him… I can hear it… and now... it can hear me…” she sang, her own voice harmonizing with itself as she cast her serpentine gaze onto the agent who stood hollow and swaying.  “And you… everyone knows you… The Right Hand of Doom… The Harbinger of the Apocalypse… Son of Hell…

Hellboy wasn’t listening, once more he was on Agent Myers, this time taking him by shoulders and shaking him.  “Myers!” He barked, desperation bleeding into his gruff tone.  “C’mon Myers, keep it together!”

Nevermind him…” the siren sang as she coiled the end of her tail around Hellboy’s middle and yanked him from Agent Myers' side.  Slamming him into the wall, high enough that he could only see the top of his fellow agent’s head, she leaned in close to him.  Close enough that he could smell the decay upon her breath. 

My master… has plans for you…you are destined to usher in the end of days… the end of all mankind…” she told him, her voice carried on a sultry, musical tune. 

“Are we still on that?” Hellboy grunted, exasperated as he struggled against that slime-coated tail that held him, squeezing tighter. 

Or you could join me… I could control them… you could lead them… we could rule with an army… become King and Queen of the ashes of this world…” her fishy eyes looked over him as he squirmed in her grasp, admiring her prize.  Considering her massive stature, she must have been thinking that the fated Anung un Rama was smaller than she had imagined he would be. 

“You know, I’m— I’m really flattered,” Hellboy wheezed as he continued to thrash and kick.  “But I just don’t think it’s gonna’ work out.” He continued to explain as his human hand found the grip around his broad, sturdy, Bureau-issue machete.  “See ‘cause I’ve already got a girlfriend and you’re fucking gross!” Hellboy shouted, pulling forth his blade and dragging it across the bottom end of her tail, wound about his legs.  She shrieked, slithering into one of many tunnels as Hellboy fell to the ground in a tangle of her eel-like tail that he had lopped off.  His arms and legs flailed around him as he tore free of the gooey prison and found his feet beneath him. 

“Myers we gotta’ get out of here,” Hellboy started as he turned to his comrade.  “Myers?”

Standing in the place where Agent Myers had been, was something else; something that was not Agent John T. Myers.  The inhuman eyes that looked out from the darkness were focused keenly on Hellboy, watching the trajectory of his cautious steps. It mirrored his footing with its own, naught but rage coursing through every tensed muscle, coiled like a snake and ready to spring. 

“Myers?” Hellboy tried again, before a sound echoed through the nest that sounded not in the least bit like Agent Myers at all.  “Ah, crap.” Hellboy muttered. 

He was able to dodge the first few blows, but once the hits started landing, they kept coming.  Each new strike came harder and heavier than the last as Hellboy was beaten and thrown around the thick-swamp like slime of the siren’s nest.  He tried calling out his comrade’s name but to no avail.  Finally, he managed a solid swipe from his stone fist.  To the thing that had once been Agent Myers, it seemed to barely register.   Launching himself forward, the thing seized the red-skinned brute by his trench coat and sent him careening into the opposite wall.  He landed roughly, sliding through the muck into the rubble of the hole he had made to break his way into this dump.  Thinking quickly, he darted through the hole, dropping a grenade behind him.  He threw his oversized body into the antechamber beyond as the bomb went off, bringing down the exit and more than half the structure of the nest along with it. 

“Damn,” he muttered to himself as he struggled to find his feet.  Bleeding and bruised he limped backwards away from the rising dust of the explosion.  Hellboy grunted to himself as he tried to wipe the dark green goo in which he was slicked from his hands.  At least enough so he could get a grip on his gun.  Checking the rounds and reloading he clicked the clip into place as a sweet, melodious sound filled the pillar-spotted hall. 

Anung un Rama…” she sang. 

“Damn!” He cursed again as he turned around to face the siren, who had silently slunk her way through the catacombs and back into the chamber in which Hellboy was now cornered.

I am not your enemy… mankind is the enemy of our kin… why do you fight for them… why do you kill for them…” as she uttered her broken song she slipped her way between the pillars of the chamber.  The missing end of her tail dragged behind her, leaving the trail of the slime coated in a ghastly deep crimson. 

Join me…” she cooed. 

