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There's something wrong with Myers (Reigning)

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“Oh dear,” Agent Sapien stuttered as the Blue Team followed Agent Sherman towards the last known location of the Red Team.  They had caught up with one another along the way, those who had been injured heading for the rendezvous-point while the others followed Agent Johnson into the chamber.  It had once been ancient and beautiful, now it was naught but a cave filled in with collapsing rubble.  They all halted at the end of the long narrow tunnel, seeing the monumental thing circling Hellboy within.   Fanning out they turned their guns onto the four-legged monster.  Their bullets did little, ricocheting off the ivory spikes covering its body like armour. 

“Agent Johnson, v’hat iz z’his!” Dr. Krauss asked across the communication channel as they moved in tight formations. 

“I don’t know, Captain, but it’s not the siren!” Agent Johnson answered back before a swipe of the monster’s tail sent the bald agent flying across the room.  As Dr. Krauss followed the trajectory of the man’s flight, he noticed Agent Sherman ducking beneath the monster’s legs, darting straight for the crumpled shape of Hellboy. 

“Red,” Liz breathed as she reached his side, her arms going around his middle as she tried pulling him to his feet.  He was bleeding, bleeding a lot.  The shoulder of his trench coat had been torn open along with the muscle underneath.  Blood dripped from his face and oozed from deeper lacerations in his body that she couldn’t see.  Hellboy was made of tough stuff.  It would take one hell of a monster to have done him in this badly.  “What the…” she whispered as she looked over her shoulder at the thing that roared and raged before them. 

“It’s Myers…” Red croaked out.  “Liz, it’s Myers…”

“What? But…” Catching her breath, Elizabeth Sherman turned to the creature that thrashed within the chamber.  It’s tail took out pillars while it’s stomping feet shook the ground beneath them.  The castle wasn’t going to hold for much longer.

Uncurling her arms from around Hellboy she turned herself fully to the monster that Myers had become.  Lifting her palms, blue flame began to pour forth as she strode boldly to face the thing that snapped and snarled.  The rest of the team had backed themselves back down the tunnel, two men dragging Agent Johnson whose feet trailed behind them limply.  The waters at her feet boiled and seared, dissipating into the air with each sizzling step she took.  As the monster chased the team down the narrow tunnel, too big to follow in after, she let the heat course from within her freely. 

“John!” She screamed as the room filled up with the impossible blue flames of Liz’s fire.  It pulled the beast’s attention from the tunnel, the fangs that protruded from its exposed skull now turned onto her.  As it rushed her, she held her ground, breathing deeply from her nose as she reached out one hand.  It was almost upon her, jaws wide when at her tender, soft voice, it suddenly stopped. 

“John, it’s me.” Liz uttered. 

The teeth that would have torn her head from her neck snapped just short of her, face lowering so that dark eyes could peer more pointedly at the fiery girl.  The flames still licked around her as she took another step forward, her arm outstretched.  Unbelievably, she began to speak to it.  Rather, she began to speak to the man lost within.  “Do you remember the night we went to get coffee?” She asked him.  “We sat on a bench together and it started snowing.”

When she had been institutionalized the last time, they had taught her about grounding.  Liz’s journey to self control had not been an easy one, and as she had learned in group therapy, no one’s path was entirely linear.  The most important part was not to lose yourself.  If you could do that then, sometimes, you could keep from losing control.  Everyone had their thing, colours, counting, favourite trinkets.  Liz had her memories.  Sure, some of them were bad, but some of them were also good.  When she felt herself starting to slip, she would pick a good memory and cling to it like it was the last lifeboat and she adrift at sea.  It kept her grounded.  It kept her Liz. 

“You shared your donuts with me,” she continued, braving another step forward.  “And you told me that ‘we all have a side that we try to hide.’ Do you remember?” Liz asked him, her feet carrying her close enough to the monster for its breath to make her flame sway in its wind.  “Do you remember me?”

Within arms reach, her fire-consumed hand reached out to touch upon the nightmarish face before her.  As her hand sizzled against the ivory of the wolffish beast’s skull, she leaned in close whispering, “John…”

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"Who cares, Hellboy needs a hand. So let's give it to him, there's no shrieking or singing." Another agent answered. "Well other than that thing's wailing."

Who knows who had the bright idea but considering how Red survived many things before, someone figured that throwing a explosive at the large creature while shouting a warning to everyone was wise. The agents would duck back out as the explosive had been thrown and it would explode close enough to the creature that everyone would hear it roaring out in pain and anguish. Alas when the other peaked their heads out from their places of cover they were pretty stunned.

Red would have a closer view, than the others. A large section of mass was missing from the right rib cage area of the beast as it heaved in air. Black sludge dripping from the gaping wound and Red might even see the human arm that dangled out of that wound; it might've only been noticed by Red since this thing was so large. This thing came form Myers but it seemed to encase the man after the transformation. Was that just how this worked or due to the size, it acted as this protective shell? However the wound rapidly closed up around itself. The black sludge  dripping off them bubbling as it regenerated that area and the beast rose to it's paws, snarling as the fur on it's entire body stood on end. And it's angered gaze looked back to where the explosive had been launched.

"Well shit..." the agent muttered.

"OH you think?!" Agent Moore interjected. "MOVE!"

Everyone had to darted around, trying to avoid the large paw that would slam down at the agents, as if they were ants.  During this madness, Liz would reach Red, trying to help him before she learned the shocking truth. Course with the beast's attention toward the team, it's fury caused it to rush after them,. The large paw was the only thing to make it through the opening, slamming down onto the ground, making the water rise and fall in large waves. Everyone got a nice view of how large those thick black claws could get. Most likely not something you'd want to get hit with. The beast's interest in the agents wasn't long lasting though as their paw was pulled back and their returned their attention to Red. Snarling leaving them as they started a slow walk over to them, predator in it's stance.

"TOO COLD....NO ONE LEFT.... the distorted voice would be heard though it's gaze caught sight of the blue flames and the person it originated from.

Her yelling made the wolf ears perk somewhat though their anger was still far too blinding as they approached her, growling as black substance dripped from it's maw. The beast paid the boiling water no mind as it neared her, it's fangs stopping near her with a snap. Yet, that voice...soft...gentle. Something familiar to it as the beast stood there, it's chest heaving with each breathe. As if it was still running around like a madman, it's heart pounded away due to the anger it felt, it's breathe heavy and rapid.

There was a new look in this dark eyes and in it's mannerisms. It took a couple of steps to the side, tilting it's large head, as it crouched somewhat for a few moments. Before repeating this but to the opposite side. It wasn't trying to look past her. More like it was trying to get a better look at her. Confusion. That was what the beast was displaying. Raised fur slowly started to lower as Liz spoke, taking a step forward as a low growl left the creature. No move was made to attack her, no move was made to get away from her.

It's ears perked forward more and it's fur soon was laying flat against itself. It's head was lowered, sniffing the strange woman in which that soothing voice was coming from. As the inflamed hand rested against the bone, no sound of pain came from the creature. Smoke would rise off of it as her flames created a hand print where it rested. Breathing started to slow....calmer...and then calmer. Until it was no longer heaving out air in it's frenzied state.

A sound seem to leave the creature, an attempt to speak as one could hear a 'z' sound near the end. The beast pulled it's head away from her before it collapsed. Smoke rising from the creature's body as the white dots within those hollow sockets disappeared. It probably would freak them out at first with worry but she'd spot a hand sticking out of the creature and if Liz went over and pulled, she'd drag the unconscious body of Myres out of the disintegrating form of that they were just rampaging as. Shockingly, the beastly form disappeared completely. Nothing remained of it save for some of the black sludge that clung to the man's frame. It took a few moments before the man started to gasp for breathe before coughing and hacking up the stuff into the water.

Myers couldn't keep his eyes open, everything felt so tired. Weak and drained, he could barely see as the world seemed to spin. A hand clutched as his chest, it's rapid beating making his chest hurt.

"l...l...i..." Myers gasped, struggling to even say the simple name as he was on the verge of passing out.

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Liz watched her handprint, seared into the skull of the monster she had stood down, disappear along with the rest of its body.  The cracked ivory and black fur seemed to melt away, revealing nothing and everything within.  Gasping, Agent Sherman leapt forward and reached for the elbow she saw poking out from within the withering remains.  Throwing her weight, she pulled Agent Myers from the disappearing beast, as though he had been living within it, instead of the other way around.  John certainly wasn’t as big as Hellboy, but he was still taller than her and their uneven stature brought Liz to her knees, holding him as he sputtered. 

