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VT D&D Squad (Redux)?

Rain · 1 · 478


For a VT D&D group, which would be the best option?

Live sessions (through Discord)
Live sessions (through Roll2o)
Live sessions and play-by-post (through Discord)
Live sessions and play-by-post (through Roll20)
Neither, please stop trying to make people play DND you Dork Master

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Hello friends!

I have some spare time on my hands now that my school semester is over, and I would very much like to spend what time I have doing something I enjoy, which is DMing. I did something like this before with some success, but now that I have more experience under my belt, I would like to try this again here on VT. Before I do though, I would like to check for both interest and for what style we would like to play.

A few things of note...

  • If we were to be doing live sessions, I would lean strongly towards people only participating if they have a mic. While I understand that sometimes it's not possible to have mic use, unfortunately based on past experiences it's just incredibly difficult to have a hybrid talking player/nontalking player group in a live-setting only, as it's practically impossible for someone to type as fast as another person talks.
  • That being said, live sessions - when paired with play-by-post - are a little more doable for a hybrid setting. In these scenarios, live sessions would occur less frequently, and their topics would range from "bonus" dungeons to exploring different side plots and such. Should everyone playing PBP also happen to have a mic, we could perhaps work it so the live sessions are reserved for bigger brawls and shenanigans.
  • A gentle reminder, I will have to go back to school in a few weeks, but if people would like this to continue past the two week mark, we can talk about continuing in whatever style we would like when that time comes.
  • I can do either a homebrewed adventure, or a module, I'm happy with both. However, all homebrew brought forward by the player (races, classes, etc.) must be ran through me first. I have the right to say "no" to any race or build I want, although I will typically do my best to work with you.
  • This will be a Fifth Edition adventure. If you are inexperienced in 5e but wish to learn, should this go forward, contact me either via PM or on Discord and we can talk more.

Thank you all for your consideration and for your votes! I look forward to hearing from you all.  ;)
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