“Not gonna’ happen, Ariel.” Hellboy mocked in return. 

So be it…” she sang, before her melody once more rose to a shrieking pitch and she lashed out at the Son of Hell. 

There were enough bullets in her to take out half an army base, but still the bitch would not go down.  The amount of times that Hellboy could send her chasing him around this long chamber were running out.  The siren was bigger and had the reach advantage over her target, her tail and wild flailing a key variable in their duel.  She landed a few blows, one lucky enough to tear through his Bureau issue trench coat and the broad shoulder beneath.  If he wanted to kill this sing-song-y bitch, he’d have to outsmart her.  As one might guess, smarts weren’t exactly Hellboy’s strong suit, but he did have a plan.  Switching to offense, Hellboy turned the chase back around on the siren, throwing punch after punch against the monster.  Most of his hits didn’t land, falling instead on the crumbling pillars that surrounded them.  When finally he had her backed into a corner, he picked up a sizable piece of stone debris and hurled it at her. 

You missed…” she sang tauntingly as the rock crumbled against a nearby pillar. 

“No, I didn’t.” Hellboy said as he started to back away.   

Too late, the siren realized what Hellboy had done.  His goal had not been to strike the beastie herself, but instead the pillars that held the ceiling above her.  Her last shriek barely made it past her lips as the cave fell in on top of her.   Shielding his eyes from the avalanche that fell, Hellboy tucked himself out of the way as the castle began to collapse in on itself.  When the dust began to settle, and Hellboy rose from where he had been crouched, the foundation of the mountainous hill upon which Castle Khilkov had been built was still standing.  Though, only just. 

Turning away from the place that would mark the grave of the siren who had been terrorizing the Russian Coast, Hellboy reached into his tattered pockets to find his smoke case.  Pulling out a cigarette and bringing it to his lips, he fumbled for his lighter for a moment before it finally caught.  Taking a long, satisfying drag he looked up to the broken, cloudy sky above him.  Securing his comm. piece back into his ear, he made to utter an update through the device when a familiar sight made him stop short.  Standing in an opening a few stories above in the cave chamber, the thing that was not Agent Myers glowered down at him.  It leapt from the edge, landing in the splashing waters below with an effortless grace. 

“Look, Myers,” Hellboy started, his hands raised in surrender and his cigarette pinched between his teeth.  “I know you’re still mad about Antarctica, and I’m always game for a good ole’ brawl but now is probably not the best time.” The words fell on deaf ears as once again that inhuman sound came forth from bared teeth. 

“Ah, crap.” Hellboy muttered again as the thing that was not Agent John Theodore Myers came charging at him. 

“You have to get out!” Dr. Corrigan urged from across the communication channel.  “The castle isn’t going to hold.”

“R’hed team, come in!” Dr. Krauss called into the comm. piece attached to his ectoplasm-containing-suit. 

“It’s Johnson,” a voice echoed back across the channel.  “We got split from Red and Myers.”

“Get back to z’he rendezvous point!” He ordered before switching back to the shared channel.  “Agent Myers! Agent Hellboy!” Dr. Krauss shouted.  “Come in!”

“Hey— I can’t—” It was Agent Hellboy whose voice came in, static and what sounded like a struggle interrupting his stuttered words.  “Something— Myers! He— tryna’ kill me!”

“Red,” Liz breathed behind Dr. Krauss, heat pouring off her as she stepped around her comrades and started towards the nearest corridor. 

“Agent Sherman! Get back here!” Dr. Krauss called as the fire-starter went tearing through the underground maze of Castle Khilkov, leaving her team without much option but to follow after her. 

“Red, I’m coming!” Liz said through her comm. piece as she rushed forth to save the man she had chosen to love. 

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"Can't we just smash the......" Myers started but it did no good.

Resigning to the fate of this begin how they got in, Myers didn't bother to chime in. Listening to the attempts of the other to stop Red was slightly funny. However things progressed fast enough. Putting his attention toward the mission at hand quickly. Things escalated the moment Red went into the place.

I have a bad feeling... Myers' thought to himself.

Indeed. Something is a miss... the demon replied, but what?