“It’s okay,” Liz shushed, brushing the black sludge from his hair.  “You’re safe.” She told him before touching the comm. piece in her ear. 

“We’re all clear but we’re going to need backup to get out of here.” Liz said to the Captain, who at once responded with an affirmative, “copy z’hat!” Followed swiftly by related commands.  When she looked back down at the young man she held against herself, his eyes were closed.  She touched quick fingers to his neck, finding his pulse before breathing a sigh of relief and turning to look at the half-demon over her shoulder. 

“I told you.” Hellboy said, straining to get another cigarette into his mouth.  “There’s something wrong with Myers.”

The castle was crumbling around them as the team arrived to help.  Roger dropped on one knee to Liz’s side, easily scooping Agent Myers into his mud and clay arms.  Four other agents worked together, two under each arm, to haul Hellboy from the chamber within the catacombs of Castle Khilkov.  As Liz followed them out she stopped, reaching for a piece of the ivory bone that had splintered off from the creature Myers had become.  The moment her fingers made contact, it too disintegrated into nothingness.   

“What are you?” Agent Sherman wondered out loud as she followed after the other B.P.R.D. agents. 

When Agent Myers opened his eyes again, the first thing he would see was Liz looking back at him.  She was crouched in front of him where he slept on a humble mattress on the floor.  His clothes had melted off him when he was pulled from the monster that had terrorized Hellboy and the rest of the team.  He had been dressed in comfortable, black Bureau-issue clothes that hung off him loosely as he blinked the sleep from his eyes.  Liz reached out, touching a warm had to his arm as Agent Myers’ gaze roamed, taking in his surroundings. 

He was in the lower holding of the ship that carried them across the sea, back to the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence headquarters in New Jersey.   Given the curious nature of Agent Myers’ particular condition, the decision had been made that traveling by boat would be safer than making the journey by air.  Though those agents who had all but written-off Agent Myers as a loose canon, had hopped on a plane away from the once shy and timid agent the moment they could, Red and Liz travelled with the danger in their cargo holding bay.  Along with them, Dr. Krauss and Dr. Corrigan had stuck around for the longer journey across the ocean. 

“Hey, sleepy-head.” Liz said gently, squeezing his arm affectionately as the alarm began to register on his tired face.  The holding bay had been cleared out to make room for Agent Myers, who sat on a humble bed in the center of a large cage.  “Don’t panic, it’s just a precaution,” she told him patiently.  When his gaze was back on hers, the delicate black brow above her kind eyes was knitted together in sympathy.  “Do you remember anything?” She asked before telling him, “people got hurt, John and… and you were saying some scary things.”

The creaking of the cage doors alerted both of them as they turned their attention to Hellboy, who entered the enclosure and pulled up a nearby chair.  “He’s up? Good.” Red said as he spun the chair in his hand and sat himself upon it backwards.  His heavy stone hand rested on the back of the chair while his more human-seeming hand stayed at his side, pressed to his chest in a sling, holding something.

“I think it’s about time that the two of you talked.” Liz said as her hand came away from Myer’s arm to touch tenderly instead upon his cheek.  “I’m going to go make you some breakfast.” She told him as she uncurled her legs from beneath her and rose to her feet.  As she passed Hellboy, she dropped a hand on his good shoulder, giving him a gentle squeeze as she continued on.  Locking the cage door behind her she cast one more final worried look to Agent Myers before climbing the stairs that would lead her to the main galley. 

“First things first,” Hellboy began.  “If you start hulk-ing out on me, I’m gonna’ press this button,” as he spoke he wiggled the trigger tucked within the sling that secured his arm in place.  “And drop your ass into the middle of the ocean.  Got it?”

He looked rough to say the least.  Hellboy’s stern face was littered with scrapes and bumps.  The shoulder of the arm that sat in the sling was heavily bandaged.  He wore only a black beater, his arms revealing further wrappings, bloodied and in need of changing.  The only part of him left unhurt in his brawl with the siren and twice over with the monster that Agent Myers clearly had the capacity to be, was his large, stoney right hand.  By contrast, the agent sitting on the floor across from Hellboy only had a few cuts here and there left, healing quickly as the blackness within him knit his flesh back together so neatly; so quickly. 

“Johnson was e-vac lifted off the island.” Hellboy informed him.  “He’s been in surgery for five hours now.  Still in critical condition.” It wasn’t an accusation or a reprimand, just a fact.  And besides, he figured that the John Myers he remembered would have wanted to know. 

“Do you remember anything?  What you did? What you said?” He waited, watching Agent Myers as he struggled against himself.  There was a long silence that passed between them. 

“Remember when Clay got hurt?” Hellboy asked suddenly.  “We were under the subway lines downtown, cleaning up after Sammael.” He didn’t look at Agent Myers as he spoke, but instead down at the stone hand resting on the back of the chair in which he sat him.  “I’m not the same as I was back then.” He told him, and even Agent Myers had to admit that his words rang true.  He didn’t take off like he used to.  He had set aside the whole ‘lonely-hero’ charade and started letting himself care about people.  Liz was the first, then came his friends, the father he had lost, his comrades. 

“It was wrong of me, to put in that transfer request.” Hellboy said next, this time lifting his inhuman yellow gaze to meet that of the man across him.  “I could tell you that I was still jealous, and I couldn’t get over it, but I know that’s no excuse.”

He leaned forward in his chair, his chin hovering above his stone arm, focusing on Agent Myers, searching him.  “You might not believe me, but if I had known something happened to you, up there, I would have come for you.”  When it seemed like the young man to whom he spoke might brush him off, he repeated himself saying in earnest, “I would have come for you, Myers.”

Leaning back in his chair, his stone hand lifted to scratch at one of the scabby wounds that blemished his red face.  “I didn’t know something happened until you had already made it back.  Everything in the file is blacked out and I couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone.” His gaze wandered as he spoke out loud, his words following his stream of thought as he wondered.  Turning his thoughtful look back to Agent Myers, a wave of sincere concern moved across his face, furrowing his brow.  He continued asking, “do you want to talk about it?”
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The world came in as shapes and blurs, slowly becoming more solid and coherent. Eventually, Liz's face appeared before him. Either his voice wouldn't work or his mind was just that sluggish that words didn't leave him, a groan like sound did as she touched his arm. Eyes almost closing again as he shifted his position slightly. Despite the sleep he gained from passing out, he only looked slightly less tired. He no doubt needed more but from how he was trying to keep his eyes open, it showed he was already trying to make himself wake up.

Shakily he started to push himself up onto his knees, even using his arms his whole body wobbled. Sore...everything felt heavy and he ached everywhere. The demon was oddly quiet...huh, a first then. A mummbly attempt of saying 'good morning' started to leave the man, however he paused as the cage bars started to register. Attempting to stand up quickly, his action was quickly regretted as his body shuddered, legs collapsing under him and he landed back on his knees. A low pained sound left him as he tried to ignore the new source of pain. That was when Liz's voice chimed in once more, his eyes opening once more to look at her.

"What..?" John managed to force out. "I...last thing I....was that shriek over the..."

The sound of a alarm hit his ears, causing him to look and sure enough, there was Red. Well he....he didn't look good. At all! Although, he didn't really want to deal with em straight away. But it seemed he had no choice. For a moment, he wanted to ask Liz to just stay. What she mentioned had him confused and he wanted to know what she meant in regards to the 'things' he said. But in the end, he let her go. Leaving him alone with the big guy.

"One...aren't you in the same cage and that would drop you too? Or are my eyes still not registering stuff? Some things are still blurry." Myers questioned to Red's threat. "Secondly, what do you mean hulking out?"

That was something he never did. Sure, the demon had taken over before to help him. But he wouldn't consider it hulking out. Look of sleepy confusion was replaced by surprise and then concern as Red spoke at Johnson. Now he didn't know the agent well but, what had happened to cause them to be in critical condition? Had the siren done that much damage?

"I remember that horrible shriek over the com.." Myers started, his concern replaced by a look that clearly showed he was thinking.

That's when some images flashed in his mind, making the man wince as a hand went to the side of his head. The song played momentarily as a part of it was recalled, seeing the artic...the past. Shaking somewhat, Myers closed his eyes. Trying to ignore the things his mind was tricked into seeing when the Siren was singing to him. Thankfully, Hellboy's next questions helped him with that.

