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[MxF] Romancing an eldritch horror — {Updated!}

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11/23/20 EDIT: Bump! I'm looking to revive this.

Welcome aboard the hot mess express. My name is B and I will be you conductor.

Imagine: fluffy slice of life meets modern dark fantasy/supernatural. You are some deity/creature/horror/demon/spirit slumbering for thousands of years in your own realm, dreamin’ your little cosmic horror dreams, then you’re summoned from your antics and ripped through the veil and thrown straight into the proverbial clutches of a puny, sassy, and willful human girl — whom you end up catching ill fated feelings for.

You’re the product of a prank gone too far. You’re the result of a gaggle of college girls who meddled in things much larger than this world. But here you are, and now you’re stuck until you’ve fulfilled your purpose — if this dumb human will let you do it. Or until the pair of you find a way to send you back. But do you want to go back? Maybe you find the human’s realm curious in all of the wrong ways. Maybe some other opposing force won’t allow it. Let’s figure it out.

✗  Who are you, anyway?
An abomination not of this dimension. An ethereal being older than time itself, able to end life with the simple twitch of a finger. A descendent of darkness and the embodiment of the most primal of human fears. You are the shadowed figure beyond the veil, toeing the edge of your victim’s consciousness, weaving the terrors that stir people awake who arise gasping for breath and clutching the sheets for their life. You are the feeling in the pit of one’s stomach that causes humanity to recoil (or curl their toes against the most vile of impulses.) A cosmic entity, you are the void beyond that the human mind cracks and shatters in futile attempts to comprehend.

And now you’re confined in an incredibly limited form of flesh that demands strange things like sleep and food. Worse, you are bound to a mortal girl who doesn’t have an inkling of an idea as to what she’s disturbed.

✗  What am I searching for in a writing partner?
I don’t like putting labels out there such as “literate/advanced” or demanding a set word count from you, but I would like to find a partner who keeps me inspired. I have been RPing on and off for ~10-15 years and my typical responses run on average several paragraphs long, but not novella in length. I don’t expect you to match post lengths ever, but I would like a partner who can match me in experience (a decent grasp on the english language, well enough use of grammar and punctuation, descriptive, etc.) I can write in third person or first person, past or present tense. That preference is entirely up to you.

You are here for the plot and for the feels. I want angst, drama, and — despite the intensity of this request — some fluff. Let my character court your ancient horror after the initial fear, terror, and shock wears off. Be open to allowing your Old One who once had crippling power to be woo’ed by a wormy human. She will take him on dates to pizza parlors and laugh in his face the first time he burns his stupid sarcastic tongue on melted cheese. It'll be adorable, I promise.

Please communicate with me. If there is an issue or something you would like to suggest, tell me! If you’re losing interest, let me know if we can fix it or if it is our time to part. I’m an adult and don't hold claim on another human being and absolutely refuse to get upset about that. You're free to come and go as you please, I'd just like to know so I'm not left hanging.

Finally, I love when a writing partner brings their own motivation to an RP. Though this may come off as deeply specific, I am very open to ideas and plot twists. I am ALL IN with this idea; I have a character description and mood boards ready to share with you. Of course, I don't anticipate this much excitement in return, but come at me ready to hit the ground running.

If you’ve made it this far, let’s do the thing! Send me a PM here and we can discuss details. I look forward to hearing from you!
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