His time came to give the command and Myers did, resulting in more charges to be set off. The hail of bullets didn't do much however before a horrible shriek entered the coms when they got into that room. Myers winced as he tore the com off, grabbing at his ears as he shuddered. Horrible shrieking...why...why? Pulling his hands away from his ears, his gaze landed on the strange creature that was the siren.

Alright, books really needed to be updated on the actual look of this creature. Raising his gun, he was going to start firing when something else him. It was more of a mental blow, making him tense up before his eyes went wide and he dropped his gun. It landed in the water with a plunk, disturbing the watering further.

" no...." Myers muttered lowly.

He wanted to move, he wanted to charge on out of here as he could faintly hear Red's voice. But that voice...was also stirring the pot. The demon in his head had gone strangely quiet but it was still there, his heart started to beat faster. His gaze wasn't letting him see the water logged cavern, instead he could see the snow taking over the interior of the base back much cold rushing in each passing second. The strong hands grabbing his shoulders didn't register as he felt his emotions swirling in his head, grief....anger. The voice telling him to stay was only making it worse, pulling him further into that state.

So many voices, were they all just his own rattling on in his head? When Red was pulled away from him, Myers started shaking before he grabbed at the sides of his head. Legs trembling before he ended up on his knees, resting in the water now as he took ragged breathes. The whites of his eyes fading as they were taking over by darkness as the black lines appeared on his skin before spreading, almost as if consuming him as his white skin became less and less visible. Gritted teeth sharpened before that black substance he had coughed up before dripped between the fangs as a low growl started to leave him with each shaky exhale of air.

Fabric clung to his form as more of his humanity was consumed by this, by a growing fury and rage that was just too strong to ignore. By time Red had gotten the siren to turn tail and run, he was now seeing quite..the surprising sight. Where Myers had been was now a massive wolf like creature, thin layer of fur clung to it's frame as it snarled, fangs bared as it glared down with what seemed to be glowing white dots within a sea of black fury of it's eyes. The fur around it's face was gone, in fact the head of this creature was that of a skull, a pair of wolf ears were laid flat against it's head.

As Red took a step cautiously, a large paw took the same step. Massive claws rested on the end of each digit, dark and black just like the ones that had appeared before. This creature wasn't muscular in it's build and several large spikes were sticking out of it's back; though one could also make out the outline of the top of the spine there. The normally thick tail on a wolf was less bushy, and no doubt under what layer of fur was there, it would just be skin and bone. Bony tails HURT like a bitch when they hit you.

"YOU..." a rage filled but distorted voice would pierce the quiet air but as well as appear in Red's head, a distorted voice that had hints of Myers in it but laced with rage and pain.

A loud inhuman sound left the creature as it roared out, standing up straighter before lunging at the man. Attempting to stomp it's large paws down onto the half human being. Water was thrust into the air where his large paws hit, he towered over the big man as he straightened back up to his full height. Fangs bared as another snarl left them, thick black sludge dripping from it's fangs as it glared down at where Red had moved to.

"WHY?" that distorted voice questioned, anger but sorrow in that voice that seemed to be spoke aloud but also put into one's mind. "NO ONE CAME....NO ONE CAME!!!!"

With that, the large beast lunged again. Attempting to chomp down on the big man with it's fangs, going for the big man's neck. If they managed to grab them at all, he'd swing his large head and merely throw the big guy to the side. Hackles raised whether or not they got Red, they would crouch like a animal hunting it's prey. 

"I PROMISED! HE JUST WANTED TO GO HOME!! I PROMISED AND COULDN'T GET HIM HOME!!!" The beast wailed out, it's furious gaze directed at the big guy. "WHY DID NO ONE COME?!!"

Another charge at Red, attempting to slam those big meaty paws down. Liz would feel the ground shake as she and any others had gotten closer. Course as she arrived at the room, she'd see the massive beast trying to attack Red. No signs of Agent Myers anywhere that is, until she too would hear that voice; as well as any others who entered the room.


If Abe used their abilities, they would see that weak light of Myers' pure heart within that beast. Surrounded by black as it seemed to swirl around and from that fading light. Anger, fury, rage, pain,grief, and guilt. The sapiens would sense all these emotions as they were amplified greatly.
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