"Yes...I remember Clay...I was brought on to...take his place..." Myers answered, dragging his hand away from his face. "Before the whole...incident.."

Their interactions were brief but Clay seemed to be a good man, he didn't deserve what happened. For some reason, Myers couldn't remember if Clay pulled through. He didn't dare ask, he knew just how much Red cared about Clay. What came next, Myer wasn't prepared for. The admission and those next words...Myers sat there. Disbelief going through his head but he managed to wait for Red to be done talking before he began.

"I can see some of it....some of the change." Myers began, trying to keep calm. "I tried to....keep my mind open to that. That you would change didn't occur to me that you'd get..jealous of me...for any reason. I guess that's just due to me not having known you long at that time, I couldn't conceive a possible cause for you to get jealous of me..."

Granted, he still didn't know about Red following him and Liz when they had that coffee. Or him being the one that threw the rock at him...probably not a good idea to bring that up. Considering how the man's face went from trying to remain calm, to have mixed emotions pulling at his facial features.

"You would've come huh? Then why...." Myers started, looking down at the ground. "Why did nothing work? I'm not good with fixing electronic equipment...but it took almost a full year, before ANYONE showed up. And by that time.....everyone"

The man's body shuddered as he grabbed his face, hiding it and stared down at the ground. Everything started to hurt more as he sat there, guilt and grief pulled at heart. While the anger and resentment tore at his mind. Everything felt like it was starting to spin. Despite sitting on the ground, it felt so unstable. He didn't know? They were keeping it quiet? That...that only pulled the pain more to the surface.

"I don't....feel..." Myers choked out as he shook.

The fact that the higher ups were hiding the truth from others and that the file was black, it was tearing him up faster. However his body had no time to recover from the extreme strain earlier. Tears would hit the floor when they escaped his hands, the black substance dripped his mouth in smaller amounts. At the big guy's next question, he pulled his hands away and slowly looked up at Red. His face seemed paler as his body couldn't handle the strain right now, the line of that black substance that had dripped out was noticeable at the corner of his mouth.

"Talk about what Red? How the entire base went to hell and I had to watch agents die from injuries, hypothermia, or starvation? All while trying to to fix the DAMN COMMINUCATIONS BOX...!" Myers started, before rage clearly took over his face as he gritted his teeth. "While unable to fight something that would swoop in and pick us off one by one? How I promised some new recruit that I'd get him home only to wake up to a corpse cause the poor kid either froze or starved despite my attempts? HOW...."

Myers froze, a sharp pain going through his body as it felt harder to breathe. His facial features softened, losing the traits that showed his anger as he just fell to the side; thankfully landing on the mattress as he took in wheezing breathes for air. Despite the healing factor he had, his body had been strained turning into...that thing. His lack of sleeping well combined with that, was having a toll on his body internally and was clear he was in a bit of pickle. He was still awake. Just rasping out for air.
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That was the only thing occupying Hellboy’s thoughts as Agent Myers struggled and strained before him.  He had spent a year in the darkness of Antarctica, his friends dying around him.  It might not have been Red’s fault that the communication box went down, but it was his fault that Agent Myers was there to begin with.  Responsibility for his suffering landed heavy upon his broad, broken shoulders.  One more thing weighing him down along with the whole, end-of-the-world business. 

When Myers teetered over onto himself, Hellboy rose from his chair.  Protocol be damned, he moved to the agent’s side, putting himself over the bay doors beneath Myers’ rudimentary sleeping space.  The very trap doors to which Hellboy held the release trigger.  He didn’t touch Agent Myers, with only his stone hand free he didn’t want to cause the man any further discomfort than he was clearly already feeling. 

“Liz!” Hellboy called, his voice carrying up the stairs into the galley.  “Liz! Get the Captain down here.”

Looking back at the man, who lay crumpled and gasping for air, he watched him with that same guilt twisting his face.  “Hang on, Myers.”

“But what could take out an entire station’s communications?” Hellboy stood in an observation room within the laboratories at the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.  A thick pane of glass separated those within from their subject on the other side.   Agent John Myers lay upon a hospital bed in a room with white walls, reinforced with steel and a few other less traditional things to boot.  He was hooked up to the monitors that beeped rhythmically within the observation room.  A team of doctors and paranormal specialists watched and recorded his vital signs as he lay asleep upon the gurney.  He had been out for days, and though he vitals were coming back strong and normal, his brain activity was off the charts.

“Look, enough with the third degree.” Director Tom Manning replied, clearly exhausted from Hellboy’s perpetual nagging.  Rubbing at the bridge of his nose, he offered the half-human who interrogated him a shrug as he said, “I don’t know any more than what I’ve already told you.”

“You haven’t told me anything.” Hellboy retorted at once. 

“The orders come from upstairs, I don’t know what to tell you.” Manning said with a sigh.

“I thought you were in charge around here.” Hellboy sneered, going on the attack since he had no other hand left to play. 

“This is government bureaucracy, Agent.” Director Manning told him matter-of-factly.  “There’s always another link in the chain of command.”

“Hey, I think he’s waking up.” Dr. Howard Eaton said, interrupting the tensed exchange between the Director of the B.P.R.D. and the department’s most irritating asset.  Agent Myers opened his eyes and took in his new surroundings, tugging on the restraints that held him to the gurney upon which he was strapped. 

“Would you like to go ask him yourself?” Director Manning inquired, turning his gaze to Hellboy, who looked on at Agent Myers through the glass. 

“Nah,” Hellboy said quietly.  “He doesn’t wanna’ talk to me.” Turning on his heel, Hellboy strode from the observation room.  In his place, Dr. Eaton rose from his chair with a clipboard in hand.  Nodding to Director Manning he took a different door out of the observation room, one that led him into the chamber in which Agent Myers resided. 

“Hey, John.” Dr. Eaton said with that familiar friendly smile as he walked up to him.  “How are you feeling?” He asked pleasantly as he took a seat in the chrome-plated stool at his bedside.  “You’ve been asleep for three days, but your vitals have been stable for the past few hours now.”

“I gather that you don’t remember what happened, so I’m going to fill you in, okay?” The kind blond-haired man explained as he crossed one leg over the other and rested his clipboard upon his knee.  Pulling his pen from where it had been tucked in the breast pocket of his white lab coat, he clicked it once and put the tip to the page as he began speaking.   

“According to the reports from the other agents, you turned into a giant, ivory-covered wolf and attacked Agent Hellboy and the rest of the team.” He explained, the gentle quality of his soft voice making the information just a little easier to digest, but only just a little.

“The beast fell away and you once more became yourself when Agent Sherman intervened.” Dr. Eaton continued.  “You were speaking at length about what we are assuming was the situation in Antarctica.” As he spoke his eyes flicked to the monitors that surrounded Agent Myers, noting their numbers on his clipboard.  “It seems the episode was triggered by the siren, but as I understand you were showing symptoms earlier in the mission.”

Pausing, Dr. Eaton lifted his eyes to the agent before him, sympathy woven through his friendly features.  “John, we want to help you.” He said in that gentle voice of his.  “You’re dangerous.” Dr. Eaton informed the man he had once known as a friend.  “If you’ll let me, I’d like to help you figure this out.”

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It was all a mess, so much of a mess. Laying there, gasping for air through tired lungs. The world had quickly blurred to him, shapes melded together and he wasn't able to tell them apart. Not even Hellboy rushing over registered since everything just swayed as a large smear in his vision. Still, the agent stayed put. Clutching his chest as pain continued to mount through his whole body, eyes drifting closed. Red's booming voice did make it through however. As his ears were working better than his vision. Still, everything would go dark again shortly after.

The days spent asleep were well needed. A few times Myers would twist around while asleep, and his vitals would go crazy. No doubt caused by some bad memory or nightmare that would torment him in his sleep. Despite that, he stayed asleep; probably helped by whatever doctor's gave him to calm him down in their attempt to make sure a transformation didn't happen. During this time, the demon had regained it's strength and awareness but it kept itself quiet as to avoid waking the agent. It stayed inside of him for the most part though when no one else was around, the invisible being would roam round the room. A form of curiosity leading them for the most part. Still they would quickly return to the unconscious man at the slightest sound of anyone nearing the room.

Movement from Myers would clue Dr. Eaton to his waking state. A groan left him as his brows twitched, eyes slowly opening; though for a moment he closed them again due to the bright lights. Having them adjusted slightly, he tried to sit up but when you're strapped down it was a bit hard to.

