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Howdy, folks.  It’s your favourite guy, making his first appearance here on the Search Boards.  I have found myself with more free-time than I’ve had in the past few years in the past few months, and I’m dying to fill those empty hours with something creative.  I’ve been on VT for a while now, maybe you’ve seen me around.  However, if I have never had the pleasure of making your acquaintance, hello!  I’m Reigning.  You are welcome to give me whatever charming nickname and/or pet-name you would like.  In fact, I encourage it. 

Here’s some (not so) top-secret intel about me:

- First and foremost, let me warn you, I am known to be a bit of a flake.  There are some weeks where I’m posting on the VT Boards every day, and others where I’m not posting at all.  My schedule in real-life is inconsistent and sometimes, so too is my availability for replies. That being said, I will try my best to maintain contact before falling off the face of the earth, and swift replies upon my return. 
- My writing style is an intermediate to advanced literacy level, typically using third person narrative unless the plot calls for something different.  There are two things I can promise you as a writing-partner.  One: I will always offer up a sizable reply of several paragraphs and give you plenty to read.  Two: I will always include lots of plot and character developing content beyond dialogue.  There’s no pressure to match my post length, so long as you give me enough to work with. 
- I prefer to write from a male perspective, but I can be persuaded otherwise if you ask nicely and make a good case. 
- I like to use face-claims and gifs to make the walls of text a little more interesting. 
- I have no limits in my writing (gore, smut, swearing, etc.) but I will happily respect any limits you might have.  At any point, you can feel free to tell me “no bueno” and I shall re-write the “no” to make it just “bueno.”
- Talk to me!  I love plotting behind the scenes in messages and I swear that I don’t bite hard.  Fostering, at least, an understanding if not a friendship has always proved key in maintaining long-lasting writing partners for me.  After we pick out matching jean jackets to bedazzle, we can discuss bestfriend tattoos. 

Now that I’m done trying to win you over, let me tell you what I’m looking for...


Cool, so below is a list of fandoms that I would consider myself pretty familiar with.  I would really like to try something in the Harry Potter or Hunger Games universe.  I’ve also listed some plot starters that I have a few ideas for, if fandoms aren’t your thing.  When it comes to creating a plot that is developed and fleshed-out enough to keep me coming back to the Thread, I prefer to write about darker themes.  I’m not really a huge fan of “Slice-of-Life” unless there is some element of fantasy or adventure.  Real life is boring, our Thread doesn’t have to be.  If you have your own ideas, a concept you’ve been wanting to write for a while, toss it my way and maybe we can brainstorm something together.  I’m pretty game for just about anything!  Except Marvel.  I ain’t writin’ Marvel, so don’t ask. 

- Harry Potter
- Hunger Games
- Game of Thrones
- Divergent
- Lord of the Rings
- Hellboy/ Mignolaverse
- True Blood
- Maze Runner
- Diablo
- Supernatural
- Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus

Some (kinda) Original Ideas:
1.   The world living upon the Star has been divided into two categories: Pure and Devil-Touched.  Those unfortunate souls in the second camp were born from their world, but caressed in creation by the other dimension that exists alongside their own.  Chaotic and malevolent, those influenced by this place are disfigured by beaks or horns in the places where more human-looking parts should have been.  The worst however, were those given magic, which had been outlawed for centuries throughout the Star by the First Mother and the Archbishops who lead her Church.  The Star fights to maintain control, as Devils and Deviltry from the other world begin bleeding in theirs.  (Inspiration: The Crimson Empire series.  So, two heroes within this world.  My idea was that a Princess is found out as a magic-wielder, and is sentenced to death by her mother, the Queen of the Crimson Empire, to set an example.  However, she is rescued by a group of rebels known as the Devil-Kin, a small group of Devil-Touched who had escaped the cruel hand of the Empire.  The group is led by none other than the Cobalt Queen, the Princess' aunt who she had believed to be dead for the past twenty years.)
2.   A doctor works the late shift at the free-clinic downtown.  He volunteers there, and even though he’s exhausted after his hours spent completing his residency over at the General Hospital, he shows each patient a kind smile and a polite manner.  The girl who gets brought in on a stretcher, after a gruesome pileup on the highway, is no exception.  He had seen the crash on the news, it was a very organized, very illegal, street-race -- for a lot of money -- gone wrong.  When he sees her, he recognizes her.  They had been friends in elementary school.  In highschool they had lost touch after she had fallen in with the wrong crowd and dropped out.  He treats her wounds and when he finds out she’s got no place to go, he offers the couch in his humble one bedroom apartment.  After a few days living together, trying to help his old friend get back on her feet, he comes to understand that she’s changed much more than he had ever thought possible.  (Aaaaaannnd, she’s a vampire!  Inspiration: An AU created by my friend here on VT, Asterin, with a vampiric twist.  Thinking of a switch on the typical, classic vampire trope; where the guy is the innocent, sweet, mild-mannered human who gets tangled up in the hard-as-nails, mysterious, vampire woman’s crazy life.)
3.   There’s a small cottage near the top of a mountain, hidden away from the world below, where a very smart woman has been able to live in peace.  Well, as much real peace as could be found in the world after the virus had finished spreading.  Still she had found her little sanctuary, and spent two years on her own, never seeing another soul save for the ones that came lumbering towards her, screeching like monsters and trying to rip her throat out with their teeth.  She was one of the lucky few who was immune to the virus when it had first started spreading seven years ago, and one of the only remaining few who had stayed immune, even when it had mutated into an airborne plague.  Then again, she’d always been lucky like that.  Her perfect, unstained hideaway was no exception.  After a while, she had started thinking that maybe she was the last person left on this whole, wretched world.  That is, until one day, while venturing out for supplies, she stumbles upon a man and his daughter.  He happens not upon her, but rather the Biter who comes running towards her.  After he saves her, the first people she has seen in years, she can’t help but notice how tired they look, how weathered, how dirty, how bruised and battered… At first, she thinks that she’s made the right decision.  After all, it was starting to get lonely on her safe little hill.  Not to mention, he’s a handy fellow to have around.  His military experience allows him to do the things that she, with her background as a doctor, could not do for herself.  He hunted fresh meat, made repairs around the property, innovated new ways to make their little shared haven secure.  Eventually, he gets more comfortable, but when she sees the scars that cover his back and upper arms, she realizes that she might have made a mistake.  Luck or not, no one was immune to a bite from a Biter.  Except, it seems, this man.  (Zombie Apocalypse anyone?  Inspiration: All zombie movies and television shows ever made.)

TL;DR - Write with me!

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