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So [M]any Snacks So Little Time

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Eddie answered as best he could: Could be because they're lovers or friends or family, or it could be because the sidewalk is crowded.  Because they don't know each other and don't want trouble.  That's normal walking speed.

He parked the bike curbside and took them both inside.  Yeah, 'cause it's a toy store.  Wade's a big kid at heart.  He found it touching and amusing that Deadpool and Venom both were interested in stuffed animals.  He was clearly indulging them, since he had no interest in acquiring the world's largest Beanie Baby for himself.

Like so many had before him, Jude felt a little disoriented by the sheer volume of nonsense Wilson could spew.  "No, I don't know who you're talking about," he said as to both X-Men. 

"Why I'm really here... okay, I'll level with you.  I want to know what the hell that thing was that killed me," he said.  "I never saw anything quite like it.  And I've seen a lot."

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Venom absorbed all the information that Eddie provided, thinking that humans were very complicated creatures indeed, at least when it came to social cues. The alien wouldn't have thought about doing any of those things to try and avoid confrontation, and it especially thought that normal walking speed was very inefficient, and only went along with Eddie moving that slow because he knew how to blend in with humans.

Toys are for kids.[/i] Venom said. It could tell that Eddie wasn't excited about getting toys, he was excited about getting the motorcycle and about getting the money, but not this. The alien was floored by Eddie's selflessness toward it, everything he had done for it could be seen as being in his own self interest as well. He fed them so they wouldn't eat someone that they shouldn't, pet and snuggled Venom because it felt good to him, and had even saved Venom because he had wanted the creature back as well. But Eddie had no reason to do this except to make the alien happy, and it was once again charmed by its human, it oozed out of his back so a small head could nuzzle his neck, happily.

"Eddie is best host." Venom purred, drooling slightly, "Let's go!" It didn't seem to notice how unenthusiastic the adults were, focusing on how excited the kids were to be going to the store. 


"Do you know anybody? Or did some rando rub a spittoon and you popped out of it?"

I bet the civil war reenactors would love him.

You don't know shit about history, so don't try and make jokes about it.

"Wow. I had that same exact question." Deadpool's eyes widened, "But I thought you'd know about it the most, since they're your guns. But you must not know them that well since they turned around and shot you too. Did you try talking to Ghost Rider's ass about them?"