Calm, you're fine. The demon's voice would resound through his head.

The door opening caused John to look over to the source, spotting Dr. Eaton as they entered. Huh..when had they gotten back? Everything was even fuzzier than last time he was awake.

"A bit sluggish but, that should go away when I wake up more." Myers answered. "huh...guess that's why everything is even fuzzier than when I woke up on the plane...."

So he'd been out of it for quite a while huh? Well shit. Granted that long time unconscious had certainly helped him look a bit more alive and less tired. Sure the bags under his eyes were there but they were less in your face obvious and were now just, something you'd notice if he you were looking at him for longer than a few seconds. Myers squirmed once more, wanting to gain some new position to be in as his back was starting to protest being laid on for so long. But it did no good and he stopped moving as Dr. Eaton started to speak again and Myers gave a nod. Yeah he really didn't remember much.

A giant...okay, this was really getting weird. As Eaton explained what he might not recall, Myers sat there. A brow raised in confusion as he waited to hear the last bit of information. A sigh left him as he sat there.

"Look, I don't know what this whole..turning into something about. But it wasn't what was going on earlier in the mission." Myers started. "THe thing with my arm was due to gaining too much of  a physical boost."

Gonna tell them about me huh? the demon asked, their tone seemed more teasing...

They weren't upset that he now had to out the fact that there was something else in his body? Their tone suggested that they weren't mad at all. Myers sat there for a few moments, not quite registering Eaton's final words as the agent felt a great deal of confusion coming over him due to this one remark. Though, Myers snapped out of it as he shook his head.

"Look, so long as we don't dive into the anartica thing right off the damned bat, I should be okayish..." Myers started as he looked to Eaton. "Okayish enough to talk about the other things. Red did pry for the info on the artic mission and...I can recall some of that time on the plan. But as for turning into a large beast, like i said. I don't know where that's coming for as that's a new for me."

Myers was moving his hands as he spoke; though he was trying not to since he was restrained. Though part of Eaton's words ringed in his head. You're dangerous...huh? Wasn't everyone though? Myers turned his gaze down to the straps of the gurney  that held his arms in place. A temptation to pull and break the restraint was forming in his mind and no doubt his companion would love to do that little display to freak people out. However he pushed the thought away with a sigh.

"No mission info....okay? that's the only condition I want for now...when that Sire was singing and I guess while in that wolf thing...state. It was way too cold and just like the artic." Myers added, not looking up at Eaton. "At least, no talking about that straight away when I wake up..and not be 'spilll everything immedeatly' kind of thing."

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“Okay,” Dr. Eaton surrendered without a fight, offering the young man before whom he sat a friendly smile.  “Consider the subject off-limits.” He said, scribbling more notes onto the clipboard in front of him.  After a beat of silence, Dr. Eaton returned his full attention once more to his patient, or rather, his subject.  For the Occult Specialist of the B.P.R.D., the young doctor’s job had become much more interesting. 

“In that case, let’s just talk about Nikolskoye.” He continued, referring to the mission from which the agent had just returned.  “You mentioned what happened to your arm,” as he spoke, he flipped through the pages on his clipboard where he had made notes after reviewing all the different agents’ reports.  “Your skin went black and you grew claws, right?” He asked, verifying the information with the individual himself in question.  “You said it was a ‘physical boost’, what do you mean by that?  Where did it come from?” He asked, reiterating the statement that the agent had made earlier in their conversation.  As Agent Myers spoke, Dr. Eaton looked down at his clipboard through the glasses that slid down the bridge of his nose, his pen moving in that impossible, chicken-scratch way for which doctors were notorious.

“Well, whatever it is, do you have any control over it?” He asked patiently.  The way that Dr. Eaton carried himself, was in much the same manner that reminded his fellow Bureau comrades of the late Dr. Butternholm.  There was an authenticity about him.  The humility of a man who could admit he knew nothing, coupled with the ambition of a man who wanted to know everything.  It was something that the young doctor had learned from his teacher. 

“So, it’s triggered by anger…” Dr. Eaton gathered from what Agent Myers said, making more notes as he flipped back through the pages pinned in place on his clipboard.  “Well, I suppose that explains some things,” he said with a playful smirk as he pushed his glasses up his nose with the fingers that held his pen.  “Since there seems to be a pattern in the reports of this anger being directed towards Red.” He pointed out.  “You attacked him while you were… whatever you were.” Dr. Eaton told him, struggling to find the right words.  “You were trying to kill him.”  If Agent Myers was made to feel anything as a result of that statement, he kept it relatively well hidden.  Whether he had put the pieces together for himself, it was unclear.  Even though Hellboy had healed and was back to his usual, brutish self, it was Agent Myers and whatever was plaguing him that had put him in such a bad way.  It was ironic, really.  Though the sickly, tired agent before him seemed to hold nothing but contempt for the big, red ape, Hellboy had been obnoxiously concerned about Agent Myers since their return to the Bureau Headquarters.  In fact, on more than one occasion, and much to the displeasure of Director Manning, he had voiced that concern in the strongest of terms.  Dr. Eaton couldn’t help but wonder to himself at the thought.  Oh, how the tables do turn.

“You know, I’ve looked through just about every bit of research material I can think of, and I have to say, I’m stumped.” The blond-haired doctor admitted, melancholy touching upon his sunny disposition.  Folding both his pen and clipboard under his arms as he crossed them over his chest, he leaned back on the stool in the subject enclosure of the laboratories, regarding Agent Myers thoughtfully. 

“There are some people who don’t even want you here in the Headquarters,” Dr. Eaton told him, watching John’s face as he spoke.  “When you were inside that monster, some of our agents got hurt.” Empathy creased his forehead as he spoke the gentle words, though they must have still stung.  Perhaps it made sense to Agent Myers now, why Hellboy had mentioned Agent Johnson the last time they spoke.  “But I think you’re still you, John.” Dr. Eaton told him, that same smile spreading his lips once more. 

“You are… aren’t you?” He pressed after a beat, something sad falling into his wide, asking eyes.  At Agent Myers words, Dr. Eaton rose from where he had been sitting, adjusting his white lab coat. 

“Well, I think that’s enough for now.” He said.  “You haven’t eaten anything in three days, you must be hungry.” The young doctor pointed out, his usual happy countenance returning to his expression.  “We’ll get you unstrapped and I’ll bring you something to eat.” He told Agent Myers sunnily.  “Can I get you anything else?  A book, some coffee, a newspaper?”

Hellboy had wandered his way into the library of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.  Not the pretty, glistening one up on the second floor.  He preferred the dusty, cluttered library in which his father had wasted away the hours on any given day.  A six pack of beer dangled from the curled end of his tail as his not-stone fingers brushed against the spines, yellow eyes touching on the titles.  He had never been much of a reader, though he did like comic books when he was a kid.  Father would return to their humble little home at the Air Force base in New Mexico, a plastic bag hanging in a square shape from his hand, and Hellboy would know that he was in for a long night of reading under the covers with a flashlight.  His favourite nights however, were always the nights that his father would sit next to him as he lay in bed, reading him stories about Kingdoms and Worlds long forgotten to the likes of man. 

Letting his fingers slip from the shelves, Hellboy brought his right hand up to his mouth, tipping beer from carefully pinched stone fingers down his throat.  When he heard the familiar sound of splashing, he knew that Abe was climbing out of his tank.  “About time,” Hellboy muttered to himself as he found a spot on the floor and made himself comfortable while he waited for his friend to join him. 

“Red, it is barely noon.” Agent Sapien pointed out, a towel around his neck as he gestured to the beer Hellboy sipped on. 

“You ever think about quittin’?” The oversized, red-hued man asked suddenly. 

Recognizing the ache in Hellboy’s voice, and feeling the guilt and confusion that bled from each pore of his body, Abe switched to a more gentle tone as he admitted, “sometimes.” Coming to sit next to his friend, he placed his hands on his knees and sat in silence as the half-man at his side brooded.

“You’ve done a lot of good over the years, Red.” Agent Sapien told his friend.

“Yeah, I’ve hurt a lot of people too.” Hellboy volleyed back, looking into the beer can he had handed off from his right to his left, leaning back on his stone hand.  “Even more, depending on your definition of ‘people’.” He added, making the commonplace word sound jeering on his tongue. 

“Is that what this is about?” Abe asked him.

“We always say that when someone goes from being them, to being something else beyond their control, that’s when they become a monster.” Hellboy said, speaking thoughtfully as his eyes wandered to the stacks.  He wished, like he had wished a thousand times before, that the old man would appear to him from within the folds of those sacred books he so loved.  “But even when that thing that took over Myers was layin’ me out, I didn’t want to fight him.” He explained to Abe.  “I mean, it’s still Myers.”  As he spoke he gestured vaguely, and his friend who knew him too well nodded wisely in agreement. 

“All those monsters I killed, all those people I hurt to do it…” Hellboy wondered out loud, bending his leg and resting his arm upon his knee.  “What if they were all still someone?”

“That’s certainly possible.” Agent Sapien answered bluntly, making Hellboy cock his head to the side and shoot him a look. 

“You’re not makin’ me feel any better here, Abe.” He pointed out. 

“I wasn’t trying to.” Abe said simply.  When Hellboy grunted and took another long drink from his beer can, draining it and reaching for another, Agent Sapien gestured to the six-pack which had quickly become a four-pack.  “Hand me one of those, will you?” He uttered casually.  With a queer grin Hellboy did as he was asked.  “You know, you could spend your whole life guessing at the dichotomy of good and evil.” Abe explained to his friend as he took the beer offered to him.  “Or you could just do you best and try to be a good man, like your father wanted.”  Cracking the tab and opening the beer, he held it aloft and waited for Hellboy to clink his can with Agent Sapien’s. 

“You’re a good pal, Abe.” Hellboy told his fishy friend. 

“So are you, Red.”

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"Thank you..." Myers replied, seeing that Eaton would keep to the request.

That's when the long, long subject of the recent mission begain. Honestly, it was something that was draining but he knew it had to be done. At least this one was more bearable than the arctic.

"Yeah claws were a new one but the black skin I've gone through before." Myers answered, though his expression showed his discomfort and confliction. "From the thing that kept me alive in the arctic after.....everything went to shitty hell there..."

Taking a deep breathe, he exhaled.

"We have agreements, sometimes he'll do a boast if I'm in a bad state. I was stuck under the water and starting to freak out while drown. Them giving me to boast was the only reason I was still concious when Liz melt the floor and ice to get me out. The black was just a side affect from my body being giving such a boast too fast and too soon." Myers continued. "The stuff I hack up seems to be another side affect. The claws part probably came out due to my anger, I was...pissed at Red at the current time."

Indeed he was. But the problem was there was more than just anger in the moment. It was almost a year's worth of anger and resentment festering, boiling over into the situation that seemed right. Still, he listened to Dr. Eaton and he finally got some answers. So he had hurt Johnson, not the siren...him. Trying to not let his emotions get the best of him, the agent looked away.

You weren't in the right state of mind Lad, neither of us were. Granted, what state we were in, was acting off of your emotions. Which there was alot of it directed at the big guy. The demon's voice whispered, seeming to try to stop the lad from letting his mind go into that negative place.

"I don't remember it...." Myers muttered, wanting to put a hand to his face but he was unable to.

A weak laugh left him as his brows twitched and his shoulders hunched slightly. He was still him huh? His gaze was directed at the white hospital sheet that was a blanket.

"Seems like people would prefer me to have stayed there...." Myers remarked in a even lower voice.

Myers didn't look up at Eaton as they asked if he was still himself, at this point Myers didn't know the answer to that. So much of him had been changed by being sent to the artic and at first, he was still himself. He was able to just mingle with the agents there and for a while, the whole incident with Red had faded from his mind. It was when things went to hell that everything started to change. Growing desperate to help the others, feeling inadequte, raging over how no one was answering the distress signal, resent at being sent much of John T Myers was there? Would his parents even recognize him at this point?

"An actual blanket would be nice, something a little thicker." Myers answered. "Coffee sounds fine..."

He couldn't think of anything else.

When the straps were off, Myers' first course of action was to get off the bed and stretch. Everything felt tight but that was just due to how long he slept. The hospital gown was just as annoying as ever. Though he caught the looks he was given and he sighed.

"I can still stretch can't I?" Myers asked, mildly annoyed but no one answered.

Instead he was left in the room alone once more. Shaking his head, he managed to pop his back with a loud crack. A pained sound left him but he honestly needed that. Things were already feeling looser to his relief. Still he would return to sitting on the bed and staring at the ceiling; not much to do and part of him regretted not being able to come up with something productive to ask for. It just wasn't something his mind went toward.

People didn't want him here? Couldn't blame em but...what would be the alternative? Leaving him behind? Dumping him in the ocean like Red threatened? Or would they have just put him in some sort of containment? Truthfully, he didn't know. And not knowing was making his mind race. Putting his hands to his face, he sighed frustratedly. Doing his best to push his thoughts to something else.

How had he done that much damage to Red? Hell, why had Red gotten jealous of him to begin with? These should've been the easiest out of his questions but his mind wasn't coming up with anything. Glancing around the room as he pulled his hands down, he noticed the shadowy form that only he could see near the wall. Tilting it's formless head before tapping the glass; the small sound was faint but anyone on the other side would hear it. They just wouldn't be able to see who the heck was tapping on the glass.

"Leave it alone..." Myers would say lowly as he sank.

You humans are strange. the demon's voice retorted before it returned to the lad, the voice still only in his head.

This wasn't going to be a good time...was it?

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It wasn’t until the next morning that Agent Sherman came around to the laboratories of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.  Dr. Eaton, who had taken the lead on the investigation into what exactly John had become, was very strict about his study of the young man and whatever was wrong with him.  The first day had been spent in a very clinical fashion, routine exams, physical evaluations and the gentle inquiry one would expect from someone like Dr. Howard Eaton.  Apparently, Liz Sherman was a variable in that analysis.  Whatever that was supposed to imply… So it wasn’t until the day that followed his fortuitous awakening that Dr. Eaton had given the green light for Liz to visit with her friend.  She entered the lab and the adjoining observation room, armed with coffee and donuts.  When she looked through the glass wall that separated one room from the other, Dr. Eaton was already underway with further tests, these ones of a less medically traditional nature. 

The blond doctor sat with a box before him containing all manner of spiritual relic.  He had made Agent John Myers eat garlic and drink Holy water.  Iron, silver and white oak alike had been pressed against him with no effect.  He dangled trinkets over the agent’s brunette head and chanted ancient languages all to no avail.  By the time that Liz stepped into the holding room, Dr. Eaton had gotten desperate enough to try holding a crucifix of all things up to Agent Myers.  As one would expect, the only reaction he received was a queer expression of second hand embarassment from his subject.  Upon spotting Liz however, he seemed to brighten a little bit.  It warmed the fire-starter and she smiled at him. 

“Ah, Liz.” Dr. Eaton said, looking over his shoulder.  “Perfect timing.” He told her as he rose from where he had been sitting, hoisting his box of knick-knacks into his arms. “If anyone is looking for me, I will be in the library.”

Liz watched him go, before turning back to Agent Myers.  Instead of sitting on the stool, she instead set down the breakfast she had brought for herself and her friend upon its surface.  Unfolding a pair of comfortable, Bureau-issued pants and a zip-up sweater from over her arm, she tossed the articles of clothing at John as she snatched up the blanket from where it was sitting on his bed.  Flashing him a grin as she gathered it up in her arms, she talked to him over her shoulder as she walked to an empty corner of the room saying, “c’mon.”

She stopped at a spot that she had chosen for no particular reason and spread the blanket out on the cold floor.  “Put some pants on, John.” Liz instructed as she walked back over to collect the donuts and coffees from where she had set them.  “We’re going to make this at least a little less depressing.”

Dressed in the more comfortable clothes, Myers sat on the blanket across from Agent Sherman as they sipped at their coffee and picked at the donuts between them.  She was glad to see him in something other than the hospital gown they had dressed him in.  Looking at him in the medical get-up made her think he was sick.  The fact that he very well might be wasn’t a thought she was willing to dwell on.  Though the lighting was too bright and the floor too hard, their makeshift picnic was at least something different.  The situation itself wasn’t perfect, of course, but she was trying.  Maybe John could take solace in that if nothing else. 

She filled him in on the things he had missed.  They had tossed the remains of Count Khilkov into the sun to burn up and dropped the ashes into a jar of Holy water which had been buried on Church consecrated land.  Only the Devil himself would be able to bring the old Russian vampire back and maybe not even then.  As for the siren, her body was being exhumed by the clean-up team that had been sent in by the B.P.R.D. not long after their own had left.  She was an interesting case so they were planning on studying her, though Liz made sure to give Myers every reassurance that she was very much dead.  They’d be taking her to a different base in Istanbul, Turkey to dissect her and learn what they could from whatever hadn’t been totally crushed by the crumbling castle that had fallen on top of her.  Agent Smith had snapped out of it after Hellboy had taken the siren down and Agent Johnson was in recovery a few wings over in the hospice. 

“He broke a few ribs, which pierced his lungs.” Liz explained between sips on her black coffee.  “But they’re saying he’ll pull through.” She told him, light touching her eyes, hoping the good news would brighten the dark cloud over the sullen young man who sat across from her.  Leaning on one hand and tilting her head, she tried to find John’s eyes, but they were on some invisible point off to the side.  She followed his gaze, only to find nothing but more white walls.  “Hey,” she began as she reached out to touch his arm.  “Are you okay?” She asked. 

The gesture seemed to pull him from his trance as he looked her way again, though not before flicking his gaze nervously back to the empty spot he had been staring at.  “I’m worried about you, John.” She told him. 

Pulling her hand away from his arm, she pressed her hand beneath her to wiggle into a more comfortable position.  “You know, I think maybe I have an idea what you’re going through.” She mused as she crossed her legs beneath her.  “This thing I have…” As she spoke, she lifted her hand into the air, letting the blue flames lick around her fingers in a dancing swirl.  “It’s part of me, but separate.” Liz explained, letting the fire fade away as her hands met, fingers wrapped around her coffee cup, her elbows resting on her knees as she leaned forward.  “I tried to give it away once and I almost died.” She told him.  “But when I was a little girl, before I understood it…” Pausing, she waited until her warm brown eyes found John’s.  “It used to talk to me.”

“I know that look, John.” Liz told him, serious but still somehow sweet.  “Are you hearing voices?”

“Well?” Hellboy asked.  “How’s he doin’?”

“I don’t know, Red.” Liz answered.  Her back was turned to her boyfriend as she spoke, standing at the sink and scrubbing clean the various bowls of cat food that had been left out to get crusty while the pair were away. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hellboy pressed further, rising from where he had been reclining on the couch, sending the numerous cats that had been lounging on top of him skittering off to differing corners of their apartments. 

“I don’t know!” Liz snapped back, dropping one of the bowls hard into the soapy waters of the sink.  Without saying anything, the big, red ape that adored her walked to her side in silence as she took a deep breath and touched the back of her hand to her face.  “I’m sorry, I’m just…” She let her voice trail off, unsure how to bring what she was trying to say to words.  The lump that had caught itself in her throat melted away when Red put his long, strong arms around her. 

“I know.” He whispered into her ear, holding her close.  “Me too.”  They held each other for a moment, the dozen and a half cats that had become their shared children rubbing up against their legs. 

Lifting her face from the broad chest she had been leaning into, she looked up into Hellboy’s yellow eyes asking, “what are we going to do, Red?”

“We’re gonna’ keep trying.” He told her, still holding her against him.  “No one’s giving up on, Myers.” In spite of himself, she knew that he meant it.  Their first few months together hadn’t been easy, but Hellboy had really changed and changed for the better.  He listened.  He cared.  And not just about Liz.  She loved him, but there were some things that even his caring heart and listening ear couldn’t fix. 

“I’m going for a walk,” she told him, pushing away from their embrace with gentle hands upon his chest.  “I need some fresh air.”

“Do you want some company?” He asked, following her from one room to the next. 

“It’s the middle of the day, Red.” She told him as she grabbed her jacket and tugged it onto her shoulders.  “You can’t just go walking around in broad daylight.”

Though the sentiment was true, it hurt.  Hellboy followed her to the door anyway, saying, “well, at least take your tracker.”

With a wry grin on her face she picked the technology off the door-side table and turned it on, making the glowing light within flash.  As she pocketed the small, rectangular device, she stepped towards Hellboy and tilted her head back, rising up onto her toes.  He met her waiting lips with his own, dropping a quick kiss.  “I’ll be back soon.” Liz told him before she turned to leave. 

Hellboy watched her go, already missing her and already more worried than he had been before about Agent John T. Myers.  The man who had almost been his friend. 

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"You gotta be kidding me..." Myers remarked, a brow twitching as this 'testing' had gone further down the rabbit hole.

The demon was laughing it's ass off with each attempt to get something to happen to Myers. The eating garlic and the crucifix was the most hilarious thing out of all of these though. A brow was raised as the crucifix was held in front of him and there was a though to just let the demon have some fun but he held that back. Didn't need things made worse by just doing something for humors sake. When the door opened and Liz entered, Myers looked past Eaton and gave a quiet sigh of relief.

Aww..but this one is so amusing. The demon whined slightly.

Can it. Myers thought back firmly.

As much as Myers did like Eaton, the strong taste of garlic persisted even after the holy water; which tasted like really clean water to him. As Eaton left, the demon did leave Myers. Following behind in it's curious manner but of course, they stopped at the door and let it closed. The shadowy form with glowing red eyes looked displeased by remaining in the room but they did. At least they were getting the hang of staying in a location much better. Myers recalled how he sometimes had to chase after em when they first met and well, that spelled trouble due to the situation.

Before he could say anything to Liz, the blanket was pulled out and a look of confusion was on his face. He caught the clothes; though the shirt hit him in the face. Moving the shirt out of his way, he let his gaze land on Liz. The blanket was smoothed out onto the floor and Liz gave a hint at her plan. Smiling slightly, Myers would get the pants on first and as quickly as possible. The demon had watched the small display and tilted their head as they stood by the doorway that Eaton had left out of.

"It's good to hear that Smith and Johnson are okay." Myers replied after Liz had informed him of everything, taking a longer drink of his coffee as he felt his throat heating up.

The warmth in his chest spread out, it was odd how he took note of that. Needing warmth became a vital thing back that place. And despite the temperature being fine in here, the blank slate of the place somehow made it a bit colder; that hospital gown wasn't helping none either. But he now had clothes on.

For a minute I was thinking the Doctor had you drink the Count. The demon laughed, having moved from the doorway and was merely lingering by the wall. Though it's a bit odd that the big guy hasn't shown up yet. Why's that?

"Huh? Sorry what?" Myers asked, being snapped out of watching the demon and his attention pulled back to Liz.

I can see why you view her so positively. She actually cares despite the long gap in seeing ya around and with everything that happened. The demon added.

Myers gave a look to em but tried to keep his focus on Liz, even more so as she was starting to talk about her own experience. The demon slinked over, the shadowy mass still seeable only to him yet oddly enough the mass gained the blue tint due to the fire's light. Once again, they behaved more like a curious child. Reaching with a finger to follow the swirling flame around. Myers did his best not to acknowledge what it was doing.

"The fire could speak to you?" Myers asked, confusion and curiosity in his own voice.

Though that's when thing once more took a shift and Myers's face paled at the question. Now if he wasn't in this job, that type of question always meant you were crazy. But Myers wasn't sure if people who heard voices were crazy. Nervousness came to his face as Myers struggled to look elsewhere, trying to form his thoughts into something cohesive as he felt a bit of panic go through him.

Specifically you can hear mine of course. The demon said in his head, slinking along the floor over to where the box rested; now only sporting a small amount of donuts left.

"It....well..." Myers stammered, still struggling with his words.

Though his eyes went wide and he paled further as he watched the demon start messing with the box. They weren't doing anything wrong but they could interact with things to a degree like this, so the box lid was being messed with as the shadowy mass was merely tapping on it with a finger. A faint...weak sound would reach Liz's ears as she'd hear that tapping. Despite how close the box was to her, it was such a faint sound. If she looked, she'd see the lid bouncing slightly, up an down with small movements.

" know.....if I never came here, that question would...well, I would just be stumped by it. But...since I am here, and I've seen...only a small handful of what this other side of everything has..." Myers started, trying to draw her attention away from it. " wouldn't....see me as..."

A sigh left Myers as he ran his fingers through his hair, the cup holding his coffee shook slightly as his nerves were getting the best of him. Seeing it best to just set it down, he did. Brows raising in a somewhat scared away as he struggled with his own feelings on the matter. Finally he gave in. She'd learn sooner or later anyway.

"I don't just hear him Liz.." Myers started, watching a shady hand reaching for his coffee. "I see him..and someone is getting a little handsy."

The chuckling would echo in Myers head before the two agents would watch the cup slowly pull away from where Myers set it. Brows narrowing somewhat, the agent got up and quickly retrieved it. He had a retort but now that he acknowledge the demon as not only a voice in his head but something he could see well....Myers felt the need to keep his mouth shut. Even as he looked to Liz,mixed emotions welled up in his chest. He gave a weak smile before he downed the rest of his coffee.

"You're going to get us into some trouble..." myers muttered as he sat there on the bed.

How so? No one else can see me. the demon replied as they slithered along the ceiling.

"Liz knows...hell, I'm talking out loud to you again."

That's not so bad. She likes you enough I don't think this'll affect much.

Myers sighed, there was a small point in that but how much of a point? Sure with Liz, she cared. But what of the higher ups? If they were keeping the events in Antarctica a secret, then what about this? Some agents didn't want him here, would this be used to just get him to be reassigned somewhere? Or would they try to just kill him? Myers found his thoughts jumping from one subject to another. How much of a human was he at this point?

The demon could speed up his recovery but he needed sleep still, he needed food. Injuries would still hurt and even the demon tried to caution him to take it easy when his ankle had been damaged. His body...this current body, was still that of a human's. He just had something in it that would if needed, make things work faster. So death could happen at any time. Would they try to get rid of him? It was a thought that he felt wasn't out of the stretch for possibilities.

What would the Professor say? Heck...would he even know what to do? A frustrated sigh left him as he grabbed his face, leaning back onto the bed. He didn't know what to do. Coming clean about everything was so hard. The reason for Liz getting her answer about the voices well, he couldn't lie to that face. He was fully in his right mind and she would no doubt get suspicious with those minor events.

"Just don't mess with anything or go anywhere." Myers told them as he pulled his hands away, only to see the shape at the foot of the bed.

I've kept to that so far. Besides, I want to talk to the doctor guy sometime. the demon added.


He's hilarious.

A few moments of silence lingered in the air before Myers sighed. They were going to learn about this guy boy.

"Don't make me regret this." Myers cautioned and for a moment, he thought he could see the outline of fangs in that shadowy mass in the shape of a grin.

The next visit from Eaton came swiftly enough and for the most part, Myers was distracted during it. Struggling with if he really should let the demon have it's chat. But after going through the questions Eaton had come up with, Myers took a breathe.

"Hey...I know I said the artic incident is off limits and this sort of has a tie to it but, it also deals with boast I've mentioned." Myers started, glancing away nervously as he watched the shape peering into the box of things they brought with em. "Would to meet him? The...the thing that gives me the boasts? IT's not the thing I turned into, and honestly....they seem interested in you."

Myers watched Eaton's reaction, waiting for how the doctor would take this bit of information.

"He promises not to cause trouble and it's not me turning into some unstable thing." Myers tried to assure him.

Considering how nothing else had worked and it might be one of the few ways to gain some answers, agreeing to this would way to gain some direction if nothing else on this. So when Dr. Eaton agreed, Myers took a deep breathe. Not looking forward to the discomfort that went through his mind as the demon switched places with him. Normally the demon was in the back seat, now it was Myers. Some black veins were growing more noticeable on the agent's face and while his eyes were closed at first, they soon opened to reveal discolored eyes. Gone was the brighter irises of John's eyes and now they looked darker, somewhat muddied in their color with a tint to them that seemed to mimic something that could glow; despite not actually doing so.

Those strange eyes landed on Eaton for a moment before they were directed around the room. It all looked the same, seeing through someone else's eyes didn't change much. No doubt the good doctor was confused by this and probably spoke up. Either way, the 'agent' would turn that odd gaze back to the man and with a single finger, poke Dr. Eaton. A toothy grin came to their face as if they just discovered.

"I can't believe that actually worked!" The agent remarked, their voice was slightly different but not to the degree of distortion that it was when turned into that monster. "Sorry, we haven't really tried this before. So it was a long shot if it would work but it did!! I can actually interaction with things to a much higher level .Before I could just grab small things or tap em when I separate myself from the lad. So this is different."
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For Dr. Howard Eaton, his introductory conversation with wherever lived within Agent John T. Myers was, in a word, horrifying.  He observed the change, noticing the different ways in which John’s face began to twist.  The face that sat before him, was not one he had ever seen the B.P.R.D. Agent ever wear before.  It seemed at once obvious to the young doctor, that of course, this was not John.  Rather, it was something else entirely, donning his face like a mask.  The voice had changed in pitch and cadence, yet it was still John’s throat from which the words came.   They were rushed, excited almost.   What concerned Dr. Eaton most however, was that they came with entirely too much ease. 

"I can't believe that actually worked!"  The Agent spoke in a voice that was not quite his own. "Sorry -- we haven't really tried this before. So it was a long shot if it would work, but it did!  I can actually interact with things on a much higher level. Before I could just grab small things or tap em’ when I separate myself from the lad, so this is different."

“I suppose I should formally introduce myself,” Dr. Eaton said, his pleasant cadence a practiced art form.  “I am Doctor Howard Eaton, Occult Specialist for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.” He explained. 

Leaning back in his chair and spinning his pen in his finger, Dr. Eaton continued saying, “I think I know John pretty well, but I can’t say that I know you.” Watching the way Agent Myers moved, the way he admired the flexing of his fist and the wiggle in his toes, unease settled within the base of his belly.   “Would you tell me who you are?” He asked, keeping his discomfort from his own face as best he could.  After all, somewhere in there, John was waiting. 

The answer he got was cryptic, in a knee-slapping sort of way.  While on the surface the words might have seemed to some as non consequential, Dr. Eaton jotted down a few notes anyway.  The thing wearing John’s face took note, eyes flicking pointedly to the lined paper on which he scribbled illegibly.  Meeting those same eyes once again from behind his glasses, Dr. Eaton asked, “did you find John in Antarctica or before?”

Once more the answer he received was unhelpful yet he noted it nevertheless.  “John said that you give him a boost when he needs it,” Dr. Eaton went on.  “Does that mean your survival is dependent on his?” He pressed.  There was a quirk in his brown brow at that one.  Though he spoke his own version of truth, the young man who had devoted his life to the study of the paranormal knew his own truth for certain. Once more, pen touched paper and further notes were taken. 

“Let me ask you this,” he said calmly as he crossed one leg over the other, making himself comfortable as he met the gaze of whatever peered out from behind John’s eyes.  “Why John?” He queried.

As the words poured forth from John’s familiar mouth in an altogether unfamiliar fashion, Dr. Eaton continued with his notes.  He had been preparing himself for his next question, when suddenly someone else strode into the subject chamber. 

Uncrossing his legs and rising from his perch upon the metal stool, Dr. Eaton placed himself firmly between his subject and their uninvited guest.  In spite of his presence, the big red ape himself stride forward, stone hand swinging in tandem with his stride.  He approached the edge of the bed, Dr. Eaton’s outstretched hand landing firmly in the middle of Hellboy’s chest as he pushed the doctor back a few steps before his feet finally stilled.  Able to look easily over the B.P.R.D. Specialist’s blond head, Hellboy looked on only at Agent Myers. 

“Myers?” He asked quietly. 

“Red…” Dr. Eaton began, but it was too late.  Already the thing talking from John’s mouth was addressing Hellboy directly. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” The red-hued, half-man asked whatever lived within the agent before him.  He stepped around Dr. Eaton as he spoke, coming to one side of the bed as the doctor mirrored his trajectory to the opposite side.

“Red, I am in the middle of… would you listen?” Dr. Eaton prattled, reaching across Agent John T. Myers to wave his hands in Hellboy’s face, but neither were listening to him.  Whatever matter of dark creation lived within John, it was addressing Red now, the son of Hell.  In fact, it seemed to know him. 

“You get out of him,” Hellboy seethed, reaching forward to seize John, or rather; the thing that wasn’t John, but the collar of his black sweatshirt.  “Or I’ll rip you out and tear you to pieces.” He threatened. 

“Oh, dear.” Dr. Eaton mumbles, inching away cautiously. 

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"Well let me rephrase that, we've done something similiar to this in the arctic but I did take over without permission as he didn't see what was coming, so we've done this in combat but not a more....what's the word..." The agent started, brows raising and falling as they sought the right word. "Sooo....cial?"

A shrug left the man, sort of like a puppet having it's strings pulled yet more fluid and natural. Almost like they took over entirely. Probably a very scary thought and even more so since, it was happening right in front of em.

"Right, the funny man!" The being replied, smiling. "The little tests were amusing, my favorite was the garlic and crucifix. Is a thing of wood or metal with something akin to a deity really gonna do anything? Granted, guess it depends on the thing but it's not as effective as it seems. Highly depends on the belief of the person holding it I've heard long ago."

As the good doctor started to speak, the being directed their attention to moving things around. It was odd how it fascinated him. Ages ago, he had a physical like form, ages ago he roamed freely. Un-needing of  anything like this, free to move about and do his task.  Still his attention was given to Eaton, whenever he asked a question, the agent would pause in their antics and direct those changed eyes to em.

"Oh dear Sir, not everything can be given away so easily. I like you but not enough to give everything away, especially things the lad doesn't know yet. Demon is what he calls me but that's not what I am." the agent replied, smile slowly growing as they spoke. "Place of freezing cold and frost coated water, I met him amongst that land. Granted there is much more to that situation than mere location."

Granted, it didn't help why he was there to begin with. When you go digging in the ice, you tend to wake a few things up. Even if those things were without their body. Though he'd have to admit mentally in the part that John had no access to, that he wouldn't have woken up as fast if it wasn't for the one agent falling into the ice and John diving in to try and save em. The first soul he'd taken in ages....and one who had something they'd hadn't seen in any but it's own family. Never mortal.

"Yes, sometimes the lad needs a boast. Otherwise he'd have tied in that place when shit hit the an as he would call it." they answered, though they hesitated slightly. "more like the lad's survival depends upon it. Somethings would've easily killed him if I hadn't given him the boasts. It's never enough to where I take over, just enough to get him out of the situation that is hazardous or at least to a safer spot."

That wasn't a lie, it was truthful to a degree. The first times he gave John those boasts was to save his hide and also it was so he wouldn't have to keep taking over the boy when they got into trouble.

"Tis simple honestly." The being started. "He's the only one that would work and he needed it at the time. To leave him to the doom going on or to give him a hand, I think it's worked well so far."

And there it was, the door opening and the confused low voice. Looking up to see the big man having entered, a devilish smile grew on the man's face.Ah goodie....he came. Somewhere in his mind, he could feel Myers trying to get back control but it was easy to surpress em just enough to hold them in. Letting them stay aware though for whatever transpired out of a kindness.

"Ah Anung Un Rama or Big Red I've come to learn, later sounds more fun." The being replied, putting their hand's together and slipping each finger between the other. "I think she would've liked to hear that last one too, nicknames for one's child seem to always be best in the mind of the parent."

As if unphased by the approach of the big man. At the other's confusion it only made them want to smile further, he knew nothing....about her did he? Poor soul. Even they knew of their own mother, such a strong presence for being so pure....strong and firey in a way without the flames. Oh how ironic thing shad become. Course as the front of their shirt was grabbed and he was pulled forward, a laugh couldn't help but leave them at the threat; it held a sound to it..that would make one think there was something animal like to it. Their gaze was easily fixed onto Red as they smirked with a very large fang filled grin.

"And have him die despite you wanting to help him?" The being questioned, their hands unfolded from one another and one reached forth. "You're a bit late to sever the connection without a ill effect."

Letting the darkened hand rest on Red's skin, the agent would feel the cold from it. The skin of Myers' hands was only looking grey, not yet black like they had been when he punched the man. This cold was probably there due to the being controlling em.

"I don't desire the boy's death, nor do you." The controlled agent started. "You hold too much of a heart like your mother, a good thing perhaps Many things happened in the tundra Big fella, your friend wouldn't be here if i hadn't intervened and trust me. If the cold, the starvation, the loneliness, or the thing that attacked the base hadn't gotten to him, I'm sure his own mind breaking into madness would've killed him and considering everything going on...he would've died before that point."

Grabbing onto Red's wrist, the grip was firm to just try and keep the big guy's hand still. However they quickly slinked downward, letting go of Red's hand and slipping out of the sweatshirt! Leaving Red with the black material in their hand. Moving away from the half human agent, the being chuckled; still holding hints of John's voice in it. Though without the shirt, the agent's chest and back were exposed. The black veins were noticeable more so on John's chest, looking as if they were extending toward the spot where his heart was, almost as if the lines were reaching for it. The center of their back was fully black with those same veins extending forth to the front of their man's torso. Spinning round on the heels of his feet, the agent was now back to looking at Red.

"It was pretty odd how he tried to use knowing you to keep everyone calm and collected but...I can see why now. After all, you've been proving some things wrong yet right at the same time. Quite odd....but I guess that's just the human twist in you." The agent said, though that smile slowly faded as they broke into a cough.

Holding a hand over their mouth, the being seemed pretty surprised by this sudden change. Why? They weren't doing anything too exhausting. This wasn't a fight, emotions weren't high...and yet, removing their hand as they took in a few quick breathes. That black stuff was on their hand that they coughed up. A sigh left them, as if a bit upset.

"Well doc, looks like times up for the day. Fun experiment though!" The being would say as they stood back up with a shrug.

Unlike with Myers, the reversion seemed much more easier. The black veins would disappear as would the fangs, eyes closed before they opened again as Myers took a panicked breathe. Eyes back to normal before the man crumbled to the ground, landing on his knees as he was left rasping for air. Almost like that whole time he was holding his breathe despite talking normally. Clutching his chest, he shuddered with each gasp for air. After a few moments, Myers would push himself up enough to look at the two men.

"would....Would it be alright to have a hand up...please..? My legs feel a bit...stiff..." Myers requested, nervously reaching a hand forth; his hand shaking slightly.

It was just a leftover effect from the possession, he felt very shaky and that caused him to tremble slightly but the left over cold added to it. So he was truely shaking. If he got the hand up, it would be noticeable about how unsteady on his feet he was. But there would be no issue getting him back to the bed to sit on.

"Okay...I have...some gaps but...." Myers started before looking up at Red. "I...I'm sorry..I...I shouldn't have..."

A weak but nervous laugh left him as he put a hand to his face and ran his fingers through his hair. Taking a deep inhale of air as he did so, trying to keep himself calm as he felt a great deal of emotion sweep through him. Already his eyes were watering.

"I just...I..." Myers stammered, trying to find his words and his voice again. "I tried so hard to not...put any blame on you ended up happening anyway and....for half a year i jus....I just....sp...spiraled into..."

Despite his efforts, tears started to form at the corners of his eyes and soon they were rolling down his cheeks without him even blinking. Course now that they were rolling down, the man put his hands against his face as he tried to stop them. Only causing himself to break down further.

"I'm sorry....I'm sorry..." Myers cried into his hands, feeling even more guilty despite trying to explain things.
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Why had it only worked for a few minutes? a dangerous situation, The being knew how to keep a better control for longer. But during those; at least back in the Artic, he always forced control over Myers. was strange. Was the agent just not able to handle it? Or had this other form that the other agents mentioned created this little issue? There wasn't going to be a way to tell this aft the moment sadly. And they weren't going to force control over, especially not with how Myers was bearing some of his heart to these people. Breaking down emotionally and revealing small bits of truth.

When it's just you and something else that talks in your head, it's easy for you to lose sight of things. Within a environment that is getting more and more dangerous, witnessing so many people die and not having been able to do anything to prevent does something to how you think. Myers knew that. Try as he had for a while there, he tried to not blame Red. Holding out hope that some message would get through and that the big guy would show up with others. The backup was so desperately needed back never came. Myers couldn't fix the device to send a message, he wasn't a mechanic or a engineer, nor a electrition. If anything, he probably broke it further. That's why the calls for help never got through and were never received. Alas, the environment messed with his head. He grew so bitter and angry while he failed the people around him despite his efforts.

"I'm fine....sorry just...just lost my thoughts there.." John added, wiping his eyes to get rid of the tears.

Clearing his throat, Myers took a couple of slow breathes. Making sure that everything was out of his system in regards to the tears. Reaching behind himself, he pulled the blanket over his shoulders; having not yet noticed that his long sleeved shirt had been removed and honestly, he wasn't really paying attention to that detail still.

"Okay...I think I'm ready to hear whatever happened. Like I said, I have..some of it but a lot of gaps." Myers explained. "Though considering how no one is bruised or battered, I take it things weren't confrontational at least....surprisingly."